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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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m pam cross. reid: and i' m reid lamberty. last night we learned of the tragic death of a 6-year-old girl. now, this new tragedy. right now our juli mcdonald is live in canton with the story. juli: he was described as a hockey guy, a well-known dad who was really involved in youth the store -- in youth sports. many knew him personally, which made last night' s efforts to save him even more heart-wrenching. >> to have deed of in one town is even more devastating. juli: families and friends in canton are heartbroken tonight grieving for 6-year-old kayleigh kenyon, struck and killed by a tree branch, and praying for thomas gunning, who remains in grave condition following a separate but similar accident. >> the tree limb was approximately 40-50 feet above him. he did not hear it and had no time to react.
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well-known through canton youth he was tending to his family' s back yard rink when that accident happened, just after 11 friday night. first responders told newscenter 5 they can' t wrap their minds around such terrible tragedies just 4 miles apart, the same night. >> it' s difficult to understand how and why these things happen. it' s so random. it' it' s hard to figure it and i don' t know that we will. juli: just moments ago we learned gunning passed away from his injuries. grief counselors will be available. a gofundme page has been raised. we do know arrangements will be made for tom gunning.
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pam: eversourse crews in wayland this afternoon, working to restore power. the heavy, wet snow, bringing lots of trees and branches down onto power lines. right now, there are more than 12,000 eversource customers without power in eastern mass, and more than 6700 national grid customers. reid: seven people evacuated from townhouses in charlestown this morning after high levels discovered. a carbon monoxide detector in one of the units at 2 bolton place went off alerting people to the danger. everyone was safely evacuated. an underground electrical fire is being blamed. pam: taking a live look at the boston skyline on a saturday evening, the calm after a messy snow storm. stormteam five' s mike wankum with me now. mike, we' re in the clear, for now. mike: it' s amazing to think about how heavy and wet that snow was. it was a try snow. i have another snow event.
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with the breeze coming off of the water we could see some ocean events taking place be at the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch, for plymouth county down to the cave and into the islands. that doesn' t go into effect until monday morning and that will last until tuesday morning. right now stepping outside, temperatures close to the freezing mark. there could be a few slippery spots developed out there later tonight. tomorrow, we start with sunshine, we climate the 40' s, some nice melting going on. and a few clouds coming up late in the day. then we start to watch the next system. it is way down the coast right now. it is going to be gaining some strength. an early estimate of how much snow to expect, all of that coming up in just a few minutes. reid: commitment 2016. a little less than two hours from now, the republicans will meet for their final debate before tuesday' s new hampshire primary. earlier today, massachusetts
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governor chris christie for president. baker said that while he and christie don' t see eye to eye on every issue, the new jersey governor has shown a proven ability to work across the political aisle. baker also praised christie' s -- >> the funny thing is what matters is who shows up. polls are just numbers on a board. are you all going to show up on election day and vote fiasco -- and vote? >> baker also praised christie' s determination and toughness. pam: right now, the gop candidates are prepping for a critical test. our todd kazakiewich is live in manchester, new hampshire. todd. todd: it' s the final debate before the new hampshire primary. the pressure is on, especially for the candidates who are trailing in the polls for them a poor performance in this debate, and the primary on tuesday,
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pick up momentum and keep pursuing the nomination. at center stage tonight, donald trump who is leading in the polls here in new hampshire, and nationally. to his left, ted cruz, who won to trump' s right, marco rubio s second place showing. on the ends of the stage, john kasich, jeb bush, ben carson, and chris christie, who are all trailing, and therefore need to win over undecided voters and ure votes from their opponents. trump skipped the last gop debate before the iowa caucuses due to a feud with fox new channel and host megan kelly. following the debate tonight, the candidates will head over to the hockey arena, where the spin room' .we got a tour earlier today, including some of the technology google is putting to work to track searches for and about candidates, as well as trends before and during the debate. carly fiorina is the only gop candidate who was not invited to participate tonight.
