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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nichole: america may already be seeing a major compromise from donald trump. he says that he likes "very much" two key provisions. could america be seeing a trump before he even takes office? after yesterday's 90-minute meeting with president obama, word the president-elect could be reversing some of his he now favors keeping both the prohibition against insurers denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and the provision allowing parents to provide coverage for adult children. a stark transformation in his campaign promise to immediately reverse obamacare. also making news, his transition team. advice president-elect mike pence will take the top
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loyalty and the bridge gate scandal may have been factors in that decision. >> the number one characteristic that donald trump is looking for is loyalty. it's something we saw over and over in the campaign. he also wants to have a personal relationship with whoever he chooses. nichole: names floating around for administration positions include rudy children, which is raising questions of conflict of interest says they also help run trump's businesses. maria? maria: also breaking, this is the peace rally. it started hours ago. still going strong on boston common. sky 5 over the large crowd taking part in the love trumps hate rally. todd kazakiewich is there for us live on the ground.
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march. the protesters will be staying right here on the common and loudly proclaiming their disdain for the president-elect. >> love not hate! todd: a third day of protesting in boston and around the country. >> i think it is really important for people to come out and make their values clear and take a stand. so that donald trump sees there are at least 60 million people he did not vote for him. >> same things we celebrate in veterans on veterans day -- discipline and a belief in something larger than ourselves, and i don't think donald trump represents that. todd: they opposed not only the president-elect, but also the system -- the electoral college. >> this is the second time in my lifetime the popular vote did not mean anything. >> hillary clinton would be in office if this were truly a democracy.
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come from all walks of life. many feel that their vote did not count. but they are determined to make sure their voices are heard. >> the presidential campaign has been based on sowing hatred and fear and misogyny and many other things i would like to show my daughter here we do not stand for. todd: this rally was promoted on social media as a peace rally. boston police have been here all afternoon. by all accounts, the rally has from the commons, todd kazakiewichwcvb newscenter 5,. maria: thank you. right now that investigation continues into the death of a baby and marlborough, two adults were also found unconscious at the home. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in marlborough, where he spoke with first responders. jorge: that is right, maria. and tonight, we do know exactly what happened when firefighters
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only two people were seen coming in and out of the house at the end of harrison place, including this young man a cousin of the , baby from him. >> we believe it was an accident , but, you know, until i guess we hear otherwise. jorge: but sources say drugs could have played a role. firefighters arriving at thouse -- the house around noon thursday. the baby about five weeks old. inside, firefighters discovered unresponsive. they quickly pulled out a kit like this and a gave them each a shot of an overdose reversal drug. >> if they feel some reason, again, i'm not sure what they found, that there might have been some opioid overdose, it would have administered this. jorge: the infant dying soon afterwards. these sisters say they were invited to the baby shower a
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jorge: sources say investigators are now looking into the possibility that one of the adults rolled over onto the infant, killing the baby. neighbors say the family originally from peru, is very , religious. >> a christian family, a very religious emily. -- a very religious family. jorge: just a few minutes ago, relatives say the baby's mom and the baby's father tonight remain at the hospital, the condition is improving. the district attorney not involved, still waiting for more information from the medicals examiner's office. jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5 . maria: thank you. honoring veterans past and present in that includes the seaport district. among speakers, a former green bennett -- green beret and a former nfl player. he talked about how tough it is
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>> there are so many young men and women coming back in transitioning out of the military back into civilian life. it's difficult. we don't understand that sometimes, you know? we miss so badly our brothers and sisters who did not make it back. we feel guilty. maria: there was also a veterans day ceremony at the statehouse right there with a salute outside at the memorial to the massachusetts 54th regiment, wh civil war. ed: and reaching out to local veterans at home. newscenter 5's sera congi takes us along as volunteers go door-to-door to thank those who have served and show their appreciation. sera: they are hitting the streets of south boston as a mission. operation think veterans is rolling out this veterans day. this team of volunteers knocking on doors to make veterans aware
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their, knocking on the doors, showing them although i am not a veteran i do appreciate and i do remember everything they sacrifice for our country. >> the most important people today outside our veterans are you, the volunteer. maria: mayor walsh thanking the volunteers to take part in operation thank a veteran. it's a year-long effort. >> the reaction we have gotten , it is amazing. sera: they have handed out like it's a vital information. >> those services make the difference and extending their life. sera: but often the benefit of knocking on doors and simply listening. >> when we knock on doors, they cannot believe someone wants to say thank you to them. sera: they are taking steps
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door. sera: they are making a lot of progress. operation thank a veteran is marking a one-year anniversary. so far this year they have reached a 500 homes and that does not include all of the veterans day will reach today. in south boston, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: wcvb is proud trt they're doing tremendous work shining a light on the invisible wounds of war. you can watch the event right here on channel five. a goes from 7:00 until 9:00 tonight. a very close call for some diners in danvers as a car slams right into their booth. [applause] maria: look at those smiles. a big round of applause for this veteran. the huge birthday surprise his doctor's office pulled off. harvey: cold air is rushed in.
