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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 18, 2015 2:37am-4:00am EST

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nicely complimented by a man so country and beyond. bernie sanders are touting a couple new endorsements. his campaign picked up the back america. it was the third union to support his white house bid. also onboard is democracy for america, which is howard dean's old group. sander's new support comes ahead of tomorrow night's democratic debate in new hampshire. the sage all set. hillary clinton goes into the debate ahead of sanders. and martin o'malley. that will be hosted by martha raddatz and david muir tomorrow night. 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> i think it will be excellent. i love watching bernie sanders' perform. >> you enjoy it? >> yeah. i think so. it's partly since larry david did the impression of him. you hear larry david when he speaks. there's a seriousness and a
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the republican debate is entertaining for a variety of reasons. not least of all donald trump. he is the draw, i think. he is the idiosyncratic one, i think. >> you never think of "weekend at bernies." >> i don't think of that. there may be a delay in sentencing of dennis hastert. he was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. that was a week after the 73-year-old hastert pleaded guilty to trying to evade banking laws. the drug company executive called the most hated man in america is out of jail after being arrested on securities fraud. martin shkreli posted a $5 million bond and walked free. as abc's lauren lister reports, the charge he is facing now has nothing to do with the price of drugs. >> reporter: he's the entrepreneur at the center of a fire storm in recent months, for
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and jacking up the price of a life-saving drug more than 4,000%. tweeted about by hillary clinton. called a spoiled brat by donald trump. named the most hated man in america in the press. shkreli, defended himself on abc news in september. >> i think they have a fundamental misunderstanding. we've agreed to lower the price to a point that is more affordable. >> reporter: a promise he later reneged on. the 32-year-old under arrest in new york for securities fraud and conspiracy unrelated to that price hike controversy, or his current drug company. the charges involve his alleged actions as a hedge fund manager, and another company, where he was ceo, from 2012-2014. >> shkreli ran his companies like a ponzi scheme. he used each company to pay off defrauded investors from the
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>> reporter: accused of lying to investors, prosecutors say shkreli used retrophin as a piggy bank to repay share holders. >> calls to shkreli's attorneys were not immediately returned. an international supermadle. the ex-girlfriend of leonardo dicaprio may be in trouble in her native country. israeli taxes is asking her about failing to declare all income, especially goods and services she was given. she cannot leave israel for the next six months without permission. a scary moment at the cleveland cavs game last night. lebron james crashed straight into a woman sitting courtside. look at all that. and the woman is the wife of golf star jason day.
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brace. taken out of the arena on a stretcher. james said she told him she was okay while she was being treated. that's a lot of force. that looks rough. >> doesn't take away the pain. nice sentiment. abby wambach, that we talked about yesterday, has been welcomed back to her hometown with open arms. a big group of fans were there in rochester, new york, when she arrived, following her final match for the u.s. women's national team. >> wambach addressed an event in her honor wearing a t-shirt that said, be a good person. in wambach inspirational style, she told people, if they dream something, they can go after it. a true inspiration. i really like her. >> what i've seen of her, i like her a lot.
