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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: the snow is winding down but there are still concerns along the coast. the changes happening over the next few hours. antoinette: and fears over flooding. the anxious wait for the next high tide. doug: plus on the road to the super bowl. we are live in denver as the pats prepare to take on the broncos for the afc championship. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: good morning and welcome to your morning after the storm. it is just about 8:00 on this sunday, january 24. thanks for joining us. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan. the storm has moved off the coast, but there are still
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we're keeping an eye on it for you. there's danielle. there's mike keeping an eye on the charts but we also have live reporters out in the field. a.j. is down in sandwich on the cape. and then we have frank in marshfield keeping an eye on coastal erosion. we want to start with danielle who is going to give us a look at what we can expect today as well. danielle: as the snow starts to push out of here we'll see more sunshine return through the afternoon but we did pick up impressive amounts of snow in some locations. mash pie picking up a foot of snow. nantucket near a foot of snow. a little farther to the north in brockton, still seeing six inches of snow. brookline about 5.3. and then the farther north and west you go, the lower amounts. if you're in new hampshire, you didn't see anything at all. now as you can see on local live radar, not really much going on. high pressure now beginning to build in. it's going to nose this area of low pressure out of here. as we head through the day today, we are going to see some sunshine. that's what the future cast is depicting here.
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of here off cape cod and nantucket as well. so we will see a lot of sunshine today but it will be a cold sunshine because look at where the wind chills are right now. we still have a lot of wind out there. it feels more like search degrees in boston. and like two below zero out in western mass. in pittsfield. again as we go through the next 12 hours in time, you notice that the wind chills will let up a little bit but we're still going to feel like the 20's all day long with a lot more sunshine. coming up, mike is going to talk coastline. antoinette and doug. danielle said it-- the cape really getting the brunt of this storm. doug: wind and snow making for really rough conditions. burnett is live in sandwich with how things look right now. a.j. a.j.: it's still very windy down here, doug. it's very cold, but the snow has at least wound down. i want you to take a look in
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if we can kind of go out that way very slowly. you see this is old harbor creek which kind of feeds into this marshy grassland area. this is to the north side of the cape in sandwich. we've actually got a little window of sunshine up in the sky as well. what is not so good is that creek. it's usually there. it's most always there. but it's starting to get a little angrier now as we progress toward high tide which morning. no problems just yet. we did have a high tide, of course, last night and i'm understanding that there may be a little bit of a chunk of what the army corps of engineers was working on just a couple of days ago to kind of restore the beach here which is just off to my right. we're understanding that maybe that took a also bit of a hit with last night's high tide. this next high tide coming up at 11:00 could also prove to be rather interesting as well with the wind come inning right off the bay. we'll have later reports later on this morning. meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb, newscenter 5.
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you very much. a little to the north of a.j. on the south shore they're dealing with the snow and watching that next high tide. and in marshfield, they've made changes this year to try and avoid serious problems. the "eyeopener"'s frank holland is there. how are the conditions in marshfield. frank: the winds are coming from the north. they've slowed. overnight about eight inches of snow fell here. low tide was about two hours ago. behind me still though you can see some very rough seas. however, we are not under a coastal flood warning. but this the new sea wall is really the talk of the town. residents are concerned about it holding up. overnight fast-whipping winds and high waves already tested this new barrier's worth. those conditions were impressive but still it's nothing compared to the storm surge that knocked out 80 feet of the sea wall last winter. we went around marshfield just a short time ago. the roads were generally clear. no difficulty driving. but we did see a lot of homeowners working hard to shovel their sidewalks and their
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many businesses were covered in snow as well. in fact, we actually had to help or push a woman out of a gas stationment her tires were spinning. they were caught in a patch of ice and snow. the clean-up continues all around marshfield this morning but the big deal in this town today is high tide. that's coming up at 11:00 this morning. that will be the real test of this new sea wall. a lot of people hoping it will hold up but still expecting some flooding out there on the streets lt live here in marshfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: great job helping that lady out. frank, thank you. as frank just mentioned, and the tide is the next concern doug: mike wankum is watching conditions all along the coast very closely. mike: wind direction and speed and time are all things that go with the tide. that's where you see the waves splashing over the houses. high tide. now it's gone more to our north the wave action. let me somehow you the winds out there right now.
