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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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harvey leonard is tracking the rain and looking at its impact. harv: it's been very heavy in some areas over the last couple of hours. widespread across the region. some areas very heavy like up in northwest new hampshire but also around worcester to brockton. some bands. here's a closer look. you can see southern new hampshire getting socked but here's the second band as well. we take a closer look. from manchester, new hampshire, all the way down to nashua, peterborough, all ge at this time making travel pretty difficult with reduced visibility and ponding. also moderate to heavy rain, on down to north redding and worcester all the way eastward through marlboro and westborough down to norwood across the scituate and some elements of heavy rain around plymouth. there are still a few more down around the careful. this is a dry slot that's going to be lifting northward but that will take a few hours to reach boston. so as we go through the rest of the evening commute here in
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drizzle. by 10:00 or 11:00, all the activity will lift north at that time. there is a coastal flood advisory for the next high tide coming up tonight and that goes into effect from 10:00 to 2:00. we'll talk more about what that means coming up in a few minutes. >> we have some breaking news this evening. flights suspended at a u.s. airport after a shooting has now turned deadly. the person shot at the will rogers airport in oklahoma city has d the breaking news. >> new information is filtering in. a fluid situation, but yes, confirmation that that person shot at the airport has just died. and police are now searching for a possible, that's possible second victim. the airport does remain shut down. police are telling in iran side that airport to shelter in place. and all roads leading to the will rogers airport have been closed off. we can tell you that the f.b.i. and the bomb squad both now
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the airport. that's what you're seeing right there. we don't have any information at this hour on the shooter. about 7,000 to 8,000 people pass through the will rogers airport every day. one person confirmed dead after being shot at the airport. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you any updates as they happen. >> thank you. more breaking news. people rushed to the hospital after a silver lined bus trash that happened at herald and that's where john atwater joins us live. >> a total of eight people taken to the hospital after this crash. it happened at this intersection this afternoon. they were all taken to the hospital to get checked out. an suv pulled out of a parking lot here and hit the silver lined bus. traveling down washington street. there was some damage to the front of that car. the driver was give an ticket
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to oncoming traffic but thankfully this wasn't more serious and everyone on the bus should be okay. >> we're live on the south end, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> new at 5:00, a woman trapped in her car all night after a rollover crash. the conditions keeping the wreck hidn from rescuers for hours. live from epping, new hampshire. rhondella? >> the survivor is in stable condition at portsmouth regional right where you see those headlights, she had the rollover in the brush at the epping, new hampshire line. unnoticed until this morning. take a look at the car. it's amazing that she survived. the police identify her as janice and think she was unfamiliar with the road. police say the tire of a new car got caught in the shoulder.
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for eight hours. spent the entire night in the car which landed on its side with the driver's door to the ground. >> she was trapped inside and after we cut her out they removed her through the roof and on a backboard. >> she crashed into several trees. her injuries are nonlife-threatening. they used the jaws of life and cut off the roof. he credits the seat belt and the fact that car, helped to save her life. police at this point do not know what caused this single car crash and they say it was just far enough off the road that it was not noticed until 6:30 this morning by a passerby. live in epping, new hampshire, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> a worcester man hospitalized with a serious head injury after being attacked outside his home. police are searching for a suspect or suspects in the
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apartment. the victim was able to reach the door, and pounded for help. worcester police are looking for help from anyone who may have information. weston police are apartment. the victim was asking for help identifying a man in connection with an incident wooempblgt. the department posted this sketch to its facebook page. a 10-year-old man went toward him. the driver stopped, got out of the car moving toward him. the man v-w passat similar to this car. the man drove off when the boy screamed. anyone with information is asked to call weston police. marlboro police released security camera photos of bank robbery suspect. the thief wore a hooded sweatshirt, a mask and sunglasses, when he hit the marlboro savings bank last thursday. he's white, six feet tall with medium build. he did not show a weapon and escaped on foot.
