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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> at 6:00 a.m. we're keeping an eye on the massachusetts turnpike. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer. tollbooth demolition is on schedule. randy: and lease she's watching for any delays from the new traffic patterns. first, a look at the forecast for this tuesday. cindy: good morning to you both. a frosty start out there this morning. look at the difference in temperature when you are heading
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the kids will want to be bundled up. on average, 30 this morning, low 50s as they are off the bus this afternoon but there are some 20s out there. bedford 26, and we're 24 in norwood and 23 in orange and at freezing in worcester and mid 30s in boston and we're flirting with the freezing mark along the south coast, notice the outer cape, chatham and nantucket, in the 40s. this is where we have a bit of cloud cover. it is a mostly sunny day ahead. at 10:00 a.m. 40s. during the afternoon, we will struggle to get into the lower 50s. looking for a high of 52 in boston. up to 53 in lowell and 54 in framingham, and lots of lower 50s out to the worcester hills around taunton and new bedford, into the mid 50s. lower 50s on cape cod, and sunshine today, and tracking the next chance for showers and a warmup in the way coming up. out to the roads right now, good
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everyone. a live look here to start thing off. this is eastbound heading to the top of the screen , delays are building, let's check your ride and some travel times. still watching the crash on route 3, southbound by 129, tow truck now on the scene. concord street down to the spot pond, some delays starting to build on the pike. 495 to 128 and heading south, 24, stop and go out of brockton, and route 3 from weymouth into braintree and some dela o into boston. so far, trains and buses still running on schedule. randy: breaking overnight, firefighters are investigating this house fire in middleton. the family who owns the home was in a trailer next door when the fire broke out. they tell investigates that there was an electrical problem, and then they saw the house was burning. >> a boy is recovering with serious injuries after being hit by a car while trick-or-treating in lowell.
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the eyeopener's sera congi at the scene with new details for us. >> this all happened here on marshall avenue, you can see the yellow tape here. this happening while families were out and enjoying halloween. the four-year-old boy who was trick-or-treating was seriously hurt. he had a cut to his head, and was taken to a boston hospital, but is expected to survive. his parents and siblings were with her car and spoke with several people but left. police eventually tracked her down, but the driver behind the car involved says the woman probably never saw the child coming. >> the kid was so little that the car just went right over the kid, and because my headlights were shining forward, i could
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custody for questioning, but no word yet on whether any charges have been filed. police are trying to figure out why she left the scene. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you, a new bedford police officer is suffering serious injuries. he was struck by a dirt bike. a group was riding the bikes through the city posing a hazard to kids. the operators they are due in court today, during the arrest, sergeant candido trinidad was run over and taken to the hospital for treatment. >> election day, now just one week away, a new report is coming to light focusing on donald trump's taxes. erika tarantal is here with the new claim. >> the "new york times" says it has new tax documents showing donald trump used a, "debateious
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millions in taxes back in the 1990s." they said what he did was outlawed and his own tax lawyers warned him against it but it does not appear that he did anything illegal. his campaign not responding this morning. trump talking about clinton's latest email scandal. >> how can hillary clinton manage this country when she cannot manage her email? >> if they want to look at some more emails of one of my staffers by all means, go ahead. look at and i know that they will reach the same conclusion that they reached when they looked at my emails last year. right. >> today clinton campaigns in florida and trump will be in pennsylvania. emily: president barack obama is standing by james comey. the president spokesperson saying that he is a man of integrity and not trying to sway the election with his latest email probe.
