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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: breaking overnight, a raging fire in belmont, the information just in from the hospital. >> breaking arrest this is a deadly hit and run, what the suspects are accused of doing after leaving that scene. randy: president-elect donald trump with a message for his supporters and the demand and immigration in boston. emily: super bowl rematch goes wrong. what tom brady is saying about his first loss since getting back on the field. it's on the eye for this monday morning. we are staying on top of breaking news in belmont, this is video in from the hospital.
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a moment. randy: in case you have not looked outside the window, this is what you will see. this is showing you the super moon. the biggest moon, the brightest and biggest moon that we have seen in decades. good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon. and time is running out. cindy: it is getting lower and lower there on the horizon. it is set at 6:17 so you we're going to be able to show it to you. it is low there to the horizon. the sun will be coming up shortly afterwards so a really cool sight. this is creating astronomically high tides which will be a concern tomorrow, as well around mid-day, as we have a storm coming up the coast. there may be some minor flooding at that time. today a quiet day. it's just a little chilly this morning. 27 in nashua. 27 in bedford, but notice boston
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but definitely some cold pockets, norwood to taunton to new bedford, below the freezing mark. clear skies above. sunshine all day long, very similar to yesterday, there is the storm down the coast. certainly not going to bother us today, so we will see lots of sunshine. temperatures coming up by lunchtime, to right around 60 degrees. we're in the lower 60s this afternoon. with a light west, southwesterly wind, looking for a high of 67 in boston but 64 in walfam to framingham and nashua 62, lots of lower 60s metro west towards worce from boston to bridgewater. lower 60s and above average for this time of year by 10 degrees or so. and right around 60 on the cape, a nice afternoon on the way. out to the roads right now. see how we're doing. >> a little busy on the roads, a live look outside here, and you can see very heavy volume heading northbound. let's go to the maps and check out your ride. a couple of problem spots, a crash on 24 northbound by
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the expressway, 25 minutes from braintree into boston. along the pike, in good shape, 15 eastbound, 495 to 128, and another crash blocking a lane. route 2 east by jackson road and north of town an accident coming out of methuen. this crash by 110 has one lane closed, once you get past it, stop and go ride, so far, trains and buses doing ok. >> now to the breaking news we've been following. >> a fire in belmont. we want to get you to meehan. he is live on the scene for us. doug: good morning. we're on the property of mcclain hospital, and we are in the deepest part where this building caught fire at 2:00 this morning. it is an abandoned building that once housed patients as much as ten years ago, so it has been a while. we have video from earlier, taken by a belmont police officer who was driving by, smelled the smoke.
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scene. they had this building heavily involved. it is three stories. brick and wood, but that was not the only problem fighting this fire. the water supply has been difficult as you see. thousands of feet of hose to reach the building. >> and again that's part of the problem, where this building is located so far down onto the property. a couple of good notes about this fire, if there is any good note. no reports of firefighters being hurt. battling this blaze, and also this building is so far away from all the other buildings on the mcclain hospital property that there was no fear that any other buildings would have been affected by this fire. so it's isolated to this abandoned building, they are still investigating at this hour what caused the fire. they simply at this point say it's too early. we're live in belmont, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> all right, thank you, and also breaking overnight, two
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killed. >> sera congi is live in taunton where the suspects will face a judge in just hours. >> emily and randy, a man and a woman will both face a judge later today here at taunton district court. according to the bristow county d.a.'s office it was a woman behind the wheel that struck the list who was killed. take a look at where this happened. this is the scene in taunton on thursday at 7:30, at the intersection of -- at 1 washington. investigates say that 19-year-old cecily kilsby-munfano struck a 36-year-old. alfano died over the weekend. another person was also charged in connection with this hit and run. 26-year-old ryan o'day.
