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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: breaking overnight, a car plunges into the charles river. the driver's big mistake after a crash. randy: also breaking, janet reno has died. emily: it's the last full day of presidential campaigning. what to watch today as the election comes up fast. randy: search for a gunman in everett. what a woman heard seconds before a deadly encounter on the eye for this monday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. gorng. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: commitment 2016 coming down to the wire. this morning we're getting a clearer look at what could happen in the battleground states tomorrow. cindy: a little chilly. temperature running about 37 degrees in boston.
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but we're in the 20's back toward orange and keene. worcester 34. we're running in the mid 40's on cape cod where we have clouds. you can see them moving in from the north. those clouds skimming the cape at times. they've been up toward the plymouth area, streaming off a storm offshore. this storm moves out. high pressure noses in. in between, a little bit of a breeze this morning, especially on the cape. you can see those clouds may linger midmorning through lunchtime before they break apart. otrw most of us. it is chilly to start. sun up at 6:25 today. by 9:00 a.m., we're in the lower 40's. lunchtime temperatures still in the 40's, and we're struggling today to reach a high temperature of around 50 degrees. it's a cool but quiet start to the week. changes coming up. let's get you out to the roads awaiting that earlier sunrise. olessa: good morning, everyone. live look outside starting things off with a quiet check of the expressway. here's the northbound side by
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let's check the rest of the ride. overnight construction just about wrapped up heading into boston. no problems. south, construction in the final stages, 93 northbound by route 24. expressway looks good. no issues along the pike or route 9. looking good on 128 as well. as you travel the pike by 128, road work wrapping up. north of town, no problems. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. emily? emily: olessa, thank you. breaking overnight, a car pulled from the charles river in cambridge. investigators say there was a two-car acciden drive and river street early this morning. the driver of this car here did not put the vehicle in park after the crash, sending it right into the water. no one was in the car at the time. one person was injured in the crash and had to be taken to the hospital. more breaking news now. family members just announcing that janet reno, who served as the nation's first female attorney general, has died. reno became known for a series of controversies in the clinton administration, including the
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elian gonzalez to his father in cuba. reno died of complications from parkinson's disease. she was 78 years old. commitment 2016 -- right now, both candidates making their final moves. today is the last full day on the trail after a bitter election battle. in just over 24 hours, it will all be in the hands of the voters. randy: and the eyeopener team is covering both campaigns beginning with sera congi in manchester, new hampshire, where the trump camp will make a big push today. sera: that's right, randy and emily. good morning. donald trump and his running mate, mike pence, are scheduled to appear here in manchester tonight. late last night, at a late-night raleigh in virginia, he seized on the f.b.i.'s findings that there was no criminal charges warranted in recently discovered clinton emails. >> right now she's being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty.
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unbelievable what's going on. sera: trump had praised f.b.i. director james comey after he renewed the inquiry, but last night, as you heard, he blasted the agency for moving too quickly. in the meantime, the gop nominees are pushing hard in the coming hours on this last full day of campaigning. trump and pence, between the two of them, the candidates are set to make stops in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, mn, -- minnesota, new hampshire. live from manchester, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: hillary clinton and tim kaine in new england. erika tarantal tracking the candidates. erika: president obama will be in new hampshire headlining a rally at unh. the democrats zeroing in on the battleground states in these final hours, pennsylvania, michigan, north carolina,
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their list. last night in manchester, clinton urged voters not just to cheer but to vote. >> when your kids and your grandkids ask you what you did in 2016, when everything was on the line, i hope you're able to say you voted, you voted for a better, stronger, fairer america! erika: she was joined by khizr khan, whose son was killed in clinton supporter. bernie sanders campaigned for clinton in arizona last night. bill clinton rallied supporters in michigan. recent polls do have clinton inching ahead of trump, but the only polls that really matter tomorrow will be open tomorrow. emily? emily: this is what the abc news battleground map. clinton projected to get at least 275 electoral votes, more than the 270 needed to win. new hampshire is up for grabs and donald trump hopes to turn
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away from clinton. so we asked our political analysts what they're watching for in the final hours. >> turnout. who comes out, who doesn't. does the obama coalition come out for hillary clinton? african americans, hispanic voting is up, millennial voters, do they come out, and white suburban women. the key to this election. >> it's the people who are doing early voting that really matter. when you look at that, she is winning in all of the states right now or at least even in the ones that really matter. erika: you can read the final pitches from trump and clinton right now on our wcvb mobile app. click on politics there. meantime, the fight over the big ballot questions in massachusetts heating up this morning. supporters and critics of question 2 both held rallies on the north shore yesterday. that question would allow the expansion of charter schools in the state. supporters say students deserve better options while critics say the plan would take millions of dollars from public schools.
