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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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by valentine' say, wind chill -20 and -30. they stay below zero all day long. it is all about the cold heading into the weekend, so there could be snow for some. we will break that down for you right now at the eye-opener. >> now, on newscenter 5' s eyeopener -- emily: a man survives being hit by a speeding car. police say that is only half the trouble caused by the driver. randy: breaking right now, armed occupiers and oregon are expected to surrender today. the tense situation is the fbi closes in. emily: flying high at fenway. the extreme stunts as athletes catch big air. it is on the eye this thursday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. randy: also, a lights show from space. the cause of this dazzling celestial display is an eye popper this morning.
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emily: i g uess we' re starting off normal for february, right? cindy: we should wake up to readings in the 20' s and then come around the freezing mark in the afternoon. maybe 30 degrees today, not as warm as yesterday, but we are starting out ok. 27 in boston, 20' s to the north in beverly. but notice on radar, a little bit of activity out for the berkshires and down through connecticut. the eastern tip of long island as well. the snow showers are coming out ahead is a front. this front is the leading edge of colder air. on the other side it is in the single digits, so that is the air mass that works in to what we have going on right now. notice that we are pretty much holding steady throughout the day. also notice the wind picking up out of the west, gusting this afternoon. they will be accompanied by scattered snow showers once
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they' re developing across the still looking at these scattered snow showers. they will be hit or miss, a quick burst of snow a possibility, a absolutely a possibility. do keep that in mind. let' s get you back to the roads -- early trouble once again. olessa: we did have an issue early with a truck that has since been cleared. we have been watching is just about gone heading into boston. there is also some inspe construction that is just picking up. so far, an issue be start -- an issue free start on 93. emily: breaking overnight, the mass pike just reopening all
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the tractor-trailer slammed into an overpass. the driver is suffering life-threatening injuries and was unconscious when he was pulled from the wreck. some of you will did spell after that crash. >> i' m a dead man. emily: he was taken for a wild ride, and right now the driver has not been found. the hunt is on to track them down. randy: frank collins is there this morning with the clues police are following. frank? frank: this hit and run happened right here, and this morning, the man who held onto the car hood for dear life is just thankful he is still alive. he suffered a broken foot and ankle. he was hit yesterday morning. police say the man who was behind the wheel was a 29-year-old tyson elgato, who was trying to get away after escaping a police officer. police say he attacked an officer in the skate in a car.
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>> by the time i saw it, it was coming for me. >> how can you be so oblivious to what is around you and have no conscience whatsoever? frank: the driver eventually stopped, sending him to the ground. he is expected to recover. police are searching for delgado, who faces a number of charges. we will continue to follow the story all morning long. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, the armed standoff at a wildlife refuge and oregon maybe coming to an end. we are watching the situation very carefully. the eyeopener' s erica tarantella is tracking the information. erika: this really could be over at any time. the refuge is surrounded by the fbi and officers and armored vehicles. the last armed occupiers hold up there said they would turn themselves in today, but they also yelled at officers to back off, and spoke with supporters over an line. one man yelled, hysterically,
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out was dead or without charges. all this started over frustration with federal land use policies. it has been going on since january 2. we will bring you new information as soon as we get it. emily: right now, police are searching for a vote after a deadly shooting inside a maryland panera restaurant. it started when police were called to check on a 67-year-old after he made customers nervous. witnesses say when an officer sat down next to him, the suspect shot him in the head. police chased him, exchanging gunfire. a deputy was killed. the suspect was also killed. he had an outstanding warrant. randy: families of people murdered by whitey bulger may be getting a financial settlement. one member says they have been offered a split of $822,000, and proceeds from an auction of the killer' s belongings -- about $51,000 per piece. in exchange, they would agree to
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right now, the convicted rapist is free after nearly 30 years behind bars. our investigation helped to expose the flaw evidence that sent away. george walked out of the new bedford courthouse yesterday, free on bail. he was tied to the nice 85 sexual assault of an elderly springfield woman by an fbi analysis of a strand of hair. that method has since been discredited. >> i' ve been in 30 years for a crime i didn' t commit. don' t give up. don' t give up, that' s for sure. randy: prosecutors argued that he should stay behind bars while they decide to appeal or retry the case. they cited is disciplinary record in prison and a prayer escape attempt. emily: commitment 2016. the crowded republican field for the presidency is thinner this morning. chris christie and carly fiorina are both out. gop front-runner donald trump hit the ground in south carolina, the next big state on the primary.
