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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. doug: emily: here are some of the stories we are following for you right now. rob gronkowski recovering from a bruised sternum. the hit came during sunday's game against the seahawks. doug: police are looking for a taxi driver after a crash in boston this morning involving a state police cruiser that driver did not stop at the scene. emily: get ready for the rain. it is coming this afternoon at a point when we also have
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where the king tide is flooding the walkway. we have stormteam 5 team coverage. kelly and shook police is live but we begin with cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: we are just coming down from the highest tide of the year in boston. coastal flood advisory until 2:00 this afternoon. where kelly and is in boston, we have reports of so minor coastal flooding due to the height of is tide we have not had a lot of wind but there is now an offshore component that is getting stronger. we have a few showers across the area. the storm is still to our south. there has been heavy rain am a flooding and thunder and lightning around the storm lists northward -- gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour along the coastline during the late afternoon and evening. the rain is still coming in and
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throh the evening comte. can't rule out a rumble of thunder and ponding of the water on the roads. right now i want to talk more about that flooding situation down at long wharf. for that we join kelly ann. kelly ann: it is remarkable ho things have changed in the last hour wn we saw the peak of the king tide at 11:08. you can see the lower levels here which dry but one hour ag we were seeing water completely rushing over that lower level. quite remarkable how quickly that water rushed in. that was somethinghat i tracked it a lot of people here to the p earlier. we saw people jumping in the water, taking off the shoes. jumping in this very cold water at the time. that on short component, we are starting to see that at the coast.
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starting to make things feel chilly. recet but at this point it is remarkable how tt water earlier was not only feeding onto the piebut also side roadys causing trouble for cal businesses. there wa some water rit around the entrance to the restaurant around the time when a lot of folksead out for lunch. that is something we will see along the coastline through much of this afternoon. this evening. that did not coincide with this king tied. we will see another high tide for tomorrow. few inches below what we saw day. likely going to see a sila scene on the long wharf as far as the water rushing or. doug: this video just in from winthrop townanding. water at the wynam yachtlub treated we will bring you more
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cab driver who caused a chain reaction crash involving a state police cruiser in boston about 30 this morning. sera congi is live from the ene for us. sera: this chain reaction crash caused a lot of damage. crews are no replacing a light lks that have been wiped out by the crash. the state police cruiser, two other vehicles damaged in this now the search is for that cabbie. finding a hit and run taxi driver. the p caused a chain reaction ash involving a state poce cruiser. it was initially following the taxi for driving erratically and going through red lights on berkeley street. a vehicle driving on, as slammed into the taxi which hit the cruiser sending the cruiser into a parked car. state police say the cabbie kept driving leaving behind a lot of
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disassembling and iron fence and a lockbox -- a lightbox damaged by the crash. no one was injured in this crash . this point state police, the only description they have to on is that the taxicab was white with green markings. doug: how hurt his rob gronkowski? many fans this news. early reports were that he suffered a punctured lun mike lynch has learned it's more likely to be a bruised sternum. wait for it, it's going to hurt. gronkowski saying that hit by earl thomas sunday night was one of the hardest he's ever received. gronk only sitting out for five plays and return for the rest of the game. he caught a 26 yard pass to the
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tom brady asked about the injury last night. >> i have not heard anything. if it is the case, hopefully he's doing well. >> a clean hit. nothing against it just not the wind out of me. doug: gronk says he might miss the sunday's game in san francisco but that is not certain. he canceled their appearance in new yorkity for today part of a media scroll for 2017. emily: the department posted this sketch to its facebook page. detectives say a 10-year-o boy told them the man sped toward him on brook road. the driver got outf his car moving toward the boy. police say the man was possibly driving a volkswagew passat.
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mayor walsh wants new rules to make -- make sure construction companies are in good standing before they are allowed -- before they are given a work permit. october 21 when kelvin mattocks and robert higgins were killed after that trench flooded. the men were working for atlantic drain services. previous safety issues with that company. those included eight from violations earlier this year and fines of $20,000 by osha mar walsh's proposal would a lot agencies to reject or modify permit application. cummings would be required to tell the city of all osha olations no matter if theyre pending or resolved. the proposal needs the approval of boston city council. no criminal charges have been filed in this case is the suffolk ea's office continues to investigate. emily: investigation into a roof collapsed in kingston that injured four workers working on a house on christmas tree lane
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two of the victims had severe injuries. one of them was flown to a boston hospital. environmental leaders in new hampshire file a lawsuit against the peace development authority sing storm runoff from the building is polluting water in the area. the conservation law foundation is seeking what could be tens of thousands of dollars in fines per day from the pda that centered in newington on the border of portsmouth create the group aims the violations date back to 2000 nine. today, no comment from theba transition team is denying claims that he sought security clearances for his children. officials say the childrenave not started filing the necessary for work to obtain those clearances. trump's transition team is meeting today at tru tower. as maggie rulli reports, speculation over who will be selected for the powerful post of secretary of state is heating up.