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chapter. we mentioned yesterday, when everything in your life professional sport. and she's still half the age donald trump would be. and she is retiring. one movie opening up in theaters today that is not "star wars." >> the reviews are in for "sisters" starring tina fey and amy poehler. they are looking for laughs. first, the wealthy young man who made headlines after his drunk driving sentence and the disappearance. the developments in the manhunt. you're watching "world news now." holy night sleep in heavenly peace
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singh suffered a scraped nose. the gunman is on the loose. situation. >> that's terrifying. the fbi has turned the search for that missing 18-year-old, better known as the affluenza teen, into a federal manhunt. >> he was given ten years probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident. he is now feared to have fled the country. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: the fbi and u.s. marshals have joined the manhunt for ethan couch. investigators are tracking his family cars and credit cards, and possible passport. in 2013, then-16-year-old's legal team convinced the judge to give him probation for killing four in a drunk driving crash, arguing he suffered from affluenza, too spoiled to know right from wrong. and after this on twitter, showing him at a boozey party,
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skipping checking in with his probation officer and possibly the country. >> he is number one. >> reporter: when we saw couch, he was also on the run. couch's mother is believed to be on the run with him. in these deposition tapes, a lawyer asked her when she last disciplined her son. >> when do you recall disciplining ethan for anything? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: but it may be couch's mother who faces consequences. it is a felony to aid and abet a fugitive. investigators tell me if there's any way they can charge her, they will. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> incredible. coming up, a sneak peek at the other movie openings today. >> "sisters." insomniac theater is next, on
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you might know i wasn't really expecting you to come out from behind the desk. >> you have no socks on. >> i cheat. >> we have another movie other than "star wars" this weekend. >> for film fans looking for a pallet cleanser, we have just the movie. comics tina fey and amy poehler
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have teamed up for "sisters." they may share the same parents. the similarities end there. when their parents decide to sell their childhood home, the siblings decide to throw a sendoff bash. but they had trouble figuring out what to wear. >> what do you think? >> that looks amazing on you. >> i never met a brela before. >> i met like three. >> you're trending, god bless. >> also, it's on backwards. >> you think? >> yeah. >> how is it going in there? >> i don't get this dress. bag. >> when the sisters got the wardrobes found out, it was time to find dates. >> you're lucky, i'm free. >> that's the good news.
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i don't know why i said it like that. >> i like italians. >> okay. i'm half italian. that's a lie. i'm going to casually george jefferson my way out of here, to you. going to ease on down the road and rerun it to the car. okay, good-bye. >> oh. >> "sisters" likely won't match "star wars." but the force is strong when it comes to reviews. >> "sisters" is an old-school laugh riot with a parade of talented comedians. and karen deseuss sa says hanging with amy and tina always makes for an excellent adventure. >> i would watch that. >> you look at the comedies this year, and they're just good. you remember tina fey wrote "mean girls." >> she did. she is an incredible writer. and the two of them paired up is
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r try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. we made it to friday. and i'm extra excited, having just completed two weeks of anchoring american television. and it's been a joy. i really enjoyed working with you. >> we really enjoyed it, too. >> on-screen marriage. >> yeah. i didn't know we moved to marriage. >> to be -- >> i thought it was courting. >> marriage is the next time around. i'm proposing. >> i want to see some bling. >> okay. >> bring the bling next time, before you head back to the pond, across to the pond, for the holidays. we want to send you off with a look back at your gentlemanly humor that you provided us.
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>> thanks. >> this is "world news now." >> good morning. it is -- i said good morning four times. i like welcoming the audience to the show. i'll say it for a fourth time. good morning. >> look who is back. >> they didn't sack me after show one. no one saw that coming. doing that music. >> don't chew your pen. did david muir do that? "world news tonight"? never. >> schedule. >> why doesn't he just say it's "star wars"? it's exciting. you think it would be good? or you think it would be rubbish? >> i think it was fantastic. >> then, i will have to watch it. >> the hardest word for a british person is mom. we say mum. >> you tried chipotle, right?
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>> it's all right. it's essentially slop in a tray. >> catching it like beckham, huh? >> i like that a lot. two different types of football. hands across the atlantic. that's the problem with democracy. we can't trust the public to get it right. >> look at what you. a sentimental bloke? >> i think i called it a bloke, the last time i checked. there's a lot of shuffling paper. >> and chewing on your pen. >> chewing on my pen. and i think there's a bit of me, having watched a lot of news people on television, they shuffle the papers. even now, i wish i had papers in my hand. it's been great. >> hands across the atlantic? is that -- what an american and an british do that? hands across the atlantic? >> yeah. we're like churchill and roosevelt. >> i'll take that.
