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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- breaking news right now. the investigation expanding after an explosion injured dozens of people in new york city. todd: and a second device found just blocks away from that crime scene. the haunting issues stirring up comparisons to the marathon bombing. antoinette: the candidates on what new york's mayor is calling an intentional act. their reaction to the blast that's shaken new york and beyond. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning.
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antoinette: it is 6:00 on this sunday, septembers 18. thank you so much for joining us. i'm antoinette antonio. todd: good morning. i'm todd kazakiewich. doug is off today. we've been following developments in manhattan all night long. we'll have new information on the blast in just a moment. antoinette: first we want to check in on that forecast. mike, we finally have some rain moving in. mike: that's the good news about this whole forecast. if you walk outside this morning, temperatures aren't bad, a lot warmer than the past couple of mornings. humidity is much higher today as well. where are t we're starting to see a few of those out in worcester county. the stuff you'll be seeing this morning and this afternoon is hit or miss variety. very light stuff we're talking about. there's more reinforcements to the west. the heaviest rain will happen later tonight through tomorrow morning. a spot shower is not out of the question any time today. you just have to wait a few minutes. it will pass on through. as we head through the day today, a lot of cloud cover. some of you will start with a hint of sunshine before it becomes more overcast.
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up. they'll be through the evening hours. after midnight, we start to see this coming in. tomorrow morning could be some substantial rain during the early morning commute. keep that in mind as you're planning your travels tomorrow morning. for today, mostly cloudy skies, muggy out there this morning. about 72 degrees by 9:00. 3:00, spot showers are out there, and as we get closer to 6:00, also a chance of seeing spot showers off and on. temperatures cooling down to the 70's. we'll talk more about that rain potential for tomorrow. all that coming up in a few antoinette? antoinette: mike, thank you. back to the breaking news out of new york. the city is on high alert after an explosion in the chelsea area of manhattan sending more than two dozen to the hospital, a second device found blocks away. officials saying that device is a pressure cooker with wires. todd: let's get to newscenter 5's diane cho with breaking details. reporter: so fishls in new york saying there are 29 people injured there. no one appears to have
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someone a block away from the scene. this happened near west 23rd and 6th avenue. law enforcement officials say the explosion appeared to have come from a construction toolbox in front of the building. witnesses say the explosion blew out the windows of surrounding businesses. a second device was found blocks from the original device. it's a pressure cooker attached to wiring and a cell phone. officials have not confirmed if the pressure cooker is an explosive device. the mayor spoke intentional act though there is no terrorist connection at this point. >> i want to say more broadly there is no specific and credible threat against new york city at this point in time from any terror organization. but we do want to be very clear. the early indications, initial indication, is this was an intentional act. whatever the cause, whatever the intention here, new yorkers will not be intimidated. we are not going to let anyone
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about our lives. reporter: we're also hearing from some of those injured last night. they say that everything began shaking. >> i flew off my feet. >> you landed on your back? >> landed on my elbow. >> lanned on your elbow. how loud was it? >> very loud. reporter: police are asking people to stay away from the area around the explosion. federal and local officials are on the scene. no leads on who is attack. antoinette: diane mentioned that device found at the second scene showing similarities to the ones used in the boston marathon bombing. todd: the device found in new york appears to be a pressure cooker though it's not confirmed to be an explosive device at this point. the pressure cookers that exploded here in 2013 were packed with shrapnel. as you know. dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death.
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remote control and a battery underneath. it was connected with a piece of black electrical tape. antoinette: the mayor of new york saying the explosion of manhattan has no connection to an explosion in new jersey saturday morning just hours earlier. a pipe bomb exploded in the trash can in seaside park along the route of a marine corps charity run just before thousands of runners were expected to take off. the runners were not there or why. the race was canceled. both hillary clinton and donald trump reacting to the explosion in new york. trump declaring that a bomb went off before officials had released details. he went on to say, we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. clinton was briefed on the incident following a speech in washington, d.c. she says, quote, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims.
