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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: game day at gillette. the patriots kick off their bid for the superbowl with major concerns over who may or may not be on the field. our frank holland is live this morning. antoinette: a desperate search off the coast of hawaii. the local marine missing after two helicopters collide during a training exercise. doug: under fire. the local town official who described how he would shoot up a school. mike: a messy morning to start your weekend. i'm tracking the rain, snow, ice, and gusty winds right now. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good saturday morning. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio.
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the patriots on the road to the super bowl this morning. our frank holland is live on field at gillette stadium with a preview of today's play-off showdown but we do want to start off with the weather out there. doug: mike, earlier today, it was a preppy forecast. mike: talking about the colors of the radar, eh? we have a winter weather advisory until 8:00 a.m. inside of 495. outside 495 until noon today. most areas are well above freezing especially near the shoreline. inland we have cold areas. you see what happens. as the moisture comes up, it runs into this cold air. we're seeing mix and a little bit of snow out through the berkshires. this is where the snow area is. you strt to get into that mix, sleet and a little bit of snow and rain. see how it extends 495 to worcester, a little elevation there. maybe a bit more snow around the worcester area at this point. you can see where that line is.
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we'll be watching this because it may try to work its way back and forth towards the coast. a variety of things happening. by 8:00 am i think we have a lot of rain in most areas but again those pockets inland, there could be a little bit icy. by 10:00 a.m. we're starting to push most of it out of here. by lunchtime we're trying to wind things up a little bit. we will finish the day with gray skies but temperatures will be falling. we'll talk more about that and the second chance of snow this weekend. all that in a few minutes. antoinette and doug. antoinette: mike, thank you. it's a win-or-go-home playoff showdown for the new england patriots. but exactly who will be available at game time? doug: a lot of questions. gronk still a big question mark. frank holland is here with what we know right now. frank: good morning, doug and antoinette. here is what we know for sure. gronk was limited at practice on he is still dealing with knee and back issues. we also know gronk and chandler jones are two of the 12 patriot players listed as questionable for today's game against the chiefs.
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wednesday. we saw then he was also limited by injury, but at that point we only knew he was being bothered by the knee he injured in week 12. on thursday, he missed practice and we learned his back is also a concern. the back problems were a major surprise because gronk was not on any of injury reports in the final three weeks of the season. it's also a major concern because gronk has had two back surgeries since graduating from college. but it's playoff time. all hands on deck and everyone has to step up. brady: it creates this snowball effect. the game is out of hand. you know, this is what happened in houston. before you know it, they got a seven-point lead on the opening kick-off. you already feel like, man, we've start to get back into this game. you don't want to be down 14-0 in the middle of the second quarter. frank: big question here. who else is questionable for tomorrow's game? the pats have 12 players listed. gronk and chandler jones as we
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here are the other names that stand out-- julian edelman, rob ninkovich, and sebastian vollmer. all are expected to play, and the patriots need everyone at their best to stop the chiefs' high-scoring offense. they've got to put up some points. on the other side of the ball, the chiefs' best offensive threat-- wide receiver jeremy maclinis-- also questionable. but he is expected to play. live here at gillette. , frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: right now a after two military helicopters collide off the coast of hawaii. chris orlando-- a marine from hingham among the missing. in all, twelve marines were on board the two choppers. more on the south shore connection. mary: marine corporal chris school yearbook. friends and family taking to orlando among 12 marines still missing after two military
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hawaii. lt. scott carr: we've seen debris consistent with a military aircraft. it's been in various shapes and sizes. the weather is making it very difficult. mary: the searchers in the air and on the sea are fighting high waves, some 20 feet, looking for survivors in the wreckage. this is the type of chopper that went down-- ch53e super stallions, the biggest the u.s. has, leaving a debris field some 15 miles long, virtually the entire north shore of o'ahu. the super stallions went down in darkness during a routine training mission, the helicopters believed to have collided midair after reports of a fire ball and loud booms. one witness saying it shook her house. col. steve ganyard: at night using night vision goggles there are all sorts of things that adjust your perception of where you are in relation to the aircraft or where the horizon is in relation to the aircraft. mary: friends say if anyone could survive such a crash, it's chris described as a surfer who
