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tv   On the Record  ABC  September 11, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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ed: good morning. it is time to "on the recorded: ." >> i have good judgment. i know it is going on. ed: donald trump presents his resume to be the country's commander-in-chief. we'll talk about the republican's readiness. >> i do you forests as a last resort -- i view force as a last resort, not the first choice. ed: democ tries to temper any hawkish perceptions. did it work? allepo? what is allepo? libertarian president gary johnson blanks on syria. is this the torpedo to a barely floating ship? and this presidential year is like christmas every day for a political cartoonist. "the boston globe's" dan wasserman is with us today. sit tight. it is time to go "on the record ."open >> wcvb boston, today's newsmakers are going "on the
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wu newscenter 5's political reporter, reunited again. there are 15 days until the first debate, 58 days until election day. this morning, only are going to get right to our political roundtable. democrat mary anne marsh is with us today, along with rob gray of the grand old party. we did not get the hot pink memo, rob. rob: apparently not. [laughter] ed: i advise you againstt. against wearing hats. janet: it's 9/11 today and perhaps for the first time in modern american history, national security is among the key issues for voters. let's listen a little more from what donald trump has to say about the rising power of vladimir putin. >> i think when he calls a brilliant, i will take the complement. the fact is, look, it will not get him anywhere.
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president. we have a divided country. janet: and hillary clinton on fighting isis. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we are not putting ground troops into syria. we are going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. janet: how did they compare and love this issue shape the outcome of the election? mary anne: firstly, we will mourn any radio had aos and economic security, and that is why every american should think long and hard about what donald trump has said to refuse at vladimir putin is a better leader than our president. i think george bush was the worst president of my lifetime but i would never say that about him. two, he said he would have a plan to defeat isis in 30 days and use nuclear weapons against anybody, including isis and get
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security but scary and he has no business being in the race, let alone president. janet: is this issue bigger than it ever has been? rob: it is one of the big three, along with economy and frustration with washington. it is an interesting issue because hillary clinton is trying to use donald trump's of experience against him. donald trump is trying to use hillary clinton's experience against her, so when he talks about putin watch, putin took to crimea and your views this against her, so it is very interesting because they both think they have a sword to use against the other. janet: there was lots of material for both sides took to get each other as a result of the forum. mary anne: there is plenty, but the fact is, donald trump is
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them to be involved in our elections and help him win it. it is indisputable that they hacked not only that the end the but congress and others. it is clear from fbi and others that the russians are trying to get into collection machines like illinois and other states. it is un-american and not residential material. ed: go ahead. rob: i think hillary clinton has raised that specter and there's some evidence to support it, but i think most americans a conspiracy buried. i do not think they are buying the argument. ed: let's talk about hillary clinton. she has troubles -- i do not know if it is the right word or wrong, but correct me -- right in her own backyard. our senator elizabeth warren has plans to make a big fuss if clinton wins and makes appointments favoring big banks. trouble out the gate? mary anne: i think it was a disservice to elizabeth warren because most of the people are not close to elizabeth warren. they may be working on that, but elizabeth warren is working on
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she has been campaigning and going after donald trump relentlessly. i think it is unfortunate that story was written. ed: this is from the event in cincinnati, rob, go ahead. rob: hillary clinton nipped bernie sanders at the end and elizabeth warren with altered endorsement until the end. hillary clinton has a problem with the progressive liberal base of the democratic p which is why hillary clinton attacks trumps. she tries to get them aboard your campaign by turning trump into a demon and. i think the base needs to be for you and not against something to be energized. janet: both trump and clinton tried to explain alleged coverups this week. clinton on destroyed blackberries, trump on a political donation that democrats claims stopped a florida investigation into trump u. more than brush fires for them? rob: it will not surprise you
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legs. part of the reason is they are congressional investigations. hillary clinton will rail against republicans in congress, but the fact is that congressional investigations were used and material was destroyed after subpoenas were issued and that makes news. hillary clinton has a crisis, but the facts will trip out between now and election day and that is a problem. janet: i expected to disagree. mary anne: what tom brady did, exonerated by the fbi. donald trump, on the other hand, had a case against him dismissed in the investigation ended, and it he held a fundraiser in florida after that, and then the irs punished him for an illegal donation. if you want a quick quote pro, there are days and the definition of the double standard, holding hillary clinton to that one and donald
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i want to talk about gary johnson's faux pas this past week. he was asked a simple question -- not simple. mary anne: no, it was simple. ed: what would you do about the aleppo is not a simple answer, but he was asked and he blanks and stares right into the camera and says, what is aleppo? is that fatal for presidential candidate? mary anne: that is after he did not know who he has, like donald trump, no business in the race. -- he did not know who harriet tubman was 3-d has, like donald trump, no business in the race. ed: he is at the 15% threshold, doesn't disqualify him, rob? rob: i think it does. the problem for him is his appeal. he was garnering, highly
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trump. this highly educated republicans cannot be on board if he does not janet: know what aleppo was. janet:some polls have met 7%, sign you are from 7% to 13%. ed: we will take a break but we will be back. stay with us "on the record." fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out?
