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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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hour involving a missing person from westborough. no body was found. >> police are looking for a man who broke into his ex-girlfriend's home stabbing her and her mother. >>out, could we have a chilly night? harv: yep. but not inordinately cold. you're right. the clearing trend is actually working from south to north. the clouds are breaking and that's good news. temperatures are currently in the 40's and low 50's. notice boston is only going to so that minutes some of the chilly spots will be in the 30's. good news if you like mild weather. want one more round? you'll get a couple of days. middle off to the west but there is some real cold air that's building. way to the north. a chunk of it is going to be headed here so we'll give you the timeline on the chilest weather so far this season. when it arrives and how long it lasts. >> we'll see you then. new hampshire's highest court has now heard the appeal of a
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and he wants a new trial. here are the arguments that the court heard today. >> lawyers are challenging if he was given a full and fair trial. he lured the girl to his apartment, strangled her and threw her body into the ocean never to be found. defense lawyers claim she may have died during consensual sex and therefore her sexual history should have been explored at trial. that type of evidence is protected rape shield law. jurors might have acted differently if they had more information. >> it's just common sense, that a person's sexual personality has some correlation to the personality that they project. >> they are saying this is crazy. even if you accept it, that she, on the time in question, enxwajed in this, the idea that she would have died without the defendant knowing, wait a minute, we just went too far,
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the hearing but they had no comment on the case. the court's decision will be announced. that will coming up at a later date. >> new 59:30, dozens of new police cadets were sworn in, in boston, a diverse group now heading to the police academy. todd spoke with some about becoming an officer. >> solemnly swear. >> solemnly swear. >> today 42 cadets are sworn in at the boston >> you guys are going to make a tremendous difference out there. >> it's not us against the community. it's us with the community. >> of the 42 cadets 31 are people of color. 15 are women. all have the same motivation. >> i have lived in boston all my life. i want to give back to my community. and make a difference and break the stereotypes of policing. >> this woman saide she deferred
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>> this man says he's been waiting for about a year. >> my family pakistan, so i'll be the first pakistani if i make it that far. >> they will be held to a higher standard. >> you have a patch on your shoulder, a badge on your chest. does that bring up the level of seriousness that we expect from everyone in the class. >> as you look around the country, all this anti-police sentiment, who waould want to d what you do now? >> when this cadet class finishes in two years, well in at the front of the line to get into a recruit class and eventually possibly become boston police officers. reporting from the academy in hyde park, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> hundreds of animals seized from this farm earlier this year are up for adoption in 13 states including here in massachusetts
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moved to shelters to undergo rehabilitation after they were found living in square lor conditions. some have already been adopted into safe and loving homes. >> hundreds gathered in halifax, nova scotia, to celebrate a holiday tradition today. >> you have to get behind this. it's awesome. the official send-off. the halifax grand parade features live music and other holiday fun as they were escorted away. >> the spruce from nova scotia is tradition dating back to 1918 and it culminates with lights as you can see right here live, thursday, december 1 at 7:00. wcvb. >> do they send the tree by boat or do they drive knit >> they drive it. >> takes a leisurely -- >> you have to have expertise in the area. >> yes. >> holiday lights. >> very cool.
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for the new congress and what, if anything, might get done in the lame duck session. >> the power of social media, the story behind this shot of a sippy cup that was tweeted. the response. >> new research on the high cost of emergency room visits.
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expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> breaking news on this deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. the train engineering suffered
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possible cause. he was diagnosed with the condition after the september 29 wreck. one woman was killed when the train plowed into the station going twice the speed limit. >> it's been a decade since republicans controlled congress. both houses and the white house, and on capitol hill the g.o.p. is preparing to push an ambitious agenda next year even as the lame done session continues. what lawmakers expect to get done before they head home for the holidays. >> leaders are sketching out their agenda for 2017. rolling back obama care, action on tax reform. border security. and other priorities of the president-elect. on the senate side, majority leader mc -- mitch mcconnell keeps his top job. >> chuck schumer will be the most powerful democrat in congress as the new senate
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republicans. >> when we can work together we will but i've also said to the president elect on issues where we disagree you can expect a strong and tough fight. >> one possible fight could come over mr. trump's appointees including his pick for u.s. supreme court. senator feinstein, who becomes the ranking member on the judiciary committee promises careful scrutiny of all appointees. on the house side, speaker paul ryan retains his post. >>e' big. >> house democrats have postponed their leadership vote until after thanksgiving. in the meantime there is unfinished business to take care of in the lame duck session like funding the government. >> everyone is in arms because the house keeps changing direction. no one knows what they are going to do. >> a stopgap spending bill expires december 9. in washington, sally kidd.
