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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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announcer: wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. ed: breaking news. a teenager was standing in his kitchen and was hit by a bullet. heather: we have the details. reporter: we are in brockton. we are showing you the edge of the property. shots rang out twice here tonight. the second time, cars were hit and so was the corner first-floor apartment. you can see the hol e where a stray bullet pierced and exterior wall. on the other side was an innocent 17-year-old boy, just getting a drink in his own kitchen. sources tell me that the bullet hit him in the back and exited through his chest. he has been rushed to boston medical center. neighbors are shaken.
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reporter: what did you think? >> we did not know until afterwards what happened. reporter: how are you feeling? >> not good. >> apparently there was some shooting going on. one of the bullets, it came off the foot of the vehicle and went in -- the hood of the vehicle and went in. straight in. it broke through the window. the bullet was in the backseat of my car. reporter: neighbors tell us this used to be a quiet community, but drugs and gangs have spilled over. now, drive-bys and and are not uncommon. ed: now, surveillance video that you have to see. a robber armed with a knife goes after a fall river store clerk. that clerk grabs his own knife and battles back. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is
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ve talked to that clerk this evening? reid: he keeps the knife for his protection. he admits that he was scared. he says he did what he did to save his own life. from calm to chaos in the time it takes for this knife wielding criminal to jump the counter. >> he said, give me money , give me money. i was so scared. i don' t know what i' m doing. then i see the guy hit my head with a knife. reid: the store' s owner under attack. with a fistful of cash in one hand, he evens the playing field by grabbing his own knife from under the counter and swinging back. >> i think he wanted to kill me. reid: the owner doesn' t want us to reveal who he is, but he had
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good hacker -- his masked attacker. >> i was coming this way. reid: the fight continued, eventually moving off camera. the store owner threw the knife and about $300 at his adversary, who then took off on foot, leaving behind on the bike on which he arrived. >> somebody came in jumping over my counter, grabbed the knife, grabbed my money. reid incredible: story. about 2 1/2 years ago, there was an unarmed attempted robbery. police are still looking for yesterday' s attacker. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: it' s a cold and dry on the way. harvey leonard is here watching
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harvey: you can see it from chicago to detroit, ready to start up in cleveland soon. heather: that looks like a lot of snow there. harvey: it is. anyway, let' s show you what' s going to be taking place. the snow is advancing east in our direction. the way temperatures are now, it would be in the form of snow. it will be cold for us tomorrow morning as you get up. look what happens by the time the snow is arriving around the evening commute. i-95 south and east, it' s above freezing. it may support snow . it may have a harder time accumulating that it will to the north and west -- then it will -- accumulating than it will to the north and west. the evening commute. in and around the coastline, it is a mix.
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the cape, probably raining. anywhere from a coding to 2" -- a coating to 2" of snow. up to an inch as you go south of boston. ed: we have new surveillance video tonight. the highlighted area shows a father' s desperate plea for help. his house erupting in flames. his son trapped inside. both men rushed to boston hospitals. heather: newscenter 5' s john atwater is live on the scene and it is still busy tonight. jo hn: firefighters are blaming a piece of dental equipment for sparking this massive fire. the man who was trapped in this building is in critical condition. >> smoke was just coming from everywhere. john: the roaring fire tore through the home, quickly climbing and breaking the roof. surveillance video from a nearby gas station shows what appears to be the owner running out in a cloud of smoke.
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moment and then runs to the back of the building, where, firefighters say, his son is trapped. situation. john: you see the man desperately waving firefighters in. in a matter of moments they find his son, pull him out, and revive him. >> they carried him out and then they had to do cpr on him -- him. >> they were able to revive him. john: the firefight continued for hours. a lot of smoke and flames. a hidden danger injured a firefighter. >> he slipped and fell into the hole. john: firefighters estimate at least $500,000 in damage in an unrelenting fire that left nothing here untouched. >> my heart is crying for the family. folks are homeless now.
