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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  December 19, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EST

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racing thelp. harvey: the feel of winter is moving in. the timeline on big changes you'll feel this weekend. phil: controversy erupts in the democratic race. the charges of snooping and secret stealing. phil: local cops following new evidence in a cold case. >> somebody must know something. phil: 5 investigates tracking the clues new from baltimore right here to boston. phil: we have breaking news from lowell, three people hit by a car in a crosswalk. two of them children inside a stroller. lowell with breaking information. mary? mary: it appears the family will recover. i was young father who was pushing the stroller in this crosswalk when he was struck. >> crossing fletcher street near the north common park struck by this subaru outback. witnesses tell us, they were in the crosswalk, a couple and their two children in a volar, when the car plowed into hem. >> we heard a bang from are inside of the house. we heard the lady screaming.
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>> when we come out here. they were on the ground. >> the lady on the grn and the baby in a stroller. >> i heard the baby cry. then the baby stopped crying. i dop know. mary: police say the mother was not hurt but the 22 year old father was thrown on impact and rushed to lowell general. a 9-month-old girl, 2-year-old girl remain in the stroller, although, the older child was taken to tustin boston. the driver did stop. he was not injured. neighbors say the stretch of net fletcher street is notorious. >> is a bad street to cross. i have been almost hit numerous times. it is a terrible, terrible intersection. mary: police tell us, the accident is still under investigation. they have not determined if a driver will face charges. in lowell tonight, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. phil: right now, somerville police say a jeep that plowed into a man was stolen, and the driver sped off when he saw officers approaching at the
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broadway this afternoon. the jeep went into the median and hit a man who was walking there. the man has serious, but not with life-threatening injuries. the 18-year-old driver and a 16-year-old passenger are under arrest. phil: right now, boston police are looking for clues after a deadly shooting in roxbury tonight. the victim is believed to be in his late teens. he was shot on annunciation road and pronounced dead there at the scene. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. phil: taking a live look at the boston skyline on a friday night. it hasn't felt much like winter this december, but it will this weekend. harvey leonard is here with the changes coming. harvey. in the wake, the winds are starting to pick up. gusting over 20 now in boston. temperatures have drop food the 30's and, of course, the wind and the cold are going to
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next 18 to 24 hour. cold air for the great lakes now ready to move in. by the time you are waking up tomorrow morning or heading out. upper 20's low 30's but only part of the story bass you have 10 to 20 miles per hour with higher gust and the 30's most of the day tomorrow. stead where i winds at 15 to 30. gusts higher than that. so we are going to be talking windchills in the 20's tomorrow and heen the teens by the time we get to late tomorrow afternoon, early saturday evening. the feel of winter starting to settle in. i will let you know, phil? ed: thanks. commitment 2016 now. controversy hitting the bernie sand's campaign. they are take a hard-line. reid? reid: it has been blocked by the democratic national committee from a crucial democratic data base this provides access. the campaign, in turn, filed a
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on the eve of the mu hampshire democratic debate. internal war fir among the democrats. individual leaders of the dnc can support hillary clinton in anyway they wan. but they are not going to sabotage our campaign. >> born ny sander's campaign claiming the dnc is underpining them in an efficient to support hillary clinton. the campaign is suing the dnc after the party withheld the access to a crucial voter database where. that databases the lifeblood of any campaign. a massive list of voter's names, address and past voting habits. each campaign can add the own dat for their eyes on. how people may vote whether they will vote, which voters they want to win over. sandra's calm pan accused of exploiting a software glitch that allowed them to access voter information collected by hillary clinton's team. when you look at the lists, you know the tragedy. you know the supporters and donors but now you start to know the strategy and that is certainly unfair advantage.
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been fired although he am clas he did nothing wrong. thele as it fair. >> if the two were on the other foot and the clinton campaign had inappropriately accessed sandra's campaign for information. am confident that this is the, this is the decision they would expect from us. >> timing here is crucial. >> 44 days this the iowa caucuses and 52 days million the mu hampshire primary. of course, tomorrow's debate is in new hampshire. phil? ed: all right, thanks. phil: the abc news debate from new hampshire is tomorrow night. you'll see it live here on wcvb channel 5. coverage starts at 8:00. phil: right now, president obama is in san bernardino meeting with victims of the california shooting rampage. air force one landed in the last half-hour. the president will meet privately with survivors and relatives of the 14 victims of the attack.