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t make the top 3 in iowa and isn' t polling in the top 6 here in new hampshire or nationally. reporting live from st. anselm college in manchester, tk, wcvb nc 5. reid: setting the stage for tonights debate, seven podiums. donald trump and ted cruz will stand next to each other. of the major republican contenders only carly fiorina failed to make the cut. unlike previous gop debates, this time there is no early debate with low-polling candidates. right now, let' s bring in our newscenter 5 political analysts. pat griffin for the republicans. mary anne marsh for the democrats. tonight will we see a brash billionaire or a more comfortable and relaxed donald trump? >> donald trump missed a day of campaigning because of the weather. he is trying to push off marco rubio, coming up the hind us.
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in iowa. since then you have governor christie super pack, also jeb bush a super pack. will we see that tonight? >> no question about it. you have the top three folks in to do the same thing here. those three, the governors who have not won anything yet, the campaign is basically over for them. i expect everybody to hit everybody tonight. that will tell you who is going to move on to south carolina. >> will we see a few people drop out after tuesday? >> there is no question about it. if they don' t come in the top three, they haven' t won anything else.
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he may make a plan. for case again christie it would be over. >> how important is tonight for -- placing third? >> his strategy is three, two, one. he is going to have incoming on every side of the stage tonight. he' s the man under attack tonight. >> we will see how marco rubio reacts. maryanne marsh, always a great insight. thank you from manchester. you can watch the final gop debate before -- our coverage begins at 8. the tide in new hampshire as we the former secretary of state was joined by another former secretary of state madeline albright at a student town hall in concord. clinton is trailing vermont sen. bernie sanders, and is asking
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her campaign. meanwhile, sanders is expressing confidence about his primary chances. campaigning in rindge today, he says clinton won the state in 2008, but he' s confident he' s going to win if his supporters turn out. pam: newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage begins tuesday at 4:30 pm and we' ll take you all the way until midnight. you can also watch live on the wcvb mobile app. reid: a deadly fire hits a north andover home. coming up next, the heroic effort to save lives, and the investigation into how the fire started. pam: also ahead, the aftermath of a new york city crane collapse. what we' re learning about what went wrong. mike: how much snow you can expect and the area you are most likely to get snow. reid: and the boston college eagles are the first team to take on the uniquely motivated louisville cardinals bob halloran is in to show you how
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reid: a canton father has died after a tree limb has fallen on him. he is very well known in the community. a six-year-old girl was also -- was also killed in canton. pam: investigators still trying to determine the cause of a deadly fire in north andover. a man who lives there was able from the burning building. s nicole estaphan s live at the scene. neighbor getting her out of the home. much. >> i heard the alarm going off. nicole: billy kelley says he was outside of his north andover home saturday. when, in just a matter of minutes flames it was engulfed
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fire came out at me . nicole: still trapped inside, his elderly parents on the first floor and a family friend, a woman who lived on the second. >> i ran downstairs because my mother can' t walk so i helped her out of the house . nicole: with both his mother and father safely outside of the home. kelley than ran to the second floor. >> i ran up the back door to try and help her too but too much smoke and everything. nicole: it was too late. after they knocked it where they did locate a victim in the room firefighters tell us the fire started on the second floor of the living room. the living room-where the woman' s body was found. investigators still working on what caused this fire. details not being released at this time but several neighbors tell us she was a former professor.
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wcvb newscenter five. reid: mike wankum just ahead, and he' s tracking more storminess for the beginning of the week. what could be heading our way. pam: also ahead, rescues in the rubble. children saved after a devastating earthquake hits taiwan. as we go to break, a check on conditions at new england ski
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>> the search for survivors has been called off. two men were aboard a plane that was seen on radar, colliding with another aircraft flown by 72-year-old woman. wreckage and the logbook from one of the planes has been found. pam: investigators say could take weeks to determine what could cause a giant construction crane crash in new york city. the crane was being lowered at the time of the accident.
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at the time. investigators are hopeful the reporting computer will offer some clues. >> it is not the equivalent of a black box. the computer is going to give us some data. it will likely give us the angles of the two pieces in action at the time. >> the process of removing the crane began earlier today. >> a powerful earthquake struck southern taiwan. amid the ruins of high-rise building that collapsed, hundreds of rescues. among them several young children. before dawn.