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just a shell of the building remaining. the man was trapped here this afternoon, being treated tonight condition. the firefighter should be ok. live in mattapan, john atwater. ed: $3 million worth of opiods off the street tonight. the huge stash of heroin, fentanyl, and $20,000 in cash was found inside a tewksbury apartment after a lengthy investigation led to a search warrant. a tewksbury man and a lawrence woman are charged with running a major drug operation. they are both being held on high bail tonight. heather: you are seeing and hearing a violent shootout as mexican police close in on drug kingpin el chapo. in new england. phil lipof is here with the local links 5 investigates has phil: the fbi' s investigation into el chapo played out all
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tonight, as he is in custody again, the granite state is the u.s where he could be tried. it is amazing video as mexican marines close in on el chapo. . one marine was hit in the arm. another marine pulled the pin on a grenade, tossing it inside. the explosion shakes the house. the marines move in through the smoke, climbed the stairs, search the top floors. the shootout kills five of el chapo' s men. oscar-winner sean penn' s clandestine interview with the drug lord for "rolling stone magazine" facilitated by mexican soap opera star kate del castillo. el chapo telling penn he' s unrepentant about being a drug lord. he says there' s no other way to survive. it' s an end of a three-year long investigation and an infiltration of the sinaloa
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several key meetings like this one in new england, where a handwritten note from el chapo was read out loud. >> i hereby send you a big embrace. phil: that led to el chapo and others being charged in new hampshire and seven other jurisdictions. all could possibly put the drug lord on trial. >> ultimately the doj is going , to figure out in what district it has the best case, the best witnesses, the best attorneys, the best agents, and the best shot of putting el chapo in jail for the rest of his life. phil: el chapo is now in a supermax facility as he awaits extradition to the u.s. we' re told that could take more than a year. as for sean penn' s interview, he told reporters today he has nothing to hide. ed: mccarthy was the boyfriend of bella' s mother. her remains were found in a plastic bag on deer island last
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investigation to identify her. dozens of boston police officers crammed into dorchester superior arraignment of grant headley. the 27-year-old allegedly shot officer kurt stokinger in the leg last friday during an attempted arrest. stokinger is recovering. bail for headley was set at $1.5 million. he also faces drug charges. heather: commitment 2016 -- democrat front-runner hillary clinton changing her tone as the tighten. -- as the polls in iowa tighten. . ms. clinton: there is no way to do it without raising taxes. heather: clinton taking aim at the spending ideas of rival bernie sanders. with the iowa caucuses 3 weeks from tonight, the latest poll shows sanders has pulled into a statistical tie with clinton. iowa is a tie on the republican side also, with donald trump and ted cruz leading the pack. in new hampshire today, trump
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mr. trump: basically had to fix -- how to fix the problems, elect trump as president. that' s right, president obama, you' re fired. heather: polls give trump a double-digit lead in new hampshire, which votes in the nation' s first primary 4 weeks from tomorrow. meanwhile, president obama is finishing up writing his 8th, and final, state of the union address. he' ll deliver it tomorrow night to a joint session of congress. you can watch the president' s address here on channel 5. abc' s live coverage begins at 9:00. ed: $1.4 billion. and the powerball jackpot might not stop there before wednesday' s drawing. the jackpot is changed every day after evaluating the previous day' s sales. we should know by tomorrow afternoon if it will go any higher. if you take the lump sum, you' ll get a cool $868 million before taxes. don' t miss the drawing for this record $1.4 billion jackpot. you can see it live right here
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heather: mbta green line riders may want to rethink their nightly plans this week as service will be suspended for most of this week between park and haymarket stations. the temporary suspensions will begin at 8:45 most nights. additional work on the government center platform and track will be completed during the closures. the government center station is slated to reopen this spring. announcer: next on newscenter 5 -- ed: this firefighter' s quick save. how he rescued his daughter' s daycare class during drop-off. heather: the new advice on just when women should get mammograms.
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a task force now recommending women get a mammogram every other year beginning at age 50. the panel says women in their 40' s should make their own choice based on their health history and risk factors. guidelines differ from various health groups. last year the american cancer society changed its recommended guidelines starting from 40 to 45. ed: take a look at this video. a jeep slams into a church in hudson, new hampshire. the man behind the wheel now facing drunk driving charges. the suv drove right through the front of the hudson community church early this morning. there are major concerns about structural damage because the driver hit a column that supports the entrance. parishioners now scrambling to try and keep critical programs up and running. >> tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we have a lunch program for free for homeless or anyone who wants to drop by. >> right now, i get my car full of pastries. we are going to have to do a
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some food. ed: renovations had just been completed at the church. heather: this car swallowed up by a sinkhole in missouri. you can see most of it resting in the water, but the rear wheels still on the street. the large hole opened up after a nearby water main break. crews brought in a crane to lift the car back on the street and then hauled it away. ed: this story is new at 11:00, a midway -- med way firefighter noticed something strange when he dropped off his daughter daycare today. heather: newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga reports, what he did next probably saved lives. jorge: lt. matt anzivino, with the medway fire department 15 years, not surprisingly fire safety and prevention are a are a personal -- and prevention are a personal preoccupation. >> i look for fire exits, notice odors that most people don' t
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jorg e: good thing his instincts were sharp and clear this morning. >> i entered the building and i almost immediately noticed a strong odor. jorge: to anzivino it smelled like sulphur. he knew it was bad news and had the church and school evacuated. sure enough responding fire crews found high carbon monoxide readings. the cause was traced to a malfunctioning oil burner. >> the levels on the first floor where the day care is were not as high as in the basement. so, when the crews went in they heard the carbon monoxide detectors sounding. when i had checked it earlier, it wasn' t sounding. jorge: talk about being the right eye in the right place -- right guy in the right place at the right time.
