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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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no indication that anything was wrong. >> she was having a good time and her kid was running around and playing with the kids. reporter: cause of death is being investigated. if you know the whereabouts of de la rosa, give them a call. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: and two more employees fired accused of falsifying hours. the company that operates the mbta commuter rail service recently fired six other those employees were connected to the mechanical department. heather:now to a 5 investigates exclusive, criminal cases now thrown out and defendants are off the hook. these cases are all connected to an evidence room scandal at the braintree police department. kathy curran broke the story and she has the new fallout. reporter: three pending drug cases went before the judge today. these are cases that the detectives and the prosecutors worked on for more than a
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about the integrity of evidence, the criminal charges were tossed out within minutes. >> at this time we will be filing -- reporter: roberto castillo's criminal charges are dropped and he walks out of court a free man. castillo and eye dean -- eileen santos were accused of dealing heroin, morphine and cocaine in 2015. the suspects were arrested at a braintree motel, but today the cases were braintree scandal. >> it got to a portion of the drug evidence and if it is miss hammed the commonwealth will not try it. reporter: it was in the wake of an audit that 5 investigates learned found guns, cash and drugs missing from the evidence room of the braintree pd.
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dropped due to questions about the integrity of evidence or missing evidence. sources tell us that heat sealed evidence bags were torn open or cut. >> i commend the district attorney for recognizing his obligation to inform the defendant that there was a problem with the evidence. reporter: jorge's drug charge was also tossed out. the cambridge man was, aed by brain -- was arrested by braintree >> to preserve the integrity of the case. >> i assume it was kept in the braintree evidence locker. i would think that would be true of every case in the town of braintree, would it not? reporter: the d.a. expects hundreds of cases to be dismissed. prosecutors today told the judge where there is any indication that evidence has been compromised or mishandled they have no choice but to
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monitoring accused of abuse of elderly clients. he was arraigned and court papers say he groped and kissed six women he was driving around for the care well adult day center. he confessed it happened in 2014 and the victims are from plymouth county and all suffer from alzheimer's or dementia or other disabilities. they would not be able to remember returned home from the facility wearing different clothing. ed: he has been off the job since 2014 and mcneil himself is himself a sex abuse victim. heather: donald trump is continuing his criticism of hillary clinton as basket of deplorables comment. in maryland trump told the crowd at the national guard association convention he was deeply shocked and alarmed by the comments.
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demeaning supporters and suggested her words for those in uniform. >> hillary clinton believes she is above the law and above accountability and that she is above each and every one of you. heather:a day after making the comments last week clinton regretted using the term to describe trump supporters and turned her focus back on her rival. ed: clinton plans to release more health records after her ab anniversary ceremony yesterday. look at the video and look at the highlighted area. you can see the secretary and you can see her hair. watch as she steps toward the van. she clearly loses her place and stumbles. she had become over heated and hydrated and later they revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she is off the campaign trail today and is expected back by the middle of the week. neither candidate can afford any distractions now. they are deadlocked in four
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new hampshire. new at 6:00 nicole estefan looks at the high stakes in the granite state. reporter: recent polls suggest a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton heading into the final months of the presidential campaign. >> there is a natural tightening in these races that happens after labor day. part of that is a result of more eyeses and more people paying attention. reporter: whatever the reason, this is what it looks like. in new hampshire clinton is up one point over trump wh among registered voters they are tied. >> trump has to win new hampshire and clinton wants to win new hampshire. >> both candidates are in the low 40s. does trump do better because she is doing so badly? it is hard to say. >> the conventional wisdom went out the window a longtime ago when trump was the nominee. >> they are more likely to
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something than for something they are not too happy with. reporter: polls are a snap shot in time, but they seem to indicate that in this race key states may well change their traditional colors. >> i think what we will come out of the election with is there may be states that have voted republican in the past and may vote for hillary clinton and may be some states that go -- that swing both ways that may vote for donald trump. reporter: the first debate is scheduled for september 26th and trump suggesting that moderators not present. wcvb newscenter 5. heather: colin kaepernick is expected to kneel during the national anthem again tonight furthering his highly visible protest. two other players were raising their fist at the end of the national anthem. the active protest is making its way to a high school gridiron. we spoke with a player in worcester. reporter: michael says some of his teammates knew that he
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him they represented his decision and that they supported him. this is a the photo that has people across the country weighing in after a football player tweeted he was suspended for a game after kneeling at a football game. >> i am proud i was able to bring a lot of attention to this and allowed to get a lot of support. >> he said he did it because he felt there was injustice and african-americans. the worcester public school superintendant said he was never disciplined. he said he was not communicated to him clearly. >> the coach had the expectation that everyone does stand for the national anthem. but if a student decides not to, it is their constitutional right there can be no discipline for that. >> this comes after the quarterback for the san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick kneeled instead during the national anthem during the pre-season games