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tonight where he spoke in front of 200,000 people back in 2008. he just finished dinner with chancellor merkel and plans a more formal meeting with her tomorrow. after germany mr. obama will fly to peru for an asian economic summit and then return home on sunday. >> a fly on the wall in those meetings would be nice. >> something else. >> dominos shows off some new technology. >> still ahead, delivery by drone. find out where the company is now kind service and we'll tell you what is on the pizza. >> leaping into action, a boy saving his baby brother after the infant falls off the changing table. what the mom is now saying about this incredible catch. >> some real mild air for this time of year in the middle of the country. we'll share in some of that for a while, but you know this year, i want the best bird for my family and my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey
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it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my stop & shop. >> you knew it was now it's happened. pizza delivery by drone. it happened in, of all places, auckland, new zealand. >> dominos delivery, two pizzas, which the company claim, first commercial delivery of food by a drone to a customer ever. the script says it's fun to watch as it happens. is it? i don't know. you decide. >> i don't want to get whacked in the head. he delivered a chicken pizza, and then a pizza with chicken
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annoyed by. dominos says the pilot program promises faster delivery. >> if it gets to me faster -- a father is desperate to find a cup for his autistic son. mark carter needs this. he says his 14-year-old son refuses to drink from any other cup. the problem, this has been out of production for a decade. carter said he's received tremendous sport from people worldwide scouring their covers for identical once. tommy tippy is also looking to archive samples to see if they can find more cups from ben. >> would you take a cup from a reason dom person? >> if it was the only one my son would drink out of. >> a 9-year-old boy becomes a florida family's super hero when he saves his baby brother from
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a busy mother of five puts her 11-month-old on a changing table. turns her back and the babyles are off the changing table but look at that his older brother is right there, here it comes again. boom. for the catch. >> i can't run that fast. so i felt like something came and just push me forward, and then when it happened, i just ran and caught him. >> i was just getting everyone for and at first i said, i messed up, i did something wrong, but then i realized, it was a miracle. i must have done something right, not deserving of this little guy running in at the right time. >> this happened a many a, the mom decided to release the video as a cautionary tale for other busy parents. >> especially when you see how the baby just rolled right off
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>> but it is scary. >> you've got to always be on. >> speaking of someone who is always on. >> wow. thank you very much. >> we're certainly give it a try as we always do. >> today we didn't really brighten up too much in boston. it did in other parts of new england around connecticut, rhode island. clouds lifting off to the north and east. we're going to get at least a partial clearing overnight. there is another system in parts of pennsylvania but if you notice the direction, it's kind of this way. that's going to dive below us and shouldn't really interfere too much. just a little bit of that cloudiness late tonight and early tomorrow. the action is starting to develop out west. there is a little strip of snow developing in the higher elevations as colder air starts to work in but right now it's not that cold yet but that cold air will be coming in and that's what's caused a blizzard watch for parts of the dakotas. let you know things are starting
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-- 53 degrees. 13 miles per hour. mid-november evening, not too bad. we're in the 40's and low 50s. will drop as low as the 30's. a brighter day tomorrow overall for larger percentage of our area and temperatures will respond into the 50's. could approach or touch 60 in one or two of the area. a little bit of cloudiness is possible in eastern mass for a while. much of the region will be enjoying a fair amount of sun and friday with an ocean storm, fairly far out, just the edge of the clouds might be near the outer cape or nantucket but that shouldn't be much of an issue. look at the rest of the area on friday. so nice and clear a little bit of a breeze off the ocean may keep it cooler along the coast than inland but i'm
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places reach or see 60 with high temperatures on friday especially away from the shoreline. lack how clear it will be. then it gets interesting into the weekend. we'll probably squeeze saturday out as a dry day here most likely although we'll have to with which some clouds approaching from the east, and the next system from the west. eventually we're going to get a storm system to develop right over our area. like saturday night into sunday. for us, the storm will then move northward. we'll get a little bit of a backlash as winds pick up out of the northwest which could cause some showers that may even mix with some wet snow in the higher terrain, worcester hills, berkshires and areas north but there is a possibility that system will produce some snow as it develops. not so much for us, but for the mountains of northern new england as well as at least snow showers for the berkshires. here's a look from one computer model showing some snow accumulation. again, this is not going to occur until sunday night into
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in boston but snow in northern and possibly western new england, especially the mountains, into the weekend, and into the start of next week which is good news if you like to school. there is cold air. a good chunk and some of that will come in here to give us our coldest feeling of the season for monday. a great stretch of weather into saturday. sunday is the transition day. a few showers, winds start to pick up. temperatures don't rise much. then they fall later in the day and at lot colder than the temperatures you're seeing there on monday because the winds will be pretty g gusty. it looks like a system will be approaching which could give us some precipitation, most likely a chilly rain around wednesday night. maybe into thanksgiving day. that's just an early estimate of that little situation. >> thank you.