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newscenter 5 starts at 4:00 p.m. at 7:00, a special edition of "on the record." then on election night, newscenter 5's j.c. monahan and ben simmoneau will be in new york city with the clinton and trump campaigns. our coverage starts at 4:00. randy: a deadly shooting under investigation. witnesses describing a frantic scene there. the eye's nicole estaphan in everett where there are still a lot of questions to be answered. nicole: certainly a lot of questions. police only someone was killed here yesterday. this morning we know a manhunt is underway for a gunman. police say it happened around 2:00 sunday afternoon here on ferry street. investigators on-scene for hours. one woman who did not want to appear on camera was in the area at the time. she heard gunshots. and called 9-1-1. >> it's sad, because it's nonsense that this violence is still going on. you know, it's tough, you know. i pray for the family.
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nicole: the victim, a man was taken to the hospital. that's where he was pronounced dead. his identity not being released this morning. live in everett, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. a 70-year-old man is dead after being hit by a truck in tewksbury. this happened last night on shawsheen street. no charges have been filed against the driver who we're told did stay at the scene for the investigation, investigators saying it does not appear that the victim was in a crosswalk at the time. a salem, new hampshire woman expected in court after police say her 7-year-old daughter accidentally ran over her 2-year-old daughter. amylynn boehm is facing criminal charges. police say she gave the car keys to her 7-year-old to start the car back in september and that's when the girl backed over the toddler. the toddler was hurt but is doing okay. boehm facing child endangerment charges. emily: an earthquake in oklahoma
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the manmade cause of some of those tremors and a holiday shopping scam where you may not expect it. the purchases that could get you in trouble. new this morning -- what's really in your beauty products? why it's not heavily regulated and what a local business is doing about it. erika? erika: we're following two breaking stories overnight; the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general, has died of complications from parkinson's disease. she was 78 years old. a car rolls into the charles riin police say one of the drivers forgot to put the car in park after getting out. no one was in the car when it went into that water. cindy? cindy: it's a quiet start to the week. a lot of sunshine today and a warm-up for election day. when we could see our next chance of showers. that's ahead. first take a look at the temperatures as you're heading out this morning. layer up. it is chilly out there. just 37 degrees as you're
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ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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>> we're from the north shore dance academy. five, six, seven, eight. good morning, eyeopener. randy: all right!
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shore dance academy in danvers. they've been in business for 25 years. emily: it turns out that one of our producers is a graduate. randy: oh, boy. emily: we'll be expecting a performance next time we see you. we'd love to see your wake-up calls. cindy: i have to say that extra hour of sleep felt good. randy: wonderful. we have a nice early sunrise. cindy: we do. the sun's coming up little bit of a change after last week. we're losing a couple of minutes of daylight here. even though we're 6:26 this morning. in january, we're 7:13, pretty much where we were on friday before we turned those clocks back over the weekend. nonetheless, it was a cool weekend. we had the chilly air above. pocket of cold air prompted clouds over the weekend.