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believe that director comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election. the president doesn't believe that he secretly is strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party. >> the comments accuse comey of using his position to get involved. new polls show clinton ahead in the battleground state of new hampshire, but her lead is shrinking. clinton leads trump 45-38% in the new poll, and that's down from a 15-po 7% are still undecided. bernie sanders will be in new hampshire campaigning for hillary clinton and democratic senate candidate maggie hassan. she will hold rallies in plymouth and hanover and in battleground pennsylvania 5,000 transit workers are on strike and there are concerns that could impact election day. the transit system provides 900,000 rides every day, and the transportation officials fear
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an agreement is not reached by next tuesday. >> seven minutes after 6:00, new this morning, we are learning boston police were called to the south end home of terrence coleman, a dozen times over the decade. coleman, who suffered with paranoia and schizophrenia, was shot and killed by police overnight on sunday. they say that he pulled a knife on emergency personnel who were responding to a call from his mother. the globe reports of those 12 calls, four were related to coleman. and some included rep himself with a knife. coleman's mother tells the globe that he was not armed. >> a mother's heartbreak after the death of her 15-year-old son and right now, charges could beup graded against the teenager accused. prosecutors say 18-year-old bragged about beating the teenager at the party in lowell on friday night, the alleged
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costello stumbled into zagarella, the older teenager slammed his head into the cement floor. friends drove him to the hospital. he died on monday morning. >> hug your babies. just every day try to get them to be careful. >> the suspect's family believes that others were involved in the he's pleading not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. >> a court date in the future for close to a dozen protesters following a demonstration outside of a canton school. sky 5 over the judge rotenberg center. that center is a special needs' day in residential school. the only one in the country that still uses controversial shock therapy on students. protesters want that to stop. >> they came down here and they
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they trespassed, and probably 25 of them tried to get in the building itself. >> and the protesters were not arrested. they were summoned to court on trespassing charges. no comment from the center. five investigates reported that a civil lawsuit that could end the shock treatment practices of the center is now in the hands of a judge but no word on when a decision could be has handed a hearing could change the fate of former speaker sal dimasi. he could get out of prison early. federal prosecutors and the u.s. bureau of prisons have requested the 71-year-old's sentence be reduced. he is battling cancer. in 2011 he was convicted of corruption. he served almost five years in a north carolina prison. >> we are hearing the phone
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nightclub. on the reporting you can hear the dispatchers trying to get mateen to talk about the attack and references, he references the bombing suspect tsarnaev. >> now it's my turn, ok. >> investigates say that mateen had no direct connection to the brothers, he also claimed on the recording. mateen was killed when swat officers stormed the building after he murdered many people. a study that can change common thinking on cholesterol, and this could be a big game changer. new this morning, cater your workout to your dna. the test promising customized data but does it work? olessa. >> and we're looking over the mass pike, so far, the commute looks pretty good, drivers need
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the toll plaza demolition. cindy. cindy: the cars probably have their heaters on full blast. it is a cold start but it will warm up. in fact, a nice trend. the time line is ahead, first take a look at the temperatures. you will want to be bundle the up.
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>> we are regis students cleaning up the dcr parking lot. >> good morning eyeopener. >> good morning! good tuesday morning to our friends at regis college. emily: thank you for that wakeup call, and we would love to see yours, if you have a bunch of folks together, record it. it's easy. and head to our app, and upload it to the ulocal section. were last standing. >> i know. >> 29. >> every degree counts. >> right. >> when you are talking about 20s and 30s. suddenly it's, you know, november outside. >> yeah. >> how did that happen? >> look on the calendar to the month of november. we get a lot of changes this month. and we introduced snowfall, by the way, and on average we get over an inch of snow in the boston area, and didn't happen last year, we'll see how this year pans out, notice how the high temperature goes from 57 today down to 47 by the end of