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explosion in manhattan as well as the latest on that second devicea pressure cooker found blocks away. the latest on air, online and with our mobile news app. todd: the candidates were out on the campaign trail saturday. clinton honored by the professional black caucus. trump was trying to entertain swing state voters. >> i don't give a -- i because if i use that word, they'll say he used foul language. it is terrible. so i won't even use that word. >> we can't let barack obama's legacy fall into the hands of someone who doesn't understand that. [applause] he's dangerous and divisive vision for our country will drag us backwards. todd: they will meet for the
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week. antoinette: elizabeth warren is continuing her attack on trump. she spoke at a rally for clinton in the battleground state of ohio. warren called trump a selfish low life who puts himself ahead of everyone else. the senator also told the crowd that trump repeatedly invites his supporters to commit acts of violence against clinton. >> what kind of a man does that? a bully, a twisted bully who can't fight his own figh who will never be president of the united states. antoinette: warren also spoke about the republican party's support for trump saying that he has more support from the aryan nation and the k.k.k. than he does from leaders of his own party. todd: right now, two divers are injured after being pulled from the water off the coast of nahant. one of those divers is in extremely critical condition. they were located by civilian boaters near the northeastern
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cpr was performed on one of the divers before they were transported to salem hospital. the identities of the divers has not yet been released. we're learning new information about the teenager who was killed by a commuter train. t"the globe" is reporting he's 14-year-old boy from newton. he was hit just before 9:00 friday night. police and the d.a.'s office are investigating the circumstances surrounding what happ. "the globe" reports the boy was not currently a student in newton but had previously att attended newton schools. antoinette: police in worcester are asking for help after a crash involving a pedestrian. police are searching for the driver of this black pickup truck. a 31-year-old woman suffered multiple injuries in a pretty bizarre crash. police believe the worcester resident was talking to the driver in the parking lot of the
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street. at some point, the pickup driver sped up with the woman clinging to the driver's side woman. the woman fell from the truck into the middle of the rote. she is listed in stable condition. we are following several other big stories. todd: eight people hurt after an attack at a mall. the terrifying incident and what the man was saying as he stabbed showers. antoinette: the air force grounds new fighter jets. the problems with the weapons in military history. mike: rain is on the way. my hour-by-hour breakdown. todd: we're following breaking news in new york city. police find a second device, a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone duct taped to it. that device was found just blocks away from an explosion that injured 29 people. the mayor is calling it an intentional act but says there's no indication at this point that it was connected to terrorism.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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antoinette: back 13. we continue to follow breaking news out of new york this morning. an explosion last night rocked manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. todd: more than two dozen injured in the explosion. ce reporter: the mayor saying the explosion was deliberate but there's no indication this is connected to terrorism. the explosion happened just after 8:30 in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. 29 people were injured there. a law enforcement official says the explosion appears to have come from a construction toolbox in front of a building. police are investigating a second device found blocks away from the scene. we're told the device is a pressure cooker with wires attached to a cell phone.
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the pressure cooker is an explosive device. residents are asked to stay away as the investigation continues. antoinette: thank you. one of the faces of the boston strong spirit spent saturday raising money to give life to amputees. todd: heather abbott held an event at the barking crab in boston. the money raised will go to her foundation which provides customized prostheses. the prosthetics don't just help am putees move life who suffered so much. >> running legs, anything cosmetic is not covered by health insurance. they just make such a difference in people's lives to be able to regain a part of their former life or a life that maybe they never knew before. todd: many of the prosthetics cost tens of thousands of dollars, and they're not a forever fit depending on growth or weight changes. if you'd like to donate, we have information on our website.
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>> now your stormteam 5 forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. antoinette: we had just a fantastic day. you were sleeping. it was perfect. low humidity, sunny. and today we're getting that rain. mike: finally. remember the sunrise yesterday morning? just gorgeous. todd: saw it on tv. [laughter] mike: so did you. we still have a sunrise this morning, but not as dramatic as yesterday. it will be overcast. sun rise in another 15 minutes or 17, it goes to 7:00 a.m. we're still losing about two minutes and 49 seconds of daylight every single day. today we say hello to rain. we have showers starting to build up. notice this line has developed in the last hour or so. it's light stuff. one or two of us are getting decent rain. it's lining up just to the west of 495, drifting eastward. no lightning or thunder.