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and emotionally strong person, a kind of high-energy guy you want to be around. the orlando family is asking for their privacy. coast guard officials say poor visibility and high waves caused by rainstorms will likely hamper the search for the next several days. in hingham, i'm mary saladna, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: a man in custody this morning arrested by boston police in connection with a new year's day sexual assault in dorchester. 22-year-old ovidio pereira is charged with aggravated rape and kidnapping. he's accused of grabbing a woman near annabel street, threatening her with a weapon, and then sexually assaulting her early that morning. a judge has denied the boston marathon bomber's request for a new trial. the judge, also ordering dzhokhar tsarnaev to pay more than $101 million in restitution. paperwork filed late yesterday in federal court says the money would be divided among 49 victims. individual recipients are not named, but the amounts going to
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more than $8 million. antoinette: controversial comments about school safety now being viewed as a threat in a new hampshire town. doug: a hampstead town official banned from school property. he was in a meeting talking about safety at a local school. antoinette: the eye's john atwater explains how the discussion took a strange turn. chairman: based on my marine corps training, if i wanted to do them harm, i wouldn't do it while they are going from the portables to the main building. i would wait until recess. i would hide in the woods behind them, and i'd have a field day. john: that descriptive theoretical scenario came out of nowhere during a town budget meeting. school board member: no more. john: it was met by nervous laughter and a cut-off. chairman jorge mesa-tejada was arguing that renovations to eliminate portable classrooms at the hampstead central school would not make students safer. jason cipriano: i'm just at a loss for explaining how an
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bond article goes from a fiscal discussion to detailing out mass murder at an elementary school. dr. earl metzler: anybody that puts our children's safety at risk i don't think is fit to serve in any public capacity. john: the school district alerted parents to the chairman's comments and immediately banned him from school property. that chairman has worked in the town for decades, and the superintendent says he has been warned about other comments he's made in the past. in the news room, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: massachusetts education officials are calling for a state takeover of southbridge public schools. the education commissioner recommending the district be downgraded to a level 5 or chronically underperforming designation. he cited "low academic performance, low graduation rates, and unstable leadership." southbridge has had seven superintendents and seven high school principals since 2011. doug: commitment 2016. today democrat bernie sanders will officially expand his massachusetts operation.
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the location on park avenue has been used by other candidates in the past including martha coakley. the countdown to the new frontrunner donald trump will be in the granite state today. he'll be former bay state jeb bush has two town halls today in amherst and hampstead hampshire blitz starting next wednesday. john kasich will be in dixville notch. carly fiorina has events planned in derry, raymond, and bow today. also campaigning through the granite state. marty walsh is expected to head to the granite state to campaign for hillary clinton. walsh and new hampshire senator donna soucy will hit the campaign trail today. they will kick off the day of campaigning in manchester. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is now facing a federal lawsuit challenging his eligibility to run for president, based on a theory that he may not be a natural-born citizen. a houston lawyer filed a class action lawsuit in texas questioning cruz's eligibility. cruz was born in canada but his
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the 81-year-old attorney cites legal theorists who say the tern "natural born citizen" has never been legally defined. government center is getting a facelift. doug: developers moving ahead with a $1.5 billion development. ahead this morning, the changes in store. and how bostonians will benefit from this project. antoinette: a deadly attack at a hotel in western africa. the group now claiming responsibility for the horrifying raid. mike: a messy morning commute for some. when the rain and the ice moves out and our next chance for some snow later this weekend. frank: the pats take on the kansas city chiefs. we're also going to tell you how governors from both states are raising the stakes.