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ed: we will take an unusual turn, in the midst of this unusual campaign, we have the cutting edge political cartoonist. how do you like that intro? dan: not bad. ed: he has been syndicated in 40 newspapers, in america, latin
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i have to ask, is trump's a god gift to political cartoonist or both of them? dan: trump is in the category by himself. ed: what category is that? [laughter] dan: a pretty rancid category for my point of view. as a cartoonist, you are up to mines, one is unbelievable to draw and gives you more material in a 24 hour most candidates and in entire election. on the other hand, i do not think it is particularly good for the country, democracy or political dialogue. ed: ac difficult to draw with the hair? dan: no. i will tell you, you do have to get used to the shade of orange. janet: [laughter] dan: that is a challenge. you have to reach, ok?
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recent months of 2016. first one, you say the corrupt media is biased against me. this is donald trump talking. it's the worst pile on in american political history. as soon as i say something, they compared to what i said the day before. as an astute student of donald trump, has he won the war by attacking us and taking advantage of all the free media time everyone gives him? dan: i think it has been a huge factor in his success. attacking the media is not a new vertical strategy but it has been taken to new heights. basically, what people are doing is running the videotape of what he said just a short time before and it is totally contradictory. janet: i'm not so sure it is hurting him. is it? dan: we will see how much coherence and necessary qualifications as the president of the united states of the united states, but he certainly lacks. ed: we just ran to the four
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gestures, the hands are always -- janet: it is almost like you can see him moving dan: on video. as i mentioned, hillary clinton has also felt the sting of your pen, colors. ed: to compare her changing political decisions to yoga poses. feel the stretch, not the bern, relax, turn to the right, back to the center and hold. we call this november pose. how dan: she has been around a long time and people are familiar with their political adjustments, and we are seeing another now. she has a big challenge. she had to do with bernie sanders for a long time and the progressive part of the party, and now she is at the general election. the yoga poses are getting or challenging. we will see how flexible she is. ed: for you to communicate a
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difficult? dan: no. dan:ed: you do not have 85 words. for friends. dan: that is why the -- four frames. dan: that is why visuals are useful and the trick is to find a way to distill it and make it simple and immediate communication. some days you succeed. janet: is it just as easy to draw his donald trump? dan: no. janet: what makes you are caricaturing someone and tried to make her goofy and i think trump takes more. he kind of marches right out of the comics, as far as i'm concerned. janet: let's take another look at another cartoon. trump is on tv saying, i will create millions of new jobs. you suggest most of those jobs will be fact checkers. what were you thinking? dan: i think there is a whole
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catch up with donald trump's assertions. many of them, he says what comes into his head whatever he thinks is political. many of them have turned out not to be the case. most recently last week, when talking about how they did not support the war in iraq, when there are videotapes he did -- geek keeps making the assertion, despite the fact that everyone says it is not true. ed: are you going to be unhappy on november 9? you will have someone. dan: i will be very happy if donald trump is not the president of
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janet: we're back with political
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this next one, we will take a look at probably one of my favorites, our former governor and current libertarian vice presidential candidate. there once was a fellow named wells, whose grandstanding cannot be quelled. i held -- i hate to be bored, or worse yet, ignored who cares if i always get shelled. i can hear him chuckling as he reads it did you hear from him on that one how often do you get feedback from your subjects? dan: i did not hear fro did get feedback, mostly on local cartoons. more often than not, a supporter aide. it is read the actual subject to the cartoon will call me, although, it is not out of the question. ed: who has the most character in creating their persona? dan: you mean as a subject? ed: as a subject.
