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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this tuesday morning the investigation of the bomb blast in new york and new jersey. the suspect in custody and not cooperating. agents collecting mountains of evidence about his past, the question, was anyone else involved in this plot? we're live. hillary clinton and donald trump are react to the attacks. but a new poll says about who americans trust more when it comes to fighting terrorism. growing anger over a traffic stop that turned deadly. the man who was shot was not armed. his twin sister speaking out. new this morning, former president george h.w. bush could be about to break ranks when it comes to his vote for president. comments that have political
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good morning, everyone, on this tuesday. plenty of questions into what led to that 48-hour reign of terror in new york and new jersey. >> ahmad khan rahami is being held on $5 million bail after a fierce shoot-out in a new jersey neighborhood and this morning authorities say he is not cooperating with investigators. >> the 28-year-old is recovering from several bullet wounds. police say he opened fire on them after they found hill sleeping in t and two officers were also injured in that shootout. investigators say rahami was directly linked to the weekend attacks on the jersey shore and the blast in manhattan that injured 29 people. >> he's now facing initial charges of attempted murder. maggie rulli is live in new york with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. the manhunt started in this manhattan neighborhood and took police all the way to a bar in new jersey where it ended in a
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crossing two states, the serve for the suspected serial bomber ends in gunfire. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. >> reporter: unfolding just three hours after police sent a text alert and released an image of the suspect. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. the owner of this bar in lyndon, new jersey, sees a man sleeping in his hallway and calls police. the officer immediately recognizes the suspect. >> within a matter of seconds the suspect fired on him. >> reporter: rahami flees on foot with a gun in hand shooting officers pursue him. >> one with multiple shots. >> reporter: the officers fire back bringing down rahami recovering in the hospital. >> oh, man. it was wild. >> reporter: the takedown, 48 hours after the first device exploded on this new jersey boardwalk. then this powerful blast rocked a manhattan neighborhood. three hours later a pressure cooker is found just four blocks north and the next night five pipe bombs are found at this
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video surveillance and information gathered from that unexploded bomb led police to rahami. we now know he is a naturalized american citizen born in afghanistan. and the fbi found more bombs when they searched his apartment. officials also tell abc news that rahami traveled to afghanistan and pakistan telling authorities he had a wife in pakistan. >> if he has made frequent trips to afghanistan, then investigators in particular the fbi are going to out who he visited and what were the real purpose of his trip. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news that rahami is refusing to answer any questions or even give his name. they're digging into his life online and into that trip to afghanistan trying to find a motive and figure out if he was working alone. kendis and diane, still plenty of questions this morning. >> that's right. investigators trying to do their best to answer them as quickly as possible.
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what we do know about ahmad khan rahami, after emigrating to the u.s. as a child he graduated from new jersey's edison high school in 2007. he attended junior college for a year then started working at his family's fried chicken restaurant in elizabeth, new jersey. friends say he was more religious after traveling to pakistan and his native afghanistan. authorities say they tracked rahami through fingerprints and the cell phone on the second manhattan device that did not explode. this morning investigators are still trying to fige whether just one person was responsible for the new york city bombing. >> again, the suspect in custody is not cooperating with investigators but abc news contributor stove gomez explained other places investigators might find some answers. >> they be dig nothing a lot of this guy's background. they're going to be talking to the family, friend, neighbors and so on. they are not going to leave any stone unturned because the bottom line is, you can't let somebody else be out there
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exploded, whether they gave him some financial support or whatever it was, you got to figure out if there was somebody else involved. >> that's former fbi special agent steve gomez. the fbi also released new details about the stabbing spree at a mall in minnesota saying the suspect was likely a lone wolf from investigators looking into the attack. the fbi is calling it a potential act of terror. nine people were injured during that rampage. the attacker was shot and killed by an off-duty had no known terror ties. in the wake of the attacks the presidential candidates are looking to cast themselves as most qualified to lead the war on terror. a new poll giving a snapshot of who americans trust to handle it hillary clinton came in at 48% and donald trump at 45%. a virtual tie. now, trump repeated his calls for police profiling to stop more attacks. he mocked the fact the new york
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he blasted hillary clinton. >> has hillary clinton ever called problem who support these practices deplorable and irrede irredeemable? no. in many countries overseas nonbelievers face the death penalty. where is hillary's condemnation there? there is no condemnation. >> well, clinton is touting her national security credentials, she accused trump of using language thats tool for isis saying his words are giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. clinton's campaign is also slamming donald trump jr. this morning over a tweet used -- that used skittles to symbolize syrians and tweeted this image with the words if you had a bowl of skittles s and i told you ju three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syrian refugee problem. the clinton camp called it disgusting and he called for the
