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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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interview since winning the white house. his new message to some voters and the controversy brewing over his first higher. reid: questions police are trying to answer and the key clue still missing. mike: i'm tracking trouble down the coast. nichole: a local town sending a warning about the increase in sick animals. the dangerous and h contagious disease they are carrying. reid: we're getting a better sense of president-elect trump's priorities for his administration. good evening. i'm reid lamberty. nichole: i'm nichole berlie. the president-elect is also speaking to protestors and people behind hate crimes since his election. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich has trump's message. todd: the president-elect says protestors have nothing to fear from a trump administration and he has a very clear message for hate-groups who seem to be emboldened by his election. >> i will say it right to the cameras. stop it.
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engaging in hateful speech and actions against people of racial and religious minority groups. in his first interview since the election, trump continues labeling the thousands of demonstrators nationwide as professionals protestors but insists they have nothing to fear. >> don't be afraid, we are going to bring our country back todd: one way trump says that's going to happen is by deporting millions of illegal immigrants and criminals. >> gang members, drug dealers we're getting them out of our country. todd: trump saying tonight on 60 minutes, there are some issues he won't touch like gay marriage. >> it's irrelevant because it is already settled. todd: but trump has a different take on other issues, which have also been ruled on by the supreme court, like abortion. and his view, he says, will be reflected in the supreme court justices he nominates. >> having to do with abortion,
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would go back to the states. >> but some women will not be able to get an abortion. >> it will go by state. perhaps they will have to go to another state. todd: the president-elect also saying tonight, he'll work for $1 a year and he sounds open to some compromise regarding obamacare and the wall along the mexican border. nichole. nichole: president-elect trump is making two key administration hires. and there's some controversy coming with them. reince priebus will serve as white house chief of staff. he's the head of the republican trump during the campaign. he's a washington insider with close ties to house speaker paul ryan. campaign chairman steve bannon will serve as trump's chief strategist. bannon is a vocal critic of the republican establishment. he was the head of breitbart, a site that critics say fuels white supremacists and
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white supremacy online. the danger now is he will provide a home for it in the white house. nichole: tonight, the head of the anti-defamation league says the group opposes bannon's appointment. trump says preibus and bannon will work as equal partners. people marched through the streets of san francisco tonight, continuing to protest the election of trump. you can see the crowd sunny down a city street at one point, one of several demonstrations today coming putting on earlier new york specifically called out the president-elect's immigration policy. reid: right now, one person is under arrest in connection with a fatal shooting. the victim was found by boys riding their bikes in the woods in easton. but as diane cho reports police are still looking for whoever pulled the trigger. diane: less than a week after two boys found the victim in a wooded area in easton, authorities have made an arrest in connection to the shooting. the district attorney's office
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of lehigh acres, florida has been charged with accessory to murder-after the fact, armed robbery and larceny. the da's office says noguera was arrested yesterday after he was found in a trailer in conway, south carolina. authorites say the victim, 35-year-old daniel smith, was found on tuesday afternoon about 25 yards into the woods off pond street. smith was eventually air lifted to a hospital in boston. he died on friday night. the suspect is expected to appear in court tomorrow in south carolina. investigators are still searching for a car they believe is connected to the case, they describe it as a 2016 red mazda 3 sedan with florida license plate 372qqk. if you've seen the car you're asked to call the easton police department. in the newsroom, dc wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: all right, let's take a look at some live pictures. look at this. a rare sight in the sky tonight -- a supermoon. you can see it looks bigger and brighter than the full moon we usually get to see. this is the closest a full moon has been to the earth since 1948.