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hawaii for a two-week christmas vacation. phil: the mother of bella bond and her boyfriend are now indicted for the child's death. michael mccarthy is charged with murder, rachelle bon is charged as an accessory. the body of the child who became known as baby doe was found in plastic bag on deer island in june. investigators worked for months to identify her. if convicted, mccarthy faces life in prison, bond faces up to seven years. phil: the t operator fired for that runaway train is trying to get his job back. david vazquez is appealing his termination. he was the operator of a red line train that took off without him barreling through four stops last thursday until the t cut power. his lawyer calls the firing a rush to judgment. he denies allegations that he tied something around the train's throttle. >> now have to spend christmas somewhere else. incredibly, though, thank my,
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still, hoge, a lot of questions tonight. our julie mcdonald is live. ly? >> well, watt earn pow we have been set off to the foxborough home after the commissioner deemed it uninhabit million they won't able to spend the holidays in the home of more than 40 years and look on the bright side, they are thankful they will celebrate together. >> i just, i just woke up. was getting ready to put the trash out. i heard like an explosion. when i got to there. looked out. >> it was just 6:40 this morning when suv came barreling into the fox bore re home. the 15-year-old wrentham driver on the way home from hockey practice when he lost control. ekept saying he was sorry. sorry. i am sure he didn't mean to do it. but, he felt worse for us than i was more worried he got hurt. >> harry's wife 52 years in the kitchen at the time but usually sits by the christmas tree in the afternoon.
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the room. you could see the christmas tree up against the wall that it could have been more devastating than it is. >> they lost the photo and other family hair room looms. the accident ends the 30-year tradition of hosting family for christmas dinner. >> we got ahousehold coming. die get off the phone with police a short time ago, right pow, they are not releasing any more information about the teenage driver or what caused him to lose control of the suv. live tonight, julie mcdn al, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: a popular boston sports bar promises to boost security following a deadly shooting. 29-year-old jephthechery was shot outside who's on first on thanksgiving morning caught in the middle of a gunfight. three others were wounded. the city of boston's licensing
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problems related to the yawkey way bar. >> what does that tell you? >> nothing ever happened. i think it could be the ploaters, certain deejays that bring certain crowds. phil: the board could vote on a decision as early as wednesday. phil: social workers are involved tonight after 8-year-old girl was left alone when the home caught fire in milton. the stove caught fire. flames spread past. the fire marshal closed the investigation calling it an accident. >> if you have got, you know, the stove, the candle, if you got a space heat the time of year, do not leave. you know, stay in that room. you know, if you are leaving, kill the heat source. phil: the house is off limits. they had $200,000 worth of damage.
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investigating the family situation. no one was injured. b-12 on the sick list tonight. the patriots say tom brady is "questionable" for sunday's game against the titans. explain. bob, when they say "questionable?" bob. while it seems like nothing to worry about. tom brady missing practice is almost unheard of are the patriots do sen home sick he must have felt bad today and it is worth noting, several players have gotten sick this year and missed several weeks because of it. again, no indication brady's illnesses is anything that serious. rob gronkkowski missed practice today them absence was not related to injury or illnesses. was personal matter. we have more in sports. phil: a cold case getting red >> somebody has to know something. phil: a woman found decade ago in baltimore. 5 investigates hits the streets with local cops tracking the new
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meteorologist: the feel of winter finally set listening in in. then the big changes for christmas week. ed: the best holiday gift of them all. a local soldier's return, taking
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phil: boston police hunting down new clues tonight. 5 investigation is hitting the street with them. karen anderson reports more evidence in the decades old cold case in baltimore is pointing here to boston. >> i group in the neighborhood. >> boston homicide detectives the case of unidentified girl found drugged and tortured nearly 40 year ago. 1500 miles away is now personal. >> the tip that came in from baltimore indicated that they are jane doe came from the street. that tip followed a investigates stories in november about the
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the woodlawn cemetery outside of bt more. the tipster believed she had moved were puerto rico to jamaica, plans, went to a catholic school and grau up with the five siblings here on the street. >> the same street where boston police starred and detective jack crowe nan both grew up. what was going through my mine. who cane call? >> who do i know that they are now using the hometown knowledge and old fashion police work. >> footwork. >> checking old records including from the blessed sacrament school. >> this was the rectory. >> as connections to boston keep building. >> pulled over the girl's head and stuffed tin throat was sold in only five stores, all in massachusetts. carrying two key, one labeled fitchberg and recent high-tech test found it was rare and only come are a site in new york or the arnold arbor reitiam in jamaica, plains. this is a young person to do all kinds of things and i bike ride,
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this girl known as woodlawn jane doe has homemade tattoo that may have been the letters jp possibly for the plain neighborhoods. tattoos like that not uncommon according to the time. >> it a lot of people had the lo homemade tattoos that they used to do. you can never say 100% but, um, it is look more and more lake this is j.p. girl. >> dispoot the efforts so par. they have bt been able to determine the real name. if alive today, she would have been between 55 and 65 years old. >> hopefully, someone will know something. we can give her identity back. i think this girl was in jamaica plains. how did she get to baltimore m we don't mow. we won't know. state police as well as the center for missing and exploited children are helping with this investigation. and anyone who thinks they may have any kind of information to help identify this girl is asked to call baltimore county or boston police.
