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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5 -- reid: breaking news, the major decision tonight from donald trump, about who will be on his white house team. nichole: a gas station clerk, back on the job, after being held at knifepoint by masked robbers. her plea for help to track them down. mike: how long this mild air will last. and our next chance for wet weather. >> from boston's news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. nichole: breaking news at 5:00 donald trump has picked reince , priebus as his white house chief of staff. it's one of the first major decisions of his administration. the chairman of the republican national committee spent months on the campaign trail supporting trump. the president-elect also naming conservative media executive stephen bannon as it is
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we're also hearing new details about trump's plans once he takes office. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is here with what we know now. todd these new details are : coming from trump's first sitdown interview, as well as interviews by his advisors. the president-elect is showing signs of compromise on some of the issues he took a hard line on during the campaign. in his first interview since winning the election, president-elect donald trump is talking about important issues like immigration. trump saying he plans to immediately deport two to three million illegal immigrants. wall along the mexican border might actually be a fence. another important issue, the affordable care act. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions -- mr. trump: yes. also with the children living with their parents, we are very much going to try to keep that.
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gap in coverage when his new healthcare initiative takes effect, replacing obamacare, which trump calls ineffective and too expensive. >> when millions of people -- mr. trump: we will do it simultaneously. it'll be just fine. todd today, one of his senior : advisers is talking about the kind of people trump will appoint to his cabinet and other high level positions. >> these are people who are talented and have done this before. you can't just appoint novices. you have to have people who know what they're doing. but, at the same time, moving forward, this is an administration that's going to ve todd: that same advisor also says trump is talking about convening a special session of congress on january 20 after he is sworn in. he will put of that special session to repeal and replace , obamacare. nichole. nichole: right now, two masked robbers are on the run, after holding-up a woman inside a brockton gas station. they burst in, and threatened her with weapons. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson reports, the victim is asking for help to find them.
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because i would not give them more money. rhondella: showing preserverance that comes with needing to provide for her family chrissi , pamales is working the same oak street gas statoion cash register that was stormed friday around at 10:20 p.m., by two armed masked men. >> it was so scary. one had a knife. the other had a gun. they were both skinny and short. rhondella: they took up to 300 dollars in cash and ordered her to the floor. >> they told me to get to the floor and not to press buttons and they left -- they then left. rhondella: taking pamales totebag too. >> it had my paycheck and i had only $76. but i had my personal items. i had pictures. rhondella: the gas station was not busy at the time and she says the knife was this long, this thick with a pointy hook on the end.
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cameras or so she thought. >> i found out on a previous robbery, they cut the video. i was so disappointed. rhondella: a week ago robbers took cigarettes. friday's two armed masked men are still at large. police may be public's help. >> one of them, i remember had blue eyes. rhondella: tonight she's also on the look out and locking up early. >> i feel a little bit better, but i'm still scared. rhondella: in brockton, rhona newscenter 5. reid: take a look outside. not just anyone. the super moon rising tonight. you can see it looks bigger and brighter than the full moon we usually get to see. this is the closest a full moon has been to the earth since 1948. so, what does this all mean, mike? mike: it just means a spectacular evening. it really does. the tides are moving a little bit higher, but we get that whenever we have a full moon. we have every month. it's just something to look
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weather. the only thing moving here is a clock of the recorder because there's not a cloud. even as i widened not be viewed, you cannot find any clouds. when you step outside for the superman tonight, spectacular viewing for it and the temperatures are not too bad either. tomorrow, nothing going on. it stays that way until tomorrow night. that is when we wait for our next catch-up clouds to come in. we have a few 40's showing up, -- 62 degrees in boston. we could see temperatures dropping into the 40's. get away from the city, a little bit cooler, but not as cool as last night. you know, tomorrow will be another winner for us. i will have details on when you can expect rain to be moving in on tuesday in a few moments.
