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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. fight to the finish. donald trump and hillary clinton pull out all the stops overnight. crisscrossing the country to make their final push for the white house. clinton holds her biggest rallies yet. >> there will be no question about the outcome of this election. >> calling on the president, the first lady and some major star a prayer. >> bon jovi, lady gaga and bruce springsteen, all there. ? can't start a fire without a spark ? >> donald trump hits five battleground states in one day. >> i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote, we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> the billionaire predicting a victory and claiming a private
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now in your hands as polls open across the country for voting in this historic election. our powerhouse political team is here live in times square and all across the key battleground states on this special edition of "good morning america." and good morning, america. day, 2016. the polls are already open. voting is under way. let's take a look at the lines right now. there they are in florida and virginia this morning. there's miami, florida. lines in virginia, as welch the polls are open. we'll see what the turnout is, 130 million americans video to vote. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are both voting right here in new york city. donald trump casting his ballot
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of our election headquarters. michael in good morning, robin. yes, i am. this is the spot where it's all going to go down tonight, both campaigns a few blocks away but our abc election headquarters are right here in the middle of it all. robin and george, we'll be here all night take over times square and a lot to get to, a big morning and big day ahead of us all. >> all right, michael. it's like we're taking the set out on a test drive for tonight. but theit starting. our whole team is here and ready to go and as we said, look at them over there. they are set and primed, ready to go. and the voting has already taken place in the town of dixville notch, new hampshire, casting votes. the first results are in, hillary clinton winning with four vote, donald trump getting two, gary johnson one and a write-in for mitt romney. >> had a few other towns in new hampshire and donald trump is a little in the lead.
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tim kaine here, donald trump jr. will join us live. our powerhouse political team all spread out and start with cecilia vega with hillary clinton from the start and at her polling place this morning in west chester. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. 576 days campaigning, more than 280 campaign events, 37 states visited and now this historic day is finally here. hillary clinton calls this elec when it was all over, hillary clinton did a little dance. ? this is my fight song ? >> reporter: marking a historic moment at a historic place. [ chanting "hillary" ] >> reporter: on the same stage at philadelphia's independence mall, the obamas, the clintons and 33,000 people, the largest crowd of this entire campaign, all there for a symbolic passing of the torch. the president even paving the
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>> see, when it's -- when it's not, it's gotta be permanently there for you. >> we face the test of our time, what will we vote for? not just against. >> reporter: the nation's first african-american president hoping his successor breaks barriers too. >> and i'm asking you to work as hard as you can this one last day american, this fighter, this stateswoman, this mother, this grandmother, this patriot, our next president of the united states of america. hillary clinton. >> reporter: and the first lady making one final pitch. >> we deserve a leader who sees our diversity not as a threat but as a blessing. >> reporter: clinton calling on
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boss -- ? tonight girl we'll be free all the promises will be broken ? >> reporter: to bon jovi. ? here comes the sun ? ? here comes the sun ? >> reporter: and the final day of campaigning didn't end there. a midnight rally in north carolina with lady gaga. ? >> reporter: overnight clinton flying back she landed, a group of friends and supporters right there to welcome her home. so much of america waking up this morning saying they are glad election day is finally here and trust me, the campaign feels that way too. hillary clinton after her stop here today will be largely out of sight for the rest of the day until that big party tonight in manhattan. what she hopes, of course, is a victory party, aides tell us that they've got two speeches prepared for her, one for each possible outcome, robin. we don't know if she's looked at
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you. donald trump jr. is standing by and will join us in a moment. first joining us live the democratic nominee for vice president senator tim kaine is joining us live from richmond, virginia. good morning, senator. did you get any sleep last night? >> robin, i got about three hours of sleep but i feel about as good as you can feel with three hours of sleep. >> you've already cast your vote. >> i have, indeed. we opened the polls at 6:00 a.m. in virginia. i got there at quarter till and by the time i had voted there my neighborhood. i was excited to see that. >> we're seeing already long lines all across the country as the polls are opening. senator, what have you seen so far be it the early voting and such, these last few days out on the campaign trail that have given you confidence or possibly concern, what have you seen? >> well, there are three things, robin that are really important that real data, you see who is registering to vote and then you
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ballots and returning them but then you also see the early vote participation in the states that allow it. and what we're seeing in terms of early participation is very, very strong. democracy always works better the more people participate and i think the energy and enthusiasm about what we believe will be a history making race, that's the thing that gives me the most, you know, the most feeling of optimism right now. >> there is a lot of enthusiasm, a number of states are stilln play. what has you your eye on, gives you the greatest concern? >> well, yeah, there's a couple of states that i call checkmate states so probably 10 or 15 that are battleground states, but the ones we watch really close are checkmate states. those are states where if we win, we know hillary will be president and i say this about north carolina, pennsylvania, florida, ohio. these are four checkmates.
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four hillary will be president and i think we have a chance to maybe win all of them but there are some of them will be really close, so we're watching those states very, very closely. also look, i'm selfish. virginia wasn't competitive at all when i got into politics in 1994 until president obama won it in 2008, it was assumed to be safe republican territory. our polls close at 7:00 p.m. this evening. so we'll probably know how virginia is going pretty early tonight and that will tell us >> as voters head to the polls there in your home state of virginia and all across the country, people who will be voting in favor of you, those who will not, what do you say to those people, the american people who are going out to let their voices be heard today after such a challenging election season? >> i just encourage them, robin. i lived in honduras 35 years ago. it was a military dictatorship and nobody could vote. they prayed for the day that
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things like peaceful transfer of power and respecting election results were what they looked at us as setting the example for, so my main pitch to everybody is, we are so blessed to have the opportunity to participate in a vigorous way. we just passed more than 200 million americans registered to vote in this country and i just hope we see record turnout for what i believe is going to be a history making election. >> and peaceful one at that. all right, senator we move on to donald trump wrapping up his campaign with a midnight rally in michigan. he is back in new york city this morning to vote. says he's going to win with the help of tom brady and bill belichick of the new england patriots. our tom llamas has been with him from the start. tussled with him at times here in midtown manhattan. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. this morning donald trump will be here in manhattan and he'll vote. he'll walk into his polling location, grab this giant ballot, he's going to open it up.