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around nantucket in the last hour wind gusts 47 miles per hour. through most of the south shore, you're seeing wind gusts up close to 30. as you look to the north shore most of the wind gusts are under 20 miles per hour right now. what's happening? with that northerly breeze taking place-- and it will stay that way-- it will be diminishing as we head through the afternoon. still the ocean has churped up out there right now. and a northerly breeze is really key to this. you see what happens is that northerly breeze pushes all that water into the cape cod bay. you know where you'll find most of your erosion. in the sandwich area stretching out to the outer cape. the outer cape say from chatham or p-town down to chatham and into nantucket as well. that's the reason there's a coastal flood warning for those areas. across the canal we're dealing with more of a coastal advisory, coastal flood add vaiz re. high tide this morning is higher but because of that wind direction change, i think it will be not nearly as bad as what it could be and certainly as bad as what we've seen in previous storms in years past. doug. doug: thank you, mike. right now a man is recovering after being hit by a snow plow in yarmouth. this video in overnight from the
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walking along the round around 9:00 when he was hit. he was not seriously injured but was taken to cape cod hospital to be checked out. boston not escaping this storm. antoinette: the "eyeopener"'s jorge quiroga checking out the conditions in the city this morning. jorge. reporter: this is what people in boston are waking up to this morning, some 4-6 inches of snow. a little less than had been predicted early on but still very manageable. as you can see the overnight street crews have been very busy even before day break driving through various neighborhoods. we saw to main roads have been cleared. even the side streets have gotten at least one pass. by the plows. many streets were also salted and sanded. a big difference from the scene in washington d.c. the nation's capital crippled by some 30 inches of snow is asking out-of-state crews for help. take a look at this convoy of heavy equipment a mile long
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crews from billerica and west bridgewater (no audio). it. their people aren't used to that type of work. the hours. they don't have the proper equipment unfortunately. jorge: it's not their first time. the same crew from massachusetts was in washington d.c. in 2010 when the capital got walloped by two consecutive storms. they spent seven days helping to clear nation's capital out. of course, this is in charity. but mr. french says after a mild winter here, relatively speeging, the guys are ready to get to work and make some money. back here in the south end, the street crews have done their job. now it's time for residents to get out their plows and clear off their sidewalks. live from the south end, jorge quiroga, wcvb, unless.
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this morning, the patriots are getting ready to lay it all on the line for another trip the super bowl. doug: and a big part of this will be an epic battle between of the best quarterbacks in the game. our bob halloran is live in denver this morning with a look at a rivalry for the ages. hi again, bob. bob: good morning, everybody. yes, football obviously a team game. but a big part of this story is the rivalry between tom brady and peyton manning and which one of these guys gets to go back to the super bowl. they've played each other 16 times throughout their careers. brady holding the edge in that match-up 11-5. as far as the peyton manning-tom brady rivalry is is concerned, patriots' fans have got to love the numbers especially in the post season. we'll take a look first at the regular season. yes, peyton manning does have a little bit of an ench over tom brady in yards, touchdowns, completion percentage,and nfl mvp's-- 5 compared to brady's 2. but this is the postseason, and
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brady has more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, higher completion. oh, and four super bowl rings. brady: i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool especially someone as great as him, to play against, you know, those peyton manning-led teams, you know, we have to play 60 minutes. you're going to be in for a tough game. you know, they're going to take advantage of opportunities that they get. manning: all i can say about tom brady is that he plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. he's a very hard worker. he just plays his position the bob: and here's a little fun fact for you. 108 different players have caught a regular-season touchdown pass from either brady or manning, but wes welker is
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from both. as mentioned, brady dominates the regular season match-ups against peyton, but they're 2-and-2 against each other in the playoffs. today we get the tiebreaker. reporting live from denver, bob doug: i don't know. i'm just so on edge for this game. equally excited. antoinette: we've got it. don't worry. doug: you're fine wit. i'm fine with it then. a potential campaign shakeup. antoinette: the former mayor of new york considering an independent run. the party that could be hurt the most if michael bloomberg enters the race. and a new plan for city hall plaza. the idea that may brighten up the area. danielle: the concerns along the coast. the wait for the next high tide and what the rest of us can expect for the end of the weekend. doug: speaking of which, take a look at the angry seas down there in marshfield. my goodness! the tide is coming in.