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because he says the u.s. oppresses after can americans and other minorities. since then the other nfl players have joined in. >> i still believe that this whole situation being dealt with shows iny cult for blacks. >> they want the coaches to meet with the athletic director to make sure they knew if a student chooses not to stand during the national disciplined for it. in worcester, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: 5 investigates new information in a decade's old murder case. a new look at the victim and the family she may have left behind in boston. harvey: sure it cooled off smrks but if you think warm weather is part of it you have to watch. ed: this may be the best thing you will see all day. it is a heartwarming surprise
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off. reporter: hi, everybody i am mike lynch at fenway park. the red sox are hoping the price is right. we're live at fenway and we are also live in foxborough as
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>> a new image and more information on a murder case. a body was found decades ago. ed: this comes after a tip was rs have been from boston. karen anderson brings us the latest. reporter: it was 40 years ago that young woman's body was found and with that comes new facial reconstruction of what the young woman may have looked like. she may have been between 15 and 25 years old and is now only as woodlawn jane doe. that's because her tortured body was found by the cemetery
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on her clothing 1k3 it suggests she may have been from boston. they believe she may have lived there in the early 70s. her name may have been jasmine and she went by jazzy and relatives named blanco and tito and santana. anyone with information is asked to call boston police. more details on the case and the evidence mobile app. karen anderson. ed: no complaining. on a scale of one to 10 this is 52. and harvey is tracking our next chance of rain.
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heather: we continue to follow breaking news. police are searching for the man on the right of your screen. his ex-girlfriend wanda rosa. they share a 4-year-old son and he was in the home at the time of her murder. investigators say de la rosa brought him to a relative's before taking off. ed: this is new at 6:00. it was quite a school day. isn't that a beautiful picture? he and his dad have the same haircut. he wore his favorite red, white and blue shirt for what he thought was spirit day.
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at the thompson elementary school and the lesson was patriotism and what better way to begin than with the pledge of allegiance. >> can you come up with help me with the pledge this morning? reporter: in his best usa shirt he comes up and has no idea what is about to happen next. >> i am so honored that in addition to caden and mr. mr. gilligan we have a special guest. reporter: you can start to feel that this is more than something special is around the corner. >> come on in, special guest. [applause]. >> daddy! reporter: sergeant jason chin, u.s. army, has been in kuwait and he hasn't seen his son since the first grade and what a way to start second grade for little caden who proudly said the pledge of allegiance with his father by his side. >> and to the republic for which it stands, one nation,
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liberty and justice for all. >> seeing his smile after so long and the sacrifice that military families make, it is all worth it. reporter: his wife, laura, got her own surprise at work this morning. >> i was surprised too, yeah. i work down the street at a local cvs and they surprised me. reporter: in a word caden makes it clear how he felt about this surprise. >> happy. heather:happy and then some. the name of the school that caden goes to is the private albert e thompson school in north and over. private thompson lived on that street of that school. he fought for our country in world war i. he died in battle at the age of 17. all of crease -- all of these years later a beautiful memory at the school named for him. heather:not a dry eye in the house. did you see the lock in their
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ed: he was going jump out of his skin. heather:top that, harvey. harvey: i can top that. i can't even come close. i can talk about how cool it was. we haven't had much cool weather. it was 40 in norwood and a lot of places were in the 40s. here is what is interesting. boston was 59. it retains the heat much better, but it was close to an average day. it was a little below average most recent warmth like late last weekend we are running a couple degrees above average and while we were comfortable now, there is warmer air to the south and west and some will be moving back slightly tomorrow and then again on wednesday. if you are doing some sneezing, it could be the pollen right now. it is medium in terms of the pollen count for tomorrow. a little higher on wednesday and slight slightly lower on
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it is looking great. 68 degrees. we had a sea breeze in boston coming in off the water. so it has been cooler at logan airport. you jump 5 degrees compared to logan. and you are in the mid70s. overall we are seeing temperatures in the midto upper 80s. with clear skies skies and light winds and dry air, there are the clear skies you saw on the city cam, it allows the temperatures to fall quickly. dash cash 68, 69 for the start of the game. the same spots that were in the 40s last night will get there later tonight and into first thing tomorrow as well. we will have a warmer late morning midday and afternoon tomorrow than today. getting up to 80 to 85 in many places. still very low humidity. wind coming out of the southwest and that will make it cooler around the cape and the islands. the clear skies go back to
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weather. we could get a gusty thunderstorm or two which we will keep an eye on. milder tomorrow and warmer and more humid on wednesday and then the approaching front later on wednesday. notice a close look shows the clouds stay clear. the clock is moving, but the sky condition isn't changing. it stays completely clear. you get to wednesday morning and a few patchy clouds scattered about. then the front makes the approach on wednesday afternoon. winds on wednesday. we'll keep an eye on that. there is a tropical storm called ian, but it is in the atlantic and it looks like it will stay out in the atlantic. let's check out our next seven days. the only opportunity during this work and school week that i can see for wet weather is later on wednesday and wednesday evening where there could be a gusty thunderstorm. we are calling that a potential impact day because there could be strong winds with those storms.