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amazing moment. he'll see his name as a choice for president. now, melania and ivanka trump will also be voting with him this morning. this will be the first time itha ivanka votes for her father. he'll need every vote he can get. on the eve of election day, donald trump already declaring victory. >> i think we're going to blow them out tomorrow in a lot of different way, blow them out. no way. this is not the sound of a second place finisher, that i can tell you. >> reporter: trump's marathon campaign taking him to five battleground states in one day, finishing past midnight in grand rapids, michigan. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. we're going to have real change. >> reporter: but before that, laser light show in new
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popular people in new england are supporting him. patriots coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady. >> so i said, so, tom, you voted for me, you support me. am i allowed to say it tonight to this massive crowd in new hampshire? he said, if you want to say it, you can say it, okay. tom. that's what a champ is all about. >> reporter: in sarasota, the republican nominee pausing as his crowd erupted in [ chanting "president trump" ] >> reporter: for trump reaching the height of presidential politics anything but humbling and making sure everyone remembers. >> they say it's the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. can you believe that? can you believe it? that's quite an honor. >> reporter: when asked by "the wall street journal" if it was all worth it, trump saying it
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into my life, unbelievably unfair hits to my family but the answer is very proudly yes. trump telling his supporters his work is done. now it's up to them. >> well, you know what you can do, go out and vote tomorrow. that's what you can do, i'll tell you. that's the only way. that's where you beat the rigging, folks. >> reporter: now donald trump says if he wins tonight he'll celebrate up on wednesday and immediately start working. if he loses movement or not donald trump says this will be the single biggest waste of time, money and energy. george. >> okay, tom, thank very much. let's talk to his son, donald trump jr. one of his dad's closest advisers. thanks for coming back in. i remember the morning of the iowa caucuses, the first votes. we sat down and talked. ten months later you're here on election day. how would you sum it up? >> incredible.
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political system and that's really a bipartisan problem, people who have been let down by politicians time and time again. to be able to see them face-to-face, not just on tv every once in a while but have them come up to you with that emotion, it's been awesome. it's moving. >> robin asked tim kaine where he sees hope. the polls show you behind right now. what are you looking for for hope? >> so i want everyone to turn out, people who have been let down, i want them to turn out and vote and bring their friends and we'll see what happens. i mean i have seen t many people that come up to us and they're screaming, we love you, keep doing what you're doing and i've had just as many come up and say, we love you, keep doing what you're doing. they've been put in a box oftentimes by the media. by a false narrative created out there. you know, they can't be as vocal about supporting trump and it's going to be interesting to see how that turns out. >> you saw your father last night at some of those rallies say if he loses this whole thing has been a waste of time. is that what you think? >> you know, i don't know about that.
7:14 am
wake up and start representing their constituency. what i've seen, government of the elite by the elite and for the elite. and seen it whether it be all of the corruption out there, all of the nonsense that we've been reading about over -- i don't think that's what the american want wa want. they want a voice again. they haven't had it in a long time so hopefully we can be the start of that movement to give those people back their voice. >> this is a bitter campaign. if your dad wins, how does he bring the country together. >> t doing what he's been doing. i was in detroit yesterday. my father has gone into the inner cities and gone to places where traditional republican candidates wouldn't go, wouldn't even think about bothering to campaign because he knows he has to be president for all of america and go into those places and make sure he follows through. >> if he loses will he work to bring the country together. >> i imagine he will. i think, you know, again, we've all grown a lot during this process. we've all learned a lot. easy to be glib when you're in
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but he's seen those people and been watching them for 18 months. their american dream has been exported to foreign countries and someone else is living that dream. weigh want to bring that back and do that as best we can regardless of the outcome. >> thanks for coming in this morning. >> that morning in iowa seems like a long time ago. >> i always say the last 18 months has been the longest ten years of my life. thank you. as voting gets under way our latest tracking poll shows hillary clinton holding steady with a -p donald trump. abc's jonathan karl joins us with a closer look at where it stands right now. millions heading out to the polls today. 45 million have already cast their vote. where do things stand right now? >> the early vote has been huge. robin, we don't know how any of these people have voted but we actually know quite a bit about who is voting. take the biggest swing state of them all, the state of florida, if you look at this you've had democrats with a slight edge over republican, a little bit over a percent.
7:16 am
vote. almost 20% of the vote has been independent. in the state of north carolina, you have democrats with an even bigger edge over republicans in the early vote and a considerable independent vote. here's the thing, though, although democrats in both those states have a big advantage it's actually less of an advantage than they had four years ago when barack obama barely won florida and lost the state of north carolina. so we don't know, again, how that vote is going to play out. >> you heard tim kaine talk about those plausible path now that our poll is showing him behind. >> it's a tough path. first of all, if you look at the abc rate ratings he has to go through and win every single one of the states that we have as toss-up states. even if he does that, george, take a look what happens to the electoral count. if he wins every single one of our toss-up states he is still short of the 270 he needs and needs to win one of these big
7:17 am
are states that he has not led in a single poll since this election started. >> going back to the convention. jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right. this is going to be your home away from home today. michael will be -- tonight too. tonight michael is going to be outside and that's where he is right now with a look at what we can expect. michael. >> i'm going to be here. i'm going to have a coat on tonight. abc news, we are taking over times square for election 2016. we've got this giant interactive map that's going to change colors throughout the night when clinton or trump that state is going to turn red or it's going to turn blue. now we've teamed up with facebook to create this booth in times square that's right behind me. we'll talk with some of the voigt from around the country in person, we're also going to talk to them on social media about some of the things that are most important to them and meanwhile, while this is happening here, the candidates, they've been having a little fun on social media lately. hillary clinton and her team taking on the mannequin
7:18 am
bill, huma, hillary and look at that, who is that in the back? jon bon jovi, that was on the plane, had a good time with that and also trump's kids have been having a little fun. ivanka and tiffany taking a snapchat puppy filter and there are lots of people out there using snapchat election day filters you wering you to get out and cast your important vote. celebs like john legend and chrissy teigen getting in on the action, as well action. write to us on our on the other hand meeting using #election2016. get out and vote and i'll bring in ginger zee. i found you out here standing all over the country. do you think the weather will influence voting. >> we in history it has, 1960, 2000. this year the trouble spots, michigan and ohio. i want to show you the map, though. we've got a lot of maps coming up and a lot of screens to showcase on this tuesday. look at that. dry and mild for most of the
7:19 am
an influence or in michigan and ohio. tuesday's trivia now. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon. sunshine on this election day but it is chilly, 40s in town but 20s and 30s with frost. by mid-day, sunshine up around 60 degrees, partly cloudy skies as the polls close, clouds thickening up overnight. rain on the way tomorrow, and we
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get comfortable with it. >> good morning, i'm randy price. polling locations are now open, and voters in massachusetts are focused on some big ballot questions today, along with the presidential candidates. and question two, charter schools, a yes vote would allow up to 12 approvals for either new charter schools or expanded deals with confining form animals, a yes vote bans any practice that prevents pigs and calves and hens from lying down, standing um, or turning around freely, and question four, which will decide if recreational marijuana becomes legal in the commonwealth, and for special election coverage beginning today at 4:00 this afternoon, taking you through 6:30, and a special hour of coverage at 7:00, abc has the latest results