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sunset by the 30th, as well, we turn the clocks back. daylight savings too many so by sunday it will be at 4:30 in the afternoon so a sign of the times for sure. first morning of november is definitely a cold one. look at the 20s. north and west of town especially. orange down to 23. 39 in fitchburg. and notice norwood is 29, and we're at freezing in worcester, mid 30s in boston, and not quite as chilly on the outer cape of cloudiness right here, hugging the coast, and these are clouds due to moisture off the ocean. the high pressure is overhead, so we're going to have a sunny day, the clouds will dissipate but it is going to be running cool. where it is warmer is out here. back through the great lakes, you can see that there are showers, and this next system is going to bring us the clouds, and eventually some rain on thursday but look at the push of warm air out ahead of that. it's 64 degrees in chicago right now. so that's warm air heading in our direction, so tomorrow and
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towards 70 degrees, and we're going to see the moisture moving in. today, bright and sunny, but cool. just 51 in worcester. 52 in boston, and we could get to 65 in taunton, but a sea breeze is going to kick in by lunchtime, as the winds turn, but they are very light today so light winds, sunshine, a nice fall day, starting out clear. and as the winds turn south tonight, we're going to bring in cloud cover, so that will blanket ut. in fact, you are stepping out tomorrow morning with the temperatures in the 40s tomorrow. mid 60s. that is a good 10 degrees above average for this time of year. milder air with the frontal boundary, but not cloud-free, just partial sunshine tomorrow but we're dry, and we'll watch this front drop southward, and that will bring in the next chance of rain, and that comes in on thursday. i think the morning hours are dry, but as we get into lunchtime notice the showers approaching here from southern new hampshire really north of the pike, and rain chances come in earlier and they will press
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rain. we could hear a rumble of thunder and behind it, blestry and colder on friday, we don't get out of the 40s this weekend. >> thank you, cindy. so far, the roads are quiet. a live look at the pike. there's a check eastbound heading towards the bottom of the screen, and you can see for now we're in good shape. we are watching the second morning rush hour with open tolling, so here heaping for the same conditions. let's get to the map. as you travel by 129, and some delays back to 110. they are in the process of removing this crash so a tow truck is on scene. 93 south stop and go out of methuen. approaching the spot pond and delays building along the pike. 20 to 25, 495 to 128. heading south slow out of brockton, is your travel up from 228 and the expressway almost 20 minutes. braintree to boston, and so far the trains and buses are on schedule.
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banking giant wells fargo is paying up again following a racketeering lawsuit. the company agreed to pay a 50 million settlement, the lawsuit accuses the bank of overcharging homeowners for appraisal fees. the spokesperson says that the company did nothing wrong but they want to avoid litigation. the settlement following a major scandal where employees open fake accounts to boost their sales numbers. the check of the markets. asian shares, mostly higher. lifted by a strong and right now u.s. stock futures are higher. investors have their eye on a federal reserve policy meeting, and that will be tomorrow. >> your health now, for years doctors have told us that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol but that could change. doctors called hdl good cholesterol thinking it protected against heart attack and stroke, but a new study out of canada found there is little evidence it does. it cause as low hdl, includes sedentary lifestyle smoking and
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and researcher say those factors probably matter more than hdl levels. and new this morning, when it comes to your workout, could a dna test reveal the best exercise for your body? that's the idea being touted by several companies, so we put it to the test to find out if genetic testing for fitness is worth your time and money. >> as co-owner of the fitness center in andover, diana has tried it all. from running to freeway. >> my favor would love it. >> she believes her genes could reveal which exercises work for her, so diana agreed to try out the dna fit. the company says that their genetic testing profiles help people understand how dna affects their response to exercise and nutrition. you start with this kit. you sign a consent form and take a saliva sample and put the swab, and send it back to the
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around 190 plus shipping. >> it's how you use the information. >> dr. lee caplan is the director of mass general hospital's weight center. he says that these tests can be valuable but it depends on how they are interpreted. >> it is a genetic test convinces you not to exercise because you are not going to get as much value out of it, that would be a negative. >> dna fit advertises results in 10 business days, although diana 's kit took more than a >> it told me a lot of things that i already knew about myself. and it also was not a detail that i had expected. >> diana asked the dna fit why it took so long. they did apologize and said that they have had an increase because of recent media coverage but most are processed on-time. and they also upgraded her to a premium report for free, and offered her a skype session with a member of their sports science team. we have a link to more information about this company as well as a recent study that