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it sound like a commercial for laundry detergent. [laughter] all right, what a before my to get out there. the temperatures are gorgeous. the sky crystal-clear. mike: there is not a cloud to be found. maybe you can see just a few wispy clouds along the canadian border. the nearest clouds are near the coast. looks at the rain will hold off until tuesday. temperatures will drop off to the mid-40's. once the sun comes out, we warm up dramatically. i think the 60's are in the forecast. in the city tonight, temperatures in the 30's. some will jump into the 20's. as far as a satellite picture tomorrow morning, this is 3:00 in the afternoon, still the clouds. this time tomorrow night, here comes some cloud cover. that's because we have a little system to the south, pushing his
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the coast combining with the superman tonight -- the super moon tonight. reid: a massachusetts man died in the white mountains after suffering an unknown medical emergency. 59-year-old james norton of acton was hiking near bean's purchase as part of a boy scout trip. norton collapsed on the trail as the troop made their way down the mountain. his companions immediately called 911 and began cpr, but he did not survive. also in new hampshire, several wildfires across the state. the biggest is in the white mountains a hundred acre the danger level is moderate, but could become severe due to the warm, dry conditions. so dry, the state says two of the fires were started by lawnmowers. all bonfires need a permit and wood stoves should be used with caution. nichole: we're hearing from a gas station clerk robbed at gun and knife-point in brockton. and this isn't the first time this store has been hit recently. as rhondella richardson reports, that crime a few days ago, is
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rhondella: showing the perseverance that comes to needing to provide for her family, chris he is working the same oak street gas station cash register that was storm friday around 10:20 p.m. by two armed, master men. >> it was scary. -- masked men. >> it was scary. they were both wearing masks. rhondella: they took up to $300 in cash and ordered her to the floor. >> they told me to go on the floor, not to press any button s and left. rhondella: they took her bag as well. >> my paycheck and $75. i perceive, my pictures. rhondella: the knife was about this long, this third to my
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surveillance cameras. or so she thought. >> i found a from the owner, when the previous robbery, they cut out the video. i'm so disappointed. rhondella: friday's mass men are still at large. the police need the public's help. >> one of them, i remember he had blue eyes. rhondella: tonight, she is on the lookout and locking up early. >> i feel a little bit better, but instill scared. nichole: dead from a powerful earthquake in new zealand. there is significant damage to several buildings from the magnitude 7.8 quake. roads are cracked and too dangerous to use in some areas. the quake also triggered tsunami waves. residents say the intense shaking lasted for nearly 2 minutes. >> swaying. >> doors were opening and closing. the whole house was moving. >> creaking.
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the devastation from another earthquake that struck the same area 5 years ago. reid: the city of paris is honoring the memory of lives lost a year ago. today marks one year since the terror attacks that left 130 people dead. plaques are now on display at each of the six attack sites. at the bataclan night club, where 90 people died, sting held a memorial concert. nearly one thousand people attended, including survivors and relatives of the victims. iraqi troops are advancing their attack on isis, today moving into it is the second biggest city in iraq and the biggest city under isis control. iraqi troops launched a new effort to retake the area last month. this is the closest they have gotten, reaching the eastern edge of the city. nichole: right now, a serious warning for pet owners in a local town. there's been an uptick in sick foxes showing up in yards in hudson, new hampshire. our shaun chaiyabhat reports, cats and dogs can catch the deadly virus those foxes are
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cats. shaun evening walks with his : daughter and dog keeping this dad on his toes. >> you never really know what animal would attack or anything like that so my kids always come first before anything. i have to protect them. shaun: police in hudson new hampshire warning parents to keep a closer eye on kids and pets after a sudden rise in sick wildlife, showing up in backyards. more than a dozen since september. most are foxes likely with distemper a virus that's fatal. >> distemper is highly contagious especially to dogs and cats. so we are asking that people, if they have one of these animals in their yards, don't let pets out. >> keep an eye on whether i see certain animals i know shouldn't be out during the day. shaun: animals with distemper seem tame. more reason for parents to warn their kids. >> they may not know its sick or they think it's just being friendly. >> don't go near small animals you know not to go near.
