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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: we begin with breaking rocked a space-x launch site in florida. emily: that explosion happened during a routine test of an unmanned rocket at cape canaveral. buildings several miles away shook and explosions continued for several minutes after. at this point, no word on any injuries. other stories happening right now. shirley police saying the incident involving a jogger and a van driver is not suspicious. police say they've spoken to both the jogger and the van
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erika: a landlord is under investigation after this fire in allston yesterday. the city's inspectional services department has cited the owner of the myrick street home for running an illegal rooming house. emily: tropical storm hermine is gaining steam as it gets closer to making landfall. live pictures out of florida right now. storm preparations are underway and the storm is likely to impact us here during the holiday weekend. erika: cindy has been watching it closely as it moves closer to us. miles away from us but landfall is expected in florida as a hurricane, likely -- it is inching closer to florida and we can show you how this is destined to work its way toward the florida coast. the big bend area where there are hurricane warnings in effect. category one hurricane, that 71 miles per hour before landfall.
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downgrade back to a tropical storm. i saturday morning, off the carolina coastline. from this point it's going to lift northward and stall. it's going to run into a block in the atmosphere and that is not going to allow it to keep moving up to see or keep moving northward. this may said sunday, monday, tuesday, sit and spin to our south. it will likely be extratropical cyclone not purely a tropical storm anymore. producing wind and rain. before it stalls out ?shirley still a medium chance we get in on some stronger wind and rain but there will be high surf at the beaches as you had toward later sunday and monday so those are the local impacts heading into the holiday weekend. still tracking some rain along and south of the pike, a slow-moving frontal boundary. less humid air working in but still the risk of showers. we have the timeline just ahead.
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say yesterday's suspicious encounter involving a jogger is a misunderstanding. police have spoken with both the jogger and the van driver. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live with the latest information from police. juli: certainly a sense of relief and surely after a jogger -- in shirley today after a runner was approached by men in a van yesterday. people in this area have been on edge since vanessa marcotte was murdered more than 3 weeks ago, she was out for run just about a half hour from here. yesterday, a shirley runner was alarmed when a van pulled up beside her and the driver offered her water. she noticed a second man sitting in the backseat. she sprinted away but fortunately remembered a partial plate. with information, police tracked down the driver, a 71-year-old retired veteran who transports handicapped individuals to doctors appointments. that explains the second person
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up the steps there was a large case of water sitting right there. the gentleman he was transporting drink a lot of water that's weather was water in the van. the good samaritan stopping because he thought this woman could use a bottle of water because she was jogging on a hot day juli:. the chief says the woman told her friends what happened and other people share the information on social media with some added incorrect details. the jogger was never run off the road or pushed down. the driver doesn't have a computer so he did not know how much it frightened the woman until police came to his house this morning. shirley police are relieved this was resolved quickly, but that anytime any person notice something suspicious they are encouraged to tell police. emily: in allston landlord cited after this fire on wednesday. that fire sparked by an electrical circuit malfunction. nearly a dozen are people left
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appear at a public hearing. antoinette antonio is live from the home in allston. antoinette: these were those violations that the landlord was issued. he is suspected of operating this house as a rooming home. several individual units with deadbolts on the doors. with today being college move in day, city officials want to stress awareness as students move in. a raging fire on myrick street night. 11 tenants college students and young adults. dead bolts on the interior doors. >> every single bedroom had a deadbolt on it. roughly 10 rooms. juli: city officials there could have been -- city officials say there could have easily been fatalities here. it was operating as a rooming house, which has specific safety requirements, requirements that weren't met. >> an active sprinkler system,
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the commissioner of inspectional services and the city fire marshall met with landlord issuing two violations for failing to obtain a permit and having an unsafe structure. through a translator guangde li , issued a statement. >> i will fully comply with your questions and requests after i speak to my attorney, sincerely guangde li juli: he left of the meeting without further comment. back in the allston neighborhood where the fire happened, ed campus fire watch was riding around educating students and their parents on fire safety on this college move-in day. >> smoke alarms and two ways out. if theres anything else we would like them to have its smoke alarms and two ways out. >> theres a cute little red button, just push it, it'll tell you right away whether its working or not. and if its not that should be addressed immediately before you
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juli: inspectional services says there was an issue with the landlord certifying occupancy four years ago which we are now looking into. that landlord now has 30 days to respond to these violation notices. live in allston, antoinette antonio. erika: take a look at this. a large tree down on a car in south boston. the tree is blocking part of east brookline street. no word right now on what caused the tree to fall. emily: an independent investigator looking at sexual abuse at the elite rhode island boarding schoosa has issued a report documenting widespread abuse at the school. among the findings, at least one in five girls were attended the school in 1970 was abused by athletic trainer al gibbs. gibbs was fired in 1980 and has since died. the school acknowledged in december he abused 17 students. erika: bob trump back on the campaign trail a day after a quick trip to mexico and a tough speech on immigration. abc's maggie rulli has the latest in the race for the white
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maggie: this morning. trump is back on the campaign trail after a day of laying out his plan on immigration. speaking before the american legion he promised to promote patriotism in schools. >> in addition to teaching, respect for the flag we also have to make sure we give our military the tools they need to defend the flag. maggie: in phoenix the gop nominee pu r signature issue. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. mexico will pay for the wall. maggie: there was no shift or moderation in his position. >> my first hour in office those people are gone. zero-tolerance for criminal aliens. i'm going to create a new special deportation task force.