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>> so we can give you subtleties, it might help you with your routine. >> right, how fast you might recover and whether you can do power or cardio exercises, for someone like diana, she thought for money it was not, perhaps, the best use of her money. >> yeah. >> might as well spend it on a gym membership. >> right, right. >> very unusual overhead announcement on an airline. >> the message meant for just one passenger. we will share it with erika. erika: high school students make the ultimate costume for a boy with epilepsy. their kind and creative work. and a woman rescued from a burning car. how she accidentally caused the flames. plus harvard students reacting to vulgar comments about the women's soccer team, the tradition that they say needs to
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special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. >> it is 6:24 on the first morning of november. and it is colder out the door by 10 to nearly 20 degrees, than yesterday morning, so bundle up and find the ice scraper and take a look at the temperatures right now, and a lot of 20s showing up, especially out here
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forecast for worcester. clear skies, sunshine, it will be 10 to 11:00. mid 30s in boston now, and notice we come up to around 50 degrees this afternoon, with highs only in the lower 50s today, with lots of sunshine. and more clouds tomorrow but it is milder, and we'll make a run close to 70 on thursday, and rain comes in during the afternoon and the evening. >> thank you. this one is sure to get you moving. >> absolutely, the young boy channeling his inner michael jackson. this eight-year-old here, he got autism, and he nailed his rendition. very cute. he was taken to the boardwalk to show off his moves. he wins in our book. look at that. look at that movement. he's good. >> got it down.
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>> will you marry me. >> mid air, a quantas pilot popped the question over the p.a. system and greeted his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers. in surprise here. she said yes, and the proposal has since gone viral. he even said it in two languages. >> he got the first class seating but if that's the case, she's got it made. >> life is good. ok. and thank you guys. we're updating the commute this morning. doug and olessa will be back with conditions as drivers get used to that open road tolling. and uber accused of discriminating against certain passengers. the ride most likely to get canceled according to one study. and sky 5 live this morning. we have a bit of a problem spot there. and olessa keeping an eye on all
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charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public education, vote no on question two. >> a child hit by a car while trick-or-treating. the driver initially taking off. >> the big question, police have for the driver this morning. >> and today the realties for the changes in the mass pike, the warning for drivers. >> election day just one week away. the new controversy for donald
6:30 am
tight race in the state. >> and a halloween one boy will always remember. the high school students giving him the coolest costume in the neighborhood. >> on the eye. >> we're following breaking news in middleton this morning. the state fire marshall was investigating this house fire, this is video just in from that scene. we're told that no one was injured. we'll bring you updates as we get them throughout the morning. and 6:30 now o live look here at the mass pike, in allston-brighton, the new traffic patterns, they are in place now, as the toll plazas continue to come down. good morning, i'm emily riemer. >> and i'm randy price. and it is the beginning of a new month. >> it is. >> the first. >> feels like november out there, yeah. >> november. >> yeah. >> november. >> right. >> and it's so dark out there, and we are looking east on the horizon for the sunrise, and the skies are clear.
6:31 am
go, and i kids are going to want to bundle up. it will be 30 degrees, get, off the bus this afternoon, and lower 50s, but today is the bright, beautiful day, and 26 right now in bedford, and jaffrey and orange, worcester 3n boston. and we're at or below freezing down to the south coast, and the vineyard, but notice the 40s from province town to chatham and nantucket, that's a function of cloud cover. these snuck in with the low level moisture. the high pressure is overhead so the clouds should dissipate. it looks like bright sunshine for everyone today, but look at that. 43 by 10:00. and we're going to hold close to 50 here, through lunchtime, and maybe sneak up into the low 50s this afternoon. light winds allow for a sea breeze, so 52 the best we do in boston, sneak up to 54 in framingham and lots of lower 50s here through the worst -- worcester hills.
