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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: breaking news, charges against a woman who claims she was violently attacked in the streets. how she really got hurt. harvey: how cold will it feel in the morning. heather: caught in a wall of snow. >> debris in my eyes and face. heat how this hiker survived an avalanche on mount washington. ed: gas prices plunge. bitter cold is gripping massachusetts, the wind chill dangerous now and even worse when you wake up in the morning. good evening everyone. heather: there's that, of course and the chance for something big this weekend. harvey: first focus, the more imminent is the cold with us right now. you will see the wind chill in boston. 4 degrees and the wind chill is
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not just the temperature, it is the bitter cold also. check it out. those are the wind gusts right now. the temperatures are in the teens to right around 20. combine it with 30, 35 wind gusts and that is what is making it so cold. this will go right on through 7:00 tomorrow night. this may be conservative with the wind. 15 degrees in boston. 20 mile-an-hour winds, 2 below zero. tomorrow morning at 7:00, in worcester, wind chill of 10 below. you need to bundle up. now, the weekend, it's far away, but there is a significant potential. ocean storm will be around on saturday. snow and wind impacts are likely. how close will it come? will it be a fringing or a stronger hit. i'm looking at late information. full look at that coming up in a few minutes.
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being attacked is just that, it's a story. what police say really happened. reporter: police say that woman was breaking up a fight. that is how she got cut and not the victim of a vicious attack here in town. now that woman had told police she was attacked by three men while walking home and she was beaten and slashed walking home around 9:30 saturday night. it sounded like a vicious attack and she had deep cuts and police alerted people who lived here. police say it was clear the woman had misled them. the false report wasted police resources and spread fear in town so they are now charging 25 -year-old denissa perez with misleading police and has a date in front of a judge. he >> i managed to yell out avalanche and before i knew it
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heather: swept away by an avalanche and the victim is talking about how he survived. we have the story of tough lessons he learned. reporter: it's luck he is talking about. he said he had no time to react once the slide was triggered. >> pretty scary. yeah. hopefully nothing i will ever experience again. reporter: tossed around and covered up by an avalanche on mount washington. two canadian climbers were ahead of him on tuckerman's raveef. he believes they triggered the slide but by then it was too late. >> it threw me backwards and i crashed into my climbing friend below me. reporter: couple hundred feet in 20 seconds but eternity when you are in it. >> snow and debris in my eyes
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reporter: the nightmare would stop as quickly as it started. corey was able to get out and find his teammates and helped the skier who was injured. the canadians were a bit banged up but everyone got off the mountain safely. looking back, corey said he should have had his avalanche gear with him and should have been more concerned when they went ahead of him. again. >> it's a dangerous place and things can go wrong very quickly. reporter: cory and his team talked to rangers and still could have been killed. he hopes other climbers will hear this story. ed: the return of a man released from an iranian prison and
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with his family. reporter: late this evening, the family issued a new statement saying matthew is happy to be back in massachusetts catching up with his family and boston sports but he has decided not to say anything further at this time. matt trevithick has not spoken publicly since he landed in boston sunday night, his sister talk. friends and neighbors are wishes. >> we are happy he is home. >> they have been very private about it. reporter: after 40 days in an iranian prison, he was suddenly released on saturday. >> great thing to be woken up with and call we were hoping to get. and matt was in the company of a diplomat. reporter: he was studying and
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not known why he was detained but he encouraged his family not to puply size his imprisonment. >> matthew trevithick who was in iran as a student. reporter: president obama announced the release of four. >> engage with iran to advance our mute tall interests even as we ensure the national security of the united states. >> we were grateful they mentioned him. as scott said we are grateful to everybody in the government who worked to bring matt and the others home. reporter: the family went on to tell us that matthew is doing well and grateful to everyone for their support. heather: protestors arrested at logan airport. >> no justice! no peace!
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heather: when state police ah -- told them to leave, they refused. they were there making a point. they say the pay for airport workers needs to be much higher than the current minimum wage of $10 or $11 for some workers. >> we can just work one job and benefits. heather: similar protests were held at nine other major today. in california, a group of demonstrators shut down one side of the bay bridge in a police brutality protest. members of the group chained themselves and cars to form a line across the bridge and had matters. ed: the new hampshire prime player is three weeks from -- tomorrow.
