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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> now, on newscenter 5. ed: a little boy run down in the street. the frightening accident as he was getting off the school bus. new details on gronk and the decision about sunday's game. a frightening threat at bu turns out to be fake. what made is too real. >> hanging onto the warmth of little bit longer but i will time the big change to wind and cold. >> the cutting edge technology having an impact on everything from sneakers to robots. >> from boston's news later. this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. ed: we begin with breaking news, former massachusetts sen. scott brown confirms he is under consideration for a role in the trump administration. good evening.
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that he has talked with the president-elect, and says he is honored to be considered as secretar veteranfa brown has served in the national guard for 35 years. he tells me the v.a. desperately needs help and it should be given the highest priority. the news about brown comes as president-elect trump named his national security team. trump nominated alabama senator jeff sessions to be attorney general. sessions was one of the first office-holders to endorse trump last year. trump also chose kansas representative mike pompeo as cia director. and he's picked retired army lieutenant general michael flynn as national security adviser. and brown is not the only former massachusetts politician under consideration for the cabinet. tomorrow, trump will meet with former massachusetts governor and gop presidential nominee mitt romney. they had a contentious back and forth during the election. but now romney is reportedly
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ed massachusetts senator : elizabeth warren is lashing out at the team president trump is surrounding himself with. speaking at umass-boston this afternoon, warren zeroed in on trump's nomination of alabama senator jeff sessions to bu.s. attorney general. sessions was rejected for a federal judgeship 30 years ago amid charges of racism. warren says there should be no statute of limitations on such allegations. >> there can be no, mice with racismthere can be no compromise -- negotiation with bigotry. and: senator warren says if trump does not withdraw the sessions nomination, the senate-which will confirm or deny the appointment, will have to consider what she calls a moral question. and one other piece of news involving the president-elect. he has settled a lawsuit over his now-defunct trump university for $25 million. former trump university customers claimed the courses
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under the terms of this settlement, he does not admit wrongdoing. maria right now, a young boy : hurt trying get off the bus in roslindale. he was hit by a vehicle, and his grandmother watching the whole thing happen, newscenter 5's john atwater is live. where all of this took place. does every day.aiting as she she saw her grandson get off of that bus and just then, she witnessed the horrifying collision. >> my grdson got off the bus as the other kids did and started to come completely across the street. and the guy came down metropolitan ave and hit him. john the boy's grandmother says : the 9-year-old was thrown down the street, she ran over to keep him still as he lay in pain on the asphalt. >> i went right to himhe -- he was talking to me, he kept saying his leg hurt, he had a big -- over his eye and a bump on his head.
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>> lots of people screaming, it appeared to be a pedestrian had been hit by car. i just called 911. john a neighbor called for help : and then joined others to as and then joined oths to comfort the boy. his grandmother says the boy was crossing metropolitan avenue after the bus let him off on the cross street. there's a big hill here, which neighbors say makes this intersection especially treacherous. >> peoplcome flying down this street all the time. it's dangerous. john: the boy's mother is in the hospital with him. doctors are taking some x-rays. he will be in the hospit overnight but he iexpected to as for the driver, police say he did stop here after the crash. ed: take a look at these words here. gronk out. rob gronkowski will not play sunday.
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bob: that's right, gronk missed his third straight practice today and then was not on the patriots flight outo san francisco this aernoon. he will miss his third game of the season. gronk was injured sunday night when he took this huge hit from seattle's earl thomas. there were reports that grkmay d lung, but the patriots have simply called it a chest injury. gronk also missed the first two games of the season with a s the team's leadingt even so, receiver. maria: thank you. right now, tracking down person behind a frightening hoax at b.u. th and had shot a hostage at the library, all lies. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is at the scene. courtney: as you can see, everything back to normal here on campus after a few frighting hours this morning and tonight. we are learning the joint terrorism task force is now ying to trace the origins of
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morning, into the library and student union. >> right as i go to the door, i was yelled at and told not to go inside and i was like, what is going on? jorge: a caller telling police he was holed up in a booby trapped room on the 4th floor. alexandra fonseca at the library when the swat team hurried in. >> this was my worst nightmare and itlmost became reality even though it was a hoax. booby-trapped. there was another call that he had just shot a hostage inside that room. jorge the whole area put on lock : down, commonwealth avenue crowded with students and traffic shutdown as well. >> it did come into the bu police staon, it was not a robo call, it was an actual person on the other end of the line answering questions. courtjorge finding neither evide : of an active shooter nor
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>> we treat it very much like it was the real deal. jorge: the focus now turning to the caller, a man with an accent who claimed no clear motive. his telephone number bcked, vanessa zoghbi among those evacuated this morning. >> it was scary at the time because i did not know what was going on and what exactly. they said to leave the building and they did not tell us why. jorge: although no one was hurt, the damage is done, students unerved. the color who spoke with an accent getting the attention he investigators believe the hoax call came from an international location. ed: an arrest warrant will the issued monday for a woman who suffered an apparent drug erdose in a lawrence dollar ste. heartbreaking video showed the woman's young daughter trying to wake her mother. mandy mcgowen did not show up for a court hearing today. she's facing child endangerment charges. mcgowen's daughter is now state custod a bourne teen in court accused of attacking a girl at her bus op.
