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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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phil: right now at 5:00:30, four people are hurt after an atv crash in fitchburg. one man had to have his leg amputated. two of the victims are young boys. fitchburg police are investigating. jc: a winter wipeout for the bruins, they got crushed by montreal 5-1 outdoors at gillette stadium. local product mike condon who' s father is a mass state police sergeant racked up 28 saves for the canadiens. phil: right now at 5:30, some snow showers are popping up on radar. flakes are falling in some spots. reporter: cold air is coming in, a disturbance squeezing every drop of moisture out. the temperatures re into the 30' most locations. out west a little colder, right below the freezing mark. some of this is falling in spring goes that time spread you
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a little faster than we were projecting earlier in the day p you see what we are dealing with. just moving into the boston area around 1:28. few snowflakes, then it sips on through. this is the first batch. we' re seeing a nice little band. to the north of worcester county and out towards gardner, picking up a few snow showers as well. the strongest ones i' m seeing now right around gardner. this is like stuff in here. this might be a burst of snow, so because just in gardner. as for is what we' re looking at as we head for tomorrow, there' s not going to be a hint of snow but you ll notice the cold temperatures coming in. more about this chill and monday. phil: a man from maine charged in the double-murder on christmas day was already being
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david marble jr. is facing murder charges in the shooting deaths of eric williams and bonnie royer as they sat in their suv. police say he was wanted for hitting a pedestrian in rochester, new york in july. they had been looking for him since october. police say the killings in maine were drug-related. police are searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in palmer. this happened on north main street around 5:00 night. police say a 59-year-old man was hit while in the crosswalk, and died at the hospital. investigators are now looking for a silver or gray chevy that took off. jc: medford police are asking the public to help identify the suspect of a new year' s eve bank robbery. police say the man pictured here walked into the spring street citizens bank with a note demanding large bills with no dye packs. he was given the money and ran out the back door. no weapon was shown or mentioned during the robbery. if you have any information, give police a call. a boston marathon bombing survivor who testified against dzhokhar tsarnaev in april is sharing some powerful words as she looks back on 2015.
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professional ballroom dancer who lost a leg in the april 2013 blast, posted a photo to instagram of a sketch artist' s rendition from her testimony in the bomber' s trial. she says, quote, my most proud moment of my life staring down "within striking distance" -- instead using words as my weapon. phil: more than 100 army national guardsmen are celebrating the new year home with their families today. as heather hamel from our sister station wmur shows us, after 11 months of deployment the men and woman were welcomed home by their loved ones in manchester, new hampshire. reporter: they gathered with science, they waited with cameras. one of the 120 soldiers headed home on this new year' s day. they were deployed in february, off to the middle east for a u.s. army training mission. jamie saying she held down the fort, but her husband is never far from her mind. >> nervous and exciting.
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wait, that moment finally came, tears flowing. >> my first time meeting her, my niece. reporter: this soldier made a new addition as well of the four-legged variety. the two married just 2 months before he was diploid. -- deployed. reporter: all proud to serve, on anyone. will be 10 years. want to continue. reporter: for right now they will focus on the present and enjoy this time with loved ones. heather hamel, newscenter 5. by congress, and preparing to take aim at gun violence himself. jc: what he' s doing next week in
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jc: for many, new year' s resolutions focus on physical health and well-being, but you can also become financially fit. phil: newscenter 5' s erika tarantal has 5 steps to get you
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phil: a medal of honor recipient, who lost an eye while taking a grenade blast to save a fellow marine, now faces a hit & run charge in south carolina. retired corporal kyle carpenter has been released on bond, after turning himself in. investigators say carpenter made an improper left turn, and hit somebody in a crosswalk on december 8. the pedestrian suffered some scrapes and a leg injury. carpenter originally stopped and pulled over, but took off after the pedestrian got up. jc: new questions tonight about the medical history of a maryland man who died in the back of a police van. freddie gray' s arrest and death sparked outrage and
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now according to new court documents, gray told police officers he had a bad back. the filing suggest lawyers may try to convince a jury that gray was already injured at the time of his fatal encounter with police. phil: president obama is expected to take executive action next week on gun control laws. he' ll meet with the attorney general to discuss what he can do to make it harder for what he calls a dangerous few to get their hands on guns. reporter: somber memories as the new year begins. the president refers back to the horrifying mass shooting of kindergarteners in newtown, connecticut, as he announced his new year' s resolution to act on gun control. president obama: we know that we can' t stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? what if congress did something, anything, to protect our kids from gun violence. reporter: in his weekly address, president obama called it the unfinished business of his presidency after delivering more than a dozen condelence speeches to communities like roseburg, oregon this fall.
