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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pam: another person struck by a falling tree limb in canton. what we are learning about the victim fighting for his life as that same community remembers a young child whose life was tragically cut short. reid: flames rip through a home in north andover killing a woman. the new information just coming in including the attempt by neighbors to save her life. pam: commitment 2016, the stage is set for the final gop debate before the new hampshire primary. what'
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sera: government baker taking a road trip to new hampshire. announcer: this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5. reid: right now a canton man is fighting for his life after being hit by a fallen tree limb. pam: he is the second person severely hurt in a snow-related tree accident. six-year-old kayleigh kenyon was outside shoveling with her family when a tree branch fell and hit the kindergartner taking newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald is live in canton tonight. juli: when accidents like this happen, every second counts. the canton fire department was actually called to this neighborhood for smoke in a different home right as the tree branch fell last night. they were able to begin giving care to the man almost immediately, and hope it makes the difference in saving his life. accident. juli: the canton community is praying for a miracle tonight; thomas gunning suffered critical injuries when a tree limb
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snow and came crashing down. approximately 40-50 feet above him. he did not hear it and had no time to react. it struck him on the head. juli: the 48-year-old father is sports. s rink when the accident happened, >> he' his kids play hockey. outdoor rink. i think he was just trying to keep it clean so the kids could play hockey. juli: just hours earlier, and only 4 miles away, another tree branch fell in canton, hitting and killing 6-year-old kayleigh kenyon. >> they heard a crack. my brother screamed. he saw her under the tree. juli: kayleigh was rushed to a brockton hospital and then to boston where she died. tonight gunning remains in grave condition at boston medical center. >> obviously what we' re dealing with are really freak tragic incidents.
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more devastating. juli: a gofundme page has been set up for the kenyon family, and already friends and even strangers have already donated close to $18,000 to help with arrangements for kayleigh. next at 6:00, i' ll tell you how canton schools are offering support to families after this terrible tragedy. newscenter 5. pam: crews are working right now to restore power to those still snowstorm. tens of thousands still dealing looking at the latest numbers. eversource reports power still needs to be restored to more than 15,000 of their customers. they hope to have it fully restored by midnight. national grid is working to get more than 14,000 customers back on the grid. pam: stormteam 5' s mike wankum joins us now more snow heading -- joins us now. mike, more snow heading our way
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mike: we still picked up a half foot of snow in many spots. with the sun out there we managed to warm things up above the freezing mark. a little melting going on today and tonight. the reeds are in the 30' s already. anything that melted today is going to re-freeze, so watch out for black ice. then we turn our attention to what is happening on monday. on monday we have a new system heading our way. as we head toward monday morning , we actually have a winter storm watch going into effect. this is the air we are talking about, south of boston. the issue here maybe we have a little enhancement off of the ocean. reid: right now, investigators are working to determine what sparked a fatal house fire in north andover. one person was killed. the flames tore through a home on park street. newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan
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tonight, nicole? nikole: investigate behind me, still looking for a cause. a man who lives inside tried desperately to save his elderly parents, before trying despartely to get to a woman trapped on the second floor. sadly, that woman' s body later found by firefighters. >> i heard the alarm go off . nicole: billy kelley says he was outside of his north andover home saturday. when, in just a matter of in flames. >> when i opened the door the fire came out at me. nicole: still trapped inside, his elderly parents on the first floor and a family friend, a woman who lived on the second. >> i ran downstairs because my mother can' t walk so i helped her out of the house. nicole: with both his mother and father safely outside of the home. kelley than ran to the second floor. >> i ran up the back door to try and help her too but too much
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nicole: but it was too late. >> after they knocked it where room of origin . nicole: firefighters tell us the fire started on the second floor of the living room. woman' s body was found. they are working on the cause but we have no reason to believe it is anything other than a tragic accident. wcvb newscenter 5. pam: commitment 2016, the stage debate ahead of the new hampshire primary. the first in the nation new hampshire primary now just 3 days away. newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is life in manchester, on the -- is live in manchester, on the campus of saint anselm college where tonight' s debate will be held, todd? todd: the debate is now less than 3 hours away, and the pressure is on especially for the candidates with low poll
