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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the kitchen sink. jc: andarvey, you hav the time line of it. harvey: different locations and different times the conditions will be different. let's show you what is taking place as we get started. the visibility is running about four to nine miles in light or very light snow. but the ground is very cold. it is enough to coat everything quickly. the visibilities are lower from hartford south and west. most is light to very light and somewhat heavier and it is moving in our direction. that's where we will get our accumulation from. notice you don't have to go too far south in long island where you run into the mix and the rain. there is going to be a change over. it is not a long period of time it can snow here. it is just a few hours. that will give anywhere from half an inch to two inches of snow before the change. a coating to an inch around the cape and two inches possible along and north of route two.
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by 10:00 it is mixing with sleet and freezing rain inland. that lean flies to the north. early tomorrow morning most of us are damp, drizzly and above freezing, but in northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire and southern maine it may still be bow low freezing with -- be below freezing with a little glaze. by late in the morning the temperature should start warming up there as well. that's how things look. there is also a high wind watch to faulk about and we'll cover -- watch to talk about and we'll cover that as well. phil: dozens of people including an infant had to be rescued. it left them stranded high above the ground. and boy this must have been scary, ed? ed: it was a brake issue apparently. that's according to a spokesman and not the bitter cold that caused the problem.
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operation happened. one by one skiers were harnessed and lowered to the floor 40 feet down to snow. by mid-afternoon two trams suddenly stopped. >> it swung hard and swung back and we knew there was a problem. >> i had a pretty comforting feeling. >> rescuers did a good job. >> they definitely did. phil: among those rescues -- >> among those rescued was a baby on a sightseeing trip with his parents. every tram is expected every day and this is the first time he has seen a problem in his nine years of running that show. jc? jc: several patients had to be moved from kindred hospital north shore after pipes burst. the pea body fire department said when they arrived they found 10 to 12 pipes that were elsewhere. in a statement the hospital says it was experiencing cold.
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>> they had a freeze up and they had leaks in multiple areas from their hvac system. what we chose to do once we addressed the leaks is they had five patients in icu. they were on ventilators and we set up a triage and down at 8:25 there was one hour where they were all transported to the local hospitals. >> there could be additional problems as the expected thaw rolls in, but they will be watching closely. >> president bush will make his first appearance on the campaign trail. they are appearing at a rally for governor jeb bush in south carolina. they visited an american legion post. george w. bush won the south carolina primary on his way to the oval office. the rally begins at 6:00. donald trump meantime is also in south carolina today taking aim at his opponents. they say jeb bush should have
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they called ted cruz a liar and an unstable person. senator marco rubio was out this morning talking to south carolina voters. he held a town hall in rock hill. among the topics of discussion is use of force against isis if he was to become president. jc: crews say the election served as a referendum on the court calling for president obama to let the people decide. he is also in south carolina and that state will be leading up to the first in the south primary on saturday. republican john kasich is focused on michigan. it marks his 9th in the state that holds the primary on march 8th. phil: bernie sanders is campaigning in michigan. he has an event tonight at 7:00. hillary clinton spent the day in nevada speaking in the city of elko. yesterday she held a rally in las vegas.
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february 27th. jc: the pope was waiving to the heart in the heart of indynel nuss mexico. he told thousands they have been misunderstood and excluded from society for their differences. it is the country's poorest state and once the site of the aztec nation. phil: the drive is probably the same. a live look at the bridge as we lose the sunlight from the day and it looks fine. let's see how the drive times are. we will start south of the city. 20 minutes from mass ave to route 3. farther west 15 minutes from the western tolls to 495 and once you get on 495 the stretch between the mass pike and 290 looks okay in both directions. that's a look at first alert traffic. jc: and later on snow will be
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that could be a huge change. phil: if you are going out you have to be careful. if you need extra motivation to exercise researchers say there may be an evening solution. it is all about the consequences of that trip to the gym. reporter: debating the future of entitlement programs. why some say social security and p new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. r eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. r
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. jc: eight issues in eight weeks. it is one of the biggest topics this campaign season,
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>> the presidential candidates differ on the future of the benefits. reporter: tens of millions benefit from entitlement programs. >> they are popular programs which is why politicians send to shy away from making any changes. reporter: it is a topic of debate on the campaign trail. some are proposing cuts while others are vowing to expand benefits. >> there is a major divide in the republican party. paul ryan has called for the entitlement programs. >> aarp whose members are 50 and older say social security is one program that has succeeded over the years and deserves to be saved for future generations. >> by 2034 if it stays the same everybody's benefits get cut up to $10,000 a year. reporter: they say one proposal for reforming social security is to raise the retirement age.