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who came in second, ohio governor john kasich, saying he is ready for a fight. >> don' t mess with me, ok? i' m not going to be a pincushion or a marshmallow, but i am also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. emily: on the democratic side, bernie sanders reached out for african-american support, meeting with the reverend al sharpton in new york city. hillary clinton stayed off the campaign trial, huddled with staffers after that rough primary loss. they will debate tonight on pbs. there' s concert this morning that thousands of massachusetts voters may be registered with the wrong party. william galvin says they may have registered with independent parties, thinking it would allow them to vote for any candidate. that doesn' t. you can only do that if you are unenrolled. he sent letters to the voters explaining that, and the party founder says he is frustrated, saying you may have driven people away from the party.
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daring athletes are getting ready to catch big air at fenway park. it' s going to be quite the show. todd is on the field with a pretty impressive backdrop. todd: randy, good morning. it certainly is. that story is pretty cool. we have a lot of cool things to show you here this morning. behind me is something you don' t see every day -- this is a giant ski jump for skiing and snowboarding. a monster of a ski ramp taking over the field for skiers and snowboarders who will hit the slopes, showing off over center field. during a practice round yesterday, they caught big air. it featured athletes from 25 countries. the rent is 145 feet high. >> i' m really excited to stand up on top and look down and see the fans and do a trick and slide into home plate -- it will be sick. [laughter]
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many olympic hopefuls are hoping the high-profile then you will bring more attention to their sport. this runs for two days here at fenway park. and in case you were wondering, no, i will not be taking any runs that it. randy: oh, come on. frank: not that i don' t have the guts, they just won' t allow it. randy: [laughter] thank you. the t may be considering a policy to give discounted rides to some passengers. emily: there is a catch, thoguh. a nightmare cruise is finally over. randy: 101 with robert kraft. his one regret from the season. erika: breaking right now, the last of the armed occupiers and oregon are expected to surrender today. the standoff at the wildlife refuge has been going on or about the days. -- about 40 days.
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watching scattered snow showers to break out again today, marking the beginning of some cold air moving in. these frigid temperatures on the way, coming up. first, take a look at the radar. temperatures are starting out in the 20'
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randy: too good! a great way to be. thank you so much. emily: tomorrow morning, look for some very talented kids from boston high school. we would love to see what you
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cindy: for little kids, aw. i hate to do this, but are you ready for a pop quiz? when with the last time we were below zero? emily: last february. cindy: wow! and guess what? it' s coming again. below zero once again, and unfortunately that cold air is working down from canada. you can see it right now, in the 20' s and 30' s below zero. that is the air mass that is going to be working on in here as we get into the upcoming weekend. it is coming in stages, one chunk of cold air tonight but the real cold comes in friday night, and it is turning
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highs in the teams, by sunday morning accompanied by the wind. could be flirting with some records here. the record in boston is -3. it' s -11 in worcester and we will be close to those numbers. out the door, 20' s. 27 in boston right now. and there isn' t a ton of wind, but the direction is from the west, and if you look to the west it is already in the single-digits. that is the air mass that will be working in as the final boundary crosses. as it gets closer we will see more snow. a few this morning and the berkshires down through connecticut, but those will get closer to us. later this morning during the midday hours, right through the afternoon, they are going to be hit or miss. they' ll be scattered about, with a brief burst of snow that could provided about an each of accumulation, enough to make things slippery later on. colder air working in.
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where they are right now stuck in the 20' s to near 30 degrees. the winds get very active into the afternoon, sustained around 20 miles per hour. by this evening at 8:00 p.m., wind chills in the single digits. it will feel like below zero tomorrow morning, with actual low temperatures down in the single digits. then we watch that arctic front coming, and look what it does -- it' s bomb scenario flow pressure. it could brush southeastern massachusetts with some light snow. friday night, we can take a closer look. it starts out with sunshine, clouds in the afternoon. if you have plans, notice there will be snow showers around. during the overnight hours, a period of snow on the cape behind a couple inches of snow. then they exit on saturday morning. look at that on valentine' s day -- below zero in the morning, 10
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those wind chills, -30 to - 20. just stay inside. emily: the by a fire. t olessa: the pike -- a nice, light ride. pretty much everywhere. let' s see what else is going on. over and and this morning now out of the way. the project by the braintree split is also picking up early. so far, issue free along the pike, then as you travel north, it gets by at the speed limit. trains and buses on schedule. randy: passengers endured a serious battling on this cruise ship but they are back on land this morning. it is now docked in new jersey with a team of coast guard inspectors taking a look at the damage. the ship was cruising into a major winter storm, with all the problems on sunday -- powerful
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four people suffered injuries. maria stefanos is going one-on-one with robert kraft, talking about his team and' s regrets -- and his regrets. he tells maria that they showed a tremendous mental toughness when hit by injuries and controversies. is one regret was that they didn' t get to play that critical game against the broncos at home. he says it is his legacy bill belichick and tom brady retire as patriots, and he has a message to families with concerns about concussions and long-term brain disorders linked to football injuries. >> my sons and grandsons played, i played. i' d recommended to every mother out there who wants her young man to grow up special that they play, too. randy: he was on hand last night at the boys and girls club boston celebration. he' s led that organization for 25 years.