6:32 am
sunshine today. we have a warmup to talk about and tracking rain here on thursday. we'll do that in a bit. out to the roads now right now getting busy out there. >> we're watching the delays starting to build along the pike. a bit of volume eastbound by allston-brighton. let's go to the maps and check the rest of the ride. we have got two accidents on route 3, delays out of this area, one crash. and another by route 129 so give yourself extra travel times and volume and down to spot pond, and more delays approaching the lever connector, traveling the pike, 25 to 30, 495 to 128. and 24 stop and go out of brockton, route 3 from weymouth and a crash northbound by union street. the expressway is 30, braintree into boston, and trains and buses running on schedule. >> thank you, could be the first realties for the changes on the mass pike. >> demolition of the tollbooths continues at this hour and the
6:33 am
with what we need to know. >> good morning. i don't want to jinks things this morning. but right now at the weston tolls, they are passing that test, and here's why. yesterday, drivers had to go through those blank tollbooths. now, they are being shuttled through the center lane where there is no tollbooth at all, so traffic is moving right along right now. crossing our fingers, this will continue. sort of was not the halloween nightmare that many thought it was going to be. massdot saying there was a 6% reduction in travel, possibly because of people taking halloween off. and massdot was concerned that the new traffic patterns and the demolition of the old toll plazas would cause massive traffic jams. well, demolition of the tolls continuing ahead of schedule. at last check 13 of the 23 toll locations were either demolished
6:34 am
down. massdot advising drivers to consider an earlier start today if the pike is part of the commute but what we're seeing again not jinxing it but right now smooth sailing, with that open run in between those two tollbooth sections that are now closed. live along the tolls in weston, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> thank you. and more breaking news right now on the eyeopener. >> and erika is tracking the and we just learned the driver accused of hitting a four-year-old trick-or-treater in lowell has been cited by police. officers say the woman did initially stop on marshall avenue last night, and drove away. the boy is recovering. a new bedford police sergeant injured in this parking lot last night. police say that he was run over by a dirt bike while trying to arrest people for allegedly operating those bikes recklessly. nine people are charged. they will face a judge later today, and the "new york times"
6:35 am
showing donald trump used a legally dubious maneuver to avoid paying tens of millions in the 1990s. with one week until the election day he campaigns in wisconsin and pennsylvania. hillary clinton has several stops in florida. >> a boston student is facing charges after a gun was found in his bag at school. the unloaded weapon was seized at the school yesterday morning administrators also found another weapon in the 12-year-old student's bag. police say that the parents at the school, telling them qhapped and the -- what happened and they said they were never in any danger. >> a scouting report by a male player. the 2012 report was just recently released by it appears to be an annual tradition. the men's soccer team would describe new recruits on the women's team in lewd terms and score them.
6:36 am
to the 2012 report saying in part the sad reality is that we have come to expect this kind of behavior that it is so normal. we often decide it is not worth our time or effort to dwell on it. they described feeling embarrass and had disgusted but say the purpose of the letter is to stamp out blatant sexism. >> bill cosby's sexual assault case is getting closer to trial. what amazing costume courtesy of high school students. the clever design helping a trick-or-treater overcome some health struggles. olessa. we're also following breaking news, the fire marshalls investigating this fire in
6:37 am
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>> a live look outside. a few more brake lights but still for the most part we're in good shape this morning. second day of open tolling. we're hoping for the same conditions as yesterday.
