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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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from boston's news leader,
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phil: right now at 5:30, parts of massachusetts are still under a blizzard warning at this hour. this is video from marshfield. strong winds and water are spilling over in that area. jc: let's take a live look in somerville. this is a slow accumulation, harvey. phil: steek of speaking of slow, look at the roads. it is slow on the roadways. the good news is not a lot of cars out there. people are being asked to stay home. of course, be careful if you do head out because it is slick. we are watching the roads and we are watching the weather, harv. you still have the warnings behind you. harvey: we do. in the boston area, more immediate, it is a winter storm warning. that's also going to continue probably through the overnight period. we will continue to have snow deep into the night. by the way, if you just saw in the live shots the visibility has come back down again in boston which is getting a
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it is only 21 in boston and 19 in worcester. so the wind gusts are still there. 30, 35 miles per hour. it is not as her -- ferocious as earlier. this shows you the visibility. the brighter white, see that close to boston, is where the visibility is the lowest. notice it is all along the water and getting enhanced snow coming off the water as well. and now a couple spots in western mass are getting some pretty decent snow. visibility the lower it is the heavier the snow. that's what we have in boston, a half mile visibility at this time. from southern new hampshire to eastern mass also including cape anne and bands along the south shore and down toward chatum those are the heavier bands. it is coming together again. a gap has gone away and it has been filled in by the purple colors which does signify a steadier snow. this is moderate snow that could produce if it stayed in one place up to an inch an hour easily. it is right on down 93 from
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downtown boston at this time. now, i want to take you out in time. it is snowing about 7:00. it still is around 9:00. you think it is maybe coming to an end, but it is still with us about 11:00. this is slowly and steadily accumulating additional snow. and then it tapers off. for the commute, still a few bands may be left along the waters of the snort shore and the south. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow cape anne might have 8 to 12 inches and also 8 to 12 for the south shore and the cape. the cape has about three quarters of that right now. around boston five to nine inches of snow and lesser amounts as you increase your distance north and west. as far more specifically how much has fallen so far, let's check back in with mike. >> one of the challenges you have with the wind you had down toward the cape is figuring out how much snow fell because there is so much blowing and drifting out there. north of the city, the snowfall totals are not that heavy. we do have 4.2 in salem and
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it is still continuing to snow. to the south randolph 3.3 and arlington 2.3. then you get south of the city and we start to add more and more to it. like rock land at 5.5 and middle burrow at 4.5. foxborough 3.4 and minden4 inches. as you go closer to the cape, this is where we see the heaviest snow. cranston, rhode island 6.5. orleans has 9 inches of snow. and even down in the islands we have been picking up pretty good snows as well. soak bluff 7.8 -- oak bluff 7.8. here is the way it looked earlier during the high tide. and boy the waves and the action was pretty tremendous down there. we had six-foot tides and we put it into the moderate category. with that moderate flooding we had intoeding in the nantucket harbor. and there was flooding on washington street as well. lots of water being pushed in by those extremely strong winds that were out there. fortunately for the next high tide coming in, the wind will
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that's a little improvement and we will talk more about that in the next half hour. jc? jc: thank you, mike. a lot of folks are heeding the warning and staying home. >> yes, and this is why. there is not a lot of volume on the roadways, but there is still white stuff on the road. even a little accumulation can do a lot of damage. the volume is very, very light. plows are clearing the roads right now. let's check out the rest of your trip. and keep in mind the speed restrictions are in affect along the pike and as far as logan airport. 30% of all flights canceled today so call ahead. as far as the roadways go right now we are watching one spinout. expect one lane to be closed. the volume is not there. boston to braintree on the expressway. south of town is doing okay as well and as you travel the pike west about 15 minutes to 198. there was an accident involving an overturned
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you will find some residual delays and then as you travel good shape. the trains and buss are back on schedule. phil? phil: rhondella richardson is live for us now. rhondella? reporter: between friday and today, this is how brockton snowfall has piled up. the snow starts and stops, but the wind has been a consistent pain and a lot of blowing of the snow as the temperature dips. you will have black ice. be careful because it is beneath some of the snow. >> digging out is a chore. >> this is fluffy. it is not that bad. this is quite a bit to cover here. >> driving is a challenge, but emergency managers are thrilled there are no power outages like during friday's storm. >> they just finished getting people connected at 4:00, 5:00 yesterday. we convinced the national grid to keep those crews here in the city. they are on stand by right
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>> 180 pieces of snow removal equipment make the rounds and police are rounding up parked cars in violation of the snow emergency. >> it is a normal thing. when it snows get your car off the road, you know what i mean? >> trying to plow around cars, a danger and an unnecessary challenge. ahead of the storm. >> i have the crews doing the forest rework. reporter: emergency managers will have either a conference call or a meeting with the mayor around 8:00 tonight. that's when everybody makes their recommendation about school tomorrow and if city workers return to city hall. wcvb newscenter 5. jc: newscenter 5 continues with commitment 2016. phil: job creation tonight. where the candidates stand on making sure the economy stays healthy. 1k3 later --
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your wedding in an ambulance. jc: a boston bride's wedding hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. pthe first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. p i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. phe knows how to bring the world together against terror. p he knows when tough measures must be taken. pexperience and judgment count in the oval office. p jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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phil: hour look at eight issues continues with jobs and the economy. jc: unemployment stands from 10% at the height of the great recession. that only scratches the surface of the bigger economic picture. >> this is the big divide. reporter: polls show americans are split on how they feel president obama is handling the economy. not surprising given the mixed
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>> the unemployment rate is going down. jobs have been created, but the amount of growth and trajectory of growth is greater than in the past. reporter: they say the slow recovery creates uncertainty for many americans. >> my worry is they think this is a new normal we have to live with when in fact most of the problem we have is just we haven't achieved full recovery from the recession yet. reporter: there is one major area economists are watching. >> everyone agrees there is a wage problem in the united states. we should be better for the bottom 80% of workers who are not seeing wage increases. where the rubber hits the road what do policy makers do about it? >> democrats will try to paint a more optimistic picture. they will say not enough jobs are being created. people still don't feel comfortable and anxious about their own economic situation. reporter: experts say economic growth will take more than just a presidential plan. >> if we continue to have guided government.