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dow futures are down more than 300 points right now, following tough trading overnight in asia fueled by market drops in hong kong and south korea. today, wall street will be watching for the weekly snapshot unemployment. the mbta revisiting a plan to offer discounted rides for college students. it would sell discounted passes to students, and the schools could make up the cost by raising student tuition or fees. the played was first proposed in 2014 but colleges didn' t take it. officials say it could generate revenue or the ailing agency. the takata airbag recall is expanding this morning. . again, audi, bmw adding vehicles to the list, bringing the total number of cars recalled to over 5 million. an inflator in the airbag can cause an explosion, sending shrapnel flying into the vehicle. forget burger king -- how about hot talking? yes, that' s right.
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the restaurants. they called the change one of the biggest launches since the 1970' s. burger king will serve the classic grilled dogs later this month. randy: good news for health -- some dementia rates, are falling and the reason might provide hope. a study found people at high risk for dementia who made an effort to improve their heart health also decreased their dementia risk. researchers say it also means that in some cases dimension might be preventable, or at least able to be delayed. emily: still ahead, pigs like you have never seen them. randy: an animal hybrid in eye poppers this morning. erika: a massachusetts lawmaker wants to raise the fine for jaywalking. why she says it is a smaller price to pay. and new fallout over racial tension at a boston school. the change community members are demanding.
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we want to know you' re good news. send us your video -- share them on the wcvb facebook page or e-mail them to us. we'
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notice there are a couple of snow showers to the south and west, and as we go through the day, we will see a few more. we start out in the 20' s -- 27 right now in boston. temperatures will stay in the 20' s, the wind picking up as well out of the west. it gusts over 30, wind chill down below zero by tomorrow morning. a blustery and cold friday, more light snow for some of us here on saturday morning. emily: thank you. thieves are targeting pricey jackets at boston university. campus police say the trendy jackets are being swiped from students at the fitness center. note around arm patches, sold for $900 to $1300 at upscale department stores. randy: it is 5; ;24, time for the eye poppers. emily: this one definitely fits the bill.
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the astronauts posted this to their facebook page to show what a lightning storm looks like from space. pretty incredible. the video was captured at the international space station flew over north africa and turkey. and here' s a new friend for you. oh, it' s horrifying. if you ever wanted to see what happens when you mix a it with a sheep, this is it. the woolly hybrid comes from hungary, where he says they are as tame as dogs. he breeds them for their meat, following too closely. randy: [laughter] emily: what is that thing? randy: do they role in the mud? emily: maybe not. cindy: emily, please -- take it away. emily: new this morning, making $20 go further. a financial advisor explains
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and an apology from the indycar race. the move that had been accused of bribing the drivers. a view of fenway park -- that huge snow ramp built for a two day snowboarding event. it starts today. todd is there. he says he is not going down the ramp, but let' s see what we can
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a major mess as a big greg slams into a bridge on the massachusetts turnpike. emily: a man run down the street. >> the pain -- i can' t describe the pain. randy: it' s the video that stirred serious protest. how it may cost the head of a prestigious school her job. emily: and catching serious air
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todd: a while stunt taking over fenway park today. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. randy: 5:39 0. we are live at fenway park this morning, trying to convince todd -- [laughter] randy: so far we have not been able to convince him to get on the slope. emily: he is insisting there are rules. [laughter] emily: if he did it we would need to send another news crew. randy: and paramedics. emily: good morning. a nice shot out there. cindy: it' s called, -- it' s cold, and no melting the next few days. it is getting colder. 27 out the door, 20 in
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not a ton of wind, but as you look off to the west, notice those single digits -- that is where our air is coming from today. as we go into the day, notice the temperatures don' t really go up. in fact, they are going to be holding fairly steady. as we get into the afternoon, there will be snow showers. an arctic front off to the west, bringing in more snow showers. as we get into the day, it starts to fill in. late morning through the midday we will see those, hit or miss snow showers developing. they might bring enough snow to coat the roads, but we aren' t expecting any more than an inch. they' re quick hitting and will be around. the wind picks up this afternoon , so by days end, wind chills in the single digits. let' s get you out to the roads. fortunately they are dry. olessa: yes, they are. a live look at the pike, moving
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we are doing ok in both directions. the rest of your trip is also nice and light. problem for young 93, staying wide open through wilmington. pike looks good as well, out to 128 and beyond. south of town, 95 looks good. the braintree expressway, trains and buses running on schedule. emily: thank you. , breaking overnight, a man is hospitalized after this crash. that happened after midnight. police say the truck hit a bridge and rolled over. randy: also breaking, a tense standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge may be ending this morning. fbi agents and armored vehicles have sworn to the compound, four people still inside who are angry over federal land use policies, among other things.