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earthquake that hit new zealand. there is a lot of damage from the magnitude 7.8 quake overnight. it sent people running out into the streets looking for safety, and as abc's jennifer ecclestone reports it triggered tsunami , waves. jennifer: shattered glass and fractured nerves and new zealand. the island nation rocked by the quake overnight. many people waking up to shaking, swaying, to the ground. >> yeah, it started shaking and it got worse and it got worse and it just wouldn't stop. jennifer: re residents report the first quake left two or three minutes, followed by strong aftershocks. >> doors were opening and closing. >> creaking. >> creaking, moving. jennifer: the 7.8 magnitude
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this one example -- products knocked off shelves, the ceiling torn apart. the quick strong enough to send water flushing out of an inground swimming pool. >> oh, my god. this is my apartments after an earthquake. >> it did triggers tsunami waves. earthquakes are common in new zealand, on fault in the pacific ocean. this one was much longer and more intense than usual. >> yeah, it was a scary thing. jennifer: jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. nichole: a somber day in france on the first anniversary of last year's paris attacks. dozens of balloons were released outside paris city hall to honor the 130 victims. plaques and wreaths now mark each of the 7 sites hit by islamic extremists. the french president and prime
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embassy in afghanistan is closed to visitors today after a deadly attack and that decision comes after four americans were killed in a suicide bombing at a nearby u.s. military base yesterday. two were u.s. soldiers, the other two were contractors. their identities have not been released. the taliban is claiming responsibility. staying in that region iraqi , troops advancing their attack on isis, today moving into a small town just outside the city of mosul. it is the second biggest city in iraq and the biggest city under isis control. iraqi troops launched a new effort to retake the area last month. this is the closest they have gotten, reaching the eastern edge of the city. nichole: new hampshire's supreme court will uphold the state's rape shield law for the third time in the case involving seth mazzaglia. mazzaglia was sentenced to life in prison for raping and killing university of new hampshire student lizzie marriott in 2012. he is set to appeal the conviction wednesday. oral arguments will be made open to the public, but marriott's
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the mbta is meeting this week to talk safety after a recent scare for passengers. the t's fiscal and management control board will meet tomorrow to go over issues from the first quarter. that includes this scene on the orange line last month, when cars filled with smoke and passengers busted windows to escape. the meeting will also cover the t's operating budget, and employee compensation. reid: the patriots will be back on the fie after what felt like a very long bye week. it's a super bowl 49 rematch as they take on the seattle seahawks. lynchie is here with a preview. hello, mike. mike lynch: it is the most anticipated game of the season. if you have not left yet, get going because traffic is backed up past lexington. the patriots are still a very, very stubborn team. just but it is hard to throw the ball on these guys. and coach says, you know, if you
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8:30 p.m., here at the stadium will be a great place for it. >> it is a tremendous day for pete, the way he coaches and team, the way they play, they have great physical toughness, mental toughness. they are one of the best teams, best organizations i have encountered in my coaching career. >> it's a very big challenge. they have a lot of great they know how to play the game of football super well. mike lynch: we will check in with bob halloran live from gillette and see you then. nichole: all right. no doubt you've received one of those calls, a scammer on the other end. reid: we have some advice on how to fight back in ben has your back. plus -- >> i think that is a real thing. nichole: on a mission to help veterans thrive when they return to civilian life. how some local vets are making a difference. reid: a fitchburg girl on a mission. her devotion to helping classmates struggling with food insecurity coming up at 5:30 in
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. nichole: the feds just indicted more than 50 people in india for running a $300 million phone scam posing as irs officials. reid: but law enforcement says these phone scams are nearly impossible to completely shut down. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau has what should you know in tonight's ben has your back.
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it was a protocol she never expected. >> they told me not to take the phone from my ear or they'd shoot my daughter. ben: the girl now being held hostage, and they were many thousands in cash. >> they were going to kill her. ben: they knew what town you lived in. they lose circumstances around the community? >> yes. : it was convincing? so convincing, she went to the bank and got a money order. but it was all a scam. her daughter was safe. shows what i thought it was a scam from the get-go, but was afraid maybe it wasn't. >> we see this quite often. ben: norwood police chief william brooks says these scams are on the rise.