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boston, and we have cloud cover. a little peek of sunshine here or there. there's more rain out to the west. today's rain really kind of scattered showers more than anything else. a shower here, a shower there. can't guarantee it's going to happen. a lot of us won't get anything out of it. there's better opportunity for seeing steady rain. that threat will be with us all the way through tomorrow morning. that's our best opportunity for seeing scattered showers out humid air is really flowing in here. you notice that. it's muggier than yesterday morning. a cold front out to the west. showers out ahead of it. until that front passes us late tomorrow, we have chances of rain in the forecast. we head to the morning today, we get a lot of gray skies in here and a few breaks in it. this afternoon we get more scattered showers starting to develop. hit or miss variety. have to wait until later on tonight before we see a good line of showers and thunderstorms develop.
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way in. that's why i think overnight tonight you may have a rumble of thunder and that chance for showers will be around as we talk about most of your monday as well. a gray day. a few nice showers out of the whole thing. 1/2 inch to an inch of rain will be falling in this thing. we have a southwesterly wind at 13. there's that dew point into the mid 60's right now. today,re here or there. temperature around 80 degrees. tomorrow, thunderstorms in the forecast. the best chance is going to be during the morning hours. here's the way it looks at 6:00 in the morning as we head through the day. notice the showers push eastward and move all the way across the area. then as we head towards tuesday, maybe a spot shower left over early. about 82 degrees. wednesday, humidity drops off. you know, it's very muggy out there right now. it will stay muggy tomorrow and then really drop off into a very comfortable range when we talk
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and i made a mistake earlier in the newscast. the autumnal equinox is not in the afternoon. it's in the morning. 10:21, meaning equal day, equal night. 12 hours of each. after that, plenty of sunshine back into the forecast. could be a spot shower on friday with brings in cool air. next weekend looking like it will feel more like fall with temperatures barely getting 70 degrees. so we have some rain in the forecast. it's not a drought-buster, but it's welcome. keep in mind, tomorrow the rain threat out there. todd and antoinette? todd: thank you. back 18. we're following more breaking news. antoinette: at least eight people are injured after a stabbing attack at a minnesota mall. the attacker was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. the eight injured suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the attacker made references to allah. the motive is unclear. they have declined to call it terrorism. todd: a charter bus crash in
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the bus was carrying a south carolina college football team. it struck a bridge on the highway and then veered off. and then veered off and blew a tire. 42 passengers were injured and four people were killed. the status of the driver and ages of the players are unknown at this time. antoinette: the u.s. air force has been forced to ground some of its new f-35 fighter jets. bad insulation was discovered in the cooling lines of fuel tanks. the faulty lines affect 57 aircraft, 10 of which were already he those 10 will be fixed. the remainder will be fixed before delivery. the f-35 is described as the most expensive weapon in history. school is back and so is our a-plus segment featuring exceptional high school seniors. from a.p. classes, sports, and a part-time job to help support her family, she has a full plate, and i got a chance to catch up with her at school
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>> we hug, we embrace, but she's a blur in the hallway. she's going to her next a.p. class. antoinette: the fitchburg high school senior is taking five a.p. classes, plays field hockey and la crosse and even makes time for model united nations. >> you represent a country and you come together and try to figure out the problems of the world. so immigration antoinette: but her future plan is to be a doctor. >> i like the idea of maybe me becoming a doctor so i can help people. antoinette: people like her brothers, three of whom who have autism and one who has epilepsy. she squeezes in an after-school job on top of everything else, much of that money going to her
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complained. >> once i understood the enormity of what she was dealing with, there are a lot of adults couldn't deal with it. antoinette: it isn't easy, but she wouldn't change a thing. >> there's a future for everybody. so look where you can. look what you can be. antoinette: that unstoppable attitude, one of many reasons she deserved this a-plus. she is applying to northeastern, b.u., harvard and yale. i asked her how she evenas time to do all these applications, and she says keeping busy is what helps her stay motivated. i have a feeling when she goes off to college, it's going to be easier because of how much she's been doing lately. todd: she seems to exude positivity. antoinette: absolutely. that's why i love meeting these high schoolers doing these stories. tom brady has found another workout partner. todd: his catch with his son and the special connection he has to