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to call marlboro police. >> the search is on for a cab driver that caused a chain reaction crash. live at the crash scene tonight in the back bay. sean? >> the crash damaged three cars, a fence, and then the cabby just took off. but why remains a mystery. >> the overnight crash still without answers. state police spent the morning searching for security cameras and clues. in the meantime workers fences and an electrical box smashed in the chain reaction crash. state police say around 2:30 in the morning, a trooper had been following a taxi that was driving erratically going through red lights. the cab and another car collided, knocked into the cruiser, and a parked car. the taxi took off. near commonwealth and berkeley. state police are still searching for the cab and driver that caused it all. starting with finding the cab
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white with green markings. also, a big concern why that cabby was driving erratically in the first place. thankfully in this crash, no one was injured. >> we're live in boston, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thank you. we have some breaking news on capitol hill this evening. senate minority leader on the senate floor just movements ago with a strong message for president-elect donald trump. >> his election sparked hate this is a simple statement of fact. >> senator harry reid just the latest law make tore add his voice to the fight over president-elect donald trump's first ballotappointments. >> president-elect donald trump receiving his first presidential daily briefing today in trump tower. from now on trump and pence will get the same daily updates as
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going to be a great president. >> huddling inside trump tower to begin choosing cabinet posts for secretary of state, either former new york city mayor giuliani or former u. runner ambassador bolton. one name in the on there is ben carson. he said he'll be more effect testify outside the administration. >> one is already polarizing brannon, a conservative news outlet considered to be voice for white nationalists. democrats in congress signing a letter to the president elect urging him to rescind bannon's appointment and chief strategist. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. >> while many republicans who will be working closely with the trump administration are taking a more balanced approach when it comes to talking about bannon. >> this person helped him win an incredible victory. the president will be judged on the results of this
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dominating president obama's final overseas tour. he's trying to calm international concerns but today also threw a subtle jab. >> and those folks who voted for the president-elect are better off than they were when i came into office. >> the current president, in other words, decides what the the president elect can know regarding those daily intelligence briefings. president obama decided to extend the full daily brief to that's what president bush did for him eight years ago. >> nance pelosi might not be the democratic leader much longer. they are postponing elections until the end of the month until they can find someone younger to challenge pelosi. among possible candidates, tim ryan of ohio.
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changes after two workers were killed in this trench collapse. mayor marty walsh now wants new rules to mcsure construction companies are in good standing before they are allowed a work permit. this was the scene at the intersection of dartmouth on october 21, when calvin maddox and robert higgins were killed after the trench they were working in flooded. the men were working for atlantic drain service. 5 investigates uncovered previous safety issues with that company. those included eight different violations earlier this year and $20,000 by osha. mayor walsh's proposal would allow city agencies to reject or modify permit applications. companies would also be required to tell the city of all osha violations, no matter if they are pending or resolved. the proposal still needs the approval of the boston city council. no criminal charges have been filed in this case, as the suffolk d.a.'s office continues to investigate. >> hoeing for anything positive.
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that was sunday's game against the state hawks. despite initial reports, he suffered a punctured lung. mike lynch is hearing it's more likely a bruised chest. he called this hit on sunday one of the hardest he's ever taken on the field. he was supposed to make a promotional appearance for the video game in new york today but that was canceled. the question is, is his status in question? >> we'll find out wednesday after practice and see what happens on wednesday. >> did you expect anything else from belichick for an answer? >> perhaps the tight end will have more to say when we hear from him at six. >> stabbing spree. five students rushed to the hospital. >> the scary scene playing out in utah. what we're learning about the suspect now in custody.
