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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> wednesday morning on the eyeopener, using cash to motivate your workout. >> ways to really make staying in shape pay off. >> and a big warmup is on the way, but for the time line on the rain, join us on wednesday. . as she battles back against that fbi investigation, defiant and demanding answers. >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when th there is no case here. donald trump doubling down. >> the clinton crime spree end, it's going to enden 0 november 8th. >> both their campaign managers are here this morning with exactly one week until election day. breaking overnight halloween hayride disaster. three killed, seven other injured. ambulances and helicopters race to the scene. it's only november 1st but
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already starting this morning earlier than ever. the big amazon savings coming your way. >> wednesday morning on the eyeopener, using cash to motivate your workout. >> ways to really make staying in shape pay off. >> and plus a bag warmup on the way, the time line on the rain coming as well, join us wednesday morning at 4:30 a.m. the whole terrifying encounter caught on camera. we'll get tat he left her but he came back from her. everybody is safe. good morning. good morning, america. we have a lot of news >> wednesday morning on the eye, using cash to motivate your workout. >> ways to really make staying in shape pay off. >> and plus a warmup coming and the timeline on the rain wednesday starting at 4:30. g in. >> "thriller." >> we've seen him dance a little bit better than. >> he was having a lot of fun. one week away from the election.
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donald trump ahead for the first time since may . it's a one-point lead, 46/45. >> it comes after that bombshell announcement from james comey and the fbi is fast-tracking their investigation into e-mails linked to hillary clinton's private server. clinton firing back. and cecilia vega is in westchester, new york, with her campaign. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good mo before election day is low but the one thing that both have in common on this front. they are both using this investigation to rally their supporters to the polls. hillary clinton on her campaign plane overnight letting loose with staffers after spending her day on the trail trying to ex-tension wish the political fire engulfing her campaign. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail
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stories we're following right now. the driver accused of hitting a four-year-old trick-or-treater in lowell has been cited by police, and officers say that the woman, 27-year-old calinas arroyo stopped on marshall avenue, and then drove away. the boy suffered a serious cut on his head but is recovering. a new bedford police sergeant is hurt after being struck by a dirt bike. the sergeant candido trinidad was run over in the parking lot while trying to a recklessly. nine people were facing charges. for years doctors have told us that there's good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. the doctors called hdl good cholesterol thinking it protected against heart attack and stroke. but a new study out of canada found that there is little evidence that it does. the causes of low hdl include sedentary lifestyle, smoking, poor diet and now researcher say
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i'm randy price for boston's wcvb newscenter 5. belonging to contain e-mails of hers while the fbi has not contacted us about this, ms. abedin will be as she always has been forthcoming and cooperative. the white house staying on the sidelines. >> i'll defend nor criticize what director directcomey has d to communicate to the public about the president doesn't believe that director comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election. >> reporter: donald trump sounding thankful for a pre-election day surprise. >> good job, huma. thank you, anthony weiner. >> reporter: now, clinton's strategy on this, she really seems to be trying to tackle it head on. the big question how does this play out when it comes to the ballot box? george, nearly 25 million americans have already cast
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>> thanks, cecilia. we are joined by hillary clinton's campaign manager robby mook. robby, thanks for joining us. i take cecilia's last point about a lot of early votes already in the bank but our new poll shows donald trump ahead for the first time since may. >> we are starting off the month of november cooler than average but with sunshine, low 50s the best we're doing today under the high pressure, off to the west, tracking the next frontal system, this is going to bring in more clouds and some rain on thursday. and it comes with warmer temperatures, mid 60s tomorrow, and upp 70 on thursday, and before that rain moves in, it gets out of here for friday and blustery and colder but with sunshine. and i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon for boston's wcvb newscenter 5. have taken a hit since that announcement from director comey. you are now accusing him of a double standard. hillary clinton accusing him of bowing to partisan pressure. are you worried at all that will come back to haunt you? >> i don't think so, george. you know, director comey has been criticized from both sides on this now. you have a former attorney
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george w. bush both saying it was a mistake. you've had former justice department officials saying it was a mistake then we've come to learn from anonymous leaks that are coming out that director comey's own superiors at justice warned him not to do this. this is a break in protocol then just yesterday we found out it was director comey who is privately trying to prevent the report that the russians were the ones who stole e-mails from >> diane a asked why the kit took so long, they said they have had an increase in kits coming in because of the media coverage but most are processed on-time and they upgraded will her to a premium report for free, and offered her a skype session with a member of their sports science team. we do have a link for more information on our mobile app
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gentleman who donald trump said was one of his foreign policy advisers. >> it's not an investigation but an inquiry. >> i'd like director comey to clarify that. he had no problem having a long press conference and editorializing about investigations into secretary clinton. i don't see why he can't come out and explain what's going on with donald trump and it is particularly odd that he was -- that he was the one who was privately trying to prevent the announcement that it was the agencies said it was the russians that were stealing our e-mails. he was the one trying to prevent that from being released. >> another report in "the new york times" suggesting donald trump may have avoided hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes by failing to report forgiven debt as income. we'll ask david bossie about that but sure appears donald trump will avoid releasing his tax returns before the election. >> you know, george, this is unprecedented for 40 years people have gone to the polls
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started. this is the first time in decades and what's particularly astounding about this recent report is that donald trump was writing off other people's losses, so not only did he not pay taxes for 20 year, he was writing off people's losses, some of the loopholes he was using are against the law. >> one week to go. are you going to win? >> we are going to win this election but it's important that every one of our supporters turns out. >> robby mook, than very much. deputy campaign manager for donald trump. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> you saw robby mook say he's going to win. you're ahead in our newest poll but the electoral college is stacked against you. >> it is but we're in great shape. we're on offense everywhere. hillary clinton, robby mook is understanding what is going on. there is an enthusiasm gap for their voters and we're showing mr. trump's having 10,000, 20,000 show up at a rally. they're --
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it is so narrow in that electoral college. >> you know what, it's narrow every four years. for us as the demographics have changed in these states. we'll win. we're winning in florida right now and in north carolina right now. we're going to win ohio and iowa and that's the basis of our path to victory. >> public polls show her ahead in north carolina but even if you win every tate that you just laid out you still have to win other states that are solidly blue right now like new hampshire. nevada or someplace like pennsylvaniach >> and we're going to. we're competing right now heavily in pennsylvania, in new hampshire, michigan, wisconsin. new mexico. nevada. >> you can see you're behind in all those states. >> we concede it's within the margin of error. our enthusiasm. we have closed this gap as you pointed out dramatically over the last week and continue to expand. mr. trump's message of hope, growth and opportunity that he's bringing to every american in every blue state is resonating