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mike: it was a very heavy wet snow. temperatures above freezing area there is still a lot hanging on the trees. temperatures warm up a little bit more than they were today. 33 degrees, but keep in mind as temperatures start to drop below freezing we could see some black ice. not quite as cold as what it was last night. still a few clouds in the afternoon and mild weather. a light westerly breeze shaping up to be a beautiful day. we have a storm system down the coast and this is what it looks like monday morning at 10 a.m. amounts of snow. so big it is going to throw the moisture back at us. through.
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generally 133 inches of snow inland. you get some ocean enhancement. it is difficult to forecast and we won' t know until those bands step up. we have the potential of seeing five inches of snow in this area. most of us won' t get quite that much. the national weather service has said let' s get things prepared. tomorrow is nice. it is when we get monday into tuesday and the rest of the week. it doesn' t take some -- doesn' t take much to get some splash over. we have a strong northeasterly breeze going. all of that adds together there may be some minor flooding along
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maybe a road closure or two. you what is going to be happening. degrees. it is really focused more than some light snow coming in across the area. these will set up heading into the early afternoon. a second batch of snow will try again on tuesday. this is going to depend a lot on what happens on monday. that is a big question mark. maybe just teed up late to get going for anything else. its strength is certainly uncertain. the one thing that will happen, called temperatures come through.
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drop our temperatures. s. colder than what we expect for february but way above normal february. us. >> sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. scandal that led to their self-imposed post-season ban, rick pitino and the louisville cardinals are playing the victim card and they are determined to their final nine games. self-proclaimed victims? the boston college eagles. the eagles who are now 0-and-10 in the acc never had a chance in this one. louisville scored 19 of the game' s first 21 points and then built on that lead. the eagles fall to the 19th ranked cardinals, 79-47 and it .
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carolina on tuesday. the bruins are back home tonight for the second half of their home&home series with the sabres . still no adam mcquaid who' s been out for a month with an upper body injury, but he' s been and could be ready soon. s a real reliable guy. that toughness we like for our group and we missed part of it. >> the bruins beat the sabres two nights ago in buffalo with a couple of goals from ryan spooner and this nifty one from brad marchand marchand now with 23 goals just 5 shy of his career high. >> he' s fun to watch. he has the ability to change things. it has been fun watching. >> it is about growing and
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on. bob: von miller, t.j. ward and shiloh keo of the denver broncos have all been fined just over $23,000 for bad behavior against championship game. things like spearing, hitting a defenseless receiver, and unsportsmanlike conduct the 23 grand is about half what they so, they' re all good, and here' the eater' s digest of what . billions of wings and burgers 8 million pounds of guaca-holy-moly 50 million cases of beer and about 11 ounces of kale. might explain why 6% of americans will call in sick on monday. >> avery bradley wins the game. bob: thought that was worth another look the celtics coming
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and they' ve been doing a lot of winning lately and they' re racing up the standings just two weeks ago they were 22-and-20 and tied for 8h place in the eastern conference today they are 30-and-22,and tied for 4th. coming up new at 11, we are now less than two hours away from the final republican debate before the new hampshire primary. pam: we are less then two hours away from the final republican debate before the new hampshire primary. our analyst break down the key moments from manchester. and that' s where we find cecilia vega for abc' s world news coming up at 6:30. cecelia: coming up on this special edition, the showdown right here in new hampshire. also the urgent warning of one of the biggest scams.
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pam: we are going to get a little warming tomorrow. mike: we will knock that off the trees and power lines. and then we set ourselves up for a chance of snow on monday. it will start and go with us all day. inland one to three. we could three -- we could see three to five inches of snow. here'
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week, no more are we seeing coastal record heat we are seeing in the last couple of weeks. by thursday a real shot of cold air. notice the lows. at least we are starting winter late. it was a pretty good start. >> abc' s world news is next. pam: we'
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place v and look
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to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time for rest and grandchildren. r a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know we can create that america p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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