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dozens of wildfires across at least seven states. firefighters now preparing for what could be a very long battle. >> coming up 59:30, dealing with brain tumor in middle school. it may seem overwhelming but for our a plus student brain surgery was just the beginning of a path to success. >> making sure everything that your kid unwraps this holiday season is safe. a look at the toys the avoid coming up. but first, let's check your tuesday evening rain. first alert traffic and look at directions. let's go to the maps and there is a lot of red around the region. as you head down the expressway. 35 minutes now, mass ab to route 3. you were deck to 123 north. 35 minutes. pike is slow in both directions. a lot of accidents. 23 to newton corner, an hour's drive now southbound from route 3 down to route 9 with construction going on.
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as you approach 95. there is the pike further out west, tolls 495 -- 495 slowing now southbound on the northbound side. 12 minutes from the pike up to 290.
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>> five students stabbed at a high school in utah today a straight a student is charged in the attack. this happened at mountain view high school. the victims were stabbed inside the boys locker room. staffers risked their lives to
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subdued with a taser. the attack happening just before 8:00 as students were getting ready for a phys-ed class. the students' injury range from nonlife-threatening to critical. firefighters battling dozens of wildfires still burning. all of this fueled by a drought in the south. it's not just dust here in new england and many are believed to be manmade. at least one arrest so far that individual 2, 1-year-old johnny mullins, who warned people on he's an aspiring weatherman, allegedly confessed he set the fire, that's burning in eastern kentucky. to get more facebook followers. the remaining suspicious fires are still under investigation. in north carolina, the situation is so dire a mandatory evacuation is in place. >> 10 to 25% of normal rainfall. leaves that are usually only a few inches deep and kind of moist and wet are completely dry and fluffy, and you couldn't ask
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>> unlike here no rain in the forecast any time soon. >> we have rain out there and when you look at the bunker hill bridge you can see what it's doing to traffic. for some reason everybody seems to slow down. >> it's wise to slow down. raining pretty hard in boston. is visibility is down. you can see behind us. another look at boston. 53 degrees. notice the wind. it's picked up at 22 miles per hour out of the northeast. it has some implication for the look at how much rain has fallen. 3/4 of an inch from worcester to fitchburg. half average in boston. with this heavy rain going on, over an inch in providence. almost an inch in newport, rhode island. right in here, on our doppler radar, this green and yellow areas, moderate to heavy rain coming right through boston now. there are more elements to the south but this is the heaviest band. the first heavy band has moved quickly. it's now way up in central new
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anywhere from one and a half to three miles in the areas getting heavy rains. a closer look at that first chunk, now the southern edge is now manchester, new hampshire, and this is the chunk of heavy rain coming through boston at this particular time. it does extend out to the south shore, even into parts of cape cod. we'll take a closer look. still pounding rain around manchester, new hampshire, down to dairy. we get into our area here. you can see right along the pike. western to boston, southward to norwood and southeast to brockton as well. along the coast, some moderate to heavy rain around scituate, plymouth. a little dry slot around new bedford. that will move northward and eventually a if you hours from now diminish the rain quite a bit around boston but we still have a few heavy bands right around the vineyard and also right around between falmouth and hyannis, as you can see right there. by the way, there could be some embedded thunder or lightning
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next couple of hours. so this is a look at 6:00. elements of heavy downpours embedded within the rain area which continues to lift northward, but still a few elements can come through boston till about 8:00 or 9:00. maybe one final one even as it will as 10:00 then everything lifts to the north. it's not going to clear rapidly. we'll still have low clouds, fog, main even a little drizzle for your morning commute but no heavy rain. here are the winds. they have picked up and when we look at the gusts w plymouth. because the winds have picked up, even though they will start to die down around the time of high tide it builds up the wave action and the tides, the next series of high tides coming up tonight will not be quite as his as the one we had today but now we've got some wave action to consider. so therefore, there is a coastal flood advisory in effect. to give you an idea of what we're talking about here in boston we're not going the quite make to it flood staining. just shy of it but you have some
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and a similar situation in scituate as well. not quite the flood stage but could you get some splashover. today's high tide, we showed new boston where it's so wet. northeast at 22 with that 53 degree temperature. over the next seven days, tomorrow will be age proving day. clouds, some breaks of sun. eventually close to 60 in boston. at night 50's to around 60 for thursday and friday. lots of sun on friday. some wet weather at times on sundays. will begin the process of cooling us down and it looks much colder and windy for monday and tuesday of next week. >> today we invite you to check out the new designed to deliver breaking news not only faster but using new technology to give you a good experience every time. the alerts will be front and center on every page.
