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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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cindy: a few showers this morning. s. head up past the merrimack valley. s on the cape right now. just beginning of the rain starting to work on in. this will all be lifting in our direction. through midmorning, just a few
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steadier more widespread rain by lunchtime. but afternoon. by the time we get to your evening commute, the bulk of the rain of moving offshore. look at these temperatures. low 50' s despite the rain this afternoon. rain this week. headed towards christmas eve, we had another round of rain coming in tomorrow afternoon before we try out on christmas eve. mainly try this morning - dry this morning. olessa: this is soldiers field road. eastbound side. there is a truck they' re not supposed to be on the roadway. it was in the right lane. they pushed it to the shoulder. it might cause a headache. keep that in mind. that is eastbound. soldiers field. one to travel north of there,
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once again north of there, approaching 125 in wellington. eastbound on the pike, 15. the expressway right now that will cost you 20 minutes from braintree to boston. trains and buses running on schedule. >> they' re both excited about going home. right now these children are back home and safe after a statewide search for their father. this morning there mother is behind bars and preparing to face the judge. randy: reid lamberty is in lakeville this morning. reid: courtesy of an alert. state trooper. valle mcgrath is locked up at the lakeville police department. -- valerie mcgrath is locked up. steve carrie gann has sole
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allow valerie mcgrath his ex-girlfriend to take the kids on sunday because it was their son' s birthday. she never came back. last night at 6:00, the state trooper spotted valerie mcgrath' s white chevy sitting in a drive-through of a mcdonald' s. she was arrested and the kids returned to their relieved father. >> it' s just a feeling. to have them back with me. now we have christmas coming up. it is going to be a good christmas. reid: it is not clear where mcgrath may have been headed with the kids. she is being held on a $10,000 cash bail. she will be arraigned later this morning. you. breaking overnight, a major mess plymouth. top of crane that crushed a
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a young girl inside when this happened. she is ok. but the investigation into how this happened is getting underway. the foreman' s family had hired a crane to trim the trees. as it was lifting, the crane toppled over. 17-year-old rebecca was in the kitchen when it happened. >> i saw the tree falling down on the ground. but when i looked up on the ceiling, i saw the damage. emily: three other cranes were brought into right the toppled one. larger cranes were needed to do the job. randy: sentencing is today for the manual loaded gun to the boston marathon bombers. silva pled guilty to drug and gun charges. prosecutors say the gun was used to kill the mit police officer
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police officers in methuen will soon be wearing body cameras. last night the city council voted to approve funding to extend a pilot program that was launched in june. newscenter 5 one along with officers then as they tried it out. the department will begin the process of training officers on the use and where of those cameras. the program is in place and fabric. schools in nashua are getting ready to reopen. all city schools shut down yesterday. the e-mail was detailed and directed at students at the districts two high schools. the day long search of those schools turned up nothing. there have been no arrests but the investigation continues. >> donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit! she' s a liar. emily: this morning the war of words as escalating between donald trump and hillary
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right now neither front runner is giving an inch. erica tarantella' s here with the latest skirmish. erica: provoked by hillary clinton' s claim that isis is using his comments on islam to recruit, trump launched a barrage of insults against the democratic front runner at a rally in michigan last night. he used a vulgar term when referring to clinton' s 2008 primary loss. she also - -he also criticized her for returning late to the debate after a bathroom break. clinton is refusing to apologize for those isis remarks, standing by them. mr. tu rump: she was favored to win and she got [bleep] she lost. i know where she went. it is disgusting. i do not want to talk about it. >> isis is pointed to these comments on social media. erica: clinton has yet to comment but her campaign chair
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will not back down from calling trump out. >> whatever' s going on that belongs to us. randy: going one-on-one with governor charlie baker and the time the two are criticizing each other over big issues. governor baker says his administration took an honest look into governor deval patrick' s time in office. the two in disagreement over the line extension plan costs. >> you have got to as the people in charge that question. reporter: what you were in charge for a very long time in the estimate originally came from your administration. >> and the estimate was sound. reporter: is he right? >> i do not believe the estimates we received from the sound. and by the way, i do not think anyone working on the project
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exchanged shots over the state department children and family. baker saying that padgett disagrees there were systemic issues with the agency. baker admits he did hire the same woman to fix the agency that patrick suggested. emily: there will be no charges texas woman. sandra bland was arrested last summer after making an improper lane change. she was charged with assault after things quickly escalated. bland could not make bail and was found hanging in her jail cell. the grand jury did not indict anyone at the jail but they will return next monitor consider charges against the arresting officer. a new york city police detective has been identified as one of the six americans killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. he was surfing with the u.s. air national guard. the attack happened in a village near bagram airfield.