7:24 am
7:25 am
massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." they agree in the suburbs "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
7:26 am
>> a look over downtown boston, and a nice day for the voting. >> you got it, although it is chilly outside, this morning, and temperature in boston is, 4d 30s with frost in the suburbs, and a quick recovery by lunchtime, we're running close to 60 degrees, the sunshine, and carrying us into the low 60s this afternoon, so we're in great shape today, and front off to the west, will bring in showers tomorrow, and that will bring in veteran's day, it's windy and colder this weekend. let's go out to the roads right now, good morning olessa. >> good morning, some delays on the worcester line, in addition to that volume on 24, heavy out of brockton, slow ride, 30 to 35 braintree into boston, and along the pike, your trip is 25 to 30, 495 to 128, and accident clear by route 9, and 93 south, slow out of methuen and more delays down to the lever connector. >> we're back before the top of the hour with another update, if you are on the go you can watch
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colgate total for whole mouth health. it is election day. back here at "gma," and that is jon bon jovi and lady gaga singing "livin' on a prayer" taking the stage last night at a star-studded rally for hillary clinton and donald trump also holding his own big rally in one day and saying he's going to win with support from patriots stars tom brady and bill belichick. >> got the patriots in his corner. also, millions heading to the polls. let's look live at people voting across the country right now. there's the battleground state of ohio, columbus, the capital and also people voting right here in new york city. >> look at those line. >> yep, and it's not just the white house on the ballot. millions are heading to the polls to vote on major hot button issues and, amy, you have
7:31 am
from marijuana to the death penalty to gun control. it is a big day on a lot of issues coming up. robin. >> got to keep that in mind. a lot of excitement here in new york and in those battleground states that could determine the election. the candidates have been spending a lot of time in florida. it's considered a must win for trump but not a guarantee. paula faris is in miami shores. paula, what are you seeing so far? good morning. >> reporter: well, what i'm seeing, i'm not seeing a line already voted but it's all about florida. 29 electoral votes up for grabs. donald trump has spent more time and more money in this state than anywhere else and calls it his second home but almost impossible to win if he doesn't pick up this state whereas secretary clinton who has also spent the most amount in florida can still afford to lose florida and go on to win the presidency. one key demographic we are keeping a close eye on is the hispanic early vote, in 2012
7:32 am
fast forward to this election cycle, almost double, as massive surge talking 980,000 and keep this in mind, 36% of those that voted early from the hispanic community in 2016, you guys, didn't even vote four years ago. this is a base that is extremely motivated. a base that is expected to skew heavily for secretary clinton and way base that could not only determine what happens in the sunshine state but ultimately decide the election. robin, back toyo >> you know sunshine state is important but north carolina is also a major battleground state and hillary clinton spent her final night of the campaign there and abc's linsey davis is in raleigh. a big law could help drive voter turnout. >> reporter: you're exactly right, good morning to you, michael. lots of enthusiasm here. the line to vote is actually out of the door. that's because there's so much at stake here in the tar heel state. for starters you have that transgender bathroom law. such a polarizing issue and the
7:33 am
in the most recent poll here in north carolina, you have clinton and trump tied neck and neck. in 2012 north carolina voted for mitt romney. in 200 they voted for president obama and prior to that north carolina had not voted for a democrat for president since 1976 when we were talking about jimmy carter. but in 2008 a big help for president obama was the extremely large black voter turnout. the school of thought is that hillary clinton will need a repeat of the same in order to win the state >> o. lykay, linsey, thanks, i' joined by matthew dowd, cokie roberts and along with alex castellanos and stephanie rawlings-blake, the democratic mayor of baltimore. thank you all for being here. matt, let me begin with you, sunday, you said hillary clinton has a 95% chance of winning. you sticking with that. >> maybe 96% this morning. i think one of the mysteries we don't know that could affect the election is what's the
7:34 am
i think the trump campaign hopes it looks like 2014. the clinton wants it to look like 2012 or 2008. donald trump's only chance to be the new york giants coming across town going to madison square guard enand beating the new york rangers on their ice. >> anything is possible. >> you accepted the challenge. cokie, cokie, you and many others feel it's going to be a much tighter race. >> that's because the country is so to see how you get big swings one way or another but i do think that matt is right, 2012 except on steroids because we are seeing this big hispanic turnout which is very interesting. i think the african-american turnout is going to get up. but we have a group of swing voters, people who have not voted democratic before and those are college educated white women and if they vote for hillary clinton today and up to today the way they have been
7:35 am
polls, then she's got the election. >> and now alex, on george's show you predicted a trump victory but you agree it's going to be hard for him to win the latino vote. >> i think it's going to be very hart. matt is here to provide rational analysis. i'm here to balance that. >> sports analogy. >> recently as 2006, more hispanics in florida were registered as republicans than democrats. boy, has that changed and that is going to be i think the big moment donald trump take florida? if he does not, it's going to make the path ahead nearly impossible i think. >> martha, let's take a look at the big picture here and the entire campaign. what has really mattered. have issues barely have come up at times, it seems. >> as you know, robin, i've been cross the country and talking to voters. issues do come up. they really do and talk about immigration and they talk about the supreme court. but i think what it boils down
7:36 am
and whether they have the temperament and character to address the issues they're talking about, to address national security. i heard again and again, temperament questions about donald trump and character questions about hillary clinton. so in the end, i think that's really what will make up people's minds. >> and bottom line, both candidates enter election day the least liked candidates in american history so mayor, let me bring this to you. you are a hillary clinton supporter. even i she's not going to have a honeymoon but a majority of americans saying they don't like. how does she address it. >> you've seen secretary as a resilient woman and i think she will be a resilient president and understands we have to heal our country. that's why she talks about the fact we are stronger together and understands the diversity of our country is truly our strength and i think that she is the right person at the right time when this country needs to come together to lead us. >> you know being in baltimore. how do you go about doing that,
7:37 am
when you -- she has a former mayor as her vice president. he knows the ground game. he knows how to get in communities and get things done and you have a we will have a president who shows every single day that she cares about american families. and i think that will be the healing that our country needs. >> don't underestimate the excitement that will be there if, in fact, she wins. this dislike will go away at least briefly because she'll be the elected president and she'll he that will cause a tremendous amount of excitement. >> i think whoever wins, this country is exhausted from this election. we are all going to be hungry for something to bring the family together and i think whoever wins is going to be given a gift. given that moment to bring the country together. i hope they're wise enough to do it. >> matt, they'll require partners as well for the sake of argument if hillary clinton wins as you believe, what do you expect from republicans in washington? >> well, my guess is paul ryan
7:38 am
are going to basically take the reins away from donald trump as quick as they can tonight. take the keys away from him being the designated driver and position them as representing the party going forward. who is the leader of the republican party after tonight? >> all of you will be here with us tonight. thank you very much. get some sleep during the day. coming up here how secure are your votes and can the election be hacked? brian ross is here with what americans should be worried about as they he we'll be back in two minces. ? ?
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"the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to back now here on "gma." a look at those lines all across the country here on election day and that's hillary clinton's polling place. she will be voting shortly. but back now with cybersecurity and your vote.