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this morning on "world news now," the terror crackdown in california. >> a friend of the terror couple in san bernadino busted. federal agents say he was part of a frightening plot to set up bombs and gunfire during rush hour. what led to this major arrest? praise from putin. donald trump gets political support from russia. while two of trump's presidential channelers continue a war on words. professional hockey players seriously hurt. new commands of safety, from the rink to the courtroom. was it worth the wait? the new "star wars" movie finally opened. and we're right there with reaction from fans among the
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it's friday, december 18th. >> i'm going to have that as my alarm. i'm coming back in a few weeks. >> you are? >> it's up to them. last day for a while. it's been fun. i will miss you. i'll miss that music. and i'm going to miss jack, as well. >> you're going to miss jack. >> bye, richard. >> he's waving bye now. >> what did he call it in england? >> the long good-bye. i'm sorry. what were you saying? >> figgy pudding? >> yeah. >> do you eat figgy pudding? >> i never tried it. i don't know what is in it. it is a british thing. but i think it faded out in the 1970s. >> will you bring us back figgy pudding? >> i'll go back to the 1970s and find you some. >> oh, boy. we're going to go on to a
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serious topic here. with enrique marquez. new charges against him. he was a friend of one of the san bernadino attackers. marquez made a court appearance, with a one-word answer to a judge and not entering a plea. >> he is facing charges, including support to terrorists. marquez will be held until monday at least, when he will attend another court hearing. abc news' brian ross is on the case. >> reporter: after ten days of questioning by the fbi at a secret location, enrique marquez was brought to the federal courthouse in riverside, california, to face serious terror charges. within hour of the intern tino terror rampage, the fbi figured out that the two assault rifles were caught by marquez, almost four years ago. but the charges made public revealed the 24-year-old marquez, and his long-time friend and former next door neighborhood, syed farook,
3:01 am
pipe bomb toss attack the cafeteria of a community college in 2011 or early 2012. and later for a rush hour terror attack on this california freeway. quote, the plan was for farook to throw pipe bombs on to the freeway. and then, farook allegedly planned to move among stopped vehicles shooting into them, while marquez shot into vehicles from a nearby hillside. according to the federal complaint, it was farook who persuaded marquez to turn to islam. authorities charge that farook got marquez to marry a russian woman, who was an extended member of farook's family. marquez confided to his friends, it was all a sham. >> he married her for the visa. and gave him 5, 10 grand. that's where he left it. >> reporter: ominously, in the
3:02 am
that killed 14 people in san bernadino, friends says marquez warned of the plans of what he called a terror sleeper cell. >> he would talk about there were so many sleeper cells. >> reporter: a month before the attacks, marquez wrote on ridiculous. involved in terrorist plots, drugs, anti-social behavior, marriage, might go to prison for fraud, et cetera. several prosecutors say there is currently no evidence that marquez was involved in the san bernadino attacks themselves. but they say, there's no doubt his decision to buy the guns for farook, had fatal consequences. if convicted, he could face up to 35 years in prison. brian ross, abc news, new york. the man some call the most hated man in america is free, on a $5 million bond after his arrest for securities fraud. hedge funder turned drug company executive, martin shkreli,
3:03 am
earned the nickname by buying a life-saving drug and raising its price more than 4,000%. >> shkreli ran his companies like a ponzi scheme, where he used each company to pay off prior company. >> shkreli's arrest is not related to his drug price increase. that increase was legal. after the securities fraud charges, shkreli's spokesman says he is confident he will be cleared. now, to the possible political promanse between vladimir putin and donald trump. they have traded kind words about each other. and two of trump rivals are maintaining a feud that started at tuesday night's debate. it is "your voice your vote" and cecilia vega is covering the campaign. getting unexpected and
3:04 am
putin. >> donald trump. >> reporter: putin calling trump, a talented, very colorful person. and the absolute leader of the presidential race. trump's response? it is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected in his own country and beyond. while trump is riding high, a tough day for his chief rival, ted cruz. marco rubio saying cruz once supported legalizing undocumented immigrants. >> he's not told his truth about his position in the past. >> reporter: on fox news, cruz stumbling after being shown his own words from 2013. >> i don't want immigration reform to fail. i want immigration perform to pass. >> it sounded like you wanted the bill to pass. >> of course, i wanted the bill to pass. my amendment to pass. what my amendment did -- >> you said the bill. >> my amendment took citizenship off the table.
3:05 am
other aspects of the bill. >> reporter: cruz doubling down. >> i oppose legalization for illegal aliens. i always have. and i always will. >> reporter: the texas senator fighting for the donald trump voters. but fighting against trump on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton. sending a personal plea to the trump-loving father of this young woman. >> hi, shawn. i'm here with your daughter. i hope you can see, i don't have horns. and i really do hope that as this election goes on, you'll listen to your daughter. thanks. bye. >> reporter: we'll see how that work out for her. all eyes on this stage behind me. the final preparations are under way for the final democratic debate of 2015. cecilia vega, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> watch the democratic debate hosted by abc's martha raddatz and david muir.