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things are changing over the weekend. we have this bubble of warmth building in. the temperatures going up here as we get into the middle of the week before they trend downward again. average is 55. we'll be below that today. look at the bump-up tomorrow. lower 60's for election day. then still above average on wednesday before we trend down here toward the end of the week. it is chilly out the door this morning. you want a lot of layers. you want to bundle up. 25 in orange. 34 in worcester. 34 in beverly plymouth. then you head to the cape. mid 40's as stronger winds on the cape this morning are coming off the water helping to bring in clouds. there's a big storm spinning offshore. that is moving away. some of the outer bands of those clouds hanging on for the next few hours. high pressure nosing in from the west. the rest of us have clear skies. on the other side of this high, we have a frontal boundary. this front is our next chance of rain. ahead of it, you'll see some of that warmth will be streaming in
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with temperatures in the 30's for boston. by 9:00 a.m., the lower 40's. we hold mostly in the 40's struggling to reach a high of 50 degrees in most communities during the afternoon. so it's a little cool today, but bright sunshine, light wind, clouds linger on the cape until lunchtime and they are going to clear out. we're clear most of the night. that's going to lead to a chilly overnight with temperatures dropping down into the 20's and 30's once again. but it's mainly clear to start out tomorrow. lots of sunshine. it looks very mild for e wind. and here's the front to the west. this will bring in a few showers on wednesday. so look at these highs on election day. going up into the 60's. about 61 in worcester. boston as well. but norwood could see 64 degrees coming up tomorrow. nice and mild for election day. showers on wednesday look few and far between. during the morning commute, there could be a touch of wet weather. that will trend towards the cape around lunchtime. offshore during the afternoon, so we'll dry things out and eventually cool them off as well
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and friday here running only in the lower 50's and perhaps not getting out of the 40's this weekend. so much colder. emily: enjoy the warmth while it lasts. olessa: a quiet start. saugus, southbound at the top of the screen. traffic getting by without any problems. let's check the rest of your ride. so far no issues to report. all the construction is gone. some roadwork on 93 south of town by route 24, that picked up nice and early. your ride on the e right now, 15 minutes from braintree into boston. as you travel the pike eastbound, 15-minute ride, 495 out to 128. heading along 128, no problems there. 93 south looks great out of methuen all the way down to the leverett connector. route 3 quiet out of chelmsford and no problems on route 1. so far trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. emily? emily: thank you. officials in oklahoma are assessing the damage from a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. there is concern it might have
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the oil hub town cushing. minor injuries are reported. the state has had thousands of earthquakes all traced to the underground injection of waste water from oil and gas production. randy: your economy for this monday morning. more trouble for embattled automaker volkswagen. the "wall street journal" has reported the emissions cheating scandal is widening. regulators in california have discovered the cheating software in some audi models as well. vehicles masked emissions in global warming instead of smog like in the vw scandal from last year. audi is volkswagen's luxury brand. taking a look at the markets now, asian shares higher overnight. hour after the f.b.i. said it found no evidence warranting criminal charges against hillary clinton. here at home, u.s. stock futures are sharply higher after the release of friday's jobs report showed solid job gains and a
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reserve rate increase could happen as early as next month. a warning as you prepare to shop this holiday season. there are hundreds of fake retail applications that have been discovered in the apple app store, and these apps are hiding under the names of popular retailers like foot locker and nordstrom and zappos. "the globe" reports that some of these apps contain malware that can steal personal emily: toys 'r' us will unlock their doors on thanksgiving at 5:00 p.m. and stay open 30 hours straight. many stores are staying closed. in massachusetts, stores are not allowed to open on thanksgiving because of blue laws. the average woman uses 12 beauty products every day from lotions to makeup. many of us assume they're safe. in reality, there's no regulation for many of these products. and that prompted a local
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inside follain in beacon hill, the shelves are lined with natural beauty products carefully chosen by owner tara foley. outside the doors are the reason she started this business. more than 1,300 beauty products banned in europe compared to 11 in the u.s. >> i cannot believe there are no laws governing what we're putting on our bodies. emily: according to the environmental working group, more than 10,000 ingredients are used to make a personal care products including lotions, creams, and deodorants. right now, those ingredients do not come under government scrutiny. >> as long as the manufacturer does not make medical claims and says it's to moisturize your skin, there's no regulation. the really unknown fact is a lot of what is sold and we put on our skin is not regulated and we don't even really know what the ingredients do, if anything. emily: there is legislation
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susan collins. it would give the fda more power to oversee these products, but until that happens, places like follain hope to fill the gap. >> we've become a space for people to learn and ask those questions. emily: there are several online resources to check ingredients. environmental working group's skin deep project is one of them. if you want to try natural beauty, we have two d.i.y. recipes you can make with in think about some of these ingredients that may not have any effect whatsoever. emily: i was really surprised. randy: the environmental working group has a lot of good information on all of these ingredients. emily: still ahead, a new bedford native makes a big play and police in australia confiscate a bag with a surprise. erika: at 5:30, a trick on young voters in maine.
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a new clue for a murder in boston. the photo police want you to see. also, a toddler recovering after being grazed by a bullet in brockton. his mother's message this morning. >> a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. j.c. monahan, ed harding. newscenter 5 at 4:00. part of the new afternoon lineup starting wednesday, november 9,
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massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, and they have no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school.