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is going to get, and then the warm-up. timing back on the way. ed: was there something special the last time the patrio played seattle? something special? the defensive star that tom brady not have to worry about. maria: we continue to follow that breaking news, big brush fire burning in the lynnwood reservation for quite some time now. at this point, no homes are threatened. >> a half hour of news of the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00 -- j.c. monahan, ed harding, wcvb newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: sky 5 over a fire on cross street in lowell that damaged a car and two homes. no injuries reports but 18 -- no injuries to report, but
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the cause of the fire is under maria: caught on camera. watch this. the car slamming right into a booth. david bieneck is live on the scene with what happened. david? david: maria, i am seated at the booth where it happened. you can the it is slightly askew next to white used to be a window. the car next to what used to be a window. you can see the car turning, rolling through a window. >> all of us tt in, i heard a huge sound like an explosion. a man -- david: and man in front of the window is slightly pushed by the car. the owner says the reason he thinks no one was hurt is he recently had shatterproof glass
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shards through the restaurant. >> a lot of people could have gotten hurt. david: even the driver, a woman in her 60's, appeared to be fine. she said her car had just been detailed and a floor mat got stuck under the brake pedal. she still got her food? >> she still ate the sandwich. david: that must mean the food is pretty good. in any event, after she ate her live in danvers, david bieneck, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: after she a piece in which. maria: harvey is tracking how cold it will be when we wake up. plus, ice skating on ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle.
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breaking news from lynn, where the lynn woods reservation has a brush fire burning. it is a spectacular picture just in terms of the video you are looking at. it is a long trails and pathways. it does not appear in the homes are threatened at this point by the fire. maria: boston winter will be open to the public at the beginning of december, which is not that far away. the attractions will market. local groups will be able to show off their talents on the community stage. the event will run through december 31. a world war ii veteran's 100th birthday just happened to fall on the best day for him, veterans day. ed: mary saladna shows how his doctor's office teamed up to surprise him. mary: at his annual checkup, his
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general threw a party. >> you have a clean bill of health. mary: he turned 100 today, on veterans day, fitting since he served in world war ii. his secret to a long life? good genes and a quarter cup of honey in his daily coffee. >> he swears by honey. mary: he walked on the treadmill -- treadmill until he turned 97. his family keeps him going, too well. his wife of 65 years, along with their five children, 14 grandchildren, and great grandkids. >> ? happy birthday to you ? mary: in chelsea, i mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: did she say he was working until five years ago?
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what a shame, harv. harvey: that is truly amazing and remarkable. we still have to deal with that wind that is out there. it is fanning the flames of that brush fire in lynn as well. the winds are elevated uric concorde, new hampshire, still gusting at 30. we have a wind advisory at 1 a.m. brookline, medford, all gusting between 40 and 49 miles per hour. even a few scattered reports of downed trees. boston is starting to chill down. 44 degrees. steady winds of 18 miles per hour. that does not include the gusts.