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new of running down people on the los angeles sidewalk. emily: the circumstances that may have pushed her over the disease outbreaks. the new safety concern at the food chain. randy: healthy foods that can hurt your weight loss plans. three choices that could make you eat more. erika: crew s removed the crane is smashed into a home and plymouth. a crane was brought in to lift the other cranes. a teenager inside the house was not hurt. cindy: you' re going to watch what weather today. started to see a few showers move in now with off and on rain. take a look at the temperature as you head out the door on this first official morning of winter.
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>> we are the coaches of -- >> we are on the ice at td garden, wishing everybody a happy holiday. >> good morning eyeopener! randy: good morning to you. in its 20th season on the ice. to inner-city boys and girls. they are playing on the bruins home ice. emily: we would love to see the programs going on in your community. send it to us. we have been so focused on these temperatures. we have not talked about the rain that might be coming. cindy: you are going to need
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we are talking about rain and not snow with temperatures heading into christmas way above average. want to give you some perspective right now because typically this time of year and average high is only in the upper 30' s. 50 out the door the smarty. in the 50' s today and again tomorrow. look at this by christmas eve -- mid 60' s. still in the mid-50' s on christmas day. as of right now, our average temperature for boston is 45.7, the warmest on record going back to the late 1800s. so, we are on the rack for the warmest december in boston. with the jet stream lifting farther to the north into christmas eve. that will bring in those 60 degree temperatures which will be records for the day. the old record from 1996 is 59 in worcester and 61 in boston. we will surpass that on thursday. in the meantime, heading out the door this morning, it is the first official morning of winter. the solstice happened overnight. here we are the first morning of winter.
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boston 49. worcester 47. a couple 30' s on the map, but that is above the freezing mark. a few showers breaking up a 8:00 this money. do have that umbrella with you. by midday, your lunch hour will feature light rain. temperatures in the mid-50' s. the sunsetting at 4:15 today. high temperatures sneaking into the mid 50' s for most. in the lower 50' s towards worcester county. that subtly wind -- that southerly wind is starting to -- we are starting to see though showers breakout. coming ahead of a frontal boundary that is funneling up the moisture and a mild temperatures. you see how more widespread showers are breaking out to the mid-atlantic. and working up in our direction. here is the timeline. 8:00 a.m., a few showers but notice how much more widespread the rain is by lunchtime today. light in general.
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downpours possible occasionally through the afternoon. by the evening commute, that rain is starting to shift offshore. we will try things out this evening. overnight with partial clearing happening, think it is going to have some areas of fog developing. temperatures tonight mostly in the 40' s. tomorrow, rain will come back at us. another day in the 50' s that the rain holds off until late in the day. this really is just the leading edge of that record warmth that will start to move on in as we get into christmas eve. tomorrow' s rain does not come in the morning hours. afternoon. no problems for the morning commute outside of the fog. by 2:00 in the afternoon the rain is starting to approach. tomorrow evening' s commute likely going to run into some right weather with some heavier downpours tomorrow night. that rain exits in the morning hours on christmas eve. then we dry it out. mid 60' s on average, all right? if we get a few breaks of sunshine, it would not shock me
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still in the mid-50' s with some sunshine. emily: if you' re having a party, feel free to have it outdoors. cindy: windows open. olessa: so far we are watching problem spots this money. there is a check by the bridge. you can see there is a truck there. shoulder. hopefully it will be out of there shortly. give yourself a little extra time. let' s see the rest of your ride as you travel south of that incident. we have one accident on the expressway. should not impact your commute too much but expect that in the north. 25 minutes braintree to boston. eastbound at the pike about 15. 93 south looks good on the methuen. stop and go down to the leverett connector. trains and buses still on schedule. randy: the woman charged with running down across a people outside a las vegas casino is behind bars.