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shaun: that advice going to anyone and their pets. make sure their shots are up to date and check them for ticks because the last fox we had was covered in ticks and that is one of the ways the disease can be spread very easily. shaun: in hudson, new hampshire, shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. reid: the mbta is meeting this week to talk safety after a recent scare for passengers. the t's fiscal and management control board will meet tomorrow to go over issues from the first quarter. that includes this scene on the orange line last mon, escape. the meeting will also cover the t's operating budget, and employee compensation. a man from new hampshire is facing charges, accused of driving the wrong way on i-93. police say 21-year-old matthew adlard of gilmanton was heading south in the northbound lanes in new hampton overnight. adlard faces charges including driving while intoxicated and transporting a controlled drug.
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the big money settlement just announced, involving more than a million cars. mike: tracking our next round of rain moving up the coast. i would will impact your commute. nichole: staying healthy by outsmarting your dna. the new study on how it can be done with a few simple changes. reid: coming to the boss's rescue. how bruce springsteen thanked the total strangers who help him when his motorcycle broke down. >> monday in code. >> finding out what's really in everything you buy, may just be an app away. >> i am tracking the chance for needed rain on the way, join us
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>> they are harassing latinos, muslims -- >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this and i will say it right to the cameras.
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no place for hateful acts and speech. nichole: but since the election, there has been an increase in reported hate incidents tied to it. in jacksonville florida, high school administrators are investigating the posting of two signs over water coolers. one said "colored," the other "whites only." in colorado, an african-american mother reports her 12-year-old daughter was told, now that trump is president, i'm going to shoot you and all the blacks i can find. there were flashes of hate during the campaign, signs of won, some of his followers have taken hate to the next level. the southern poverty law center tracking more than 300 hate incidents, almost all immigrant, black, and gay victims. with less than 10% that's just 20 against trump supporters. 300 in less than a week is 3 times higher than the average week. in meriden, connecticut, these two men arrested for assaulting a man waving a sign in support
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investigating a text thread overrun with images depicting lynchings and harsh racial language. nadia browning was one of the targets. >> i opened the chat and there were a lot of derogatory name-calling and just really hurtful things. nichole: besides trump's new message tonight, house speaker paul ryan says people generating racist graffiti are not republicans, and he doesn't want them in the party. time since donald trump's election. he'll hold an afternoon news conference at the white house , then head-out on a six-day trip to greece, germany and peru. the white house says the president is expected to face questions from world leaders about trump's election. trump is promising to renegotiate a withdraw from several global agreements. reid: toyota is paying up over rusty frames. the class action settlement will
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claimed their cars lacked adequate rust protection. the proposed settlement covers about 1.5 million cars, including tacoma and tundra trucks, and sequoias suv's. toyota will pay to replace rusted frames in some cases, and reimburse customers in others. nichole: in your health tonight, heart health is still within reach, even if your genes are stacked against you. a new study shows that if you're genetically at risk of heart disease, you can cut that risk in half through diet, exercise, and not smoking. research also shows an unhealthy lifestyle, can actually override the health benefits of having good genes. reid: new tonight, a new study reaffirms that arthritis medication celebrex is safe to use. the study says the drug is no more dangerous than over-the-counter pain relievers, like naproxen and ibuprofen. the government ordered pfizer, the drug's manufactuer, to complete the study to prove its safety. over 10 years ago, popular arthritis drug vioxx was pulled from shelves because it doubled the risk for heart attacks and
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a bad day. so my sunshine earlier. now we have the full -- the supermen. mike: it really looks spectacular. look at the high temperature today. a few places to the 50's. but a lot of places got to the 60's today. that put us within nine degrees of setting a high record in boston. tomorrow, we may be a couple of degrees warmer with the hot -- with a record higher. so the record is not going to be broken. but that your average high temperature, 52 degrees. remember we are supposed to be. look at where we are, 51. at 51, we are closer to normal. the lower the number, the comfortable you feel, the driver the air. that is one of the issues as we get to tuesday's rain. a lot of dry air in waste. it will take it will take a while for the rain to move in. that's fine for your morning commute. but your evening commute is looking very wet.