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antoinette: following that breaking news out of new york city this morning, investigators working all through the night after an explosion injures 29 people in the chelsea neighborhood. another device found blocks away. the mayor says the explosion was intentional, but at this point
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. p: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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showers this morning working its way through. at the museum of science, it's a wild weather weekend, an opportunity to learn more about forecasting and weather. they have all kinds of seminars going on and our own j.c. monahan will be over there at 11:30 this morning. if you're going to the sox game tonight, there's a chance of a passing shower. cloudy, humid, temperatures in the upper 60's for that first pitch not until 8:00 tonight. stepping outside this morning and you've got temperatures which are on the mild side compared to what they have been the last couple of mornings. last couple of mornin this morning, in the 60's. best chance for rain is later tonight through tomorrow morning. still spot showers around most of the day today. welcome rain at that. todd and antoinette? antoinette: it is welcome. mike, thank you. look at gillette stadium this morning. it is quiet there this morning as the patriots get ready for game two against the dolphins. that's happening later on this afternoon without tom brady. but you know what? he is getting in his own
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alma mater in michigan. you see him here. check this out. he tosses a touchdown pass. it's good. tosses that pass to his son, jack. later posted the video on his facebook page. he was at a michigan game for the first time since he graduated. he's usually busy this time of the year as we know, but not this year. brady went out for the opening coin toss and the team showed a video celebrating his career with the wolverines. another look at that catch. antoinette: my favorite part of that video was the todd: you want to demonstrate that? all right. as we continue this morning, a push to legalize pot. antoinette: the weekend-long rally on boston common and the road block organizers claim they hit. also, a plane crashes right into a house. the amazing escape for the passengers onboard. todd: again, we're following breaking news in new york city. investigators are working around the clock after an explosion rocks new york.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- antoinette: breaking news this morning, a second device found just blocks from an explosion in new york city. the investigation, the victims, and the evidence coming in overnight. todd: an airstrike mistake.
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the bold move the russians made and the officials that are calling it a stunt. antoinette: and a push for pot on boston common. the ramped-up rally as the bay stay considers a controversial ballot question. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. antoinette: and we, of course, will get to that breaking news out of new york city, that explosion that injured several people. but first we want to welcome you in this morning. i'm antoinette antonio. todd:d he has a good weekend to be off. today is the home opener for the pats. mike: high schools have been playing for a couple of weeks. we have some rain. look at that beautiful view over gillette stadium. it's kind of dry, but if you're going to the game, you might want to pack a rain poncho. more than likely you won't needs it, but just to have it around it is a good idea. where are the showers?
6:32 am
over the last hour, west of 495. there's no lightning associated with any of this. we're just getting the occasional downpour. it extends from nashua through leominster. the gardner area. it's off just a little west of west boylston. you'll be getting showers there shortly as it drifts east. traveling along the masspike, as you head toward sturbridge, a few showers shortly. traveling on the masspike, you'll run into a few showers. if you keep traveling on 90 we, it's going to be hit or miss. here's the map at 9:00. here's where it's at. moves its way to essex county and down east maine. we look at another batch that may develop around lunchtime. it's not a guarantee that's where it's going to happen. the atmosphere is juicy, ready for showers to develop. that's why they'll happen just about anywhere, but not a lot today. more will be happening as we talk about later on tonight.
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it will impact your morning commute in a few moments. antoinette? antoinette: mike, thank you. now to that breaking news from new york this morning. an explosion rocking a busy neighborhood in manhattan. at least 29 people are injured this morning. todd: the fire department saying most of those injuries are minor. a second device also found now being investigated. newscenter 5's diane cho is here with what we know right now reporter: the investigation continues to evolve. both federal and local agencies continuehe 8:30 last night in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. 29 people were injured there. new york mayor bill de blasio says the incident was an intentional act but said the city had received no specific and credible threat from any terror organization. a second device was found just a few blocks away from the area where the explosion took place. we're told that device is a pressure cooker with wires attached to a cell phone. police removed that device around 2:45 this morning.