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for wealthier americans. >> it has become an income replacement program and a subsidee for many retirees that don't need the assistance from the government. reporter: aarp says social security isn't as generous as some may think. >> the fact of the matter is we are in an economy where most people have to rely on social security as their sole source of retirement. reporter: medicare is a program that is also in need of an over haul. >> this is not a sustainable scenario that can go on forever. congress need to make entitlement reform a priority. >> we are most successful when we can bring both parties together and have an honest debate. >> according to the social security administration the average monthly benefit is a little more than $1300. in washington. phil: nine out of 10 individuals age 65 and older do receive social security benefits. our look at eight issues in
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will track the political climate and whether the next president can actually be a unifying force. phil: still ahead, cutting back on the clutter can help you skip the extra snack and how about more to celebrate for "star wars" fans. episode 8 is closer to hitting the big screen. an update on cast members. >> and many of us have seen the first flakes. however, accumulating snow is closing in slowly, but surely. that's not for that long, but it is enough to make things tricky on the road.
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phil: here is a new tip for you. clean your kitchen. a new study by cornell university found that the more tidy your kitchen is, the better choices you will make about what to eat. thoughts? it has to do with whether or not you feel in control. the more chaotic your environment, the less messy your kitchen and the less in control you feel. jc: family, listen to that, my family, hello. phil: and there is new research showing background noise can get in the way of learning kids and missing important words. scientists say it can be a problem until kids become teenagers. that means turning off the tv, radio and any electronics on
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home. researchers suggest you speak clearly and make eye to eye contact and make sure your kid can see your mouth move when you speak to them. jc: want to make people exercise? one good strategy could make them pay if they don't. looking fitter and feeling healthier sounded good around january 1st. but will power is only one way to holding fast of your lalls -- last round of new year's resolutions. if you are looking for motivation look that your wallet and ask yourself this question. what is more likely to work, being paid to work out or having to pay someone else if you don't? you may not like the answer. they looked at 300 people to see which of the two strategies made it more likely to meet their goal of 7,000 steps. some received a cash reward when they met the goal and others had to pay a penalty if they didn't. the penalty was significantly more motivating.
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economists have claimed. people are more strongly motivated to avoid feelings of loss orie greet. so when -- or regret. consider asking a friend or loved one to hold you accountable and come up with a penalty so it will cost you to be lazy. >> so they say the financial pain may be beneficial for your health. phil: there will be a little bit of pain at the end of that class as well. awesome exercise. jc: you love that class. harvey, a lot of people have been getting their workouts with shoveling or de-icing their roof. harvey: and not to embarrass you , but i will let you know phil and jc are in the best shape as anyone i know. phil: oh, harv. harvey: we have incredible change coming up over the next 24 to 36 hours. we have been through record
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out we have a period of snow. the winter weather advisory is in affect not just for snow, but for freezing rain that will then follow it and with the ground cold until the temperature gets above freezing anything untreated will be slippery. this is in affect until 4:00 a.m. really it is all the way until 9:00 a.m. in northern massachusetts. that's what happens the farther north you go the longer it will take for the cold air. tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night is another aspect of the storm, a completely different one. the warm and windy and wet one. there may be a thunderstorm and strong winds and there could be localized damage with that. there is a potential wind gust we are talking about and that is tomorrow afternoon to tomorrow night. now let's back it up to the snow portion which is the first part of the snow. we have had light snow, very light snow around the region. it coated the ground in some
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this is the steadier batch. that's where the visibility is lower. you can see the visibility is still 4 to 9 to 10 miles around our area, but two miles in hartford and two miles in new london. a mile in bridgeport. that's a few hours starting an hour or so from now for a couple of hours. we will get steady snow as this patch moves through the region. the pink is freezing rain or sleet and the green is rain. for most of us snow to sleet to freezing rain or rain. on the cape it will be straight snow to rain because the lower levels will warm up with the ocean wind. this is where we will pick up our accumulation. from an hour to now until 10:00 anywhere from half an inch to two inches of snow, but a little less on the cape and slightly more route two northward where you can stay colder longer and get a slightly longer period of snow and sleet. this is when it is doing its best in terms of snowing around 8, 8:30 tonight. by 10:00 up to the time we
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into southern ham ham -- southern new hampshire. process. that pink color there is denoting the freezing rain that will continue. and freezing drizzle even for the early part of the commute tomorrow along route two as it takes longer for the low-level cold to get scoured out. eventually it will and then we follow the downpours coming later tomorrow and into east. this could be heavy downpours in deed as everything moves eastward and then slides off the coast. that's where the damaging wind could occur and where there could be an embedded thunderstorm. then it is all cleared up by wednesday. look at these high temperatures rm tomorrow. amazing when you consider where we were over the course of the weekend. say worcester hits 52 or 54 and that beats 70 degrees warmer than it was early on sunday when it was 16 below. it is about as dramatic as you can get. we are on the warm side of the
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everything slides offshore. cooler wednesday and colder on thursday. all of this is reflect eld in the next seven days which is not too eventful after tomorrow. so that's the good news. at least we will not have another major storm in the several days following. phil: anthony edward is about to jump on a snow lift. jc: and he is in jamaica. >> we have a chair lift and most call it a ski lift. it takes you up several hundred feet above sea level. there is a sparking view of ocho rios. reporter: a lookout tower offers picture perfect views. there is a refreshing infinity pool to cool down as well as a water slide to plummet down. but for the real adrenaline junk keys there is this.
