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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. >> i am glad the whole thing is over. maria: a campaign that has tested boundaries. mr. trump: the first thing heard. >> tonight, new england and the nation decides and newscenter 5 is there. maria: in new hampshire for a key senate race and in massachusetts were controversial questions will be settled. ed: democracy in action.
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maria: look at that live picture, the mines are going pretty strong. that is jamaica plain. and a reminder if you are in line at 8, you'll get to to vote. thank you for joining us for our special commitment 2016 election coverage. i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. polls in a few states have closed. vermont has closed and we can tell you right now that hillary clinton has won the state of vermont. indiana and kentucky. vermont for clinton, indiana and kentucky for trump. we still have closing at this hour georgia, south carolina, and virginia. those -- you will be longer before we learn more. we have coverage, j.c. monahan is at trump headquarters.
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ben: hillary clinton carrying the state of vermont. you can see the room here starting to fill up, awaited hours this afternoon to get into this building. it was a pretty warm november day in new york city. let's come back here to the left. you can look at the stage behind me, there is the podium where later this evening hillary clinton will either give a celebratory speech or concession speech. the outline is of the united stat chappaqua, westchester county. about an hour ago she is coming into manhattan to watch the results of the peninsula hotel. if you know anything about manhattan geography, the peninsula hotel is at 55th and 5th avenue. trump tower, one block away, 56 and fifth avenue. hillary clinton voting this morning in chappaqua, being greeted by a big crowd of supporters, also a big crowd at
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feeling humbled but confident. quick she had a very late night, she did not get home until 3 a.m. and she had a great event with president obama and the first lady in philadelphia. and the midnight rally that had a huge crowd waiting for her at the airport at 3 a.m. she is feeling really grateful. then: the clinton campaign says they believe out the vote effort made a big impact in those our ground states including in new hampshire. they had thousands of volunteers all up and down new hampshire knocking on doors, encouraging people to get out to the polls today. new hampshire has no early voting. we will have a covered for you tonight as we are live at the javits center on west side of manhattan. maria: thank you. we will check again with ben as
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j.c.? j.c.: good evening. we are at the hilton midtown. i will tell you doors opened at 6:30 a.m. for this invitation only event. there are a few media people on the all room floor. some cheers going up when it is the -- the first state was called for clinton. cheers when up here when it was called for kentucky and indiana in trump saver. -javits center event the election party is pretty low key so far. you can see behind me that there are some flags on the stage and a podium, we have a couple of posters around and some monitors and that is about it. definitely no pageantry or grandeur that you might expect for someone who knows how to put on a show. both agree that would be donald trump. he has been quoted as saying a
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maybe that is the reason. perhaps there is something coming our way from the campaign , that is all to be unfolded. earlier today, trump voted. what would you expect him to do in midtown and his wife melania. even lately trying to look over to see who she was voting for. we can assume that she voted for her husband as well. earlier as well, trump's son eric also voted for his his ballot and how proud he was that he was voting for his father only to quickly delete that tweet because it is illegal to take pictures in a polling place in new york city and certainly of your valid. there is no sharing of completed ballots. these are the things that are happening here but i will tell you on twitter, you can see donald, junior and eric so campaigning, making phone calls trying to get out the vote. that is live here from midtown.
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become -- we will learn who becomes president. whoever becomes president will be closely watching the balance of power in the house and senate. there are eight seats up for grabs in the senate and either party could take over. maria the hotly contested senate : race in new hampshire will play into that. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in manchester with challenger maggie hassan's campaign. reid: not only is this one of the most closely watched and difficult to predict. far too close to call. if you look at a certain poll, one has maggie hassan when he and one has senator kelly ayotte winning. all of those hold well within the margin of error. governor hassan is doing her part voting early this morning. she went straight to several different polling places, thanking supporters.
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largest independent vote in the nation. granite stators are well known to vote for the candidate they now over hardy loyalty. you see a lot of split tickets in this state. the governor said she wants to take new hampshire all the way to washington to get things done. >> we're building a strong and thriving middle class and we are confident their kids will have a better future. that is what we can do if we come together and work across party lines. she is trying to convince voters that she is the candidate who can work across the aisle. ed: senator kelly ayotte will watch the results in concord. david: you may remember six years ago, kelly ayotte sailed to victory in her first u.s. senate run with more than 60% of the vote. tonight is likely to be a lot more dramatic. accompanied by her daughter, ayotte voted near her home in nashua this morning.