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heather: and this is an odorless, colorless gas. jorge: the furnace must have been backing up. right place, right time. ed: man, that was perfect, wasn' t it? harvey: absolutely. and from some of your points of view, this week has been perfect. december, the all-time record so far. and january, a little bit above five degrees above the average. record-breaking yesterday. it has been turning colder. there are signs of things changing. we have not made one inch of snow yet in boston. this is the number four on the list, waiting how long it could take to get one inch of snow in boston. surface temperatures are cold enough to cause some accumulation. last year, we had just under five inches at this point, even
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average at this point would be 15 inches. colder now compared to last night, by 27 degrees in worcester. the winds continue to slowly ease, but it does look like there will be snow in the air for the evening commute for many of us for the latter part of the commute, perhaps the middle part in boston, the earlier part in worcester. there is some mix or rain that south and east. that' s the overview. here is boston right now. 26 degrees, dry air. it is 19 in worcester. the air is cold 1000 feet up. we start out cold tomorrow. some high, thin cloud around . a little bit of sun early. then the temperatures do moderate some. the air above us will be cold. from i-95 south and east, there
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could mix in for a while. north and west, especially in the higher terrain, worcester county, that should be snow, and it should not have trouble amount. cleveland. not a major storm by any means, but it does thicken the clouds. here is the snow, then the next -- mix, then the rain. we could get back to snow for a little bit in boston. maybe even a mix to the south and east. out of here by or shortly after midnight tomorrow. this is one of our computer models showing that we may end up with 0.75" in boston. that' s the general idea. i want to caution you about one thing. if we do get a burst for a couple of hours tomorrow evening, it could lead to a little more than i am
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generally, 2" to the north and west. the mountains of maine will get clobbered. here is your seven-day forecast. we have talked about tomorrow. wednesday, back to the wind and cold. look at the wind gusts, temperatures below freezing all day. wind chills in the teens all day. temperatures moderate a little bit by friday. but here' s what happens. we have to watch a storm from the ohio valley and another one coming up the coast, converging on us on saturday. it' s going to be borderline in terms of temperature, but it could produce significant amount of precipitation and then colder temperatures to follow. as far as the game is concerned, it' s a tough call. mixed precipitation, 32 degrees. it' s going to be critical whether that is arraigned next or snow -- is a rain mix or snow. cold weather will follow with some additional light flurries
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this is not last winter removed, but it does look like a more wintry pattern is going to take over. heather: we don' t like the look of monday at all. ed: two cold. -- too cold. ed: this will warm your heart. it' s a wedding they never imagined just two weeks ago. heather: a secret service agent severely hurt in a crash ties the knot at a boston hospital. why the happy couple says now
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heather: a secret service agent syria -- seriously injured in a new hampshire car crash has a new title -- husband. ed: garrett fitzgerald married his fiance joan on saturday at mass general where he is recovering from a spinal cord injury. clinton' s detail when the car he was in was hit by an unlicensed driver in december. the wedding was planned for march, but the couple decided to move the ceremony up after the
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his best man says fitzgerald is in high spirits and motivated to start his rehabilitation. heather: he has much to smile about. ed: he really does. mike l.: fans are going to be smiling. julian edelman seems to have lost his razor blades. heather: no kidding. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. in the middle of a time r when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea p for cutting cost-of-living
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over our dead bodies if you cut social security." t as president, i will do everything i can r to extend the solvency p and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month
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announcer: now, sportscenter five with mike lynch. mike l.: julian edelman has been ready for some time, but today the elusive patriots receiver stood in front of his locker and declared he has activated the launch sequence for saturday afternoon against the chiefs.
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15, when he broke a bone in his foot against the giants at the meadowlands. he has had surgery. his presence will give an immeasurable infusion to the patriots' offense. julian: i' m going to go full throttle regardless. i' m feeling good. we have been working hard. every day -- doing everything i can to get myself ready for the next day. so, i' m good. mike l.: and how about this tweet from julian edelman -- "once more unto the breach, dear friends." that' s from shakespeare, "henry v."
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linebacker, burfict has been, suspended. it is the seventh time he has been fined for such behavior. i wonder if he is looking for jeff berman' s phone number right now. tom coughlin is interviewed for the head coaching job for the eagles. the giants could have prevented him from doing it. the eagles are provisional rivals. tom coughlin did interview with the eagles today. the bruins and rangers in the apple tonight. two third period goals, the difference in the game. rangers win it with under 2 minutes to play. the only goals scored by the bruins came from jimmy hayes. but seconds into the third period, the rangers, 35 seconds into it, would tie the game at
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with less than two minutes to go, the rangers would win it. >> 2-1, rangers, with 1:42 to go. mike l.: does he sound overly excited for the opponents? next up for the bruins, a trip to philadelphia wednesday night. the red sox making a little bit of news today. these four will be inducted into the red sox hall of fame, larry latino -- lucchino, jason varitek, tim wakefield, and ira flagstead. from @hanleyramirez' s instagram account, john farrell and ruben amaro checking in. hanley ramirez is supposed to be losing 30 pounds by the time he starts.
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buficft just -- burfict gets just one suspension? i' m confused. heather: some snow coming in tomorrow, but it is saturday that has you really -- harvey: saturdays the more
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