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antoinette: good morning. it's 8:14. welcome back. the storm has move out but the next concern right now, possible erosion because of the astronomical high tide expected at 11:00 this morning. on your left is a picture from marshfield. you can see the waves churning up. on the right-hand side of your screen, times square in new york city. they've got the snow moved away out of that area, but they really got hit pretty bad there with a lot of snow. record-breaking in some parts. doug? doug: commitment 2016 now. and there could be a late entry in the race for the white house. billionaire media mogul michael bloomberg is reportedly considering an independent presidential run. the former new york city mayor has been a republican and a democrat and an independent during his political career. new hampshire g.o.p. chair jennifer horn says she believes his candidacy would hurt the democratic nominee.
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march. marco rubio and hillary clinton picking up key endorsements at a critical time. "the des moines register" threw its support to the two candidates yesterday. the move comes just over a week before voters make their pick in the iowa caucuses. antoinette: city hall plaza is about to get much brighter. boston is in search of bids for a contract to install l.e.d. lights at city hall, much like the ones on the zakim bridge and the pru. so the kids aren't tossing the football in the dark there. mayor marty walsh says he hopes to create a welcoming and lively atmosphere, and the new lights will make the plaza safer. the lights are expected to be installed during the summer. doug: construction continuing down there. finishing with the "t" and everything else. here we are. you know it's moved off. still watching the tides. mike: we have to be careful with those. any time we have any of the nor'easters, we get the high tides coming around 11:00 this morning.
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down. the thing is we picked up impressive totals depending on where you live. some of you in new hampshire are saying what snow? the farther south you go, the more snow you saw. mashpee picking up a foot of snow. then a little farther north up in hanover you're at seven inches of snow. milford picking up about 3.8 inches of snow as well as up in revere. and boston officially picked up 6.1 inches of snow. so let's talk about something else that actually happened which is actually we hit blizzard criteria in a lot of spots which means we had wind gusts to 35 miles an hour. and one-fourth mile visibility for three hours or above with heavy, blowing, drifting snow. this continued in nantucket yesterday for four hours. in chatham also four hours. on the vineyard for four hours. even the folks in plymouth and marshfield seeing it for three hours. now the snow has finally pushed out of here. we still have some clouds around especially the farther south and east you go. we're begin to go see that
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high pressure is going to build in for today. we're nosing off that area of low pressure that brought us all that snow. as you look live over boston right now, beautiful bright blue skies. you notice that camera shaking just a touch because we still have pretty strong winds out there. 19 degrees currently. the wind is out of the north-northwest at about 10. making it feel more like seven degrees. so those wind chill values are in the single digits this morning so if the kids are heading out to maybe play in some of this snow, please dress them in layers. as we go through the afternoon on the future cast, notice the clouds clear out. we see a lot more sunshine through the day today. so if you have any plans today, not a bad day to do them as temperatures start to warm up in the low 30's and we start to see a lot more sunshine. but one thing in particular is those winds. they were even stronger yesterday. we'll talk more about now with mike. mike: we had wind gusts gusts that
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most of the strong winds happened to be down toward the island and the cape. block island having the strongest wind. 75 miles per hour. that's a category 1 hurricane. gusts. marshfield just across the canal 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts. wellfleet 50 miles an hour. rockport coming in with 55-mile-an-hour wind gusts. these were pretty incredible numbers we were talking about yesterday in terms of the wind. today they're gusty but not nearly what they were yesterday. high tide, here's the time we're talking about high tide. chatham after noon. nantucket before noon. right around 11:00-12:00 that we're talking about. that's why we have the coastal flood warning down to the cape and the coastal flood advisory along the east-facing coast. that will be going on from 10:00 a.m. this morning until about 2:00 this afternoon. usually an hour two either side of high tide that you have to be concerned about it. in the next seven days, 32 degrees today. windy at the cape but that wind will be settling down as we head through the afternoon. a lot of are you concerned about a football game.