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doug: government center rising. the view will be going from this hulking parking garage to this sleek tower. developers getting key approval
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billion development. newscenter 5's pam cross shows us the changes in store. thomas o'brien: it will have 487 units in it so it will be a good size rental building in boston. in the city. construction starts this spring. it's high end but 13% of the units set aside as affordable rentals. h.y.m., the lead developer, the most striking building and office tower. o'brien: it will curve and-- it's almost as if it's a sort of a jacket opening up a little bit to reveal the inner windows in there so it's really quite very different on the boston skyline. pam: as the buildings go up, half the old garage demolished cutting 2,300 parking spaces in half-- a problem but the mayor says worth it. going to enhance the neighborhood. lose space all over the place. it's going to become a bigger we're going to have to figure out at some point how do we create the most parking in the city. pam: finished product-- high end and polished, out of the reach of many residents but tom o'brien says all can benefit. o'brien: for ordinary bostonians
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this garage has been, it's been a dividing point for these neighborhoods forever. it will be a very different place. this garage has been a barrier for too long. when it comes out, it will be these neighborhoods and for bostonians in general. pam: once the first two towers are done, developers move on to four other buildings. an ambitious project slated to cost $1.5 billion and change the face of everything here. in boston i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: big changes there downtown, right? now back to our coverage of today's showdown between the patriots and the chiefs. we know what's on the line for the team. doug: but there are also some tasty treats at stake. newscenter 5's frank holland. he's live at the field at gillette. hey, frank. frank: good morning again, guys. this involves two of my favorite foods. it's all for a good cause even if it won't be good for your new year's diet.
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governor baker is putting up some boston cream pie cupcakes from koffee kup bakery in springfield, recently named the state's official cupcake. missouri governor jay nixon is wagering ribs from gates bbq in kansas city. i hear those are delicious, by the way. both governors have agreed to donate the winnings to a local food pantry of their choice. even though only one team can advance in the play-offs, it sounds like a real win-win situation especially for people in need. doug, twoib, mike, back to you. i'm already getting hungry. antoinette: cup cakes. barbecue. doug: raincoats. oh, my goodness. will that be like for the tailgating. mike: tailgating, yeah. antoinette: people get out there li 9:00 in the morning. mike: they're actual arriving now. if you're driving out there this morning, not only do you have rain but you have fog out there. a patchy fog out there. let me show you the visibility. boy, this is a look like what i went through last sunday as i recall. we had the fog in the morning. we had rain and mix going on. looks like this will improve rapidly though as we head toward
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but again watch out for some spotty visibility reductions out there. in the city right now hits 37 degrees. 8 miles per hour. not much of a wind chill index but that temperature is crucial to what's going on. notice how from lawrence to nashua over towards almost fitchburg we're seeing temperatures very close to the freezing mark. this is the area where we have a little bit of mix going on. you head to the south, temperatures are way warm into the mid 40's. nothing but rain and it will likely stay as all rain. this is technically a nor'easter but it doesn't have the cold air drawing in like we typically expect in january. we're stuck with a rain event for most of us. until you get a little elevation going on. then you start to see what happens. a little bit of mix taking place. we're seeing a little bit of this taking place around 495 stretching down through worcester. notice how its elevation. then you drop off in elevation. you pick up a little bit more as you look off towards the west. out toward the berkshires we're seeing most of it. do be cautious about that. i want to show you what the temperature is going to do today. this is between now and 9:30 this morning.
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notice the temperatures in the 40's. notice the rain and the mix. as we go through the day, watch the temperatures start to drop off aing bit. although you might be in rain right now, you might get a little bit of mix going on before this thing winds down. this is 1:00 this afternoon. see most of it is pushing out up here. we go to the late afternoon. a loft gray skies out there. little bit more. the skies clear away tonightment then the temperatures rey drop off. across the area. we should get anywhere between a half inch to perhaps as much as over an inch of rain in those areas and stay all rain down towards the cape. watching for a few icy spots west of 495. otherwise for most of us rain. and there is the chance that we could see a bit of accumulating snow. the winter weather advisory is until noon if you're out to the west and north of the pike. a few wet flakes. maybe an inch or two on grassy areas. for most of us, it will be rain with wet snow flakes mixed in at times. today we'll call it morning rain.
5:19 am
those temperatures slowly holding steldy or falling off as we head toward the afternoon. let me break it down for you in our search-day forecast and show you what's going to happen. speaking of frank down there at the game or getting ready anyway, it will be clearing out but it will be gray and on the breezy side smed temperatures only into the upper 30's o the chilly side. we've got another chance of see something snow coming in here it looks like on monday. what happens is a shot of cold air comes in here. when it moves through, we could get some isolated snow showers or snow squalls as they push on through. not looking for anything much out of it. there could be an isolated one or two inches. for most of us it stays dry. the sunshine is back. highs in the 20's for a couple of days. we start to warm up as we head toward the end of the week. be careful. the roadways are wet out there. not a lot of ice. antoinette and doug. antoinette: good advice, mike, thank you. time right now is: 19.
