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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this will bring in showers and thunderstorms later in the day. behind it more cool dry air for the end of the week. we'll break it down right now as the eyeopener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- >> a missed kick stealing the win for the patriots in arizona. jimmy garoppolo's first career start and the dramatic moment before this game started. >> hillary clinton stumbling in new york. the health diagnosis keeping her off the wearing body cameras today. what the union is saying about forced participation. it's on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. >> also on the eye this morning, it's full of temptation and potential. how instagram can help you make smart food choices. good morning, i'm emily riemer.
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>> feels like september. >> i turned on the heat in the car. >> i know it. you had the windows open. >> yesterday i had the a.c. cranked. today -- >> not anymore. a breather the next couple of days. boston a little deceiving. it is 60 degrees in the city right now. but i want you to notice that dew point temperature. the air's very dry and a lot of the suburbs have fallen close to that dew point. monday in the 40's right now. places like 40's at 44. nashua 48. worcester in the lower 50's. we've got some lower 60's on the cape right now. but taunton 45. norwood 45. new bedford 48 degrees. it is a cool start this morning. skies are clear. we've got high pressure nosing on in. this is going to give us a couple of nice days today and tomorrow with low humidity and loads of sunshine. notice how we jump up by 9:00 a.m. into the lower 60's in boston. should be right around 70
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light wind will allow a sea breeze to kick in. during the afternoon, low 70's at the coast. inland, 78 in taunton. we'll take you through the rest of the week coming up. let's get you to the roads. >> good morning, everyone. it's a quiet start on the roads. a look outside at the zakim bridge. no problems across the span. overnight construction, a couple of projects, wrapping up right now. let's get to the maps. i'll show you where expressway northbound approaching the o'neill tunnel, it will be out of you shape. route 3 is quiet. no problems on 24. 95 out of sharon nice and light as well. pike looks good. 15 minutes eastbound. 495 to 128 and construction clearing on 128 by route 9 north of town a quiet start. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. >> and the kick is no good! >> it all came down to that missed field goal as the
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victory in their season opener. and certainly was a big win for the backup quarterback jimmy garoppolo. >> doug meehan is live outside the stadium with the key victory. >> why does this feel like we one the super bowl? we've got to ron gronkowski, to tom brady. favored to lose against the cardinals. jimmy garoppolo proved he was ready for the challenge in his first career start. garoppolo went 24-33 for desert. and deep in the fourth quarter, he led a 13-place, 61-yard drive to set up kicker stephen gostkowski's 32-yard field goal. >> coming on the road, tough environment. you know, i think the team had nice game playing. coaches, players, everyone did a good job. we had a great week of preparation. it showed up at night.
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era. this brady banner taken down just after the four-game suspension take place. jonathan kraft says it's time to focus on the regular season. number 12 does remain up in the tower at gillette stadium. they host the home opener against the dolphins next sunday. >> before the game, patriots martellus bennett and devin mccourty joined in on the national anthem protest. they raised demonstration inspired by colin kaepernick. kaepernick started taking a knee to demonstrate the oppression of minorities. four players took a knee while the national anthem was sung in seattle. across the field, the seahawks linked arms in unity. seattle wide receiver doug baldwin said the gesture honors those in the military while continuing the conversation
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2016. hillary clinton's taking time off the campaign trail now. the announcement coming hours after this. clinton stumbling while leaving a 9/11 event in new york. and this morning her campaign says that she is fighting pneumonia. erika is tracking the overnight developments in the story. >> clinton was set to focus on the west coast this week. she will no longer attend three fundraisers in california planned for tod she is still scheduled to travel to las vegas on wednesday. now, that video that you just saw was recorded yesterday. clinton reportedly dehydrated and overheated, stumbling as she left the 9/11 memorial. we now know the former secretary of state was diagnosed with pneumonia friday, prescribed antibiotics by her doctor. she was taken to her daughter's apartment after yesterday's episode where a couple of hours later she did re-emerge with no comments about her health. >> how are feeling?