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the weather out there is no issue at all. no problems. 38-43 in denver. a wind just about 5-15 miles per hour. so there are no problems in denver. we're actually warming up quite nicely too. tomorrow about 37 degrees. now tuesday is going to be the warm day of the forecast. about 47. check out some of these high temperatures. even cool spots will be in the lower 40's. and we could actually see where some of the heaviest snow is right now. temperatures getting up close to 50 degrees over the cape and nantucket. this is going to be around it also means we have a chance of some showers. it will be breezy. it won't feel quite that nice. temperaturewise we'll get melting going on. wednesday and thursday we watch temperature into the 30's. overall in the week ahead temperatures will be averaging above normal. antoinette and doug. antoinette: speaking of that football game, mike, tom brady at the top of his game as he gears up for yet another championship game. doug: but how does the q.b. get ready for the playoffs with three kids and a wife at home? our bob halloran is back with how he balances football and
8:18 am
bob? bob: there have certainly been bumps in the road this season for tb12 and his supermodel wife gisele bundchen. you may recall the couple put up with plenty of reports that their marriage was on the rocks over the deflategate saga. the father of three, considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, put to the test under incredible stress and pressure from the league. but the patriots are now back in another afc championship game under his leadership. brady telling reporters family is a big part of his life. it's about a lot of give-and-take, and getting to this point in the game takes a lot of support. so how does being a dad change his preparation for the big game? brady: it's a lot different. if our daughter is not sleeping at night, you're up. you know, it's just part of being a parent, you know, dealing with things at home and stuff. yeah, there's a lot less time to
8:19 am
sleep. bob: brady adding that his kids are getting older now, and he's had a few years to get into a routine. and part of that routine is getting to this afc championship game. five years in a row. reporting live from denver, bob halloran, wcvb, sportscenter 5. antoinette: bob, thank you. i'm sure tom and gisele do have a little bit of help at home. check out this mini-member of patriots' nation. little natalia from lynn pretty in her patriots' pink. she's looking good for today's afc showdown. upload your fan photos and videos to the ulocal section of if you don't have to plow it or shovel it, a big snowfall can be a lot of fun. doug: the big fan at the national zoo. why he may be one of the few washingtonians enjoying the weather. antoinette: and the waves are churning on cape cod this morning. this is a live look from
8:20 am
we are less than three hours away from the high tide today. and there are some coastal concerns this morning. a.j. is out there in sandwich. we've got frank in marshfield covering those concerns this morning. we'll have more coming up right
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without all the "double talk." pand checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. pthen you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. looking at local live radar.
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but we do have pretty strong wind gusts still on nantucket. the winds are gusting upwards of 47 miles an hour. now these winds are going to back down through the afternoon. however, we're watching that high tide coming at 11:00 today. two hours before, two hours after. obviously we could see minor to moderate pockets of flooding. we are going to see a lot of sunshine through the afternoon. and temperaturewise, we are going to warm up into the upper 20's and low 30's. the big changes are coming. we'll be near 50 degrees by tuesday. antoinette and doug. the nation's capital is getting pounded with snow, but we found doug: one resident in particular was having the time of his life. the national zoo tweeting yesterday, "tian tian woke up to a lot of snow, and he was pretty excited about it." you can see him rolling around as happy as a kid on christmas morning. the zoo reminding us that giant pandas have thick fur coats,
8:24 am
look at that smile. antoinette: you know, bei-bei who we introduced you last weekend did not like the snow. went out and came right back in. doug: maybe he got tickets for florida. that was it for me. the cancellations and flight delays are still piling up. antoinette: the staggering numbers and how long before the schedule gets back to normal. and a basketball team stuck on a highway for hours. how long it took them to finally get home. doug: and a live look from downtown boston right now. the sun is out. but as you saw in jorge's shot earlier, a lot of work still down below on the streets. the roads are improving.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." a.j.: low tide has come and gone and now the waters of cape cod bay are bunching up against this sandwich beach. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report.