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24-year-old lakisha holloway is facing murder charges. one person was killed. dozens more injured in the crash. police say holloway was and sleeping in her car with her three-year-old daughter. it is unclear why she drove into crowds but surveillance footage shows she did it on purpose. emily: new trouble for chipola. they' re looking to five more cases of foodborne illness linked to the mexican food chain. the cdc says the recent cases appear to have been caused by a different bacteria that e. coli. those cases are also unrelated to the norovirus outbreak in boston. new cases of pod up in oklahoma, kansas and north dakota. asian stocks mostly flat overnight as investors wait for more signs of potential economic growth in china. u.s. stock futures are lower. wall street was watching for new
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randy: a rescue first on 5. home in bedford. baby' s type. smoke filled their second-floor electrical spark in the basement. the twins at home inside. the officer was the first to russian and carry the twins out. their father arrived just in time to see his babies brought to safety. >> thank you so much for that. it was - -he was the hero. randy: everyone made it out safely. the family now calling it a christmas miracle. 20 minutes after 6:00. many of us try to snack healthy. emily: nutrition assay some of the smart options might leave us more hungry. cold cera eal is light on water content and that is one of the
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fruit. fructose and glucose will not trigger insulin production. trade in the fruit medley for two eggs. finally, yogurt isn' t likely to do it. you want to pick greek yogurt instead. add thing slike hone -- things like honey. randy: getting away from the cheese plate is my issue. emily: chocolate, cheese, cheezits. never float but it is received -- it is completely recyclable. erika: teen riders could be paying more. why the governor is hesitant. critics say security is not good enough. what is being done on our rail system. unusual tumor.
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spend less time chasing sales and more time going the extra mile. rfind thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday r at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. cindy: welcome to the first
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heading to the mid-50' s today. there was a trade-off. you will need your wet weather gear. a few showers entering the western part of the state. these are going to fill in this morning. rain developing with off and on rain to the afternoon. milder temperatures in the 50' s today. another round of rain coming tomorrow but it comes in late in the day. we are still in the 50' s tomorrow. trying out with near record warmth on christmas eve. temperatures climbing way up into the mid-60' s. emily: 6:25. olessa is back with our eye poppers. olessa: we are talking about a cruiseship in new orleans. it takes a lot of work. it looks like a crew ship. entirely made of canned goods. 30 feet long. impressive and it is all for charity. one service break it up, they will serve up 75,000 meals to feed the hungry. pretty cool. if you are for a really unique wedding menu and an expensing
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how about getting married in the middle of the indian ocean? in the maldives. it features of glass bottom isle. and rescued sea turtle swimming underneath. you only get to bring 16 guests. randy: that might be good. olessa: i personally i do not think i have 16 guests who can afford it. because i love my job, i would want to check it out for you. emily: you are selfless. we have always said that about you. you are a good person. olessa: i' ve been trying to figure that out. i can dig deeper for you. randy: thank you. the warm december is having a downside. emily: the health issue that would have been eased by coole r temperatures. the state of new hampshire is taking a new step in the opioid holiday season's just you got your big games...
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>> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener. randy: a crane crushes the plymouth home. a close call as a teenager is inside. >> hiking the price of writing the t. why riders could feel the impact. >> he' s bck ack with me. emily: a quick catch in a drive-through. randy: the wild -- you will want to see twice. on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: 6:30 on this tuesday morning. taking a live look at the skyline. things not brightening up just yet. but the silver lining is it is feeling like spring. good morning. i am emily riemer. randy: i am randy price.