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>> what happened? >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> clinton has been advised to rest and modify her schedule. donald trump has yet to comment on yesterday's incident. he is campaigning today in baltimore and asheville, north carolina. randy? >> just hours, some boston police officers will begin day one of the body camera pilot program. it was friday that a judge decided the department does have the authority to force the officers to w them to wear the cameras. it will be a six-month pilot program. union president pat rose expressed disappointment with the judge's decision. however, in a statement says that he will work to make the cameras a success. >> new this morning -- police in nashua, new hampshire, investigating a possible hate crime. a mosque vandalized last night. a group of worshippers inside at the time. police tell the globe one object was thrown at the islamic society of greater nashua around 8:00 p.m.
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council on american islamic relations released a statement calling for state and federal officials to investigate. so far, no arrests. a new hampshire man accused of murder is expected in court today. prosecutors say richard moore repeatedly stabbed 51-year-old jo-anne boucher. she was found dead inside her home in danville about a week ago. neighbors say moore, who is a registered sex offender, had been living with boucher for months. investigators are not the man sentenced to death for the killings of two massachusetts men will ask a jury to spare his life. gary sampson pleaded guilty to the carjacking murders and was sentenced to death, but that sentence was thrown out five years ago after a judge found one juror lied about her background. a sentencing retrial is set to begin wednesday, and that trial is expected to last about three months. >> new york city, the skyline
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tradition. twin beams of light marked the places where the twin towers of the world trade center once stood. it's been 15 years since that day, changing the lives of so many in this country. in boston, all of those lives were remembered as people gathered with candles in the seaport district. they started a 9/11 mass for peace, healing and justice, ending up at the massachusetts fallen heroes memorial. gold star families and veterans among this crowd remembering the victims of the attacks 15 years ago. the state house and the public garden. the leaders gathered alongside families at this memorial for lost loved ones, tributes, and a constant flow of tears here. >> i think about all those people whose moms and dads didn't get to watch their kids grow up or the kids that didn't get to grow up with their parents. it's sad. >> sometimes it feels like a
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hundred years, even though today marks 15 years, we wake up the same every day with that loved one missing from our lives. >> more than 200 people killed in the 9/11 attacks had ties to massachusetts. >> uber is rolling out a new service this week. the idea that has some safety experts concerned. and new this morning, instagram as inspiration. dietitians say the app can help you make smart food choices. the embarrassing moment caused by this catfish falling out of the sky. cindy? >> we've got clear skies this morning. a cool, refreshing start out there. how long this fall feel lasts and our next chance for showers is ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures as you're getting to head out the door right now. we're right around 60 in the city. but it is cooler in the suburbs. just 48 degrees as you're heading out the door in nashua
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>> good morning, eyeopener! >> wow! i love that. >> wow! >> making sure we're paying attention. good morning to our friends at gymnastics and more in woburn. great drama in the >> get everybody together and record it in your smart phone. you can upload it using our wcvb app. >> i loved it. impressive. this morning is kind of on the cool side. feels like fall. >> it was 93 on friday. now all of a sudden it fell. it is september out there. and look how dark it is. i have to go there. because we just kind of acknowledge what's happening out
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morning. and look at this by the end of the month. 6:41. then we get into october, and we're nearing that 7:00 a.m. mark. so sign of the times, unfortunately. but we've got some nice clear skies to get started this morning. you see the absence of cloud cover across the northeast. all the clouds to our south. this is the front that triggered all those potent storms yesterday with a lot of wind and those heavy downpours that came through in the morning hours. none of this front has crossed the area. high pressure is nosing in all across the northeast from the canadian border to d.c. the great lakes very comfortable. humidity creeps back up behind that. it's going to be a couple of days before it gets back in here. today, tomorrow, both very pleasant. you will notice the humidity come up once again on wednesday as another front approaching ours area. 40's showing up nashua down to bedford. we are 60 in town right now. north shore, beverly, lower
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running in the 40's. south of boston, some pockets in the 40's from norwood to taunton and new bedford. 50's and lower 60's on the cape this morning. we've got the sunshine this morning as it comes on up. and notice all day long we're going to keep it in place. the northwesterly winds turn onshore this afternoon. we will contend with a sea breeze. at the coastline, lower 70's, mid and upper 70's. 77 in nashua. 78 your high this afternoon in taunton. all the sunshine today. by this evening,e' skies going to stay clear tonight as well. real quiet weather taking hold. another night to keep the windows open. 40's, 50's in the suburbs. 58 downtown. so we'll start out cool, but as we get into the afternoon, southwesterly winds are going to come in. and that's going to allow the temperatures to get warmer tomorrow. this front here off to the west is our next chance for any showers and thunderstorms. and that doesn't come in until wednesday. tomorrow we have the sunshine, the low humidity, but we jump back up into the 80's tomorrow, and we're in the mid 80's here on wednesday.