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the candidates who polled poorly and i' ll love. here' s a look at who will be on -- poorly in iowa. here' s a look at who will be on the debate stage tonight. donald trump who is leading in the polls here in new hampshire. ted cruz, who won the iowa caucuses, and marco rubio who placed third, after donald trump. john kasich, jeb bush, ben carson, and chris christie are all trailing, and therefore need to win over undecided voters or lure votes from their opponents. following the debate, the candidates will head over to the hockey arena, where the media work center has been set up also known as the ' spin room' . and google put its technology to work to track searches for and about candidates, as well as trends. as you know, the debate is co-sponsored by abc news. it begins at 8pm tonight here on channel 5. at 6pm, our republican and democratic analysts will be here live to offer a preview of the debate and what the candidates at the bottom of the tier need to do to move the meter. reporting live at st. anselm
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event -- live at st. anselm college in bedford, new hampshire, todd kazakiewich, wcvb nc 5. reid: governor charlie baker joining the campaign trail in the granite state endorsing new jersey governor chris christie. newscenter 5' s sera congi tells us baker told voters christie is the candidate who will set an agenda on his own terms. >> a familiar face in massachusetts campaigning in new hampshire, governor charlie baker headed north to back chris christie the new jersey governor who hopes to win the republican nomination for president. >> this is a man who understands how to lead. >> governor baker highlighted christie' s experience running a large state government, but in the new hampshire primary race, christie' s poll numbers have lagged in the single digits. >> polls are just numbers on a board, what matters is who shows up on election day and votes. >> we' re not looking to elect an entertainer in chief we' re looking to elect a commander in chief. >> christie seemed to take aim at two of the leading candidates ted cruz and marco rubio both u.s senators. comparing his leadership when the garden state was hit by hurricane sandy. >> there'
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call vote in the united states senate prepares you to deal with an issue like that. there' s no wa a sub committee meeting, or briefing from staff prepares you with a crisis like that. >> christie has spent seventy days campaigning in new hampshire, and he' s rallied this crowd to get out the vote. >> it is time to get to work i need all of you. sera: christie is hoping the gop debate here in manchester will turn things around, as clock winds down to tuesday' s primary. in manchester, sc out. gi, wcvb newscenter 5. gop debate before the new new hampshire primary, tonight right here on channel 5. our coverage begins at 8. sanders is expressing confidence about his chances in the new hampshire primary. the vermont senator addressed a crowded rally in rindge today. he noted that while hillary clinton won the state in 2008, he' s confident he' ll win if his supporters can, quote, bring out a decent vote. sanders leads clinton in state polls. the former secretary of state met with supporters in concord today. she was joined by another former
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albright at a student town hall. newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage , our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage begins tuesday at 4:30 pm and we' ll take you all the way until midnight. you can also watch live on the wcvb mobile app. reid: next on newscenter 5: the investigation into what caused that deadly crane collapse in new york city. pam: still to come, the one thing investigators hope to recover that might provide some clues into what went wrong. reid: a hungry sea lion pup bellies up to the table at a california restaurant. sounds like the start of a joke, but it' s not. the fast action taken to save his life. pam: plus, the new warning being issued tonight concerning the
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pam: the so-called affluenza teen has been moved from a youth facility to an adult jail in texas. here is ethan couch' s new mugshot. the 18-year-old was moved friday. a hearing will be held next week to determine whether his case will be moved from juvenile to adult court. couch was deported back to the u.s. from mexico yesterday after violating his probation in the 2013 dui crash that killed four people. reid: investigators say it could take weeks to determine what caused a giant construction crane to crash in new york city. a man walking on the street was killed. david wichs worked on wall street and was a harvard graduate. the crane was being lowered at the time of the accident the
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time. investigators are hopeful the crane' s movement recording computer will offer some clues. >> it is not the equivalent in action at the time. -- not the equivalent of a black box. the computer is going to give us some data. it will likely give us some angles of the to pieces. re id: the process of removing the crane did begin earlier today. pam: a new documentary on the life, death and legacy of journalist james foley is about to make its debut. the new hampshire native was murdered by isis in 2014. this film made by his close childhood friend tells foley' s story through intimate interviews with his family, friends and fellow journalists. the documentary premieres tonight on hbo. twitter is ramping up its efforts to fight terrorism. in a blog post, the social media giant claims it has suspended 125,000 accounts that either
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acts. twitter says it has been taking action against those users over the last 7 months. the social media site says most of the accounts were either associated with isis or supported the terrorist organization. reid: a sea lion pup being nursed back to health tonight after beaching itself inside a california restaurant. the sea lion cub waddled into the marine room restaurant in la jolla on thursday making himself comfortable in a booth. when workers noticed they called sea world san diego. rescuers came and quickly realized the sea lion was malnourished. right now cubs are struggling to survive in the region' s stormy weather and changing tides. >> these pups are looking for warm areas to haul out for the night. southern california has been impacted i and unusual mortality event and an el nio that it' s impacting the food sources for these sea lions.