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fact, and both will be arraigned this morning. sera congi, newscenter 5. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. randy: president-elect trump reassuring protesters they have nothing to fear from his administration. the president-elect was talking policy and more on his first television interview since winning the white house, and erika is here with that and the big move today. >> randy, today formal meeting. vice president elect mike pence at the helm, priebus preeb named chief of staff and steve bannon named chief strategist and senior councilor. last night on 60 minutes the president-elect addressed several issues, including immigration, same sex marriage, and abortion. >> i am pro life. the judges will be pro life. having to do with abortion, if it ever were overturned, it
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>> when it comes to people using the rhetoric to spread hate or commit hate crimes the president-elect had a direct message. >> they are harassing latinos and muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this and right to the cameras, stop it. >> mr. trump continued to label those demonstrating nation-wide against him as immigration trump says two or three million illegal immigrants who committed crimes will be deported. randy: new this morning, city leaders in boston are proposing a change in response to the president-elect's position on illegal immigrants. at least one city councilor wants to make boston a sanctuary city, and that means that the local law enforcement would be barred from taking part in deportation actions of the federal government. councilor jackson tells the
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believes the city of boston should not assist or cooperate with the mass deportations of immigrants. that's not who our city is, he says, and it's not what our tax dollars should be used for. currently there are five sanctuary cities in massachusetts. boston mayor marty walsh has said that he would protect the illegal immigrants in the city and help them to find a pathway to citizenship. hate crimes are being linked to the outcome of the election. tracking more than 300 incidents, they say, like this one in florida where this happened last wednesday. the center says that more than 90% of victims are immigrant, black, or gay, and there are also reports of 20 hate incidents against trump supporters. >> right now police are investigating a possible hate crime. police are looking into a series of threatening letters left on a residence's doorstep, both of the letters contain profanity and racial slurs.
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"ensure the safety and the security of our residents. anyone with information is asked to call police." a massachusetts man is dead after suffering a medical emergency in the white mountains. james norton was hiking as part of a boy scout trip. he collapsed on the trail as the troop made their way down the mountain. they called 9-1-1. they began cpr, but he did not survive. randy: also ew several wildfires across the state. the biggest is in the white mountains, 100-acre fire. the danger level is moderate but could become severe due to the warm, dry conditions. so dry that the state says that two of the fires were started by lawnmowers. all bonfires need a permit and wood stoves should be used with caution. a super bowl rematch ends in a loss to the patriots. the game ending on this play.
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gronkowski in the end zone. bob hallorin with what they are saying about the stunner. >> it always comes as a surprise when the patriots lose, especially at home, and especially coming off of a bye week. and especially when they had a chance to tie the game in the closing seconds but failed to score after getting first and goal from the 2-yard line. blunt had three touchdowns for the patriots but doug baldwin matched that with three touchdowns for the seahawks, this third one gave seahawks conversion attempt, so the patriots were only down seven, they drive the ball down to the two with the 26-yard pass to gronkowski but on fourth and one brady looked for gronk again. a lot of contact but no flag. and the game was over. patriots lose 31-24. >> i am not here to make excuses so i just wanted to -- we just lost the game. >> it looks like it came down to one play but probably was a lot
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and they are a good team, you know, and we knew that going in. >> they dropped the record to 7-2, now tied for the best record in the afc with both the raiders and the chiefs. from gillette stadium, bob hallorin, sportscenter 5. >> a warning for pet owners, the virus popping up by the dozens. and also dunkin' donuts getting sued, how one company says the chain is misleading customers. and new this morning, find out what is really in everything you code. erika. erika: breaking right now, a huge fire in belmont, a police officer smelled smoke near this abandoned building on the mcclain hospital property. alerted firefighters, and our doug meehan is on the scene with updates all morning long. cindy. cindy: and another mild day coming up for november, but there is some rain on the way tomorrow. my time line on that plus concern along the coastline with the central flooding ahead.
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40s in boston and worcester, but just 27 degrees as you are heading out the door in nashua right now, and as we head to a break, take a look. this is the super moon setting there over below the horizon at
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>> good morning, we are the deputy director of the plymouth plantation and this morning we are celebrating the restoration of mayflower for the anniversary of the pilgrim's arrival. >> all right, nobody walking the plank this morning. >> good morning to all of our friends in plymouth on the south shore, the a beautiful sight. a replica of the original. a send-off. history a big part of plymouth and we'll be front and center at the big celebration. >> you can join the hometown thanksgiving this friday and saturday as our very important guest, just heads to our facebook page, and find out how. >> it's always pressure on you. >> that's true. >> as soon as we hit november 1 i am like ok.