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donald trump is taking new shots at ted cruz's citizenship. his tweet reads, i don't think cruz can run for president until he can assure that being born in canada is not a problem. cruz thinks he is getting under trump's skin. >> donald seems rattled. we need a leader to do what is needed to keep this country safe and that typically doesn't include spending your time on twitter. ed: the two are in a tight race in iowa. protestors are expected back at the mayor's state of the city speech. you can watch the mayor's speech right here on channel 5. our coverage begins at 7:30. heather: a local marine is missing after a helicopter crash
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12 members were on board that crashed off the island. they found life rafts today. still no sign of the crew. corp. tral or lappedo is among those missing -- or lando is among those missing. ed: we have been live in gloucester. reporter: the police chief's message was aimed at those most affected. the words read like something out of a self-help book. you are important and worth it. we accept you. but the man behind it isn't writing a novel. >> when things like this happen, it's important to get it out to the public. reporter: the police chief took to the page over the weekend and
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don't be ashamed of your illness. we are not ashamed of you. >> simply being a safe haven in which we keep to our word and we build trust with people who are suffering from this illness. reporter: 400 people have accepted the first drug amnesty drug program that allows addicts to walk into the police department drugs in hand without the fear of facing criminal charges as long as they get treatment. >> we get into a fight and law enforcement doesn't lose. reporter: the opioid crisis took center stage. >> police officers must be equipped with the drug to the drug overdose. reporter: narcan was given to four people this weekend.
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there that are suffering and dying. reporter: making headway says means decriminalizing the addiction and make the transition to treatment much easier. live in gloucester. heather: we could catch a glimpse of aaron hernandez. he is headed back to a boston court. a date expected to be set for his next murder case. he will be on trial for a double murder outside a boston nightclub. he is serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. ed: glenn frey from one of his solo hits. he was a founding member of the eagles. singing lead vocals and died
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pneumonia and other illnesses. >> next on newscenter 5. heather: gas prices plunge. ed: the food that pregnant women can eat that can provide years of benefits. harvey: as we talk about the
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>> you are watching wcvb news center 5 at 11:00. ed: the massachusetts averages is down to $1.87. heather: expected only to go lower. we are live in canton in what is fueling the price plunge.
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regular self-serve cash or credit. if you shop around you could find some really good deals. on a bone-chilling night, a sight to warm any driver's heart. >> i haven't paid this little for gas. reporter: gas hasn't been this cheap since 2009. gas and heating oil prices plunging. crude oil hitting $30 a barrel, the lowest price in 12 years, saving $1,000 a year. >> people need to heat their homes. reporter: slashing prices on a whole range of things from travel to shipping costs. >> $1.69. reporter: the leaves the u.s. less dependent on foreign imports pushing global supplies even higher. >> the savings over the course of 2015 was about $350 per
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the savings overall to the tune of $150 billion. reporter: great for consumers. >> i can't say i was overly shocked because of the climate. it's been this way for months. reporter: winners and losers. >> i do quite a bit of driving and cost me $20. reporter: this freefall is far from over. gas prices are expected to drop another 10 to 20 cents leaving americans to save $17 billion at the pump this year. heather: the list of stars who say they will boycott this year's oscars ceremony is growing. spike lee said there is a lack of diversity among nominees. >> i will not be at the academy
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begging or even asking diminishes dignity. heather: all 20 nominees in the acting category this year are white. think say they strive to be inclusive. the oscars are february 28 and will be held right here on channel 5. ed: a battery issue with the i phones? the glitch is affecting the phones. the smartphones don't display how much battery life is left. users can fix the problem by restarting the iphones and making sure the date and time are set. heather: women who eat fish may benefit their baby's brains for years to come. researchers in spain found moms and children for two years and found improved brain function in
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mothers ate three servings of fish per week. ed: the question i asked you earlier, worry more about the cold or the snowstorm this weekend? harvey: a week from now and look back, you may need to worry about the weekend storm more than the cold. what we are living through now and have to face in the morning and that's the cold. i will be talking about both. 20 degrees in boston. steady wind of 21 miles per hour. the actual temperature is 13 in worcester. gusts. that's what is creating the wind chill. and we have a wind advisory because of the gusting winds. 6 below in worcester. below zero in most of our area tomorrow morning. you want to bundle up. we have had wind gusts that reached 47 miles per hour. 46 in proftsdz. these will be the temperatures -- in providence. these will be the temperatures.