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the world, but spoof a phone number. here is another scam. >> we have an arrest warrant against you. right now, you and your physical property both are being monitored. ben: a caller acts as an agent of the irs claiming you owe money or face imprisonment -- except the irs will never call you. and they'll certainly never ask you to pay by reading a gift card number or sending a money order. remember, if you hang up, they will likely just move on to the next number on their list. >> they might make 100 calls, and thig but if that is worth $5,000, one that's a pretty lucrative day for them. the case where the person says it might be a scam but maybe it is not pause. , call the police. we'll come right down and we'll help you out with it. ben: for this woman the lasting damage goes far beyond the 5 grand they lost. >> maybe each day we feel a little safer, but we don't feel safe. reid: that was ben simmoneau reporting. another scam involves callers
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so remember, never give access to your computer over the phone. and never give out bank account information. you are saying -- nichole: yeah, i got were those calls. i'm you it was a scam. i walked through it all with them. i just -- reid: i give out my brother's, just in case. [laughter] mike: day today. november, warm and sunny out. reid: nice out. mike: this is a spectacular evening. the high temperature boston, 60 degrees. the normal high temperature 52. i think tomorrow we may be a little bit warmer as well. winds from the west-southwest at just now -- nima for our.
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we have cold wind and snow flakes -- that's not showing up in this forecast. as we travel down the coast, and you have to go way down the coast -- parts of florida, georgia, there is a low pressure system developing. that is why tuesday is looking like a good opportunity to see some rain. tonight for the pta southwesterly breeze. gorgeous evening out there. it should stay clear of right. i'm going to call it relatively mild. for november, it's pretty good. then for tomorrow, sunny skies. we have to wait until tomorrow night with clouds start moving in here. tomorrow, we may get a few degrees warmer. with sunshine and a southwesterly breeze, boy, monday would be a nice day to
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of. watch what happens during the day. cobalt blue skies. by the time we get to tuesday, were talking about rain in the forecast. the low pressure system will move up. this is a glock tonight. tomorrow will be sunny all day. as we get deeper into the forecast, this will be lifting northward. it is trying to pick up the window little bit and that does present an issue. you know how we are talking about the super moon? it is a full moon, which means high astronomical tide. we will keep an eye on these types here. lunchtime monday, tuesday, and right around noon on wednesday. why? it does not take much. a little wind action, and you
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not an issue unless that storm was to crank up. it does not look like it's going to do that. this is what i mean by needing moisture. despite all of that rain that we got a few weeks ago, worcester is running dry. let me break this down a little bit more with the timeline of this. nice and warm tomorrow, a little cooler on tuesday. the rain moving in. then it lifts northward. look for downpours in the evening. then it kicks on out of here. we may see a few lingering showers. the most likely spot, rain on the coast. sunshine is back and then temperatures in the 60's.
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where is the cold air? i'm starting to get indications after sunday, the following monday, a week from tomorrow, that is when the cold air will start to work back into the forecast. in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures. nichole: local veterans using what they learned in the military to make a difference. reid: i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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reid: the transition from
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proving you can make a difference. emily riemer has their personal stories. in late from scaling a mountain in bolivia in search of a plane that has been missing to helping a school committee, the former army ranger credits his military training with this belief -- >> i can do anything. anything is possible. emily: and boston's commissioner of veterans services s paired her for the challenges she confronts today. >> it was a school in discipline and self-reliance and also teamwork. that is huge. and all of those things i can use now and forever. >> it led them to this stage and the got your six storytellers
5:24 pm
we are leaders, we are team builders, we are civic assets. italy: a message that could be at odds with how society perceives returning servicemembers. >> i think both stories persist. i think people could return from service and struggled to find purpose. >> the skills that you had are very useful and not just we can use this resource and different things like public service or medical services or any service. >> my name is gisele stirling and i am a u.s. marine corps veteran. emily: if you want to get involved, the city does host a monthly thank a vet program. and if you want to watch dan and gisele's speeches in their entirety, head to our wcvb
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reid: as we continue the pay , rate for bridge worker job climbing nearly 600%, and guess who is paying the bill. nichole: 5 investigates the pay hike courtesy of the state. >> watcher veterans day me into all of us? >> you are lucky to live in america. reid: proud to fight for his country honored to be a marine. , but there is one thing he deservedm
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>> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. mr. fine: in the weeks and months ahead, everyone will try to gain the attention and support of a new administration. optimists hope we unite; pessimists expect greater gridlock. but one issue is a no brainer increased assistance and immediate attention for our veterans. recently, 5 investigates' karen anderson reported on deplorable living conditions at the chelsea soldiers' home: rodent droppings, mold in showers, and signs everywhere of overdue maintenance. that's just one sign of veteran's services falling short. a more staggering indication: an average of 20 veterans per day commit suicide, according to the veteran's administration. one exceptional model for
5:29 pm
homebase, a partnership of mass general hospital and the red sox foundation, is working to heal the invisible wounds of war for post 9/11 service members, veterans, and their families through clinical care, fitness and wellness-based programs, community outreach, education, and research. home base's care is accessible. appointments are quickly booked, in days if needed, providing free care for the uninsured, and time of service or discharge status doesn't matter. they truly help all, but they require increased financial assistance to meet the demand. full disclosure -- wcvb is a we are drawn to their mission. it is truly a program to be in related and expanded across america. our military spends an extreme amount of time and money training our service men and women to go to war. it is unconscionable if we don't spend just as much assisting and supporting a successful return--
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wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. reid: following breaking news the year -- administration. the president-elect is naming reice priebus as his white house -- reince priebus as his white house chief of staff. nichole: the chairman of the republican national committee spent months on the campaign trail supporting trump. trump is also naming conservative media executive stephen bannon as a senior counselor. reid: now. we have the super moon. that is the headline tonight. mike: we will talk about the super moon in a few moments. nichole: and sunshine. mike: there is no place that is cold out there. this is november. i know sometime in february we are going to pay for this. the heat and humidity, it will dry out there. closer to home, it's beautiful out there. look at that.
