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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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telling us tonight about his conversation with president-elect trump. ed: bang up getting of the school bus. how a backpack may have saved his life. maria: the vie there attack landing him in court. meteorologist: colder air on the way. it is not snow, it is not soap, is everywhere. the mystery in the california neighborhood. maria: it's a story you saw senator scott brown is now looking at a possible opportunity to join team trump. brown telling me that he got a phone call from the president-elect this afternoon. hi everyone, i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. brown is being looked at as a possible secretary of veterans affairs. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is live in rye, new hampshire, where he spoke with the former senator at his home. ben?
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he says he was not exing the phone call he received this afternoon. >> my phone rang. donald trump's number locked in. it was obviously the president-elect. ben: scott brown's cell phone suddenly rang. it was donald trump, the man he endorsed. asking brown for more help. >> what's the real passion? my real passion is soldiers and men and women are dying. they are committing suicide. brown, a 35-year veteran of the army national guard views heading the department of veterans affairs as perhaps the toughest cabinet position. yet the v.a. is something he feels a calling for. >> you read everyday about somebody dying, negligence, makes you angry ben: brown says v.a. doctors and nurses need to get out to smaller towns where veterans
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with the defense department, but as for what he'd do right away? >> it is time to give back in a meaningfulway. ben: brown has been supporting president-elect trump for 10 months, even as he took heat from republicans like former massachusetts governor mitt romney, so we asked him what he thinks of a secretary of state romney. >> they're both smart, dynamic guys. they have a lot to offer, give a lot to this country live in rye, new hampshire tonight, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: ben, as he just mentioned, mitt romney is being considered by trump for secretary of state. as ben mentioned, former governor mitt romney is reportedly being considered by
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tonight, the picks trump has already made are sparking controversy and newscenter 5's nichole berlie is here with that. nichole: trump named three key members of his national security team. and tonight, two of them are already under fire. team trump announcing alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. lieutenant general michael flynn for national security advisor. and representative michael pompeo of kansas as cia director. amid the announcements -- controversy. sessions, an alabama senator federal judgeship in 1986 after allegations he made racial remarks including testimony from a black u.s. attorney who says sessions called him "boy". sessions denied the allegations. >> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. >> the aclu, and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren are criticizing the selection of jeff sessions.
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reconsider sessions if not, will be a moral question in the u.s. senate. >> meanwhile, michael flynn is questioned by some for his relationship with russia and comments from his book 'field of fight' in which he wrote quote "i don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent." but no signs of worry from team trump. >> we've got a great number of men and women who've come administration. >> there are also critiques of the lack of diversity on trump's cabinet with all confirmed position announcements so far going to white men. in the studio, nichole berlie wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the president-elect will pay $25 million to settle three defunct trump university. the class-action lawsuits charged that trump-u failed to deliver on its promise to educate people about the real-estate market.
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trump's lawyer says the settlement is not an admission of guilt. maria: beautiful. i was really the perfect november day. >> meteorologist: i am with you all the way. i think everybody else is, too. it won't stay that way. we have a big change over the weekend. right now, temperatures are all over the place. let's show you. what is going on now. at least how warm it was today. it was in the 60's. now tomorrow, well away from the coast. you won't be that warm. a little different along the shoreline. meantime, clear skies, light winds. some places get chilly like bedford, more wind in the 30's. over 1,000 feet up.
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on the cape, a light ocean wind that has it in the low 50's. boston overnight. temperatures will be in the 40's now you notice, you get a little bit more cloudiness as you get through tomorrow morning. that is what i want to show. these are ocean clouds now backing back toward chatham and nantucket and the trend will slowly continue with time. so about the time the sun is coming up tomorrow morning, the clouds will be right along the shoreline. cape ann, boston, the south shore, southeastern mass, the cape will be cloudy. ed? ed: right now, this nine-year-old is banged up. after getting hit by car just after he stepped off a school bus. his grandmother witnessing the whole thing! right now our john atwater is live at children's hospital where he spoke the family tonight. john. john: they are more concerned about the safety at the bus stop. >> he is sore. he is banged up. john: evidence is all over the
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bumps, cuts on the head, the gash on the hip. >> my grandson flew up in the air and flew back down. >> the grandmother watched in horror as the car slammed into the fourth after he got off the bus. thac he landed on the bag on the side and his bag kind of like, that is what basically like saved his life from being hurt. >> family says he was crossing metropolitan area at the street just as a car was coming over the hill. he just kept saying, that his
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he had a big gash over the eye and a bump on his head. >> people come down the street all the time. it is dangerous. john: neighbors along worried about the hill and now the parents think the crash could prompt a review of the bus stop. >> hopefully something gets above the bus stop situation. we want nothing to occur like this again. right now, they are investigating to see if the the boy's parents are pleading with drivers to be especially cautious around school buses. >> you have two minutes of your time to let children, the children off of a bus. like, it is so important. you need to stop. now police tonight are still investigating the circumstances of this crash, but do say the driver did stop after the collision. live at children's hospital tonight,
