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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: tracking big changes in the forecast. phil: stormteam 5 chief meteorologist harvey leonard track. harvey: hi, good afternoon and good evening. 24 hours from now i expect snow to be arriving. it is cooler today and still warm to the south. but here comes colder air down out of southern canada. some of that will get involved tomorrow. it is just cold enough. as this moisture gets in the area it can start as a period of snow. we'll probably have clouds coming in and around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon snow is breaking out across southern connecticut. and then it spreads northeast. around 6:00 it is in the boston area. there could be a period of steadier snow. that will lift to the north. and then the warmer air comes at a higher level. there is a several hour period where it can accumulate snow and probably will give a coating to a couple of inches and one to three inches on the
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that's how i see it. after that we will be left with freezing rain and freezing drizzle in this area late tomorrow into wednesday morning and that's why a winter weather advisory has been posted for that area. we haven't even talked about the eventule wind and the heavy rains we will be dealing with. that's coming up in a little while. phil and jc? jc: bill cosby's wife is under oath right now giving a deposition in the lawsuit against her husband. phil: jack harper is there and he says security is pretty tight. reporter: obviously this is a secret proceeding, so we know it began around midmorning and if you take a look at what happens up there on the 6th floor, you can see the security personnel at the hotel actually put up black curtains to make sure no one can see down the corridor much less get down to the room on the 6th floor where this is taking place. the attorney representing seven women who allege they
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the hands [inaudible]. phil: we lost jack harper's signal. we will have more from him in the next hour and a half. the woman wanted in connection with an attack on a police officer is behind bars. state police arrested murphy and it happened this morning. the second suspect is still out there on the run after a wild crash. let's get right to newscenter 5's nicole estefan who is live in saugus. reporter: that's right. the crash ended here and you can see the evidence of that where a car went up on to the lawn. several hours into the search and police are asking area residents to be on the lookout. from the air and on the ground police search for a wanted man. >> i got up and went outside and saw the car in the middle of the street pretty well banged up.
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monday morning on route one when state police spotted a stolen vehicle. a brief chase ensued and was called off. minutes later the suspect's car crashed into this suv. the driver of the suv was shaken and no idea who was inside. >> are you okay? >> yes. reporter: police say the driver, 45-year-old michael guthrow and passenger jacqueline murphy are responsible for the assault of an officer seriously injured. >> pretty scary. he is a dangerous person. reporter: after monday's crash he took off on foot and murphy was not far behind. injured she couldn't keep up. >> the young woman ran across the lawn and yelling to someone who was further down running. reporter: in handcuffs and on a stretcher murphy was
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police continue to search for her partner in crime. police ask anyone who may come across the suspect not to approach him, but to give them a call. as for murphy she was treated and released from the hospital. she is still in custody and will be arraigned tomorrow. wcvb newscenter 5. jc: one of the suspect accused of sending them into a lock down was accused. someone let him and another suspect in and police say mccuin struck the victim in the head with a handgun and ran off with $120. that second suspect is still on the loose. the gun citing sparked a two-hour lock down on campus. jc: the at tell burr rough man accused of running a meth lab was incapacitated after taking the drug. he told police he was forced
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10 hours after ingesting the substance. he was taken into custody after a family member called police to report a possible over dose. the 52-year-old is being treated and he was being ordered held on $25,000 bail. jc: federal investigators are blaming a roofing company for an accident. kevin miranda was killed when an aerial construction lift he was working in collapsed throwing him 16 feet through the air. they say it was positioned on uneven ground and miranda was not recognized to notice it. the company could be fined more than $100,000. phil: commitment 2016. bernie sanders is in massachusetts tonight. he was in south boston accepting a donation from the grassroots organization. up next, an event the amhurst. and a spat between two high-profile candidates.