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reid: right now cubs are being treated at sea world san diego. vets say they are cautiously optimistic this cub will make a full recovery. pam: power outages. mike: they are up to the north end down to the south. we get to enjoy a little melting tomorrow. just above the freezing mark, nice high temperatures in the mid-30' s. a you do. set again this evening. 34 degrees. the winds are out of the south, southwest at 11 miles per hour. as you look across the west, turns out it is not terribly cold. anything that melted today will
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28 degrees with a southwesterly wind. tomorrow, sunny skies. looks like a beautiful day out there. plenty of melting taking place. city, west of the city, south shore. we will get all that snow and ice off the power lines. then we turn our attention to monday. a storm system coming up the coast. it is big enough that it is going to try to show -- try to throw some moisture back at us. there are a lot of question marks about this. did i mention there was another part about it? will this one slide behind us
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the accumulation may not be that impressive. here is what is going to happen monday into tuesday, generally one to three inches of snow in the inland. we have a strong northeasterly wind. that is why i bumped the category up there a little bit. obviously we are going to be forecasting more details to it. this is one of my favorite ones. you notice it is not terribly excited on monday. then we look at this computer model, which tends to look -- which tends to get carried away. tuesday we add a little bit more to it. there are a couple of computer models that are saying more snow than this. tomorrow, 42 degrees. then that system coming in for monday.
5:18 pm
morning commute for the south shore, looks like it will be on the snow we side. the rains stay off shore. then it will wrap itself up here as it goes into monday afternoon. the track is uncertain and that is going to have a big influence on the second part of the system coming into tuesday. looks like it is going to be a southeastern part of the state. then we clear things up a little bit, but a wave of cold air coming through sirs -- through thursday. check out those morning lows. winter is now rearing its head and saying i' m back. we started the month of february way above normal. temperatures below or close to where they are supposed to be
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reid: a photo of a mom and her twin daughters burning up the internet this week. pam: here' s why. people are having a hard time determining who is the mom in the picture. all 3 of them look like they could be 16-years-old. one of the girls tweeted the photo and it was re-tweeted more than 18,000 times. tonight the trio is putting speculation to rest. the 35-year-old mother says she maintains her youthful look by -- speculation to rest. >> please raise your hand. the error she is. -- where is she? there she is. pam: the 35-year-old mother says she maintains her youthful look by drinking lots of water, avoiding stress and focusing on inner beauty. she should put that in a bottle. focusing on your health, a new call to educate young people about heart disease. reid: the steps they can take now to avoid health i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get
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reid: new developments in the zika virus outbreak tonight. three deaths in columbia are not being blamed on the mosquito-born virus. say the virus has been detected in saliva and urine. the discovery leads to new questions about how the disease it has prompted the cdc to issue
5:22 pm
>> within a week you can' t find it in the blood but for two of weeks longer they can find it in the semen. reid: scientists with the cdc week to gather more information on the virus. right now there is no cure, no vaccine. it' massachusetts for anyone under 18 to use a tanning bed. measure into law. supporters of the new law say tanning beds can be linked to a sharp spike in skin cancer cases the previous law allowed anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 to go tanning if they were with an adult. pam: many of us don' t even start to think about the dangers of having high cholesterol until we hit middle age. but newscenter 5' s antoinette antonio tells us new studies are showing, young adults should be thinking about their cholesterol levels early to ward off dangerous heart disease, later. antoinette: as a young woman in a cold he has wilson was surprised when her doctor gave
5:23 pm
>> i found out i have high cholesterol. i was completely shocked because i was in my mid-20' s. antoinette: and she' s lucky she found out as early as she did. the studies show having high cholesterol early on can put you at greater risk for having heart problems when you are older. them a for every 10 years a person has high cholesterol by the age of 55, they are future risk of heart disease was increased by about one third. the american heart association, the american college of cardiology do recommend screening young adults for high cholesterol, and repeat screening for every five years. antoine tte: diet and exercise are the main changes that can be started at any age. medicine might be needed to keep it in check. and 20 d'
5:24 pm
-- antoinette antonio , wcvb newscenter 5. pam: your doctor can test your cholesterol levels during your regular check ups. but also many local drug stores offer these tests for free or for a low cost as part of a total health screening event. these are held various times a year. reid: a rescue mission continues tonight in taiwan. pam: the search for survivors after a deadly earthquake strikes that nation. the new look at the damage. reid: remembering buddy cianci. the tributes to the longtime mayor of providence. mike: tracking our next chance of snow. where we are likely to see accumulation. download the wcvb app now for complete new hampshire primary results including live streaming it' s available now in your app