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for tomorrow. these are the actual low temperatures late tonight and to start your day tomorrow. it will not be as windy tomorrow as today, but still fairly breezy for late morning to the mid afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow, we have full sun with 45 to 50 degrees. expected to a milder on sunday because by lunchtime we will be moving into the low 50's, so th to get to 55 or 59 or so for high temperatures on sunday. at we are seeing the cold side of this high pressure, but then we see the milder side from sunday through monday. for the patriots game, tailgating, temperatures will be as high as the 50's and then dropping to the 40's. there will not be much wind. clear skies, dry air. there you have it.
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weekend days. the wind chill will be 20 to 25 to start out saturday morning and about 40 or so during the afternoon. yes, we do have the supermen. we have a full moon, have for sunday night. the moon is going to look 15% larger. here is the deal. the tides will be astronomically higher. sure eno i will be some type of storm with perhaps some gusty winds out of the east. that will compound the situation and could cause the potential for minor to moderate coastal flooding. if the storm strengthens, it could be more of a significant situation. definitely something to watch. splash over and minor flooding is only guaranteed to cause the tides themselves are so high.
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a little bit more wave action and it becomes more to deal with. i'm it meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now here is bob halloran with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. bob: without offering too much detail, bill belichick said today that he had to clear up some confusion a few years ago when talking to his team about veterans day. seems some may have thought he was talking about players who had played in the nfl for a certainly the time. belichick also talked about the real veterans with great admiration. into the service and take that oath, you put your life tween the freedom of this country and somebody trying to harm us, then it doesn't get any more -- you can't do much more than that. that is pretty big. bob: the patriots with plenty of time to practice and prepare for
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sunday night patriot tight end martellus bennett has a brother, michael, who plays for seattle, but who is out for this game with a knee injury. martellus feels badly for his brother but not too badly. >> you always root for him to do well, but not this week. you know? i do what you do go out there are be terrible, but i do what you to go out there and be great either. find some way to be a c average student like you were growing up. bob: is actually an a plus defender, so it's good for the patriots he misses this game. this is the best defense that tom brady will face since returning to action. rob gronkowski knows that he has his work cut out for them. >> a can cover everything one of their players and they are not scared. i am the only one at any point in the field. you've got to be prepared.
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safety versus one of their linebackers. we are all good. you've got to be ready for any of them. bob: gary disarcina is proving you can go home again the 48-year-old massachusetts native is the red sox new bench coach . disarcina spent the past few years with the angels of anaheim, but he lives in plymouth and his commute just got a whole lot easier. and valentine's day is not just for romance. it is for baseball. full squad workouts begin t -- baseball certain 94 days. it may sound like an excuse because it is, but it's also a next one nation. the celtics have lost 3 games in a row giving up an average of 123 points because they've been without al horford and jae crowder. and they'll be without both again tonight when the c's host the knicks. horford's actually missed the last 4 games with a concussion . he was able to return to practice yesterday, but still isn't ready for game action . crowder has a sprained ankle, and is expected to miss another
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we will have highlights of the celtics and the next, and high school playoff action as well. that is sports. ed: is the commute from plymouth better than the commute from anaheim? bob: just go with it. ed: our veterans day special is coming up at 7:00. wcvb proud sponsors of the home base telethon. maria: yes, and the new at 11:00 a wild scene in an oklahoma , mall, a deer crashing through a clothing store. the dramatic moment caught on camera. we'll see you then, but first abc's world news tonight with david david. david: ed, maria, breaking news. we take you inside trump tower. the new team and the shakeup.
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heroes this veterans day. the team spent the day with our local veterans, starting at the west roxbury v.a. hospital. their trophies along for the trip, as you can see and wally, wally b green monster. maria: i love that they did that. i love that we are doing this. wcvb is proud to partner with home base for tonight's veteran's day special. they really do tremendous work shining a light on the invisible wounds of war.
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here, channel 5, from 7:00 until 9:00 tonight. ed: and is going to be perfect, harvey. it will be a little chilly. just sit in and enjoy the home base event.
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tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. plus, will he not repeal obama america divided. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. letters going home after distu disturbidistu disturbing scenes.


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