6:34 am
firing range in the bronx. witnesses say the explosion blew out windows of surrounding building and everything was s shag -- shaking in the area. >> what happened, i just blacked out. next thing, i'm in an ambulance reporter: right now, there are no leads on who was behind the explosion or what may have motivated them. antoinette? antoinette: diane, thank you. we will continue to follow the breaking detai o as the second devicea pressure cooker found blocks away. the latest on air, online, and on our mobile app. in just hours, president obama is heading to new york city for a fundraising event. this is as the white house officially expresses regret after a u.s.-led airstrike hit syrian forces rather than isis. todd: the white house is calling it an unintentional loss of life. the united nations security council held a closed emergency
6:35 am
the u.s. is calling russia's request a stunt. >> even by russia's standards, tonight's stunt, a stunt replete with moralism and grandstanding, is uniquely cynical and hypocritical. todd: russia's u.n. ambassador says the airstrike has put a, quote, very big question mark over the future of the u.s. and russian-brokered cease-fire agreement in deadly crash as a newton restaurant is preparing to face a judge tomorrow. 55-year-old brad casler faces charges of motor vehicle homicide and driving to endanger. two people were killed and seven injured when casler's suv crashed into the sweet tomatoes restaurant in march. the indictment was handed down just over a week ago after a month-long investigation. right now, boston police are investigating a deadly triple
6:36 am
here on the eyeopener. boston police say the men, all in their 20's, were shot just after 2:00 saturday morning in the area of nightingale and wales streets. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. two others were taken to local hospitals. they are expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. todd: back 36 on this sunday morning. a strange situation in new hampshire. franklin police are looking for a man who pretended to be one of them. police say a woman was pulled for her license, registration, and then let go. the suspect had blue and white lights on his car and was wearing a dark uniform. the man did not display a badge. officers say this is the only incident they're aware of, but they did increase patrols in the area. and they also stayed with the victim at her home. >> no badge or firearm was displayed during the incident. she definitely felt uncomfortable and felt something was wrong with that situation. todd: impersonating a police officer is a felony. the suspect could face 3 1/2 to
6:37 am
police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. antoinette: pushing for pot despite a last-minute permit fight. boston's pro marijuana freedom rally is underway this weekend. and it looks to be bigger than ever. todd: people attending are excited about recent polls showing massachusetts voters are close to legalizing recreational pot november. newscenter 5's david bienick was at boston common as the rally kicked off. >> three, two, one. 420! reporter: at 4:20 p.m., a huge puff of smoke raised above boston common. >> this could be the last freedom rally under marijuana prohibition reporter: supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in massachusetts seem closer than ever to achieving their goal. with a recent poll on question 4
6:38 am
likely voters by five points. >> i'm very excited actually. i'm definitely voting. and anybody that i can talk to, i'm trying to talk them into voting. >> if we can just carry it and it's legalized, it will be fine reporter: organizers are freedom rally went to get a permit. they say the city tried to cut into their proceeds by trying to force them to allow outside food vendors onto the festival grounds. >> we've never had to do it them to throw in our way. reporter: mayor marty walsh says even though he has campaigned against question four, he treats the freedom rally like any event. >> they've gotten their permit every year without any problem reporter: mayor walsh says there's still time for the no side to come back.
6:39 am
on voter turnout. antoinette: as 5 investigated, cash, weapons and drugs are missing from a braintree police department evidence room. criminal cases are being dropped because of this. on today's "on the record," attorney general maura healy talks about her investigation. >> in colorado, the real issue right now and the trouble is around edibles. cookies. >> gummy bears. >> a lot of children are gaining access to these. ths real health issue. 50% of the market in colorado is edibles. that's what we'll see. >> if it should pass, can you do anything to put restrictions on the sale of those edibles? >> i'm strongly against legalization. i think we ought to wait and see. we'll have to see, janet. i will be prepared to use whatever power and authority i have. antoinette: that was in reference to the ballot question
6:40 am
record" with attorney general maura heel -- healy. a plane crashes into a house in arizona. todd: the fiery scene and how everyone on board managed to escape before the plane crashed. how the reason for their flight actually saved their lives. mike: we are finally getting much needed rain. the timeline and spot showers coming before it. antoinette: we are following the breaking news out of new york city this jilt. a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone duct taped to it. it was found just blocks from an explosion earlier in the night that injured 29 people. the mayor calling that an intentional act but says there's intentional act but says there's no indication at this point every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than
6:41 am
instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump:
6:43 am
antoinette: todd: new york ace mayor is calling the explosion deliberate, but saying there's no indication of terrorism. diane? reporter: most of the 29 people
6:44 am
the blast appears to have originated in a toolbox in front of a residence for the blind. we're told the second device is a pressure cooker with wires attached to a cell phone. it was removed from the scene and brought to a firing range. officials have not confirmed if it's an plosive device. todd and antoinette? hundreds of cyclists taking part in the annual trip from springfield to boston all to honor our local heroes. antoinette: the 106-mile ride ended after more than 12 hours of riding. many of the 350 riders wear a badge themselves. children and spouses of those who made the ultimate sacrifice also rode. one man took part in the ride for his dad who was killed in the line of duty in springfield four years ago. >> he was one of the funniest people i've ever met.