3:06 am
that's tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern and 7:00 central. that's interesting the story about trump and putin, praising one another. >> and how people demonize him in politics. he took the other route. >> and there's different sides of the political spectrum, right? the left, putin, socialism, communism. and trump right. you go back around and meet in the middle and get on. >> there you go. deep thoughts. on politics. and world affairs. >> deep thought or something that made no sense. you decide. admitting it was a mistake, it's not going to get defense secretary ash carter off the hook. the committee wants to look at the e-mails he had from his personal account. john mccain wants to make sure that sensitive information was not compromised. the push for the "star wars" movie has been over the top.
3:07 am
>> i said it in the script. i have not heard its name to really have it marked on my memory. but evidence actually -- there is enough evidence it may have worn down, all of the promotional push may have worn down one of the film's actual stars. >> this stems from a flight of the cast, including droids and the crew they took from l.a. to london. the plane was painted to look like an r2-d2. >> the character was on cups. and the onboard announcements began with noises that r2-d2 would make. he said the pilot was making "star wars" references which he called corny and not funny. >> i see how he could think that. >> and entertaining it. from we go. appreciate the comments. >> not funny. >> it's quite funny. >> you think so? >> who has better teeth? the americans or the brits?
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>> that's easy to prove later. also ahead, "star wars" fans and their immediate reaction to last night. rave reviews? or rubbish? and first, the accident on the basketball court involving lebron james and the wife of another pro sports star. now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock
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a scary moment at the cleveland cavs' game, as lebron james crashed into a woman sitting courtside. the woman is the wife of golfer jason day. she was committed with a neck brace, placed on a back board and taken out of the rearena on a stretcher. james said she told him she was okay while she was being treated. this is remarkable. >> that is dramatic, isn't it? and we've been hearing about the risk of concussions in football, particularly in the nfl. >> but football isn't the only sport with the crowing crisis. a number of hockey players are looking at the nhl. >> reporter: with the issue making headlines in the nfl, the nhl is getting hit with concussion-related lawsuits, as well. hockey players joining a
3:12 am
140 form e pros alleging that the league didn't do enough to warn them of the long-term effects of repeated blows to the head or protect them from those hits. former captain reid larsen is part of the lawsuit. >> we knew we were going to have separated shoulders, lose teeth. but long-term brain trauma was never brought up. >> reporter: last week, the family of steve montador slapped the nhl with their own lawsuit. ten months after the 35-year-old was found dead inside his home. an autopsy found his brain was ravaged with cte. the family claiming the league failed to warn montador of the risks of head trauma. when asked if there's a connection between hockey and cte, the nhl commissioner said, from the medical science standpoint there is no evidence
3:13 am
to another. the nhl telling abc news, we don't comment on pending litigation. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i never thought of hockey as a concussion sport. >> you think because of the equipment that it's going to be -- >> and the gear. you think of soccer. for girls, especially, concussions are a big issue. >> you look at hockey, the pace. the pace of the game, isn't it? a sensationally good game to watch. coming up, the consumer outrage over adele tickets. concert tickets went on sale and sold out in minutes. scalpers are reselling the tickets for as much as $12,000. what's the secret to buying concert tickets before they're sold out? first, it is out. "star wars" is finally here. legions of fans are filling theaters from coast-to-coast. what they're saying with no
3:14 am
3:15 am
test text1 i music, impossible not to like. "star wars" has hit theaters. and there's been anticipation "episode 7" of the saga. >> we're getting the first reactions from superfans on day ones. our producers headed to theaters to see how fans felt before and after the big premiere. >> i'm psyched. i'm real pumped for this thing. i've been waiting for this for the longest, now.