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investigates. fda is proposing a! on indoor tanning bed for minors. the proposal would require consent forms ac po knowledging the risk of the admitting did he vice. the feds have regulated tanning machines if you know more than 30 years but previously taken little action to restrict their use. for year, they have urged bolder action amid rising rates among teens and young adults. >> a heartwarming day for the mu hampshire family. towing, gain, for the holidays. u.s. army specialists surprised grandfather and brother at breakfast for veterans. he is stationed atforted hood and spent time in lay beer ya during the e bole la outbreak. he has seen once in the last year and a half. >> it means everything. because like, i love her so much.
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look, mo, aim mo not going to cry on camera. i couldn't help it. phil: returning home springs back special memories now the family has another beautiful special memory. ed. it is 40 now, harv. it is dropping a bit. we are going to see winter-like issues this weekending? well, i done think we have to worry about snow accumming las but the feel of winter is just beginning to come back. not going to stick around that long but could be like to. well ha about rainfall today? it was not all that much in boston. a little bit more down on the cape. but then we combine it with what happened yesterday and last night. we do wind up with almost two thirds of an inch rain in boston. we wound up with over three quarters of an inch. so meaningful rainfall. exited the coastline earlier this evening. and now, we can start to talk the colder air because so far, we only had warm air to talk about this month.
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averaging ten degrees above normal. tomorrow may actually be a day that is at or perhaps a touch below normal. wow. that would be unusual for this month so far. 39 degrees now in boston. just wrapped under ir 40. thewiest off and just starting to pk up so in the 30 he a you. we about a r starting to see gusts over 20 miles per hour in boston in providence and block eye in la, nantucket, the winds are going to be considerably stronger tomorrow and they than they are today and the cold air comes in at the same time. kind of a one-two punch to give us a feel of winter. starting out tomorrow morning, in the it upper 20's and low 3's during the course of the day tomorrow. we will probably stay in the 30's in most areas and may nick 40 to the southeastern mass and cape cod area. but coupe listening with it the kind of wind, 15 to 30 miles per hour maybe gust of 40. that is going to make it feel cold. this is a steady wind in boston. 15-20 miles per hour. 9:00 9:00 or 10:00 the morning. 20 to 30 then some gusts 30 to
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there could even be some snow showers out in the berkshires tomorrow morning. perhaps the higher elevations may get a toon ny snow accumulation and maybe few mr ry around the worcester hills as well. otherwise, the patch work sky here. a busty cold feeling day much then we're clear tomorrow night. one of the colder nights we had so far. sunday starts cold then we start to moderate a little bit sunday afternoon. and so where we going to he the cold side of the high pressure area and by the time we get to the end of the weekend be a especially monday, it is going to rapidly warm-up again to the 50's on monday and we'll be on the warm side of the jet stream rating on through christmas eve. there will be some moist ture at some point and i think wednesday may be the best chance. wednesday, wednesdaynating and somewhere lynn. concerned. on thursday, there could be a few showers and might be dam early in the day more so than later. but look that. i think in the afternoon. we bust in this he warm air and could be near 60 degrees the late afternoon. i done know. you better not dress too warm.
