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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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reid lamberty here with mor reid: the sanders campaign is suing the dnc because they want to lift a suspension that database. it was revealed a sanders data information from rival hillary s campaign. this information is vital to each campaign. it contains information on voters, donors, and supporters, information that truly is the lifeblood of the campaign. sanders' s campaign believes the dnc is trying to undermine it. >> this is unacceptable. individual leaders of the dnc can support hillary clinton in a way they want, but they are not going to sabotage our campaign. >> if the shoe were on the other foot, i' m confident that
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reid: the sanders campaign says it has already fired the staffer to exploit of bridge, but has filed a lawsuit that would force the dnc to allow them to access the database. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5 . erika: it is sure to be a big topic at tomorrow night' s debate. this is the setup at the carr center at saint anselm' s college in manchester new hampshire where sanders, clinton, and martin o' malley will face off. abc' s david muir and martha raddatz will moderate. you can see the debate live right here on channel 5 tomorrow night at 8:00 right after a , special edition of newscenter 5 at 7:00. now to a wild crash in foxborough leaving a family out , in the cold this christmas. phil: a teenage driver smashaing right into their living room. newscenter 5' s jack harper is live at the scene, where the homeowners are taking it all in stride. jack: pretty much. they have
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you do not see the damage. look at that crack. this house took a really big hit. >> five more minutes, and i would have taken off the front door. jack: no front anything. harold had just gotten up. his wife marjorie was in the kitchen. the front room, the christmas tree, white out. -- wiped out. just but she would' ve been by the front door. neither one of us got hurt. jack: also ok, the team driving this is suv when it crashed into the house. >> he kept saying, i' m sorry, i' m sorry. i' m sure he did not mean to do it. it was just an accident. he felt worse for us. i was more worried that he got hurt. jack: police attempted to serve papers of the home of the team this morning. no one answered. heat, water, and power are all
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can be completed. >> we will not be staying here, for this -- that' s for sure. jack: do you feel unlucky? >> i will be buying a lottery ticket. jack: this is the first time in foxborough, i' m jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: the t operator fired after a runaway train incident is trying to get his job back. david vazquez is appealing his termination. he was the operator of a red line train that took off without him, barreling through four stops. it happened last thursday. until the t cut power. vazquez' s lawyer calls the firing a rush to judgement. erika: new at 6:00, police are asking for help identifying a woman believed to have robbed to do banks and two days. take a look.
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santander bank, the second at a citizen' s bank on summer street. in both crimes, a note was passed and an undisclosed amount of cash was taken. in worcester, police are investigating the sixth armed robbery of a delivery driver this month. the latest victim, a man delivering pizza last night. he was held up by two men. one pulled a gun on him, the other punched him. police aren' t saying if the incidents might be connected. phil: a popular fenway bar promising to boost security after a thanksgiving day shooting killed a pass or by an wooded three others. the licensing board is looking at a string of problem related to who' s on first. reporter: emotional and frustrated, the mother of a victim leaves the hearing room after listening to testimony. police on the scene gave a description of just over 200 patrons partying inside the club
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lawyers insist the evening was and uneventful one. they say that the tragic shooting was unforeseeable to club management because it happened outside on the tree. friends believe that the club should be shut down. what do you hope happens? chef but it should have been shut down from the beginning. >> even september, they had people shot. what does that tell you? reporter: not everyone agrees. colleen barnes lost her son to violence on the streets of boston and has had several events there at the past. she questions who is really to blame. >> i think it could be the promoters, certain djs that bring a certain crowd, if you
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reporter: no action was taken by the board. in boston, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: parishioners of a church are taking their case to the highest court. members of saint cabrini will ask the review of a ruling that they have been trespassing since 2004. the group of roman catholics have in occupying the roman catholic church for the past 11 years. at phil: -- phil: more than 1400 boston area muslims had a surprise visitor at this week' s prayer service today. janet wu reports massachusetts supreme chief justice ralph gants delivered a message of hope and support. janet: chief justice gants' visit was quick, quiet, and affirming. >> i know this is a difficult time for persons who practice the islamic faith in this country and i am here to assure
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janet: the response was thunderous, filled with gratitude. >> if we remember who we are and where we came from, the vast majority of americans will stand arm in arm with muslim americans and together, we will get past his troubling times. >> why? >> it was a kind and generous thing to do to reach out to the community. there' s a lot of fear and concern. >> for him to speak as a the history of discrimination and just a how he stood with us -- i thought that was deeply affirming. janet: gants said he was grateful for the outpouring of questions, saying he did not appearance.
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turn off the noise, turn off these , and just be re-committed. 5. erika: fighting to keep a moment in mystery alive. >> most of them are gone. most of the children are gone. are gone. phil: a boston neighborhood and seeking. plus -- >> we do not have time to grieve or think about the future or in today. erika: it' s a little boy fighting a big battle. how you can make christmas better for him and other children. harvey: soon it will be out with the southeastern mass and cape cod rain and in with the cold. how chilly it will feel by tomorrow morning.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at the clock. erika: a new story about moving forward and never forgetting. phil: and east boston woman will never forget and never give up s past is properly remembered. >> where did the 90 years go? phil: marion curtis is so sharp she does not forget a thing. marian' grandmother' s house was in wood island park and it was in the way. they fought hard, but in the end, two men came to her door. >> they said that they would come next week, put my furniture street, but my
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phil: the city was using eminent domain. his -- her husband was fighting in the pacific. she was fighting for their home. she lost that battle. it but she is writing to anyone and everyone who will listen to tell them she remembers. all she wants now is recognition by the city. at recognition for all of those who lost what she lost. >> most of them are gone. most of the children are gone. some of their children' s older and are gone. phil: she asked the city for a sign. recognition for the families who lost their homes due to urban renewal. she would like it to tell a story. >> all i wanted was recognition
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older people where it would be, and the archives. phil: that is what she wants. s not for herself. she was to get recognition and get those names and the paper. erika: she is not going to stop trying, right? phil: this is one of those erika: stories that does not get old. erika: announcer: one candidate tough jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states
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in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. phil: nothing better than that, a heartwarming day for this new new hampshire family together , again for the holidays after u.s. army specialist jessica arent surprised her grandfather and brother at a breakfast for veterans.