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the aps and website have the same streamline. no need to update. the transition is seamless. >> that's what's important. don't make me do anything. >> you don't have to. >> perfect. >> gaining weight and losing it again is a cycle that many of us get caught up in. there is new evidence that too many fluctuationes can impact a william's heart. >> coming up at 5:30, immigrants worried about what could happen to their families when president-elect takes office. >> local 13-year-old studying physics at wheaton college and empty at harvard. how his parents are making sure
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>> diet and lack of exercise are often linked to diabetes but there is another factor in this life threatening disease. stress. doctors at the cleveland clinic say stress can make people want
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researchers say that people who stress eat are more likely to gain weight. and face a significant risk factor for type two diabetes. >> stress puts your body into fight or flight mode so as a result, your hormone levels like adrenaline and cortisol rise and that could impact your blood gl glucose levels. >> lack of sleep is also considered a risk factor. reducing sugars is mm well. >> weight and your heart. it's no surprise being on the heavy side can boost your risk of heart illnesses. a new study points to another issue that can increase heart risk in normal weight women as well. >> gaining weight and losing it again. a cycle with which many of us are familiar especially around the holiday season. but today new evidence that having too many of these fluctuations in weight may increase a woman's risk of heart disease, even if she's not
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>> researchers presented at the annual american heart so meeting looked at data on nearly 160,000 older women. finding normal weight subjects reporting alternating periods of weight gain and weight-loss hat 3.5 times the risk of dying from an heart issue with an 11 1/2 year follow up period compared to their counterparts who reported a stable weight. the same finding not seen in overweight and obese women. while the to say for sure whether these fluctuations in weight really led to an increased heart risk it may point to the risks of practices like yo-yo dieting. >> just a reminder that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight may be the best way to tip the scales toward heart health. >> treating drug addiction like a disease. >> how a local hospital is changing its strategy to save lives. >> surviving a brain tumor,
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the a plus student now making plans for his future thanks to his doctors and perseverance. >> danger in your kid's toy box. presents that are not worth the
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>> here's a story that's happening right now at 5:30. we're tracking rain as it continues across the area. impacting the evening drive home. harvey has the impact for you and how long it will stick around just ahead. >> breaking news, a southwest airlines employee has died after being shot at will rogers airport in oklahoma city. police schutter down the airport and told everyone to shelter in place. no word on the gunman. >> eight people hospitalized after an suvra this happened at herald and washington streets the injuries are believed to be minor. >> back to the wet weather. we've had it all day including flooding because of the tide. you can see the water that's lapping at the yacht club. the building normally sits well above the water. on top of pilings. that gives you an idea of how much water is there. >> harvey is here now with how long the rain will stick around. >> it's only a couple of hours but tough timing.
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let's show you some of the rain that's around right now. some of the heaviest is right in the boston area. up through the north shore, as you can see there, and on up through northern massachusetts as well. here's a closer look. you can see boston is getting some heavy rain right now. the initial band of very heavy rain has now moved to manchester, new hampshire, and beyond. also getting even to the north and west. there are still some elements at the south shore and cape that still have to come through moving northward norwood, heavy rain there. also still some bands very close to plymouth at this time. there is a dry slot that's now working up from new bedford so the rain is pretty much done there as that drier air is trying to work northward but we still have some downpours around falmouth and just between falmouth and the vineyard. also near hyannis and that still has to move northward along the coast. as we take you through the evening here you see now everything will shift to eastern massachusetts, where a few more


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