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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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he had a gash over his eye and a bump over his head. reporter: the 4th grader was conscious and talking, but his grandmother and others who came to help kept him still until paramedics arrived. >> people tending to him making sure he didn't move too much. his eyes were open, he was looking around -- around a little bit. reporter: the boy says he was getting off the bus on kittredge street, and then crossing busy metropolitan avenue when he was hit. there's a steep hill on metropolitan which some say makes this bus stop dangerous. >> that is a horrible, horrible bus stop. horrible street to have a bus stop on. reporter: witnesses say that driver came right over this hill, down this hill. he did pull over to the side of
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to recover. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: also breaking gronk, officially out for sunday's game against the 49ers. maria: sportscenter 5's bob halloran is at the breaking news desk. bob: not a surprise, but the patriots have made it official after gronk missed his third straight practice today and then was not on the patriots flight out to san francisco this afternoon. gronk was injured sunday night when he took this huge hit from seattle's earl thomas gronk -- earl thomas. gronk missed a few plays, but was ablefi the patriots have simply called it a chest injury. the patriots will also be without wide receiver chris hogan but running back dion lewis will make his season debut -- we'll have more later in sports. ed: also breaking, president-elect donald trump agreeing to a $25 million settlement to resolve three lawsuits over trump university. the suits alleged that trump university failed to deliver the quality real estate investing education it promised. the deal does not require trump to acknowledge wrongdoing.
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caught on camera, a woman being run down while crossing the street in chelsea. tonight, police hope you can help them track down the minivan that hit her. newscenter 5's nichole berlie is live at the scene. reporter: tonight police are searching for the driver that sent a 72-year-old woman to the hospital. broadway at fourth street. she was in the crosswalk, and had the right of way. then you see a white minivan, hits her, never even slows down and proceeds to drive off. the victim sprawled in the street starts to get up, and you see a good samaritan come to help her. police say the 72-year-old victim went to the hospital with a cut to her head. meantime, chelsea police are on the lookout for that white
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it is missing a front passenger headcap and it has a white piece of paper taped in the rearview window. ed: right now, police are trying to track down the man behind a frightening hoax at bu. the man, calling police, saying he was barricaded, armed and had shot a hostage at the library all lies. -- library, all lies. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live at the scenhe jorge: the effort to trace that hoax call, is tonight in the hnads of the joint terrorism task force, police say the man was on the line with then for 10 minutes, no robocall. they had to assume the worst. the bu library and student union already crowded with students when the hoax call came in, alexandra fonseca, among those
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rushing in, keeping students out. >> right as i go to the door, i was yelled at and told not to go inside, what's going on? >> the call came from an individual stating he was barricaded inside room 420 on the fourth floor. he mentioned the room was booby trapped. a short time later there was another call that he had shot a hostage in that room. students and traffic shut down as well. police say the caller had an accent, his telephone number blocked. they had to take him at his word. after finding neither evidence of an active shooter nor explosives, the scene was finally cleared, vanessa zoghbi among those evacuated this morning. >> it was scary at the time because i didn't know what was going on. they said to leave the building
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reporter: a lot of time and resources wasted, not to mention the publicity. the man claim no specific motive. jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5 . ed: -- maria: police say mullett fired from the window, managing to hit a police car before he was finally taken into custody. the standoff happened overnight at norton's house on john scott boulevard. a woman and young child escaped the house during the standoff. no officers were injured. police say they searched the home, and found these guns, along with ammo, a high capacity magazine and military-style knives. mullett now faces several charges, including assault with intent to murder.