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showers and thunderstorms approach. may hold off till very late in the day or the evening hours. and as they come on through, not every town will see them, but that's really our only chance for rain behind that front and even cooler air mass settling in. another fall feel building in here toward the end of the week. so it's officially september now. >> i think so. i think it's here. thank you, cindy. so far the roads are quiet. live look at the expressway. there's a check by the gas tank. that's northbound heading to the top of the screen. you can see with just a few more cars on the road now. still not seeing too much volume out there. the construction we are watching northbound by the o'neal tunnel picked up nice and early. let's check the rest of the ride. so far so good. 93 south is quiet. the pike as well. once again, that road work by the o'neill tunnel is gone. route 3, 24 as well. no problems on 95. pike 15 minutes eastbound. 495 to 128. as you head north, construction
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and trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. >> there are questions following another incident about water storage tanks in concord, new hampshire. in august, a town employee found a lock had been damaged. now according to the town's website, a similar incident was reported friday. public works officials say the tanks have been isolated from the water supply. >> r bringing self-driving taxis to the street. the service, which will launch in pittsburgh, is raising some alarms, some concern. safety experts say the technology is not ready for this experiment. the state has yet to enact requirements for the permitting of testing of these vehicles. all rules about the crashes. advocates of the car say technology won't advance if companies wait for the rules. the average price of a gallon of
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up 4 cents over the past three weeks to $2.21 per gallon but still 23 cents lower than a year ago. massachusetts remaining below the national average. >> a check of the markets now. asian shares fell overnight as investors reacted to the fed's comments on a possible interest rate hike soon. right now, stock futures here, they're down. investors looking to see if the market will react to a business report just released overnight showing the economy will continue to grow for the next two years. eating right is a common goal, not always easy to achieve, and it turns out that instagram could hold the information we're looking for. >> we know instagram is full of pictures of food. it turns out that could help your waistline. no doubt about it. diet disasters are often a favorite on instagram, but diet helpers are here, too. >> it's trendy. it's this whole different world that people are obsessed with.
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hashtags. >> dietitian sam teece says the key to making that work for your benefit is who is posting. >> is it a registered dietitian, a doctor, a culinary professional. >> madeline heising has a big following. >> the giant burgers, the ice cream sundaes, that's always been there. i find inspiration in more of the realistic things. >> she says look for meal ideas with ingredients you recognize. >> just looking processed. >> on this day, she's posting her four ingredient smoothie. >> always add the frozen bananas first. >> peanut butter, kale, and almond milk follow. blend, snap, post. >> i like to see things that are familiar and simple and that could inspire others. this is something i did that you can do, too. >> it's these kinds of posts that can keep you on track. >> ideas how to meal prep. that's really helpful. >> and keep you inspired to eat
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>> sam says a simple search on instagram and help get you started. you look under the people kind of search and type in registered dietitian, you'll find resources, real professionals. not a bad idea to google, too. that's what she searches, registered dietitians. >> all right. yeah. looking for breakfast ideas? >> exactly. >> all right. so tomorrow on the eye, we're sticking with the instagram theme. erika will show us how the social media app is making workouts easier. randy? >> tom brady has a message after the team's number 12's new facebook posting, and then new at 5:30, a college football player arrested for apparently punching a referee and what the athlete says he was really trying to do here. plus a man stabbed in chelsea. how police say the young suspects lured victim into a dangerous situation. community service in honor of
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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>> i'm kathy from 5 investigates here on the charles river. despite the big downpours at the polycystic disease walk, raising funding, because there is no cure. and we want to say what? >> good morning, eyeopener! whoo! >> whoo hoo. >> good morning to you, kathy and >> just one of the many we get involved with as part of being boston's community leader. >> looks like they had a good time there. >> no downpours in the forecast today. skies are clear right now. it feels like september outside. it's a little bit cool. 60 degrees in boston, but in the suburbs, 40's and 50's out the door. you may want a little layer with you as you're stepping out.