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they want someone -- they don't want four more years of clinton investigations which i've lived lew. >> you talk about that but we have this story in "the new york times" about donald trump and his taxes suggesting that he wrote off hundreds of millions of dollars in other people's losses, even though his tax advisers said it was a dubious plan and here's what they say, the tax experts say the maneuver trampled a court tax policy by conferring enormous tax benefits on mr. trump or losing vast don't the american people have a right to know what mr. trump did there? >> sure, you know, i'm not familiar with that quote but mr. trump's under audit. mr. trump is going -- >> this isn't audit. this was in the early 1990s. >> he's been under audit every year for 19 years. >> those cases are closed. >> i understand that. >> so i'm not familiar with that exact whose quote that is in "the new york times" which obviously had a big problem with mr. trump has been incredibly
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>> he's going to release them when his audit is complete. >> even though there are several returns not under audit? >> he's going to release them when he's not under audit. >> same ask i asked robby mook. are you going to win. >> we are going to win. our enthusiasm and ground game and what reince priebus has built is tremendous over the last four years. we have an incredible team that we are working well together. >> david bossie, thanks very much. >> all right, george, thank you. we heardro but let's bring in jon karl to break down the strategies. let's begin, jon, with donald trump. >> well, good morning, robin. if you look at the polls you have seen some tightening like we've seen in the national polls in the states but there's still a long way to go for donald trump. let's take a look at three of the most recent ones. in florida, trump is on the move. up 2. that's within the margin of error in the latest poll but if you look at north carolina, another one of those must win
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with four and then new hampshire, up seven in the latest poll and we haven't seen a poll in new hampshire with a trump lead for a long, long time. so if you look at the map overall, this is the abc news race ratings. red states advantage trump, blue states, advantage hillary clinton. she's still got a big advantage. to win, robin, what he needs to do is win every single one of the states that we classify as a toss- toss-up. utah and carolina, ohio and even if he wins all of those states, even at the runs the table he still is short of the 270 votes he would need to get elected president and needs to flip a blue state. david bossie mentioned pennsylvania. if he can win pennsylvania, a astronaut republicans haven't won in 16 years he gets more than 270 and would have enough to win. the bottom line here, robin, is that donald trump needs to run the table. needs to win every single one of
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>> let's go back for a moment, jon, to the new tracking poll, abc news tracking poll because people will wake up and see for the first time since may that donald trump is in the lead. >> yeah, so more than any single factor, what is driving that is enthusiasm. if you go back a week ago, trump had an advantage. his supporters were more enthusiastic about him than hillary clinton's supporters were about her. that has now flipped. so, you know, hillary clinton had -- i did it the wrong way. hillary clinton had the advantage a week ago. now trump does. >> it's possible on either side you could have one win the popular vote anticipate one win the electoral college. >> if you look at our poll and take it literally that's what would happen. we've seen that happen before. >> we have seen it happen before. >> and we'll know exactly one week from today and we'll have full team coverage for you starting tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
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entire political team and download the abc news app for breaking updates and live streams. one week from today. >> one week from today and now let's turn to that scary halloween accident and linsey davis is it here. what a terrible tragedy. >> this is a tough one. i the kind of scene that played out no doubt all over the country, people donning their costumes and taking a hayride to celebrate. in mississippi the fun turned into horror after a crash that's just before 8:00 p.m. this flatbed truck collided into the back of a hayride packed with revelers celebrating halloween. two children and one adult killed all members of the same family. >> multiple injuries and multiple fatalities. >> reporter: at least seven others believed to be injured. [ sirens ] multiple ambulances raced to the scene as choppers medevacked
7:15 am
fighting for their lives this morning. >> this is a bad thing to happen anywhere but when it's local it really hits home. >> reporter: both were heading west on highway 80 in miswhen the truck slammed into the hayride. corps row another described the scene as chaos. there were ten victims in all, several are described as having life-threatening injuries. the condition of the pickup driver is yet to be released. certainly a tragic day for this small town community, michael. >> bad now, amy, you have the morning's other top stories for us. what do you got. >> thousands of commuters in philadelphia are now looking for a different way to get to work now that transit workers have gone on strike shutting down bus and subway service. the main contract issue is over pensions. the two sides are said to be far apart and there are concerns a prolonged strike could keep some voters from getting to the polls next week. gas prices could rise following an explosion that has shut down one of the largest fuel pipelines in the country.
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several injured by the explosion during maintenance work in rural alabama. the same pipeline was shut down for 12 days back in september because of a leak that led to gas shortages across the south. well, we are now hearing the 911 calls made by the orlando nightclub shooter as the siege was under way back in june. police already knew about the shooting inside the pulse nightclub when their negotiator got on the phone with omar mateen when he was in the bathroom where he had taken hostages. >> hello. >> hello there. hi there. this is lap police. whom am i speaking with please. >> you're speaking with the person who pledged allegiance to the islamic state. >> can you tell me where you are right now? so i can get you some help? >> no. because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they're killing a lot of innocent people. you get what i'm saying? >> i do. i completely get what you're saying. >> police later busted through
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shoot-out. and in business news the price of your morning coffee is expected to keep rising after a new report confirmed we are consuming more coffee beans than farmers can grow and part of the reason is coffee consumption is up among millennials what drink 45% of all the coffee in the u.s. well, tonight the cleveland indians host game six of the word series. whoo says robin. i'm with you. up 3-2 but listen to this if you're a cubs fan since 1980 ev world series lead back home has won a championship. the cubs are going to try to change that and changed a lot already. see if they can continue that and then finally there were many cute costumes at the annual white house party. the president welcoming thousands of children but one of them stole the spotlight. take a look -- >> funny. >> what is that? >> a lame duck.
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he definitely stole the show. >> that kid has got some guts. come on. >> got a good chuckle out of it. >> thank you, amy. to ginger. what's that fire over there. >> oh, my goodness. more than 90 wildfires broke out in georgia alone since friday because we have heat, because we have drought it's a big issue there and here's what's happening. it was the hottest halloween on record for a lot of places like new orleans. atlanta, georgia, had their hottest halloween. montgomery, too and we could see more records tied or broken more that is circled here on the map. a huge deal how hot it is as we start november. tuesday trivia brought to you by
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>> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon, we have sunshine, 34 in boston, and some 20s showing up in the suburbs, and we are going to see a lot of sunshine today but the temperatures are slowly recovering only into the low 50s this afternoon, and warmup on the way for the middle of the week, our next chance of rain comes later on thursday and blustery and colder for the weekend. that world series forecast looks so nice. cleveland's temperature at first pitch, 67. >> perfect. >> cannot do better than that on november 1st. thanks very much. coming up a dramatic new twist in that hot car trial. emotional testimony from the mother who lost her son.
