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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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accident on lombardi and broadway. it is having a significant impact on traffic. phil: also, breaking news -- the mother of bella bond and her boyfriend have been indicted in connection with the child' s death. the grand jury indictments charge michael murphy with first-degree murder and rachelle bond as an accessory. erika: bella' s body was found on deer island last june and investigators worked for months to identify her. bond and murphy will be arraigned january 6. phil: also breaking on wall street one of the worst days for the market in weeks. the dow ended the day down 367 points. the sell-off shows investors' initial relief in the fed' s decision to raise interest rates is being replaced with concern about how that will affect companies and consumers. a shocking wake-up call in foxborough this morning. an suv crashing into a home. police placing blame on a teenaged driver erika: newscenter 5' s jack harper is live in foxborough where that family has been forced out tonight.
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jack: they certainly will not be back tonight. they' re in the process of porting of the living room. this began as a routine, quiet morning. >> i woke up. i was getting ready to put the trash out. i heard like an explosion. jack: 6:30 a.m., boom, and it was over. this suv, driven by a teenager, slammed into the house area after just missing a big tree in the yard, the front room, gone. at >> she said it' s right by the front door. neither one of us got hurt. jack: not even the driver was hurt. he was walking around soon after the crash. >> he said he was sorry. i' m sure he did not mean to do it. it was an accident. jack: the team was not home when police attempted to serve a
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it will take a lot to make the house livable again. >> we will not be staying here, that' s for sure. jack: not for a while. they are working on it. foxboro police, the last time we talked to them, said the investigation continues. no charges have been brought, but they do expect to charge the teen driver at some point. jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: taking you to worcester now where crews have cleaned up a mess on canterbury street. that' s where a truck hauling broccoli hit a bridge and just workers are now trying to empty fuel from the truck and clear the scene. a bit of a surprise at patriots practice today quarterback tom -- at patriots practice today. quarterback tom brady know were to be found. word is he is not feeling too well. bob halloran his ear. bob, any reason to be concerned for sunday?
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practices, so he must' ve been sick and he is on the injury report as questionable. i thought about linebacker jamie collins who missed over a month with a mystery illness. other patriots have missed time due to illness as well. at this time there is no indication brady' s illness is anything two seriously serious. gronkowski. not an accident or injury. a personal matter. brady is listed as questionable. we will have more at 6:00. at erika: commitment 2016: bernie sanders' campaign targeting the democratic national committee tonight, saying they are trying to undermine his campaign and s. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is here to explain. put, the dnc has a
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democratic national game has a -- national campaign has severed data grid here is why. they exploited a software glitch and improperly accessed confidential information kept by the campaign of rival hillary clinton. one insider likened to that to bugging her campaign offices listening to strategy meetings. sanders is calling the actions of the dnc and inappropriate overreaction and claims the dnc is trying to undermine the sanders campaign to stack the deck in favor of clinton. of the lacquer vital voter information will certainly handicap the sanders campaign. >> the sanders campaign does not have access to its own data because they broke the rules, it appears. that means they will not be able to make phone calls, cut turf, go door-to-door, any of those activities. it'
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--it' s almost paralyzing for that campaign. reid: here is what it really matters. 52 days until the new hampshire primary. a major setback for bernie sanders. he was mounting a strong liberal challenge to the front runner. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5 . phil: thanks. let' s go deeper in that debate. this is a look inside the carr center at saint anselm' s college in manchester, new hampshire the , site of tomorrow night' s democratic debate moderated by , abc' s david muir and martha raddatz. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley will all take part. preparations are well underway. you can see the debate live right here on channel 5 tomorrow night at 8:00 right after a , special edition of newscenter 5 at 7:00. on the republican side, a new poll shows donald trump with a comfortable lead in new hampshire. trump has 26% of the vote in the boston herald franklin pierce university survey. that'
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with 12%. senator bernie sanders is clinging to a lead. he has 48%. hillary clinton has 46%. erika: to the weather now. kind of a dreary friday, harvey. we are anxious for some reality. harvey: it will get brighter tomorrow, but there is a price to pay. the wind, the cold -- erika: that is how it is supposed to feel this time of year. harvey: exactly, but it may be a little bit of a shock to the system. there is been rain at points south end east, north and west it is dry out there at this time and one heavier shower-following moving across plymouth. all of this will move eastward, southeastward. the cape. clear. the blustery and cold conditions will start to take over after
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temperatures already down to 39 at worcester airport. here is the colder air coming in from the great lakes and it will be accompanied by wind. s, s. it will not move that high -- s, low 30' s. it will not move that high it will feel colder than that. i will let you know about the rest of the weekend and the up. erika: thank you, harvey. no school in brookfield, and this is why. a water main break. it happened when a car hit a fire hydrant. the hydrant has been replaced and services now restored. phil: investigators say this fire at a milton home was in fact accidental, but a child left alone inside when the flame started. today we learned what she did when that fire started and just how hard it was to put out. let' s get to newscenter 5' s pam cross, she' s live in milton.