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emily: woburn police are searching for this man, accused of hitting a man with his car. the incident was captured on surveillance video. police say tyson elgato was trying to get away after assaulting a police officer. new this morning, calls are growing to fire the headmaster of a prestigious boston school. randy: antoinette antonio has the scrutiny over the racially charged incident. antoinette: randy leaders in the black community, say the headmaster here failed to take appropriate action after some racist comments were posted on social media. this is the woman facing scrutiny -- she' s the headmaster here. she is now a central part of the investigation into how this incident was handled, all according to "the globe." it happened more than a year ago, and so far she has declined an interview.
5:28 am
shown signs of solidarity, posting raise positive videos on youtube and holding an all-black clothing day. parents were told to bring their complaints directly to the district' s office and not to the administration. the investigation into these comments is expected to take about another week. live outside boston latin this morning. randy: thank you. a north andover couple is behind bars this morning after pleading guilty to the abuse of two teenage girls. a 35-year-old admitted to abusing his two stepdaughter because their biological father is dominican. he' s an alleged white supremacist who beat and harassed the girls for several years. he will be serving up to five years in prison, along with probation after that. their mother is also pleading guilty for failing to protect your children. emily: a new proposal in massachusetts could make you
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a bill aims to increase the fine for jaywalking.. while the indicators is not to, the fine in much of the state' s only $1. the senate majority leader wants to change that. she says one person is hit every seven to eight minutes in massachusetts. >> i don' t like to use the stif approachf but that is the only way will change habit -- once you are find, younre not going to do it again. emily: she is proposing a $25 fine for the first offense. she says she is determined to bring it to a vote. randy: new this morning, critics of the indycar race are accusing organizers of trying to lure supporters to a public meeting. a facebook post appeared on their page, calling for support. it offered people who attended
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act that weekend. organizers say it was a misunderstanding. a young staffer posted the offer in an attempt to generate excitement. it was taken down, and an apology has been issued. making $20 last. emily: a financial advisors reveals the secret to squeeze the most out of every dollar. the city of cleveland causes more outrage after a boy was killed by police. randy: and ahead, this is not what you would expect to see on
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olessa: good morning and welcome back. this is eastbound moving to the top of the screen, traffic getting by without any problems in both directions -- that is the case across the area. so far, no accidents to report. cindy: it is cold and getting colder. it' s in the 20' s right now and we will stay there all day. snow showers on the radar to the west and south. like yesterday, we will find snow showers, but colder temperatures could make the roads slippery. we stay in the 20' and the wind picks up, too. by this evening, windchill to the single digits. we' ve got bitter cold temperatures coming in. highs will not get out of the sunday morning.
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new this morning, we are focusing on the economy. we are watching our wallets, trying to make the most of our money, so we asked a local financial advisor for the best moves to make if all you have to spend is $20. the first move might surprise you. >> i' m going to take el l you to take five dollars and have a good time. it is one thing to say you need to save all of it, but everyone has to have immediate gratification. emily: once you have done that, he says to think about your goals. >> if you feel you need a new roof in the next 6-12 months, if you are saving up for a new car, that is a short-term goal. that money needs to be in cash, somewhere safe. emily: he suggests putting another five dollars about $20 toward short-term plans, and the remaining into your long-term goals. things like buying a house or retiring. if you can do it again, those dollars can add up fast. >> you take that out to a tenure
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if do you earned basic interest, which you can do conservatively, you will end up with five or $6,000. emily: he says saving money is really about finding a way that works for you. maybe you just scale back to three days of coffee instead of five. the extra dollars will add up before you know it. tomorrow morning, some family-friendly fun for just $20. the boston area spots that will keep the kids busy during school vacation without breaking the bank. randy: updates ahead on breaking news. in or a gun, action unfold -- in oregon, action unfolding. and a mystery -- the death investigation underway.