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to do this? we have got some rain on sunday, so it's that timing, if that holds, saturday will be ok. >> all right. >> so let's hope the timing holds. >> ok. >> and a look at monday morning. >> another minute until that is down there below the horizon. that is the super moon setting this morning. 6:17. it was just glorious. so many great pictures on twitter and facebook, just want to share a couple of them with you. this is last night as the full moon how gorgeous. it looks like a painting, and another one that was taken just this morning at 3:30:00 a.m. this one, kristen, and this is in dorchester, look how bright that was, really incredible sight. the fact that we can see the super moon, an indication of how clear the skies are and with that chilly temperatures, in the city we have got lower 40s, and marshfield 45, and worcester 44, but in between, definitely cold pockets. look at the merrimack valley,
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quickly we jump up. by lunchtime it is right around 60 degrees, and we should climb into the low 60s this afternoon, and this is above average for this time of year. notice the clear skies overhead, the high pressure still hanging on so we're in store for a great day today, we're watching the storm down the coast, this is going to lift and bring us some rain tomorrow, which we need desperately but also, with the moon around the tide is lie so there may be some flooding concerns along the coastline, first thing is first, the high temperatures, near 60 after the hilly terrain, clear skies, and then overnight, the clouds start to fill in, butished it be dry as you are heading out the door. temperatures in the 40s first thing tomorrow morning. and we'll watch the storm lift, as it does so, notice as we go into the morning hours, still the rain is to the south, so most of the morning commute is ok. but thereafter that onshore wind with wave action in the astronomically high tides means concerns tomorrow.
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rainfall, it's the high tide around 11:00 tomorrow morning, that there could be some minor if not pockets of moderate coastal flooding so we'll be watching that. the rain comes in late in the morning so again the morning commute is ok but by lunchtime it's wet. there will be rain around, and notice the pockets of heavier downpours there in the orange and yellow. especially mid afternoon, still rain around through the evening commute and then overnight we'll dry things out, temperatures in the 50s to rain on sunday so at this point, cautiously optimistic for saturday. >> ok. thank you, cindy. busy on the roads, there's the expressway. you can see the glaze picking up heading northbound. let's go over to the maps because south of here we're watching a fewroblems. 24 northbound there is an accident by harrison boulevard with heavy delays back into brockton, approaching this crash which has one lane closed and another accident now coming in on then north. and delays back into sharon, and a slow ride on the expressway,
6:19 am
15 to 20, 495 to 128, and another crash on route 2, eastbound right by jackson road and you have got heavy delays back to route 13, and as you travel north of town, another accident blocking the left lane here, 93 south by 110, delays out of methuen, and then stop and go concord street to spot pond. trains and buses ok. >> thank you. we are live this morning on breaking news. these are live pictures, firefighters on the scene of a big fire overnight in an abandoned building on mill this is on the property of mcclain hospital. you can see smoke coming out of the roof. this is earlier video. we just heard from the fire chief a short time ago that he said that there were no injuries. the flames are isolated to that one abandoned building. it's not clear how they started. doug meehan will have a live report for us ahead. and right now a warning for pet owners following more than a dozen reports of sick animals in new hampshire. those animals, most of them
6:20 am
with the virus can seem tame but can prove fatal. pet owners are urged to make sure that their pet shots are up to date and also check for tickets. they are known to spread the virus. randy: your economy headlines, a mixed bag for asian shares. the markets have mostly stabilized since the presidential election here. right now u.s. stock futures are higher this week. investors are watching for new retail sales and housing numbers. >> the company that makes saying they are misleading customers. heartland consumer products says the duncan brand is serving consumers a knock-off of splenda but says that they are using splenda products. duncan switched to a different brand in april, that claims similar packaging to their own. >> new this morning, the simple bar code, it's something that we're so familiar with seeing on products that we oftenoverlook but there is valuable information in those lines and
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if you have an allergy concern, for example, an app like this could be a huge help. up input the specific allergy issues, and scan the bar code, and the app tells you if it's okay for you. good guide helps you to decode the ingredients in your products, so after scanning the app gives you details on what those ingredients are, and if you are trying to avoid something it could give you alternatives, good guide can also tell you if the product is environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials and ethica another one to help you know what you are supporting when you shop at the grocery store. randy: a pint-sized effort at the mannequin challenge. >> the tykes giving it an adorable try, and erika. erika: new at 6:30, marijuana and your health. the new finding on the drug and heart health. also a brockton store clerk survives an encounter with two armed robbers, their terrifying instructions for that woman, and we are following breaking news in belmont, firefighters now