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his school's football team, the suspect is facing some serious arges. nicole: the attack happened here, stews were walking to school and tonight it is a high school senior nochard with attempted kidnapping. 18-year-old john allen normally seen given direction -- giving direction on the football field, friday taking directions from a judge. >> a perpetrator in tackled her from behind, placed his arm around her neck while she was on the ground applying pressure. nicole: police say he attacked a 14-year-old girl last week. the violenc seen by another teen who screamed. a vehicle seen by several witnesses are vehicle -- p wet -- sweirt
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to the police report matches the type of hair that the victim in this case has. nicole: both items are at the e lith a sh for testing. he admits to d intngthe area. accordg to policreview o surveillance video does not show he is shocked. >> the defense calling identity in issue. >> there a several difrent scvehicle in question. allen has been cooperative in the investigation. saying little.t court fy >> he nnocenove hi any other comments u can talk to the lawyer. nicole: poli do not believe they wermiliar with each othe len is been held pending a dangerousness hearingtuesday. maria: n at seven area boston
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afternoon. the victim is expected to be o.k. ed: this is a window reason -- lewi bullets. the standoff happened overnight. on john scott boulevard, and ended wihe suspect in handcuffs. police say 42-year-old heath mullet told police he was armed with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. poli sayullet fired multiple rounds from within the home, and even hit a police vehicle. a woman anyoung chilcad no officers werenjed. a search of the home turned up these guns, along with ammo, a high capacity magazine, and military-style knives. maria thlocal work that could cell phones stnger.ets safer or ed: night's cutting edge proving how objects absorb impact. harvey: colder air definitely on the way. also very warm today. the big change them will time it
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england ts no. maria: couraous, smart and geus. words used tht to scribe denna laing as she was honor for her rk as advocate for spinal cd juries. recognizg r missioto help otrs. capital one isn't most bks it's a relaxed place with helpful people fused on you, not trying to sell you things you don't want. and free checking accounts that are actually free. no minimums. no fees. no nonsense. capital even has a top-rated app that lets you bank wherever you are. that's banking reimagined.
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area: everyt from sers to helmets and electronics ntaia material that absorbs energy from an impact. ed: and now, work by researchers
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to seeo understand. mike wankum has tonight's cutting edge. mi: this is not your average ment. researchers testing material that is essentially a sock observer. found inside all sor of products. >> they are in your shoes, protective equipment for helmets or pads, they are inside comptsotec electronics like yce helped create a new process to build that absorbing material ung 3-d printers. >> the robot on the left when it lands bounces much less than the one on the right. mike: the pnters allow the customizing of pads. changing how impact is absorbed. it gives a me precise landing.
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energy and keep it inside. mike: the secret is using tiny dro of id. here is a standd material. these are the gmented material. mike: the work is focused on robots but the more mainstream use,tronger cell phones and mit's in dust material could help a rubber land on applications for this. here's the menu want to hear from. eryone wants to know.everyone is thinking mondy through wednesday. harvey that is why we think -- do seven days.