5:31 pm
relatively cool. we are looking at temperatures in the 40's, the 60's. the satellite picture is moving. even when i widen up of view it is hard to find clouds. really it is down around florida. the system will get organized and perhaps give us rain sometimes around tomorrow night we will start to see some clouds come in. the next 12 hours in boston, temperatures will drop off into the 40's. away from the city, it is going to get a little bit cooler. we will talk about when the temperatures come back to the 60's, the timeline and how much
5:32 pm
firing -- two young boys found daniel smith suffering from gunshot wounds. the 35 euros and died friday at a boston hospital. investigators are still looking for a car in connection with the case, a red 2016 mazda sedan with florida license plates. if you have any information about the car reid: five investigates tonight -- imagine the pay for a job sky-rocketing nearly 600% overnight. that's the deal the state gave some bridge workers on a publicly funded job. so how did it happen and are taxpayers getting their money's worth? here's investigative reporter kathy curran. kathy: the brendan bridge, one of the busiest bridges on the
5:33 pm
the bridge operator strolls out of this trailer of to the bridge house, flips the safety gauge down, and opens the bridge for the boats below. he closes the bridge, makes note of the vessel passing, and heads that inside where photos show a comfortable workplace, complete with a time for resting and flatscreen tv- an hour, that is 156,000 taxpayer dollars for a 40-hour workweek, a bigger paycheck than the governor. frank and pete were shocked by that rate. they worked for the bridge for about a decade, until they were
5:34 pm
when you hear someone is getting paid $75 an hour, what went through your mind? >> what's wrong with this picture? kathy: here is what happened. that massive increase in pay kicked in when the state started making maintenance of the bridge house. that triggered the prevailing wage law, which required that workers be paid a wage in existing union contracts and that rate is usually much higher of how the prevailing wage law is out of control. kathy: he says massachusetts is one of a handful of states that sets the prevailing wage that way. the median hourly wage nationally for a bridge center is $10.10 an hour.
5:35 pm
makes you pull your hair out when you see something like this. kathy: 5 investigates found that even this pig is feeding from the taxpayer trough. we discovered one of those high paid bridge tenders bringing her breakfast, more than an hour away from the bridge site. they maintain and operate the bridge through a contract with the state department of transportation. mass. said because the contractor is involved, wage. our investigation found operators just sitting in the trailer waiting for boats day after day. >> it just doesn't seem to make sense to me. kathy: the total cost to operate the bridge is almost half $1 million and as far as the pig is concerned, a lawyer told us that workers do feed the vague, but not during work hours.
5:36 pm
mass dot that that employee was on vacation. the state is reviewing the work log. reid: if you think you have a story for 5 investigates, give our tip line a call. 781-285-tips. or leave a message on the 5 investigates facebook page. nichole: proud to serve his country three different times. reid: and there's one more thing this local veteran is hoping he can achieve with the military. 11-year-old now counting 5 years of success, feeding children in need. a local girl's hard work in
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nichole: he served in okinawa during world war ii, then reenlisted for korea. a proud and devoted marine and family man. reid: and it was that dedication to his family that they say stopped him from getting a of a local veteran, who is someone you should know. maria: winter, 1940 four. he was a 17-year-old kid in you, and he knew his destiny. >> when i was 17, i joined the marine corps. maria: he went to okinawa as part of the six-marine division, 22nd regiment, receiving the citation for extreme care was him.