3:16 am
>> we're excited to see what happens to luke skywalker the . if they make luke evil. >> this is a clone outfit. easy to run around in. >> do you have a jedi name? >> unfortunately, no. i didn't really think about a jedi name. i use my nickname, like dingo. >> what i'm most excited about is the fact that there's two more movies coming out. how are they going to set up the next two movies? >> there's been an awakening. what did you think? >> i loved it. explosive, sad, scary. on-edge. i cried. >> it was amazing. j.j. abrams kicked some butt. it was great. >> i can't talk right now. it was that good. >> it was amazing.
3:17 am
>> everything and more. plot twists. amazing. >> best movie i have ever seen. >> it was amazing. j.j. saved us. >> it was awesome. >> it seriously lives up to the hype. i give it five light sabres. >> we need something here. >> uh-oh. >> yes. ready? just a little side blade, right now. we can get it longer as needed. >> i need to watch it again. >> you're coming back? >> like 20 minutes. >> i'm seeing it tomorrow and saturday. >> i'm going tomorrow again. >> seeing it again tomorrow. >> i think about three times this weekend. >> do you have an alias? >> tarak. >> may the force be with you. >> and also with you. >> all right. well done. joe brian our producer. >> brian is excellent. >> and really into "star wars."
3:18 am
he's the ultimate. >> he sawt tonight. >> over your shoulder there. >> the gentleman he interviewed is the at least intimidating jedi. it can get longer as needed. people are saying they're going to see it again. for "star wars" to overtake "avatar" as the most popular film of all-time, it requires people to see it again and again. that's what happened with "avatar." >> i will be seeing it again and again. >> you haven't seen it a first time, reena. when we went to the special screening the other night, you fell asleep. she actually fell asleep. remember that. >> i knew -- >> yes. i knew i would be seeing it again and again. there you go. at the theater. >> more times this weekend. >> why not? >> i'm going to see it multiple times. >> the disney stock price. >> our parent company.
3:19 am
and you wanted in your own way to help "star wars" overtake "avatar." >> it's the personal project. taking the kids this weekend.
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yeah, it makes us feel like... p dare to feel more with new k-y love. welcome back. time for "the mix." reena, what have you got? >> who has better teeth? you or me? there's a study that proves it. for a long time, people believed that the brits can't have really good teeth. remember the austin powers movie, when they said only a spy could have teeth like that? >> he's been -- this is austin powers. he has new teeth, being brought back from being frozen. >> exactly. >> this is "the mix" is viral stuff, right? >> it's viral stuff. there's a british american journal that compared american and british teeth.
3:22 am
they said it's you brits have better teeth than the americans. >> it's been turned around. this is my theory on this. i think that brits, the front of americans' teeth are better. shinier, nicer, cleaner. and the interior of brits' teeth are back. >> are you calling my teeth monkey? >> manky. >> you never heard that word? have it. it's yours. >> we don't have time for the next one because we took up time talking about your teeth. but it's polka time. politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores that's the "world news" polka businesses from tokyo on koppel's show that's the "world news" polka you're wide awake and you're
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this morning on "world news now," terror arrest. agents bust a friend of the san bernadino couple responsible for 14 deaths. what investigators are revealing about other terror plots and why this arrest is so important. executive under arrest. the controversial ceo who set off a firestorm by jacking up the price of a life-saving medication. the serious, new allegations. new this half hour, paying >> the tickets for her concert tour selling out in an instant. who is trying to resell those tickets at an eye popping price? the advice for fans.
3:25 am
praising the just-released movie, burning up social media with their comments. we promise no spoilers in "the skinny" this friday, december 18th. good morning, on this friday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> yeah. welcome. i'm richard bacon. let's begin with the new terror charges stemming from the san bernadino attack. and enrique marquez is behind bars at the metropolitan detention center in los angeles. >> he made a court appearance and will remain in custody until at least monday, when he will be back in court for a bail hearing. brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: he is the man who authorities say purchased the two assault rifles used in the worst terrorist attack since 9/11. now, 24-year-old enrique marquez is under arrest. arriving at this courthouse to
3:26 am
conspiring to provide support to terrorists. >> he said something like there are muslims in our own backyard just ready to go haywire. >> reporter: the fbi raided marquez's home shortly after the two killed 14 people. talking about his close friendship and to farook and other terror plots kate dating back to 2011. the two friends planned attacking a southern california community college with pipe bombs. then, wanted to target drivers stuck in rush hour traffic. both plots were never carried out. >> he has provided them with a lot of detail about the weapons, about the possibly other attacks planned, about conversations in particular with farook. >> reporter: marquez is facing weapons charges and immigration fraud for an alleged sham marriage with a member of farook's family. investigators also say he called 911 after the shooting spree, identifying farook as the killer using his gun. reena and richard? >> brandi, thank you so much. a terrorism-related arrest in harrisburg, pennsylvania, as well.