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the areas that got the most snow and what you can expect for the rest of your weekend. doug: and "t" workers shoveling the early effort to keep the antoinette: and the patriots are on the road to the super bowl. the rivalry and what's different this time. boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5's antoinette: good morning. thank you so much for joining us the morning after the storm. marshfield. we've been talking about the coastal flooding concerns, the coastal erosion. look at this. this is the issue here. the waves, the tide. the high tide at 11:00 this good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: the surf is up. mike and danielle are here. mike: the surfers will be out. they're wearing the gear and they're ready for it. if you don't know what you're doing, stay away. it's pretty churned up out there. danielle: you're watching the high tide at 11:00.
8:29 am
we saw because some areas didn't see anything. some areas saw over a foot of snow of. you folks got lucky if you live od the cape or the islands this some snow. 15 inches, over 15 inches, should i say, fell in east falmouth on the vineyard. 15 inches of snow fellment 8.5 inches in south plymouth. 6.1 inches in boston. three inches in topsfield. that snow that we saw earlier pushing on out of here. we're still hanging on to some clouds though. it is clearing out though in the boston area. that is the trend as we head through the afternoon. high pressure is going toll build on in and kick this storm way out of here. so we have a dry forecast in store through the day today. and notice on the future cast, we're clearing out those clouds. later this afternoon and tonight, we could see more clouds build on in. starting out this morning though in the single digits in jaffrey. the teens in boston. the teens in taunton. cape. as you go through the next 12
8:30 am
area, you're going to see temperatures only warm up into the upper 20's. don't forget that we do have some strong winds out there that makes it feel more like the single digits this morning. it will feel more like the teens through the afternoon. mike will be back to talk more about those coastal concerns ahead. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. right now it is a double whammy whipping winds churning up the ocean overnight. but that area also got pounded with snow racking up some serious totals. doug: stormteam 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett is live in sandwich with how things look right now. you've kind of made your way over the berm there. a.j.: we had low tide come and go just a couple of hours ago. follow me out here. this is cape cod bay we're looking out over right now. all this sand that you're seeing right here or a good chunk of it is the latest project that was just completed back on tuesday by the army corps of engineers. theyredged up a ton of sand literally, several tons of sand, from the cape cod canal and dumped it up and downtown neck
8:31 am
to keep the flood waters from coming in to that marshy area that's right in back of us. follow me over here now. over here. beyond me to my right, this is the marshy area and several creeks and rivers and streams. the water used to go right over that parking lot and over into that marshy area flooding many downtown areas. we have seen a little bit of movement of some of the sand from last night's high tide and our next high tide, as you can quickly. it will be here at 11:10. flood warnings in effect for the coastline here. in sand of which, meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: thank you. and from coastal concerns in marshfield. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is monitoring conditions there. hey, frank. frank: good morning again, guys. here the winds are coming from the north. they're gusting as fast as 25 miles per hour. and they're sustained at 15
8:32 am
also about eight inches of snow fell overnight. behind me, you can see the ocean is very rough. coastal flooding advisory here. this is the possibility of flooding. but right here this brand new sea wall is what residents are really going to be keeping a very close eye on. overnight intense winds and waves already testing this brand new barrier but it was truly nothing compared to the storm surge here last winter. severe conditions knocked out an 80-foot stretch of the sea wall. but this morning people are still more concerned with shoveling snow. >> shoveled about an inch last night because it was heavy. i could push it. that's the good thing. i actually-- there's not too much that you can still push it. frank: he actually volunteered to do six of his neighbors' homes. we saw a lot of other homeowners and businesses digging out as well. the roads were mostly plowed and cleared. no real problems driving. we did encounter one woman who got stuck in a gas station.
