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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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t want to show you, you take the regular elements off for a minute, you can see there actually is indeed a lightning with this. ve had a little lightning well. 6:00, that' to be. i 7:00 p.m., most of the action is on the cape. the next couple hours. get cause. that is the story for now. let' s go to jc and fell. . >> we just had a report 20 minutes ago from. in a 60 mile per hour wind gusts going across the area. anywhere from 35 to 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts are occurring at this point. i want to talk about some things that are happening. we have storm damage reports out there and they are coming in as we had through the evening
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westport, there was a tree down. that was recorded at 436. we will expect these winds to be gusting upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour, the next couple of hours. this is picking up have finished over an inch in terms of the total. jc: there' s breaking news involving the future of the u.s. supreme court following the death of justice antonin scalia. ed harding is live at the breaking news desk. >> we have just heard from the president. he is begin right now in california. he says he is candidates in mind, and says he will exercise his rights and nominate a replacement. nominate
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somebody who even then they my politics -- if they disagree with my politics say will served with honor on the court. >> presidential candidates say they will block the nomination. jc: right now, a new hampshire couple is in jail accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from an elderly neighbor. they stole valuables worth more than $100,000 from the 70-year-old woman. they worked on jobs for her and had access to prolong several occasions. she just recently noticed those were missing. she admitted to stealing do away so she can buy heroin -- jewelry so she could buy heroin.
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j.c.: nearly 50 pieces were sold to area pawnshops. phil: new at 5:30, a man accused in a deadly beating in new hampshire crying as he faced a judge today. eric langlais is charged with manslaughter. he is accused of taking part in an attack outside a bar in rochester. police say langlais and two women were thrown out of the bar last month then waited for the victim to leave. they say langlais punched the victim, who fell and died from severe head injuries. jc: hearings began today into the sinking of the el faro cargo ship. the coast guard is running the hearings, which will try to find out exactly why the el faro sank to the bottom of the sea near the bahamas last fall. all 33 crew aboard, including 3 with massachusetts connections, died. the cargo ship headed directly into the path of hurricane joaquin. today' s hearing focused on why the captain at first chose to outrun the storm, then tried to
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teacher killed in a freak accident on 93. 35-year-old caitlin clavette was driving to her job in milton on friday when a manhole cover flipped up and crashed through her windshield. it' s still unclear what caused that manhole to dislodge. j.c.: pope francis attracted quite a crowd in mexico today. tens of thousands attended mass in the drug war stronghold of morelia. the pope urged mexican priests not to resign themselves to a society dominated by drug-fueled violence and corruption. later tonight, he will meet with a group of young people in the city. today is day 4 of the pontiff' s week-long visit to mexico. in paris tonight, a concert in tribute of last november' s terrorist attack. the american rock band eagles of death metal, on stage when terrorists attacked the bataclan concert hall, will play at another venue across town. the bataclan remains closed. more than 100 people inside the hall were killed in the attack. some of the survivors of that show are expected at tonight' s tribute. phil: former u.n. secretary general boutros boutros-ghali has died. the announcement was made today at the start of a meeting on yemen' s humanitarian crisis.
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politician and diplomat, was the sixth secretary-general of the united nations, serving from 1992 to 1996. he was 93. j.c.: coming up next, meet this week' s a plus student. phil: the teen, dealing with a major crisis at home after his mother was partially paralyzed, success at school. jc: a new call to get rid of the $100 bill. the cash unnecessary. music' s biggest night, on stage and off. and taking a look at first alert traffic. the rain is causing some delays this evening all over the place in our area. slow both sides on the mass pike. here is the rest of the area for what drive times look like. 31 building -- minutes in
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jc: for some students, athletics can be crucial to high school life. phil: just ask this week' s a plus student, who says without football, he wouldn' t be graduating, let alone get on the honor roll. antoinette antonio introduces us to cory lombardo of king philip regional high school. >> i didn' t get along with teachers at all really, i didn' t like school. >> what a difference four years can make. cory lombardo, a senior at king
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but what his teachers didn' t know at the time, just before he started high school, was how after his mom suffered what' s called an arterio-venous malformation. >> my mom was left paralyzed on the right side of her body so she needed help getting in and out of her wheelchair, going to the bathroom, getting up off the toilet, getting dressed. >> we couldn' t figure out what knew he didn' t like school and he didn' t seem happy. >> the game changer, high school football. it gave him a sense of value, purpose, and a reason to improve his grades. >> he is so smart on the field, he is our general. our defense can be pretty complicated and cory is the one who has to know where everybody is. >> and when he' s not on the gridiron, he' s supporting other k.p. athletics as well. >> class clown?