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made 3 picks for his administration. today trump nominated alabama senator jeff sessions to be attorney general. sessions was one of the first office-holders to endorse trump last year. trump also chose kansas representative mike pompeo as cia director. and he's picked retired army lieutenant general michael flynn as national security adviser. tomorrow, trump will meet with former massachusetts governor and gop presidential nominee mitt romney. there are reports that romney is being considered for secretary of state. sen warren: there can be no compromise with racism. there can be no cop -- negotiation with a good trait. maria: sen. elizabeth warren, getting a standing ovation today during a fiery speech in boston. warren, criticizing the team the president-elect is putting together as he prepares to take office. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live at umass boston, where the
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are at a critical moment in history. the identity of our nation is at stake. sen. warren: let's talk about the elephant in the room, the large orange elephant in the room. reporter: speaking to the new england women's policy conference, i fired up elizabeth warren told the crowd it's time to fight back for america's core values of dignity and economic opportunity for everyone. sen. warren: president-elect trump threatens both of these core values. po off to a bad start by packing his inner circle with people such as steve bannon, who she calls a racist and white supremacist. sen. warren: when we are talking about issues like racism, no compromise either. reporter: war and is a flat-out rejecting the nomination of jeff sessions to u.s. attorney general. sen. warren: i strongly urge
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sessions. if donald trump fails to do that, there will be a moral question in the united states senate. reporter: this also speculation that trump's harshest republican critic, mitt romney's, now being considered for secretary of state. sen. warren: he said things on videotape, and then for mitt romney to turn around an that can happen. reporter: other democrats will be watching closely as mitt romney meets with trump this weekend. ed: new at 6:00, one man, three armed robberies. can you help police identfy him? maria: also new tonight, some good news for thanksgiving travellers. the move that could make hitting the pike a little less painful.
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much of minnesota. what a temperature dropped in
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maria: the captain of his high school football team, the suspect is facing some pretty serious charges. nicole estaphan is live with more. reporter: good evening. that attack happened here in a well populated area in bourne while students were walking to school. tonight it is a high school senior now charged with
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from behind, placed his arm around her neck while she was on the ground, applying pressure. reporter: in a falmouth court friday the 18-year-old john allen. captain of his high school football team. now facing several charges including attempted kidnapping in the violent attack of a 14-year-old girl while she walked to her bourne bus stop last week. key to allen's arrest, a vehicle seen by several witness. a potential evidence inside. >> vehicle was a maroon had -- we it's wet shirt with white lettering that had a long black hair on it, which according to the police report matches the type of hair that the victim in this case has. reporter: those items are at the crime lab with a rush request for testing. despite denial in the attack, allen admits to driving in the area. review of surveillance area does not show allen driving the route
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>> there are several different descriptions of the vehicle in question. reporter: police say allen has been cooperative in the investigation. his mother left court friday, saying little >> he's innocent, i love him, any other comments, you can talk to the lawyers. reporter: allen is being held this evening pending a hearing on tuesday. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. sal dimasi reacted when his wife told him he's getting out of jail in just a few days. plus, 3 stories, 4 restaurants, and a lot of amazing food.
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maria: new at 6:00, worcester detectives believe this man is responsible for 3 armed
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a gray hoodie with an air jordan logo, glasses and a dark hat with a partially obscured logo. if you recognize him, call police. ed: sal dimasi stunned that he will be out of prison in time for thanksgiving. a federal judge yesterday granting early release from prison to the former house speaker as he battles health problems. the 71-year-old has served five years of an eight-year sentence on public corruption charges. sources tell newscenter 5, dimasi thought his wife was him he's leaving prison tuesday. dimasi will be confined to his home for at least six months. maria: transplanting italy to the prudential center. we're getting a look insde the new eataly boston. megastore. last summer the prudential ford cart -- food court shut down for this, what some are calling an italian food wonderland. it's where you'll be to eat,
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it's a market featuring a vast selection of imported italian groceries and produce. you'll also find restaurants, guided tours, live demonstrations and cooking classes along eataly's 3 floors. the grand opening is set for the tuesday after thanksgiving. maria: -- >> for drivers who are worried that the mass turnpike road>> fk might add to the congestion on thanksgiving eve. after originally saying construction crews would remain on the turnpike until noon next wednesday, the baker administration now says the crui. under a million people from massachusetts will drive to thanksgiving destinations, up 5% from last year. when you hit the road, if you hit the when -- wrote wednesday, it's really off the road. maria: a lot of people are going to grandmother's house, including my family. ed: the question is, will the river be frozen?