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with us all day long tomorrow. worcester won't even get back for 20 degrees. low to mid-20's in boston. now you can see all the cold air that is banked up from chicago to minneapolis all the way up to canada and we are sharing in that and we have the wind to boot. and when you take the cold air and pass it overthe unfrozen great lakes, picks up moisture from lake and tar yeoh and lake erie. and a few have made their way into the berkshires. this was the snow that fell overnight last night and first thing this morning. two to four inches and even six inches in the south shore and north shore. for boston, the actual snowfall is 4.3 inches for the winter.
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only 5.5, but ended up with that amazing number. the average is 18. a lot is going to depend on the weekend storm as to whether we wind up getting close to that average. what about this possibility? the real question is, are we just going to get fringed by a powerful ocean storm or will it come close enough for a stronger hit? the timetable is centered around saturday, saturday night. snow and wind impact to a certain extent is likely. here. number one, the storm does come close enough for a classic track that will give us strong winds and heavy snow. that's the closer path, potential for heavy snow and strong winds. however, if this slides more to the east, we'll still be involved, but we would be more on the northern edge. in that case, we would get less wind and less snow. it's very hard for me to perceive that we could miss this
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get involved will have a lot to do with the overall impact. it's very early on. here's how i see it, the chances of getting heavy snow and high winds are high. and significant ocean storm on top of that and coastal flooding would be high and beach erosion will be high. we will be talking about this a lot more. windy and bitter and wind chills staying below zero in worcester. slightly less cold on wednesday. friday is the day before. saturday would be the storm. sunday would be winding down. you are thinking about what it will be like in denver. 0 degrees, dropping into the 0's. a touch of light snow or flurries. our focus is going to be here. the weather on saturday is what we are centering on.
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to fine tune that. bundle up tomorrow and we will have the updates. ed: tom brady is doing a little trash talking tonight. heather: and not p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. r let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, p and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. heather: patriots are doing a little bit of trash talking. all centers around this play. tom brady hit as he tries to score a touchdown. and brady was just short. ed: directed toward julian edelman. how about a little less flexing and little more blocking next time. mike: julian said -- when i dive on the pilon it usually counts
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>> now sportscenter 5. mike: get ready for a long week of brady-manning.
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to be on the field the same time. since he has come to denver, brady is 3-1, in the playoffs is 1-0 in denver. >> being in the same profession and being in different events we developed a good friendship. i'm not sure how things kind of take place over the course of the week, but he is pretty remarkable what he has accomplished this season and to lead the team to a great win, playing as well as any team in the league. that was a huge win for them yesterday and it will be fun there to play another manning-led team. mike: what a gift. fitzgerald. coaches will tell you that in
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carrying it like a loaf of bread. denver will host the game. >> they are a talented football team and starts with the leadership of their quarterback and what they do consistently. but you look across the board. they are very smart. they have a lot of smart players and they are always there. >> and i just kept telling myself. i want to get to the super bowl. i don't want to get there anymore. and that was a loss. i want to win it all. mike: you get over that stuff. don't worry about it. marshalll linebacker for the successful. celtics deep in the heart of texas. they went to overtime and lost the three-point shot.
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in the first half alone. how about nowitzki, three plus one the old fashioned way. under a minute to go. thomas scores. celtics are down by one. and under 35 seconds to go. crowder will put the celtics up by one. however, in overtime, all dirk nowitzki. look at this baby here right from the corner. he had 31 points and dallas hit 16 three-pointers and beat the celtics in overtime. david krejci practiced for the first time. he is montreal with the bruins. they were a .500 team without
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heather: haven't heard that as a while. i like it. i don't like what i see on saturday. harvey: it's january. and this is a wintry week. cold through the week and will be stormy ol saturday with snow and wind and we'll work on how much.
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