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spend more than $19 million on this campaign, mainly for tv ads. but she's also spent a a lot of time campaigning on the ground. in fact, during the last 24 hours, she says she made 30 campaign stops including several overnight that left her a bit blurry-eyed this morning, she said. >> but it was a good experience, you know. getting out and being at the red arrow diner 1 in the morning and seeing folks there. so it's great to be out through the night in new hampshire. i love grassroots campaigning so it was fun meeting people and shaking those last-minute hands, right. david: one thing ayotte did not do as part of her campaign is appear at any rallies with donald trump. after initially saying she would vote for him she then said she would not. in the end, she says, she wrote in mike pence's name for president. live in concord, nh, david
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we will be monitoring it throughout the evening. ed: hillary clinton has won vermont. donald trump has won both indiana and kentucky. those states and the polls in those states have closed. you have a hour to vote. maria: this is in jamaica plain's. >> poll workers are making it easier so you can do your civic duty. they are calling for more voting groups and staff where there is significantly long lines. it takes about an hour just to get to the door. in terms of turnout this election night could break the record set four years ago. can you say how much longer the lines would be if we did not
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really long. we will have a new record. >> letters are patient and determined to be heard. >> i voted for hillary. it is a very divisive election. it is a must concerning how close the call was because of the extreme stances. >> trying to straighten out this country, the only way to do that is vote trump. >> there has been at the polls. nothing to impact outcome. >> some equipment failure has not interrupted voting. we have had a few instances where the incorrect local ballot has been given out. >> the midday crowd seemingly shocked they did not beat the rush.
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line was to the white house. >> the polls close at 8 p.m. so at 8 p.m. and officer will come to wherever the end of the line is, everyone in front of me from the officer can still vote the matter how long it takes. -- n no matter how long it takes. and: we have some breaking n to close it they're going to stay open until 8 p.m. because the town sent out an e-mail with the wrong hours on it. the polls in dover, new hampshire are open until 8 p.m. tonight. maria: voter turnout record was actually set in durham, new hampshire, the home of unh. it is thought that more than 7900 votes cast two hours before
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ballots so voting could continue. maria: we are watching these first results coming in. what should we he looking for? >> that would be for you and north carolina and pennsylvania. we are looking for those. whether they can call them early is a whole other story but if hillary clinton takes florida off the or pennsylvania, trump cannot win. >> that includes north carolina. mitt romney got 206 electoral votes against barack obama. trump cannot afford to lose any of those north carolina votes early. also florida. if he loses florida, trump is done. >> new hampshire is in play and important to both. >> you look at that not only for the presidential but the senate
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much earlier than the others. ed: the polls in dover will stay later. you have until a to do that. our coverage continues with a look at one of the ballot questions legalizing marijuana. maria: what can the expect if question for passes? harvey: it was mild and beautiful. we will cool it down. danielle: two people were set -- were swept up to sea. maria: we continue to count down to the close of the polls at 8 p.m. in right now you see what the tally is but it is early and we will be here for you all
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astra zeneca may be able to help. ed: thi the close of polls at 8 p.m. this is jp where people are still waiting to vote. we could hit over 2 million. if you did it that was right. over 2 million people could show up to vote in person. maria: certainly a lot of interest at this hour. three states have been called so far. vermont for hillary clinton, indiana, and kentucky four
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states have closed and you will see them right here in purple. voting is done in most of florida exit the panhandle. those are the states where polls are closing at 7:30 p.m. and the big one to watch is north carolina in green. you have the states where polls will close at 8 p.m. and there are a lot there including swing states like new hampshire and pennsylvania. ed: voters in nine states are marijuana and in five of them including here massachusetts they are deciding whether to legalize marijuana. maria: it is question 4 and it has been hotly debated. todd kazakiewich is covering the opposition and john atwater is with the supporters. john: supporters are joining here on boylston street. a couple of dozen people here, they're expecting a few hundred tonight. this is -- has been a lengthy
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they were working the phones to get people to the polls. supporters say that taxing marijuana could the state -- bring the state $100 million in revenue. it establishes a commission to regulate the industry and determine limits on potency. towns across the state would be able to vote to keep marijuana stores out of their communities even if it does pass. a passing vote means that after december 15, you would be able to have up to 10 ounces of marijuana inside your they would not be able to open for another year. wmaria: thank you. ed: a very different mode among question for opponents. -- question 4 opponents. >> there is no doubt that as individuals they will be gathering to watch the results