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it's been so warm. it will be colder next week that it was today. check it out. an incredibly beautiful day over most of the region, great night under way. 53 in boston. the wind is light out of the east. it's the wind direction i will come back to in just a moment. sin out the temperatures are cooling back to the 40's in many locations. these are low temperatures toex north and west of boston where it will be clear all night long, that's where it can get down to borderline frosty levels. or we can see temperatures jump way up to tomorrow's readings not quite as warm us today that it will be almost as of boston l be clear all night long, that's where it can get down to borderline frosty levels. warm away from the shoreline. along the shoreline, because there may be cloudiness. that may keep the temperature down a bit as well. it is nice and clear and the
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they will never get that far away from us. because of a light easterly wind just above the ground, those clouds may start to back in towards cape cod again late tonight and perhaps to the coastline, especially they will never get that far away from us. southeastern mass. the idea for tomorrow is the earlier in the day a look's better in terms of sunshine will last the longest the further inland you are located. the clouds will try to make some progress inland but i think there will be a good deal of sunshine away from the coast tomorrow, and the clouds might be flirting with the coastline and m throughout south eastern mass and the cape. the bigger change will be the cold weather. that arrives here, starting during the day on sunday. one more mild day tomorrow. quite a strip of snow across minnesota right now. blizzard warnings going on for them. for us, let's jump ahead towards tomorrow evening. we'll see what will be rain
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-- new york. towards dawn on sunday it will flip to snow in the berkshires. band of rain right around dawn on sunday. it will start to get chillier and the wind will get stronger. the berkshires and green mountains of vermont, they may continue to snow even as the storm goes back and the air gets very cold, windy, turbulent, and unstable. in the higher elevations of the berkshires and may be even more than that in the mountains of vermont. that will be occurring on sunday and sunday night. for us, a change to cold with wind combined. wind gusts monday. i think wind gusts will be 30 to 40 miles an hour. by monday it will feel like winter out there. look at the wind chills in the
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coming, for the early part of next week it will moderate a little bit by thanksgiving, probably just enough. around thanksgiving day and/or night, it looks like chile rain right now -- chilly rain right now. >> now here's bob halloran, with sportscenter 5. bob: sometimes the greatest ability is availability and for has not always been available . he'll miss his third game of the season on gronk ruled out with a sunday. chest injury a situation updated , after the patriots played it a little coy for josh brogadir earlier today. >> after an aggressive seahawks team flew across the country to win here, the patriots bring the level of intensity within them out west against the 49ers. >> anything can happen on any
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[inaudible] i don't really know what that means, so i can't answer the question. we're just trying to win games. >> i think any time we play a team, we think we're going to get their best shot. i don't think you take any game li study the playbook, and we will be ready. >> brockton kraske got topped -- rob gronkowski got topped. if you take the gronk out of the offense of scheme, the playing field becomes a bit more level. >[inaudible]
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played in his hometown. he will get that chance on sunday. in foxboro, josh brogadir, wcvb sportscenter 5. bob: another patriot with great ability, but questionable durability is running back dion lewis. but he's been activated and should make his season debut on lewis is coming off an acl tear sunday. and multiple knee surgeries. he's missed 68 of a possible 89 games since being drafted. kevin durant is in town with the golden state warriors. durant group capable of anything when he looked into tom brady's steely blue eyes and said, nope, going to oakland. the celtics attempting to transform their team with a transcendent player. but how close were they really?
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but he did have nice things to say. >> i have much respect for everybody on our team. we had a nice talk. like i said, they are very impressive. the city of boston is one of the best cities in the league. bob: he will probably still here some of the boos tonight. celtics really wish they had him on their team instead. >> i ' >> coming up at 7:00, local research is developing a way to -- >> new at 11:00, an eye-popping mess pouring out of an airport hangar in california. what went wrong and why that is
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scotia arrived, escorted by boston police, the tree was a show gratitude for the city's help following the halifax of explosions in 1917. the christmas tree will be lit during the holiday lights eveent. watch it right here on channel
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms and legs already broken.


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