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and 40's. this is where i think we will see her coolest and progestin i. many of those readings will drop off into the 20's. look at that satellite picture, crystal clear skies. cloud cover tense older temperatures, keep the heat in. without the cloud cover, that's where you see pockets of cold air developing good our next rainmaker is way down the coast. not a terribly big one. but it will be moving appear tuesday giving us some rain. tuesday, giving us some rain. tomorrow, sunshine, clouds holding off until the evening. we should get up around 60 to 64 degrees, a couple of degrees warmer than today. let's take a look at tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. it's a satellite picture. not a cloud to talk about. finally about this time tomorrow
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rain to get here. that doesn't happen until 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning. we will keep an eye analogy get much-needed ringing here. as this storm system lifts its way up, it is a low pressure system and it will have a load easterly breeze in here. tonight, we have a super moon in, a full moon. the tides will behind. this storm may turn up the ocean. we have to really watch a couple of these high tides. it looks like pockets of minor for example, mercy boulevard heading into the city, it will be reduced down to a couple of rains because of the water on the road. this is late morng on monday and tuesday. those of the high tides we will be watching. if the tides got bigger, we would be talking about pockets of moderate flooding. the for now, some minor stuff on the coastal roadways. as far as rain, we need every drop we can get. we are dry again. looks like we make a decent rain.
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temperatures in the 60's. just beautiful to talk about. on tuesday, the rain comes in. the morning commute not too bad. just gray skies and mountain which is. in the evening commute, look at the downpours at 4:00. they will be with us through the evening hours. the rain maps and carry a little bit into wednesday morning. rainfall totals are all done wednesday morning, heaviest on the issue part of the state. we can see a half-inch to some isolated areas of up to an inch of rain. degrees, and next chance for rain not until sunday next week. after that that's of rain, i think we will finally start to see some colder temperatures coming back into the forecast. reid: it may not feel quite like winter out there. but people are hit the slopes in new hampshire. nichole: it's a special one-day opening at bretton woods. they got free lift passes in exchange for food donations, as part of a campaign called say
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that food. the slopes at bretton woods are now closed and the ski area is making more snow for thanksgiving. reid: still ahead the patriots
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mike: bruins in denver tonight. and they shut out the avalanche in another win for tuuka rask. 2-love the final and now its on to minneapolis for the bruins. nothing doing second period. dak prescott
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is now 10-1 in the season and unbeaten on the road. late in the game, the bruins would get an anti-netter from dominic moore, who is celebrating. groans are now 10-6 to play the wild in minnesota on thursday night. pittsburgh and the dallas cowboys. ezekiel elliott, this guy is some kind of two key plays in this game. watch ben roethlisberger. he spikes of all. down 5. fake you out here we go. attached down. [laughter] 42 -- touchdown. [laughter] 42 seconds to go. however, prescott comes back. there's your ballgame with
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a win over the pittsburgh steelers. meanwhile, in new orleans, drew breeze draws the touchdown pass. ties up the broncos at 23-23. they wanted for the exit point. justin simmons out of boston college blocks it. it is picked up by will parks. he takes a four yards. did he step out of bounds? the saints think you did. now when you turn to block the extra point, it is worth two points. the not step out of bounds. the two points are good. arizona and san francisco, david johnson goes in. it is a 14-0 lead. larry fitzgerald is the wide receiver. he had 12 catches this afternoon for 133 yards. there is david johnson going in for another touchdown.
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catches this afternoon, 133 yards. meanwhile, colin kaepernick, the patriots are playing at san francisco. kaepernick will tie the game and 20-20. this they would come down to a field goal. here it is, the final play of the game. arizona wins it, 23-20. a week from 30 -- a week from thursday's thanksgiving. be wearing your school. and tommy about your team. it doesn't have to be your football team. it could be any team, your math teacher, the debate team. tell me why i should share your school pride. i will see you in a couple of moments. pages and seahawks. -- patriots and seahawks. see you in a little bit. nichole:
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ey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving.
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