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happening right now. doug: just hours ago security forces raided a hotel under attack by al-qaida militants in west africa. right now the 63 hostages are safe. half of them are being treated in the hospital. government ministers in burkina faso say at least 10 bodies have been found inside the cafe. the al-qaida affiliate a.q.i.m. has claimed responsibility for the attack. the same group was behind a similar assault on a hotel in mali back in november. antoinette: new details about the san bernardino terror attacks are emerging. f.b.i. investigators are now convinced syed rizwan farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, planned to detonate a pipe bomb at the center where they launched the deadly attack. agents recovered the device along with a remote control for a toy car in the couple's s.u.v. the couple's plans are still unclear, and it is not clear why the device never detonated. doug: right now, the f.b.i. is joining local police in investigating bomb threats which forced several schools to evacuate. in weymouth. abigail adams and maria weston chapman were evacuated yesterday. schools in dorchester, arlington, falmouth, mashpee, and bourne also received
5:21 am
nothing suspicious was found in any of the buildings. antoinette: a walk on the beach turns out to be a lifesaver. a big heart. how she came to the rescue of a sea turtle, just in the nick of time. we've got live picture from a gillette-- a wet gillette stadium. we'll call it a wilette. there it is, people. game time fauver forejust ahead from mike wankum. if you're heading down for the
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mike: tracking mostly a rain event this morning. we do have a little bit of mixed areas inland. you can see heavy rain south of new england as it's starting to lift its way toward the cape and the islands. pockets out there, be careful. there can be a few slippery spots. we could see a little accumulation. not looking for too much out of it. get ready for cold. there's also one more chance of snow sunday night into monday morning could be a few snow showers out thrvment look at those temperatures in the 20's. we do start to warm up as we head toward the end of the week. antoinette and doug. antoinette: when the meteorologist says ew, you know it's not good. a dog out for a walk comes home a life saver. doug: that's because she spotted a stranded sea turtle on a plymouth beach. "veda" discovered the turtle while exploring on the beach earlier this week and laid down
5:25 am
over. they were able to get in touch with the new england aquarium's turtle hospital in quincy where the loggerhead is now in the process of warming up. veda's owners say she was living up to her reputation as a rescuer. >> they are rescue dogs by nature so i think she was definitely-- had that instinct. she was rescuing something other than a person which was pretty cool. doug: easy to track down though by the way. the turtle not moving very fast. the turtle hospital workers say the loggerhead probably wouldn't have survived much longer. had it not been for veda. look at that face. antoinette: veda is a giant newfoundland dog. you know they're naming the sea turtle newfie. a pretty good one. doug: that face on that dog is unbelievable. cruising in style. antoinette: ahead this morning, a special little boy who's become known around the world
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plus she asked, and boy, did she receive! the moving experience for volunteers helping a brave little girl. doug: we're looking live at gillette stadium. mike wankum promises this should slow up by game time. not so much if you're going down there to tailgate. frank holland is live with an update. don't go anywhere. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: in 2014 more than 1,000 massachusetts residents died of opioid-related overdoses-- 60 percent more than just two years earlier. and though the final numbers are not official for 2015, the future prognosis is worse and governor baker has openly predicted the tragic toll will spike further unless these chilling statistics spark a dramatic change in how we handle this epidemic. this week the house unanimously approved a bill that, among many recommendations, limits initial painkiller prescriptions to a week's supply and recommends
5:27 am
"prescription drug drop boxes" where medications can be safely discarded. the house bill differs significantly from governor charlie baker's recent stronger proposal, which limits initial prescriptions to three days, and lets doctors commit patients involuntarily to drug treatment facilities for up to 72 hours if they're considered in immediate danger. the senate passed its own version of a bill last fall, ostensibly focused on curbing addiction through education and prevention-- a start, but not enough. frankly, the strongest elements of all three proposals now need to be reconciled and melded into an aggressive plan of action. partisan politics rules the federal government, but massachusetts residents can take heart that this governor and legislature have proven they can-- despite legitimate differences-- find compromises and work together. there is genuine optimism demanded by a need for action that the governor can soon sign a comprehensive reform bill.
