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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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providence hitting 71. a lot of big cities able to do it. still mild this evening. light jacket or sweater will do fine. boston will drop no lower than the 50s. there are changes coming. there is a front to the west. clouds to the west. tomorrow, expect to be a cloudier day, and there will be the risk of showers. here's how i think it will pan out. the morning commute tomorrow there, could be a spot shower across the north shore especially southern new hampshire and southern maine. what we'll be watching is an area the evening commute is when there could be more widespread showers passing through the region. you may want to have that raincoat and umbrella handy. if you don't need it early in the day you'll need it late in the day. >> significant ones to follow coming up in a few miles per hour. >> commitment 2016. the final debate, you might say it's been hotly contested. i don't know if you've heard but
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of power and it's neck and neck. the republican clinging to a slim lead of her democratic challenger in the latest politics summary of polling data. john atwater is live tonight where the debate will take place. john? >> as you mentioned, six and final debate the outcome up here really is so important. a lot of eyes on new hampshire because the outcome of this race really could tip the balance in the senate. because of that, as i senate race. one of the most watched races in the country. this is the debate stage, all set to start in about an hour and a half now. of course, this has been a very negative race. presidential race has had a huge impact on the poll numbers here. both candidates have repeatedly tried to connect each other to their party's presidential nominee. right now, as you mentioned, republican kelly ayotte and
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also show 10% of the voters here have not yet made up their minds, and that last effort here tonight gets under way at 7:00. live in manchester, new hampshire, atwater. >> charges tonight for the driver involved in a deadly crash in salem, new hampshire. charged with negligent homicide and drunk driving. he failed to stop at a stop sign yesterday hitting another car head on at an intersecti, it into oncoming traffic. a 69-year-old woman was killed. her husband had to be airlifted to the hospital. clearly impaired. >> he had contributed pupils, slurred speech, thick tongue, tried to conceal drugs that were in his possession. >> girly was transporting heroin and faces additional charges.
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traffic. the southeast expressway seems to be moving just fine. let's take a look at the maps and find out if that's true. 93 southbound, typically a half an hour drive and that's what it is right now. 34 minutes. let's continue along to 95 over to route 24, we're looking at an 11-minute drive. that's where we have an accident. route 128 southbound. that's after the split. let's continue up as we go 93 northbound, upper d to route 128. route 128 to i-495, that's a 35-minute ride on route three so we do have a lowdown there. the pike, let's continue out west. 39 to newton, 14 minutes. speeding along without the tolls. weston tolls, what would be the tolls to i-495. 26 minutes. that's a look at first alert traffic. >> our commitment 2016 coverage continues. >> the candidates on the second
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i knew he was gone. he was cold. >> 5 investigates with the heartbreaking story of a family ripped apart. why they blame high stakes testing, and with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory stronger or longer what pain? advil. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours.
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>> commitment 2016 coverage continues tonight with the debate over gun policy. traditionally it's the hot-button issue in this campaign, no exception. >> here's more on the candidate's second amendment
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attack to the dallas police shooting, a renewed spotlight on guns, could be the fear of having your guns taken away. it could be the concern of having too many guns on the street. >> i support the second amendment. >> i am a very strong supporter of the second amendment. >> while the candidates shared some views at the debate, if you're too dangerous to fly, you're too dangerous to buy a gun. >> i agree with you. >> their overall positions differ, with donald trump emphasizing >> backed by the nra, he's staked much of his second amendment platform on who will be selected to the supreme court. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> but he stoked controversy with those comments, his casual
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gun owners' rights. >> that doesn't mean i want to abolish the second amendment. >> i want to keep you from being shot by somebody who shouldn't have a gun in the first place. >> she supports expanded background checks closing the gun show loophole and has allied herself with victims of gun violence. the gun policy gap between clinton and trump supportcers the widest since the 2000 campaign. >> more than 75% of say they favor gun ownership. only about 9% of trump supporters are saying the same. >> despite the gap pew found supporters are closer on other proposals like preventing people with mental illness from getting guns. in washington. >> we're committed to bringing you extensive coverage of all the issues and candidates in the month before election day. let's just say the weak before election day.
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candidates stand issue by issue. just click on politics. >> six days to go. >> heartbreaking story of a family ripped apart. >> why that family blames high stakes testing whacked some schools have done for better scores. >> we've had a case of mild weather, that the midwest is still enjoying. for us, not too much longer. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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still no verdict tonight in the bridgegate trial. former staffers are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud and other charges accused of causing gridlock back in 2013 by shutting down local access lanes. retaliated against the mayor of fort lee who refused to endorse governor christie's re-election bid. >> a new report suggests malaysia airline flight that vanished more than two years ago with 239 peel on-board plunged n control. lead investigators in australia say flight 370 spiraled in its final moments descending at a rapid speed. pieces of debris linked to the aircraft have been found across the indian ocean but experts say we may never know if the plane was hijacked or if one or both pilots crashed that jet intentionally. >> 5 investigates with the controversy surrounding a local teenager's suicide and it
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test. >> expecting the pressure schools across massachusetts face to perform well and revealing the extremes that some districts are willing to go to. >> no one should ever have to experience that. i still haven't come to terms with it completely. >> a father's pain still raw six months later. >> we headed down the trail and we got down towards the edge of the bogs, from a tree on the edge of the bogs. >> samuel andrews was 14 years old. >> i knew he was gone. he was cold. his looks were blue. >> today philip andrews is consumed by what if's as he points fingers at hampton middle school where his son was an eighth grader and where students had just completed the science m-cat the statewide test given to measure their progress. andrews got a call from the school about samuel's unusual m-cat answers.