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mexico's president, trump was strained. >> a tremendous honor and i call you a friend. maggie: tim kaine called the visit a diplomatic embarrassment chiding trump for not addressing who would pay for his biggest foreign-policy proposal. >> he's been talking about building the wall and mexico paying for it. he suddenly forgets to bring it up? maggie: a public relation disaster for enrique pena nieto. saying publicly that mexico would not pay for the wall. emily: the milford parents of matthew denise were one of several families who spoke out why they are -- spoke out about why they're voting for donald trump. denice was hit and killed in 2011, by a drunk driver who was in the country illegally. nicolas guaman was convicted, and sentenced to 12 to 14 years in prison. he's now appealing.
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>> my name is maureen maloney and our son matthew was 23 years old when he was tracked to his death buying illegal alien. horrified witnesses were banging on the truck trying to stop them. >> if donald trump were president in 2011 our son matthew denise and other americans would be alive today. emily: the denices have fought massachusetts including a push to de-fund sanctuary cities that shelter undocumented immigrants. clinton's running mate , meanwhile, will be in new hampshire today. tim kaine will hold a roundtable discussion on education in manchester. he will also make appearances at organizing offices in dover, laconia, and nashua. erika: attorney general maura healey announces a groundbreaking settlement with
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down on opioid abuse. cbs will require all pharmacists at all 350 locations to check the states -- the state's prescription monitoring program before dispensing certain opioids. a state investigation revealed some pharmacists had not been doing that preventing them from viewing a patient's drug history. others had been giving drugs to patients for cash even though they were not supposed to. >> these are for all customers, not just mass health customers but any customer showg this was never required before and i think it is a big deal. it's going to make a difference here in the state. erika: cbs will pay to the state $795,000, $500,000 of which will be used to address opioid dependence and addiction in massachusetts. emily: we will get new details today about changes to transgender rights in massachusetts. perhaps most striking, a scenario where a person could
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claim of gender identity. a law signed last month by governor baker extends anti-discrimination protections allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms or locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity. it also includes penalties for anyone who abuses the law though doesn't spell out what that could mean. draft guidance on that from the attorney general is expected to include advice to businesses to presume patrons are using the appropriate bathroom unless there is a compelling reason to believe otherwise. a person suspected of falsely claiming gender identity could be questioned on a limited basis. or call police in certain situations like loitering or harassment. the ag's office also points out there have been few improper claims in states that have these protections. erika: the zika virus causing travel concerns for americans. where residents are uncomfortable traveling to write here in the u.s. emily: tropical storm hermine expected to make landfall
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as it strengthens into a hurricane. >> we are going to be watching the storm as it makes its way here. the potential impact on the holiday weekend as hermine makes her way up the east coast. erika: the man who shot president reagan will be free soon. the details of john hinckley's release. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston with maria stephanos and ben simmoneau, on comcast channel 942, verizon 461 and over the
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students,
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emily: the man who shot president ronald reagan will be released from a psychiatric hospital ob from saturday. -- hospital a week from john saturday. hinckley, jr. has spent the last several decades institutionalized in washington after being found not guilty by reason of insanity. in july, a federal judge ruled he was no longer a danger to himself or others. hinckley will be allowed to live with his mother in virginia. erika: more trouble for anthony weiner caught in another sexting scandal. child welfare officials are now investigating after the new york post published a lewd selfie of the former new york congressman.