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pam: the mom left, leaving the toddler in the house. the eight-year-old reacted quickly, but the fire went to three alarms. christmas gifts and so much else was ruined. his fiancee was home when the fire alarm began ringing. >> she knocked on the door. the door was already open. pam: the eight-year-old girl ran across the street for help. neighbors. the neighbors made the phone call to us. pam: the mother turned on the stove -- then she went out, just for a few minutes. >> the mother went to pick up is a street away. pam: neighbors could not
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>> it was a big fire. i had to walk up to my house, the house was blazing. children alone. the status of the parent or the four children who live on the first door. -- first floor. >> it is a homeowner' s worst nightmare. pam: neighbors say it was not ringing. they say they are great old no one was hurt. eight people are displaced. reporting live from milton, i' m pam cross. wcvb newscenter 5. erika: new at 5:00 president , obama just signed a $1.1 trillion budget bill bankrolling the federal government for 2016. he also held his year end press conference today. newscenter 5' s diane roberts reports the topics ranged from tax reform to terror. reporter: it has become an
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president obama taking questions from reporters on topics ranging from tax reform to terror. resident obama: so much of hours steady, persistent work the tangible ways. reporter: president obama closing out the year with administration accomplishments including job growth and the education bills. but he outlines the work still office. re going to defeat isis, and were going to do that by systematically squeezing them, cutting off their supply line, cutting off their financing, taking out their leadership area -- their leadership. reporter: the president noted that other items on his agenda like closing guantanamo bay may be difficult to get through. president obama: i will not be forward leaning him what i can
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have tested what i can do with congress. and every once in a while, they will surprise you. reporter: he went to meet with the families of the victims of the san bernardino terror attack and from there, to hawaii to vacation with emily. at wcvb newscenter 5. phil: we want to update that breaking news from somerville. bg that plowed into a man was stolen. -- that jeep that plowed into a man was stolen. the jeep went into the median, hit the man, was walking there. the victim had serious, but not life-threatening injuries. the eight-year-old driver and 16-year-old passenger are both under arrest at this hour. officials at a church taking their case to the supreme court. members of st. francis will ask a review of a ruling that they have been trespassing sense the church was closed in 2004.
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hearing the case. the friend of the san bernardino shooters. phil: what prosecutors say he revealed about his ties to interrogation. erika: another step towards teresa. francis. phil: a local mother suing chipotle after that norovirus outbreak in cleveland circle. why she says it' s not about money. erika: the fbi now joining in the search for the so-called affluenza teen. where the hunt is focusing tonight. harvey: let' s take a -- phil: let' s take a look at first solar traffic. traffic little backed up southwest. let' s look at the map and see where the heavy delays are. out of the city, 40 minutes from mass avenue to route three. north of the city, 46 minutes from the upper deck to root 128. on the pike , 128 southbound, heavy crossing the mass pike.
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to 495, and once you get to 495, this is a bit of a problem. usually six or seven minutes.