5:40 pm
>> you had to dig holes to sleep in or you might get shot. maria: it was help, but there -- maria: it was hell, but there were moments that now bring a smile. >> the japanese had zeroed in on us and they were sending round after round. i was with another man in a foxhole, and i fell asleep. i woke up, and after they stopped shelling, and i said what happened? you slept all through the mortar, he said, for an hour an >> thank you. maria: which is why he did three tours of duty. but it ended with a general discharge. he got a letter that his wife mary was giving birth and was hemorrhaging and he rushed to go, and that is what got him a general discharge even though he
5:41 pm
it. maria: this is a man who served his country three times as a marine. they have tried, to no avail, to change his discharge to honorable. it would mean the world to him, but not more then how much it meant to serve our country. >> i am proud of the 17-year-old boy that enlisted. maria: what should veterans day mean to all of us? >> that you are lucky to live in america. reid: that was maria stephanos reporting. the denty family says they've been told by the marines too much time has passed and they couldn't locate the records to change his discharge status. but they say they won't give up and they are appealing to anybody who may have to power to make this change. nichole: hopefully that can happen. clearer and cool.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my stop & shop. nichole: take a look at this. the super moon rising tonight over castle island. you can see it is bigger and brighter than the full moon you usually see. like et back in the day. this is the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1948. it's beautiful.
5:45 pm
we're not going to phone home, but we will phone in super meteorologist mike wankum. mike: this is a super moon. all of these moons have a nickname. this is the super beaver moon. we refer to it as a superman. most people really notice it when it as over the horizon. it will not set until 6:17 1948. we have a little system coming up the coast on tuesday. we could have pockets of minor flooding. speaking of sunset, we keep losing two minutes and 13 seconds every day until we get to this place and then we start bringing back up. i groundhog day, we are back at 5:00.
5:46 pm
the air is relatively dry as the wind continues out of the west-southwest at nine miles per hour. you see the temperatures in the 40's and 50's? they will drop off tonight. but there are no egg storms to talk about until you go way on the coast. so, overnight tonight low temperatures in the 40's in boston. there could couple cold spots. what about high temperatures tomorrow? i temperatures in the low 60's. look at this. tomorrow, worcester, about 58, and then we start to talk about the rain on tuesday, but notice how the temperatures start to drop off. wednesday, we start to rebound right in there.
5:47 pm
the cape tomorrow, you will be enjoying temperatures right around the 60 degree mark. so, what is happening. high pressure is moving off. look at the map. this is 8:00 tomorrow night and all we are talking about, a little bit of cloud cover. then it will lift its way northward and as it does that, it starts to bring the air in. i think the morning little wet. it could mean more flooding at the coast. right now, it's looking like minor stuff, more splash over. you know what we are talking about. just be cautious around high tides. so, here is what is happening, tuesday, let's get a break down on the timeline. rainfall totals, we are looking at a half inch to an inch of
5:48 pm
afternoon, tuesday evening, the overnight hours, and lingering a little bit on wednesday. we will be back into thursday and friday, next week and looking very nice. there is a chance of showers on sunday. i want to give you a heads up, because after that it does look like a wave of cold air, but that is not for another seven days. that's the latest forecast. i'm meteorologist mike wankum. >> here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike lynch: high, folks. -- hi, folks. the traffic is already horrendous. of course, you have that super bowl rematch. the seahawks of been thinking about this thing for a long, long time. and you have pete carroll and seattle with that score to settle on the malcolm butler interception they thought they
5:49 pm
-- you know, about coach carroll, saying it is all about the ball, it is all about the ball. they are tonal -- turnover driven. they have a lot of play mac -- playmakers at a lot of levels. it will be a big challenge for us. >> they are physically and mentally tough. they can play hard. we've got to be prepared. mike lynch: all right, as seattle quarterback russell wilson. you want another connection? is data harry wilson -- his dad harry wilson. seattle is 2-1 on road. >> i really admired the job that they have done and the consistency they have found. it's a tribute to the coaching. the coaches have changed under
5:50 pm
but the consistency of their performance is always at the state level. mike lynch: drew brees, touchdown pass. they line up for the extra point, and it is blocked by justin simmons, scooped up by willie parks, who takes it 84 yards. did not step out of downs. this is worth to the boys. and the review said he stayed in there is a difference in the game, 25-22. the first time in nfl history a conversion has been run back to decide a football game. and you can reach me on my facebook page or website at if you have a great volleyball team, cross-country, math team, great band, great teacher, great coach -- if you think i should
5:51 pm
them a thursday next. coming up tonight on sportscenter 5 o.t. -- the patriots game will be just concluding. we will have the story of that one. sean grande from new orleans, and we go to watertown. another busy sports night. nichole: all right, thank you. a teenager helping to feed local children who would otherwise go without food. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming. i can't believe he's doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly.