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shooting. president obama: somehow this has become routine. reporter: frustrated by congress' inability to pass a bill expanding background checks, the president says he will meet monday with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss his options including bypassing congress with an executive order. in the meantime, calling for public support. presidente obama: the gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for everyone. the rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of kids. phil: the national rifle association already fighting back. this video, attacking democratic clinton. jc: the search for a missing tonight. 29-year-old craig stickland went to go duck hunting. crews did discover boot prints where strickland entered the water which cut the search area in half. other than the tracks there have been no traces of the singer. strickland and his friend chase
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weather sunday. morland' s body was found monday by their capsized boat. "star wars" creator george lucas is apologizing to disney today for comparing the company to quote, white slavers. lucas says he misspoke when he claimed giving movie rights to disney was like selling his kids to white slavers. lucas made the comments in an interview with charlie rose on pbs this month. he says he didn' t care for the new film "the force awakens," but he did admit disney is taking care of the franchise. phil: new year' s eve went off without a hitch in times square. no problems, but plenty of cleaning up to do today. party hats, confetti, and noisemakers were all part of the tons of debris swept away. it took more than 170 sanitation workers using several dozen sweepers and collection trucks
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house. my daughter decided the confetti re all over. >> she' s right about that. >> mother nature' s confetti. >> it is really light stuff re talking about. the warmest december ever on record. we change the calendar and now we start to talk about colder temperatures. today' s high was only 41 degrees, above normal for this time of year. it' s cold enough to be supporting those showers out t here. westerly winds at 11:00, giving us windchill index of 32. here are those snow showers right now. notice there isn' t much going on back here to the west. albany, we' re seeing some of this. this is the area were talking
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9:00 this will pretty much be offshore. here again you' re seeing a mix. every once in a while a few raindrops, snowflakes going on. this marching towards molden very shortly. you can see a mix going on there. off to the west, this seems to be a little more organized. activity going on pretty much this afternoon. a little bit of accumulation going on. if you have some great pictures, make sure you share those with me. here is a band i was talking about, as you look over the animation in the last 15 minutes, it' s falling apart. it is moving towards fitchburg and will eventually push its way down towards harvard.