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along the coastline, lower 70's, but you jump inland, we'll be in the mid and upper 70's. about 77 in waltham. 78 in norwood on the cape. lower 70's. loads of sunshine. dry, comfortable air. low humidity with us again tomorrow. but we're back into the lower 80's, maybe a few showers and thunderstorms later wednesday. randy? >> all right. time for monday eyepoppers. this one is a whole different definition to the phrase catfish. >> absolutely. right? this one coming straight from the sky fell and hit a pennsylvania woman in the face. the fish weighing about 5 pounds. don't laugh. turns out it was dropped from a birth flying 50 feet above. that woman was left with a scar under her eye and says she's just now laughing about it. what are the odds? i think you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning. the patriots pulling out the win without tom brady, but he was still enthusiastic about the game off the field.
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times. pats anger birds playing off the game angry birds. >> he's got time on his hands. he's enjoying the game. enjoying the win. >> very clever, that tom brady. emily? >> thank you. some people really hate to share their french fries and how one woman learned that the hard way in washington, d.c. and months after buying a powerball ticket at hannaford, the winner of a $487 million jackpot now coming forward. the plan for some of that money is ahead. and take a live look out here across the city. the sunrise, the horizon on the right side of your screen there. 5:26.
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>> now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- jimmy garoppolo. >> it's a get start to the season. >> his other message this morning as the team looks ahead to the home opener. >> two teams charged in a violent attack. >> the driver hired to pick them up who police say fell victim. >> hillary clinton off the campaign trail battling pneumonia. this stumble drawing health concerns on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning.
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>> monday morning, 5:30, looking out across the skyline. still dark at this hour. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa this morning. it is kind of depressing to look out there and see it dark at this hour. >> i know. it's just every day we're losing a minute or two. >> and the sun sets before 7:00 p.m. >> i know, i know. >> sorry. it's the calendar. itet >> you see the sunrise 6:21 this morning. a typical low temperature this time of year is about 59 in boston. so we're not too far off the mark in town, but look at the temperatures this morning. it is chilly. we have some mid 40's around taunton and norwood. 44 in orange. you can see worcester in the lower 50's. beverly in the lower 50's. south shore as well. closer to 60 on cape cod this morning. so it is clear. it is cool out there this morning. it's really feeling like september.
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building in with comfortable dry air and also light winds. so there will be a sea breeze today. we'll jump back into the low to mid 60's here midmorning. lunchtime temperatures around 70 degrees, but we'll hold in the lower 70's along the coastline with that onshore wind only about 73 in boston. in lowell, we're jumping up to 78. 77 in framingham. pleasant day with sunshine, low humidity, mid 70's through worcester county. some upper 70's south of town, brockton to light winds, sunshine, lower 70's. a really pleasant day overall. enjoy your monday. let's get you out to the roads and see how we're doing. >> we're doing just fine. live look at the expressway. a check by the gas tank on the northbound side. you can see some rush hour delays starting to build. let's check the rest of your ride. no complaints. all the construction we had wrapped up early. looking into good boston and south no problems on 24 out of brockton. route 3. 95 in sharon getting by at the speed limit.
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and 93 south looks good. out of methuen to the connector. trains and buses also on schedule. >> now to the stories we're following right now on the eye. >> erika tracking the overnight developments for us. erika? >> patriots nation all smiles this morning. jimmy garoppolo leading the pats to victory last night in arizona against the cardinals. 23-21 the final. the team returns home to prepare to face the dolphins in their home opener at gillette. hillary clinton taking are the former secretary of state citing pneumonia. this video showing her stumbling to her vehicle leaving the 9/11 event in new york city. she will not attend three fundraisers in california that were scheduled for today and tomorrow. and in just hours, some boston police officers will begin day one of the body camera pilot program. it was friday when a judge decided the the department does have the authority to force officers to wear the cameras.