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from our dc newsroom. reporter: for awhile now marco rubio has been accusing ted cruz's campaign of lying. now cruz is holding someone accountable for what he calls a grave error in judgment. a cruz campaign shake up. >> i ask for rick tyler's resignation. reporter: he tweeted out a misleading video about rival marco rubio, falsely accusing him of making a negative comment about the bible. >> the news story he sent around was false, but even if it was true, we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. reporter: earlier rubio blasted cruz for company pain dirty tricks. >> you have to be saying this now. it is every single day. something comes out deceptive and untrue. reporter: after his decisive win in south carolina -- >> let's put this away. reporter: polls show donald
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john kasich won the endorsement of homeland security director tom ridge. >> i am in the john kasich lane. figure it out. reporter: up next for democrats the south carolina primary. >> i am so, so thrilled. reporter: hillary clinton fresh off a win in nevada has a strong lead. meantime bernie sanders campaigned in sumter, south carolina before heading to massachusetts where a new emerson poll shows a dead heat between sanders and clinton ahead of the state's super tuesday primary. thursday republicans will hold their final debate before super tuesday. questions about the latest flack between cruz and rubio will be one of the hot topics. sally kidd, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: mbta officials announced
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the t's estimated structural deficit has been cut by 75 million to $95 million. the t has managed to cut expenses in several areas including over time, health care and energy costs. the board is set to vote on fair hike proposal next month. phil: big papi is in fort myers. he reported for spring training. all eyes are on him for another reason. he had a big fence to mend. mike lynch is down at fort myers. mike? reporter: hi, phil and good afternoon, everyone. it is the big papi farewell tour number one. he arrived this morning looking to be in great shape. you can guarantee this, that every step and every move of his final season, especially here in spring training will be viewed, chronicled and recorded. david ortiz begins his final season with his final spring training at fenway south. one of his first acts was to
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seek and embrace david price who once claimed ortiz thought he was bigger than the game itself. and then to the field to hit in the batting cage with his teammates. david ortiz is 40 years old and has three world series rings. when big papi arrives in camp, people take notice. he is revered and respected by teammates as he now heads down the stretch. >> yeah, he looks great. he is ready. right after the season me and my wife went to italy and he went and we overlapped in the city and went to dinner. we were talking about a lot of things. i am definitely excited. i am a little upset it is his last year, but it will be cool to see him go through everything and what he has done in his career. it is pretty special. reporter: big papi will give his final state of ortiz address at spring training tomorrow morning. we will be there for that of course. back at 6:00 with more. see you then. >> lynchy, thanks. apple is holding firm as the
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phil: and still to come, the new plea from the agency to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernadino attackers. jc: and theences they are hoping to find on the zika virus til phil and a robbery at a local chipotle and employees held at gunpoint. the video police want you to see. jc: you are looking livat the bridge and traffic is traveling slowly across the bridge. let's look at the traffic around the boston area. we head to 93 southbound which is a quick 2 throughy-minute ride. trouble northbound, but still 128 is not bad. 93 newton corner is an 11-minute ride. farther west 495 a 20-minute drive and both sides of 495 are looking great. that's a look at your first
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: a man pulled from the wreckage of his truck after falling theater 5 feet off a highway in california. these are the pictures. it is the end result of a chain reaction crash outside sacramento. the driver as you can see had to be cut out of the car by firefighters. he suffered a broken leg and burns. three other people in other vehicles had minor injuries as well. jc: a team of staff are on the ground to fight the zika virus. they are aimed at determining if the zika virus really is causing the bebs to be born with the virus. they will start tracking down and testing babies with the
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more than 70 cases of zika have been reported in panama. they will be spraying infected areas hoping to stop the spread. disease. the mosquito-borne disease is linked to birth defects. phil: we want to update you on the legal battle between the fbi and apple. they say they owe the victims of the attack a thorough investigation and it cannot happen if apple does not cooperate. the fbi is against apple. the fbi director writes we don't want to break anyone's encryption. i hope people take the time to under that. the demand is apple helped them open the phone. the shooter in san bernadino who along with his wife killed 14 people. the fbi says his phone might have critical additional clues in the investigation includes whether others were involved. we can't look the survivors in
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mirror. apple is working to rally public opinion taking to the air waves. >> there is no limit if it succeeds this way. reporter: a former senior justice official whose wife died on one of the planes in the 9/11 attacks is helping apple fight a court order to unlock faruk's phone. he said finding a way to override the pass code would put the privacy and security of all apple users at risk. >> this is a pandora's box. we can't surrender our civil liberties and give the terrorists a victory. phil: and some of the victims of the san bernadino attack plan to support the fbi in its legal battle. their attorney says they will soon file a legal brief with the court. jc: more than a dozen people were killed by a tropical cyclone that hit fiji this weekend. they are staying in emergency shelters.
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hour during the storm making it the strongest since record keeping began in the southern hem hemisphere. a lot of devastation there and a lot of warmth here this weekend that is going so quickly. it arrived so quickly, harv, and it is leaving so quickly. harvey: it is. and let's show you why. it is not that cold in boston, but the tipoff is montreal being 18. that's the air that is coming in overnight and it sets the stage. >> i for wet weather tomorrow. >> yes. let's check it out and show you what we are talking about. boston is 15 degrees colder than it was. it was mild yesterday in the 50s. 60 on saturday. nice looking sky across boston as we approach sunset here. 36 degrees is our temperature. the breeze is off the water for now. readings in the low 30s to 40s. as i showed you the cold air
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north. ottawa and quebec are in the teens. even syracuse is 26. some of that comes in overnight just enough so when we introduce a storm later tomorrow and into tomorrow evening it will start as snow in most places. these will be the temperatures overnight tonight to expect and then the temperatures tomorrow won't be as mild as they were today. most places 35, upper 30s to 40 degrees. there will be room. when the precipitation starts, the air will temporarily cool down several degrees and that's how we get that period of snow. right now it is showing up as rain, but as it bumps into the air it will be cold enough here and gives us a period of snow. we have a colder high pressure area coming in tonight. two waves of low pressure. it can produce some snow here. this second storm back here, that's eventually going to produce heavy rain here
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into thursday morning with increasingly strong southerly winds. we have a huge turn around, and we have a lot of them and it will be taking place over the next two or three days. it is thickening in the afternoon. watching the area of snow move into the region around the time of the evening commute is when it should start from south to north. it is very interesting. will it be cold enough to support the most snow? it will be colder back here, but we may not get the heavier precipitation. by midnight it should be around boston and points south. when you get north and west of 128 and especially 495, then the low levels may be cold wednesday morning. that could be freezing drizzle while the rest of us are getting rain and drizzle at the time.