7:41 am
alert this morning in case there are any actions, any antics, anybody trying to hack into the election and here is abc's investigative correspondent brian ross with much more on this. good morning, brian. >> well, good morning, robin. the watch is on this morning as nearly every state has asked the federal government for help to protect its voting system from being hacked. but the fact that each state for the most part has its own somewhatant indicated not always internet friendly way of doing things is project the best protection against the final by a cyberattack. or as one candidate has claimed rigged. >> the system is rigged. the system is rigged, folks. it's all rigged. we're in a rigged system. the system is totally rigged and broken. >> reporter: cybersecurity experts have long warned about how simple it would be to mess with individual electronic voting booths. >> it would be very easy for someone to put a piece of malware on this type of device
7:42 am
not encrypted and while they're voting, manipulate the card to either plant an embedded code on one of these devices or multiply the number of votes they're submitting. >> reporter: there is no evidence any such rigging has ever taken place but at least four states including illinois have had their voter registration rolls targeted or scanned. >> we're highly confident that nothing was added, nothing was deleted, nothing was altered. >> reporter: but officials are concerned the scanning by hacker may have been just a preparation for today. >> there have been a variety of scanning activities which is a preamble for potential intrusion activities. >> reporter: and security experts say the aim could be to cause confusion hitting targets other than the voting systems themselves. >> organizations could hack into a social media system, could begin posting inaccurate or misleading information regarding the election. trying to undermine confidence
7:43 am
>> reporter: u.s. officials say they have sent word to the russians in, quote, the strongest way we know how, any attempt to attack the u.s. election system will have the harshest consequences. >> can they do anything to stop them in they can. they're on patrol right now, department of homeland security headquarters. they can shut down attacks from overseas and can shut down the lines and blacklist a known address that is trying to attack into the system. >> brian, how about security in general? >> very high, especially here in new york with both here outside trump tower this morning. trucks lining the outside to guard against crowds coming or possible bomb blast, very heavy security. >> all right, brian, thank you. >> the u.s. has fingered the russians. let's see what the russians say. our alex marquardt is in moscow this morning. you know, putin has been a major player in this campaign the whole way and, of course, denying these charges from u.s. intelligence officials. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. he has, of course, denied any role in the hacking and in speaking with experts here it's
7:44 am
and from the kremlin whether something a bit more independent, that's likely we will never have an answer to. what is clear is that he has been seizing on the anger and division in the u.s. to fuel instability and that's something he's had quite some success with. >> he's been such a player in this entire election. we know that he was not happy with hillary clinton as secretary of state, vladimir putin especially for what the u.s. did after he went into ukraine. donald trump said a lot of great things about vladimir putin, putin has return but do we have any indication about who he really wants to win? >> reporter: no, we don't really know who he'd like to see inside the white house. he hasn't said anything publicly. people close to the kremlin have expressed doubt about trump's unpredictability. his lack of experience. if this were left up to ordinary russians it's much clearer. in a poll released yesterday they overwhelmingly support trump and he would get around
7:45 am
either way they're getting ready for both candidates here. you can see the souvenir shops rolling out these mat tri eanes. >> alas no electoral votes for donald trump in moscow. >> all right, coming up in just two minutes, the white house isn't the only issue on the ballot. the hot button issues sending millions of americans to the polls today. plus, what are kidding caring about this election season. lett f future president. and we'll have what they want to see from our next leader and for our country. i have asthma... of mlife.ieces in my so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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7:47 am
? ? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. all right, welcome back on this election day. with a major look at the issues on your ballot, amy has got those and there's a lot more than the white house at stake.
7:48 am
political offices to all those ballot initiative, voters have a lot on their plates this this election cycle so let's start with indiana. governor mike pence dropped his re-election bid so he could be donald trump's running mate and recent polls are showing eric holcomb in a tight race with jo john gregg. it's playing a major part in that state and then marijuana is big on the ballots this year. five states are considering maine, massachusetts, arizona, nevada and california and that state is home to more than 10% of the u.s. population so a lot of people impacted with that one and then also in the golden state a potential law on ammunition, prop 63 would make it illegal to own magazines that have more than ten rounds and require background checks for people buying bullets. it came about in the wake of the massacre in san bernardino.
7:49 am
there considering the state's death penalty prop 62 would scrap it entirely and replace it with life in prison so a lot of people heading to the polls not just for the presidential candidate in mind but voting on a lot of these proposition, robin. >> it is so important, amy, to keep that in mind. coming up from the trumps to the clintons how are the candidates' families shaping the election. we all know there's a lot of tension on election day and prior to and we have some gat ways to deal with the stress. dr. ashton is going to be here with that.
7:50 am
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about your election forecast. we know florida, swing state, that looks good. i mentioned earlier how michigan and ohio are going to be a big deal and now i want to show you all the other states highlighted on this map with some of the trouble spots so you can kind of see what's going on. localized flooding possible. this is after a couple of days of six to even ten inches along the gulf coast but a lot of states down there not as crucial. it's right there with the michigan and, of course, ohio later in the afternoon and evening when the cold front approaches and showersta turnout. doesn't look like a ton of rain. otherwise all those other states on the map are looking so good. one other headline that i wanted to get to we haven't mentioned enough, north carolina, in that drought, lots of fires. on the actual fire map, some of the most fires now in the
7:54 am
every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system... so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. ? we serve new england, and energy brings us together. ?
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>> good morning, i'm randy reaped, the eyeopener is tracking the big alex day stories, but first as we lookou beautiful day for voting. >> you have got it, sunshine all day long, randy, and that will warm us up, we still have a lot of 30s in the suburbs, but 43 in boston now, the temperatures keep climbing near 60 at lunchtime, and in the low 60s this afternoon. that is above the average this time of year so nice and mild today but it does not last. is a few showers tomorrow, and we cool it off for the end of the week, veteran's day is windy, colder this weekend, out to the roads right now, good morning. >> good morning, the orange line
7:57 am
problem spots, on northbound 24, a crash by route 128, so you have got the delays back to 139, and 30 to 35 on the expressway, braintree into boston, along the pike, your ride is a half-hour, 495 to 128, and 93 south, stop and go ride, most of those delays pick up right at spot pond, slow to the lever connector. >> the white house isn't the only race being watched very closely today by tomorrow across the country. a democrat maggie hassan and republican incumbent kelly ayotte are locked in a heated and the governor trying to unseat the gop incumbent. and this could help to determine the balance of power in the united states senate. and newscenter 5 will also be in new york city covering the presidential campaign. ben simmoneau will be with the clinton campaign and j.c. monahan will be at trump campaign headquarters, special coverage beginning this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. and more coming up in our next hour. massachusetts has many great public schools,
7:58 am
ids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, and they have no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops.