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and rumors are flying. all eyes on rudy giuliani, the former new york city mayor and longtime trump loyalist secretary of state. another contender, john bolton. giuliani telling the wall street journal -- >> john would be a good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me. maggie: one of trump's first decisions is coming under scrutiny. stephen bannon as chief strategist and white house counselor. theban non -- a move many has ve accused of being racist and anti-semitic. manta pelosi says there must be no -- a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the trump administration. tripadvisor slam the descriptions as incomplete. many republicans who expect to work closely with the new trump administration are finding themselves in a delicate balance like recently reelected speaker
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he offers a restrained opinion on bannon. >> the president is gone to be judged on his results. this is a person who helped him win an incredible victory. maggie: trump's elections overshadowing president obama's final trip overseas. obama was quick to calm the waters. >> the job i think of leaders to try to address peoe's legitimate concerns and challenge the most constructive way as possible. maggie: president obama went on to say he was surprised by the outcome of the election and even though he does not feel responsible for anything trump says or does he will help to make sure the transition of power is a success and that will mean a success for the american people. emily: the state of massachutts is ting acon in the wake of hate crimes since the election. at least one case is being investigated in natick.
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neighborhood or co maura healey announcing a hotline for victims to report harassment. >> in massachusetts there are civil rights laws, laws about public safety. i'm going to enforce those laws. emily: police investigating the case in natick tell newscenter 5 that type of behavior will not be tolerated. doug: civil rights wary of an incoming trump administration say they will closely monitor the president-elect. groups like the leadership conference on civil and human rights says they will oppose any proposal that rolls back civil rights. some have criticized trump's appointment of stephen bannon saying it will not help unify the country. emily: vice president-elect pence meeting with governors around the country including charlie baker. baker said next depends at the
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pence tweeting this photo saying it was a great meeting discussing president-elect trump's plans to work with the state. doug: wildfires out of control in several states in the southeast. the health concerns the fires are causing. emily: chilly becoming a target -- the action restaurant chain is now taking. cindy: light rain showers but the heaviest rain is still to come. the timeline and big impact on this evening's commute. freeways -- >> a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. casey monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of
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emily: u.s. forces may have committed war crimes in afghanistan according to the international criminal court. the chief prosecutor says american armed forces and the cia may have tortured and raped dozens of detainees between 2003
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the first year. americans could be indicted although washington has not joined that global court. a state department spokesperson says the u.s. does not believe the investigation is warranted. doug: growing outrage after an army veteran says his meal was taken away from him on veterans day. it happened at a chili's restaurant in texas. they were running a specialgivi. ernest walker says the manager told h customers raid qutions about his uniform when he showed s id a discharge papers but his meal was still taken away. othersse suspicions about his uniform. he says he bought the uniform after he retired to wear on veterans day is a tribute. v>> i purposely don't we rank identified as active soldier. doug: the manager who took the meal away has been "removed" from the job. chili's president says she
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emily: one of eight southeastern states plagued by wildfires. smoke is creating health concerns in some a like atlanta. elizabeth hur repts oe elizabeth: ring flames tearing across the southeast of more than 3000 firefighters battling 42 wildfires overnight. all fueled by the drought in the south and many believed to be man-made. with anyone who is information on anyone who may start of the spiders. elizabeth: at least one arrest so far including 21-year-old johnny mullins seen on facebook warning people to beware of flames. later allegedly confessed he set the fire in eastern kentucky to get more facebook followers. the remaining suspicious fires
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and in north carolina the situation is dire. a mandatory evacuation is in place. >> conditions are terrible. even just tossing a cigarette in the front yard can cause a fire. smoke also prompting air-quality warngs. code red in western carolina and orange in parts of georgia. >> it just went in my lungs. i had to get out of here. >> 65 years. never seen it like this. hopefully it rains. i the forecast. elizabeth: the north carolina governor says the worst-case scenario, the largest fire there could earn until march. -- could burnntil march. emily: a tou situation for them. for us we are dealing with potential downpours. cindy: we ll watch downpou moving forward but i want to share some neat video happening along e coast this morning.