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heavier bands of moisture. itit is leading to the heavy rains. still pockets of freezing drizzle. even as late as the end of the day on wednesday. officially a winter weather advisory is in affect not only for the snow, but the friesing drizzle and the freezing rain that follows on wednesday. as for the snow, my best estimate, a coating to a couple inches from boston i95 south and east, but one to three inches to the north and west. when we get into the heavy rain during wednesday night and thursday, month, the chances of downpours are very high. strong winds may be damaging in spots. coastal flooding is low and even the risk of a few thunderstorms in there as well. there you have it. we have snow coming in tomorrow night and tomorrow evening. then the downpours through
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as for how much rain could fall? there is potential for a solid one to two inches when we get into the storm late wednesday and thursday. windy and cold the end of the week and the start of the upcoming weekend. phil and jc? phil: thanks. a 20-foot high sculpture that formed an arch way had to be relocated because people busy texting while they were walking kept bumping into it. the cathedral admits there were a few dust ups. it has more than doubled since 2005. so the natural question is have you done that, bumped into anything -- >> i haven't walked into something. should we move the sculpture or -- >> i bumped into a person or two, but never hit something that was not -- >> moving? got it. dancing your way to a better
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phil: it is the balance -- bollywood-en fused class. >> and more information on disease. >> and then mike told you about a local police officer accused of sexual misconduct. able to land a top job with the state. what the officer ises saying that is raising more questions
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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phil: workplace wellness programs are on the rise. 80% of companies offer some sort of financial incentive to get their workers to participate. researchers challenged workers with monetary rewards.
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wired to avoid losing things. phil: if you have seen a bollywood dance number you know how much fun it is. but you can also bring it to your fitness routine. jc: the bali-x movement is inspired by the movie industry in india. reporter: if you have seen a bollywood movie you know movement like this is a must. luckily this is a no judgment zone. >> i started off inhibited, but i have been coming out and having more fun. reporter: the whole point is it is so much fun that you don't realize this is an exercise. >> i love that dance has brought people that would never go to the gym into the gym.
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are burning all of these calories. reporter: lange-time bali experts are proving the results. offering classes in and around classes. classes that used to draw five people now draw 40. >> at the end everybody is singing and shouting the copings. it clears your mind. reporter: that is at the dance complex in cambridge. they are offered in a host of other spots. wcvb newscenter 5. jc: i can see you doing it. phil: eoh yeah. i did a regular step class. but that looks really hard. jc: up next, a violent attack on a store clerk. phil: and the video is so disturbing it is not being released to the public. a check on how the victim is doing.
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list of harding's heros. she is making a difference in the lives of recovering
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from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: right now at 5:30, bill cosby's wife is under oath at this springfield hotel. she is being deposed in a lawsuit filed by several women who accused bill cosby of assaulting them decades ago. jc: an uber driver admits to a random killing spree. they say jason balance ton made the -- jason dalton made the statements and accused of killing people at random on saturday night. phil: and a winter weather advisory was posted for some spots. jc: quite the rollercoaster this winter and it continues. harvey: colder air in canada and some of it comes down overnight. moist air from the south starts to lift northward. the clouds are moving in by tomorrow morning. by early tomorrow afternoon the snow is approaching hartford, connecticut.
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past the evening commute snow reaches o region tomorrow. there could be a few hours where the snow is pretty good. and then higher level warm air comes in and turns it over to a mix. eventually to some rain and drizzle in boston by wednesday morning. not that far north and west. it may still be icy due to freezing drizzle on wednesday morning. so the winter weather advisory i'll show you why that has been risen. winter weather advisory along north and west of 495 where it stays cold in the low levels of the atmosphere goes into affect at 4:00 p.m. and lasts until noon on wednesday. that's not the end of the storm either. phil: never is. thank you, harv. a violent robbery at a massachusetts chipotle that was caught on camera. jc: maria is here with the video they hope will track down the suspects. maria? reporter: phil and jc, the whole thing went down late last night when the restaurant


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