7:20 am
>> did ross love his little boy. >> yes, he did, very much. >> nancy and dan here to weigh in live. that terrifying moment caught on camera. a crocodile jumping in while a couple swims. inside their close call. see, he did come back. >> that's not really coming back. o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one free. look, the wolfpuffing.fing and like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out,
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>> good morning, i'm randy randy. right now a driver is cried after a four-year-old boy was hit by a car while trick-or-treating on marshall avenue in lowell last night. police say the 27-year-old carlinas arroyo stopped and left the scene but the boy is investigating this house fire in middleton. the family who owns the home on forest street was in a trailer next door, when the fire broke out, and they tell investigates there was an electrical problem there at the time, and no one was hurt, and second commute of the open tolling process, on the massachusetts turnpike is underway now, and for a weekday, and demolition of the tolls, ahead of schedule with 13 of the 23 either completely down or in the process of coming down. the state still is urging drivers to leave extra commuting
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>> all right, cindy, it's been cold out there this morning. >> yeah, we're calling it november, randy, because it is a cold start here to this brand new month. we have got the sunshine, clear skies, and 34 in town, and look at bedford in the 20s, running just 22 in orange and 25 in norwood, and 30s in the cape where there have been a few clouds in the outer cape, a lot of sunshine in store today, but low 50s the best we do under the high pressure, light winds, and off to the west, this is the next system, this wi warmer temperatures tomorrow, and with partly sunny skies. and we are going to be in the upper 60's to near 70 on thursday, a thunderstorm, and then it does turn colder. out to the roads right now. good morning. >> good morning, cindy, we have got severe delays on the red line this morning because of a disabled train at park street. still watching a crash on route 3 south, another run on 495 northbound by route 3, and 93 south, heavy down to the bridge, and that's because of a crash blocking one lane.
7:27 am
open tolling, 35 minutes, 495 for 128. >> good morning, america continuing here on 5.
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joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and >> the eyeopener team ready with your news to go this morning. sera following breaking news in lowell, and doug is in worcester and erika is tracking the race for the white house one week before voters head to the polls. first the lovely cindy with your forecast.
7:30 am
? ryan lochte, cheryl burke in costume last night. their final tango an "dancing with the stars." they were booted from the ballroom and flew all night and join us live right here in times square. also right now ourra and hillary clinton neck and neck. trump ahead by one point, the first time he's been in the lead since may as clinton battles back against that fbi investigation. cities all across the south bracing for record heat this morning after the warmest halloween on record for so many. ginger has been talking about it and will have more as well. >> it is only november the 1st but it is black friday, the deals are already beginning, everybody. amazon is kicking off the holiday season tonight offering
7:31 am
december 22nd so get ready for the shopping and contact sport. >> come on. >> it is a contact sport. >> sure is. not for me. >> not for you ask. >> huh-uh. we move on to that dramatic testimony in the hot car trial. the boy that was killed in an suv by this woman's ex-husband. steve osunsami has more. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. she was the star witness of this trial and she agrees that just because this man was a it's the most compelling testimony jurors have heard so far. agreeing with justin ross harris and his lawyers, his now ex-wife and mother of the child he's accused of intentionally killing is coming to his defense. >> did ross love this little boy? >> yes, did he very much. >> reporter: leanna taylor was brought to tears remembering the moment she learned her son cooper had died after he was
7:32 am
suv. >> cooper was the sweetest boy. >> reporter: she walked jurors through family photos and home videos showing harris to be a dedicated father. harris cried with her. he's charged with murder and is pleading not guilty saying he simply forgot to drop the boy off at day care. they're seen here in surveillance video from a chick-fil-a restaurant that morning. earlier this year harris and taylor divorced. but she still told jurors harris was a good dad and that her >> it was the only thing that went in my mind as even a remote possibly, he was never checked in. if he was never checked in then he must have forgot. >> reporter: while she's no longer a suspect police say they investigated taylor after she was overheard asking harris if he said too much to authorities. taylor explained in court that at the time she didn't understand why harris was being
7:33 am
was why. >> he talks a lot. even if he doesn't have anything to say. >> reporter: prosecutors argue that harris killed his son because he really wanted a child-free life. while his son was dieing in this suv parked outside harris was inside his office sexting with other women. taylor agreed they had marriage problems, but she told the court he was still a good father. >> he wanted to be with him enjoying every second he could with him. >> reporter: one other note, there were a looking up websites about hot car deaths before his son died but that was knocked down pretty hard in court. hard for many to believe but there may be plenty of room for reasonable doubt here. george. >> let's bring that to our legal an cysts. dan abrams and nancy grace grace author of "murder in the courthouse." you've been following it closely. have your views shifted?
7:34 am
watching her testimony not only do i think the case is weak i think he may be innocent of the murder charge. remember this claim about the child-free site he was on. what did he write back, grossness. remember the claim that he was trying to get a vacation without his child. well, turns out the night before his child died he reached out to a travel agent about a vacation with his child. you also have even some of these women with whom he was having an affair saying he said he would leave his wife exc fact that he loved his child. he didn't want to leave his child. now you've got his ex-wife, ex-wife's testimony which is so powerful and his defense and i'm starting to think this really, really could have been a he horrible accident. >> reasonable doubt? >> i don't see it. many of the things dan just said are true, but you can't get around -- i mean, the hooker, the other women, the sexting,
7:35 am
cake. you don't need it. the logistics of that day alone support the state's case. i went to the scene. i drove the distance he drove. the monitors in chick-fil-a that the jury is seeing showed the baby alert, well, laughing. i looked at them. he forgot his child was in the backseat in two minutes. before he went into work he had to reach in the backseat to get his bag. he goes inside. he sits there all day and doesn't remember. he even staging a trip to the car at lunchtime and goes in the car with the baby in the car. >> let's talk about that. which is one of these claims that was one of the most horrible claims. this idea that he goes back to the car at lunchtime a sort of staged effort to make sure the child may be dead or something. it turns out he claims he needed
7:36 am
determine whether he had lightbulbs that were out. guess what, he did. and when you look at the video it backs up his story. >> he went in his car, he went in his car and, dan, isn't it true when he went in his car his child was dying or dead in the car seat in the car. >> correct. he didn't go in his car. he threw something in his car. >> forget the lightbulbs. i don't care. he had need to care because it's a relevant fact. >> the child is in there dying in yes. he opens the door, puts something in. at 3:00 he techs his wife, hey, are you picking up my buddy. ding, ding, it never hit him? i left the kid in the car. >> think about this -- >> then he goes back to the car at 5:00 after announcing to the security guard, hey, i'm going to a movie. he goes, he drives --
7:37 am
you go through the entire account of the story. hang on one sec. the claim is he deletes all of his search history, right, because he's trying to hide this from the authorities. and yet -- wait, wait, wait. >> the logistics. >> the same day he is texting all these women, right, so he's carefully and meticulously cleaning out his search history yet the day it happens he's texting with women. >> this is not involv involved. should he take the stand? >> no. >> nancy. >> the reason they put her on the stand is so he wouldn't have to take the stand. >> she was great. he doesn't need to. >> the judge will tell the jury, hey, it's just direct. wait until cross is done. >> cross is going on. they haven't made much progress. >> you guys will be back. thanks very much. >> well it's not over yet. >> yeah, all right. >> that's the last word. michael, what's coming up on the big board. >> that's far from over.
7:38 am
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i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion is how edward jones makes sense of investing. interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule.