6:45 am
the exact same thing. that's what we try to remember, the good times that he made us all laugh. antoinette: yesterday morning, we told you about officer brandon o'neil. he started the race on friday and he ran the 106 miles all the way to the finish line. >> now, your stormteam 5 forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. mike: well, looking outside this morning, we've got a little bit of sunshine trying to break through the cloud cover here above the station, but s little bit of rain shower activity as well. it's one of those days. in the southeastern part of the state, you enjoy sunshine this morning. looking out to the west, gray skies and rain. that is so nice to be looking at showers on radar. haven't seen much this summer. this line breaks from nashua under 495 down to worcester. you'll be getting showers shortly. you are running almost 10 inches dry for the year. all of this is welcome. this is not heavy stuff.
6:46 am
thunder. but this line will march eastward. those of you who have sunshine, it will fade away as we get to the cloud cover this afternoon. a break and another batch starting to come through the berkshires. widening out the view, not only do we have these two bands here. we have developments in parts of pennsylvania. this is also lifting its way up. yool see spot showers. there's a better opportunity through tomorrow morning that we get more steady rains across the area and perhaps overnht humid air is flowing in over the top of us right now. there's a frontal boundary way off west. this is all happening out ahead of it. that's going to be with us all day today. we have a chance of showers again tomorrow and it may linger into tuesday morning. that is welcome news. it only looks like 1/2 inch to an inch of rain before it's over with. you see the cloud cover thickens up as we head to the afternoon. i do think the shower activity we see right now is going to fade away as we head to the afternoon.
6:47 am
there. then we start to heat things back up again as we head towards 4:00, 5:00 this evening. midnight is when you see activity off to our west start to march its way eastward. tomorrow morning during the commute, we'll be seeing downpours. that may slow travel down just a little bit. the threat of showers lingers into tomorrow afternoon. the trend is pushing down to the southeast even though out west there could be a few showers. rainfall totals not real impressive but better than we've most areas. again, just one of those areas where you might get an inch there and 1/4 inch there. but overall, i think all of us will be seeing some rain over the next 48 hours. here's the way it looks over the next seven days. tomorrow is a high-impact weather day because of those downpours and the morning commute may slow down. a few lingering showers on tuesday giving way to sunshine and the first day of fall arrives on thursday. 76 degrees. low humidity.
6:48 am
we'll just have had fresh rain. wow, is that a better way to start a new season? after that, well, maybe a few showers on friday and then cooler temperatures coming back into the forecast next weekend. keep in mind later on tonight and tomorrow morning, could be a few downpours that may slow travel down a little bit. antoinette? antoinette: mike, maybe a show for the show later? this is a live look at gillette stadium as the patriots get ready for game twof won't be the case later on as they take on the miami dolphins. can favorite rob gronkowski questionable for this afternoon's match-up. to baseball now where the red sox beat the yankees for the third game in a row. another come from behind win for the sox. xandar bogaerts had a big night hiding a two-run homer and driving in three runs. mookie betts scored the go-ahead run after a wild pitch. 6-5 the final score.