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right? no? you might be able to win some money, ed, if you try to drive well. took a test with a new app that scores your skills. >> i'm accelerating. >> it is, but that wasn't a fast acceleration. you have to stomp on it. you're driving remarkably well here. [laughter] >> we're testing the new phone braking, speed, turning, and phone use. then the app will give me a score. >> the best part is, we're actually giving away prizes for those people who score well, up to $2,000 for the grand prize but each week hundreds are going out to people who are using this app. >> my co-pilot today, chris carter of the mayor's office of new urban mechanics, which helped to create the app. >> we find the first time they download it they want to see
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first trip and they are surprised that maybe they aren't as good a drive as they thought they would. >> as we travel the mean streets of l.a., lower auston, that is. >> i'm passing by a place which i normally don't avoid which is dunkin' donuts. >> you're not linked in with different vendors? >> no. >> so how did die on my maiden voyage? >> you scored an 85 which is pretty harsh brake, it looks like. a little bit of speeding, too. >> a b plus. >> pretty good for boston traffic. >> good point for boston traffic. >> the contest runs into early december, and also tonight, ted learns how to brake up traffic jams, how to control road rage. details on the mother of all back-ups.
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chronicles, 7:30. >> preexisting commitments will prevent bob bill lone from picking up his 2016 nobel prize for literature in person. what's more important? he was expected to attend the prize ceremony in sweden next month but he told the academy he won't be able to attend. the 75-year-old was awarded the prize last many for having created new poetic expression within the great american song tradition. we'll have to mail him that million dollar >> you can send it to my 26 place. >> up next, an unpleasant surprise that sometimes accompanies a trip to the emergency room. >> an extremely high bill. the new concerns being raised about the cost of care. let's see what's coming up new at 6:00. >> we're following some breaking news right now out of princeton. police are hoping you can track them truck down a vehicle that may be connected to the unsolved murder of a young runner. >> about half of the schools tested in massachusetts have shown unsafe lead levels in
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new at 6:00, how much money is needed to test the rest of the buildings also new. >> assumptions turn into vacations. >> that's him. >> terrific. expressing his feelings on unfair punishment. join us for news randy: thursday morning on the eyeopener, protecting the kids in a high-tech world. >> expert advice from police including one thing your child should always have. nd big changes on thursday starting
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>> medical emergency, you think
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now a new report suggests that many who end up in the emergency room could be in for a nasty surprise. >> when you or someone you love is sick ambulances whisk you to where the doctors are a trip to the emergency room can, of course, save your life. but it could also send you into shock when the bill arrives. saddled with thousands of dollars of medical bills from an out of network doctor. these surprise medical bills have many experts concerned since few patients will pause to as my insurance network? a new article from researchers at yale report that many e.r. visits involve costly out of network treatment. the researchers studied more than two million visits to the emergency room, on average, more than one in five doctors involved in the emergencies were out of network for the patient. in some communities, out of network doctors accounting for 89% of e.r. claims in. these cases insurance companies
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bill. patients left holding the bag shelling out on average $622. in some states, laws protect patients from these surprise cost costs. >> a situation that may make for a tougher recovery for a lot of patients. >> new research finds while most americans will shop for holiday gifts how they do it depends on their generation. for example, personal finance website found consider themselves to be impulsive shoppers are and are most likely to use cash. 41% guy themselves as impulse buyers. >> baby boomers said they were likely to stick to their budgets and were more likely to use a major or retail credit card. out of all generations only 6% shopped solely from behind their screens during the holiday season. >> online shopping is so easy.
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playing. >> and the crowds. >> robert kraft surprise visit to trump towers. >> news in us at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking news, new clues just revealed in the unsolved murder of a princeton jogger. >> threatened at gunpoint. >> what's so different about this video that police say could be to an arrest. >> when skies will clear and the big changes that will start during the weekend. >> tom brady's big. >> assumptions turn into stay-cations. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> at 6:00, we continue to follow the breaking news from princeton. >> police just revealing a new clue in the unsolved murder of that young woman who was killed while she was out for a jog. john atwater is live in princeton with this latest information. john? >> this is really the first
5:59 pm
case in months and it is giving people in this town some hope that her killer will be found. police tonight are telling us that they are now looking for dark colored suv that was parked on brook station road near the spot where vanessa marcotte's body was found. they now want to hear from anyone who has access to a dark suv that man a injuries. the 27-year-old was here in august visiting her family from new york. the murder really rattled this rural community and the mystery sun settling for people here. >> hopeful. i think every lead, particularly ones that they are sending out to the public, i'm assuming, are very important and super indicative of progress.
6:00 pm
something comes of it. >> so again tonight, police tell us they are looking for a dark colored suv but beyond that, they really have very little information but they are hoping that that clue can potentially lead them to a killer. >> we're live in princeton, john atwater, newscenter 5. >> breaking news at 6:00, a man is on the run after passing fake cash at two stores. burlington police say a fake $100 bill was used at the be thing happened an hour later. police tracked down four suspects. three are under arrest, and one managed to run off. >> right now newly released surveillance video, you see it here, it shows an armed robbery at a gas station, and this time we not only see it but we also hear what he says. david is live at the scene. the robber's surprising choice of words, david. >> good evening.


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