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woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote. learn more at xt1 plain walk away. welcome back. time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories and jon karl is back here, back by demand here at the table. we'll start clinton. hitting the trail on monday in the key swing state of ohio and, of course, this comes after that fbi e-mail bombshell but how much do october surprises like this one actually affect the polls? you've been doing a little research. this is not the first time we've had something like this happen. >> at least now it's november so we don't usually have november surprises but, look, we've seen a bunch of these. here are a couple. one, i don't know if you remember 2000, five days before the election, news comes out
7:41 am
arrested for drunk driving years earlier in may. i'll never forget when the news broke. i was covering al gore with him in new mexico. that clearly had an impact on the race. you looked at the polling before the race, bush had a comfortable lead. the polls closed and as you remember we had virtually a tie on election day. look, there are others that people thought at the time would have an impact and didn't. october 29th of 2004, osama bin laden releases a tape and everybody thinks this is goi up terrorism and had virtually no impact on the race. another one, kind of echoes this one. i'll give you one more, 1992, the other george bush cap weinberger secretary of defense for reagan is indicted on october 30th. indicted, a second indictment. this brings up the iran-contra thing and looks bad for bush. bush was down when the news came out. he actually if you look at the polling might have come up a little bit and then, of course, he lost anyway.
7:42 am
past. how is this october surprise going to affect this election. >> you got october surprises on both sides. >> we've had so many october surprises. >> i mean, my god, the whole campaign has been a surprise. i think this one is clearly already had an impact. we talked earlier in the show about the enthusiasm for hillary is down and for trump it's up. clearly had an impact. i don't think it will have a decisive impact on the race. >> people at this point have pretty much should i vote for hillary, should i vote for trump? >> either one of you do uber or lyft. >> sure. >> here's something for both of you. next up we have an alarming new study about uber and lyft. they found evidence of racial discrimination and sexism by some drivers and becky worley is joining us now and, becky, i used the service as you see everybody here did. what is the study telling us.
7:43 am
black and female is harder than it is for white men. researchers conducted experiments on the three big ride sharing service, we're talk ift, uber and others, with blacks with african-american sounding names they rose and wait times 25% longer. for women they rode the same distance but it and that means they cost more. the authors explain that as a combination of profiteering and flirting to a captive audience, the takeaway when user profiles indicate race and male drivers have women passengers in the car there is a quantifiable difference in service. >> how are the companies reporting to this, becky? >> you know, the folks at lyft saying their service did better
7:44 am
on communities of color. taxis have historically neglected these neighborhoods aand they told us they don't tolerate discrimination in any form. uber says taxis were problematic and say studies like this one are helpful in thinking about how they can do even more. so we'll see. >> all right. >> maybe don't show your name. >> that would be a way of going about it. thank you very much. lyft to the game tonight. that big game, the cleveland indians back at home and one game away, as you know from winning it all but the cubs are putting up a fight. espn's eduardo perez is on the field. good for you to get up and join us. okay, just tell us, what do you think is going to happen tonight? >> well, i think the cleveland indians are going to win and one of the biggest reasons is because they play really well at
7:45 am
guys going for them in game six, jake arrieta and potentially game seven with kyle hendricks which is the favorite to win the cy young. two cy young winners and need to keep it on the ground in order to win the game. this is the other issue, cleveland doesn't believe that the cubs are going to win. so much so that the cavaliers moved their game next door to 6:00 instead of 7:00 start to see if their fans will then watch the game here or just jump on over with the cavs and get a suite and watch the cleveland indians get the championship. >> look, celebration they're thinking. >> another reason, you predicted they win in six so you need your prediction to come true. >> that's right in what do they have to do to make your prediction come true? >> well, one thing that they'll have to do is get josh tomlin
7:46 am
least four solid innings you can get the ball to andrew miller. lights out all postseason and been phenomenal with that sweeping slider and guys have been swinging and missing through it. get it to allen. miller did not throw for the last two day, fresh, ready to go and if they score runs it could be all over for the cubs. >> all right, so we know what you feel. becky, what is your call? what is your call? >> i'm rooting >> what? >> sorry. i'm out. i got nothing. >> the biggest thing is i'm rooting for game seven. this has to go to game seven and want the cubs to win game seven on the road just like the cavs won the road. >> give me something. >> we got to break that curse. >> what about you? >> i'm with jon. the cubs have been -- >> i don't know if george will let us go back and sit with him at the desk after this.
7:47 am
>> it is a win/win, seven games just let cleveland win in the seventh. >> there's a compromise. >> regardless we love you. >> we got it settled. thanks to everyone. we appreciate that. coming up that terrifying crocodile attack. a six-foot beast jumping into a pool. how the couple survived. and royal romance has an american actress won prince harry's heart? the new reporting this morning.
7:48 am
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? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we're back with that shocking video yesterday. you brought us that fake loch ness monster. this one is real. >> i just wanted to say this video you're about to see is creating quite a bit of discussion. what would you do perhaps? you see that young couple enjoying an evening swim in the pool in zimbabwe until that alligator. look how fast, boom. gets right -- notice her boyfriend was very quick to get out of the water. then he just kind of was like supervising and luckily she got
7:50 am
>> ex-boyfriend. >> perhaps. >> you said something funny about the crocodile. >> i don't want to say it on air. >> the crocodile didn't get her, she was going to get him. he was going to lose either way. we have a slo-mo of the attack. it's really frightening. look at that, boom, he's out of the water. just dove right out. >> not a good natural instinct. >> maybe he was trying to think he could get something -- let's give hip the benefit of the water, he wouldn't have doen that. >> what you're trying to say -- >> viewers think that looks staged. >> no. >> george believes it's real. >> okay. >> yesterday's was real too. i'm convinced. >> yesterday weigh as real. >> the loch ness monster is tout there somewhere. >> a lot of stars coming up. mel gibson, benedict cumberbatch. we'll work it out. for millions of baby boomers
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back here on "gma," look at this video. yosemite, the waterfalls are flowing. that's right. the rain out there as hot as it is in the south heavy rain and a lot of good stuff for them. 30-foot waves in the ocean. wow. much more t kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie...