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problematic after that. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now here is mike lynch with sports center 5, powered by xfinity. >> mike: welcome to fenway park. the oriels are in tonight and davis price is on the hill. he has won his last six starts. 20 game ease main on this regular season. 10 at fenway and 10 on the road. the red sox have put themselves in excellent position coming off a successful road trip. take a look at the standings. themselves two games ahead of the oriels and four games ahead of the new york yankees they come in here thursday, friday saturday and sunday. as the red sox continue this trend they could be playing baseball beyond october 2nd, but don't try telling that to the manager. >> we can't even think about october. honestly our guys have not. our approach has been like the road trips. we don't care when or where or
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playing. we'll play. i don't think the thought of october entertained our guys. we have a touch stretch ahead. our focus is on tonight and not tomorrow. reporter: . >> mike: a big win for the pa i tree jets and everybody is gushing about garapolo. let's join josh. reporter: lynch, no quarterback controversy brewing here, but there is no denying that jimmy was impressive. three words, variation on do major job which the patriots cold close as a team. >> it is just football. reporter: not those three words either. but they do belong to number 10, poised and efficient and though not turnover free he lead a 13-play 6-minute drive to set up the game-winning field goal. these three words, he did it.
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team and when they have confidence in you you have confidence in them and it is easy to stay poised. >> made some good plays. he was not perfect, but he made a lot of good plays. it is a tough place to play. reporter: fans were worried this would be a loss to arizona. i'll eat crow too. i thought the cardinals would win as well. he didn't always make the right decision and elude pressure, but he had strikes to hogan and turns aside the naysayers and even the brady and nobody else uh poll gists. he even completed a pass to himself. >> that was a first. that was a reaction. it worked out all right. reporter: next up three games at home here at gillette where the 0-1 dolphins come in. the dolphins have not won in this building since september
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last time they had a winning record. >> mike: thank you very much. the red sox are headed to baltimore and the patriots to miami -- will see miami. ed: all of a sudden you can see the light of day. what is it, 6:20? time now to flash forward to the news at 7:00 and 11:00. >> tonight at 7:00, hand crafted soda made the same way for more than a tonight's "made in mass" and then at 11:00 -- >> toward the end i was just being kept alive. >> he was in desperate need for a transplant. the new technique for liver transplants created in massachusetts. we'll see you then. >> on "chronicle" at 7:30, the family keeping boston's swan boats swimming. what $4 million buys you in
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eating alfresco.
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heather: police need your help finding the man on the right of your screen. he is emilio de la rosa and from lawrence and he is believed to be a person of
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they share a 4-year-old child. he dropped off their 4 -year-old son who is safe at a relative's house and the relative called for a well check on wanda. he has disappeared and authoritieses need your help -- authorities need your help finding him.
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tonight, hbl hillary clinton's health scare, and a short time ago, her new message. clinton's legs appearing to buckle beneath her as she left the 9/11 memorial early. and then, more than an hour later, this. why didn't she reveal the pneumonia earlier? donald trump today say, get well soon, but tonight, demanding an apology from clinton for something else. also, the pictures tonight. a mosque set on fire, and this evening, new surveillance. what it reveals. and the other stunning fire. the home with nine people trapped inside, six of them children. the breaking headline. the southwest flight and the piece of the engine that broke off mid-flight. the first findings in the investigation now in. and for the first time, jon benay ram see's brother breaking his silence, saying, i know


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