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see that i wat covering thean causeway at high tide. that causeway- not something that we see every day. these are the highest des of thar we passed the high tide right now but we did see some damage down this way. minor flooding, even some water in backyards. more reports of flooding and you saw the situation and long wharf and boston. we don't have the strongest wind right now and we coming down off the high tides so water levels will start to come down this afternoon. another high tide tomorrow but at that time will have an offshore wind. winds aren't terribly strongly to have on sharp component -- we do have that oshort component. winds are stronger along the coast of connecticut. the winds will be ramping up as the storm center gets a little
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going to see the winds increase. you can see that on futurecast we are going to be gusty likely over 20 miles per hour by 5:00 this afternoon and it's a short window because by 10:00 notice the winds are starting to up. the storm will be coming through quickly. at the same time it's going to bring heavy rainfall. right now we have clouds over the city. 52 degrees. the nd out of the northeast of area and over the next 12 hours we're not going to get out of the 40's but we will have that rain coming in and getting more intense. along the coastline, mild on the south coast in the cape. we will keep the temperatures in the 50's but that rain is going to pick up in intensity. it's lighter showers around the area, heavier through western parts of massachusetts. heavier elements of rain along the south coast.
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so as we go forward into the afternoon and especially the evening commute that is when the biggest impacts will be in terms of the heavier rain. notice the yellows and orange showing up in afternoon right through the evening commute at about 6:00 p.m. heavier downpours within the general area of rain. thunder is a possibility and i expect ponding of water on the roads for e evening commute. by not :00 tonight the heaviest rain is winding down. showers or drizzle through midnight and that -- and thereafter we dry things it looks like close to if not more than an inch of rain across most of the area. heavier downpours could lead to poor drainage flooding. 40's to around 50 tonight for overnight lows. tomorrow skies will brighten up. high pressure will be nosing in for the remainder of the week. today is the most active weather day of the week. we get the clouds that slowly break tomorrow with that westerly wind. temperatures come up into the
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of year and that is where we stay through saturday. big changes coming by the second half of the week and early next week. gets unsettled in the temperatures drop. i don't see highs getting out of the 40's. it looks like most of next week changes are coming. doug: if you noticed more telemarketer calls on your cell phone you're not wrong emily:. complaints are up about 50% this year for robo calls but there are options. there is an app for that. a number of blocking doug: if you use voice over i.t. , consumer reports recommends no more robo. it compares caused a list of robo call companies and decides if it should go through. emily: if you're struggling with your landline consumer reports says the digital call blocker is the way too. it lists for about $100. we invite you to check out the new slide.
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breaking news and weather not only faster but using new technology to give you a better experience. the latest weather conditions, you can find them front and center on every page. whatever you want is two clicks or taps away. the transition from a seamless. if you want to check out the new wc did -- the new, it looks pretty good. still ahead, they can't stay doug:. cindy is going out of her mind. new kids on the block heading back to fenway. the special guest star that's
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? doug: the block returning to fenway next summer. roles in saturday, july 8. the new kids will be joined by specl guest, paula abdul and boys to men. emily: you are making fun of her but you seem very excited to
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look at the rain moving up from the south. it's going to get heavy as go through thafternoon. big puddfor the evening commute to read the rain gets out of here tonight. dry and mild through the end of the week. doug: hope it clears up in time for new kids. emily: it's in july.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've got a bunch of straight "a" students here to play with us today. they're used to busting the curve. now we'll find out if they can break the bank. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? hey, erybody, welcome to whiz kids week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." we're in the middle of a great game. our returning whiz kid was the arkansas state geographic bee champion, and is a two-time qu bowl mvp. from springdale, arkansas, please welcome back sojas wagle. [cheers and applause] sojas, welcome back. >> thank you. ? ? >> oh, we're in thmiddle of a great game. you have stunned us with your skills, your intellect. you'veotten to30,000. you're playing a great game. [cheers and applause] so you're a geographic bee champ... >> mm-hmm. >> where'd you get your love of geography from?


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