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that if question 4 passes, edibles will be marketed to young people and there will be more drugged driving and the tax revenue will be insufficient to compensate for the effects. the no side is a bipartisan coalition that includes some people who support legalizing recreational marijuana. they argue this ballot question is the wrong way to go about it because it favors the marijuana industry and risks they health and safety of the public. maria: janet wu is here to talk more about question 4. in: what happens if it passes? janet: the leadership at the statehouse is divided, you have governor baker and the speaker on one side, they are opposed to legalization. the senate president is on the other side. you have this date treasurer who
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is in charge of the cannabis commission. they will have to decide are they going to have, what things do they want to get rid of and regulate, the levels of thc, are they going to ban edibles? i do not think they will have the political courage even know they are calling for it. the constituency in amherst wants that. you have a question about whether they are going to try to put some restraints on home is ed:>> the commission has three months to take action on those applications. if there is any money the state will collect mother that is another thing, will the legislature try to increase the
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a question that has been on the ballot. why haven't all these things been figured out up until now? >> no one wants to do anything because they have their fingers crossed they will not have to do it. they do not want to do anything unless they absolutely have to. ed: nine states will decide and five others including massachusetts, california, and maine will decide. on this part of the country. a lot of people will be looking to us for leadership in this passes. ed: we are looking to harvey now for the weather. harvey: this is an election day that make go in the record books for something odd. we started out in the 20's, high temperature in the 70's, a 42 degree jump.
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during the afternoon, just incredible. boston is cooling down slowly. 50 degrees tonight, very gentle breeze out of the south and with the clear skies and light winds, we cooldown quickly after those mild temperatures. most laces are in the 40's but a few upper 30's are showing. jeffrey and forward -- orange and taunton. it will not be as cool or is cold as last night. quite as mild but fairly close. we have clouds and a couple of showers. that is why will not be quite as mild. you can see the clouds approaching the hudson river and some showers into buffalo. i am not sure that they will stay together completely as they approach us. a little area of low pressure forming on this front a cause some rain to form around southeastern mass in the cape later tomorrow and rub the rest of the area of moisture.
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colder. here is a closer look at tomorrow morning, could have a strip of showers to the connecticut river valley and then it weakens and a spot spiegel or shower likely. we will clear during far night and there is your sunshine for a good part of thursday. i do want to point something out, friday will be an interesting day. it will be breezy, it is -- if not windy and not too cold, jumping into the 50's by late morning or noontime. a very strong cold front will drop down, maybe late friday, friday night and saturday, the temperatures will drop significantly. the wind could be a factor. we are putting this in as a potential impact day on friday. that is because of the wind especially in the afternoon and evening. there you have it, a real nice thursday. clouds more than anything else for tomorrow and still fairly mild. even though it will be colder on saturday we start to moderate sunday afternoon and early next week looks pretty mild as well and the weekend looks to be on
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much more ahead in our special election coverage. ed: next at 7:00, a major coast guard search is underway at this hour. two people swept out to sea while fishing. the latest on that search. ?
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dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. and: right now a search is on in gloucester. maria: two people swept out to sea while fishing.
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they were hit by a wave. one person was able to swim back . they lost sight of the other person described as a man in his early 30's from the boston area. neighbors who live by the water say it is not uncommon to see people out there fishing out on this flat rocks but the water is deep and the current is strong. >> there was -- it was 65 degrees and people were out enjoying the day. it is tragic something happen like that -- happened like that out of the blue. maria: at this hour, the coast guard still working with local and state police and the gloucester harbor and -- harbor master. as they continue to search the area near the shore. and: our special election coverage continues next. maria: also on your ballot, question 2, which would lift the cap on charter schools. we check in with opponents and supporters.
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