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ronald reagan, so he remains near and dear to my heart. since then, bill clinton was not that the cartoonist. janet: you were around when he was governor, as well. and governor weld has given lots of material. dan: absolutely. ed: look at the ears. who cares if i always get shelled? that is funny. janet: and he has reddish hair, too. dan: and does not take himself nearly as seriously as other politicians. ed: do you feel your art is dying, less appreciated? dan: humane political cartoons? ed: it is kind of -- yes. dan: when i started out 30 something years ago, there were 100 50 billion editorial cartoons and it is less than 50 now.
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editorial cartoons and it is less than 50 now. there are fewer newspapers and pure publishers who want to put out independent voice. it is in trouble. janet: loss of habitat, great line. ed: i was going to have you draw janet and me. janet: let's not. [laughter] ed: we are out of time. i have paper and a pen right here. we could do it. [laughter] janet: glad to hear all the time. ed: thank you for joining us.
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ed: so, we are back our otr political analysts, mary anne marsh and rob gray. i am going to look forward because with the backdrop of blaster, the commander-in-chief forum, they did not argue together but they argued points dropped the evening. now we had the first debate on the horizon. was what we saw last week a precursor to the debates? mary anne: no question about it, but less does beat matt lauer. and donald trump will say or do anything, in front of anybody and in any form and hillary clinton has a lot to lose because i do think donald trump thinks if he is going to go down, he is taking her with him. ed: can the host or hostess, i use post in general, moderator, can the effect or you appreciate the conversation? mary anne: the forum this week,
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donald trump. anybody who watched it, like me and others, saul that. i think it is important. there was a lot of fact checking last night. ed: all right, rob. rob: i think trump is a lot more comfortable in his own shoes then in that tv format than hillary clinton, but a lot less disciplined, too. mary anne: he says it before he [indiscernible] rob: he will be believe. i think part of the thing that comes out of the debate is are the candidates authentic? trump could win it on authenticity because people believe he believes what he says and with hillary clinton, they think it is a more practiced sort of policy position that she is wearing for the benefit of the campaign, so i do not know. kick them in terms of who wins, it could go either way.
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could overplay his hand and that is a big risk and that could end up helping her more than hurting her. rob: he could strike out three balls looking for a grand slam, anywhere in that range. janet: let's talk about the other third-party candidate. they plan to press charges against green party candidate jill stein in north dakota for spray painting construction equipment at a pipeline protest. who is surprised? raise their hands. [laughter] nobody. ed: mary anne: if you want to know why she cannot get elected in lexington, there it is. they are even lower the gary johnson. rob: her problem mission needs $10 million to put that video on tv as an ad to get green voters. [laughter] nobody knows who she is. ed: we are in the beginning of the nfl season and maybe the most talked about thing in the nfl season right now is whether the players should stand, sit
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cap her neck -- colin kaepernick and he has sat down and has been booed for what you did. question, one person says he wants to require professional athletes to stand and the democrats said he was disgusted by what colin kaepernick did and he has written to roger goodell. mary anne: shame on the representative. end of sentence. that is why we fight for our rights, the constitution kaepernick, but the as every right to do that and issues he raises are legitimate. i think the representative visit showboating and it is shameful and he should read the constitution and bill of rights. rob: i think he is taking grandstanding lessons from john kerry. [laughter] i think they were better at it. silly issue. mary anne: hitting a stride with the agreements of cbs, taking on gun manufacturers and helping
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spot, three weeks ago, they wrote him off, and all of a sudden, the scene and national paul hasson -- the cnn poll has him ahead. mary anne: worst bowl in america. ed: i'll go with the name of the day, the last picture quarterback, not brady or blitzer come to start the game tonight when jimmy takes the first snap in arizona. [laughter] ed: she is hopeful. politica analysis. great day. ed: hold on. don't go anywhere. solar that o'brien is coming up. she is the host of "matter of fact" right after "otr." is
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minutes? >> absolutely, the anniversary of september 11, a discussion with the chairman of homeland security to or he is an interesting guy. we asked him these $64,000 question about are we safer? ed: what about the media coverage of the presidential race? >> i think some of it is terrible. the media has given people an opportunity to have hate speech -- white supremacist, frankly -- on air, talking vision of an america that is not a diverse america.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> today on "matter of fact," fearing another 9/11 attack. >> this is a serious step to undermine our democracy. >> how safe do you feel? plus, an nfl star standing up for his beliefs. >> god placed me here and because of that i'm going to stand with pride. >> and, how these muslim women are putting america first. >> but first -- soledad: i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to season two of "matter of fact." we begin our program with one big question -- 15 years after the worst terror attack on american soil, are we safer? a new terror group sprung from the ashes of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, inspiring


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