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pam: here are the stories happening right now. a canton father is in critical condition after he was struck by a falling tree limb last night. this is the second such case in that community. a 6-year-old girl was killed last night while playing outside. reid: a woman was found dead inside a burning home in north andover. the fire broke out today on park street. we' re told the victim is a professor at merrimack college. no word on a cause. pam: we are a little more than 2 hours away from the final gop debate ahead of the new hampshire primary. you can watch it right here on channel 5 starting at 8. mike: some of it is melting today, we have mild
5:27 pm
the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch. this doesn' t go into effect until tuesday morning. i think the big issue is we get -- boosting the totals up a little bit of -- a little bit. on today. tomorrow start below freezing. plenty of sunshine, allowing for temperatures to climb nicely into the upper 40' s. then we start to talk about what is going on around other parts of the country. we have some energy over the great lakes. that is why there is snow in the forecast. pam: right now the desperate search for survivors continues in taiwan after that massive earthquake. this video showing crews pulling
5:28 pm
hundreds of people have been rescued, but many more are still missing tonight. at least 14 were killed that death toll expected to rise. >> dramatic rescues happening right now. this after a powerful 6.4 men to the earthquake. rescue teams drilling through tons of rubble, frantically working to pull out small trail -- small children. it toppled large buildings, including a complex, in it a care center for newborns and mothers. rescue workers digging with debris and climbing over stacks of concrete to pull people or pets trapped under mountains of debris. hunter people -- hundreds of people were hurt in that quake. but most of them suffered minor injuries and have been released from the hospital tonight. reid: new at 530: somali officials confirm it was a bomb that blew a hole in that jetliner. somalia' s transport minister announced today investigators concluded a bomb caused the hole and the plan was to bring the
5:29 pm
emergency landing. one person was killed. six people have been arrested in connection with the the blast. the findings are preliminary and the investigation is continuing. reid: tragedy in austria police say 5 skiers were killed after being buried in what' s being described as a massive avalanche. the victims were all visiting from the czech republic. it happened in the wattener lizum region. investigators say 17 were caught in the avalanche two others were also hurt. pam: people will gather today to say their final goodbyes to former providence mayor buddy cianci. cianci is lying in repose at city hall right now, outside the office he occupied for more than 21 years. he died late last month at age 74. cianci was the city' s longest-serving mayor, but was forced from office twice due to felonies. today' s wake goes until 6. calling hours continue tomorrow followed by funeral services on monday. reid: new at 530: police in bedford and carlisle team up to arrest a carjacking and
5:30 pm
michael sullivan was taken into custody this morning. investigators say sullivan hopped into a truck at northside convenience in bedford then drove off. a woman was inside her husband had gone inside the store. he called police and officers quickly pulled the car over. sullivan was arrested. the woman was not hurt. sullivan will be arraigned on several charges monday. a substantial grant for worcester public schools to help reduce suspension rates. the $400,000 grant is from the health foundation of central massachusetts. it will help schools implement a program that addresses the underlying trauma such as poverty-related stress that the program will take an educational approach that aims to de-escalate issues in the classroom. pam: the patriots are not in it, so this year we can watch the super bowl for the ads. reid: big money spent on the highly-anticipated commercials. up next a preview of some and exactly how much money we' re talking. pam: and later, the community that went above and beyond to
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tt2w>rxlj @%t#j'`:1[l tt2w>rxlj @%t#j)`::;( tt2w>rxlj @%p#j*`:- 4 tt2w>rxlj @%p#j,`:lzt tt2w>rxlj @%l#*.`:esx tt2w>rxlj @%l#*0`:^e0 pam: more issues for the two biggest fantasy sports sites. credit card lenders are blocking payments for draft kings. citigroup will not allow
5:34 pm
the sites say fantasy sports are be considered illegal gambling. tonight. the agency has resumed processing 2015 federal tax returns following a hardware glitch. the failure had knocked some computers out of service. refund wait times do not seem to be affected nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days after their tax returns are received and accepted. reid: super bowl sunday is just 24 hours away. abc' s lauren lyster explains for some, the game is just a side show. lauren: making an appearance at the super bowl, marilyn monroe, christopher walken, and scott bayeux. those are just a few of the celebrities appearing in ad' s during the game, selling
5:35 pm
budweiser and listed star power drivers. >> of pollution. >> has jeff goldblum scaling a high-rise building. taco bell is taking a different tactic, using mistry to advertise something new. -- using mystery to advertise something new. >> and this is the white and gold dress that caused the civil war. >> it is weird sitting there. you just wait for 10 seconds to see what twitter says.
