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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> breaking news, a child struck by a bus right after -- >> the driver hitting an elderly woman in a crosswalk and then speeds away. where that happened and the conviction this afternoon. >> police swarming to the campus of boston university. the latest on the search for the person responsible. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] newscenter 5 at 4 begins with breaking news, a nine-year-old child was struck moments after stepping off a school bus. >> newscenter 5's john atwater
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john: family tells me that nine-year-old has a deep cut on his forehead, a lot of pain in his leg. his grandmother was here this afternoon. she was waiting in her car on kittridge street. the bus pulling up -- down kittredge here. she saw her grandson hit by that car and then fly through the air. we have video from sky 5. she went over to her grandson. thankfully he was conscious, he was speaking. a deep cut to his head and complaining of severe pain in his leg. he was rushed to the hospital, where he is now being treated. police tell us the driver did stop and apparently a number people yelling for the driver to stop. no word on a possible ticket at this point. police have been out here investigating try to figure out
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survive. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> police searching for this white minivan involved in a hit and run this morning. it happened at 4th and broadway just before 10:30. surveillance video shows the van hitting a woman in a crosswalk then speeding off. the 72-year-old victim was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. the chelsea police chief says the van could be an older model dodge caravan, and it appears to be missing a right front hubcap, or using a spare tire. also breaking, more problems for a local mother whose public overdose has gained national attention. >> newscenter 5's david bienick is live in lawrence where the mother was supposed to appear in court today, david? david: mandy mcgowen from salem, new hampshire was scheduled to be at the district court this morning. as of a short time ago, she did not.
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apparently overdosed in a dollar store. her young daughter at her side frantically crying for help. police say they found drug paraphernalia in mcgowen's diaper bag. they charged her with child endangerment. she was scheduled to have a hearing on that charge at 9 a.m. today. as of a short time ago, she had not appeared right now an arrest warrant will likely be issued. meanwhile, her daughter was placed in state custody. live in lawrence, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. >> right now we're seeing the 18-year-old charged with attacking a 14-year-old girl at her bourne bus stop. john allen was before a judge this morning in falmouth . prosecutors say he grabbed the victim by the neck last week and tried to drag her to his vehicle. that's when they say a witness screamed and he took off. allen is captain of the football team at the vocational school in bourne. he is due back on court -- in court on tuesday. police in boston are trying to
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>> newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is on the b.u. campus with the latest, jorge? jorge: everything at this point seems back to normal, even as police continue trying to trace that hoax call. students in this building at the time the threat came in telling me they are still shaking from the fright. a section of the bu campus cleared this morning after a man called to say he was barricaded in a booby trapped room on the 4th floor of the mugar memorial the library and student union immediely evacuated. this section of commonwealth was shut down as police quickly searched the building. students received a text alert to stay away from the area, police say the caller stayed on the phone for about ten minutes. even answering questions at one , point telling them he had shot a hostage. the area finally cleared after it was confirmed the whole thing
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police say the caller had an accent and his phone number was blocked. they say the man did claim to have any specific motive. jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5 . >> a threat to a teacher prompted officials to cancel classes at a granite state school today. that tt camen before the greenfield elementary school arrived. as a precaution, students on the police say an investigation is ongoing. an informational meeting for parents will be held monday night x: 30 at the elementary school itself -- 6:30 at the elementary school itself. >> a beautiful start to the weekend. >> we are in for a big change before this weekend is out. this has been spectacular november weather, upper 50's and low 60's, a little cooler around the cape.