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randy: good morning. 5:44. we are ready with your news to go. on the field at fenway park and breaking news on the standoff in oregon. emily: first, i want to check in with cindy and your forecast. some winter like temperatures. cindy: we do. it' s cold in chicago and minneapolis, but keep looking. what do you see now? we' re just opening up the door
5:37 am
so here' s a heads up. even yesterday we were in the 30' s,. but today we do not get out of the 20' s average high is 28. colder still on saturday. a high of 18 on saturdays a little deceptive, because there will be wind, and the windchill long. s to the north and south. temperatures aren' t going to change a whole lot -- notice that we hold in the 20' s throughout the day. as the wind picks up out of the west, they could gust to 20, 30 miles per hour. starting around 11:00 this morning, right into the afternoon, there will be a few snow showers. a funnel boundary on the leading edge of the colder air. it is producing a few sun showers right now out in the western part of the state and down through connecticut. as we go into the day, it will be working in. additional snow showers breaking out.
5:38 am
s end, wind chills will be down in the single digits. by tomorrow morning, they will be running below zero, so you need to be dressed for that. that core of the cold air is pressing toward us. friday night into saturday morning, snow showers, with a period of light snow as the ocean storm pulls away. in general it is all about the frigidaire coming in. high temperatures not getting out of the teens and with the wind blowing again it will feel even colder. olessa: so far it is a very quiet start -- there is no problem through the top of the screen. let' s get to the maps as you make your way north. still pretty quiet, a little bit of volume building. once you get past that, you weren' t in the clear all the way
5:39 am
a 15 minute trip from 495, and so far no concerns of south of town. 95 looks good, routes 3 nice and quiet. trains and buses start the morning on schedule. emily:.thank you breaking overnight. -- thank you. breaking overnight, a man is after crashing his tractor-trailer. the truck flipped onto its side, trapping him on the eastbound side interest in. he was unconscious when pulled from the wreck. the left lane of the highway was shut down. randy: right now, the search is on for a suspect wanted after a hit and run. emily: frank holland' s live this morning. frank? frank: good morning. that hit and run happened right here at this intersection, an innocent pedestrian was hurt after he was thrown from the hood of the car. >> by the time i seen the car, it was dead set on me. i just. on the hood and i held on for dear life.
5:40 am
he suffered a broken ankle and foot. he is grateful to be alive. he was hit yesterday morning. the van driving was making a get away from police officers. this morning the search continues for 29-year-old tyson delgado. he was being questioned about a nearby fast when he assaulted an officer and made a wild escape. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. emily: breaking news out of oregon, the fbi has surrounded the remaining members of an armed militia and a federal wildlife refuge. the occupier said they would turn themselves in today, but often yelled at negotiators, vowing to come out of debt or without charges. the fbi says they never wanted to engage the group, but the situation reached a point or where action was required. this started over a month ago over a protest of the use of federal land. one was killed when the fbi said
5:41 am
antoinette: thank you. there are calls this morning for the headmaster of boston' s latin to step down because of how she handled racist comments that were posted to social media by students. leaders in the black community say she failed to take appropriate action after this incident more than the year ago. she didn' t comment to "the globe." in recent weeks, students have shown signs of solidarity, posting raise positive videos on youtube and holding an all-black clothing day. the investigation into the comments is expected to take about another week. todd: welcome to fenway park as you have never seen it before. this is taking a mountain and bringing it into the ballparks. a giants ski jump here in center field, antedates skiers and
5:42 am
we caught some of the practice round yesterday. this is a two day event featuring athletes from 25 countries. the ramp is 140 feet high, tolerance band the light towers. olympic hopefuls are hoping this event this weekend will bring them some high-profile attention. randy: a suspicious death investigation is underway in where him. a that was found dead in his home. police found he had been shot multiple times. he lived alone. neighbors tell us they saw him outside on monday. police are now waiting for autopsy results. emily: a new hampshire school board' s signing off on their first policy concerning transgender students. the new rules require all programs, activities, and employment practices be free from discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
5:43 am
dress code and locker rooms will be decided case-by-case. randy: nine people have to find a new place to live after fire tore through their home in laconia. firefighters pulled one man from the second floor around 5:00 last evening. another was taken to the hospital for breathing problems. the fire does not appear to be suspicious. emily: the man who murdered robert kennedy 40 years ago has been denied parole for the 15th time. he was denied after a three-hour hearing before the california parole board, which ruled he didn' t show enough remorse. he was murdered in a los angeles hotel minutes after he claimed victory in the 1968 democratic primary. randy: the u.s. justice department is filing a civil rights lawsuit against ferguson, missouri. this comes a day after the city council refused to accept an agreement aimed at improving how police and courts treat minorities.