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liberia during the ebola outbreak. caden has only seen his sister once in the last year and a half. >> it means everything because i love her so much. >> you were crying and that made me want to cry. no, i' m not going to cry on camera, but i could not help it. at phil: arent says returning home rings back special memories. now the family has another one. erika: a great one. this little boy is just one of many children who will be spending the holidays in the hospital. newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald shows us how you can help make his christmas wish come true. reporter: we just put on our blinders and we go. christmas, oh, well. we are here to get better. reporter: he is fighting the second battle with leukemia. >> i do not think he understands
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he takes the punches like nobody else can. reporter: there are 400 beds with children and it is estimated most of those beds will be occupied christmas week. there' s plenty of hollywood cheer. home depot has donated trees for patient rooms and the holidays store is stocked with toys, crafts, and games, free of charge for parents. polar express, pajama day, all kinds of fun things. reporter: there is good news for patients. santa knows every one of the room numbers at the hospital. >> what are you going to bring? >> an airplane. reporter: do you think you are going to get it? are you on the nice list?
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reporter: if you would like to send a letter to him or one of posted that on our twitter page. erika: they do such phil: -- they do such a spectacular job for the kids and families. re looking for a better? phil: i think that surprised. i' s talk about what is happening in terms of rainfall. we picked up half an inch along the pike, then added more today, still a little more over southeastern mass and the cape. that will slide across the cape in the next few hours and then offshore. then we can focus on the
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it could produce snow showers or snow squalls, but then we are all cleared up. sunday will be a bright day, a cold start, and then easing cold in the afternoon. here is really cold is coming from, the great lakes. minneapolis, 15 degrees. we will not get to 15 in boston, but some of our suburbs could be in the teens by early sunday morning. 45 in boston, but notice the wind direction, north, northwest. temperatures have fallen into the upper 30' s. 34 in pittsfield in the berkshires. the trend is already there. the wind is out of the northwest. it is slowly starting to pick up. you can feel the difference. upper 20' s low 30' s.
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temperatures only reaching the 30' s to low 40' s. it could be gusting. we will have wind chills. high pressure will settle in. we have moderation for sunday afternoon. if we get through the first two thirds of next week, the jet stream throws us on the milder side quickly, so monday afternoon we should make it into the 40' s. there could be a couple showers christmas eve. at around 60 degrees is the -- around 60 degrees. not real cold. the high should be around the. that is how i see it. the air temperature is chilly, but the actual wind chill, teens and 20' s.
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out of doors. for the patriots game, yes, it is cold for tailgating. but by afternoon, we are starting to moderate. a westerly wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. look how quickly we recover in the 50' s. we should be doing the 50' s most days if not better most days. a warm week leading into christmas. christmas day it turns a little bit chillier christmas day later, christmas day night. we update that entire forecast tonight. i meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: not to worry you, but here' s at least three reasons why you should be worried about tom brady missing practice today due to illness. offensive lineman ryan wendell missed three games with an illness. linebacker jamie collins missed four games and defensive end rufus johnson' s season is over after being placed on the non-football injury list with an illness.
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patriots practicing without mr. avocado ice cream as a treat. and we know that he does not get sick very often and he does not miss practice for anything short of a court appearance. early indications are he will play on sunday. >> it' s a good day for jimmy to get some work and for us to continue to get better, but obviously, we are going to be optimistic. bob: rob gronkowski missed practice with a personal issue and julian edelman has been upgraded to doubtful. he' s been looking good at practice this week but it' s only been about a month since he had surgery on a broken bone in his foot and he is not expected to play sunday. he is expected to see the star wars movie as soon as possible . here' s his apostrophe free tweet of the first order can' t wait
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star wars probably happy to be getting the free advertising. not nearly enough of it. and the patriots don' t have nearly enough running backs . montee ball number 39 is running back number 3 and he' s not yet on the active roster. coach belichick: it' s not ideal, but i think it' s a chance to win. you know, if we lose two of any player at any position, pick any position you want, there is going to probably be issues area bob: that' s is probably going to be issues. . . bob sometimes floor seats are : getting floored seats. le day wife of pga champion , jason day, saying today her whole body feels like she was hit by a truck. she says she is thankful she was
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other young' s on at the time. -- more -- or her other young son at the time. she spent the night in the hospital, but she was released today. she tweeted "king james, we' re good." >> she is doing great now. going for a loose ball, i hate to have that happen. that does not happen much. it' s unfortunate it happen tonight. it does not happen much. our fans is why our game is so great. bob: ellie also defended her husband for not protecting her saying there was no time to , react and she didn' t need both guys landing on her. that is sports. erika: it is slow boat. he looks so relaxed -- bob: he has been in that position before. erika: coming up, five
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with two boston cold case detectives. phil: why the murder of an unknown girl nearly 1500 miles away is hitting close to home. that' s tonight after 20/20. [
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t brought here through destiny. vand we, we grow together. t together a new world we'll see. t together... a family. we will always be. happy holidays from all of us. praised as one of america's best mayors
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bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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erika: an ominous figure greeting students at a middle school. do not worry. that was the principal dressed up as darth vader. phil: teachers and students got into the act. erika: all for a good cause.
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