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while. now you see that big change. yesterday around this time kansas city in the 70's. now they are 44. cold to the north and west, snow falling in much of minnesota. the change will come here, and parts of new england, particularly western mass, and vermont will get some snow out of this. the moisture is coming from the west. as we get towards dawn on flip over to snow. it could snow pretty hard from the berkshires up to the mountains of vermont. you can expect accumulation in the higher elevations of the berkshires up to the mountains of vermont. it's nice and clear here. the edge of the clouds just reach past nantucket and chatham. the most son tomorrow will be in
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we will certainly tell you much more about that big change during the weekend in a few minutes. >> donald trump ends the week with a flurry of appointments from his transition team. and they're already churning up plenty of controversy. >> newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here to break it all down. ben? ben: ed and maria, it's been a busy day for the transition team -- announcing three major positions including trump's first pick for a cabinet member. the president-elect's team is starting to take shape. 3 appointments, all known as hard lin cabinet jeff sessions. the alabama senator has been offered the position of attorney general. a loyal supporter, sessions was the first gop senator to endorse trump during the primary. trump says he's been unbelievably impressed with him and his phenomenal record -- but sessions could face a challenging confirmation in the senate. in 1986 he was blocked from becoming a federal judge over racially charged comments he
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about diversity and how their appeals are made and what happened in the campaign. senator sessions could have a real problem getting approval by the senate. ben: another appointee facing some resistance, lieutenantt general michael flynn just named national security advisor. at the republican national convention flynn incited the infamous "lock her up" chant against hillary clinto flynn wrote, i don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent -- equivalent. a top democrat on the house intelligence committee says he's deeply concerned with flynn's inflammatory remarks. the transition team has filled one more spot cia director. going to representative mike pompeo of kansas, currently a member of the house intelligence committee. and pompeo has been very critical of hillary clinton in connection with the attack in benghazi. now, it's not all hard liners under consideration, trump plans to meet with former
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secretary of state, which is the most visible post after president and vice president. >> sen. elizabeth warren, tweeting about that meeting today saying, gov. mitt romney, when you're meeting with donald trump, maybe you could bring your binders full of women with you? warren, referencing the phrase romney used when answering a question during a presidential debate in 2012. tonight at 5:00, what warren had to say about the trump transition this afternoon at umass boston. >> trump may be ready to pay his way out of a lawsuit over his now-defunct real estate course trump university. sources tell abc news that trump may settle, and pay up to former $25 million. trump university customers have filed three lawsuits. they claim the courses were a scam. trump has strongly denied the claims. his lawyers are now trying to delay the start of one trial until after his inauguration in january.
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into the newly created state harrassment hotline. attorney general maura healey's office set it up monday, in response to increased reports of hateful behavior toward minorities, women and immigrants following the november 8 election. >> they range from calls where people have been run off the road and called the "n" word, interstate folks, this stuff is real. people came out and a latino couple had their cared >> calls where people have been run off the road and called the "n" word, ts americans need to get back to an old fashioned notion, there is right and there is wrong. dozens of students at manchester high school were sickened by a chemical odor. custodians were cleaning the gym this morning when they accidentally released a chemical that ran through the whole school. some students reported nausea and headaches. two had to be hospitalized. the school was evacuated, and many students were treated on
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classes resumed around 1:30 this afternoon. and taking a look at first alert traffic. you're looking live at zakim bridge. you see the traffic trying to leave town, slowly in both directions. coming back in it isn't too good. 1/2 hour to connect to 128, that's normal. you've got whatever is left of the sunlight in-your-face. 128 in both directions is not good trade as you come back into it, let's check the drivetime there. 43 minutes. i drove through that aretoday, it's rely getting cool. 95 south is slow pike to 290 is slow.