5:36 pm
the minutes of ad you watch is $9 million of airtime. that is because every 30 seconds costs $4.5 million. >> -- reid: no surprise here americans are expected to eat a lot during the big game. how much? 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed. that' s enough for every man, woman and child in the u.s. to have 4 each. 11.2 million pounds of potato chips. it' s estimated 325 million gallons of beer will be consumed. and antacid sales are expected to rise 20% on monday. pam: ring on the antacid. stormteam five watching the snow. mike wankum has the forecast
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pam: a very special mission during a blizzard in nebraska to get a man to the hospital to get his new heart. first responders fought dangerous conditions tuesday night to get dan griffin to his life-saving surgery. he got the call in the middle of the storm that the heart he had been waiting for, for nearly two years had arrived. a snow plow and a caravan of vehicles forged through the high drifts of snow that lined the roads. griffin underwent the 8-hour surgery and is listed in serious condition tonight, but on the road to recovery. >> that really took a village to get this guy to the hospital. mike: we had to get -- read id: we had to get through the snow yesterday. mike: just seeing a little bit left in the sky. the temperature hasn' t dropped that much. still a little melting going on in the city.
5:41 pm
per hour. below freezing. any melting we had going on, there may be some patchy black ice out there. tomorrow. s tomorrow. then we start introduce the chance of snow on monday and tuesday. temperatures much colder. colder and we have a chance of some snow and cap -- and clouds on tuesday. 46 degrees in bridgewater. we have a chance of snow on tuesday. you are not only going to have a chance of wind and snow on tuesday.
5:42 pm
monday morning. really tracking to offshore to get a significant amount of snow. it is big and powerful and trying to track a lot of snow this way. there is another one that is trying to form as well. guess where the most likely spot will become of the southeastern part of the state. here is what i am thinking, generally three inches of snow. we are talking monday morning until tuesday morning. i like to say three to five inch category. we have a northeasterly breeze blowing. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch all the way through the islands, goes into effects not until monday morning and goes into effect tuesday morning.
5:43 pm
we have a coastal flood watch out. this is happening around the high tide. this isn' t a big storm. remember when i said it is way offshore, but it has a very high astronomical tide. perhaps some gusts over 40 miles per hour. maybe some minor flooding that takes place at the time of high tide. tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine, tilting taking place. then we have a detailed timeline of what is going to happen. see how the snow is starting to work its way in, and then it starts to pivot. these little band' s are developing as we head toward monday afternoon. could see some light snow around. we get another chance possibly on tuesday. that is going to depend on what this first one does. if this one drags it out here and doesn' t allow this one to
5:44 pm
t get much snow out of the whole thing. it may be just too late to the party. how strong it can get is really a big question mark we have going on. we head toward thursday and a cold front coming through, maybe some snow showers. tomorrow is going to be your day. check out some of those loaves -- some of those loaves -- some of those lows. bob: it' s nice that louisville coach rick pitino believes the school' s self-imposed post-season ban is an unfair punishment to the players who had nothing to do with stripper slash hooker scandal but it' s too bad pitino doesn' t think he should be punished for an embarrassing scandal that happened on his watch. instead, he' s got his team playing the victim card and they played inspired basketball against the boston college eagles today. louisville scored 19 of the game' s first 21 points and never
5:45 pm
0-and-10 in the acc losing to the 19th ranked cardinals, 79-47 and it only gets harder for the eagles they host second ranked north carolina on tuesday. the bruins are back home tonight for the second half of their home&home series with the sabres still no adam mcquaid who' s been out for a month with an upper body injury but he' s been skating with the team this week, and could be ready soon. >> i think he is a real reliable guide. not only that, he gives us the group. bob: the bruins beat the sabres two nights ago in buffalo with a couple of goals from ryan spooner and this nifty one from brad marchand marchand now with 23 goals just 5 shy of his career high. family he' s fun to watch.