6:22 am
hospital, a live update from our
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>> it is 6:24 on your monday morning. clear skies in boston. we are 42 degrees. but it is a little cooler in many suburbs this morning. notice we are down in the mid 20s up in the merrimack valley, the 12-hour forecast bringing the temperatures into the low 60s this afternoon. lots of sunshine there. lots of sunshine expected on the cape today. it comes up to 60 degrees this afternoon. and so it is a mild afternoon after that chilly start this morning. and look at that, we have got rain on the way tomorrow, and 50s as we clear things out on wednesday. emily. >> all right, thank you. 6:25. we know diamonds argirl's best friend. >> they are. >> and they say that this one could be yours for a hefty price. this rare blue diamond is going up for auction. an expert believers the sky blue diamond is $25 million. the largest of its kind and very
6:26 am
switzerland. just to look at. and check out this group of four-year-olds giving the mannequin challenge their best shot. the adorable video this morning. the one girl has got it. >> ok. >> they are adorable. >> ok. >> that was great. >> and better than i would be able to do. >> definitely. >> ok. >> outsmarting your genes, how to fight conditions you might have a predisposition to, and we're getting updates right now on t and the fire chief told doug meehan that the building at mcclain hospital has been abandoned for ten years, he also said that police smelled smoke early this morning, and they started investigating this, doug will be updating us from the
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> flames ripped through an abandoned building in belmont, new information just coming in. randy: two arrest this is a deadly hit and run. >> what we are learning hours before the arraignment of the two suspects. >> a critical meeting today for the trump administration. his plan to handle illegal immigrants. >> and a new fatal shooting in easton. the help police still need this morning. randy: the patriots falling to the seahawks.
6:30 am
now at 6:30, another look at the breaking news this morning. we've been following the firefighters are still dealing with this fire at an abandoned building in belmont and we'll have an update from the scene. doug meehan there for us this morning. first we want to take a look at this is 24 north, right about 128 in randolph where the state police have been dealing with an accident there. they pushed a disabled vehicle see. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: i am emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. a chilly start. >> definitely cold in some pockets. we've been treated with the super moon. it has set now but the sun is coming up and that will do its work. it will be a mild day, so you will need layers because look at the 20s today from nashua to bedford to orange. 40s on the cape.
6:31 am
temperatures are all over the place. you will want a jacket at the bus stop this morning. but off the bus this afternoon, look at these temperatures into the lower 60s, that is way above average for this time of year. even warmer than yesterday. and clear skies out there now. we will hang onto lots of sunshine today with the high pressure to the east. and there is a storm down the coast that will bring in needed rainfall for us during the day tomorrow. so we have a dry one today, and temperatures up around 60 degrees with a light southwesterly wind and we should climb into the lower 60s from beverly to middleton and lowell, as well, 64 walfam, and lots of lower 60s out you there worcester county as well. south of town, same deal, brockton 64, taunton 64, and plymouth in the lower 60s and right around 60 degrees with lots of sunshine on the cape today. the timing on that rain for tomorrow is coming up. we want to get you back out to the roads, pretty busy out there on a monday morning. >> we are watching a problem spot on the scene for us, this
6:32 am
off to the shoulder, this is in randolph, but this crash did have the left lane blocked for a few minutes so as you can see, still causing a backup. let's go to the maps and i will show you what's going on. if you are going south of town we have the delays on 24, another crash by harrison boulevard. and the one that you just saw a bit farther north by 128. plus we're watching an accident on 95 north by 128. expressway a half-hour now. if you are traveling the pike volume building, 495 to 128. route 2 eastbound an accident blocked. delays back to route 13 and more volume on 93 south, a crash by 110, and then another accident on 128 by route 114. trains and buses doing ok. >> a raging fire burning on mill street. doug meehan is live on that scene with new information. >>ood morning, the bulk of the fire, which is good news is out
6:33 am
continue to soak the hot spots on this abandoned building here on the property of mcclain hospital. it's been abandoned now and closed up for ten years. they are continuing to soak the hot spot but we have video from earlier. belmont police actually taking this video, putting it on twitter. and this fire was raging, went to two alarms, a police officer driving by at 2:00, 2:30, smelled the smoke, and turned the corner and saw this this was a fire that went on for hours. another important note here, this is in the deepest part of the property of mcclain hospital, and it is nowhere near any of the other buildings that are treating patients here, so that's good news. also there is nobody being reported injured, including firefighters. we do know that this was an abandoned building, and we are told that the state police fire marshall's office is on the