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first. the u.s. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to nearly 900 immigrants. some of the new citizens had pending deportation orders against them. all came from countries that pose security threats to the u.s. or neighboring countries. the errors were attributed mostly to missing or incomplete records. dozens have been killed in siere syria. among the dead 12 people trying to deliver much needed food aid to aleppo. convoy were hit in an air strike believed to be carried out by the syrians or the russians. airports in coast ra ryka closed because of an erupting volcano. flights canceled in san jose and at a smaller regional airport to the west. a possible political bo bombshell overnight. former president george h.w. bush said to be voting to
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townsend, a spokesman for him says bush's vote is private and that he's not commenting on the presidential race. coming up, a recall that could affect what's hitting the breakfast table this morning. plus, the anger in tulsa over the fatal shooting of a black man by police. what city officials are saying about it. a new stubborn wildfire that's torched thousands of
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if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new... ? ? introducing rhinocort? allergy spray. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. ? ? try rhinocort? allergy spray. muddle no more?. dozens attended a nighttime vigil in oklahoma for the unarmed black man killed by police. the march through the streets of tulsa came hours after police released video of friday's shooting. >> it shows terrence crutcher with his hands up at one point but then he appears to lower his hands placing them on his
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and hit by gunfire. police have not explained why the officers drew their weapons. >> i'm going to tell you right here now there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect's vehicle. >> we ask for answers and we clearly got it through the video. and we're truly devastated. >> the officer who fired the bullet at crutcher is now on paid leave. she is heard on police dispatch saying he refused to show his hands. crutcher's family is calling for an oy man suspected of killing three women is now being connected to two more murders. shawn grate is being held on $1 million bail. now, yesterday he pleaded not guilty to murder and kidnapping charges. he was captured last tuesday. police discovered two bodies at his home and say he led them to two more. now reports indicate that yesterday detectives recovered a fifth victim. fireworks are likely on capitol hill when the ceo of
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apologize for his bank's practice of selling customers' bank and credit card accounts they didn't authorize but plans to tell the committee that there was no orchestrated effort or scheme to encourage unethical sales practices. frightening moments for passengers on board a southwest airlines jet that blew a tire on takeoff at l.a.x. it was forced to make an emergency return to the airport there. passengers cheered and clapped once they were back on the ground. they were eventually placed on a suspected drunk driver is in custody after she allegedly struck two pedestrians on the hollywood walk of fame. police say the driver then smashed into a building. they say she tried to run but was caught a short time later. when we come back, the guy in new jersey who helped catch a suspected bomber says don't call him a hero. actor jim carrey vowing to fight a serious lawsuit and speaking out overnight.
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crews in central california are battling this fire which has burned more than 6,000 acres on vandenburg air force base. as you can see, that is a launchpad for rockets. the fire was about 6% contained. and drivers today will find wet roads south of vandenburg and in the southwest driving could be slippery along the canadian border, as well. watch out for standing water on the roads on the southeastern coast. if you're flying expect airport delays in charlotte and phoenix. story because the man suspected of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey is facing initial counts of attempted murder with more charges to come. >> 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami is a naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. he's recovering after a dramatic gun battle with police in new jersey. he was found sleeping in the doorway of a bar by the owner who then alerted police. the bar owner talked to reporter
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>> it has happened but which confront people i start yelling at them what the hell are you doing in front of my bar but today i just spoke to him nicely and it was my gut reaction. >> something told you to call the police. >> and this isn't the first time harry has tried to fight crime. three years ago he threw hot oil an/would be robber. also new jersey the bridgegate trial is under way. federal prosecutors say governor chris christie knew about the lane closures at the george now, two of governor's christie's top aides are on trial in connection with the scandal. they're accused of orchestrating gridlock to punish a local mayor for not endorsing the governor's re-election. christie has denied knowing about the plan. actor jim carrey is being sued for the wrong death of his girlfriend who overdosed last year. >> carrey is filing back calling it a heartless attempt at exploiting him and abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: a bombshell
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against one of hollywood's biggest stars. claiming jim carrey is responsible for the overdose sue identify of his on and off girlfriend cathriona white. white seen here in early 2015. overdosing that september on prescription drugs. the coroner ruling it a suicide. now white's estranged husband is blaming carrey for the 30-year-old's death. according to court documents mark burton is claiming carrey used the name arthur king to obtain and provide prescription despite knowing she was prone to suicide and depression. overnight the actor telling abc news, cat's troubles were born long before i met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone's control. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> we should mention abc news legal analyst dan abrams will weigh in on this lawsuit coming up later on this morning on "good morning america." now to a recall that could affect sog on your breakfast table.