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>> personality, with a drive both on and off the field. that' s what cory lombardo of king philip deserves this a plus. phil: cory plans playing football into college, he' s already been accepted to a few of his top choices, he just has to decide which one to attend. j.c.: that is a good problem to have. phil: a plane forced to land as the cockpit fills with smoke. jc: it happened in washington d.c. next, hear the call for help from the pilots. s known to make people flip our or even just -- flip out or even just shut down. but there are ways to fight back and relax. ll break down the strategy you need to control your emotions. very heavy downpours.
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j.c.: a frightening ride for passengers taking an alaska airlines flight out of washington, d.c. phil: smoke poured into the cockpit, forcing the pilots to put on gas masks. we explain how they landed safely. >> emergency crews ran around the jetliner which was in the air for only minutes. >> probably about 5 or 10 min into the flight i felt the engines slow down a bit
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>> moments after taking off from washington' s reagan airport for seattle, the pilots of an alaska airlines 737 want to get back down on the ground. with smoke in the cockpit, and pilots with their masks on. >> reagan, alaska 1, emergency. >> they are asking to land at dulles less than 30 miles away. >> dulles tower, alaska 1, emergency aircraft and for 1-9-left, we' re going to need the trucks please. >> alaska 1, the trucks should be coming out. >> one passenger tells us she watched one of the pilots wearing an oxygen mask walk into an ambulance. all six crew members were taken to the hospital. by the time the jet was landing the smoke was apparently clearing. the pilots had an idea what had happened. j.c.: if you have ever carried
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bill, larry summers says that it is used by crooks and terrorists than by ordinary people, and should be done away with. he says it' s physically easier to move large sums of money using the 100' s rather than 10' s or 20' s. phil: a mozart composition, considered lost for more than 2 centuries, has been performed for the first time. the four-minute piece was found in the archives of the czech museum of music last fall. it was co-written in 1785 by wolfgang amadeus mozart and two other composers. its name roughly translates to for the health of ophelia and was meant as a tribute to an opera singer who returned to stage after losing her voice. j.c.: early risers yesterday on , the eye opener we shared the happy news that olessa stepanova got engaged this weekend. now we' re seeing how her fiance , joe, popped the question. >> take the blindfold off.
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>> would you do me the honor of being my wife? >> oh my gosh. yes. j.c.: yay. we love it. the ring is gorgeous. look how thrilled she is. i love seeing that. [laughter] she posted some really wonderful pictures. phil: and that was real time. it was spectacular. i wish them all the best. j.c.: harvey she will be looking to you for good weather, come wedding day. this is not that. harvey: congratulations. we do have whether that is going on around the region. right around cape ann, and cutting through cape cod.
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it is not as strong as the first one, but that is what has been having very strongest wind associated with it and tremendous downpour as well. i want to show you the extent of this. just about this line, very likely damaging wind with the torrential rain that is going on. as things go on, you can see that area around gloucester and we take it down the cape, the very worst of it is moving on . it will continue to move eastward. by 8:00 a.m. tonight -- tonight it will exit the cape and everything was eastward after that. very strongest wind has been occurring recently now and for a moment longer. some of the peak wind
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easily capable of damage. taking down trees and tree limbs. 56 at the airport. 52 miles per hour at wellesley. these are gusts that we have right now. still 40 at orange. remember, there are stronger ones embedded in all of this. we have a high wind warning all the way through the cape. they winter advisory on the inland areas. we want to show you all of these reports. these are all due to the wind. these are storm reports. this picture just came to us. this is from crystal in brockton. tree limbs down. that is very common around southern rhode island. this is the temperature difference now compared to 24 hours ago.
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we were snowing yesterday at this time, and now it is 60 degrees and tropical. what a phenomenal turnaround. let' s not forget how many degrees we were below zero yesterday morning. now it is all in the 50' s at this particular time. the front responsible for the downpour will be well offshore tomorrow morning. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. the secondary front alternatives colder thursday night and first thing on friday. there you go. those are your lungs temperatures to expect by tomorrow morning. very warm out there now. i temperatures tomorrow will be in the above average. cooler than today, but upper 30' s to mid 40' s. pretty good for this time of year. we look at our next seven days. nothing extremely eventful to occur. it does turn colder later tomorrow night into early on friday. and a seasonable weekend, maybe slightly above normal next week. phil: thank you. music' s biggest night was one to remember.
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moments on stage and on the red carpet. newscenter five' s emily reimer has more, including a big win for a massachusetts singer. >> our party is not over. >> leave it to entertainment' s leading ladies to put on a party. >> well, ladies. >> this year' s grammys serving up a good dose of surprises . >> and the grammy goes to, meghan trainor. >> from meghan trainor' s breakdown after announced as the best new artist. >> oh i' m a mess i' m a mess, i have to go cry. >> to sofia vergara' s peek-a-boo pop-up in pitbull' s action-packed performance to the first music video ever created on live television starring gwen stefani involving 7 costume changes on camera and a crew of 250 people. but wait.