6:34 am
begun, but we can tell you that nobody was hurt, and most of the fire is out at this time. we're live in belmont, doug meehan, newscenter 5. emily: thank you, more breaking news on the eyeopener. randy: and erika is tracking those developments. erika: in taunton police have made two arrests in a fatal hit and run. it happened on thursday at the intersection of broadway and washington. both suspects were charged last night, they will be arraigned this morning. and president-elect don vice president president elect leading that. priebus preeb will chief of stad bannon will be the chief strattist and councilor. and the patriots losing to the seahawks in a rematch of sorts. the there was a missed fourth down pass to rob gronsky. they lose 31-24 the final. >> a florida man is expected in
6:35 am
easton. >> nicole estaphan is live in that community with the new break in this case. nicole: the suspect in this case they believe -- i am sorry, the suspect is not the man police believe pulled the trigger. they are on the hunt for that person this morning. michael noguera will appear in a south carolina courtroom after he was arrested on saturday. he's charged with accessory to murder after the fact. armed robbery as ll all connected to the death of daniel smith. smith died on friday after two boys found him shot in the woods in easton last week near lane water pond. investigates are looking for a car that they believe is connected to the case. a red 2016 mazda 3 sedan with florida license plate 372qqk. now after his arraignment today officials when attempt to expedite the suspect here to massachusetts. we're live in easton, nicole
6:36 am
randy: right now police are investigating an armed robbery. they say a clerk was held up at knifepoint on friday night at a gas station on oak street. two armed men ordered her to the floor before making off with 300 and her purse. her paycheck inside. >> they told me to go on the floor and not press any buttons and they left. >> the store was recently there are surveillance video there but they failed to capture friday's robbery. >> massachusetts democrats meet to choose a new party leader, members of the state committee will decide between guy bigford, and steven kerrigan and steve tomkins. the new leader will succeed thomas mcgee, he served as the party's chairman for three years >> donald trump pressed about a stance he took during the
6:37 am
now about whether he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton and new research on marijuana and your health, the heart risk found in smokers of marijuana, and breaking news wre following in belmont, no injuries with this fire in an abandoned building, an update. doug to go there, coming up in
6:38 am
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6:40 am
>> welcome back. five over 24 northbound. you can see the heavy delays traveling north bumper-to-bumper, accident cleared by harrison boulevard and another crash cleared by 128 but that is the backup that you are dealing with, very heavy delays, and we have got a lot of accidents in addition to this one to tell will have all the details coming up. chilly out there. >> it is but the sun is up now over the horizon in worcester, this is a live picture of your sunrise this morning. it will be another beautiful day. and but it is starting out cold, we have 20s on the map and 30s in the suburb and 42 in boston, looking for a high of 63, how about that for a turnaround? sunshine today. needed rain on the way tomorrow, and watching the tides along the coastline, more on that just
6:41 am
heart is within reach, even if your genes are stacked against you, a new study shows if you are at risk for heart disease you can cut that risk in half through diet, exercise, and not smoking. research also shows that an unhealthy lifestyle can actually override the health benefits of having good genes. and concerns about the impact of marijuana on your heart. researcher presented a new study to the american heart association yesterday showing marijuana use may weaken the heart scientists found that despite having lower cardiac risk factors like high stress or diabetes, users still had high cardiac risk. marijuana users were two times more likely to develop stress cardio myopathy. >> we have new information on the firefighting effort on the property of mcclain hospital. and julian assange, not afraid to be questioned about rape
6:42 am
game for the patriots, the flop
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6:44 am
>> breaking news in news to go. new video and new information just coming in from the scene of a huge overnight fire on the property of mcclain hospital. we have crews there in belmont,
6:45 am
>> and erika is tracking the critical day ahead of president-elect trump's transition team, first a look at this. this is the super moon. it has gone down now, so you may have missed this. oh, it was beautiful. look at this. >> yeah. >> really nice shot there, and kind of significant, right, the first time since what, 1948? >> yes. but this is giving us the very highest tide of the entire year, so with that, we're have a bit of a concern with the flooding at the coastline, and then you add this right here, and a little storm coming up the coast tomorrow, but it's not a super intense storm but any sort of storm up the coast is going to give us an easterly winds coming up on tuesday, and you combine that with wave action and we are going to be watching the tides closely, and it looks as though the mid-day high tide tomorrow is of most concern, with that onshore wind and the 11:00 high tide, and it looks