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several charges in the stabbing of a driver, including assault with intent to murder. >> and the eye's sera congi is at the courthouse in chelsea where those teens will go in front of a judge today. >> those suspects, randy and emily, are 15 and 17 years old. they have not been identified. police say they stabbed a 57-year-old east boston man sunday night near congress avenue in chelsea. the teens had allegedly hired the victim from the company, and that driver suffered serious injuries, was taken to mass general hospital where police say he's in stable condition. the teenagers are both charged with armed assault with intent to murder as well as assault and battery. they'll both face arraignment here at chelsea district court later today. live in chelsea, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> sera, thank you. two people are recovering after apparent overdoses. a third man was pronounced dead at the scene. the suspected overdoses happened
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boston e.m.s. says the men were found unconscious yesterday afternoon. first responders attempted full resuscitation on all three, but one did not make it. two other men were brought to area hospitals for treatment. right now, a woman is facing charges after tsa employees at logan airport found a loaded gun in her purse. state police tell the globe that it appears the 59-year-old maine woman had forgotten the handgun was there. they say that intentionally concealed. the woman was allowed to board her flight after police confiscated the gun. she's facing a charge of carrying a handgun with ammunition. >> a plymouth man is expected in court today charged with stealing police support flags on the cape. barnstable police say witnesses saw 60-year-old david hickman on the route 149 overpass. he's accused of taking the flags over the overpass and burying them in the woods. police are also checking to see
5:35 am
a community service project in boston to honor the lives lost on september 11. hundreds spent the day supporting the massachusetts military heroes fund. the goal, to fill care packages. 500 of those packages will be sent to new england troops overseas and another 500 to homeless veterans here. the one group of high school volunteers, nine is history rather than memory. taking part in the service day shows solidarity with the families tragedy. >> it's a great thing that we can send things to old yes, sir. >> it brings the day around for me from a really sad place to a place where we felt the love and support. >> this was the eighth year that the military heroes fund has coordinated this community service project. >> this morning, a new look at a much-debated children's hospital expansion. >> the plan that would replace a well-loved garden and a college football player accused of
5:36 am
the excuse he hopes will get him out of trouble. >> and ahead in news to go -- think twice before touching someone else's french fries. the consequences for one woman
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>> good morning. welcome back. a live look outside at the zakim bridge. a few more cars on the roads now. still a fairly quiet start this morning. no accidents to report. all construction picked cindy, a beautiful day on top. >> you may have to change that air conditioner to heater this morning in the car. it's a little cool. some 40's on the map this morning. even low 50's in worcester. boston right now close to 60 degrees. it's a fall feel this morning, but a nice recovery. back into the 70's this afternoon. sea breeze will keep it in the lower 70's at the coast. low humidity tomorrow. we sneak back up into the 80's. showers and thunderstorms moving in late on wednesday. emily? >> okay, cindy. thank you.
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referee. that player from mount saint antonio college is under arrest. you can check out the video showing bernard schirmer punching the ref in the face he had been holding the lineman back from the other team. that's when the 6'5" schirmer took a swing. his father says he meant to hit himself to calm himself down. >> if you go back and look at himself. >> the ref just got punched in the face by a player. >> wow. >> the college, siding with schirmer in a statement, that official never returned to the game, and schirmer now faces a felony battery charge. >> an upset win for the patriots. the big start for jimmy garoppolo and the winner of a nearly half billion dollar powerball jackpot coming forward today. one way that money will be used. plus, there's a new miss america. the winner and the question
5:41 am
a live camera in worcester as we
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>> the eyeopener team on this monday morning with your news to go. in foxborough, chelsea, and the health scare that has hillary clinton off the campaign trail. >> powerful winds uproot trees in groton.
5:44 am
residents say that storm only lasted a few minutes, but that was enough to rip four trees from the ground in just one neighborhood. those trees came toppling down on two cars. thankfully, nobody inside. >> when i first got out, i walked out, and it was like a war zone. i looked around as a hostage in the neighborhood. i'm like, nobody else got hit? we were the lucky ones. >> the family, as you heard, they're fortunate that nothing happened to the house. we had a line of storms come through with a lot of wind. you can see all the dots here on the map. 108 reports of some wind damage yesterday. >> wow. >> the trees are weakened by the drought. you add a little wind and it causes a lot of damage. absolutely. speaking of the storms yesterday, they produced a lot of wind but not a lot of rain. for the month of september, we're still only about 1/3 of an inch in boston. we're behind for the month. look at our deficit now for the
5:45 am
goes on. the front that triggered that storm is to the south. comfortable, dry air has settled in. you probably felt the changes. the air mass is with us for the next couple of days. today, very comfortable. tomorrow, very comfortable. we get into wednesday, and the humidity will start to pick up just a little bit. with this dry air, you get cool nights. that's what we have this morning. look at the 40's on the map. orange is down to 44. norwood down to upper 40's in new bedford as well. low 50's in worcester. 60 right now in boston. temperatures are going to hold in the 60's through midmorning and then by lunchtime it's around 70 degrees. but we're going to keep it in the lower 70's at the coast this afternoon despite wall-to-wall sunshine with a bit of a sea breeze kicking in. mid to upper 70's farther inland. headed to fenway, red sox taking on the orioles. first pitch about 70. but it will cool off quickly as the temperatures fall down into the 50's overnight.