5:44 am
shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown in the summer of 2014. the justice department accuses them of routinely violating the rights of citizens. cleveland wants the estate of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by a police officer. to pay for his aunt ellen' s ride. tamir rice was killed after pointing a pellet gun at an officer on the playground. the officer was not charged. the city is now seeking a $500 reimbursement. the mother has filed a lawsuit against the officers involved in the city. emily: 58 people are dead after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in a nigerian refugee camp. a start was arrested, and gave officials information about other planned bombings to help them increase security. it is home to some 50,000 people who have been driven from their homes by the extremist group boko haram. randy: the united states is enforcing new sanctions against
5:45 am
the senate unanimously passed legislation yesterday targeting s ability to finance the development of nuclear warheads and long-range missiles. the house passed a similar sanction bill last emily: a' s thriller at the celtics crawl out of a hole in overtime. heating up in ot, scoring seven of 13 points. they win and send off their former guard paul pierce, a celtics all-time great, their retirement thoughts. it may have been his final game at the garden. police capture a dog on the run. this german shepherd got loose and was running around 495 yesterday. state police were able to get a hold of him. he was eventually reunited with his family. randy: an usual site here -- a homeowner in california pays tribute to his late father. he placed photographs of the
5:46 am
he grew up in the house which is father bought in 1945 and lived in until his death. the house will be torn down in march, but the artist says he is already wowing several visitors with his display. emily: cindy, we have winter like temperatures. we should get used to this. cindy: we should. 27 right now, and you are thinking -- that' s not too bad. you don' t want to dress for that. the witness and strong but it will pick up through the day. as you look through the west, notice how the temperatures are colder. . this is the air mass working in by this afternoon the temperatures will change little. 22 in plymouth, and look at the afternoon temperatures -- still holding the 20' s. as the wind picks up it will feel colder. notice off to the west, it will approach us and start to
5:47 am
more snow down through hartford and the eastern tip of long island. these will move closer to the coast line is we go deeper through the morning, and especially the early afternoon. notice the scattered snow showers, hit or miss. a coating to an inch of snow is not out of the question. once the sun goes down it will wind down, and while the temperatures are dropping, the windchill by 5:00 will be near 10. by tomorrow morning, they will be below zero. temperatures themselves will be in the single digits friday morning. a cold start tomorrow, than the arctic front approaches, generating snow showers friday evening. there could be a period of light snow first thing saturday morning. as the storm pulls away, frigid temperatures are left behind. don' t be caught off guard by light snow.
5:48 am
s all about the cold -- look at these windchill' s. temperatures will be below zero, but the wind will be blowing so hard that wind chills will be in the -20 to -30. that is dangerous stuff -- you can get frostbite pretty quickly. below zero pretty much all day. then we warm up next week, with snow changing terrain by the middle of next week. how we doing on the road? olessa: so far, pretty good shape. a live look, starting to build a little bit of volume. let' s go to the map. as you travel south, we are watching one accident in bridgewater. 24 northbound, the left leg is closed. a beta for backup, so give yourself a couple extra minutes. beyond that, 95 clear. once you get there, you' re right on the expressway is 15 minutes to boston.
5:49 am
from 495 to 128 only about 15 minutes. north to town, 93 southbound building volume out of river road. looking good through wilmington, and a that more volume as you head toward the leverett connector. emily: thank you. concerns as the massachusetts primary approaches. randy: the mistake that may have been made on thousands of voter registrations. a man freed after 30 years in prison. his message as he awaits a new trial. emily: and take a live look from fenway park. that giants ski jump is big air, getting underway today.
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