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the school van driver who police say was drunk with students on board. antoinette: forty heroin overdoses in just two days. the toxic surge in one local community. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: happy saturday morning, everybody. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio along with mike wankum. big game day today. you saw frank outlive at gillette on the field. a covered, wet field right now. mike: this is why i have a big screen tv. doug: i'm with you. mike: if you are headed to the game, it will be improving. if you're a tailgater you may be running into a little bit of issue. inside 495 until 8:00. outside 495 until noon winter weather advisory. you see these temperatures they're holding very close to freezing or in some spots actually a little bit below freezing so you start throwing moisture over the top of that. you get the idea. there may be missioned precipitation taking place. look at this heavy rain down to
5:32 am
that's where the big thrust of moisture is right now from hyannis stretching back towards buzzards bay. inland we've also got this. this little pocket that has been developing out here to the west. not getting reports from any of the weather watchers of seeing any accumulation. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a few snow flakes mixed in and also a little icy spots. be careful this morning. treated roads will be fine but untreated surfaces will be slippery. by 8:00 we're talking about rain. it starts to kick its off way off shore by 10:00 a.m. by noon we're done with it. by this afternoon it will be gray out there and the temperatures will hold steady or drop off as we head through the afternoon. if you're a tailgater, you'll run into a few issues. we'll talk more about these temperatures and how cold they're going to get the next few days. all that coming up in a few minutes. antoinette and doug. antoinette: mike, thank you. the road to the superbowl. in just hours the pats host the kansas city chiefs in the a.f.c.
5:33 am
doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is live at gillette with the short list of what you need to know about this matchup. frank: this list is dominated by injuries. the patriots alone list twelve players as questionable including rob gronkowski and julian edelman. edelman is having a good time. edelman keeps releasing hype videos on youtube; and while he says he's going to leave it all out on the field, he also hasn't played in two months. and how about those chiefs? they've won 11 straight games with a strong defense and an offense based on a strong running game, a steady q.b. in alex smith, and the guy some call "gronk lite" at tight end, travis kelce. i don't think that's going to fly around these parts. the chiefs also have a significant injury concern-- star wide receiver jeremy maclin suffered a high ankle sprain in their playoff win over houston and
5:34 am
>> you know, he's a great he's a threat. he can catch the ball and run with it. the guys will try to limit him. just go out there and play good football. it's win or go home. we're just doing our job. doing the best we can do to be prepared. frank: all of those questions won't be answered until 90 minutes before kickoff. when it comes to numbers, the chiefs have the pats beat. at least in the regular season. kansas city may have started the season 1-5. but they've now won 11 straight, their last loss was to the vikings in october. flip it for the patriots. after a 10-0 start, they're heading into the playoffs with four losses in their last six games. on paper-- the key word is on paper-- the pats look wobbly going into the play-off. we have coach belichick and tom brady and all the experience they bring and two weeks of rest. you can expect the pats to be very ready when they step on to
5:35 am
coming up, we'll compare the two quarterbacks, alex smith and tom brady. a lot to look at there. alex smith is is having a good year out there on the field. live in gillette, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. rings. we are also following several other stories this morning. antoinette: a local marine is collision off the coast of hawaii. rough seas are making it tough for rescue crews searching for survivors. 12 marines including corporal chris orlando from hingham were on board the choppers when they crashed yesterday. doug: a man wanted in connection with a new year's day sexual assault in dorchester is under arrest. 22-year-old ovidio pereira is charged with aggravated rape and kidnapping. he's accused of grabbing a woman near annabel street, threatening her with a weapon, and then sexually assaulting her. antoinette: a judge has denied the boston marathon bomber's request for a new trial. the judge also ordering dzhokhar tsarnaev to pay more than $101
5:36 am