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tri-grain waffles. the recalled waffles are available in ten-count packs with used by dates of november 21st and november 22nd of 2017. our website has full details. well, two full weeks of the nfl season now in the books. >> some football and baseball highlights now from espn. good morning, america. we got a couple of sports highlights. let's start with monday night football in chicago. soldier field, it was the eagles and the bears. carson wentz, you'd ab hard pressed to know he was a rookie. look at this play they run on first and goal right here. handoff up the middle. matthews keeps the feet going, missed tackle and he's into the end zone. on fourth and goal, matthews again from carson wentz, steve young kept saying -- he kept waiting for the rookie to show up. wentz and the eagles 2-0 and pound the bears.
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madison bumgarner pitched a great game but in the bottom of the ninth the dodgers came back. justin turner scores tolls to tie it up and adrian gonzalez off hunter -- hunter pence, though, i'm thinking he has to make that catch. not that i could have made it but i'm thinking he probably should have or could. score here and walkoff. happy. that's -- the giants have let the whole section half of the season get away. good job by the dodgers. >> well, up next in "the pulse," what we didn't get to see at sunday's emmys. the unique gift one father gives to his daughter every day at lunch. stay with us. my goal was to finally get in shape. noon my moderateng to severe chronic plaque psoriasis.
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? this morning's "pulse" starts with what you didn't see on the emmy awards. jimmy kimmel hosted. >> last night on his show he shared some of the bloopers from shooting the emmy's opening comedy piece. take a look. >> we're so pleased that you're hosting tonight's academy awards. >> it's the emmys. >> the emmys, oh. >> blooper reel. ? >> sorry. >> shave that -- what am -- shave that mug off your face. >> shave that wig. >> oh, shave the wig off your face you godless stinking hippie. >> the bloopers included kimmel and the cast of abc's "modern family" setting off a smoke bomb in the vehicle they were sitting in.
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where we all die. >> i could watch a whole show of just the bloopers. long last kanye west is on instagram but it may be a little bit of a letdown. so far he only has one post on the social media platform. it doesn't show him or his instagram friendly wife kim kardashian either. >> it shows this stunning car driving past a futuristic building and there's no caption. still kanye has picked up likes in a little more than a day. but he's not following anyone. >> for sure no one just took his phone and started posting. >> just started posting that photo. >> apparently the account is verified. when kids go to school lunchtime can be a hard time for some. but one dad is helping his little girl make the adjustment in a rather artful way. >> and creates post-it note drawings every day for his daughter poppy and places them inside her lunch box.
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checking our top story, bail is now set for $5 million for the suspected bomber wounded a shoot-out with police. investigators say ahmad khan rahami is not cooperating accused of detonating explosives in new york and new jersey. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan but friends say he became more religious after a trip to pakistan. but he didn't appear to be on the radar of law enforcement. president obama for the final time as president. he'll focus on refugees telling world leaders they need to help families affected by war. and looking at today's weather there is a chance of thunderstorms for the southwest and upper midwest. heavy rain is expected along the southern atlantic coast and all of florida. and finally from us after last week's drama that they had on "dancing with the stars," it was time to refocus on the performances. >> one couple is emerging as a
4:28 am
learn tonight they're going home. here's kabc's george pennacchio. >> reporter: dressed in kermit green ryan lochte quickstepped to the muppets show theme song and last week he dealt with protesters. this week there was extra security in place just in case. did it give you a little extra confidence going out on the dance floor knowing there was some extra eyes on you? >> yeah, going -- knowing there was extra security and everythi h but in the back of my mind i was still like nervous. >> there was a little powwow before it all started and i saw that there were more security people. >> reporter: after two weeks of dancing another olympic gold medalist laurie hernandez is in first place. >> to go home after gymnastics practice and watch the show and turn around and be on it is just like mind blowing to me. >> reporter: adding up would weeks of scores and another athlete james hinchcliffe is in second place. >> natural dancing ability isn't
4:29 am
a hard worker and perfectionist and a competitor so being in this situation did a great challenge and i enjoy it. >> reporter: the most improved dancer terra jole. >> she's inspiring people to go out and do what they feel or do what they love. >> reporter: my statistics show maureen mccormick was tied for the most improved. >> i need to know about these charts. >> rte "dancing with the stars." >> when my daughter gets married in about three weeks i won't embarrass her on the dance floor. how about that? i'm a winner all the way around. >> reporter: you'll see the first elimination of the season during tonight's results show. in hollywood, george pennacchio for abc news. >> could be anyone's guess on who goes home tonight. >> i know. >> we'll be watching and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great tuesday and catch
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>> good morning, it is tuesday, september 20. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. we have new details on a suspected bomber and a reference to the boston marathon attack. >> security stepped up here after the explosions in new york and new domestic did assault now back on the job. school defending that decision. >> we'll get to those stories. first a check with cindy with a look at your forecast. it still feels steamy. >> it's going to be a very warm summerlike day. we have high humidity. the temperature is near 70 degrees in boston. we've got a light southerly wind which has trapped a lot of moisture. wherever you see the white, that's where we're dealing with fog this morning. look at the visibility, worcester to lawrence and


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