7:59 am
from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. decision day. both candidates pull out all the stops overnight. >> i'm here to ask you to vote for yourselves. >> it will be the most important vote. >> hillary clinton with the president, the first lady, the boss and bon jovi. >> we are going to be livin' on a prayer. >> donald trump crisscrosses five battlun day. >> we'll blow them out tomorrow in a lot of different ways. blow them out. >> as the first votes are cast in new hampshire. hillary clinton and donald trump both voting this morning as americans head to the polls on this election day. secret weapons. which potential first family has been a great asset on the campaign trail, the "gma" exclusive poll revealing which family voters prefer. their influence on this historic race and how each has given their candidate a special edge
8:01 am
? in their own words children reveal their hopes for the country. >> dear future president, this is what i want for the future of america. >> equal rights for everyone. >> solve any type of problem. >> i want america to be admired overseas. >> the issues that matter most to them and what they want the next president to know. as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> and good morning, america. take a look right now. that is hillary clinton just entered the polling place right behind the door there. she is going to be voting this morning. i don't think there's any mystery about who she is going to be voting for or her husband former president bill clinton. there she is. looking pretty chipper for someone who had very little sleep last night, they went from philadelphia to north carolina. there's mr. president, president bill clinton there, as they walk in. jon bon jovi on the plane with
8:02 am
as well but now it comes down to the moment for her where she will cast her vote. there she is walking in. >> something to see your name on the ballot as president of the united states. >> got to be such a moment. >> no matter who you are. >> after all of this work. >> even for someone who has been first lady, secretary of state, a senator from the state of new york. she's seen herself on the ballot before as a senator but never -- >> never for president o another sign of our times right there. >> everybody has their phones. >> she might not top for a selfie before she votes this morning although we will see. >> this campaign season, who knows. it could very well be -- >> looks like she is stopping to talk there. >> well, she may not stop but president bill clinton, he's there, maybe he could take the selfie while she goes in to vote. >> cecilia vega, you're on the
8:03 am
>> reporter: george, i am on the scene. i tried to shout a question, asked how she was feeling about election day. i got a big wave. i got no comment. i'm used to that one, george. she has called this the test of our time and election day is finally here. this historic day, a historic moment is how she closed down this campaign overnight. you mentioned that rally in philly. they were there on the historic independence mall and some of the big names. jon bon jovi, bruce springsteen, but, of course the clintons and obamas side by that, the largest crowd of this entire campaign. 33,000 people, that's the biggest crowd for any candidate in this race and hillary clinton had a chance to make her closing argument. take a listen. >> we face the test of our time, what will we vote for, not just against. what will we decide is on the
8:04 am
the ballot, every issue you care about is on that ballot. >> and as we watch -- >> reporter: that is the point she is making in her closing argument. this stark contrast, the clinton campaign, george, is feeling very confident always know heading into election day. they're really talking about their ground game that they've spent months building up and say they've made contact with5 voting began on door knocks and phone calls but hillary clinton is superstitious and still has two speeches ready. >> she is but you're right dropping their veneer a little bit. a lot of confidence in the clinton camp. from the trump camp tom llamas in new york city. donald trump will be voting, as well, tom. >> reporter: we're expecting him to appear here at this voting location in manhattan with melania and his daughter ivanka.
8:05 am
called up fox news, f fox & friends and said he always did that before the primary win so did that today and acknowledged he does have regrets but he didn't want to list them. he says you always have to look forward. he feels confident. he thinks they'll win florida and surprise people in other big states. now, yesterday he campaigned from 11:00 a.m. in the morning until 1:00 a.m. today this morning. he had a late night rally in grand rapids, michigan. he actualably believes that blue collar workers, white working class voters will turn out for him and he'll be able to break that blue wall of support for hillary clinton. last night in new hampshire he had a crazy rally. it was a laser light show. his family was on stage, governor mike pence was there. his running mate, rudy giuliani and a big surprise and announced he has the endorsement of two of the most popular people in new england and new hampshire, of course, they're in new england, quarterback tom brady for the patriots and, of course, also the patriots coach, bill
8:06 am
personal letter. now, if you want an endorsement in new england it's definitely from those two, again, waiting for him to come here at some point to vote and we will ask him what it's like to vote for yourself for president. george. >> look, tom llamas, thanks very much. to amy with the rest of the headlines. >> good morning, guys. and there is another drama playing out today in the senate where democrats need a net gain of at least four seats to take control and one state to watch is new hampshire where the race between republican kelly ayotte and democratic governor maggie hassan has swung and jason kander against roy blunt. 500 monitors will be watching for voter intimidation. that's fewer monitors than four years ago. officials blame the decrease on a supreme court ruling that struck down part of the voting rights act. investigators across indiana are looking into thousands of
8:07 am
registration fraud. authorities say political operatives from a group tied to the democratic party have been fabricator voter reg stations for months to meet quotas. so far no charges have been filed. and with both presidential candidates holding election night parties in manhattan, the nypd as you might imagine is deploying more than 5,000 officer, double the number us usually assigned on election day. it's about the same number though deployed for new year's eve or the pope's visit. we have one picture that may just sum up the national mood on this election day. take a look. a divorce sale at this house on the market there in florida and there on the lawn a trump sign right next to a clinton sign. they say a picture says a thousand words and i think that one does exactly that. >> they couldn't agree. >> divided america. >> that's it. thank you, amy. so you have a political "pop news" there. >> a little news at the top and
8:08 am
good morning, everybody. it is time for "pop news" and begin with kensington palace issuing an unprecedented statement asking the press and internet trolls, i say that in quotes to respect prince harry and his american girlfriend meghan markle's privacy coming to her defense and acknowledging their relationship is in process. the letter explain, quote, prince harry is worried about her safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her. this is not a game. it is her life and quote, crossed the line. >> the palace was livid in that letter. >> and we were correct in our reporting. we can now confirm apparently they are dating. >> but we are not trolls. >> we are not trolls and i do think that they have every right to have a nice romance. >> it is a big deal that she's now under the umbrella of protection of kensington palace. that's notable. >> there you go. >> breaking news from amy.
8:09 am
now switching to the election, some election theme "pop news." this year may be stressful but voters in pennsylvania have puppies at the polls to make the ruff decision a little easier. the providence animal center and pennsylvania spca will plan to have puppies at polling locations in an effort to attract millennial voters and reduce anxiety. this pawsome idea comes from next pups to iowa and north carolina, pennsylvania, nevada and new hampshire and turning now to our own initiative to help as many shelter dogs find their forever hopes drum roll, please. could this be a coincidence or not, 1776 dogs have been adopted so far as of this morning on election day. >> how patriotic. >> yes. >> hamilton-like popularity in
8:10 am
we are on it all month long. it took a dog food commercial to deliver one of the strongest messages of this election. an actress sporting a pro-trump t-shirt pretends to lose her dog in the middle of a very big hillary clinton rally. she does the same thing later at a trump rally wearing a hillary t-shirt and asking people if they can help her find the dog's rightful owner. she's wearing the t-shirt, this is a social media experiment. the reactions you are seeing are real and the growling you see stops by the end of the commercial when the dog is reunited with its owner, the message is loud and clear, we are all concerned about the same things, we all have heart and when 2 comes to dogs there are no political parties. it's a really warm, wonderful commercial, brought a tear to my eye. pedigree did a great job and at the end of the day that's what we have to remember. we all want the same things for our children and our country and
8:11 am
>> thank you, lara. i'd like to do it again, you're working it. coming up, the candidates' secret weapons. their families. we have an exclusive poll revealing what americans think about the clintons and the trumps. come on back. you know how it is, someonice for youthing and you feel obligated to do something nice back. maybe your aunt sent you a crocheted scarf, you sent a thank you note... and the crochet just kept on coming. well, at carmax, you don't have to return the favor. even if you don't buy a car from them. because feeling obligated is uncomfortable. and tight. in places it shouldn't be. carmax won't make you feel that way. lucky you. i feel like a quilt. ? ? for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there. a virus that's serious, like hiv,
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8:15 am
and welcome back to "gma" and take a look, former president bill clinton along with secretary clinton going to votes for herself as president of the united states in a general election. of course, she has done it during the primaries and both candidates have had their families by their sides on and off the trail this season. >> since you mention that, the results of a "gma" exclusive poll suggests more voters believe that trump's family has been a greater asset than the clinton family. will that sway voters? back to paula faris.