named in the decision. doug: a lynn man will be spending the next 16 to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to beating his girlfriend's three-month-old son to death. prosecutors say anthony gideika admitted to beating chase gideika while caring for him and his twin brother. the boys' mother also was arrested and faces trial in march. antoinette: now to a story you saw first on 5. a brockton school van driver accused of driving under the influence crashing with students on board. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald with what happened next, juli: it was just before 7:00 when a red s.u.v. carrying students slammed into another car right here on route 18 in weymouth. a frightening end to a wild ride. 53-year-old william drummy of quincy was the taxi driver responsible for bringing the students to brockton high and the goddard school. the young passengers told police they repeatedly asked him to pull over as he swerved and sped before crashing. drummy told police he slipped on
5:37 am
he had taken anything, he admitted he took several diazepam pills less than an hour before. according to the weymouth police report, when officers questioned drummy about the crash, he appeared disoriented and bewildered and was closing his eyes and almost falling asleep standing up. they also observed he was increasingly unsteady on his feet. they say he answered their questions nonsensically and vaguely. one of the students told police that drummy had been drinking fire ball cinnamon whiskey as he drove, and in a search of his car police did find a half empty bottle. we called shore taxi this evening to get some information about the driver's history and the business's safety standards, but the woman who answered said "no comments" and hung up. drummy pleaded not guilty to eight charges at his arraignment. he must remain drug and alcohol free and also submit to random drug testing until his next court date of february 12. he also cannot drive any transport vehicles.
5:38 am
wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: also in brockton a highly toxic batch of heroin hitting in just 48 hours. the police chief says the overdoses are having an impact there were two overdoses on an mbta train as it was pulling firefighters say the results would be more tragic if they weren't carrying narcan. >> i think now they don't have a fair because the narcan is so readily available. they know we carry it. doug: brockton is close to launching program similar to the one in gloucester offering treatment to any addict who asks for help using police and fire houses as safe havens. the white house is also taking on the nation's heroin and opioid abuse problem. agriculture secretary tom vilsack will head an effort looking into issues facing small towns. he'll also address increasing suicide rates, declining physical and mental health, and heightened financial stress. antoinette: in the past three years on mbta train tracks,
5:39 am
ruled intentional acts. the mbta is now launching a new campaign it hopes will save lives. the "you are not alone" public awareness campaign is in partnership with the samaritans, a suicide prevention group. the samartians' help line number will appear on 80 digital screens in seven major subway stations in boston and cambridge. there will also be periodic scrolling messages on l.e.d. announcements on subway platforms. doug: good news for you. new crime stats are out, and they show some positive changes for boston. major crime fell 9% between 2014 and 2015. according to "the globe," the department has seen a decline in nearly all categories including homicides, robberies, residential burglaries, rapes, auto thefts, and larcenies. anybody sign up for amazon prime during the holidays yet? antoinette: i use it for all my shipping. doug: really? i have to get on this thing.
5:40 am
prices. antoinette: but you'll have to act fast if you want to take advantage of the deal. this weekend's deep discount. doug: i'm going to get charged for something i don't even use. a dad in st. louis dad denying his son an advance on his allowance the hilarious letter now going viral. mike: heavy downpours near the cape to a bit of mix inland. i'll show you when it moves out and when we could see another shot of some snow this weekend.
5:41 am
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truvia-y foods. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. [bell] antoinette: the closing bell bringing a brutal week to an end on wall street. the first two weeks of 2016 have been the worst start to the year ever for the stock market. the dow dropped 392 points friday. nasdaq down 126. the s&p fell 41.5. but financial advisors say you should resist the urge to make sudden changes though it may be tempting. >> it's very difficult when the market goes down as quickly as it has. the big thing you have to remember is that historically the trend in the stock market is towards the positive. antoinette: the market has been pushed down by a slowdown in china and the plunging price of oil.