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the solstice was overnight. you step outside thinking wow, what is happening? we have got showers. grab the wet weather gear. the rain is heaviest west of towards the cape. raingear required at the bus stop this money. temperatures near 60 -- mid s 49 in boston. 53 hyannis. very mild start. average high' s this time of years should only be in the upper 30' s. you can see how that rain is starting to pivot in. a couple of bands are showers working in. this is a leading edge of this whole area of showers. in this throughout the day. showers through the morning hours. become more widespread rain by lunchtime.
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there could be a few downpours embedded during the afternoon. by the evening commute, we are shifting that rain offshore. as we head towards this evening. look at the temperatures. near 50 this morning. we jump into the mid-50' s this afternoon with that southerly wind, despite the rain. a very warm day. if you have plans in the next couple of days, expect a lot of rain coming in. olessa: we are watching a couple of problem spots. a live look outside at the expressway shy 5. at -- sky 5 at granite avenue. the left lane closed. plan accordingly. let' s go to the maps and see the rest of your ride. 24 heavy in randolph. 95 delays approaching 128. 30 minutes braintree to boston. still watching this truck.
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-- eastbound on shoulders -- on soldiers field road. watching a fuel spill on 128 north in burlington. 15 495 to 128. trains and buses on schedule. emily: the crane that crushed the home and plymouth is now upright. a crew was trimming trees last night when the crane fell over on the roof. a teenager was inside the home at the time but was not her. randy: two lakeville children are safe and home with her father after a desperate search. police say their mother valerie mcgrath took off with them on sunday. the state trooper spotted them in a drive-through mcgrath is due in court today. emily: schools and national are getting ready to reopen. the training e-mail forced all the city schools to shut down monday -- schools in nashua are getting ready to reopen. a search at the schools turned up nothing. randy: new this morning, new
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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emily: todd is live in boston with these new numbers. todd: good morning. we are talking about potentially significant fare increases. more for the single day tickets. there is a potential for single, i should say double-digit increases in 2016, up 10%. the fiscal control board voted to allow the regency to raise fare by that much every two years going forward. the ti submitted a proposal but it cash-strapped agency is heading. yesterday the governor told hikes yet. janet: is it possible we might see a fare hike? governor baker: i am not going to, because i think the fiscal control board has a lot of work to do. todd: the vote came shortly
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feel that 1/4 of t employees will make more than $100,000 this year. an audit on that has been requested. emily: 5 investigates looking at potential terror targets in our region. the status of security. the rail system is often overlooked. 5 investigates met up with armed : security officers making an unannounced visit at south station. part of a viper team working with amtrak police and bomb sniffing dogs, looking for suspicious behavior and explosives. their operations are one method of protection but analysts they are rail system is highly vulnerable. the entire amtech systems encompasses 21,000 miles of unprotected track. the rail line between boston and washington, d.c. carries the
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>> if a terrorist were trying to disrupt and " terrorize" that would be a prime target. emily: at south station, there are not biggest checks. they have to show i.d. to ba oard. amtrak says it teams up with local police. randy: a woman accused of murdering a baby is out on bail. erica tarantella joins us with the revision that let her go free. state medical examiner. it was the 30 time -- i the third time in a year that officers have revised the finding of shaken baby syndrome. last week the medical examiner who performed the autopsy revised her ruling and that bail. murder charges against her.
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s office a revised their findings that the cambridge child in her care died of abuse. randy: a health issue made worse by the warm weather. emily: how some people would get temperatures. boston for life-saving surgery. the results when a tumor was removed from his face. randy: the ann p new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. r eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply
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we're leading the way toward the solution... p energy supply rates for you. r
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olessa: watching a few problem spots this morning. expressway north blocking a lane by granite avenue. truck stuck on soldiers field road. a fuel spill 128 north. i will keep you posted on those. cindy, are you sure it is the first day of winter? cindy: it does not feel like it. temperatures close to 50. that is rain starting to move on in to the area. mid 50' s this afternoon with off and on rain. another round of rain comes in late in the day tomorrow. we are still in the 50' s and will dry it out and warming it up. record warmth, mid-sixties on christmas eve.