8:33 am
so my camera guy and i actually helped push her out. the clean-up all around marshfield continues this morning. again the big thing here is the sea wall. a lot of people keeping their eyes on the clock. high tide is at 11:00 this morning. that will be the first real test of this new sea wall. some flooding is expected. live here in marshfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: a good guy. and as we've been saying, it is the next high tide we'll be watching very carefully. doug: mike wankum is keeping a close eye on the entire coastline. hi, mike. mike: good morning. well, we have this coastal flood warning which is out primarily for the cape. here's the reason why. the wind has switched directions a little bit. it was out of the northeast most of last night of. now we're talking about a wind going a northerly direction. this starts to impact a little bit different part of the cape. what happens is. these northerly winds come down cape cod bay and pile up the water. we get a lot of erosion that can happen from sandwich to eastham. the outer cape around chatham.
8:34 am
that's the reason that's in a coastal flood warning. other areas because the wind is more of a northerly direction instead of a northeastly direction. it's not pounding the coast directly. that's why we have this. this is a coastal flood advisory. one area i want to point out to you is morrisey boulevard. if you're driving there around 11:00 this morning, that always gets water over it. you may see a lane closure because of that. keep that in mind you're going to be traveling up morrisey boulevard into the city. this is not major significant compared to storms in the past. high tide at 11:00. antoinette. antoinette: mike, thank you. this is what it looks like 36 hours after relentless snow. doug: like a ghost town. now the work begins digging out the d.c. area. newscenter 5's sally kidd joins us from the nation's capital. sally? sally: well, good morning, antoinette and doug. this morning people in washington are waking up to bitter cold temperatures. but the great news that it stopped snowing a little after midnight.
8:35 am
big piles of snow. people trying to clear their sidewalks. we've got at least 17 inches on the ground here in d.c., up to 40 inches in the outlying suburbs. and today we start digging out. many roads are covered and impassable. there's a lot of work ahead for crews that are going to be trying to get these streets cleared. the mayor has been asking drivers to stay off the roads, to give the snowplows a chance to get in and get things cleared out. over at reagan national airport, it's been closed all weekend. crews are there trying to get the snow off the runways. that probably won't reopen today. metro service still suspended as they try to get the snow off the tracks. doug, people are going stir crazy. we have to throw a little fun in. there will be an epic snowfall fight at dupont circumstance many with a star wars theme. so a lot of people looking forward to getting out for that. back to you. doug: bring your light sabre and watch out.
8:36 am
mbta crews out last night making sure access to trolleys and this was at the fairbanks stop along the green line in brookline. shovel teams clearing snow and putting down sand as the trains moved in and out. no reports of any problems with "t" service. antoinette: this morning we're for the ages. runs through denver. and that road isn't an easy one. our bob halloran is live out bob? bob that's right. we're here at mile high stadium, site of many horrors for the patriots over the years. they do tend to struggle out here. game two months ago is is pretty much the reason why we're here today. if the patriots had won that game in november, they'd be the number-one seed and this championship game would be at gillette stadium in foxborough instead. so, yes, that is a wound that still stings. denver pulled off an overtime win in that november matchup. but some things are notably different this time around.
8:37 am
without edelman and amendola. they'll have both of those guys this time. left the game early with injuries. but don't forget manning wasn't at center for the broncos that time. he sure will be tonight and gronk will be on the lookout for low hits. gronk: just part of the game. we're not doing anything illegal out there. it's just part of the game. just got to be aware of it. maybe just got to step up my game a little bit. maybe throw jukes. i don't know how many jukes i've got. bob: look what i found here. every fan coming into the stadium gets one of these orange pom-poms to wave. we examine look around, unable to find any red, white, and blue ones. patriot fans who make it into the stadium today pretty much on their own or they'll have to bring their own. reporting live from mile high stadium, bob halloran, wcvb,
8:38 am
time. pom-pom. antoinette: bob, nang you. the blizzard of 2016 causing troubles along the east coast. doug: the massive flooding along the jersey shore. antoinette: and the epic traffic backup in pennsylvania. the college basketball team that got stuck in it, and how long it took them to finally get home. danielle: the massive storm is finally moving out. i'll have the snow totals and the areas that got hit the hardest. doug: one of those spots cape cod. a live look now at sandwich. wow, the winds not letting up. doing some damage there along the beach. we'll see what kind of damage is is in store with a report from a.j. frank is up in marshfield. stick around.