5:44 am
lowest price in 12 years. doug: we're starting to learn more about how the state helped lure g.e. to move its corporate headquarters to boston. the baker administration saying that tax breaks were not offered but the state has committed to providing up to $120 million for infrastructure once the company moves to the seaport district. boston has said it plans to offer $25 million in property tax relief to g.e. revenues are falling at the state's only slot parlor. gambling officials say plainridge park has generated about $88 million in gross revenues since it opened in june. massachusetts, which imposes a 49 percent tax on it, has collected about $43 million of that money. the slot parlor was projected to gross revenues its first full year. walmart announcing it is closing 269 stores. none are in massachusetts but two sam's clubs in the state will shut their doors. will permanently close on
5:45 am
the closures being blamed on a lack of new memberships. antoinette: amazon is offering a huge discount for its prime membership this weekend. the subscription fee will drop from $99 to $73 through tomorrow. only new customers can take advantage of the deal. the online retailer says it's celebrating the two golden globe wins for one of its original shows, "mozart in the jungle." the first two seasons of the show will be free to anyone who wants to watch this weekend. the response of a st. louis dad to his son's request for an advance on his allowance has gone viral. the boy wanted 20-bucks, but instead got this denial letter from the c.e.o. of "dad savings and loan." the letterhead contained a logo and slogan "because apparently i look like i'm made of money." the denial cited the son's insufficient funds and a history of not doing chores.
5:46 am
appeal to the complaint department and that would be mom. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist mike wankum. mike: and mom is always going to win on that one. all right. let me show you what's going on out there. we've got a little bit of reduced visibility in a few spots. it was a lot worse earlier this morning. now we're start to go see some improvement to that. that's good news. we're still seeing the pockets of cooler air to the north and west. we're getting a little bit of mix going on. primarily this is really falling as rain with a little mix inland. down to the south temperature s are in the mid 40's. wait until you show you the radar. it is really pouring down in some locations. this is a flatout nor'easter, but it's lacking the cold air that we typically have in january. look at these downpours that are moving across the cape. parts of rhode island and connecticut pin wheeling way up through. as the intensity goes over some of those colder areas sometimes we can drag cold air down. you might see that flipping over to snow at this point. right now all we're seeing is
5:47 am
there's that heavy rain taking place right there. i just did a scan with our night link detection. i'm not hearing any lightning and thunder showing up but i wouldn't be surprised this is so intense out there. you look at this line from 495 down through worcester. while. not getting reports from weather watchers but i wouldn't be surprised of a few slippery spots. the berkshires are getting snow showing up. mix and snow. it will be a messy morning this morning. the other thing is watch these temperatures. between now and 10:00 temperatures hold steady. cold pockets in there. we get some cold. it is a really cold rain by the way. notice where the steadiest rains are. they're starting to push their way off. as they push on off, the temperatures start to drop a couple degrees. not a big cooldown. you don't have to worry about a flash freeze but it will get cooler as we head through the afternoon hours. by 5:00 we're looking at temperatures in the 30's. skies begin to clear away as we head to the overnight hours. tomorrow morning it will be a lot colder than what it is right now. about 20 degrees colder.
5:48 am
the heaviest rains down to the south. lesser amounts as you look inland. inland is where we have the threat of a little bit of ice. i just put that eye lighted area through 495. might be a few icy spots but not a big issue. snow will not be a big issue. we could see one to two and maybe grassy areas. otherwise a few wet snow flakes mixed in with the primarily rain event we're talking about for today. pats' game looks like this. drying out. chilly breeze. 36 degrees. that northwesterly wind at 150-15 miles per hour. it's not a real pleasant time for a game but then it's this time of year. sometimes the snow games are more comfortable than when you have the wet ground. the winds will be coming from a northwesterly direction. busy about 1:00. they'll taper off pretty quick ly as we head through the evening hours. over the next search days let me show you what's going to happen. today chalk it off to rain. we may see flurries colonel coming know here sunday night into monday. a cold front coming through may
5:49 am
it's possible when these come through, a coating or maybe two inches out of it. it's really the winter version of a summertime shower and so when it comes through it just drops that snow very, very quickly and moves on through. behind it rvelings there's the cold weather coming back into the forecast. as we look at a january-type pattern. antoinette and doug. antoinette: mike, thank you. when it comes to the battle of the quarterbacks, we know tom brady's stats. doug: and his title as defending world champ. but how does he match up? the eyeopener's frank holland is live on the field. good morning again, frank. frank: good morning, guys. you know, tom brady is arguably the best quarterback who ever did it. today brady faces kansas city's alex smith who's been having a pretty remarkable year. at age 31 smith is in his 11th season. he was drafted by san francisco in 2005 and traded to kansas city in 2013.