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> 7:56, good morning, i'm randy price. the eyeopener tracking some of the stories happening right now, but first as wek the skyline, we have got the sunshine out there, cindy. >> bright sunshine, and it is cold, randy, just 34 in boston right now, and worcester below freezing, and a lot of 20s in the suburbs, and we do have light winds, though, and that's going to be the case throughout the day with mostly sunny skies. and the temperatures come up into the low 50s this afternoon. and we have got a warmup, back into the 60s, and more clouds tomorrow, and we'll get into rain later on thursday. whether it's go out to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> good morning, cindy. watching lots of delays and a couple of accidents if you are
7:57 am
blocking a lane. the delays are back into peabody. 93 is heavy due to the lever connector and the pike right now is 35 minutes, 495 for 128. expressway still 30 to 35. braintree to boston. randy. >> right now a new bedford police sergeant injured after being run over by a dirt bike, is recovering. police say it happened in this parking lot while he was trying to arrest people for allegedly operating the bike recklessly. nine people are facing a judge a bit later in this crash in boston is now out of the hospital. the firefighters were heading to a call when the truck slammed into an suv. the fire department says that the driver was hurt, but is expected to survive. and more coming up in our next hour. if you are heading out you can watch us on the go on the wcvb mobile app. "good morning america" continuing in minutes right here on 5.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck in our new poll. trump in the lead now for the first time in months as clinton battles back against that fbi investigation. just seven days until the final votes. medical mystery. eight children and in one town sick with a bizarre disease. it stars with simple cold symptoms paralyze you in just a few hours. the cdc now investigating a spike in cases. ? drama on the dance floor. ryan lochte and cheryl burke forced to say good-bye straight from their halloween showdown they fly all night on the "gma" express here live this morning. ? the story of my life not. inside the white house. the real west wing. your first look inside the obamas' private quarters from the artwork to the first lady's
8:01 am
? perfect illusion ? and it's a strange morning in times square. benedict cumberbatch is here live. and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. getting good at this. >> lift it up. >> up, up, up. >> he can ago, he can direct. >> a great dancer. taught me how to do that. >> movie. don't you love his name. benedict cumberbatch. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> we'll talk to him coming up. look who else is here. mel gibson, mel gibson is here, everybody. his first live interview on "gma" ever. he has a null film "hacksaw ridge" getting a lot of oscar buzz. great reviews and he's got another big reason to celebrate. bigger than all of that and that's going to be coming up too. >> i like the tease, all right.
8:02 am
here with us. little toby. one of the dogs up for adoption as part of our mission pawsible event. got to tell you, he stole the show during one of our live streams. why wanted to bring him here to the studio to introduce all of you to him. he has an incredible story and he is available. we've had great success and you're not going to believe the number of dogs that have homes now. >> you know what i love best about toby. he's ten years old. the older dog, sometimes people do not go toward the older dogs when we talk about adoptions. and it's so wonderful t older dogs that are being adopted, as well >> absolutely. number one, they're trained, people. yes. >> sweet. we have a lot coming up. we have to start with tough news out of baltimore. >> yeah, it's breaking news out of baltimore. a deadly crash before rush hour. a school bus and a commuter bus have collided. there is extensive damage. police tell our baltimore station at least five people have been killed. no word which bus those victims were riding in. you can see the images right
8:03 am
bring you more details as we get them. now to the presidential race and our national tracking poll out this morning showing trump leading by one point. this is his first lead since may. and it comes as the justice department is fast-tracking the investigation into those e-mails that could be linked to hillary clinton's server. abc's cecilia vega has the very latest on all of that. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. hillary clinton is defiant on the campaign trail insisting there is no case to worry about. she challenged the fbi to look abedin's e-mails saying they won't find anything wrong. abedin's lawyer saying in a statement she will continue to be as she always has been forthcoming and cooperative. clinton's campaign manager told george he's not worried about those polls. >> what we are focused on right now is making sure that every single one of our supporters understands how important it is that they turn out and vote. you know, the polls are going to go up and down and have done that the whole time on this race. we have a week to go.
8:04 am
points behind. >> reporter: while donald trump's team is celebrating a pre-election day surprise. >> mr. trump's message of hope, growth and opportunity that he's bringing to every american and every blue state is resonating with people and that's why they want change. they want someone -- they don't want four more years of clinton investigations. >> reporter: the white house is staying on the sidelines for this one saying president obama will not defend or criticize fbi director james comey's controversial move. amy. >> all right, cecilia, thank u. pipelines in the country is shut down this morning after an explosion in alabama that killed a worker and injured five others. a leak shut down that same pipeline back in september causing gas shortages. and there are new concerns about a mysterious hilfigerness following the death of a 6-year-old boy in washington state. daniel ramirez was one of eight children being treated for a disease that started with just cold symptoms and some dizziness and led to paralysis within just
8:05 am
doctors say it may be a rare virus known as afm, 50 cases have been reported in 24 states this year. bill cosby's lawyers are trying to get sexual assault charges against him dismissed and claim the memories of 13 women who could testify against cosby are unreliable. they want those women to undergo mental competency exams. today is only november 1st but amazon already offering black friday discounts. the company is launching its black tens of thousands of items will be on sale including a 55-inch lg tv for under a thousand dollars and some of the most popular toys all on sale. finally, a new book finds beer bellies are in. men with so-called dad bods enjoy several advantage, apparently they have healthier relationship with their children and jem more appealing to women and they live longer because slightly pudgier men are
8:06 am
cancer. i do believe it is important to note this book, the author of the book how men age is, in fact, a man. >> uh-huh. important to note that. we're just saying. >> let that stand on its own. >> thank you, amy, very much. kudos again, you were fantastic as alexander hamilton yesterday? >> what are you talking about. >> you're back. >> that was really gr i thought everybody -- you know, halloween is a time for fun. bring out our inner child. >> how are you going to do "pop news" without the rhyming? >> i'm going to miss that. >> let's get to it. "pop news," royal romance, prince harry has reportedly met his match with american actress meghan markle. early days now for the prince of heart, however, her instagram posts offer a few hints, a shot
8:07 am
on the same bracelet. >> that's pretty good. >> also posting pictures of beautiful flowers, thanking a mystery man saying, oh, my favorite. clue number two, we do not know. her posts certainly look like she's been a frequent flier to london and back more than a few times in recent months. the 35-year-old who by the way is three years older than harry has a lead role on "suits" shot in toronto which is mysteriously where prince harry w sunday night until news of the rumored romance went public. >> that says it all. >> "pop news" has tried to set up harry many times. >> "pop news" has a personal interest in harry and him being happy. this one -- i'm glad you agree. these clues are substantial. >> substantial. >> in the world of "pop news." anyway, we just care if you're all happy. have fun and hopefully if you're
8:08 am
also in "pop news" this morning, we're really excited for the 50th annual cma awards tomorrow night right here on abc. robin just did a huge special talking to all the artists. we're going to be there and we also just learned some secret information for you. for your scheduling purposes, two kings of country music, george strait and alan jackson will perform together at the show and there's going to be an all-star tribute. they wouldn't even give us the names and say it's unbelievable. al woman, dolly parton. this year's recipient of the willie nelson lifetime achievement award. well deserved. >> you're going to have so much fun. >> i hope so. >> when? >> i'm leaving today. my first one and i can't wait. >> we have a concert, dierks bentley. >> thursday day morning we'll give i all of the details from
8:09 am
artist, dolly parton. they love dolly parton. >> timeless. so fun to talk to. all right. so all month long we've been working on getting as many shelter dogs rescued as we can. this is what you look forward to. jolene loves her favorite toy, a gumby. can you imagine how she feels when her owner has the boyfriend dress up in a giant gumby costume. so your favorite chew toy and look at joel lean. joel lean literally -- i'm just going to shush and let you enjoy snowfall lean and her favorite toy. >> gumby. >> ah. >> joel lean is a cutie. >> that's a happy pup. >> that is a happy pup and that is the joy of an unconditional love a dog can bring. cannot stress strongly enough all month long we've got some great pups for you to adopt and that's "pop news."