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tough time doing a lot about jobs. reporter: last year employers added 2.6 million positions making 2015 the second best year for job gains since 1999. jc: the economy added three million jobs, the best 12-month period of job creation in the last 17 years. our look at eight issues in eight weeks continues next monday. we will track where the candidates stand on entitlement reform. phil: it is 20 degrees and the stormteam coverage continues for you. jc scr dash cash. jc: you can see the snow coming down and harvey is hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm
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p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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jc: zika request. the government is asking for $2 billion to fight and prevent the mosquito-borne virus. how would that money be spent? reporter: jc, the white house says most of the money would go to the department of health and human services. in all the administration is asking congress for $1.8 billion for zika prevention, detection and response. today federal officials say in most cases the virus causes mild illness. four out of five people have no symptoms. the main concern is women who are pregnant. researchers suspect there is a link betweenzika and birth detects. doctors say there is no vaccine, but development is underway.
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likely would be in phase one trials just to determine if it is safe and it enduces a good response probably by the end of the summer. reporter: so far there are no confirmed cases by mosquitoes here in the u.s. most zika affected areas are in central and south america of the wcvb newscenter 5. phil: a dream vacation turning into a nightmare for thousands of cruiseship passengers. their royal caribbean ship is heading back to new jersey after getting caught in rough weather. it was headed to the bahamas when hurricane-force winds, giant waves from the same storm system hitting us damaged the vessel. passengers were ordered to remain in their cabin for hours. >> when we looked out the window we would see waves that looked like the height of our balcony. i don't know how much was the
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much was tripped over. phil: nobody was seriously injured. they are offering full refunds. >> confirmations the conditions have been met? harvey: yes, nantucket and chatum and plymouth. southeastern mass and the cape. harvey: that means quarter mile visibility for less than three hours in a row and blowing snow and falling snow and drifting snow, the whole bit. it has been wild down there. the rest of us have been involved, but not to as large an extent. it is hazy looking as you look at city cam. that's obscuring the visibility. right now as i speak it is cold out there. it is more of a light, dry and fluffy snow. 21 in boston with a northerly breeze. the temperature is 18 now in worcester. do you see the winds are the strongest in eastern mass, 30 mile an hour gust in boston and 35 plymouth and for the 1 nantucket.
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increase from this point forward. ever so slowly they should ease. it is a slow process on the cape. windchill is in the single digits. the cape has not been hit hard. you come off the cape heading toward boston, but you don't get there yet. new bedford is four and a half and bridgewater three and a half. now the visibility. you can see the gray area is really coming down a lot in central and western mass. there is a little gap right now to the southwest of boston. all along the coast the visibility is low. half a mile now in boston as i speak. there is a pretty good band of snow that really exists from newbury port to portsmouth, new hampshire to nashua, down route 3 and 93 into boston and then south to brockton and the south shore continues to get snow. there is a closer look at
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this band right in here if it stays in place could produce an inch of snow an hour. now when all is said and done by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning i expect eight to 12 inches for the south shore and the cape. the cape has had about two-thirds of that already at least. eight to 12 around cape anne. five to nine is what we expect in boston. north and west of 495, probably about three to six inches of snow would be the average amount. it does stay snowy with the overall snow accumulations until about midnight and then everything starts to lift farther to the north. when you wake up tomorrow morning, a few bands around cape anne. do you see that little bit of snow on the outer cape? there is going to be a second storm that forms. the track is a little too far south to do much, but it may clip the cape with additional snow later tomorrow night. there may be another one doing the same thing around wednesday night or thursday. this coming weekend, wow.