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and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. >> hi, i'm mike love from the beach boys. we're really looking forward to seeing randy price and all our friends and fans in boston for the mission gratitude concert supporting and saluting our veterans and their families. hope to see you there. until then, good morning,
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boys in concert. we're inviting everyone to join us. it's called mission gratitude. it's a tribute to our military men and women. it's free to my fellow vets and active military and a guest. i have all that information on my facebook page about how you can get those tickets for free and how you can buy them otherwise. we're proud to support this event tonight as boston's community leader. cindy? cindy: wonderful event coming up tonight, randy. we've got some clouds lingering on the ca so quite a difference in temperature this morning as you're heading out the door. take a look. reading as cold as the mid 20's. on the cape, the 40's. skies will brighten as we get into the afternoon. over the next 12 hours, you can see we're sunny from the get go around boston. temperatures slowly creeping back into the 40's. we're only topping out today around 50 degrees, so it is a cool start to the week, but sunshine, dry weather expected. warming it up for election day tuesday.
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emily? emily: cindy, thank you. just about 5:26. it's time for eyepoppers this morning. this first one we're getting off on the right foot. olessa: new bedford native jordan todman took it 99 yards for a touchdown. he found one opening and ran it to the end zone. he was given the game ball. awesome. quite the surprise for an arresting officer in australia. a koala in police were arresting that woman on an outstanding warrant when they asked if she wanted to say anything before being taken into custody. she told them she had rescued a baby koala and it was in her green tote bag. animal rescuers say the joey is in good health and a little bit dehydrated. emily: okay. is there anything you want to tell us? >> there's a koala in my purse.
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kids to certain ads for products targeting young minds. firefighters may not know what
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- doug: down to the wire and going nonstop.
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erika: today hillary clinton gets big-name help in the same state. nicole: a car ends up in the charles river. the mistake after a crash that ended in a big splash. doug: a big clue that could solve a brazen boston murder, on the eye. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: 5:30 on this monday morning. moving across the zakim bridge in boston. still dark at this hour, but we're going to have a nice, more pleasant sunrise this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa this morning. feels pretty cold in some spots. cindy: yeah. emily: but it's a wide range. cindy: definitely milder on the cape this morning. temperatures here running in the 40's. elsewhere, it's cold. 20's and 30's. you see our sunrise this morning at 6:25. average high this time of year
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we're going to be a little bit below that today. you can see it's only 25 in orange. 37 in boston. there are those 40's on the cape. look at the winds. they're gusting 20, 30 miles per hour. and that wind has brought in some clouds. you can see them moving across the cape this morning. they're associated with a big storm offshore that's moving away. high pressure's nosing in. elsewhere, skies are clear. these clouds in the cape may linger through about lunchtime or so before they kind of slowly dissipate here into the afternoon. so outside of the cape, we're talking about a start through 8:00 a.m. still running in the upper 30's. by lunchtime, it's 47 degrees. lots of sunshine. light winds today. notice that sunset at 4:30. so you're likely going to be driving home in the dark today. high temperatures sneak up to around 50 degrees. 51 in framingham. upper 40's in the higher elevations in worcester county. south of town, brockton, bridgewater, may not touch 50 today. 51 in new bedford. and around 50 on the cape as those clouds give way to sunshine. pretty quiet start to the week.