3:27 am
the fbi arrested a 19-year-old on charges he used dozens of twitter accounts to advocate violence against america and to assist people who wanted to travel to fight for isis. he has allegedly posted information on u.s. military members. agents said the teen was unemployed and lived with his parents. and in rochester, new york, the first guilty plea in the u.s. for a suspect accused of supporting isis. the owner of a pizza shop admitted he tried to recruit terror sympathizers for exchange for a 22 1/2-year sentence. he was caught providing weapons, money and laptops to would-be isis recruits in what turned out to be an fbi sting. a police have a suspect in custody after a shooting rampage in oklahoma. police say pickup truck driver jeremy hardy, terrorized motorists on a stretch of interstate 40. before it was over, two people in two different vehicles were dead.
3:28 am
other drivers say they were shot at but not hit. >> we are doing our best to gather the information about what sparked this. what was going on in his world to make him do this. >> they say hardy was intoxicated when pulled over. he is being held for driving drunk. murder charges are likely. executive martin shkreli, sparked outrage when he raised the price of a life-saving drug by 4,000%. that was perfectly legal. but now, prosecutors say he has crossed the line. linsey davis explains. >> reporter: the 32-year-old known as the bad boy of pharmaceuticals, infamous for increasing the price of a life-saving drug, arrested on unrelated security fraud charges.
3:29 am
companies like a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: according to the document, he started a hedge fund and allegedly got millions from investors. when he lost their money, he took money from new investors to pay off old ones. then, he took a company called retrophin public. according to investigators, he and the company's attorney, used that company's money to pay off his hedge fund investors. >> the two defendants could you retrophin as his piggy bank. >> reporter: when we interviewed shkreli in september. one of the headlines said you're the most hated man in america. he assured us he was going to drastically cut the cast of daraprim. he cut it to $375 a pill. still, a 2,000% increase over the original cost. online, shkreli has posted hours of video of himself. >> i don't really care about people hating me. >> reporter: that devil-may-care attitude, not as apparent as he
3:30 am
left this federal courthouse after his arraignment. he and the attorney pled not guilty. and the amount of bond shkreli paid to walk out of jail, $5 linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you, linsey. and to politics, starting with vladimir putin, offering praise for donald trump. the russian leader calling trump a talented, very colorful person. and the absolute leader of the presidential race. trump saying in response, it's a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond. >> we'll talk about that later. senators ted cruz and marco rubio are maintaining their feud over immigration, which kicked into high gear on tuesday's debate. rubio was accusing cruz of supporting legalizing undocumented immigrants. he says that cruz is not being honest about the issue. cruz stumbled in his response on fox news. and then, tried clarifying.
3:31 am
amnesty, citizenship or legalization. and i will always oppose amnesty, citizenship and legalization. and i encourage senator rubio, or any other candidate running to make that same statement. >> after that statement, cruz was hit with some papers thrown by a protester. he left right after that. the protester was upset with cruz's statements about carpet-bombing isis. another day on the campaign trail. that stuff about legalizing illegal immigrants is so inherently interesting to me because marco rubio was pro. there was a point when it seemed as so that was a reasonable position to take. way. and it's the primaries. and you're appealing to primary and you have to say you're never it's a game as much as anything
3:32 am
>> that's a good point. people recalibrate. they get to one side, an extreme. and have to go another direction sometimes. disillusions peoples in politics. where you stand on legalizing illegal immigrants, it's still clear that some people in this race held one position. and now, they're running for office, old another position. and i wonder if you are against legalizing illegal immigrants, you would rather people had a consistent principle. does that make sense? >> the translation of what you just said is -- that sometimes people in politics don't represent what they truly believe in their >> no one ever thought of that before. have i come up with a blinding -- is that as blinding -- want to remind you the democratic debate tomorrow night. we're going to be hosting, abc will. martha raddatz and david muir. it will be fascinating.