5:46 am
we're back in the low 80's in the afternoon. and then on wednesday, that's our next chance of some late-day showers and thunderstorms. so pretty quiet start to the week weatherwise. let's get you out to the roads. >> so far quite trafficwise. volume building across the zakim bridge. you can see the southbound side building those delays. aside from this, we're in decent shape. let's check travel times as you head south. still fine on 24 and route 3 and your ride on the expressway only into boston. traveling the pike, 15 eastbound, 495 to 128. and then 93 south looks good. delays out of methuen in andover and trains and buses still doing okay. >> olessa, thank you. a surprising victory for the patriots without two star players. >> and the eye's doug meehan is at the gillette stadium. >> not to get ahead of ourselves, but the patriots sit
5:47 am
standings, and with jimmy g. at the helm, the patriots are undefeated. >> we have confidence in one another. that's a good thing we have going for us. >> in true patriot fashion, jimmy garoppolo quick to recognize the team and the effort put forth by everyone. however, with no tom brady and no rod gronkowski, a lot of people outside new england didn't pick the pats to win out in the desert. they take on the dolphins here when they host their home opener next sunday. we're live outside gillette experience in foxborough, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> patriots martellus bennett and kev vin mccourty joining in. the players raising their fist at the end of the national anthem inspired by colin kaepernick. kaepernick gained national attention after taking a knee during the anthem.
5:48 am
what kaepernick calls oppression of minorities. commitment 2016. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail after it's revealed she's fighting pneumonia. she was supported by staffers as she stumbled leaving the 9/11 memorial yesterday. her doctor later revealed she'd been diagnosed with pneumonia friday and prescribed antibiotics. she attributed the shaky exit to the candidate being dehydrated and overheated adding clinton is recovering nicely. clinton travel to las vegas wednesday. donald trump, campaigning today in maryland and north carolina, has yet to comment. >> erika, two teenagers will face a judge in chelsea for allegedly attacking a man they hired to charge for them. chelsea police say they found the 57-year-old east boston man in a vehicle on congress avenue suffering serious injuries from his stab wounds.
5:49 am
livery company and giving the teenagers a ride when they allegedly attacked him. the suspects are just 15 and 17 years old. they have not been identified. they will face several charges at arraignments later today for several charges including assault with intent to murder. in chelsea, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> in just hours, a cease-fire is scheduled to begin in syria. it's a deal brokered by secretary of state john kerry and russian leaders. that deal allows the syrian government to continue s the u.s. and russia take over in a week. but rebel factions say it allows the syrian president to secure his government. 91 people have been killed in attacks in the two days since that agreement was reached. >> boston police now getting ready to start their body camera pilot program. on friday, a judge did decide that the department does have the authority to require officers to wear these cameras. it will be a six-month pilot program starting today.
5:50 am
expressed disappointment with the judge's decision, however, in a statement, he says he and the union will be working to make the cameras a success. >> police in nashua, new hampshire, are searching for suspects in a possible hate crime. a mosque was vandalized last night while worshippers were inside. police tell "the globe" one object was thrown breaking a window. the massachusetts chapter of the council on american islamic relations released a statement calling for state and federal officials to deadly crash in boxford will be in court today. state police arrested 22-year-old nathaniel armstrong after this crash in the breakdown lane on interstate 95 early saturday night. a 45-year-old newburyport man was killed in this. he's facing several charges including motor vehicle homicide. >> we know the name of the
5:51 am
hydroplane boats collided on watson pond. all three operators thrown into the water. greene was one of them. the other two were also hurt. one is still in critical condition. >> we're getting a new look at the building that is slated to be where the once beloved prouty garden was at boston children's hospital. this 11-story glass building will hold state-of-the-art facilities to treat some of the most ill patients. executives at the hospital say this facility. opponents say it's going to disrupt what they consider to be sacred ground for families, and they say is not necessary. >> the red sox now lead the a.l. east by two games after a win in toronto. they wrapped up their series with the toronto blue jays yesterday during a wild one. jackie bradley jr. and david ortiz each hit three-run homers and then hanley ramirez added a solo shot.