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for good -- a local teenager who saw classmates who needed help and answered the call. nichole: and she's a real inspiration. newscenter 5's erika tarantal shows us how she's making a real difference for kids who don't know where their next meal is coming from. erika: these bags ease worry. they lift spirits. filling a fundamental need. they're the work of kira andreucci and her team of volunteers at karing 4 kidz. see, back when she was 11, kira noticed something really troubling every friday. kira: kids were worrying about when they were going to have their next meal. that didn't sit comfortable with me. erika: so she stood up. her plan pack food for kids in need to take home every week for the weekend. her dad skeptical at first she'd follow through, but not for long. >> she gave up her 11th birthday and asked her family to give money and then she took and used that money to buy food. erika: that first year, kira and her dad were a two person team. >> she packed every single one herself for the whole year, i just helped her load them up and
5:55 pm
erika: her school at the time was mckay arts academy. it worked so well there that over time, 3 more schools were added. kira: so that is 199 kids. >> their response consistently is, if there is a need, we will fill it. erika: principal lourdes ramirez says karing 4 kidz has never said no to a hungry child. recipients are identified by guidance counselors or teachers and kept anonymous. >> we know that nationally and fitchburg is not an exception, that the need to secure a stable food supply co increase, so we certainly have seen the same pattern. erika: the operation so big now, kira can't pay for it with birthday cash. kira: donations, fundraisers and we also apply for grants -- for grants. erika: that work, well worth it , she says every time the , weekend rolls around. kira: i still get the good
5:56 pm
their next meal. erika: karing for kids operates year round, working with the rec department in the summer and they deliver special baskets for the holidays and even gifts for the kids who receive those kid packs. to find out more, go to erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: what an incredible young woman. an incredible young woman. mike: how did you like today? reid: let's do it again tomorrow. mike: today was 60. tomorrow 64 ee territory. tuesday, here comes the rain. your evening commute could be a little bit slower. we need the rain. when does this all come crashing down? it looks like a week from tomorrow, that is when the cool weather starts. reid: all right. we have breaking news. in easton, and arrest made in connection with a deadly
5:57 pm
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>> now on newscenter 5 -- nichole: breaking news, the major decision tonight from donald trump, about who will be on his white house team. reid: also breaking, an arrest in the mysterious murder of a man in easton. the questions police are still trying to answer. mike: how long this mild air will last. and our next chance for wet weather. >> from boston 's whose leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. nichole: breaking news in the presidential transition. president-elect donald trump is naming the first members of his staff. good evening. i'm nichole berlie. reid: i'm reid lamberty. rnc chairman reince priebus will be white house chief of staff. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich joins us with the other appointment trump made late this afternoon. todd? todd conservative media : executive steve bannon will be president-elect trump's senior counselor. that news comes as we hear more from trump himself about his
6:00 pm
in his first interview since winning the election, president-elect donald trump is talking about important issues like immigration, saying he plans to immediately deport 2 million to 3 million illegal immigrants and he says part of the wall along the mexican border might actually be a fence. another issue -- the affordable care act. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure people with the conditions -- mrtrump: yes, because it happens to strongest aspects. also the children living with their parents -- we are very much point to try to keep them. todd: trump insists there will be no gap in coverage when his new health insurance initiative takes effect, replacing obamacare, which trump calls it effective into expensive. >> with millions of people -- mr. trump: we will do is simultaneously. it will be just fine. todd: also talking about high


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