8:16 am
with much more on this. hey there. looking good there, paula. >> good morning. hi there. thanks, robin. family, ah, we all love our family, as we just mentioned trump's family is seen more of an as set than hillary clinton's family. families tend to humanize the candidates but as we all know families can bring out the best in us and the absolute worst. it's a long standing political tradition. >> he will make fantastic president. >> she's strong enough to be proud of my mom. >> reporter: the potential first families pounding the campaign pavement for that presidential win. >> we get a sense of who they are through their children, through their spouse. we want to get a human connection to that individual. families give us that connection. >> she's the best darned change maker i ever met in my entire life. >> reporter: still hugely popular in democratic circles, president bill clinton has tried to capitalize on that love.
8:17 am
campaigning in states where his wife's opponent is strong. >> i have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. >> reporter: but in a rare move for political spouses, melania trump has been mostly absent from the trail. >> so it's hard to say whether she's been a positive or negative factor. she really has been a neutral factor. she really hasn't taken to the stump herself. we really haven't gotten a direct connection to melania trump through any of her independent efforts. >> my there because i know he can make a difference. >> reporter: some saying the trump children especially ivanka have filled that void. the eldest trump daughter emerging as one of her father's strongest political as sets even announcing major policy plans. >> we had a very comprehensive plan for how to make child care more affordable, more accessible, create more optionality. >> i think ivanka trump has been a better surrogate and a more effective surrogate for her
8:18 am
siblings or melania trump. i think she's been poised, she's been on message. >> i know with all my heart that my mother will make us proud as our next president. >> reporter: as an experienced campaigner, some political analysts say that chelsea clinton has helped to show the softer side of her mother. >> i think where chelsea clinton has broken through it's in talking about her mom as a mom. talking about herself as a mom. it's the personal side not the o candidacy. >> reporter: so who would do what within the administration? melania says a potential first lady she would champion children's cause, cyberbullying and social media. donald trump, a lot of people really want his children to get involved said that they probably would not serve in any capacity in the white house. as for hillary clinton, bill would serve in some sort of role focusing on the economy and chelsea clinton has told many friends if her parents called
8:19 am
keeping it all in the family, guys. >> all in the family, looking good there in miami, thank you, paula. our little slogan for our family is family, we may not have it all together but together we have it all. >> good one. >> that's how it is. thank you. coming up, what are your kids saying about america's next president. this will warm your heart.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
back here on "good morning america," it is dry in times square but not for ohio. look at this map quickly. that shower and the cold front coming through, one until 8:00 p.m. showers in your forecast. we're standing by because we're about to h >> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon, 30s and lower 40s out there 30s and lower 40s out there now, so it's chilly if you are heading out to the polls but look it said by mid-day, sunshine, around 60 degrees, we're talking about highs today in the lower 60s, and way above average for this time of year, and got some showers coming through tomorrow, and behind those, we are cooling
8:24 am
all right, as ginger said it is now time to hear from the kids. our future voters to find out what they think is most important, take a look at what they're sharing in letters to our future president. ? >> dear future president. >> dear future president. >> this is what i want for the future of america. >> i want america to all people around the world. >> to be welcoming to other people. >> i want everybody to treat others fairly. >> i want us to love everyone in our country. >> make us love again and not hate. >> i would like for you to improve our lives and have more free schools. >> please stop violence and please help our country be beautiful. >> i would like men and women to
8:25 am
action on gun control. >> please take care of our country and make sure nobody gets hurt. >> keep the country and the world safe. serve chick-fil-a at school every monday. >> i want the world to be a lot more safe. >> i hope america is a very peaceful country and i also hope that nobody is discriminated against. >> dear future >> everyone needs health care should be able to get it. >> for all americans to have food, clothing and shelter. >> lower taxes so it will be easier for some people. >> better jobs and homes. >> no war, no crime, no hunger. >> children born in poverty have suffered for far too long. >> more programs for kids. affordable medication. less pollution supply want all
8:26 am
college education less expensive. >> i would like you to treat other countries with the respect they deserve, even if that sometimes means putting down pride. >> i would like for you to rebuild relationships with other countries. >> dear future president, congratulations on your new job. i hope you spend the next four years finding a way to get rid of homework! >> perfect. >> all politics is local. >> yes, it is. >> doesn't it sound so simple when at the say it? soups so right and simple. we have more coming up. we'll go behind-the-scenes on the campaign trail with four people who went everywhere with the candidates and see what
8:27 am
>> it is 8:27, polls are open, governor charlie baker casting his ballot a short time ago. the governor has said that he would not vote for his party's nominee, donald trump, he would not vote for hillary clinton, either. begins today at 4:00 p.m. taking you all the way through 6:30, and a special hour of coverage at 7:00, abc has the latest results starting at 8:00 followed by a full recap on newscenter 5 at 11:00. and take a live look outside across the city skyline, it looks picture perfect. still on the cool side. >> we have recovered already from these morning low temperatures. we're down in the lower 20s in a lot of spots, and on the vineyard 25, plymouth 27, and so we have warmed up quite a bit. a lot of 40s showing up now,
8:28 am
we're going to keep climbing into the low 60s, loads of sunshine and light winds, a beautiful afternoon, and things will change tomorrow, we have showers coming through into the afternoon, and then behind that, turning colder by the weekend. out to the roads right now, good morning. >> good morning, cindy, red line and orange line have minor delays, we're also watching a crash if you are traveling 93 southbound, the accident by commerce way, just north of 128 and more delays down to the lever connector, eastbound on the pike, your ride, a half-hour, 495 to 128, a cleared by 128, expressway 35, braintree to boston. >> all right, thank you, we're back at 8:56. if you are heading out now, have that mobile app with you. and we'll keep you informed all