5:52 am
game home streak. >> miss arkansas! [cheers and applause] >> miss america. a new winner, savvy shields of arkansas winning the pageant last night after impressing the judges with her jazz dance routine and her answer to a question about the presidential election. massachusetts contestant alissa musto rounded out the top 15. the burrito chain chipotle, which had, of cour lawnila launching a new service, drone delivery. they're going to let the students at university of virginia tech delivered from the sky. >> we'll soon know the name of the powerball winner in new hampshire. attorneys will discuss their philanthropic plans. the winning $487 million ticket was sold at this hannaford store back in july. it's the biggest prize ever in
5:53 am
biggest in u.s. history. >> a woman is facing theft charges after taking food off a police officer's plate. police say the two intoxicated women sat down with the officer at a washington, d.c., restaurant. one woman reached over and took a french fry from the officer's plate. she then took a second fry, and the officer asked her to stop. but when she took a third fry, the officer arrested her for theft. >> not okay. all right. get your dancing shoes ready. season 23 stars" kicks off tonight. those vying for the mirror ball trophy include ryan lochte. you can catch the action right here on channel 5 at 8:00. >> the man in the video here is from lynn, and today he's going to be on "ellen."
5:54 am
he sees his mother for the first time in 10 years. this video has since, of course, gone viral. his mother, madeline, lives in africa, and because of financial constraints, jeffrey hadn't been able to travel to see her. his girlfriend, shannon, helped his mother plan the surprise, and today jeffrey has a surprise of his own for shannon. you can see it on "ellen" this afternoon at 3:00 right here on channel 5. to see the surprise that had the audience swooning. >> what a great moment, right? >> absolutely. that's amazing. all right. weatherwise, here we are in the month of september, and so far, this month has been running above the average. we tied a record high on friday with 93. we're in the 80's yesterday. 2.3 degrees above the average so far. things changing a little bit. definitely feels like fall out there this week. we're going to hold in the 70's this week, which is more typical. average high just 74. we'll sneak back into the 80's
5:55 am
the week. so things are changing just a little bit. but gorgeous sunrise about to happen out there this morning with clear skies. you can see how clear the skies are across the northeast this morning. big area of high pressure settling in behind this frontal boundary. that triggered the storms yesterday. so the air is very dry, very comfortable. and it cools off quickly. so some 40's out the door this morning. look at nashua. 48. fitchburg down to 49. just 44 in orange. and we dropped to 41 in norwood. downo 60 on the cape right now. close to 60 in boston. sunshine all day long. light winds, though, mean a sea breeze. so at the coast, low 70's this afternoon. mid to upper 70's farther inland. tonight we're back down in the 40's and 50's. boston even down in the upper 50's tonight. so a cool start tomorrow, but as high pressure slides east, southwesterly winds, that will help us sneak back into the 80's, but the humidity stays low. wednesday we're watching this front here off to the west. that will be our next chance for any showers or thunderstorms.
5:56 am
from the coastline. as we get into wednesday, the morning starts with sunshine, and early afternoon, we will have dry conditions as we head toward late day and the evening. that's when we get at least a few showers on in here. behind it, more of a fall feel for the end of the week. >> all right. let's get you back out to the roads, olessa. how are we doing? >> pretty good shape. no accidents to report. there are delays. a live look outside. let's get to the maps and check the rest of your ride. as you he braintree and 95 in canton. as you travel the expressway, 25 minutes braintree into boston. pike eastbound still about 15. 495 to 128. 93 south, delays. trains and buses still running on schedule. >> all right, olessa. thank you. new concerns about the public water in concord, massachusetts. >> the odd instance happening for the second time now. and new this morning, instagram
5:57 am
food choices. and a live look here out across the city. absolutely beautiful start to the day. but -- the but, randy -- >> but? >> it feels like fall. definitely take a light jacket, take since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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6:00 am
>> a miss kick sealing the win. jimmy garoppolo's stats, and the dramatic moment before the game started. >> hillary clinton stumbling at an event in new york to help keep her off the campaign trail today. >> possibly, police will start wearing body cameras today, what the union is saying about there program on the eye for this


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