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degrees, very gentle wind it is a nice november evening. we have droppeinto t 40's in some of our cool spots, 40 in norwood. late tonight, first thingels tomorrow buthat will not last three long. temperatures will ounce up again tomorrow. am nuite as muoday but still a mild day. clouds have moved offshore. they are as far east as they will get. these clouds will starcoming back and right along the coast willmorrto. this is how it is depicted. it meander more inland as we go deeper into the day. the this the area that allows sunshine onge the l and coastal areas the capable have the most clouds and it will be the earliest. all areas wi still be above averag tempeture. here is the cold air right up here. qua contrast between that and the warmir on the east
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generates a storm. we have a stm goin the ward --ownpours and thunderstorms and a cold side which is producing near blizzard conditions across in a soda. l continuing -- across minnesota. still continuing with warnings. let's jump ttomorrow night. here's the system approa from the west, a band of showers approaches western mass buas he gets colder toward don on sunday, in western mass, the elevated berkshires will se ssnow. that will happen across the mountains of vermont as well. it is from the berkshires northward through the more -- motains of vermont, that is where you will see some snow. a ferain showers come through early sunday. theind starts to pick up and the temperatures are steady or struggle to re and en we have the winter field, sunday here's a loo the snow atesy. mulations for the higher elevations of the berkshires up to the mountains of vermont. here is a wider view.
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not here. nter storm watch is in effe foproporons ofew york vermont.d northern and ctral we put an impact day on monday. notice the high temperatures tren down. monday the feel of winter but the windchill will make ifeel like it is in the teens early monday a teens and 20's all day is howwill feel. it will brigh but easy and cold on tuesday. we moderate a little bit when it looklike wet weather is likely to move in. prably too warm for snow but i would not say what hud northern and western part of our ar. updates to follow. hope to see you later tonight. maria: thank you. a special honor for a boston pride hockey player. marblehead native denna laing honored for her bravery and courage as she was presented with the dana reevhope award
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she's now become an advocate for victims of spinal cord injuries. the christopher and dana reeve foundation recnizinger as n. a nderland for lovers of italian food. ed the new biness moving io oors. pru, sead out over t hoping to entice you in to learn the s and outs of eparing
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ria mo ha: come io the newly eated ed: attorney general maura healey's office set it up monday in response to increased reportt ofulehaviotoward rities, women, and migrants following the mber 8 eleion. peope beenun off thealls where rond real. where people came out and had 13 -- a latino couple came out and had their car keyed, trump, go home. ed healey says americans need to : get back to an old fashioned notion, there is right and there is wrong. maria sal dimasi stunned that he : will be out of prison in time for thanksgiving. a federal judge yesterday granting early release from prison to the former house
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the 71-year-old has served five years of an eight-year sentence on public corruption charges. sources tell newscenter 5 dimasi thought his wife was joking last yesterday when she told him he's leaving prison tuesday. dimasi will be confined to his home for at least six months. ed good news for drivers worried : that mass turnpike roadwork might add to the congestion on thanksgiving eve. after originally saying construction crews would remain on the turnpike until noon next wees administration now says the crews will stop by 5 a.m, aaa northeast estimates close to 950,000 people from massachusetts will drive to thanksgiving destinations, up 5.1% from last year. it was wise to shut it down. maria transplanting italy to the : prudential center. which is very cool. we're getting a look inside the new eataly boston megastore. last summer, the prudential fo court shut down to make way for
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and you'll be able to eat, shop, and learn about italian culture and cuisine. celebrity chef mario batali among the team heading up a market, restaurants, guided tours, and cooking classes up and down eataly's three floors. ed: in case you do not know she is saying eataly. it ibu donations are starting to pour in to make sure that everyone has one on their table. maria: an eye popping mess pouring out of a hangar in
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ed: five for good. a generous donation kicks off a weekend of thanksgiving food drives. maria: the owner donated
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various grocery stor in gloucester, ipswich, and rally tomorrow to collect even more donations. wonderful gesture.that is a that is being repeated everywhere. ed you areuggesting it might be interesting on thanksgiving weather-wise. harvey: it will be kind of damp and cool. maria: does that include snow? harvey: imagine a world where the lidays were aut people n. where doorst ferred to loved ones ing through the frondoor. and the four-letter wothat n ferred to loved ones was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e. what if the only reason to wake up at 3 a.m.
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that'thrlj.xx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. that'thrlj.xx, marshalls where there's no need for sale anwhere u can always of newroducts.htful gifts s let's put more value on what rely mters. this season bring backhe holidays
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>> this is chricwcvb channel 5. anthony: the town green. the place to cause a little mischief. >> we will see what comes back at lunch. anthony: a big mystery. or make a big sale. >> real -- it is walk to the common. anthony: massachusetts has a ton of town commons. the longest one. >> if you are able to look from one and all the way to the ot thony: allowed one. -- a loud one. >> nice to be a little different. anthony: plus the one that disappeared.


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