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help to track down the driver of this white minivan who drove over an elderly woman crossing broadway and kept on driving. it happened mid-morning today. the 72-year-old victim received cuts on her head and was taken to mass general; she's expected to survive. police say the minivan may be a dodge caravan with a missing front right-side hubcap. a cape cod town stunned by the arrest of a local teen. the captain of a high school football team accused of a bus stop attack on a 14-year-old girl. new tonight, his team taking the field without him. newscenter 5's diane cho is in bourne tonight. reporter: players from the tech school take the field without one of their captains. that is because the senior is now facing several charges kidnapping. the perpetrator in the case tackled her from behind, placed the arm around her neck while she was on the ground applying pressure. reporter: the victim is a 14-year-old girl and say she was walking to the bus stop on november 10th when she was attacked. prosecutors say another teen saw what happened and screamed causing the suspect to take off. the vehicle in question
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vehicle. >> prosecutors say several witnesses saw the car several days prior to the attack and on the day it that happened but the attorney there are several regarding the description of the attack, but also the vehicle. >> normally, the eyewitness of the assailant is the young girl in close proximity to the victim and was shown the photo. the defendant's photo was there. she failed to identify anyone
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the superintendent tells us al listen is a good student. >> he has noted a history, so it is surprising. >> the suspect is being held until another court hearing takes place on tuesday. diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: boston police are looking for the person who phoned in a hoax that caused a scare on the bu campus. at about 8:30 this morning someone called campus to say he was barricaded inside a booby-trapped room at the mugar library. a few minutes later the person called back to say he had shot a hostage. the whole area was put on lockdown sending students into a panic. >> it was actually threat on the line. ed: eventually the threat was determined to be a hoax. police are trying to trace the call. maria: good news for drivers worried m roadwork might add to the congestion on thanksgiving eve. an about face. after originally saying construction crews would remain on the turnpike until noon next wednesday, the baker administration now says the crews will stop by 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning. nearly a million people in massachusetts are expected to hit the road to travel over thanksgiving. next on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: the threatening note sent to this local mayor and how he is fighting back tonight. >> meterologist: which part of the weekend will be turning colder. which parts will see snow. >> it is not snow. it is not soap. it is everywhere.
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maria: new tonight, the local mayor is threat-ed because he is gay. the mayor of holyoke h note at his home. newscenter five's julie loncich has more on the mayor's response. julie: this second term mayor admits he has endured his fair share of criticism over the years. but this, he says, was threatening and worth sharing in the wake of the election. friday morning, holyoke mayor alex morse did something he wouldn't normally do; he got personal. >> i'm typically not one to share these things publically. i think, i'll be fine, i can take it. >> but this, he says, was simply too much.
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home this week, he paused and anonymous mail on his facebook page which reads: "you are one of the most selfish people that i know due to your 'gay' lifestyle. you are going down." hate mail, morse says, isn't uncommon, but this was something else entirely. i think, given the post-election culture that i think has been magnified over the last week and a half or so, i think a lot of people have been emboldened to have more overt displays of homophobia and racism and xenophobia. morse because the youngest mayor holyoke ever elected. five years later, in his second term, other constituents are promising to stand by his side. >> i think it's important to me, as a public official, to recognize that no area of this country is immune to hatred and homophobia and i think it's important to shine a light. >> since this morning, that facebook post has been shared nearly a thousand times, and hundreds have left comments of support. julie loncich,
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a window of a norton home full of bullet holes after the homeowner's standoff with police. that man, 42-year-old heath mullet, is behind bars right now. police say mullett opened fire out that window, hitting a police car. he was holed up in his home on john scott boulevard. a woman and young child escaped the house during the standoff. police eventually took mullet into custody and found guns, ammunition and knives inside the he now faces several charges, including assault with intent to murder. ed: caught on camera, a car barrels through a restaurant in oregon causing some serious damage. it went pretty deep into that dining room, plowing through doors and windows. the driver says he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake as he was trying to park. luckily, no one was inside.
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international airport. that is foam spewing out of a large hangar. it's normally used to put out fires but this morning, it discharged accidentally and started spilling out into the street. by mid-day, the sea of foam was several feet deep. and one man just couldn't help himself. he says he couldn't even see through it as he rode his bike through the fluffy mess. ed: a deadly blizzard on the move across the midwest right now. white-out conditions in minnesota, causing accident after accident. more tha already, with ice and wind gusts reducing visibility. drivers warned to stay off the roads, and some big delays at denver international airport but some say it's about time! >> it's overdo. we were expecting it a long time ago, so we are pretty prepared for it. ed: snow falling four inches per hour, in some places. with temperatures plummeting into the teens tonight, icy roads are going to be
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maria: oh, mo. ed: is there a shot in the picture at all, harv. >> meterologist: maria, ed, also, i don't head to beck shires sunday. it is a great place. we have ho the berkshires. if you don't want to see snow, that is not where you want to be sunday and sunday night. they will be getting snow in e today. near 60 again tomorrow. look at how much the area in the 6's today. that is another plus day and now the mon is running almost three degrees before average but we will go into a somewhat colder than average pattern for next week. a flip-flop going to be occurring in the atmosphere for us. >> 48 degrees in boston now with a late northerly wind at this time and we are in the 30's and the normal cool spots.