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change coming up. get you out to the roads. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning, cindy. a live look at the zakim bridge and the leverett connector, southbound side heading toward the bottom of the screen. so far, the traffic is fairly light in this stretch. that's the story across the board. let's check the rest of your ride. all the construction we are watching is gone, so if you're heading into boston right now, you're in good shape. expressway, 10 to 15, braintree into boston. no problems yet on 95. 24 or route 3. the pike is quiet this morning as well. so is 128. if you're heading methuen and then you're fine all the way down to the leverett connector. trains and buses doing okay. randy? randy: following breaking news right now. the eye and erika tracking new information. erika: the nation's first female attorney general has died. janet reno was 78 years old. her family says she died from complications from parkinson's disease. her career had several controversies including the
5:33 am
the charles river. it's under investigation. rescue workers say one driver didn't put his vehicle in park after the crash on memorial driver, sending it into the water. one person was taken to the hospital. and today donald trump and hillary clinton have whirlwind schedules on the final full day of campaigning before election day. trump and mike pence will be in manchester, new hampshire. president obama will campaign for clinton at unh. randy? randy: outrage in maine after a scam students from voting. the maine democratic party says this fake flyer was circulating on the bates college campus. it says students must may to reregister their driver's licenses in order to vote. that obviously is not true. the democratic party chairman claims it's an attempt to stifle the millennial vote. emily: right nowa new clue in a boston murder, and police are asking for the public's help. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live with the photos
5:34 am
doug: emily, good morning. still no arrest in the murder of jesse dieusinor about a month ago, and this morning police are asking for the public's help in finding a car that was seen in the area of that fatal shooting. boston police releasing this photo of a black or dark blue newer model nissan altima. it was back on october 6 the florida man was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the area of zeigler and dearborn streets in roxbury. that was at about 5:30 at gh where he was pronounced dead. the "orlando sentinel," the paper down south, reporting that he was a suspect in a murder in florida at the time of the killing. anybody with information about this case or if you've seen that car, you're asked to call boston police. we're live in roxbury this morning, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: doug, thank you. new this morning -- firefighters say they may never know what caused this deadly fire in roxbury. one person was killed, a second severely burned when the fire
5:35 am
herald" the physical evidence is a pile of rubble. the home was recently condemned and residents did complain about squatters. randy: new information after a deadly rollover crash in westport. the driver, 25-year-old cassandra camacho, leaves behind a 4-year-old son. camacho killed when the car she was driving hit a median barrier on 195 early yesterday morning. she was thrown from the vehicle. five other people were survive. potential threat to kids' health coming from tablets. the message that could lead to bad choices and a toddler hit by a bullet in the city of brockton. this is troubling for one neighborhood. breaking overnight, janet reno, first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general, has died from complications of parkinson's disease. she was 78. >> a half hour of news at the
5:36 am
monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of the new afternoon lineup,
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olessa: welcome back to the eyeopener. is there something about your commute bugging you or a traffic mystery you can't figure out? you can ask olessa. tweet me, post on my facebook page, or email bridge, the leverett connector, southbound side heading toward the bottom of the screen. so far no problems here. it's a quiet start overall. no problems to report as far as construction. cindy, we're waiting for that earlier sunrise. cindy: it will be up at 6:26, a change from last week for sure. quiet weather today. we've got a lot of sunshine in the forecast. cooler-than-average temperatures. it only goes to 50 this afternoon. warming up for election day. we're in the low 60's tomorrow. one chance of showers this week
5:40 am
head toward the weekend. randy? randy: right now, a toddler is recovering after being hit by a bullet inside a brockton home. the 3-year-old was playing with his siblings when he was grazed. it was saturday afternoon when a hail of gunfire erupted outside his grandmother's house on bartlett street. family members found him bleeding from his leg. his mother called for the violence to end in this neighborhood. >> they need to stop, because innocent peopl randy: police are still searching for suspects. the shooting came as an antiviolence rally was being held right nearby. emily: we're following breaking news on the eye. a fen der ben der leading to biggbig er problem in cambridge. two factors that could have a big impact on the election.
5:41 am
? our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. we can't let that happen. to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education, vote no on question 2. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her.
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ness... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate.
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emily: 5:43. sarah and erica are following the final moves. doug: cindy is here with the forecast. cindy: i am. cold out there this morning. chilly over the weekend. we had a little ice pellet action. randy: i was doing gardening work.
5:44 am
it's gropple. randy: i thought it was hail. cindy: there's warmth in the middle of the country coming our way. so a little bit below average today. tomorrow we are up in the low 60's for election day. still fairly mild into wednesday. then we start to go the other way. wow, this coming weekend, coldest air of the season working in. chilly out the door this evening. 37 in boston. 34 in worcester. worcester county. as you work down the coast here, plymouth 39. look at the cape. mid 40's this morning. there are some clouds on the cape. there have been a few showers through the overnight. this is all associated with a storm sitting offshore and spinning. this will get a kick out as high pressure noses in. most of us are clear already. got some stubborn clouds on the cape that may linger through lake huron. -- lunchtime. wednesday is our next chance of
5:45 am
it will take a while to get it on the cape, going to 50 there. 47 worcester and 50 in boston. there you see clouds lingering through lunchtime on the cape and plymouth. otherwise, bright sunny skies, clear tonight, and it's going to be cold through the overnight. once again, we're down in the 20's and the 30's for overnight lows. tomorrow we get more of a westerly wind as this front approaches. mild with some sunshine for election day. this front is going to come through wednesday with a few showers. only looking for across the area. lower 60's. lots of sunshine. mid 50's with those showers likely favoring the morning hours on wednesday. let's get you back out to the roads. pretty quiet. olessa: a live look at the zakim bridge, the leverett connector. some delays starting to pick up early this morning heading south into boston. that's it. let's get to the maps and check the rest of your ride. south, 24 building volume out of brockton.