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if you don't have to get into a car, don't get into a car. rob gunn kraske -- rob gronkowski, he did not practice the last handful of days and he took that tremendous hit in the game against seattle the other night. what he has been told is a bruised sternum after that rough hit and last week's loss to the seahawks. gronkowski will not be going to or playing against the 49ers this weekend. an arizona police officer on leave and under investigation after he's caught on camera punching a woman. >> still ahead on newscenter 5, we're hearing from that woman about this incident. >> climate scientists sounding the alarm about the arctic. what they're saying is very wrong with the north pole right
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>> an arizona police officer caught on camera punching a woman in the face. >> today the woman who was hit is speaking out, as the
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video investigators in arizona are reviewing. trying to determine whether this police officer broke the law, when he punched marissa morris in the face. >> i was punched in the face two times, i was choked. just a brutal attack. reporter flagstaff police : officer jeff bonar was called to the home wednesday for an eviction. his body camera. amoco i've been here a few times before. >> turning off before the confrontation. reporter bonar claims morris : resisted arrest, kicking and kneeing him in the groin before he hit her. >> something she denies. reporter bonar claims morris reporter officials learning on : social media about the encounter and the cell phone video captured by a bystander -- bystander, immediately launching an investigation. >> we are taking this again, very, very seriously. >> investigators are looking
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recording the entire time. the officer is on administrative leave. morris is charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. amoco -- >> climate scientists sounding the alarm over the north pole, they say it's 36 degrees warmer than normal over most of the arctic ocean. it's currently polar night where the sun doesn't rise over parts of the atlantic. the amount of sea ice it is freezing up, but at a glacial pace. >> sometimes that means tougher winter weather for us here. it creates a blocking pattern of there. the storm track sometimes shifts down here. >> this would be normal, right? >> it's not abnormal.
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now. it is been so tranquil and beautiful here. what a temperature jump in some areas. orange, mass -- all in the upper 20's. then they moved all the way into the low 60's, which is where concord, new hampshire is now. an unbelievably gorgeous day in and around boston. late afternoon approaching the early evening, and approaching your weekend. 61re light northwesterly wind, could hardly be nicer at this time of year. winds are light. winds are a little bit stronger, and they are still a little bit gusty. they are ready now to finally calm down. skies so clear around here, and the edge of the clouds moved east of chatham and nantucket. when i widen out you will see there is an ocean storm.
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clouds later tonight into tomorrow morning may start to back up this way, back again to cape cod to about the coast line, southeastern mass. tomorrow, if you're inland you will see a fair amount of sun. along the coast, you may wind up with some low clouds. we may get a bit of drizzle by tomorrow night trade what we will be watching as the system from the west. that will be a band of showers later on saturday night, 2:00 a.m. sunday. northeastward. we may have a few showers here very late or early on sunday. the backside of that will produce snow from the berkshires to the mountains of vermont. that is the area. for accumulating snow, it looks like it is the berkshires up to vermont in terms of that. there is rather colder areas, net will be coming in late this weekend. you have that storm spinning around in the upper midwest,
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by tomorrow morning, a little more progress inland. then as we get to saturday night, that's when we get a few showers late. snowfall accumulation protection. even more for that -- more for the mountains. the wind will start picking up on sunday out of the west and southwest. the wind will be a big story is a get to later this weekend and early next week. combining with much colder temperat monday is a weather impacted because of the wind, which could be gusting 30, 40 miles per hour. temperature starting around 30 and maybe topping at 40. quiet until thanksgiving. some weather likely to move in. >> donald trump's now defunct
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>> senator elizabeth continues for attacks against president-elect arnold trump. she unleashed just a short time ago with the last hour during a speech at umass boston. what she's saying about his weekend meeting with former bay state governor mitt romney. attacked by a bear while walking in her daughter's driveway. the 911 call the victim made for
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maria: donald trump has settled a lawsuit over his now defunct trump university for $25 million ed:. the former trump university customers claim the course was a scam.
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>> her 25 minutes of sheer terror. >> the guy is ramming into the back of me trying to kill me. >> this 25 minutes was the
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>> then -- >> president-elect trump escape from new york. >> his weekend at his beautiful country home. >> and he is back. >> crazy coocoo. >> alec baldwin returns to snl. >> fake news guy exposed. >> he is a comic. then children flying alone. >> i'm going on the plane by myself. >> but is it safe? wait until you hear what happened to this girl. and the teacher who didn't thanksgiving school play. he burst into tears. >> why would she do that? >> plus, champagne wedding on a beer budget. >> that isso smart. >> your guests will never know how affordable your wedding really was. the wedding cake. it is styrofoam. >> are you kidding me?


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