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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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announcer: now on newscenter 5 -- protesters arrested in boston, the stdoff at government offices. a 70-year-old arrested at her own home. how alcohol ended up in a child's halloween bags. harvey: help after an attempt to bring holiday joy to families goes up in flas. announcer: from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. maria: we continue to follow breaking news 7:00, hundreds of protesters blocking a state office building on beacon hill. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. the demonstration was organized by disability rights activists,
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live at the scene. reid: protests wrapped up around 30 minutes ago, and state police sued about 60 summonses. they were asked by the protesters for them to get tickets for trespassing. this was for the disruption caused by the protest here at the mccormick building. we are next to the statehouse roughly 100 people, most of them disabled and combined to wheelchairs, most of whom are also from out of in the lobby of the building and on the 11th floor. in doing so, they blocked entrances and exits and elevator. they did this as a protest against the office of health and human services and its rick perry, marilou sutter. they are demanding she'd negotiate the implementation of a community first option, which allows people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and not institutions.
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independently, but they have been actively blocked from doing so. there is a lot of abuse happening in these institutions, and a lot of people are dying. theyo teenagers, rly 20's, and they die in these institutions. reid: the group saying this option could be funded by $90 million of federal money they want the state to cure. they are also asking the state to allow peoplwi disabilities to work as many as 66 hours a week to make ends meet. 60 people received the , about 40 peoplleft peacefully on around. police sayhis was a peaceful protest. this is the same group that just yesterday in canton protested what they called the unfair treatment of special needs children. live in boston tonight, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: new clues for police and sterling itigating a home invasion. investigators say the victim was tied up in her house. our juli mcdonald is live at the sc where police say they've
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about sen miles from the house here at a makeshift baball field. while the three suspects did wear gloves during home invasion, the police crime scene unit now processing that recovered car see what evidence they can find. police in central massachusetts on the lookout for three men tied to a violent home invasion in sterling. the 70-year-old homeowner called 911 this morning after freeing herself from duct tape. throat, demanding money and the location of a safe. juli: the masked men had already gotten away in the victim's stolen cadillac. the 2004 deville is seen herat the police station, after being found seven miles from the scene on boutelle road. investigators now working with this description -- >> they're all approximately the same height. 5'8" to 5'9". two of them are a little bit slimmer. one was a skeleton mask, the other two were black ski masks. there was a slight accent, so maybe light-skinned hispanics.
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attack was random. they're looking into whether the suspects knew something about the couple, or that they'd scoped out the cul-de-sac before. >> unnerving, very unnerving. supposed to be our safe neighborhood. things like that not supposed to happen. >> scary. you have to be on your guard all the time. i know we've been burgled twice. juli: this community already on edge from the gruesome murder of jogger vanessa marcotte this summer. >> it's very troubling. this is the town of sterling. it doesn't happen we are right next door to princeton. princeton is undergoing something much worse than this, but crime is affecting the small communities in central massachusetts. juli: the three suspects did get away with about $1000 in cash from the house. although investigators don't anticipate finding fingerprints, local and state police detectives did spend aay here looking for shoe imprints and other evidence that may help them identify these men.