3:33 am
>> it will be great. the last democratic debate was on a saturday night, as well. >> you're going to be watching, right? >> definitely. if you didn't order the hover board gift, it may not arrive for christmas. postal service is only using trucks. airlines have banned hover boards because of firecaused by their batteries. the warmer weather in the eastern u.s. is hurting christmas sales because it doesn't feel like christmas. clothing, the top gift item for the holidays. what stores have on their shelves, cold weather gear. nobody wants it. retailers are resorting to deep discounts to sell it. you need ski boots, a winter hat, gloves, now is time to get them. >> damn straight. >> that's why i wore my summer dress in the dead of winter. >> i like it. what a day for die-hard "star wars" fans from australia. not only did they see "the force awakens" at the chinese theater. they also got married in front of the theater. >> they got married as darth vader and princess leia? >> yeah. and officiated by yoda. >> that's interesting.
3:34 am
the jedi master. they spent two weeks camped out in front of the theater to be first in line. they had camped out before for other movies. but the wedding was the theater's idea. >> all we can say to the newlyweds is may the force be with you. maybe don't get -- don't get a divorce be with you. i should have worked on that harder. >> we'll give you a second to collect your thoughts. in the "skinny," two friends, co-stars that people say are more than just friends. >> yeah. interesting story. hours after the new "star wars" film premiered, social media is on fire with reaction from fans. first, tickets for adele's concert tour selling out in a flash. but the frustration for fans and how much are tickets costing now? that's after the forecast map. >> may the divorce not be with you.
3:35 am
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3:38 am
hello from the other side times thousands of adele fans who were hoping to say "hello" to concert tickets. found no matter how many times they tried, no one seemed to be home at >> the north america tour sold out in minutes. and scalpers are charging thousands for tickets. abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. hello from the other side >> reporter: tickets to adele's north america tour went on sale at 10:00 a.m. within an hour, they had sold
3:39 am
out. of course, the frustrated fans reporting technical glitches on venting their anger online, using adele's own lyrics. one tweeting, hello from the ticket line, i've clicked refresh a thousand times. #adeletickets. and immediately, the scalpers swarmed. at noon, one on craigslist, for $7,500. 30 minutes later, he was asking $9,000. and on ebay, these four tickets to the show in dallas, now on sale for more than $48,000. and climbing. the secret to getting the most coveted tickets? i must have called a thousand times >> reporter: the only method that worked in our newsroom was a phone call to ticket master. a couple of things that also worked for people who did get the tickets through ticketmaster. first off, downloading the ticketmaster app on to their phones.
3:40 am
also, joining adele's fan club. it can help to join the fan club of the artist because then you get the presale tickets. easier to come by. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> that's good advice. >> who in our newsroom got tickets? i want to know. >> i don't know. but he was happy. the he was celebrating like he scored the goal in the cup final. >> you used to guard her, right? >> that's right. five years ago, before she became famous. she was trying to make it. and she was very -- she didn't recording sessions. >> you held her umbrella like mary poppins. >> i was always there for her. >> were you like the mary poppins for adele? >> yeah. and then i floated across the atlantic. >> it's michael here, who got the tickets? right? got the tickets? in california. we have to hit him up for tickets. >> i'm happy for him. "star wars" fans are in hyper drive. what some of them are saying
3:41 am
about "the force awakens." and barbara walters' most fascinating person of 2015.
3:42 am
cc1 test message test text1 underline test tex tt2w`t2n`qd" bt@q= h tt2w`t2n`qd" "a@q-,, tt2w`t2n`qd" bm@q&' tt4w`t2n`qd"" dztq 6px tt4w`t2n`qd"" entq ft8 tt4w`t2n`qd"" gzt& _s@ tt4w`t2n`qd"" hnt& o], tt4w`t2n`qd"" iztq %4t tt4w`t2n`qd"" jntq 7d4 tt4w`t2n`qd"" lzt& /)h skinny so skinny time, now, for "the skinny." and topping the headlines is
3:43 am
"star wars" mania. >> thousands of fans have been lining up at theaters to see "the force awakens." and everyone is caught up in the excitement. even mark zuckerberg, saying the force is strong with this one. and social media lighting up, too. celtics fan 22 tweeted, i have only one word to describe it, epic. >> dylan low said "the force awakens" made my year. >> i will show you what force looks like. people are upset. they were worried in a we might give away some of the spoilers. by the way, we did not. >> we did not. >> we did not. >> we were dancing around the topic. we were analyzing what constituted a spoiler. i was saying when the celebs came out and said there were two plot twists.