5:46 am
brockton. heading north, 93 south building volume out of methuen. once again, as you approach spot pond. no problems with trains and buses. they're running on schedule. emily: breaking overnight, one person is injured after a crash that ended with a car in the charles river. this is video in overnight from cambridge. firefighters say the cars collided at memorial drive and river street and after that one driver didn't put the vehicle in park so it rolled into the river. no also breaking overnight, the nation's first female attorney general is being remembered. janet reno died of complications from parkinson's disease. reno served in the clinton administration and was known for being particularly blunt. he was se center of several controversial cases including when she authorized 5-year-old elian gonzalez to be seized from family in miami and sent back to his father in cuba. we are close to the final lap in
5:47 am
the candidates busy on the campaign trail. randy: focusing on key battleground states. we have eyeopener coverage for you of the stories. we begin with sera congi following the trump campaign in manchester, new hampshire. sera: randy, donald trump and his running mate, mike pence, are scheduled to appear here in manchester tonight. late last night in virginia, trump rallied against the f.b.i. for not >> now it's up to the american people to deliver the justice. sera: trump claims clinton is protected by a rigged system after the f.b.i. concluded no wrongdoing. trump and pence have a busy schedule on this final full day of campaigning. they'll be hitting five states between the two of them, and then here in new hampshire. live in new hampshire, sera
5:48 am
for democrats as well. president obama headlines a rally this afternoon at unh. other battleground states, pennsylvania, michigan, north carolina, florida and virginia. >> it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon. erika: right now polls have clinton slightly ahead of trump. part of the advantage due to early voting. but, of cour, randy: it seems that the election has sparked a larger turnout of latino voters, especially in the state of florida. in that coveted state, about a million of the nearly 6.2 million early votes were cast by hispanics. that's an increase of almost 75% over 2012. analysts say more than 1/3 of the early voters did not vote in that previous election. breaking overnight, philadelphia's transit strike
5:49 am
contract with its transit agency employees. there had been concern that voters would not be able to get to the polls tomorrow if the public transportation system was not running. it will be. >> a manhunt underway for a man in everett. it happened around 2:00 p.m. sunday on ferry street. investigators releasing few details surrounding the circumstances, only that a man was shot and killed. hospital. now, investigators spent several hours here yesterday. again, a manhunt underway for that shooter. the man's identity is not being released. we're live in everett this morning, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: boston police have a new clue in an unsolved murder mystery in roxbury and they're asking for the public's help. take a look at this photo. it was released to us by the boston police. the vehicle is that of a black
5:50 am
time of this deadly shooting. now, back in early october, jesse dieusinor was gunned down in the area of dearborn and zeigler streets. it's believed he was a suspect in the murder of a florida man. so far no arrests have been made. if you can help, give boston police a call. we're live in roxbury, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: oklahoma communities are assessing the damage this morning from a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. that quake hit last night and this have damaged key infrastructure in the oil hub town cushing. minor injuries reported there. the quake is the fifth largest in the state's history. emily: a 70 man is dead after being hit by a truck in tewksbury. it happened last night on shawsheen street. no charges have been filed against the driver who we are told did stay at the scene. investigators say it does not appear that the victim was in a crosswalk. randy: a major gasoline pipeline that exploded in alabama last
5:51 am
incident. four others hurt when the pipeline exploded monday while crews were making a repair to the september spill there. a piece of evacuation equipme equipment -- excavation equipment hit the pipeline, causing the blast. the four people injured remain in the hospital. emily: three u.s. soldiers killed outside a military base in jordan have been identified. the defense department says staff sergeants matthew lewellen, kevin mcenroe and james moriarty died when their convoy came under fi arizona, and texas. randy: a u.s.-backed militia group is fighting in syria to force isis out of its capital city of raqqa. the kurdish-led syrian forces began the mission on sunday. the u.s., france and britain have vowed air support for this. they believe the battle with this is more difficult at this point to get isis out of there to move reinforcement between
5:52 am
emily: a brief shutdown for twitter just as another major website announces a cyberattack. twitter went down early this morning but has yet to confirm the outage that lasted only a few minutes. that's after wikileaks posted to facebook that it suffered a cyberattack on its email publication servers. no word if the two are connected. randy: a new call to protect kids from digital marketing for unhealthy foods. the world health organization says that kids are being targeted more through smartphones and through electronic bl to offer specific deals. some partner with gaming companies to make restaurants important stops in the game. and the w.h.o. wants more regulations and parental supervision. emily: the nuggets bury the celtics in an early hole. danve danvers. nuggets going into the second
5:53 am
123-107 the final. randy: more than a thousand people turned out for the pete frates 5k in beverly on the north shore. running, walking and wheeling to raise money for pete's park yesterday. frates is the former boston college baseball player whose battle with a.l.s. helped inspire the ice bucket challenge. emily: firefighters say technology was key in rescuing two dogs from a burning home in framingham. those dogs hid in a kitchen closet wn waverly street yesterday. firefighters used a thermal camera to find them. nobody else was inside the house at the time. and the fire does appear accidental. >> it's embarrassing. i am trying to get into my office on g street in davis. and i have this huge turkey surrounding my car circling me. >> i can't go anywhere. i'm literally stuck between two. randy: yep.