5:46 pm
individual effort. he has the ability to change things by himself. >> it is just adapting to the game. it is something i continue to work on. bob von miller, t.j. : ward and shiloh keo of the denver broncos have all been fined just over $23,000 for bad behavior against the patriots in the afc championship things like spearing, hitting a defenseless receiver, and unsportsmanlike conduct. the 23 grand is about half what they received for winning the game so, they' re all good, and here' s the eater' s digest of what americans will consume tomorrow billions of wings and burgers 8 million pounds of guaca-holy-moly 50 million cases of beer and about 11 ounces of kale might explain why 6% of
5:47 pm
monday. >> kicks it back to gravity. there' s the shot. avery bradley wins the game. bob: thought that was worth another look, the celtics coming back to beat the cavs last night. and they' ve been doing a lot of winning lately and they' re racing up the standings just two weeks ago. they were 22-and-20 and tied for 8h place in the eastern conference today they are 30-and-22,and tied for 4th. things are looking good for the celtics and we will have bruins highlights tonight at reid: hot 11. rods custom made, but built by you. pam: up next, the massachusetts company that' s making dreams come true for car hobbyists. reid: looking ahead to tuesday download the wcvb app now for complete new hampshire primary results including live streaming coverage and results as they come in. it'
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pam: it' s a dream for many car enthusiasts, custom designing and building your own hot rod. reid: newscenter 5' s doug meehan than you' d think. doug: it may be the only car s on the floor. at factory five racing, these hot rods are built not bought. >> if a guy wants to build his own car, he comes to us.
5:51 pm
-- doug: back in 1995 david two car garage in dartmouth. s become the worlds largest manufacturer of component car kits. >> we build the products, the frame, the chassis, the suspension, the body shapes. we do all of the hard work for the guy that wants to build their own car. doug: that' s right, everything , and i mean everything except the engine, transmission and rear end, are manufactured and produced at their wareham plant. what shows up at your front door is an un-painted fiberglass body and frame, and a whole lot of parts waiting to be assembled. s the shock absorbers, break lines, the battery lines, the trim, the door hinges, the lights. touch something and we ship it. doug: there are 5 different car styles to chose from and with that. individual customization no two are ever the same. in all nearly 500 orders a year go out the door. of the car. a customer'
5:52 pm
say hey we' ll see you in a year. doug: david family has a history his great grandfather was a blacksmith. the irony here 100 years ago it was the automobile industry squeezed out the horse drawn today it' s a different type of horsepower that has now put his descendants back on the road to success. we' modern but we' re still doing the same craft. and do my father said you guys have come full circle. the car that put us out of business brought us back in. doug: if you' d love to own a kit car from factory 5 racing but don' t have the time. or know how to build one yourself, good news may be just down the road. federal legislation is in the works that will allow factory 5 to build one for you. as a specialty car maker, they would be restricted to building around 3-hundered cars a year. and that could happen in a years time.
5:53 pm
pam: mike wankum is looking at that truly -- at that drooling. like: -- mike: tomorrow we get more melting going on. then we start to talk about the chance of seeing some snow in the forecast. we have chances for snow on monday. it will start early morning going through the day. this week has a little bit of snow, certainly a lot of cold with it. a shot of cold air may trigger a snow shower or two. >> that is about as heavy as -- heavy and wet as you can get. reid: there' s still more news to come tonight.
5:54 pm
injured after a large tree limb falls on him. this happening hours after a similar incident killed a young girl in the same community. what we are hearing about his condition tonight. newscenter 5 at 6 starts in two minutes.
5:55 pm
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he's more hardcore. r so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. mike: a quiet day after our latest winter blast. but it won' t last for long the winter storm watch just issued. reid: heavy tree limbs in canton sending another person to the hospital. what we are learning about a father now fighting for his life. pam: all eyes on the gop tonight. the republican presidential candidates less than two hours from the final debate before primary day. announcer: from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at six. pam: right now, a second tragedy in canton from falling tree limbs. a man has died from his injuries. the heavy snow from yesterday' s
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