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again, and hillary clinton should be in jail, or something like that. basically a nonresponse. >> the death investigation revealed more details with one friend telling police samuel said he was called an embarrassment by the school because of his answers. and was worried he wouldn't get into the high school of his choice. this father outraged, the school allegedly violated the rules. >> no one is to rereview or change answers. pushed him over the edge? >> i do. >> it's a violation of a test protocol. >> the executive director of the national center for fair and open testing. he says the hampton tragedy is petr of a bigger problem with standardized testing. >> it's a piece of the overwhelming pressure that schools feel themselves under to do well. >> 5 investigates examined red flags in standardized testing in massachusetts over the last five years. cases where the state started
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allegations ranged from students yelling answers across the room to teachers actually cheating. >> teachers or proctors have changed answers in answer books. or have directed students to change answers. >> jeff is deputy commissioner at the department of elementary and secondary education. he says the problems are not widespread but remain a serious concern. >> why do you think that happens? >> i don't think there is any there are always those who try to appear that they are doing better perhaps than they are. >> to a middle school teacher was pointing out wrong answers and telling students to fix them in. taunton, because of a truly alarming number of erased answers at an elementary school. changed from incorrect to
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from incorrect to correct. >> in hampton, the end result was tragic. the case remains under investigation. >> i can tell you, we were certainly heart sick to hear about that. i mean, no one wants to have a family go through that. >> had they done their job, this never would have happened. >> the superintendent would not comment on the investigation other than to say the school remains deeply saddened by samuel's death. coming up at 7:00, the di against teachers who break the rules on testing and the reason cheating may soon be harder to pull off than massachusetts. >> 5 investigates. >> if you think you have a story for 5 vets give our tip line the call. 781-285-tips or leave a message on the 5 investigates facebook page. >> we turn to the weather because we had a mild day, but now we're taking a look at the radar. >> tomorrow will be our transition day away from this
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type of weather. nothing outrageous. >> nothing dramatic. >> not too dramatic. >> let's check it out. if you're wondering how this fits in compared to average, our average high temperature is 56. so hitting 70 in boston, at least on the high temperature side, that's plus 14. so yes, well above average and it's still pretty mild out there. most places in the significant. it's still 71 down in norwood and it's cooled a little on the cape. that's because of the ocean influence. but it's not going to be a cold night tonight by november standards. we'll only drop in the 50s. a few upper 40s off to the north. if you look a little bit to the north you see it's just a little bit cooler and warm to the south. right near the dividing line tomorrow so i think we'll have cloud. can't rule out a shower. but there is chillier weather across the great lakes and there is an active cold front that will be approaching tomorrow afternoon an evening and that's our best chance of getting a
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showers should be for mostly northern new england. then this wave of low pressure will move across the region tomorrow afternoon and evening and that will give us a chance of a couple of downpours. we turn windy and chillier behind that. overnight tomorrow night, and during the day on friday. >> so this is the way it looks as we take a closer look. cloud coming in later on tonight. spot shower is possible especially north of boston. tomorrow morning, southern ne having the greatest chance. then we get to tomorrow around lunch time. now we start to follow a band of downpours. extending from northern new england on down to the berkshires. then it starts moving eastward during the afternoon, getting to eastern new england about the time we get toward that evening commute and it continues to move from northwest to southeast and then off the coast later on tomorrow night and that's when the chillier air starts to come partially cleared but clouds
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we should have a good deal of sunshine for friday afternoon. but as i mentioned, it will be breezy and chillier to be sure. saturday, another little front will approach from the northwest. a couple of snow showers across northern new england. we'll get a period of cloudiness. maybe a spot shower, doesn't look like much either saturday or saturday night. and then slightly chillier weather returns on sunday. locally for leeks day. right now, it looks pretty quiet. about 55 to 60 degrees sun, patchy clouds. slight chance of a shower as the front approaches. but if it does it doesn't look like it's a front that would have much moisture with it at all. there you go. notice the chillier weather coming in on friday. also notice the gusty winds that come in overnight tomorrow night and friday. gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour, will be likely for at least part of the day on friday. temperatures pretty typical over the weekend. by november standards. best chance of getting a couple
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england would be overnight saturday night. it looks like for the most part a dry weather into next week. that's how it's shaping up. >> thank you. lost for 300 years. treasure from the pirate ship. like widow. off cape cod. >> the ship's priceless artifacts are revealed at the pirates museum on the cape. >> visitors pirates treasure. the real thing. >> chris mccort is the museum's average logical preservationist. >> you can actually touch an artifact that's just come up from the water and the last person to touch it was one of the pirates from 300 years ago. >> samuel bellamy commanded the ship. he and his band of 145 pirates