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the region. saturday night and early sunday morning might even go down below zero in boston. it is a possibility with a cold biting wind and dak windchills. for now we are continuing to follow the snow that is in our area. jc and phil? phil: could there be a more perfect night for "chronicle" to be in warm weather mode? they are bound for barbados. jc: she got a lesson in something new for her, road tennis. she may have a future in this. >> it is a cross between table tennis and lawn tennis. it originated in the 1930s. reporter: today the homegrown sport has a pro circuit. >> is it an olympian sport?
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number one racket sport in the world. reporter: at the frederick smith secondary school in saint james, we meet dale clark, ceo of the professional road tennis association. >> the object of the game is if you hit the ball out you lose a point and if you hit the net you lose a point. reporter: these champs show us how. griffith didn't lose a single tournament last year. >> are you going to take it easy on me? >> of course i will. >> i get to play against the number one player on the island. watch out, mark. team shana! team shana! reporter: hey, i need all the
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in my opinion there is no such thing as beginner's luck. >> told you. >> she is good. also tonight shana takes a catamaran cruise and visits a tropical garden and explores a mysterious cave. bound for barbados at 7:30. >> feel warmer already. jc: she made it to the chapel. phil: but this boston bride almost didn't get married. what happened after she left the ceremony in an ambulance. >> and we are continuing to deal with this winter blast. our crews are out across the state including on the coast where there have been flooding issues. we are checking the conditions on the coast as well. and harding's heros. a teen who builds -- who runs a massive clothing drive. it is so big it is taking over her house. and we are live in new hampshire. >> on the eve of the new hampshire primary hillary
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sanders saying he too took money from wall street and
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phil: even a happy bride has plenty to worry about on her wedding day. i figured there was a list you could give. the dress, the in laws, the open bar, did the groom bring what he needed to bring? jc: exactly. my husband left his tie. no one could predict the health emergency that sent one boston bride to the hospital and left her groom solo at the
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newscenter 5 shares her story. >> it was definitely hard when we got the proofs back from the photographer. reporter: for the new mrs. jill hawkins and husband john these wedding photos show the best of times and the worst. >> it is really hard to come to terms with the fact that i could have died on my wedding night. that's the reality. reporter: jill remembers waking up for her wedding sick to her stomach. >> i just thought something feels a little weird, but it is probably just nerves. reporter: another possibility? just too scary and serious to consider. >> there was no way in my mind that this was all happening again. reporter: years earlier as a teenager jill was diagnosed with ulcerativecolitis. it could cause inflammation and severe abdominal pain. after several major surgeries resolved. >> i was moving forward and thinking it was behind me.
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but as jill tried powering through her wedding day, those knots in her stomach pulled tighter. >> i was having a hard time standing up at that point. >> it was definitely scary. >> i wanted to get down the aisle. reporter: she made it down the aisle exchanging vows with john. and then on to the beach to take this photo with her it. >> i was so sick. reporter: an ambulance rushed her to cape cod hospital and doctors decided to transfer to tufts medical center for emergency surgery. >> it was complicated. she had a twist in her -- insuccess stin which cutoff the blood supply. she could have died from that. reporter: he is the chief of colorectal surming re. >> to have that happen on your wedding day is almost unbelievable. reporter: and wedding jitters couldn't have triggered it. >> nothing could have precipitated this. i think it was just bad luck. reporter: and an early test of this young couple's vows in sickness and in health.
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>> if he says it, i believe it. >> she looks terrific. you certainly think she is doing well. the symptoms tend to come and go. there could be long periods of time between inflammation. they say anytime you have ab nominal pain that worsens you should see your doctor right away. if you would like more information on this chronic condition log on to our website phil: heather, thanks. it is a story they will tell forever and the bottom line is she is looking well and doing well. we have live team coverage of two big stories as we continue on. the blast of winter weather we are seeing and the new hampshire primary that is now just hours away. jcj scr newscenter 5 at -- jc: newscenter 5 at jibing:00 starts now jie. this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather:we have a live look where wind and blowing snow still is causing problems. ed: all day people along the
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this is what it looked like in marshfield during the high tide. heather:and we have one more to get through. stormteam coverage begins with harvey leonard. harvey: we found out six places have qualified for this being a blizzard. a blizzard is three hours or more in a row and winds gusting to 35 miles an hour or more. visibility a quarter mile or less in snow, falling snow and blowing snow and this has happened for four hours on fan fan -- nantucket and three hours on plum myth -- plymouth. that's the area under the blizzard warning until 7:00 tonight. in boston and eastern massachusetts, it is a winter storm warning through tonight and farther north and west it is a winter weather advisory for more modest amounts. they got a report 10 inches of snow and that's a tru men does wind as well -- tremendous wind as well. sandwich about 7. you can see the cape has been hit hard. they have been closest to the storm.
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pretty far away it looks like
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