3:44 am
they are, does that constitute a spoiler? didn't somebody unfollow us? >> yeah. we worked it out over twitter. they are watching us again. >> we wooed them back. >> from force to fierce. barbara walters has revealed her most fascinating people of 2015. and topping the list this year, shouldn't be much of a surprise, caitlyn jenner. once bruce jenner. once hailed as the greatest athlete in the world. she transitioned from male to female. >> her celebrity has launched a national discussion about transgender right. walters says she has actually transformed society. >> jenner joins the ranks of jackie onassis, and hillary clinton, as barbara walters most fascinating of the most fascinating people. the rumor mill is going into overdrive this morning over two "friends" that may be more than just friends. >> the internet has been buzzing with the allegedly recent photo, tweeted by a friend of matthew perry and courteney cox, next to a still of their characters, monica and chandler. >> reportedly, a problem with
3:45 am
this so-called recent photo, an eagle-eyed writer points out it's from 2005. cox is wearing a wedding ring. she was still married to ex-husband david arquette. >> that is an eagle eye. while the two have been very good friends and reportedly closer in recent weeks since cox's engagement to "snow patrol's" johnny, a source tells gossip cop, the friends with benefits claim is not true. >> oh, well. fans can still dream. and say hello to old friends. netflix is out with a date for a >> february 16th. >> 26th. >> on the 26th, "fuller house" picks up where "full house" left off. with d.j. tanner calling on her sister, stephanie, and her friend to move in and help raise her three boys. and now, the teaser. >> gosh, it feels good to be back. can someone help me with the boxes? >> i'll grab one. jesse, can you help d.j.? >> i'm trying. >> all episodes on february 26th on netflix.
3:46 am
>> that's all we get? >> i want to see more. we will settle for that. coming up, a look back at the week's top stories. >> everything from isis to "star wars."
3:47 am
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yeah, it makes us feel like... p dare to feel more with new k-y love. time time has come today time time and i'm a big fan of "friday rewind." it turns the immediate last week into history. >> it sure does. terrorism, isis, dominated headlines this week, along with another republican debate. >> balancing out "star wars" mania in hyperdrive. so, now, here is the aforementioned "friday rewind." >> we're taking out isil leaders, commanders and killers one by one. our next message to them is simple. you are next.
3:50 am
>> it is not enough to contain isis. we must defeat isis. break its momentum and then its back. >> wish it was always as easy -- >> we're dealing with islamic terrorism exists. this is a tough business to run for president. >> you're a tough guy, jeb. i know. >> and we need to have a leader. >> you're tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way to president. >> i'm not going to take the chance with the life of a student. >> that would be incredible to think that any jihadist would not spell allah with a capital "a." >> i hope we do get a conviction somewhere because freddie is dead. and someone needs to be convicted. >> we have the presence to remain calm, patient, because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. >> my fear is, he is gone. we all know what kind of resources and money this family has, to get out of town, maybe
3:51 am
who knows? >> how confident are you that our economy won't slip back into recession? >> the underlying health of the u.s. economy, i consider to be quite sound. >> oh, that's the robber. this is live tv, folks. that's the robber, just went by, according to the bank employee. i have to go and call 911. i'll take to you later. >> i'm really excited to get this movie out there for the audience and see how they feel about it. >> it is a story of adventure and loyalty and shock and surprise. and uses this amazing and precious thing called the force that tells us that we're also connected. >> j.j. abrams. a great future ahead of him, huh? >> and a great past behind him. in america, every week, a major week in news, isn't it? >> yes. good to have you here. >> thanks. i loved it. >> now you'll get on a plane and
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