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it shows him lying in bed next to his son. officials visited weiner's home tuesday, one day after his wife, huma abedin, an aide to hillary clinton, revealed she was leaving him. emily: a new porsche shows americans are increasingly concerned about the zika virus. the kaiser family foundation poll shows nearly half of americans are uncomfortable traveling to areas of the u.s., like florida, where nearly 50 people have been infected with zika. 61% feel the same way about traveling to puerto rico and other zika zones out t u.s. erika: no longer a hurricane but tropical storm madeline is still pounding hawaii at this hour. heavy rain and strong waves continue to pummel shorelines. the storm is not expected to make landfall on any hawaiian island. but several areas are still under tropical storm warnings as madeline weakens. emily: we are taking live pictures of florida, bracing for tropical storm hermine. the storm strengthened in the
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hermine is expected to make landfall tonight as a hurricane. erika: elizabeth hur reports be the first hurricane to hit that state in more than a decade. elizabeth: tropical storm hermine on the move barreling toward florida. already more than six inches of rain falling in pan ellis county. all this sandbagging still could not stop the water from flooding in largo. >> elizabeth: elizabeth: 4.5 inches of water in the house. volunteer evacuations are in effect with shelters open and officers going door-to-door looking for anyone in need of rescue. >> officers coming up to me and their gun belts are underwater. >> i looked out the back window in my back yard was flooded. elizabeth: forecasters say hermine could be a week hurricane by the time it makes landfall.
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surge. >> aixa the above my head. the main thing we would do this product for is to encourage people to get out if emergency managers are telling them to do so. elizabeth: the forecast is calling for up to 15 inches of rain in some areas. that is on top of what has fallen. officials say they are not taking any chances and this morning we learned fema has deployed a rapid response team to emily: now waiting to see what it does here. cindy: the time period is going to have an impact, later sunday into labor day on monday. they are getting what we need in florida, which is rain. not just the rain, the storm surge and the strong wind as well. a lot to talk about with this system. it is an impressive wall of water.
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main area of rain. that rain is something we could use. the drought monitor updated. more behind by about eight to 8.5 inches closing on eight inches and worcester. the area has expanded south and to the new hampshire seacoast. we could use some rain from the system and they are getting a lot of it in florida. five to 10 inches widespread through north florida. that swath of rain going to lift northward as he hermine moves of the coast. some areas more through the carolinas. as it lets northward the storm will weaken and will further offshore. two to four inch swap for the mid-atlantic's dates. perhaps we get beneficial rain around here as well as it continues to lift northward. the tropical storm force wind extend out to 160 miles from the center. could be some gusts to 90 miles
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yellow color, 20 foot waves coming ashore with this thing and that is a surge that will be building up the water. hurricane warnings. there could likely be a four to seven foot storm surge. a lot going on in florida with the storm but that is where it hits tonight as a category one hurricane. there it takes the path toward the carolinas. it spends a lot of time over land. time, sunday, monday, tuesday morning, this is stalled out to our south. that could be stalled anywhere from here over boston to a couple hundred miles offshore to the south. wherever the stalls, on the northern end, we would likely get into some wind and rain. on the southern extent we could miss out. still some degree of uncertainty
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weekend. a lot of cloud cover. it's warm. dew point temperatures running in the mid 60's. more culpable air just off to our west behind this for the boundary and this is a slow-moving front keeping the clouds locked in tight. still bringing some rain to parts of connecticut, rhode island in southeastern massachusetts. we have seen still under a quarter of an inch of rainfall from this system. it is still raining. if your plans to head out i would not expect them to get higher on the boston area. we may sneak into the upper 70's. the chance of some showers. futurecast is trying to indicate we might get redevelopment on the front but as a drops down into the evening the focused would shift to the south and we may see brightening before the sun sets north and west of the city with clearing happening overnight for everyone and temperatures falling back down
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for lowe's that all eyes shift toward the weekend. friday and saturday we are good. hermine, of the coast as we have toward sunday morning. it is still spinning to our south so we will keep a close eye on it. headed through the cape this weekend i think you are ok for friday and saturday but sunday into monday the close eye. wind tomorrow, wind could be gusting out of the northeast of
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erika: a wisconsin police officer puts on quite a show at a community parade. emily: check out the moves that have his whole town talking. looking good. a cell phone video captured the officer dancing as the crowd cheered him on. the officer jumped at the chance to dance with the drill team. an annual crowdpleaser. he says the move -- he says the mood just came to him. erika: trying to turtle and toss, what are you doing are strong to twirl and toss, what are you doing?
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are headed to the cape. saturday look like your best bet. sunday into monday we are watching tropical storm hermine. could bring rain, wind. it'll click the cape is the most likely place that would get it. we will keep you posted. a live look in florida now. emily: rough surf already.
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>> over the past 15 years, this stage has seen a lot of great moments and nothing would make me happier than to add to that legacy right here today on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheering and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] ? ? hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [audience cheers] me too. our returning contestant and could use some money to start her life as a newlywed. from the upper west side in new york city, please welcome rachel samburg. [cheering] >> well. >> rachel. >> hello. we meet again. >> welcome, we meet again. that's right. welcome back. >> thank you. >> so you're getting married soon. >> i am. >> first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. >> many blessings. wish you guys the best. um, how did he propose?


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