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a haitian man is heading home from boston after life-saving surgery. a team removed a huge tumor from hie face.t the hospital brought ronnie to boston and the donated the surgery. >> you see, look -- look. even his mom cannot believe it. he said a picture to his mom. she cannot believe. much, much better. emily: a smile is worth 1000 words. check this out. just beaming from ear to ear. he will be home with his family in haiti for christmas and will continue his follow-up care via teleconference. randy: a mother heads to court hours after police say she kidnapped her children. the sudden ended a drive-through restaurant. barber shops closed in the city of lowell.
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shut down. this guy says he' s making up for what the city lacks. the mission behind his tree costume head on the eye. this just in. r the final countdown to christmas is here. t teleprompter right? sweet molasses! ti need to start save on thousands of last
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don't forget you can vand pick up in store
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i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! order by december 24th 6pm. emily: the eye-opener team ready with your news to go following
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mbta. new controversy between presidential front runners. randy: it is beginning to feel a lot like -- not christmas. emily: not winter, either. my goodness. feeling like spring outside. cindy: temperature should be in the upper 30' s. close to 50 out there now. in the mid-50' s this afternoon. this is not a one day thing. the month itself has been warm. look as we head towards christmas day on friday. we will keep it in the 50' s. s on christmas eve. if we get to 5 in boston, which i think we will, it will be a new record for the old record 61 from 1996. upper 50' s is the standing i think we will surpass that. record warmth streaming on in. boston. 47 in worcester. a couple of mid-30' s. look at plymouth down to the
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there will be a few showers developing. have the wet weather gear with you. steady, light rain by lunchtime in the mid-50' s and the sun setting at 4:15. on radar we are starting to fill in west of worcester. down on the south shore and the cape, we are starting to see showers become more numerous as well. look at all of this to our south and west. this is what is feeding in our direction. that is why say you want the wet weather gear with you. i future cast, showers continue to break out and lift northward through 8:00 this morning. they fill in by lunchtime. the study, might run with pockets of moderate rain and downpours midday. -- the steady, moderate rain. the steady rain begins to lift out for the evening. we will try things out this evening. a break in the action overnight. fog around tomorrow morning. look at what happens tomorrow afternoon. round two of rain coming in at 2:00 in the afternoon. mid 50' s. drying out for christmas eve
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s. south. olessa: started things off on the expressway. heavy fighting heading northbound by granite avenue. there is an accident. let' s get to the maps. once again, a northbound crash in the process of clearing but boston. eastbound over on -- a t stuck by the b.u. bridge. it is not blocking any lanes. an accident involving a fuel spill 128. one laying out for that. eastbound on the pike, 15-20. trains and buses running on schedule. randy: a mother is facing a judge accused of kidnapping her children. emily: reid lamberty live in lakeville with a lucky break for police. reid: good morning to you. the mother is being held at the lakeville police department while the father is very happy
6:40 am
are safe a back with himn. >> my main concern was just to grb ab ' em and hold them for a minute. reid: steve carrie gann is-- has sole custody of stephen and eden. he allow the kid' s mother, his ex-girlfriend valli mcgrath, to take them on sunday because of a birthday. she never returned setting up a statewide search for yesterday at 6:00, a chipper spotted mcgrath in a rented car sitting -- a troop er spotted mcgrath in a rented car at a drive-through. she was arrested. valerie mcgrath will be arraigned later this morning in district court. todd: we are learning how steve t fare -- steep t fare
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the policy control board approved a policy change that paved the way for a fare hike up to 10% every two years. the t has not formally submitted a proposal to raise fares. the vote came after officials revealed a quarter of t employees earn more than $100,000. emily: donald trump on the attack using a vulgar term to describe hillary clinton' s primary loss to president obama. as she refuses to apologize for saying isis is using trumps comments on islam to recruit. mr. trump: she was favored to win and she got [bleep.] >> it is farcical to suggest from donald trump that hillary clinton should apologize to him. it was disgusting that clinton took s debate. the clinton campaign says the democratic front runner will not out.