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wind, in the 30's. late breeze off the ocean haze it molder on cape cod. there is also some clouds close to the cape. this is where it will be milest overnight and then over the in terrier and low-lying areas is where it is chilliest. tomorrow will be a mailed day. not as warm as today listening the coast and because we may are some ocean clouds backing in. for the inland, it will be mild and the mildest area like hartford, 61 and getting close to 60 in pla new hampshire. you will have sunshine for a longer period of time. those are low cloud interests the ocean starting move westward slowly as we got at them. so how far will they get and how fasts? that is key to how much sun and clouds tomorrow. it looks like by the time we get to season vies those clouds are going to be close to cape ann, south here and cape cod. then it may pen trit a little bit inland during the rest of the morning and mid dy and
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are. the long hest you have the sunshine to go along with the mile temperatures after this starts. pi the way tomorrow, thanksgiving day parade. then entire eyeopener team will be there so that is really something that happens every year and a great great place. all right. check this out. look at the cold air now. into the midwest, kansas city, in the 70's. there now, 37. so it is moving east going to progress. still snow going on in parts of min society and wisconsin. the storm will go to the east just to the north of us, but as it does so, it will pass right over the berkshires, first with rain shower then if it turns colder, they will get snow. here is how it is depicted. look at later tomorrow night. some ran showers aprop. then it flips over to snow and before dawn on sunday morning and looks look the berkshires up to the mountains of vermont,
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will be. elevation will be key to that? hefall accumulation. how much, a couple of inches in the perk shires. a little more in the mountains. if you check this out. you will see it veries intoly up here. this ised news for skiers bus colder air will poll leann colder pattern will settle in so you can start to think of the skiing season getting underway thanks to the snow and the cold that will follow. winter storm watches for parts of northern new york a windy conditions on monday. the gust will be stronger than you see here. some 36-46 miles-per-hour gusts. there you go. mild within more day. wild on in sunday. the wind picks up. temperatures fall some. then much colder. coldest feeling days so far will be monday. these are windchills early monday through the day and in the teens and low 20's. we haven't had that yet and still be cold. still ratty prey on season tuesday. little bit more tranquil on
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thanksgiving dy and look like the system will be moving through. ing now the odds are chilly are in and still six days away and would not be colder for part of the area. check the updated forecast as we get closer to thanksgiving. have a great day. maria, ed? maria: the turkey is getting rained on. it should not are in on this turkey. j a big project underway to help a veteran keep his home. sent afore the weekend.
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maria: a surprise in the works right now for an 78-year-old veteran and his wife, volunteers are repairing their home this weekend while they are away. ed: the work will make is possible for john ragonese and his wife margaret to stay in their home in raymond, new hampshire. they took over the project from ragonese's daughter. the raymond american legion post is also pitching in to help with the work. >> it is like moving that bus. that is what i am looking for because it was tough. that little bi help means everything. >> more than a little bit. ed: everyone who is working on the project says they cannot wait to see the couples faces during the big reveal. they are away now. they done know what is going on. ed: not watching television. hopefully they were not wapping the celtics. ed: unless they were golden state fans. reporter: boy, kevin durant and
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golden state warriors. dur reason and company have so much firepower. here is a look doing a little bit of everything. they are running one handed and gave the ariers a lead and then a couple of nice passes. 23 points, ten boards, seven assists. the fans getting a good look at
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excruciating. durant is that good. he finds avery bradley with a half court alley-opp. they trail by seven at the break. warriors on 18-0 run. the war areas utscoring 31-9 in the third. that is all she wrote and coming up. then dances a little sell bees fought hard this the end like they to. they fall 104-88. kevin dur course of boos when he touched the billion and went to the free-throw line. fans feeling a bit guilted in the ham hamptons. he had only nice things to say about boston during today's shoot around. >> for everybody on our team, i know isaiah, you know, marcus,
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the city of boston is one of the best cities in the lead. >> no surprise here. they have officially ruled gronkowski out. gronk missed his third straight practice today, and then was not on the patriots flight out to san francisco this afternoon. gronk was injured sunday night when he took this huge hit from seattle's earl thomas. gronk missed a few plays, but was able to finish the game with what may have been a collapsed lung. the patriots have simply called tom brady will also be without wide receiver chris hogan out running back dion lewis has been activated and will make his season debut. it's also tom brady's debut in san francisco. brady grew up in the bay area rooting for the niners and this will be the first time in his career he's playing in san francisco. celtics are home against golden state. the game brings back memories
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friends and a lot of support and a lot of people. i got a lot 6 people coming. >> proud when we warm up or something like that. >> a big playoff game tonight. >> great mem res from growing up there and go out there to troy win a game. try win a game against team that lost eight in a row.
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>> monday morning on the eye, smarter choi choices. >> the expert picks that will make the kids happy and help
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another interesting day in america


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