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runnings" that told the story of jamaica's olympic bobsled team? >> here we go. reporter: this ride is a shoutout to that legendary accomplishment. a bobsled team coming from a country devoid of snow. >> the best part of our ride is the bobsled. it is like a rollercoaster ride. if you have seen "cool runnings" you have an idea of what it is all about. it goes around like a rollercoaster and it takes you deep in the heart of the rainforest. then we have a zipline. we have 30 lines total. >> has there ever been a more perfect mairnl of go pro meets youtube -- marriage between go pro meets youtube? i don't think so. >> it is the bobsled ride and the zipline ride. >> anthony continues his
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snorkeling expedition in "education in rum" and a look at the all inclue you sigh lifestyle -- inclusive lifestyle of sandals resort. phil: two big stars have been added to the "star wars" movie which just started filming. it will feature benecio del toro and kelley marie tran. a brief video released by lucas films shows the story could pick upright where the box office smash "the force awakens" left off. episode 8 is set to be released in december of 2017. jc: it cannot get here soon enough. they make you wait so long. phil: i think it is actually happening quickly because the money is so big. jc: so big. meet the next harding's heros. phil: and an 80-year-old declaring victory over the hundred yard dash. reporter: coming up new at 6:00, one on one with the former boston mayor.
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frightening crash. >> i feel better now, obviously, but it was a scary situation. reporter: what caused him to slam his suv into a home. also new, the cold weather is taking its toll. pipes are bursting with homes and businesses all across the area. and this little boy already has a mind of his own shocking his parents with his speedy surprise home birth. you have to see the details on
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phil: tonight in harding's hero, a very simple story. jc: a guy with a goal and determination to do it. ed: it is a perfect example of setting a goal, training for it and hitting that target. reporter: meet gary cooper. >> the judges left town and harvey quit and i am having trouble getting deputies. reporter: not that gary cooper. this gary cooper has one goal, the 100 yard dash. >> you told yourself you could do it. >> i knew i could do it. started at 3.2 for 2 minutes to get a little warm up. reporter: he hit the treadmill. >> and now we go to the 10. reporter: and focused on the 100 yards. >> the main thing that was on my mind was i wanted to finish the race. reporter: and by the way gary cooper is 80 years old. >> the doctor thinks i am the 8th wonder of the world. reporter: in the field -- >> you wanted to do it in
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reporter: in under 30 jie. behind the prep. >> i knew the minute i took off i was going to do it. i had plenty of speed in the tank. reporter: 20 seconds later he did it. >> it felt good. i did it. reporter: finely tuned nfl players a quarter of his age do it in 10 and a half seconds. >> get off your butt and start walking. >> we thought we would bring some advice to harding's heros. will he stop there? no way. he is 80 and he has set his sights on 200 yards. so phil 200 yards is the next goal. phil: we were talking about motivation earlier in the show. pay, don't pay. i like his motivation.
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get up and do it. phil: drastic shifts we have been telling you about across boston. jc: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. harvey: snow and ice for tonight and dramatic changes for tomorrow. >> the glitch that turned a neighborhood into a thick sheet of ice. >> and the bo is sten mayor on the -- the boston mayor on the mend. the new challenge after a bad accident. ed: baby surprise. >> i wasn't expecting it. ed: dad sleeps away upstairs while mom gives birth downstairs. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather:a burst pipe nearby shutting down the lowe's theater in boston for a time this afternoon. firefighters responding to hundreds of similar calls all day long. ed: and you are looking at live pictures. it is clear and dark and difficult to see, but the snow is moving in and we are going
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heather:and then a big warm up and heavy rain tomorrow. much to talk about and harvey leonard takes a look at our weather. harvey: let's look at the first part of the storm which is the cold part with snow and ice. a lot of us have seen light snow and flurries and maybe a little dusting here and there. that is tending to move away. this second patch, that is the area that starts the accumulating snow. as i show you the visibility, notice in the boston area it is still pretty high. providence has dropped down to three miles and two miles around new london and a mile and three quarters around bridgeport and a mile around poughkeepsie. that is the area that is moving in and will over spread the region about an hour or so from now. notice the areas that have bedford. it is moving off to the northeast with time. so here is what i see the potential of between now and really before midnight. it is anywhere from half inch to two inches. a coating to an inch where the
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two to three incs nor of route two into southern new hampshire and southern maine. mere is -- here is the time line. accumulating snows 8, 8:30 tonight. the mixed line starts flying northward and by 10:00 it is up to boston and the pike. the temperatures are cold at ground level and away from the coast. that's why you are going to have freezing rain and sleet for awhile and even the early part of the morning commute could still be a little dicey in northern mass and southern new hampshire before the temperatures finally start to moderate. heather and ed? ed: fire and ice. the bitter cold temperatures making it a tough job for firefighters. this is this afternoon in newbury. heather:our partners at wicked local say the fires were caused by a malfunctioning wood stove. ed: leaky pipes are forcing evacuations. 10 to 12 pipes were leaking sending water everywhere. some patients had to be transported to other local


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