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out from the herd. what's inside sets you apart. the 2016 cadillac escalade. update our breaking news in the driver of the jeep that hitting man was stolen. the jeep went into the median. it struck the man who was walking there. the victim had serious, but not
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the 18-year-old driver and 16 arrest. pope francis has signed off on make mother teresa a saint. approved. she was beatified in 2003 by pope francis approved the second miracle yesterday on his 79th birthday. reuters reports francis is likely to hold a canonization ceremony in september, to coincide with the anniversary of mother teresa' s death. phil: chilling new details emerge about enrique marquez the bernardino shooter syed farook. he is facing several terror charges including purchasing the assault rifles used in the mass shooting and he is talking to investigators. enrique marquez was brought in the back of this via goal, appearing in handcuffs after 10 straight days of interrogation or a prosecutors say that he freely revealed that he and syed farook planned terror attacks
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the attacks involve students at the commuter college where they makes you feel on a. it' unsettling. phil: according to the federal complaint, syed farook persuaded marquez to convert to islam, radicalizing them by showing him online videos by al qaeda. life turned ridiculous, involved in terrorist lots, drugs, marriage, might go to prison for fraud, etc." and in the weeks before the attacks, marquez warned about what he called a terrorist sleeper cell. >> he said it' s going to be big. phil: in the hours before the attack, marcus called 911,
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enrique marquez is being held in a detention center until at least monday when he is scheduled to have a bail hearing. erika: defense secretary ash carter is in afghanistan right now to assess that nation' s fragile security situation. carter' s top commanders in afghanistan are concerned fighters from syria and iraq are joining isis loyalists trying to take control of the eastern part of that country. phil: 45 degrees right now in needham and that' s not bad. actually i think it' s really good for this time of your. we have that stretch going. erika: we need the rain. phil: we have had a these amount of rain. harvey: we actually did. yesterday and into very early this morning, we picked up rain, and we added a little bit more to that today, still going along southeastern mass and then it will be downs were the cape and the islands for the evening hours.
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randolph, marshall, falmouth, up the cape -- that is what is going on right now. we will see all of this tent to slight east-southeast. by 8:00, 9:00 tonight, the cape may have rain. the skies will be clearing out. this is interesting. look around the berkshires early tomorrow morning. snows calls -- snow squalls. that will be accompanied by gusting winds tomorrow, something we have not had a whole lot of this month, that' s for sure. it has been a warm month. clear skies for tomorrow night, and clear skies for your sunday. i would make sunday the weekend pick. less wind, more sunshine, more comfortable out-of-doors after the early day, which will be the
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temperatures, 45 degrees, wind to the north. those are colder wind directions. you can kind of see it coming. with the elevation, it is already colder. smithfield is that 35 in the berkshires. when we take you farther west, you see 30' s. blustery conditions, that is what your saturday is going to be like. actual conditions, upper 20' s, low 30' s around the region. may be around 40 in the coastal plain, but it will feel colder than that because of the strong northwest winds. we will have full sun sunday. that will take us to the high of 45 for the afternoon maybe not make it 40 in worcester.
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get closer on sunday, it gets settles down. and you know, we will see a significant moderation of week looks like it will be on the mild side. still trying to get precise about the rain for the first part of next year. time or anything like that. i mentioned the wind tomorrow, because it will be a factor. wind chills -- have not talked about that much. teens and 20' s. and of course, sunday a patriots game and it looks like right around 40 degrees, 39, 41. the winds will get even lighter late in the game. look at next week' s temperatures. milder. the best chance for rain is next wednesday. there will be other times that
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springtime showers going into christmas. erika: ok, harvey. merry christmas from the duke, and duchess of cambridge, prince george and princess charlotte. kensington palace just released this new photo of the royal family in their palace garden. it was taken in late october. announced prince george will start attending nursery school s so sad. phil: is that where you take your card, in the garden? erika: in the palace garden, of course. new details on boston' s first night celebrations. the program is being re-named first night, first day, for its 40th anniversary. everything will be free. events include the flash parade and puppet show, live stage performances, and of course, fireworks. the celebration will continue into new year' s day, with events planned for that afternoon. phil: if you do not have a big palace guard, you can join the rest of us for free. all right, the government calling for tougher restrictions on indoor tanning. erika: on the health alert, the ban the fda wants to see put
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phil: at 5:30, tonight a viral sensation. the utah dad who has turned his baby into real life elf-on-the-shelf. erika: spending christmas in the hospital is not what any kid wants.
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erika: the fda proposes a ban on indoor tanning beds or minors. it would also require consent
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the feds have regulated tanning machines for more than 30 years, but have previously taken little action to restrict their use. for years, dermatologist have urged bolder action given rising rates of skin cancer among teens and young adults. erika: at -- phil: a big part of avoiding the cold and flu are a few minutes. first, the flu shot does not mean you will be immune to the risk. the vaccine only covers about 15% of the virus in a given season and that' s a good season. avoid covering your mouth with your hand. instead, start coughing into your arm. that is better. in do not try to starve a fever. drink more fluids and maintain your normal calorie intake to boost your immune system. erika: and wife down the shared devices.
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erika: it all goes around. especially here. a state trooper saves this
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