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it will push its way to the south shore. it shows signs of weakening right now. as we head towards 8:00, by 9:00 it' s pretty much pushing offshore. there might be a few flakes after that. we get to enjoy some sunshine, if you afternoon clouds, and it will be on the chilly side. overnight tonight, those will drop off in the 20' s. should be a cold night out there. tomorrow we rebound into the upper 30' s, maybe 40, but not many of us. we will be stuck in the 30' s and that is the beginning of the cold air. tomorrow if you afternoon clouds, 38 degrees. windchill index will feel like it' s in the 30' s. sunday i have a new shot of cold air coming in. if this comes and it may trigger another round of snow showers. this is the one to watch, on monday. we start to get a northeasterly
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it picks up some moisture, everything has to be just right for this to happen but it' s possible we could see isolated 1 to 2 inches of snow. if the breeze changes this way or gets a little stronger, it s snowing accumulation. the most likely spots will be cape cod, maybe into southern plymouth county as well. it' s called on tuesday. look at that, a low of 10. then we start to warm things up thursday. we get into the 40' s a little bit. there' s a system coming up right -- up. saturday. the threat will be there late on saturday. brace yourself for the cold over the next few days. for this abandoned pol cub in
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she was born on november 6. when her mother stopped caring for her the following week, the staff of the columbus zoo decided to remove her from the den and take care of her by hand. they' re pleased with how she' s progressing, but are still taking things day by day. jc: that couldn' t be any cuter. hundreds of swimmers jumped into boston harbor today for the l street brownies' annual new year' s day swim. phil: newscenter 5' s frank holland shows us, they all have different reasons for taking the -- braving the temperatures. reporter: the polar plunge tradition continues at l street beach in southie. the sound of bag pipes in the air as these brave souls put their bodies in the water. >> it' s good, it'
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reporter: this frozen tradition started in 1904. ever since then, hundreds have come here on new year' s day for fun or for a good cause or to remember someone they' ve lost. >> my daughter was 26-years-old, she had a heart transplant when she was five. unfortunately, we lost her in october. we miss her so, she always wanted to do this reporter: some say this icy dip renews the spirit. >> kind of get all that negativity out, new beginnings this year. reporter: for other it' s about carrying on tradition and having a little fun. >> we love doing it as a family and its our 3rd year running, it'
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s a totally different story. jc: i think getting out would be the worst part. phil: the results feel the same. freezing in the end. jc: one comment from a beauty competition judge started her downward spiral. phil: how this taunton girl battled back from anorexia, and
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jc: intimate moments, captured by white house photographer and are now on display. the pictures show the joys and during 2015. several of the images feature president obama and first lady michelle obama, both inside and outside the white house. we have a slide show of images from souza and his staff on our website, phil: drivers can expect to continue seeing low prices at
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fall as low as $1.79 a gallon in the next month. prices in years, with average driver saving $550 over the course of the year when compared to 2014. that helped power consumer spending and the broader economy. as new diets start for many this new year, we introduce you to a taunton teen with a special jc: she posts inspriational messages daily to her anoxeria awareness facebook page to remind others worrying too much about body image can be unhealthy. newscenter 5' s rhondella richardson has the story. reporter: taunton high senior haylei conte, has ballet bars in her bedroom and a wall of dance competition awards. yet in this dance costume, a competition judge crumpled her world. >> she said if i was going to wear such. a revealing costume i should work on my stomach. i automatically assumed she meant i was fat.
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reporter: that was 2 yrs ago and the beginning of anorexia. >> it was my mom' s birthday and she eats 2 bits of ice cream and went ballistic crying. reporter: the 15 yr old haylei did this self portrait, she lost 45 pounds. she was told not to dance because her heart could stop. specialists did get her healthy. a month ago she competed in the miss taunton pageant, she didn' t win the crown but dancing, she did win scholarship money and the most talented category, spreading a weighty message, she' ll never forget that dance judge. >> i had fallen victim to my mirror, scale, and measuring tape. reporter: with so many new years resolutions focused on diet, haylei wants her struggle to
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>> be happy with whatever you want. reporter: mom went to have the school to sit with her for lunch and her twin sister throughout the scale. in taunton, rhondella richardson, newscenter 5. jc: it' s coming from a peer, so hopefully kids will listen. newscenter 5 at six a clock starts right now. reporter: cool temperatures, even new snow. how it moves out of here. >> historic cemetery hit again by vandals. why it keeps happening so often and what makes this worse. >> the homegrown hockey star stealing the show at the winter classic. one problem, he' s not a bruin. >> the local couple breaking
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hoping to make a difference. jc: a winter feel as we begin 2016. a live look from copley square. snow showers move through the area and some of the coldest weather in the season is not far off. phil: happy new year, everyone. we begin in the weather center. reporter: welcome to winter, with a little bit of snow out there. a few of you reporting may be dusting on the ground. a lot of this is in the air. there are a few flurries right around the city of boston right now. as you look towards malden, down to boston, down to the south, it is blank snow. as you head out west, a gets more intense. as you get out here, north of acton, especially stretching down towards princeton -- this is where we could see some of
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persistence pays off.
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