6:40 am
out there this morning. skies are clearing. you can see a bit of light on the horizon, just 35 degrees in boston right now. fortunately the winds are light. the sunshine has light winds but cool temperatures today, low 50s. warmup coming for the middle of the week with the rain later on thursday, and behind that, wow, turning blustery and much colder towards the weekend. >> thank you, for some it really was a halloween to remember. this boy has some local high school students to thanks for that. 12-year-old tyler plotkin was born with epilepsy and through the years he's had 30 surgeries. 26 on his head, confined to a wheelchair his parents have gotten creative but this halloween they needed help. and they got it from juniors at the high school. they converted a power wheeled escalate into a remote controlled tank. >> they are gig eagle and laughing and just about as we were going to park it, he goes
6:41 am
your heart to hear that. he does not have a lot of words. he does not have a lot of things. but when he says something like that, you know he means it. and that just is the best. >> that project took three months to complete. >> a woman is saved from a burning car and how she started the fire without even realizing it. and new video of an explosion in alabama, why the gas company there is not trying to put out the fire. and tomorrow morning motivating
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>> 6:44, the i go team ready with your news to go, and sera is following breaking news in lowell. doug is in weston, and erika is tracking the race for the white house, just one week before voters head to the polls. >> we've been calling november this morning. >> it's not going to last. if you look off to the west, look at chicago and milwaukee. >> much more in my zone. >> 60s, right. >> it feels good. >> they are going to share for the middle of the week. not today, today will be a cool day, and below the average, average high is 57, we're going to be below that today but look at the 60s coming tomorrow, and thursday, and so a midweek warmup. out ahead of this system, which is bringing the clouds and the
6:45 am
high pressure overhead, and that is giving us a clear start this morning in most areas, and one exception, you can see this deck of clouds off the shore, and outer cape, nantucket in on these, and you can see that view here as you look east towards the sunrise, and you can see the clouds, but it's clear above. 32 in worcester, so a cold start this morning, and lots of 20s in between, and a lot of frost out there this morning. may need to scrape the windshield and let the car run this morning. sun up at 7:18, by 50s, the best we do under mostly sunny skies, the winds at or below 10 miles per hour, and 52 nashua, and we start clear this evening and as the winds turn the clouds coming overnight so it's not going to be cold tonight and there will be cloud cover from time to time tomorrow but partly sunny. dry through tomorrow and we get into thursday afternoon, and that's the highest chance of rain this week, and that will carry us into the evening hours as well but look at the temperatures making that run
6:46 am
all right, nowhere close to that now. now out to the roads. how are we doing? >> a bit busy watching the delays along the pike. that's eastbound heading to the top of the screen, let's go to the maps and check out what else is going on. north of town we're watching this crash on route 3, southbound accident by drum hill road, the crash by 129 is gone so that's good news, and stop and go on 93 south from 495 to 128, right now about 35 minutes, and then from there to the lever connector, add another 30 to 35, 35-minute ride. 495 out to 128, and more delays south of town. route 3 as you travel from rosalynn. the expressway, 35 braintree to boston and trains and buses on schedule. >> thank you, and breaking overnight, we're learning the state fire marshall is investigating this house fire in middleton. the family who owns the home was in a trailer next door when the flames broke out.
6:47 am
saw the house was on fire. no one was hurt. >> coming up on 6:47, breaking in the city of lowell this morning, a driver has been cited after leaving the scene of a crash involving a child. >> sera congi is live in lowell with the breaking details. sera. >> emily and randy, we got this new information from lowell police, and they have cited 27-year-old carlinas ar accident. the boy was hit by a car on marshall avenue. police say that he suffered a serious cut to the head and was taken to is a boston hospital. the latest we're told by police is that he is stable. witnesses say that the female driver behind the wheel did stop and talk with neighbors after the crash, but then left the scene. again the latest from lowell police. they have cited that driver, a lowell woman for leaving the
6:48 am
>> right now, a police sergeant is suffering serious injuries after he was hit by a dirt bike. nine people are arrested. the group was riding dirt bikes in the city posing a hazard to kids out trick-or-treating. they were arrested outside of a former movie theater on kings highway and during the arrest the sergeant was run over. he was taken to a rhode island hospital for treatment. the suspects will be arraigned today. >> new tax documents obtained by the "new york times" havna paper calls a legally dubious maneuver to avoid paying tens of millions in taxes in the 1990s. he got the benefit for losing vast amounts of other people's money. that move later outlawed. trump continues to attack clinton as the fbi reviews one of her aides' emails. investigates saying it's unclear yet. clinton insist that is they have no case. trump will be in pennsylvania today, and then will join mike pence in wisconsin, and clinton has events in florida and bernie
6:49 am
the election is now a week away. randy: this morning, clinton still has the lead in the battleground state of new hampshire but it is getting to be a smaller lead. clinton leads trump 45-38% of the new poll, and that's down from a 15-point lead last month. 7% still undecided. and cnn is cutting ties with commentator and interim democratic national committee chair donna brazile. the nek resignation after hacked emails showed that she tipped off clinton campaigns to more proposed primary debate questions. cnn denies any involvement saying that they never gave her access to any questions. >> the drivers are prepping for day two of open tolling and many of them are hoping for a day like yesterday. and so let's start with the good news. demolition of the tolls is still ahead.