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quite the cargo of gold, sir and other bootie when he sailed to cape cod. >> on august 26, 1717, the widow was very close to cape cod. they were in a really big storm. the ship capsized. everything fell out. we've got almost 60 cannons so far from a ship that was built to carry 24. >> the collection here runs the gamut. cannons, pistols, swords, belt buckles, and silver wear. even the all unearthed by treasure hunter barry clifford. >> he's the man that discovered the wreck back in 1984, we're still working on the site. we've got a fantastic crew. most of whom, we've all been together for years and years, and we go over summer and recover more and more artifacts. >> at 7:# on chronicle, you can visit --
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the day of the art indoor water park. musical bed and breakfast. we're checking in, i-n-n, does better in print, on the cape, 7:3 on "chronicles." still to come, we all know if we're having trouble with that thanksgiving turkey to call the hotline. >> butterball. we'll explain. let's see what's coming up new at 6:00. hello. >> hello. >> more than a hundred local re all joining forces. >> a gathering at a synagogue. >> unfortunately, they are already feeling under attack in the country. >> their protest against three controversial speakers invited to an event tonight. >> commitment 2016 as massachusetts voters decide whether or not they are going to legalize marijuana. questions about whether the state will limit the potency of marijuana products.
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as -- but you won't be able to toast to this record-setting career for very long. massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky.
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ave no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and
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ticket prices going up next season. the team announcing today an average 2.9% increase, that's average. primarily affects seats closest to the field in those select, shall we say, expensive seating areas. >> ever wonder where you stack up salary-wise when i comes to your peers. business oriented in those sele launched a new service that provides members for details based on data linked in members. >> tapels will start helping employees pay for college the office supply chain plans to give an extra hundred dollars a many to some employees to help pay for tuition or student loans. the plan would only be offered to "top performers," chosen by management and some new employees. staples plans to expand this plan in the future. >> if you're planning to fly
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to travel worldwide between friday, november 18, and tuesday, november 29. that's a 2.5% increase from last year. the sunday after thanksgiving will likely be the busiest day with up to 2.8 million travelers. >> packing the skies. >> speaking of thanksgiving, if you have a question about cooking a turkey for thanksgiving but have no time to call, for the first time butterball will take questions via text message. the company's phone it will start taking text messages on november 17. that's still like a week before thanksgiving. questions can be sent to butterball's live experts through social media. >> i should call tuesday to find out. >> i appreciate the fact they are still out there taking calls, but goingtle is there for your turkey needs. >> although it's nice to talk to
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couldn't be talking. >> just how strong can and should marijuana be if it's legalized in massachusetts next tuesday? >> the debate heating up right now on newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> iowa police officers ambushed. >> these guys were gunned down sitting in their car doing nothing wrong. >> he killed three men for fun. >> gary sampson, now back in court. his push the avoid the penalty by placing blame on a childhood injury. >> we'll talk about the rain impact and changes in temperature as welle >> it's unthinkable, tom brady traded. >> the sun will come up tomorrow. >> the quarterback's deep thoughts on life after the patriots. >> from boston's news leader. this is wcvb news at 6:00. >> officers ambushed. in chance to defend themselves. tonight, we're learning more about the shooting deaths of two iowa police officers.
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police. good evening, everyone. >> we're tracking all the latest developments. >> these two attacks happening just about 20 minutes apart. only a couple of miles apart. police sergeant anthony beminio and justin tacked overnight -- attacked overnight. he's being questioned but not charged. green has a history of confrontations with police including an incident three weeks ago at a high school football. spectators complained because he was waving a confederate fiscal during the national anthem. he was kicked out. police understandably devastated at the loss of their fellow officers. >> des moines is not a big city. we all know each other. so, i mean, wore heartbroken. i don't know what else -- how
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there are no words at a time like this. >> one iowa woman was so moved by the tragedy she did the only thing she felt like she could do to help, comfort one of his colleagues. take a look. >> this is the only thing i know. to try to help. i want you guys to be hydrated. i want you to go home to your families because i want my dad to come home to me and my friends to come home to me. and i'm sorry. and >> you can see the officers sheds a tear. emotions overflowing as you can imagine. the woman went on to tell the officer how sorry she was, and that she's there for them. as simple as it is sometimes. >> shootings come as officers killed by guns in the line of duty have risen dramatically. up 48% this year. >> new at 6:00 we're hearing from a group of protestors in wheelchairs staging their third protest this week in the boston


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