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involved in a crash with a boston fire truck has been cited by police for failing to stop for an emergency vehicle. five people, four of them firefighters, were hurt yesterday when the suv and fire truck collided at the intersection of calm have -- intersection of commonwealth avenue and dartmouth street. the fire truck also crashed into several parked cars. sky 5 over brockton, where crews pulled a car out of the water at d.w. field park. divers went into the water this afteoo environmental crews cleaned up a small oil spill. it's not clear how the car ended up in the water. judge says he's open to the idea of a compassionate release for former massachusetts speaker of the house sal dimasi, but he has not made his mind up yet. arguments for possible early release were heard today. dimasi has served five years of an eight-year federal prison sentence. he is 71 years old, battling cancer while behind bars, he has lost more than 70 pounds, struggling with nutrition
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judge mark wolf says he has never dealt with a case like this and expressed concerns that an early release might be viewed as preferential treatment. maria: well pull police investigating a pretty scary find -- walpole police are investigating a scary find on halloween. someone gave a trick-or-treater a small bottle of alcohol. this is it right here, apple vodka, found in the goodie bag of a 6-year-old girl. walpole police say she got it somewhere in the neighborhood of pemberton and haynes streets. parents are reminded, check there. >> somebody with somill intent put this in a child's back. in this case, a six-year-old child. maria: chief says if you have any information, you are asked to call walpole police. ed: commitment 2016 tonight, another group joining the debate over question four, the legalization of marijuana. cardinal sean o'malley and dozens of religious leaders are now voicing their opposition. newscenter 5's janet wu explains right now what's behind their concern. janet: cardinal sean o'malley
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recently. that's why he brought together these 147 leaders of the faith community today, one week before the election. >> commercialization of the marijuana industry is looking out on our neighborhoods, like sharks looking at prey. janet: walsh said boston would be forced to accept 48 pot shops in the city. their biggest worry -- children. >> it is foolish, unrealistic, and irresponsible to believe that marijuana kept in any form in the home won't become an irresistible temptation for them. >> i can only imagine parents around the country, too, thinking twice before they would want to send their sons or daughters to school in the city that becomes a mecca for the east coast for marijuana. janet: but one former judge said he has seen how the decriminalization of marijuana hasn't been evenly enforced in neighborhoods of color. >> not in the inner cities, at least.
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charged with possession with intent to distribute. people say, it's just going to be dismissed, what's the big deal? you have to explain that away every time you apply for a job , because it is on your record. janet: the cardinal says you don't solve one problem by creating another, and governor baker called it a leap of faith to believe those problems will be eventually resolved. >> that somehow, somewhere, somebody going up against a billion dollar industry that's going to have a two-year head start is going to be able to put janet: in boston, janet wu, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: so, one week to go until election day. ed: coming up next on newscenter 5 at 7:00, we talked to our political analysts as clinton mr. trump: make their final pushes. we are also talking about temperatures with today made it into the low 50's.
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maria: commitmen2016, just one week left until eltion day. ed: we are to show u some interesting numbers. and thlatest tracking poll from abc news shows a virtual tie. but donald trump has the lead in the actual numbers. it has a one-point difference between trump ms. clin, time since may. maria: we're joined tonight by our political analysts, rob gray and mary anne marsh. the polls are tighter than ever. is at the e-mail controversy? rob: the e-mail has tightened the national polls, but we have to look at staples and what happens in states -- have to look at state polls.
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supporters of sanders, do they stay home? mary anne: rob is right. it is about the state polls, not national polls. what you see in the states is the turnout in early voting exceeds 2012 already -- 23 million people have voted in the battleground states -- half of those 23 million people have voted in the battleground states. they are making sure people go out to vote. they are relentless at it, and you are seeing the difference that it. ed: battleground states and the states to watch. which are the keys in the past -- someone has got to hit 270 to be president. mary anne: i'm going to focus on trump. the one state he has to win is pennsylvania. the has to either win florida, ohio, and pennsylvania together, or he has to win wisconsin, ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. he has behind in every state except ohio, he is a by one.
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clinton without winning in florida? rob: there is, because marianne is right. trump needs more than florida. he also needs ohio. i agree with mary anne but he could replace that with michigan and colorado. he has a much longer way to go. hillary clinton is hovering around 250, and trump has 190, 200. maria: of leaners out there still? we are one week away. rob: sure, there are, because this is an individual state race. if you go to nevada, wisnsin, the race is decided in many places, but many places it is not. mary anne: i don't think so. the clinton campaign knows exactly how many votes they need
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the obamoperation, and that is going to pay off on election day and the run up to it. republicans historically win on november 8, but democrats win before that. you are already seeing that here, and that is all the difference. ed: give me a quick final pitch. give me trump's quick final pitch? mary anne: if he talked about jobs and trade, he would have a better shot. he is talking about other things. he is reading the script, but it is not going to get voters to the polls. ed: rob, give clinton's final pitch. rob: hers has to be the first female president. that is part of it. she would like to get off the e-mail, but if trump keeps talking about the e-mail without saying why it matters, she may win this thing anyway by default. he has to say she is a shows she does not think the rules apply to her. if he does not, she may win by