8:10 am
>> yep, yep, i have a great update. ? jolene jolene jolene ? >> country mood. >> we're both bad. coming up, "dance's" booted couple ryan lochte and cheryl burke are here. halloween showdown in the ballroom. look, they're here. they're here. we'll talk to them next. days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it.
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8:14 am
public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. ? ? all right, welcome back to "gma." there's ryan lochte and his partner cheryl burke pulling off that steamy salsa. i was captivated watching it. i can't lie. >> i know. >> there you go. >> ryan, you're moving really well. one of their best performances of the season. >> yeah, alas, it wasn't enough.
8:15 am
they're both freezing out here. >> i didn't expect this weather. just sitting in it. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> i know you're tired. >> ryan, you said one of the things you learned no matter how hard you get knocked down you get right back up. what did you learn. >> definitely that on, you know, no matter how hard i get knocked down, i can still get up and keep fighting and just keep moving and staying positive and, you know, i had her to really i did get knocked down at the lowest point of my life. i'm here -- >> then you get that crazy start to the season. those guys rushing the stage. >> yeah. >> nuts. >> but you know, one person is very proud of the way you've handled all of it. we caught up with this person and here's what she had to say. >> ah. >> hi, ryan, i'm so proud of you that you made it this far and i can't wait to see you dance at your own wedding and, cheryl, i love you so much.
8:16 am
throughout the whole season. >> whoa. >> so cute. >> she cried every single time ryan would dance. >> yeah. >> every single time. so sweet. >> more importantly, when is the weding? >> well, we haven't decided yet because i've been on the show. been a dancer this whole time. >> you have to get cheryl to choreograph the first dance. >> ten dances i've taught you. you could mix it up a little. >> you need a choreographed song. >> i will, ryan. i will. >> cheryl, we just want to ask you, what was the experience like working with an olympic athlete, working with ryan. tell us about it in it was amazing. you know, it was really nice to get the know the real ryan lochte and for me, a great experience to be back after, you know, three seasons off and really, you know, for me it's more about teaching someone how to cha-cha. if i can help somebody with whatever that they're going through, then i'm here. you know, and this is awesome and it meant more than anything
8:17 am
seasons, 19, you're top five, ryan lochte. >> wow. >> top five. you're awesome to work with. >> who is going all the way? >> between laurie and james. >> i think i'm going to go with james. >> calvin could be the dark horse. >> he could be the dark horse. >> you never know. >> all three really great dancers. >> you did a great job. thanks as always. >> and don't miss "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00 central
8:18 am
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cc1 test message cc1 test message ? welcome back to "good morning america." a good morning to mom and dad. and grandma and grandpa and you seconds so let's get to the warm-up. it's chilly but my goodness we will see the 70s by the end of the week in new york city. you can see here, 80s even south so, yeah, records possible in some spots. that is the big picture and evan >> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon, chilly out there, we are running in the 30s, sunshine, all day long, near 50 at lunchtime and in the lower 50s this afternoon, and we're going to
8:22 am
tomorrow, and get more rain in here on thursday. inside at "gma." i'm sitting with academy award winner mel gibson and this is his first ever live interview on "gma." i'm honored he chose to be here with his new film "hacksaw ridge" after a nearly ten-year hiatus. the film is based on a true story of an army medic who saved 75 men during world war ii without ever firing a weapon.
8:23 am
[ applause ] >> gets your heart pumping. looks like a real cliffhanger. a real cliffhanger. i like that, you look a little different. >> i've let the fungus grow. but it's not tiredness. i have a job. al know, there were harpo, groucho, chico but i'm the unfun anyway marx brother, karl marx. >> this is a big return to the director's chair and inspiring story about desmond doss and what drew you to it. >> the pinnacle of heroism. a man who goes -- is a carbon monoxidous ober, will not kill no matter what and stands by his convictions, persecuted in the
8:24 am
and does something amazing. he saves their lives without firing a weapon in constant peril. he's something else. i mean, it's a true story which is almost unbelievable. >> which is mind blowing this is true. anyone who goes to war, you carry a weapon. he chose not to do that. >> he chose the higher route which is pretty high, indeed. >> take the high road because that's the one that's less crowded. >> that's it. that's what he did. >> he took it in a seriously dangerous. >> and there was nobody else there. th ridge. he stayed there and saved men under constant fire. it was something. >> it's been rave reviews for this. a lot of oscar buzz. you have a chance to direct him some actors. andrew garfield. vincent jackson vaughn. how was that. >> great. these guys are professionals. they're so good at what they do. this is not "wedding crasher," vincent jackson. he'll always be intrinsically funny but andrew inhabits.
8:25 am
>> another actor you worked with, 26 years old. name is milo. >> that guy. >> he's actually your son. >> yeah, right. [ applause ] and he looks just like you. how was it directing your son? does he listen to you, first of all. >> no, he doesn't listen to me. he never has. why should he tart now? i give him suggestions. i find with kids especially when they're teenagers if you keep talking at them you find out they heard everything later. >> that is the truth. >> oh, yeah, they scare you re resonated at some point. >> a big congratulations to you because you're about to have another baby. >> yeah, number nine. >> congratulations. >> i got the stretch marks, man. >> you have stretch marks. >> i got stretch marks. >> that happens after you get past five. >> man. >> congratulations also on your ten-year sobriety. >> thank you. >> congratulations.
8:26 am
>> and, you know, another -- this is a great film for veterans. >> oh, absolutely. >> this is a story for 1945 but it's still resonating today in 2016. >> it's a love story, not really a war film. it is graphic but i felt that i needed to show that just show everybody what our veterans go through and i think it gives empathy because a lot of people can't understand what these guys are suffering from and particularly today there is a lot of ptsd. a lot of guys dropping the hammer on themselves and it's a more attention to and i hope the film can focus on that but, you know, if it can bring attention to that, that's good. >> i tell you what we're glad you're behind the camera directing this film. >> thanks a lot. >> it is "hacksaw ridge" opening
8:27 am
>> i'm emily riemer, a driver is cited after a boy was hit by a car while trick-or-treating on marshall avenue. police say 27-year-old calenas arroyo stopped and left the scene, that boy is recovering. and the state fire marshall is investigating a house fire here in owns that home on forest street was in a trailer next door when the flames broke out. they tell investigates that there was an electrical problem there. no one was hurt. take a look outside across the city, cindy it looks nice with the sun, right, but it is cold. >> it is cold. yeah. still lots of 30s on the map and still 23 in orange and fortunately the winds are light, they are going to stay that way. we have got sunshine throughout the day, and temperatures struggling, lots of lower 50s for highs, and we are looking at
8:28 am
more clouds around, partly sunny skies, and as we head into thursday, there will be rain coming in. let's go out to the roads right now. good morning. >> good morning. a busy ride, lots of accidents if you are going north of town, 495, a crash by route 3 and also an accident on 128 south by 225 and a crash here 128 south by route 28, the pike, 35 minutes, 495 to 128 right now, and another accident 24 north, everett 128 and 30 to 35 braintree into boston on the exsw >> thank you. and we are back at 8:56, if you are heading out now, you can watch the latest newscast any time on the mobile app.