6:49 am
again tonight. first pitch is around 8:10. todd: wednesday marked the 300th anniversary celebration of boston light, america's first lighthouse. >> the occasion inspired "chronicle's" j.c. monahan to tour some of new england's other lighthouses, and we caught up with her in plymouth. reporter: half the fun of lighthouse tripping is getting there, sometimes by land, sometimes by sea. the journey is on a rugged road ending on a peninsula. >> five miles out here out in the middle of the ocean. reporter: a lighthouse has stood here since 1768 since longtime resident scott day. >> it's the third lighthouse built in massachusetts. it's the eighth lighthouse built in all the united states. and it's the oldest freestanding wooden lighthouse in the
6:50 am
put it together. this lighthouse was built after the previous lighthouse had fallen apart. at the time there were twin lighthouses. they were the first twin lighthouses in the country reporter: early on, the light guided commercial traffic in a busy plymouth harbor. today, it shines for ships coming from the canal en route to boston. once lit by whale oil -- >> everything out here is powered by solar or genor the saturday of memorial day weekend and special events. another option -- rent the old coast guard quarters. >> four-bedroom, two-bath ranch. most of our renters are repeat renters reporter: the property still owned by the coast guard is leased to a group of citizens whose mission is to care for not just this light but one in plymouth bay known as bug light. both lights have stood watch for
6:51 am
all through the '50's and into the '60's. he was a lobsterman. there's no electricity, no town water, no town store. we provide everything ourselves reporter: all worth it, says scott day, who never tires of the view. >> i see it every day. it's unique. it's one of a kind. antoinette: and it's gorgeous. tomorrow on "chronicle," checking into a rustic resort named for robert frost, sampling butter so good it's championed by chefs around the countr long hike. that's tomorrow at 7:30 on "chronicle." todd: middlebury is a beautiful place. people think of it in terms of middlebury college. there's so much more. that's why "chronicle" is so great. it introduces us to these things. antoinette: i could have my own tour of vermont from this guy right here. todd: i'll do it. antoinette: we are following breaking news out of new york city this morning. todd: 29 people injured after an
6:52 am
blast. police are looking into that as well. president obama previously scheduled to be in new york today for a fundraiser. we'll keep you posted as we get fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in,
6:53 am
fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
6:54 am
antoinette: back 54.
6:55 am
city we're following. an explosion injuries 29 people in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. new york city's mayor bill de blasio is calling that explosion intentional but says there's no indication of a terrorism connection. there have been no arrests so far. todd: a second device was found just four blocks from that explosion. it appears to be a pressure cooker, wires and a cell phone attached to the device. it was bronx. investigators have not confirmed if the device is also an explosive. antoinette: new york's mayor saying the explosion in new york is not connected to one earlier in new jersey. a pipe bomb exploded ahead of a marine corps run on the jersey shore. that race was eventually canceled. no arrests have been made this morning. todd: five people are recovering after a fiery plane crash in arizona. the plane was carrying four
6:56 am
everyone on board managed to eject before the plane struck a house. two people inside the home were not injured. the pilot was brought to the hospital with injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation this morning. antoinette: that manatee off cape cod is still playing beat the clock with the water temperatures. todd: the large mammal was spotted off dowses beach in osterville on friday. several groups are formulating a plan to stabilize the manatee and assess its health. they want i sooner than later. manatees are normally found in florida. antoinette: todd doesn't like the water cooler than 68 degrees either. todd: no. you know what the problem is? antoinette: what's the problem? todd: you go to the caribbean once and you get spoiled. antoinette: it ruins you. mike: i haven't voluntarily swam in the ocean since 1984. todd: voluntarily.
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6:57 am
mike: sailing. a few spot showers, rain off and on, but light stuff. more steady stuff tonight through tomorrow morning and the chance of showers continue through much of tomorrow. eventually clearing out toward the middle of the week. antoinette: the commute tomorrow? mike: a little slow. antoinette: a rain poncho for gillette today. mike: always a good idea. todd: thanks for tuning in. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, new york city explosion. the moments of terror caught on camera. >> i heard boom. like this big black clouds. >> dozens of people hurt. >> this was an intentional act. >> windows shattering and cars, debris littering the streets. rushed to treat the injured. dazed from the explosion. emergency vehicles swarming the scene. >> city streets and subway lines shut down and the frightening discovery, a secondary device a pressure cooker with wires and a


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