8:29 am
8:30 am
and times square looking a little different this morning. as i said earlier, a test drive. better get comfortable. >> i'm ready. >> you'll be surrounded by a cast of thousands. >> you will be at the javits center with hillary clinton's campaign and you will be -- >> at the hilton. >> it's amazing. >> right in the middle. we've got clinton down on 33rd. we're on 44th and here on 53rd. >> very good. yes. >> got it all. and there's a lot of voting in space today. believe it or not, one vote. kimbrough submitted his ballot. vote while you float in that is some absentee ballot. no one has any excuses if he voted. you know where they're voting as
8:31 am
clinton held a star-studded rally overnight joined by the president and first lady and a few other stars. abc's eva pilgrim is there in philadelphia. what a night it was, eva. >> reporter: yeah, big night. this is a tipping point state, amy. a state that could put either candidate over the edge. while this state has historically gone to the democrats every year since 1992, it is very much at play this year. both candidates making big last-minute pushes. trump with a big crowd in october he will win so big here. clinton with that star-studded packed crowd at independence mall. she had bon jovi, she had bruce springsteen as well as the president and mrs. obama. and a key area for people to watch here is these philadelphia suburbs. they've historically gone republican but the changing demographics make this an area either candidate can win and for trump this is especially
8:32 am
to win this state, amy. >> all right, eva, that's of course, why we saw melania there last week, robin. >> we'll watch those all night long. outside to lara and michael now. >> thank you so much, george. also here this morning our campaign reporters who have been on the trail since that very first day traveling almost 2 million miles combined. we're going to talk to them in just a moment. but first let's take a look at what they saw behind the scenes. >> i am officially running -- >> i'm back. >> to one seat in the oval our tireless abc campaign reporters have been there for it all following the two candidates still vying for your vote. >> to think that from that escalator we have gone two iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, texas, florida, i mean, you name it. >> you see thing, you get to cross this beautiful amazing country. it's been an incredible experience. >> sacrificing their normal
8:33 am
clinton full time since she launched her campaign 575 days ago. >> the campaign plane, it's where we eat, we live. we sleep. >> witnessing firsthand the moment hillary clinton and donald trump became the official nominees. >> i accept your nomination. >> what surprised me was how rocky that road was to get there. i don't think anybody could have expected the movement around bernie sanders. >> i nomination. >> he has become the republican nominee, the most unlikely candidate ever, ever, no one ever thought this was possible but somehow trump has pulled this off. >> reporting from the front lines, collectively filing more than 1,000 articles. blasting out 19,000 tweets and giving us rare access to the country's future leader. >> a top moment was the day i got to interview hillary clinton one-on-one.
8:34 am
the interview and worked to get questions together and at the end we just chatted casually. she told me about a bracelet she wear, one that nelson mandela gave her and another that has a charm of her granddaughter charlotte on it. >> he's very close to his little army. he wants everyone's opinion. he's very engaged with them. he knows what's going on in their lives. that little team around him is really become a very tight-knit family. >> and picking up a few hacks for life o single rewards program imaginable. >> getting tsa precheck was critical to my time on the campaign trail? nyquil, day quill, you never know. band-aid, you never know. >> a life-changing experience that comes to a dramatic conclusion today. >> to think after all of in that it's suddenly over, it's weird. i mean, this is our lives. >> but for them figuring out what's next is easy.
8:35 am
on first and foremost sleeping. >> most importantly i think sleep. >> but before they sleep, they are with us. list kreutz and josh haskell has been covering the clinton campaign, thank you so very much. and on this side, john santucci and candace smith have been with trump's campaign from the beginning. want to ask how happy are you to have your lives back? >> they're not back a if you week ahead and who knows what happens tonight. >> watching that piece you want to go do it again. we had so much fun. >> i think you're the only one who wants to do it again, john. >> sign me up, let's go. >> he does get into it and does a great job. >> josh, what are you going to miss most about being on the road? >> the spontaneity of it all. you never know what's going to happen. my gear in my apartment at all types and never forget sunday, 9/11, hillary clinton was doing no public events just that
8:36 am
ceremony and i'm racing to chelsea clinton's apartment two minutes from mine and there's hillary clinton and i covered that story for the next two weeks, never got back home. >> so really it is breaking news, you are on the move all the time. liz, this is your first time. how was the experience for you? i know off camera you were saying those planes and all of that travel was actually rather fun. >> yeah, it actually is, you know, as much as it's grueling you can see where it's a 24/7 job, it's so much fun. tail family. i think that's what practice i'll miss. >> all the other networks. >> and other reporters and we sort of are in this together because it's such a wild ride and no one else could understand it and, you know, there's also fun types -- we have moments with hillary clinton where she'll come back and take questions from us and we often climb on top of each other and create this sort of human pyramid on the seats of the plane to try to get in and ask a question. >> it's a lot of chaos, though. you don't have a desk. you don't have anything like that and i'm sure you are always
8:37 am
internet and something happened that you really needed internet. >> well, yeah, the day that director comey had released his update to the letter. we had no way to communicate or even know about it and we told the clinton campaign staffers about the story and seeing their faces and not being able to report it out, it was quite a situation, but, you know, people lived in a time without internet so -- >> there's got to be a way. we did it before. we have to do it again. candace, not one but two trump and a bit of a mishap on your end once. >> well, you know, i think through the course of this year and a half i've traveled to 700 -- i've traveled to 300 city, 38 state, probably 700,000 miles so sometimes you forget where you are so i was in wisconsin supposed to be driving to milwaukee. i put in the name of my hotel driving catching up on calls and see signs for minneapolis, i had driven 3 1/2 hours in the wrong direction so needless to say i missed that event.