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anyway. here we are, seven days to go, and everyone wants this election to be over, but is the warm weather over, too, harvey? harvey: extremely impressive. no, it is not. tomorrow is going to be a very mild day. this morning, 21 in orange, so cold and frosty. we did bounce back to 50 55, and now we are starting to fall back into the 40's. guys are mainly clear, but the drop off is occurring early tonight. it will not drop to the levels of last night. the wind is south-southeast that will help moderate temperatures a little bit. a chilly night, although boston is nowhere near the 34 of last night. to the areas that were 20's are in the mid to upper 30's and low 40's tonight. at this hour, it is so mild in
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louis 81, detroit and chicago still above 70 degrees. milder tomorrow at least into the 60's with enough sun. 70 is a possibility in a few spots tomorrow. is going to feel really nice. there will be some cloudiness accompanied the warm-up, but i don't see any rain tomorrow, and i do see some sunny skies as well. an excellent day to be outdoors tomorrow. things will start to change after that. get some ocean clouds from the east. the wind will be light out of the east. that also means along the coast, not quite as warm thursday as wednesday. still, inland areas should be 60 or little higher. as we get to late thursday, a cold front approaches from the west, a line of showers, maybe a few thunderstorms. it eventually comes through during the evening. after that, a sharp change -- a
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the warmer weather will definitely be short-lived and wiped out completely at a time we get to late thursday night and friday. there is your story tomorrow. well up in the 60's, around 60 on average thursday. more sun tomorrow, late day or evening shower or thunderstorm. on friday, wind is going to accompany the chillier temperatures, look for wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles an hour. once the chillier weather is here, it will be with us for the upcoming weekend. during the course of the weekend, i think it will be dry. there may be an ocean storm pretty far out. could show us now or -- could a show -- could a snow shower or rain shower curtain? maybe. this is the weekend that we turn the clocks back one hour. sunday morning at 2:00 a.m., we
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6:24, the sunset 4:31 p.m. of course, we are to have earlier sunsets through the month and into december. it is going to feel like november this weekend. so far, i don't see a big problem weather-wise for election day. ed: did you just say 4:31? fire rips through a storage unit stuffed with toys. maria: coming up at 7:00, the ahead of the holiday season.
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announcer: now on sportscenter 5, 1 minute drill. mike: world series game six tonight in cleveland. you know what is at stake -- those two words together -- game six -- conjure up so many there was a game six in 1986, and we put that in the rearview mirror. game six in 1975, which extends to infinity and beyond. >> i was watching with my dad in the living room. when the ball hit the foul pole, i jumped up and went bananas. i remember my dad was like, i did not know you were a red sox fan. i said, i am not, i had the square at school.
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i was so happy. mike: on the precipice of winning cleveland's first world seri since 1948. i like the relaxed attitude, and i think the team reflects the latest. he stayed in a hotel, and housekeeping came and said, are you going to the game? who are you rooting for? you said, i think i'm going for thnd too seriously. five for good is next. a foundation needs your help after a devastating fire. ed: thousands of toys have been destroyed just weeks before military kids were supposed to
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maria: five for gd tonight, an organization that really needs your help. ed: take look at the video. fire destroyed the storage trailers for thousands of toys intended as christmas gifts for military families. their unsalvageable. it happened late friday night on joint base cape cod.
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so what is this -- november 1? now the foundation that is sponsoring the party is starting from scratch. >> i spoke this morning with probably 50 people, the most important one was the cooperative bank of cape cod. they have agreed to set up a fund for us india collection point for toys. ed: as he told us, we had a building fl we do not. if you want toelp, go to the there are zillions of angels out there, i know. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. things have been burned, but they can be replaced. maria: i love how committed he is. this will happen. you know the community will come together. it was a beautiful day today.
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harvey: well into the 60's, really nice day to be out, wins not too strong. later thursday, there could be some downpours. then there will be chillier weather with us to the rest of the week. two things are important -- first of all, the time change saturday night. we are going to gain an hour by turning the clock back. ed: joanne: e's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics.
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what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo and calm judgment. donald trp: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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annocer: wcvb(101 wcvb --golfecho this is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. >> a lot of one-of-a-kind shops tonight, we found neighborhood is with a lot to offer. in huron village, small business is beautiful. >> if we don't have it, you don't need it. >> and west concord, colonial styles take a breather. and in north andover, apple picking get the new face. >> what i have here is something


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