8:30 am
? welcome to my house ? welcome back to "gma." great to have you in the audience. small but loud and happy to have you joining us but also happy to have joining us t sunday," the sportscaster, the man with the golden voice, mr. curt menefee. come on in. [ applause ] >> how are you? >> i'm great. [ applause ] >> hello, everybody. >> hey. >> wow. >> we can't wait to hear the stories you're going to tell us about michael. >> first of all --
8:31 am
to know why i wasted my time shaving here. >> the last four or five months. >> no stories about me. >> mike surveillance a walking story. i'm surprised he's here. on "fox nfl sunday" we have to be on the west coast at 6:00, 6:30, michael is always there at like 6:29:58, you know. then he says he's got bottleneck in traffic on sunday in los angeles. barely made it. >> you don't know where coming from to get there. >> we will find out later but we have to start out how many >> we all know seed kills but being a slow poke might be less. going five miles per hour slower than the traffic flow puts you at a greater risk of an accident than five miles per hour faster. so you might want to step on it. three reese's peanut butter cups. >> big ones or little ones. >> big ones. >> i feel better having
8:32 am
>> i got a report from ali. our two girls have sugar hangovers. the question is how to cure it and the president and first lady have some advice. >> happy halloween. >> you don't have to eat healthy today. >> candy. >> you can have candy today. >> chronicle bump 2. >> usually she's on people. >> all the time. >> we get >> whether it comes to commuting around boston, timing is everything. the lightest traffic, by friday. lly that hard. >> of all the traditional what's your favorite? your go-to. mine is reese's. >> that's mine too. i love reese's peanut butter cups. >> i'll take you down. >> we'll find out. >> this kit kat is pretty good. i love sour patch kids. >> ooh.
8:33 am
>> chronicle bump 3. there. >> today is the big protein, steak, spinach. >> tha >> traffic around boston may be no joyride, but be grateful you are not commuting in beijing, china where 2010 traffic jam stretched 60 miles and lasted 12 days. some cars were only able to move a half a mile a day with some drivers reporting that they were stuck in the >> that's it. may not make it to sunday. can we talk about the book now? >> yeah, you can talk about the book now. >> for those who don't know, you know, let me finish this. curt wrote a book called "losing isn't everything." >> bless your heart for that. >> how to turn failure or -- into triumph. >> what it is is that i went back and in sports especially. and i think we'll see it with the electric as well. people look at the person that won and that person gets all the
8:34 am
the interviews and commercials and everything but when you don't get that, how does it affect the rest of your life? i went back and looked at starting with super bowl iii. the coals getting up set by the jets and looked at the '86 world series, michael jordan, dan jansen at the olympics. the super bowl when the patriots had the perfect season, your giants upset them. but we talked to people on losing end to find out how they bounce back from that adversity or attempted to. because i think there's life every day won't go perfect. we'll have hathings to overcome. what lessons can we get? >> what are some that you learned in sharing stories. >> i think one of the things pete carroll was really instrumental in doing this and talked about having lost the super bowl two years ago down to the goal line. >> why didn't he make that call? >> people are still asking that question. you no he, because they were on the verge of doing back-to-back. he believed in the process of
8:35 am
away why they lost that game and took responsibility for it. that's the only way you have to move forward. that's what i learned. i look at his example about trying to rebound immediately and being honest and truthful with yourself as to why it happened and somebody like calvin by recall di and everybody blames big buckner but he blew a one-run lead and two-run lead in the tenth. >> everybody talks about that. >> nobody talks about him yet 30 years later his wife said we're getting a divorce because he put up all these walls to protect himself. he only pitched in the majors four more years and said it was because of the adversity and the way people treated him after that. >> overreaction when you said that. that's so startling to hear something like that. isn't it? >> he retreated and 0 years later his wife said you're not the guy that i met, that i married. he started therapy in 2013 and i juxtapose him not addressing the
8:36 am
and it affected his life and marriage and pete carroll said let's deal with this. >> great transferable life lessons to any scenario. i did not know that story. that is remarkable. >> you know what, let's go from books to dogs. >> i love this stovry. >> i got two rescue dog, abby, a 5-year-old lab. and toby who's just over a year old and runs the house, a corgi french bulldo >> there's yours. >> oh, >> chronicle bump 3 take 2. tob. this is a 10-year-old bea >> traffic around boston may be no joyride, but just be grateful you are not commute, in beijing, china where 2010 traffic jam stretched 60 miles, and lasted 12 days. some cars were only able to move a half a mile a day with some drivers reporting that they were stuck in that jam for three whole days.
8:37 am
to find forever homes in this mon and we've gotten some great numbers for you which i cannot wait to share with you but toby's story was really -- he was a bit of a heartbreak story and stole our hearts at our livestream event in philadelphia. the story with toby is he found his home as an adult two years ago with two owners that absolutely loved him and loved saving beagles. sadly the mom owner passed away and then shortly thereafter the dad passed away soy he thought he was in his forever home. so happy and i guess the message for us is don't just consider puppies and small dogs. i've adopted a full grown dog. >> chronicle bump 4. their demeanors are set and get a real idea of who they are before you bring them home and >> the worst bottleneck, no surprise, the two-mile stretch of route 93, from the mass pike over the bridge to route 1, according to the american highway alliance, highway
8:38 am
dog you'll never know who rescued who because that dog gives you a love that is unbelievable. [ applause ] >> exactly. >> chronicle bump 4 take 2. as of now, we have helped >> the state's worst bottle neck, no surprise, 93 from the mass pike over the bridge to route 1. according to the american highway user alliance, time wasted on this stretch of roadway c and 2 million gallons of wasted fuel every year. and yes, we spend 24 billion for the privilege. ur home. >> your forever home. >> you'd like to adopt a dog you have until november 22nd. go to our website and join our
8:39 am
i'm your biggest fan, trust me. >> you better say the same thing to -- >> such a big >> the state's worst bottleneck, no surprise, the two-mile stretch of route 93 from the mass pike over the bridge to 1. according to the american highway user's alines time wasted on this dismal stretch of roadway cost drivers 58 million and 2 million gallons of wasted fuel every year. and yes,e
8:40 am
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i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved this message.