8:38 am
>> you may have missed that event that day but you made it here today. welcome back. hopefully civility cops to your life and all of you can get some sleep. >> yes. >> all right. that's the bottom line. that's a mandate we're giving you. get some sleep. stay right there. coming up, the best ways to deal with all of that election stress. we're going to find out from dr. ashton. maybe you guys should stick around. >> this next one is for you. ? our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. we can't let that happen. to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education,
8:39 am
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back here on "good morning america," did you know that election night is one of the biggest pizza eating nights of the year. i didn't know that but our sponsor pizza hut does and kick off the day. go ahead, guys. with a little bit of pizza for everybody here in the audience. it's good, right? good for breakfast. tastes delicious. all right. well, tonight you all have a chance to do just that. we're all glued to our tvs watching the results come in. pizza hut is carry out pizza for just 10 bucks. that's right. you can have two. i don't care. i mean ask your mom. >> chilly out there now with clear skies, we're in the 30s and 40s but look at the highs, sunshine, lower 60s, way above average for this time of year, and showers come through tomorrow, and that begins a cool do you know, turning chilly by the weekend. and you know i'm going to
8:42 am
we're ready for election time. >> we'll get a slice of pizza. that's one way. i don't need a tracking poll to tell me that stress is really something that is very apparent with a lot of people here in america today and through this whole election process. dr. janet taylor, dr. jen ashton, thank you very much. what are some patients telling you. >> this is not a joke. i am literally seeing patients come into my office of all ages complaining, they're saying outright they're stressed. anything from sleep disturbance, migraine headache, palpitations. some literal asking for anti-anxiety medication of i ask what is triggering their stress, their answer, the future of our country, politic, the election, this is not a joke. it's real and they are definitely having physical consequences. >> and children, janet, we keep hearing from parents about how their children are handling what's happening. >> yeah, they are. they are watching and so some of the things you can do as a
8:43 am
tell them, you know, i hope my candidate wins because i support and mention an issue so you're always relating it to something and also make it relatable to how you deal with a loss or how you act when you win. when your soccer team loses or wins and you're like good game, if you lost you go back and say how can i make myself better as an individual and also the team h is all about one country and all of us together. >> i love that. be a classy winner, b loser. >> a teachable moment. that's what you two are always telling us about. that's what parents can do. what can parents do for themselves. >> the first thing is acknowledge the stress. that's number one. number two, talk about it. don't feel like you have to keep it inside just because it's a loaded topic and then you know i always think focus on the basic, trifecta of health, eat well, try to sleep well, try to move your body every day and you know i'm a big believer in meditation as i know you are. >> i did it this morning. >> i think we need a double
8:44 am
maybe three. george is giving me the thumbs up. that's right. >> three people. >> yes. >> every day. we need it. >> it really does -- people say who can't do it, if we can do it, you can do it. would you encourage watching tonight with your children? >> well, absolutely because, again, you know, competition is good. you learn to grow, you learn maturity but so is cooperation so we need to talk about how we can cooperate together and unity, moving forward with healing and forgiveness, and most importantly, love and hope for the because i've heard this over and over again the stressful feeling. it's okay. it's okay. this is a very important time. >> you're human. your brain is always thinking and on and it's am i going to be stressed or relaxed and choose to practice med take and think about what's positive. >> uh-huh. so important. >> any pizza? >> i'll have a slice. >> doctor's orders. >> doctor's orders. you heard from the doctor. thank you both very much.
8:45 am
election? we're going to talk about it? just two minutes, hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
8:46 am
and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice: do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message... and why i respectfully ask
8:47 am
okay, by this time tomorrow election likely not certain to be over. it's been a long road full of twist and turns. no one could predict it. here's a look back at how we got here. >> i am officially r >> i'm back. i'm running for president. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, their rapists. >> i've been called many things by people. quitter is not one of them. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs. >> only rosie o'donnell if for
8:48 am
rosie o'donnell. >> yes, i'm sure it was. >> breathe. >> lying ted. >> you can do it. >> should corporate america love hillary clinton? >> everybody should. >> can i finish please? all right. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> we're going to build a wall. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't voters. >> islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. ? we are the champions ? >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> i accept your nomination for
8:49 am
after all, when there are no ceilings the sky's the limit. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax so -- >> that makes me smart. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely -- >> wrong. >> proved. >> which means >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or he's never paid tacks in his life. >> wronger. >> as clinton tries to enter the van she loses her footing and nearly collapses. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. >> avalanche of accusations against donald trump. >> such a nasty woman.
8:50 am
president. >> the process of rigged. >> the fbi gets a warrant to examine thousands of e-mails from a top clinton aide. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> our new poll shows the race for the white house remains neck and neck. >> the story and mark updegrove joins cokie and matt. it's like -- you sit back >> it's depressing. >> no, no, what was the biggest moment for you. >> we saw a lot of them there. but i also think that back in the republican primaries, when we had all of those people, how did we get to donald trump? and one of the moments was when george was doing the debate in new hampshire and chris christie just went after marco rubio. >> it was martha and david doing the debate but i agree. i think that was an absolutely key moment in the campaign, had
8:51 am
new hampshire. would have had a different primary race. what about you? >> my moment which set all of this in motion was the day he came down that escalator and gave that speech because i think it set him up at that point to win the republican primary and also set him up an implanted the problem that he's likely to have tonight with latino voters and other voters of color. so that speech, that escalator, that moment changed the republican primary and changed the nature of this election. >> that escalator rid 500 days ago when you think back to that moment. >> wow. >> mark, the historian, will history be kind. >> i don't think history will be kind to the election cycle. what i'm struck by when you look at those, how profoundly different these candidates are. you have the establishment candidate in hillary clinton. no one is surprised that hillary clinton got the nomination and you have the anti-establishment candidate in donald trump.
8:52 am
know he got that. if you don't have a distinct choice, if you don't know who you're choosing when you go to the polls, you haven't been paying attention. >> you know, there's something quite wonderful about that, i mean, this is the consent of the governed. that was always the american experiment and the idea that someone who is totally from the outside with his whole party apparatus against him and all of the conservative intellectuals against hi possibility of being president at thes you something about the american system. >> regardless of the result tonight history will be made in two ways tonight, first it'll be the most diverse electorate we've ever seen in an election in the history of the country and, secondly, no matter if donald trump wins or hillary clinton wins it will be historic. donald trump win, somebody without any political experience and military experience has never got elected president and the first woman president if hillary clinton wins, history will be made tonight in history on both sides. >> and we will be here all night
8:53 am
thank you for that.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is
8:56 am
fusion. the beauty of a well made choice. it is great it see the long lines of voters and we will be here all night long. you're going to be an choring our coverage. >> we'll take a break today. vote. we'll see you tonight. >> let's do it america. >> election day. >> get out and vote. >> vote. >> you got to vote people. >> make your voice heard. >> make your vote count. >> voting can be delicious. >> vote, vote, vote, vote. vote. >> , >> come on. vote america. >> get out and vote sponsored by verizon and election night watch your vote count live on abc. >> good morning, i'm emily riemer, the eyeopener is tracking today's big election
8:57 am
give you a live look outside across the city, and we have gorgeous blue skies out there, and cindy it will warm up nicely. >> it sure is, and we're starting to warm up nicely all already, already 52 in worcester and fitchburg in the lower 50s, so the temperatures will climb to near 60 here at mid-day, if you are heading to the polls, polls close at 8:00, it it will be near 50 but highs today, well above average, for this time of year, into the lower 60s, and now the clouds come in tonight, and there will be a few showers passing through tomorrow and behind that, we're trending colder by the weekend. morning. >> good morning, cindy, green line has minor delays. orange and red back on schedule, and north of town, we're watching a couple of problem spots on 93, there is a crash, over by commerce way a southbound accident causing delays and is 28 by lowell street, another crash. the pike, 35, 495 to 128, and a slow ride on the expressway, 35 minutes, braintree to boston. emily. >> thank you, the white house is not the only race being watched very carefully by people across
8:58 am
democrat maggie hassan and kelly ayotte are locked in a heated senate battle. the governor trying to unseat the gop incumbent, and this could help to determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate, newscenter 5 also will be in new york city covering the presidential campaign, and then ben simmoneau will be with the clinton camp and j.c. monahan at the campaign headquarters, special coverage begins today at 4:00 p.m., and stick with us for complete election coverage. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin.
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