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par for christmas rating around 50 degrees. all right. check it out for the next seven days am tomorrow is one of the pew days so far we actually could talk about windchill. being in the 20's but at times in the teens especially off though fort and the west. so cold feeling and wind will keep up through tomorrow evening and before it ease just a little bit. as for the patriots game. sunday for tailgating early. dress warm. still dress warm for the game. moderate some cold mornings to about 39 or 40 are for the start of the game and 10-15 miles per hour winds and as promised the jump mon did a i. then the winds start getting gusty out of the southwest. that is warm air. i am thinking wednesdays the most likely day to have wet weather and the damp weather could last to early thursday and then i think we turn very mild and so far looks look it is bright on christmas and maybe a little cooler but that sincely not cold by christmas day. >> i love the temperatures. i was thinking the last couple of days of rain and temperatures >> yeah.
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not even close. excellent. all right. thanks. >> still ahead at 11:00 adorable photo-op. check this out. it happened across the upon. holiday smile from prince george and charlotte when we come back. right after wcvb newscenter 5, it is jimmy kim me live, a star wars special tonight. go figure.
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phil: more than 400 children will spend crist mt. at
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many trees fill patient rooms, nurses plan pa yam ma days and polar express events. the holiday store is stocked with gifts. the hospitals the last place family betweens spent on crist pa mass. they are all focused on getting better. >> because jack has down syndrome as well. it is a blessing with that. don't think he understands how grave his disease can be. he tacks the punches like nobody else can. what did you ask santa for? >> an airplane. >> oh. >> cool. >> keep the holiday cheer spreading you could spend a holiday card yourself. go to wcvb newscenter 5 to get the information. >> and very merry christmas for the duke and duchess of cambridge. prince george and princess charlotte released this new photo of the royal family in their palace garden. it was taken in late october. >> all right. >> our are christmas card is much better because ours include a dog.
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i didn't get yours. >> am i going to get one? >> they have not been mailed ut. they have been created. >> coming up next. close in action. one winner. one loser.
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reporter: the brew once in pittsburgh taking on this penguins. this is the battle of indoor and star war once the brels destroyed the second. am i right? seriously, am i right? i am not sure? that is reliable source or notment they were a force for good tonight. beats like he is a hungry ewok. he snaps the shorthanded pole. he had 3-2 lead. bergen oron may the force be with you. the second of the night gives a 4-2 lead. giving 11 on the year. his third-fourth and fifth. he is in front but he buried the rebound and that was the second of the knit and three minutes later. he turned the hat trick and they score 5 on 5 and short landed on
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pittsburgh 6-2t. the celtics home apans the hawks and this one was look the battle when they fought emperor be a destroy the first star but when there was no hope, the celtics were beaten by the attack of the clowns or prefer the reedge of the stiff. within yore the dy after the dark force was traded to tallas for the pick. he enjoyed the career double-double night. 24 point and ten boards coming wednesday. thomas had 29 and fouled as they fall. it is four-point play giving a 2-point lead but princess lay yeah done the stretch and the hacks on 17-4 run and the lay-up and the six-point lead. he will have a late jumper and the sell text lose third in a row. they got min set to at home on monday. >> missing practice, they did.
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and in a galaxy far, far away where obie means bar ry. he was juan. meaning a skly skin color. fraudy out of practice today with illnesses and immediately listed on the in curry report as questionable and early word it is nothing serious but they are played ved eye mine tricks in the psst and remember have been all missing several weeks with mysterious illnesses. >> and come up, the last several years and, you know, a good day foriam my to get some work ap for us to continue to get better, buts on hi, you know, you know, optimistic as well. >> julian edelman has been look good at practice and appears on injury report as doubtful. it is only a month since surgery and a broken bone ten foot so don't folks play sunday but the pat yets are playing in the
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edelman may have jet eyes. >> it is thought edelman may go with a chewbacca look for the tweet of the week. that may have made it look lake a wolf. he has gone solo or skywalker. thighs hashtag the force awakens and star. that is all i have got four. phil. >> you have a few more. i like it. >> every script. every script has something in it. is great. >> thanks. for our weekend, going to feel more like it is. >> you know, it is that time of year. a going to be blusty and cold. it still looks very mild as we bring christmas in christmas eve looks mild. maybe a bit wet but not much. then it is bright on christmas day. really bright. back to the 50's. >> mile stretch. >> ebbs he for tomorrow or early sunday. all right, harv. than.
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