8:39 am
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antoinette: 8:44. welcome back. aside from the snow, another major concern for communities is the flooding. this was the scene along the new jersey coast. the storm intensified faster than expected. the strong winds meant a more significant high tide yesterday. in sea isle, the streets were underwater by 9:00 in the morning. snowed in on the highway.
8:41 am
team had their bus stuck in this mess for 22 hours. duquesne left virginia friday at 4:30, but by 9:15 their bus trip stalled on the pennsylvania turnpike leaving them stranded 80 miles from home. the team stuck overnight, waiting and wondering their story gaining national attention. hours later after some intense digging, the players, coaches, and staff ended up digging out and pushing the bus out to end a whirlwind trip for the dukes. >> a long couple days. we made it through. we've got a great group. no one ever complained. just dealt with it. but we pulled up on campus, it felt real good. to be honest when we got the bus moving it felt great. antoinette: so the dukes are back home. they brought with them, quite a story to tell and a journey they won't forget. doug: weather. doug: lesson learned on that one. as we look behind you guys, you can see that snow kind of pulling away. mike: officially shoveling all afternoon.
8:42 am
danielle: it is finally clearing out. it brought a lot of snow to some areas like pennsylvania where they got stuck on that turnpike. there is a record-breaking storm in baltimore. the number-one all-time producing snowstorm they've seen with 29.2 inches of snow in d.c. a number-two storm 29.3 inches of snow. the number-six storm. in torque city missed it by a tenth of an inch to be the number-one storm. picking up 26.8 inches of snow. impressive totals to our south. that's where we said it would be the most. however, in our area to the south and east is where we picked up the most? temperatures of snow totals too. east sandwich picking up 9.5 inches of snow. kingston picking up 7.7 inches of snow. sharon 5.5 inches of snow. you go further to the north and west in shrewsbury only 2.1 inches of snow. only two inches of snow up in ipswich. that area of low pressure that brought us the snow pulling off shore at this hour.
8:43 am
though but high pressure is going to begin to build in through the day and give us a lot more sunshine. boston. it's working its way in nicely but the camera is shaking just a winds. it's 19 degrees, but it feels more like seven degrees because of those winds. in fact, take a look at these wind gusts. on nantucket still up to 47 miles an hour. on the cape at 35 miles an hour. and so because we have those strong winds and we have a high tide that's coming at 11:00 p.m. we're watching it very carefully because we have a coastal flood warning in effect for cape cod. up and down the east coast of massachusetts we have that coastal flood advisory. so we're expecting pockets of minor to moderate coastal flooding. we're going to watch that very carefully. your forecast for today looks like this. even though we start out in the teens we are going to warm up into the lower 30's. those winds pretty gusty will eventually be backing off especially in boston. now boston picked up 6.1 inches of snow from this system. mike is here to tell us where we
8:44 am
mike: time to take a stroll down memory lane. i think you'll remember this pretty quickly what happened. let me show you first off. let's compare this year to last year in terms of how much snow fell. so far for this year now we're up to 10.4 inches of snow. last year at this time, remember what happened? we picked up about five inches of snow we ended autopsy year ago with 10.6 inches on ground. we should by the way be about 20 inches. what happened a couple days after that five inches of snow, we started in to that real massive area of snow. four major snowstorms in three-and-a-half weeks. january 26 and 27, we picked up two feet of snow here. so now you remember what it felt like. that's what washington d.c., philly and all those places down to the south are going through. check out the storms that we had all the way as we headed through valentine's day. just storm after storm after storm. today it is about 32 degrees. tomorrow it's about 37 degrees. now we are going to be doing a little bit of change in the upper-air pattern. we're relatively cool. we warm back up.