6:46 am
flooding so if you live along the coast the tides are high and they will get higher tomorrow. and even linger into wednesday, beautiful in boston this morning. now that the moon is set the sun is up and we are going to warm up the temperatures starting out with some 20s in the suburbs and 30 in plymouth and worcester 44, and boston 42, and the high pressure hanging on, brought us a beautiful sunday, going to give us another beautiful day today with a lighter, west, southwesterly wind, coming up to 10 miles per hour this te sunshine and look at the temperatures. 63, average high this time of year is 52. near 60 on the cape and also out through the worcester hills, clouds start to increase overnight. tomorrow morning's commute is still dry. rain spreads up from the south after about 9:00 in the morning. and notice it is filled in for the lunch hour, heavier downpour possible in the afternoon, and the rain doesn't really let up until the evening hours and
6:47 am
tomorrow, 54, and clearing skies on wednesday, and we're still running in the mid 50s. let's go back out there, busy out there this morning. >> a few problem spots. in addition to the volume here, a live look at route 1, slow ride southbound, but let's go to the maps and check out the bigger problems. a crash here, just clearing on 95 northbound, by route 128, delays back into sharon, and two accidents cleared on 24, one by harrison boulevard and another by 128, and northbound delays, very slow, as you travel out of accident, the road closed, quincy shore deprive, closed westbound by c street and furnace brook parkway. half-hour ride from braintree to boston on the expressway, and the pike right now about 25 to 30. 495 to 128, accident still blocks the lane here by jackson road and another accident on 93 south by 110, delays into methuen. stays slow down to the lever connector and another crash clearing on 128 by route 114,
6:48 am
to the breaking news now, we're following this morning in belmont. >> we're getting new information on the massive fire. doug meehan just talked to the fire chief, doug? >> emily and randy, he says the fire investigation is now underway as the bulk of the fire is over. they continue to soak hot spots here this morning, but most of the mutual aid is all wrapped up and now they are going to figure out how this started in an abandoned building here on the property of mcclain. it's been empty for o patients at the hospital, but we still don't know the cause, and we still have to figure out what sparked the blaze to begin with. that will be the course for investigates as the morning goes along here, and it started about 2:30 this morning, police going by, smelled smoke, and came upon the scene, and it was roaring, went to two alarms, three stories, wood and brick, and the
6:49 am
belmont, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> breaking news overnight, two people have been arrested here in taunton for a hit and run that killed a bicyclist. it all happened on thursday night at 11:30:00 p.m. at the corner of broadway and washington street. the d.a.'s office says the driver struck a 36-year-old man on a bicycle and then allegedly took off. the victims died over the weekend. police arrested 19-year-old cecily kilsby-munfano of with death resulting. she is also charged with misleading police. a 26-year-old taunton mans also accused of accessory after the fact. both suspects will be arraigned here at taunton district court. sera congi, newscenter 5. >> with the first formal meeting of the transition team today president-elect donald trump is detailing his policy priorities. first up securing the border and deporting undocumented
6:50 am
>> and gang members, drug dealers, and we have a lot of these people, probably 2 million, could be 3. >> speaking on 60 minutes he called on people to stop hateful speech against minority groups and told protesters not to fear his administration. he is named rnc choir reince priebus chief of staff and steve bannon his chief strategist. the team saying the men will work as equal partners. >> all right, and trump saying inha appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton and her private email server. trump has said that he would do that during the second presidential debate. last night he said his plan is to focus on jobs and health care and immigration first. president barack obama is taking questions today for the first time since trump's election. he'll hold an afternoon new -- news conference at the white house before heading out on a trip to greece, germany, and peru. the white house says that the president is expected to face
6:51 am
about donald trump's election. abc will have a special report at 3:15378. you can watch that right here at 3:15 on channel 5 or on our mobile app. randy: boston councilor tito jackson is taking a stand against donald trump's immigration agenda telling the boston herald he believes that it's, "in his words critical that we remain steadfast in insuring that immigrants who are undocumented have a booth to citizenship. he wants boston to be a with mass deportation. currently there are five sanctuary cities in the commonwealth. >> there has been a fatal shooting in easton. the suspect facing a slough of charges but police still on the hunt for the person that pulled the trigger. michael noguera was arrested yesterday and will face a judge this morning. he is charged with accessory to murder after the fact. armed robbery, and larceny.