5:50 am
he really turned things around. after his-- since then he's put up really solid numbers and this year his magic number is 11. win-streak going into the play-offs. it's no comparison. smith is 1-2 in the play-offs. tom brady has won four super bowls and again may be the goat when it comes to quarterback play. coming up in our next half-hour we'll look at the injuries for the patriots. they have serious concerns on the offensive side of the ball. want to take a closer look at that. live at gillette, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: bladey the goat greatest of all time. frank, thank you. it's 5:50. checking more stories happening right now. doug: a drone theft on camera. he picked up the drone worth more than $1200 and walked out
5:51 am
if you recognize him, perhaps the coat he's wearing there, give him a call. there's another look at him. police in new hampshire warning consumers after credit card several gas stations. police in pelham, new hampshire, inside the self-serve pumps detect. the devices steal account data police recommend using a credit card instead of a debit, paying and continuously check your antoinette: the company the "t" hired to manage the green line extension is accused of ignoring key financial red flags. just released by the transit agency that reviewed how the cost for the project ballooned to $3 billion. this week, the "t" put a new leader in charge of the project. new budget numbers are expected in april. a generous response to a call for christmas cards for a little girl burned in a fire has now prompted a new public appeal--
5:52 am
safire terry ended up getting 1.7 million cards, letters, and packages. now the marine corp's toys for tots program is helping open all the good wishes at a warehouse near her home in new york. volunteers say opening the mail is a moving experience. >> it's restored faith in humanity in such a terrible time in the world with everything going on, just to see the outpouring of love from around the world for one little girl. doug: right now safire is recovering from another surgery, and the letters are being delivered to her in batches. we continue to wish her well. look at that. that must be so overwhelming. antoinette: that's why she needs your helping opening up that mail. doug: dorian strong antoinette: a special little boy ahead this morningthe experience of a lifetime for an 8-year-old doug: controversial comments get a local town official banned from school property. the jaw-dropping statements now
5:53 am
and you're looking live at a soggy gillette stadium of look at the rain coming down. at least it's not snow, i guess. antoinette said she would rather that than the rain. mike wankum says it should be clear by kick-off. the details just marco rubio thinks it's unfair missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... washington politician marco rubio.
5:54 am
but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
5:55 am
now especially in the south eastern part of the state. a little bit of mix inland. so far no reports of anything really slippery out there so you can see what's happening on radar at this point. it will be improving as we head through the afternoon. just keep an eye on that area outside of 495. that's where we could get one or two icy spots developing. then we have tomorrow basic eight not a bad day. mostly sunny skies. 36 degrees but tomorrow night into monday there could be another little round of some snow. snow showers more than anything else. don't look for much accumulation out of it. there comes the cool as we head for the middle of the week. doug: is that cool or cold? mike, thank you very much. hitting the road in style. a car dealership in peabody stepping up to make a terminally ill rhode island boy smile. antoinette: newscenter 5's john atwater shows us why everyone who meets dorian can't help but want to make all his dreams come true. (sirens). john: police cruisers racing down the road trying to keep up with a boy fulfilling his dream. >> i went pretty fast. john: eight-year-old dorian murray made the long trip from
5:56 am
island to b.m.w. of peabody. >> are your legs wobbly. john: to take a spin in one of the fastest most expensive b.m.w.'s they make. >> dorian is having a blast. he absolutely loves what's going on. fast cars. pizza. food. all the attention. he's absolutely thrilled right now. >> i've had pretty fast cars and stuff myself. he's huge into it. yeah, he definitely likes the car thing because of me. i kind of got him into it. john: his parents are along for the emotional ride as their son whose cancer is no longer treatable tries to amass a lifetime of experiences. his story has gone around the globe. hash tag d strong flooding twitter feeds, even rob gronkowski came to visit. >> we wanted to do it. we're lucky enough to be able to. john: and today police stepped in to open the road to dorian's dreams. >> as long as he's happy, we're happy. we let him dictate what happens next. john: in peabody, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: that is so cool and so great for dorian to get to do that.
5:57 am
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