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. stefani' s rep telling abc news, the skater who fell was a sneaky stunt double. over on the red carpet plenty of head-turning stunners from s wizard-themed nightgown to janelle monae' s beetlejuice-inspired lace top and bellhop hat combo. taylor swift and bff selena gomez shaking off some fabric to flaunt some flesh . adele sparkling in sequins and hold the applause here comes lady gaga as ziggy stardust. the poker-faced performer giving a nod to david bowie on stage and the red carpet, making a grand entrance with flamin' hot orange hair, an electric blue marc jacobs gown and sky-high
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j.c.: $21 million worth of jewelry will be going on sale after approval by the government of philippines. this set once belonged to the former first lady imelda marcos. it includes a rare pink diamond the size of a grape. marcos and her husband were accused stealing billions of dollar from the filipino people. there are two other jewelry sets still being contested in court. finding inner peace, no matter how stressed out you are. phil: five techniques you can try in the car or at home. j.c.: and a mother and her baby carjacked. >>
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phil: stressed out, for many americans these days, that' s just how we roll. jc: but experts say, taking a moment to be mindful will not only reduce our anxiety, but actually help us live longer. newscenter 5' s heather unruh explains five steps you can take right now. >> driving to work on the mass pike, prime time for worry and rage. >> stress is a normal part of our every day life.
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so how do you deal with it effectively? at brigham and women' s hospital, and an expert on how stress can make us flip out or even shut down. >> it can lead to depression, cardiovascular disease and premature death. >> his key to calm, a technique called mindfulness. >> it' s really just a state of awareness. it' s how you pay attention. >> first tip, when your heart is racing, take a nice deep breath. and focus on it. >> if you do it three times, even better. but every breath that you take you' re aware of can slow down that stress response. >> second, stop and think. cindy: >> you gain control over your behavior. you' re regulating your emotion. you' re regulating yourself. >> third, re-define stress as a challenge to get something done or make a good decision. >> you realize you can have that little space in which you have a moment to reflect, ah, i' m feeling stressed. what'
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>> become aware of how and where you are, no matter where you actually are. that awareness may change your stress level. >> you can do it standing in line at the grocery store, you can do it while you' re driving down the road. >> and finally, if you do lose control, see how quickly you can get it back. >> how is my breath? am i calm? recovery is key. and so if you start to pay attention to that, you start to feel like you can loosen up your muscles a bit. j.c.: we' re all doing that in here. vago says the science supporting the benefits of mindfulness training is still young. but early studies show even children may benefit from taking a few deep breaths when they' re stressed. for more info, and a link to vago' s blog, log onto our website, phil: i am impressed with the fact that you needed just one breath. >> it helps everybody. phil: it is good to start every day.
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j.c.: and the flight that cannot get out of new england, right now at 6:00 p.m. >> to wild commute. how long the commute will be with us. >> the frightening scene that sparked a wild chase and ended with this crash. >> he is the man, we would not be here if it were not for him. >> dangerous weapon stolen from a local gun shop and the key piece of evidence the police don' t have. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00 p.m. heather: we begin with live pictures from east boston. stormteam 5 tracking heavy rain and wild winds right now. the votes are rocking. ed: this is how one. we are moving close to the speed limit. awful.
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heather: winds earning down a tree on the washington. good evening i' m heather unruh. ,ed: i' m ed harding. we' re in for another few hours of this. heather: our live, team coverage begins with chief meteorologist harvey leonard. harvey: i want to bring you up-to-date to where the weather is heaviest right now. that is cape cod. strong to a wind has been traversing the cape, and now it is just about ready to move down the core of it. it made its way from falmouth to be, and all the way to china. some very strong wind and torrential rain has been the keynote part of that storm. however, there is still more behind it that is coming from boston through southeastern massachusetts. it is not quite the end of this story.
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th as well. as well. the vineyard is involved. terms of heaviness is right around the coast. most especially, cape cod and the islands. by 8:00 p.m., heavy rain around chatham and nantucket. moving eastward after that. that is the story of the progression of the rain. ed: breaking news involving a flight that' s been trying to get to new york city since yesterday. high winds and turbulence forcing another diversion. newscenter 5' s maria stephanos is at the breaking news desk. >> trying is the key word. we just got off the phone with the passenger. he told us, it was the worst flying experience he' s ever had. the worst turbulence and he said everybody was getting so sick. here' s what happened, a delta flight from punta cana was supposed to land at jfk airport last night.


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