5:54 am
turkeys keeping people from their task in a northern california town. nobody was hurt. the turkeys eventually moved away. emily: we were giggling, but they can be nasty. randy: a saw a whole gang in a neighbor's house. cindy: that was a lot. don't they know it's november? they should not be out right now. all right. 37 degrees in boston right now, but do you see what's behind this? light on the horizon in the worcester area. we have the earlier sunrise. it's the change after we changed the clocks over the weekend. the sun is up at 6:26. we're still losing daylight. in a month, we'll be back to a 7:00 a.m. sunrise and by early january, 7:13 sunrise. we'll enjoy the earlier sunrise while it's here.
5:55 am
cape this morning. mid 40's. a stronger wind down this way and more cloud cover has been generated by a big storm offshore. these clouds are going to linger at times through about lunchtime all the way up to plymouth and then during the afternoon, the skies will clear out. the rest of us already clear. we've got high pressure nosing in. it's going to push that storm offshore and give us a bright sunny day. around the boston area, we're in the 30's now. we'll hold there till about 9:00 a.m. after the sun comes up, you see the temperatures jump into the 40's. 40's. cooler than average. average high in the mid 50's. only 47 in worcester. 51 in taunton. you get the idea. a cool day and a chilly night, 20's and 30's for overnight lows. high pressure is going to drop to our south tomorrow. we're going to have more of a west-southwesterly wind. it is warming up for election day. front off to the west. limited moisture but will send a few showers our way wednesday. look at these high temperatures. heading to the polls tomorrow,
5:56 am
outside. low 60's in worcester and boston, but look at norwood. 64. likely some 50's down on the cape tomorrow. showers on wednesday will be scattered about. nothing heavy expected, but you see a few showers may impact the morning commute. showers will shift toward the cape around lunchtime. during the afternoon, we'll dry things out behind that front. # temperatures start to come down. so as we head toward thursday and friday, we're cooling off but turning sharply colder this weekend, likely the coldest air of the season moving in. cold enough perhaps for a few flurries around on saturday. this morning. already some lights on the horizon. olessa: yes, we can see it. this is a live look at the pike by alston-brighton eastbound heading to the top of the screen. let's check out the rest of your ride as you travel south of town, we're watching a disabled car on route 3 by 228 northbound. not blocking any lanes. shouldn't impact your commute too much. 24 now building delays out of avon. as you travel the expressway, 20 to 25 minutes braintree into boston. and then along the pike right now, 15 minutes eastbound 495 to
5:57 am
delays from methuen to andover. so far, no problems at the trains and buses. randy: well, it is finally the last full day of presidential campaigning. emily: things to watch as the presidential candidates make one last push. new this morning, a closer look at what's in your beauty products. the ingredients causing concern and what a local company is doing about it. but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
5:58 am
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>> breaking overnight, a car plunges into the charl river. the big mistake after crash. >> and also breaking this morning, janet reno has died. the health economicses claiming the life of the first woman u.s. attorney general. >> it is the last full day of presidential campaigning. what to election comes up fast. a search for a gunman in everett. that's on the eye for this monday morning. emily: commitment 2016, down to the wire, and we are getting a clearer look at what could happen in the battleground state tomorrow. good morning, i'm emily riemer.


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