6:52 am
found in the woods of easton last week. now after his arraignment this morning it is expected that they will try to expedite him here to massachusetts. we're live in easton, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: a community in california is mourning the loss of a sheriff's department shot and killed while responding to a call. dennis law, a 20-year veteran was gunned down yesterday while checking on a reported stolen van near modesto. police later arrested david machado after they say that he committed armed robbery. but didn't recognize -- realize that he was a murder suspect until later. he could face the death penalty. >> the man accused in a stabbing and two carjackings is preparing to face a judge. christopher harding is facing charges related to last week's incident that started with a carjacking in connecticut. he and another woman, allegedly carjacked a second car there. stabbing the woman and her daughter inside.
6:53 am
hit a cruiser and a parked car. harding will be arraigned today in district court. >> new england's prime minister is surveying the damage today after a powerful earthquake. two people were killed in the magnitude 7.8 quake that struck after midnight on monday. several aftershocks were felt throughout. today some buildings are destroyed. roads are cracked. the quake triggered tsunami waves. questioned by swedish officials over rape allegations from 2010. the australian has been sheltered by the ecuadorian embassy and london since 2012. he believes that sweden would expedite him to the united states after he leaked military files on the wars in iraq and afghanistan. assange says today's questioning is a chance to clear his name in the rape case. >> the patriots fall to 7-after a loss to the seattle seahawks.
6:54 am
blunt scored three touchdowns including this one here. the talk of the game, though, the pats's last possession, brady missing gronk in the end zone on fourth down. the patriots lose 31-24. and the bruins shut out the avalanche in colorado. david krejci scoring in the first period, and that was all they needed. they left it up to tuukka rask. 21 saves. his third shut-out of the year, he's 10-1 this s in the third and the b's win 2-0. >> we are inviting you to be our guest. thanksgiving, of course, coming and that means the eyeopener team is going to plymouth once again. it's next weekend, we're excited to be taking part in their hometown, thanksgiving parade, and in plymouth, and we hope that you will be there, and in particular we would like to have you as our special guest, just head to our facebook page, and
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and thanksgiving sweepstakes, click on that and just enter and we may be hope you will be our special guest. >> a lot of fun. >> yes, a bit of pressure on cindy. >> right. >> and fingers crossed. >> and thank you guys. a live look outside here, expressway by the gas tank, northbound heading to the top of the screen, and volume, a couple of problem spots, and let's go to the maps, south of town we're watching delays on 24, and two accidents cleared, one by harrison boulevard and another by 128. and a new crash on 95 north shore road is closed right now, from c street, shut down for an accident, and 30 to 35 minutes on the expressway. braintree into boston. and the pike, a half-hour right, 49520128, and a slow trip on route 2, accident clearing by jackson road and another accident still working on 93 south, this one by 110, delays back into methuen. the last crash, 128 north by 114. so far trains and buses are running on schedule.
6:56 am
if you are waiting for the train but look at this, off the bus, and lower 60s so a chilly start but it's all about the layers today, as cold as 20 in orange and 23 in norwood and boston, 42 degrees right now, and by lunchtime, we're right around 60 degrees, and in the lower 60s this afternoon, sunsets at 4:23. and 63 the high today in boston, near 60 out through the worcester hills. the high pressure giving us a nice day today but we are watching the storm down to the south. first we're going to see the clouds dry. and temperatures overnight, only fall into the 40s in most spots, some 30s in the coldest suburbs, and i think the bulk of the wet weather holds off until after the morning commute. this is 8:00. and notice that rain spreading off the coast filling in, rain at times tomorrow, and on the shore wind and we'll watch the mid-day high tide tomorrow for the possibility of coastal flooding. clearing skies and temperatures holding close to 60 here by the
6:57 am
average temperatures here in the month of november. and so far is, next weekend it looks a little slick. saturday, fingers crossed. >> for the parade. >> all right, thank you. >> thanks for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic day. >> see you tomorrow morning at
6:58 am
a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
7:00 am
good morning, america. donald trump's new team. >> donald trump. >> the outsider president-elect taps an insider, reince priebus, to run his white house, and sparks blark with his pick for chief strategist. he addressed reports of racism and >> i'll say to it the camera. stop it. devastating blaze. more than 40 wildfires tear through the southeast. burning 70,000 acres. eight states on alert. parts of north carolina in a code red, as residents are warned to wear masks or evacuate. twin murder mystery. the yoga instructor accused of murdering her twin.


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