6:50 am
completely down or are in the process of coming down. and now to your bad news, yesterday massdot saying the travel was down 6%, and there is concern that those who took yesterday off are going to return today, so you may want to take that into consideration as you prepare your morning trip but right now the volume is increasing. they are moving. we're live out here at the weston tolls, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> thank you and breaking overnight two children and anad between a hay ride and a vehicle in mississippi. the victims who all were related were riding on a flatbed trailer, last night when celebrating halloween several others were hurt. some with life threatening injuries. no word on the condition of the other driver or the cause of this. >> and new video shows flames from the gas line explosion that left one person dead and five others hurt. the blast along the colonial pipeline in alabama sent flames and thick smoke into the sky on
6:51 am
machine used to remove the dirt hit the pipeline, igniting the gas. crews worked to keep the flames from spreading but say they will let the fire burn out on its own. >> the fourth firefighter hurt is now out of the hospital. those firefighters were heading to a call when their truck slammed into an suv yesterday. the fire department says that the suv pulled into the path of engine 7 at the intersection of comm avenue and dartmouth street. the impact set off a chain reaction. 11 cars damaged in fire department says that the suv driver was hurt but is expected to survive. >> and new details in an alleged attempted kidnapping in londonderry, new hampshire. court documents show that family members say that the 22-year-old victor rosario is in an unhealthy mental state and they are concerned for the safety of his girlfriend. the pair had broken up, but rosario stormed into her workplace and forcibly took her away. they were tracked to the city of
6:52 am
>> jury selection is set to begin in the case of a teen's dismissal from an elite prep school. a lawsuit against phillip exeter academy alleges the 15 year old was kicked out for having sex with another student. the unidentified boy's mother says the school told her son that he would be involuntarily removed if he did not withdraw himself, that trial will set in two weeks. >> a teenager saves his sister from the burning house. the fire broke hutchins home last wednesday night. julie got her kids outside, did a quick head count and she was one child short. 3-year-old melody was still inside unaware of the fire, and that's when 16-year-old brandon dashed inside and pulled his sister to safety. >> bill cosby's sexual assault case out of pennsylvania is moving forward. cosby's lawyers head to court for a pretrial hearing. they are seeking competency
6:53 am
are tainted by time. the two sides will work to determine what evidence can be used at the june trial. >> new video in overnight as police rescue a woman from a
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every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to
6:59 am
we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
7:00 am
>> wednesday morning on the eyeopener, using cash to motivate your workout. >> ways to really make staying in shape pay off. >> and a big warmup is on the way, but for the time line on the rain, join us on wednesday. . as she battles back against that fbi investigation, defiant and demanding answers. >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when th there is no case here. donald trump doubling down. >> the clinton crime spree end, it's going to enden 0 november 8th. >> both their campaign managers are here this morning with exactly one week until election day. breaking overnight halloween hayride disaster. three killed, seven other injured. ambulances and helicopters race to the scene. it's only november 1st but


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