6:42 am
democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton. in a speech in iowa, clinton plans to call for an increase in federal spending to find a cure s disease. that brain disease the only america' s top 10 that cannot be cured, prevented or slowed. randy: a toppled crane is now off a house in plymouth. this is new video as they work to remove the construction equipment. the family had hired a crane operator to trim trees around the house but as it was lifting over. a teenage girl was inside of the nobody was hurt. emily: schools are preparing to open in nashua after threat close them down yesterday. police say the threat was detailed and directed at high school. up nothing. there have been no arrests that include the fbi continues. a hearing will be held today for
6:43 am
-- the dancer vers teenager accused of the rape and murder of his high school math teacher. chism was convicted last week. the 16-year-old faces life in prison but could be eligible for parole after 15 because he was a juvenile at the time. randy: a life-saving overdose drug is more widely available in new hampshire. the governor announced yesterday the state has made a universal prescription for everyone looking for narcan. the drug can reverse the effects of an overdose. now anyone can buy the drug through a rite aid pharmacist of an -- under the new order. emily: 11 barbershops have been shut down by lowell city inspectors. the crackdown follows complaints made to city leaders and police.
6:44 am
others for health and fire code violations. the city does have more than 30 barbershops. randy: chelsea klin said she is expected her second child. the daughter if hillary and bill clinton posted this image to social media yesterday to say that her daughter charlotte will become a big sister next summer. clinton and her husband say they are very excited about their growing family. hillary clinton responded via twitter saying she should could not -- she could not be happier. emily: a warm winter may be bad if you suffer from allergies. scientists believe this is the new normal. experts say without a weed kill ing freeze, plants like rag we continue to send pollen in the air. mold spores also cause problems. temperatures have crept up over the last couple of years, pollen cycles of lasted longer and longer. randy: the national football league trying to get tom brady' s suspension reinstated. they filed a court brief yesterday claiming it had every
6:45 am
the players union says roger goodell overstepped his authority. emily: number 26 is going up at fenway park. the red sox announcing they will finally retire wage bogg' s number. he led the majors and hit doubles batting average and on-base percentage. he won five adding tit -- bat ting titles. randy: a farewell at the garden to former celtic kevin garnett. this will likely be the last time he visits the garden as a player. see his fans send them off with a standing ovation. that was easy for them after they beat the minnesota timberwolves. kelly olynyk starting for the first time led the way with 19 points. the c' s 1 win 113-99. emily: s a stamp for the inght
6:46 am
an impressive slam dunk. rallying th c e crowd. the jazz win 110-89. a british man trying to spread christmas chair in tokyo -- cheer in tokyo. and runs through japan' s capital. and some parts of the city, so this is how he spreads christmas cheer. festive reputation. emily: he' he is spreading cheer. so many positives. cindy: a live look outside. olessa: you can see delays getting into boston. let' s go to the maps and see the rest of your ride. a few problems bosses morning.
6:47 am
avenue. a truck stuck there by the b.u. bridge. it is on the shoulder but they will have to back it off the roadway. expect delays. 128 one lane is close. the trains and buses still operating on schedule. the first day of winter. cindy: it doesn' we' ve got showers moving on in. starting to see that rain now. leiter showers parts of the south shore in the cape where temperatures are in the lower 50' s. 49 boston. 47 in worcester. 30' s showing up in orange to keen. despite the rain, that southerlin
6:48 am
low to mid 50' s at lunchtime. upper 50' s this afternoon. south of boston, lower 50' s back to the worcester hills. warmth is streaming out ahead of a frontal boundary that is into southern new england. that rain might be filling in this morning. at rain. there will be rain off and on at times through the afternoon. during the evening commute, that rain is shifting offshore. we will try it out tonight with partial clearing. but that will last -- areas of fog developing. tomorrow back in the 50' s once again with another round of rain coming in mostly during the second half of the day. s -- errand fine outside of the fog. look at that rain approaching in the afternoon. should impact the evening meet with heavy downpours through the overnight hours. that rain will exit very early on christmas eve. during the day, we are up in the mid-60'
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still in the mid 50' s. with sunshine for christmas day. 56 degrees on christmas this year. barbecuing for everyone. emily: not a bad idea. thank you for joining us. we do appreciate it. if you' re heading out the door, have our mobile app with you.
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