8:45 am
air that is going to start coming toward the end of the week. not terribly cold. actually a little bit above normal for this time of year. not as warm as tuesday. look at the high temperatures on tuesday. mid to upper 40's. not out of the question. some places could actually flirt with the 50-degree mark. after that, well, we do have clearer skies coming in. there's a chance of some showers on tuesday but the storm on thursday looks like it will stay to the south of us. temperatures all week everyday getting us above freezing mark so there will be melting out there. antoinette and doug. doug: thank you, mike. a mile-high task ahead of the patriots today on the road to the super bowl. antoinette: and when it comes to this showdown, it's about more than just the teams. let's head back out to bob halloran. he's live in denver with the quarterback showdown. bob: this is the game before "the" game. both teams so close to their dream of return to go the super for tom brady it would put him in position to win his record
8:46 am
only quarterback to lead two different franchises to a super bowl win. and what this tells you is that both these guys have been around for a long time. in fact, look how long in the tooth these guys are. the combined ages of brady and manning in days is 28,603. that makes them the oldest pair of starting quarterbacks in a playoff game by about 900 days over john elway and dan marino back in 1998. of course, manning looks like he's at the end of the road while brady says he wants to play at least another five years. who would doubt tom brady? reporting live from denver, bob halloran, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: no one doubting tom brady right now, bob. thank you. the storm is over and now the clean-up begins. doug: but only in some areas. we'll show you where. and as we head to break, a beautiful shot from downtown boston.
8:47 am
still only 20 degrees. melting in the forecast.
8:48 am
we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore.
8:49 am
if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! snow is pretty much out of here. the cape really getting the brunt of this storm. doug: storm team 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett live in sandwich with the concerns there along the coast. hi, a.j. a.j.: hi, doug. yeah, you can see that ocean piling up off to our north here.
8:50 am
that's really the key is mike has been talking about throughout the morning. we are looking at that water piling up against our shoreline here on the upper cape because of the fact that we're north-facing. most beaches along the eastern-facing coast will not have many problems during the time of high tide. low tide was a couple of hours ago. you can see that ocean starting to pile up and the concern is two hours either side of our high tide which occurs here at just after 11:00. i'm meteorologist a.j. burnett, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank, to you. frank: well, the winds here in marshfield are coming from the north. gusting as fast as 25 miles per hour. they're sustained at 15 miles per hour. also eight inches of snow fell here last night. behind me, you can see the waves are coming a lot closer to where we're standing. it's also closer to the brand new sea wall. today will be the first big test of it. last winter, the storm surge knocked out an 80-foot stretch of itment high tide is at 11:00 this morning. there is some flooding e.
8:51 am
be keeping a close eye to see if it holds. live here in marshfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: frank, thank you. the snow bringing out a hometown hero yesterday. antoinette: spotted again. the boston yeti making his return to face the brutal weather. the infamous character tweeting out this photo of him holding a shovel, as he was, quote, "experiencing some real deja vu!" he first showed up roaming the snow-covered streets of boston during last year's record-breaking blizzard. that. danielle: we only saw aate fooft snow in some locations. now we're seeing sunshine. mike: i wish on tuesday we had a lot of sunshine with that. 47 degrees and probably a good chance we'll see showers. a lot of this snow will go away. doug: we'll be back in a hour. antoinette: we'll see you then. right now a live look. game in denver today, right? go, pats! >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and
8:52 am
bill fine: any person may apply for a "city of boston job; must be a resident of boston on the first day of employment." so reads the requirement on the city of boston website. application of this rule, however, is inconsistent and loose at best which has mayor walsh making yet another set of proposals to compel residency. walsh's plan acknowledges the long-time application of these procedures has provided so many loopholes, carve-outs, and grandfather clauses ensuring living in boston was more of a strong suggestion than an actual requirement. after peaking at 800,000 in the '50's, boston's population is stationary at the 600,000 level. the pool of applicants for city jobs has thus greatly diminished while skill requirements in a rapidly changing urban environment has dramatically increased. each weekday those commuting to work from outside the city limits more than double the city's total inhabitants. limiting the applicant pool leaves too many qualified prospective employees on the side lines.
8:53 am
prohibitively expensive. the current building boom includes inadequate new affordable housing mostly targeted to those who can afford staggering rents and condo prices. instead of carve-outs for requirements, perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and other key positions. when candidates are of equal strength, city residency could-- and perhaps should-- be the tiebreaker. the city of boston is world class in many respects and eliminating the residency requirement altogether ensures that the quality of those employees who serve the city
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