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happy tuesday morning, welcome back to "gma." i have tim and kathy both from austin, texas, our new friends and i have to dell you we have a lot going on. your first look inside the obamas' private quarters, a big interview with benedict cumberbatch but i wanted to share one of my favorite costumes i saw yesterday. maybe you saw the princess cumulus but look at that a tornado intercept vehicle so storm chasing vehicle and a little thunderstorm. ah, it was so good. isn't that so cu right? kathy li good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon, low to mid 30s. we are below average this time of year. bump up in temperatures into the 60s, though, for the middle of the week, it does come with rain
8:43 am
guarded their privacy so it's fascinating to see how they've decorated their rooms bouncing their interest in modern art with the traditions of past presidential families. it's one of the most recognized buildings in the world, but the living quarters of the actual residence of the white house is to depart "architectural digest" has an exclusive glimpse into their home for the last eight years. >> there's a real fascination >> a good tuesday to you. meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon. our average highs are only down in the mid 40s, and do notice we typically get on average about an inch or so of snowfall in the month of november, didn't happen last year, but it can happen this month, and we do lose some daylight here as we turn the clocks back coming up this sunday, daylight savings
8:44 am
at 4:30, and about 4:15 by the end of the month, so things are changing. and a lot of sunshine today, and notice the winds are pretty light. that will allow a bit of a sea breeze so the temperatures this afternoon come up only into the lower 50s along the coastline and not too much of a difference over the interior, and may sneak up into the mid 70s, southwest of boston and low 50s out through the worcester hills so we're cool today but the bright sunshine, and off to the west we're watching this system right here, this is the next thing that's going to impact us, and you can see that there there is milder air ahead of this, and look at this, 60s in chicago this morning, and going to be really warm for the world series game tonight as well and that goes in our direction so after being below average today, we are bumping up well into the 60s tomorrow, and again on thursday, and could flirt with 70 degrees coming up then, and just depends on how quickly we cloud over and we get rain, and tonight we're going to see clear skies, and give way to clouds through the overnight as the winds turn to the south, and that will blanket us so it will
8:45 am
temperatures, and so not as chilly as you are heading out the door, and there is the 60s coming in the amp, just partly sunny skies, and developing here, and we're going to watch this cold front, a wave of low pressure riding along us, too, and that's going to bring in rain but not until the second half of the day, so upper 60's, close to 70 on thursday, and we'll watch that rain come in, and i think if you are along or north of the pike, could be a few showers closer to lunchtime but notice here, too, going to be towards the late afternoon and evening, yellows be the potential for a rumble of thunder as this comes through on thursday evening and night. this is potent so warm on one side and much cooler on the other, and blustery, chilly on friday, and look at that with sunshine, and only in the 40s
8:46 am
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what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. cc1 test message . [ applause ] what's not to love in my life? we're here with benedict cumberbatch, the best name ever, just saying. cumberbatch. can say it over and over again who moscow marvel movie "doctor
8:48 am
powerful superheroes in the world and he gets more than he bargained for. here's a look. [ cheers and applause ] saying, mind-blowing, the special effects. it's like a character in the movie. >> it is. and there is a specific character, the cloak of levitation who is like a kind of psychic. proper character even though it's an article of pretty special magical clothing but it's extraordinary when you do these films because part of the special effects of the real world environments this marvel creates around you. i saw this for the first time at the l.a. premiere and it is mind blowing.
8:49 am
the unreal in a seamless way. it's probably stunning to watch. >> you know what i appreciate as well, the humor. >> yeah. that's such a great sort of part of it and there's definitely -- you need a little bit of that when you're playing a surgeon who turns into a sorcerer. it's not your everyday character. >> exactly. >> it was great, great fun to do and thank goodness for scott derekson's sense of humor. if he was funny, then i knew it would carry. >> the cast and everyone, the direction and all that. what was it le >> it was just incredible. this was an acting gig. he's this extraordinary neurosurgeon and he's kind of built a gilded cage without knowing it and goes from there to a place of utter selflessness where you're looking at him on his own choosing a path that's about other people and think, yeah, okay, you are now an avenger and i believe you'll join them. >> the whole part of the marvel process and it keeps growing and growing. but we get to see you doing all
8:50 am
this role. did you all see him with jimmy kimmel, our friend jimmy kimmel? uh-huh. [ applause ] in case you didn't, here's a little snippet. >> dispense with the small talk. show me the demons. >> all right. here they are. >> don't understand. >> basically they ate like 50 cu >> you got to find the humor in that. >> that was -- [ applause ] that was fun to do. it's always fun -- i think that was probably the situation with a lot of parents yesterday after halloween. >> yes, coming that have high. >> congratulations, you're expecting number two. >> we are, we are. thank you very much. thank you. >> how do you like fatherhood? >> i mean, it's amazing. it's a game changer and it is the best thing in our lives.
8:51 am
because i'm going to set this all up. you know he's going to be hosting "snl," "saturday night live." [ applause ] >> we know he can act. we know how funny he is. did you know he can also sing? oh. here we go. this is your life. ? anyone home ? ? come on ? >> yeah, baby. >> taking the stage with ? on your feet again ? >> were you nervous at all? >> yeah. [ applause ] utterly. i mean that's a very kind of ta talkie singing number. not like sinking an adele track. to stand on stage and watch him make that guitar sing and his voice gets richer and richer with time. it's just amazing.
8:52 am
would regret doing it even though it makes me cringe to watch it. >> ainge now "snl." >> "snl." yeah, i'm so excited. so excited. i went in yesterday for the first meeting and met everyone and what an incredible season to be part of, with everything else going on in your fair land. i mean, it's incredible what a great cast and to walk down those hallowed halls was just, yeah, it was a real pinch yourself moment. >> you more than deserve this moment. >> thank you. >> such a pleasure. [ applause ] >> lovely. we did the double kiss earlier. we're good. "doctor strange" hits theaters this friday.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
wednesday, carrie, brad, robin, on the morning after the biggest night in country. as dierks bentley performs live. >> that's a party. >> wednesday, only on -- >> "good morning america." ? "good morning america" is brought to you by mazda. driving matters. [ cheers and applause ] >> toby, adopt a dog and get all the details on our website.
8:56 am
>> good morning, i'm emily riemer, the eyeopener is tracking some of the stories
8:57 am
take a look outside across the city, we're off to a nice start, cindy it is on the cold side. >> you can tell by the plume of smoke there. only in the 30s, boston 39, 34 out in worcester. so cold start, we'll have the sunshine all day long, and the temperatures do come up by early this afternoon, and to at or just above 50 degrees today, that's colder than average this time of year but we are going to bump up into the 60s tomorrow, partly sunny skies. a bit of rain on thursday, out to the roads right now, good morning. >> good morning. still a busy delays north of town, watching a crash, and a bit south of here, 15-minute ride from 495 to 128 and the accident just clearing on 128 if you travel past 225. 35-minute ride on the pike and 495 to 128 and also westbound incident here as you travel to the overpass, expressway still 30 to 35 braintree to boston. >> thank you. right now a new bedford police sergeant injured after being run over by a dirt bike. police say it happened in this parking lot while he was trying to arrest people for allegedly
8:58 am
today. and the fourth firefighter hurt in this crash in boston is now out of the hospital. the firefighters were heading to a call when their truck slammed into an suv yesterday. now the suv driver was also hurt but is expected to survive. we're back with you at noon today. if you are heading out now have that wcvb mobile app with you. we will keep you informed.
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from "doctor strange," benedict cumberbatch. and star of "almost christmas," gabrielle union. and we will announce a lucky winner of a brand-new car worth plus, actor scott wolf joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and scott wolf! [cheering and applauding]


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