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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rhondella: breaking overnight, a pedestrian struck in boston. the details we know right now. doug: first on 5, former senator scott brown in the running for a trump cabinet spot, but he's telling us about his conversation with the president-elect. rhondella: a child hurt after being hit by a car getting off the school bus. how his family says a backpack may have saved his life. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. rhondella: good saturday morning. it is 6:00 a.m., november 19. i'm rhondella richardson in for antoinette this morning. doug: good morning, everybody. i'm doug meehan. i'm cowling down. i ran to get some ice. you know, you want to be hydrated during this show. you only have two minutes between the breaks. are we good? kelly ann: and now we're talking -- doug: snow. kelly ann, please say it isn't snow. kelly ann: that's the thing, doug. things are mild out there.
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of us in the 40's and 50's. we're talking about a huge cooldown as we head into tomorrow which means some of these rain impacts are going to transition to a rain to rain/snow mix as we head into sunday. so here's your impacts in the next 24-48 hours. tonight, spotty showers approaching. the largest impact will be for sunday morning, moving through heavier showers at times, and that will bring the chance of snow as we move out toward some of the higher elevations, your sunday morning. right now, we're tracking this system which is bringing some heavy rainfall to the midwest. there's that wraparound winter blast that's bringing the chance of snow here locally. right now, dry and clear overhead, although clouds will be building in for this afternoon, playing a part with our temperature outlook as well. right now, in downtown boston, 44 degrees with a wind chill of 40. doug, things will be warming up into the 50's this afternoon. doug: kelly ann, thank you. breaking overnight, boston police are investigating a
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it happened on quincy street in dorchester around 11:00 last night. one person suffering serious injuries. we're told the driver did stay on the scene. rhondella: and breaking overnight in beverly, a scare for people living in apartments on kelleher road. firefighters put out a fire in a maintenance garage. no one was hurt. the fire is under investigation. doug: first on 5, former massachusetts senator scott brown is looking at a possible opportunity to join team trump. brown telling newscenter 5 he got a phone call from the prest- rhondella: brown is a candidate for secretary of veterans affairs. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau spoke with the former senator at his home in new hampshire. >> my phone rang, and i have donald trump's number. it locked in. it was obviously the president-elect. ben: on plane about to land at logan, scott brown's cellphone suddenly rang. it was donald trump, the man he endorsed all the way back before the new hampshire primary, asking brown for more help by possibly taking a cabinet post.
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soldiers. men are women are dying, they're committing suicide at astronomical rates. ben: brown, a 35-year veteran, views viewing the department of veteran affairs as the toughest cabinet position. yet, the v.a. is something he feels a calling for. >> you read every day about somebody dying or some type of negligence or cover-up in the v.a., and it just makes you so angry. ben: brown says v.a. doctors and nurses need to get out to smaller towns where veterans live and work more seamlessly with the defense dtm but as for what he'd do right away -- >> immediate 365, 24/7 suicide hotline by a live person. people there. it's time to give back in a real meaningful way that can really change people's lives. ben: brown had been supporting president-elect trump for 10 months, even as he took heat from republicans like former massachusetts governor mitt romney. so we asked him what he thinks of a secretary of state romney, should it happen? >> they're both smart, dynamic guys.
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country. ben: what happens now? no job has officially been offered. scott brown says they'll have another conversation next week. in rye, new hampshire, ben simmoneau, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: mitt romney is expected to meet with president-elect donald trump today. that meeting will be held in bedminster, new jersey, where trump owns a golf course. as ben mentioned, the former massachusetts governor is reportedly considered for secretary of state. a trump spokesman says the president-elect is holding meetings with critics an supporters calling the gathering an opportunity for trump to hear the thoughts and ideas of the best and brightest people. doug: this 9-year-old is banged up after getting hit by a car just after he stepped off the school bus. his grandmother witnessing the whole thing. the eye's john atwater spoke with the child's family about that scary scene. >> he's pretty banged up and he's sore. john: evidence of the violent collision is all over his body. bumps and cuts on his head and a
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>> my grandson flew up in the air and then back down. john: his grandmother watched in horror as a car slammed into the fourth-grader right after he got off the bus. his mother says his backpack protected him. >> he landed on his bag, on his side. his bag kind of like, that's what basically, like, saved his back from being hurt. john: family says he was passing -- crossing metropolitan avenue at was coming over the hill. >> he just kept saying that his leg hurt. he had a big gash over his eye and a bump on his head. >> people come flying down this street all the time. it's -- it's dangerous. john: neighbors have long worried about this hill and now the boy's parents think the crash should prompt a review of the bus stop. >> hopefully, something gets done about the bus stop situation, because we don't want nothing like this to occur again. john: right now police and the school district are investigating to see if the crash could have been prevented. in the meantime, the boy's
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cautious around school buses. >> you have two minutes of your time to let children -- these are children -- off of a bus. like it's so important you need to stop. john: police are still investigating the circumstances of this crash, but they do say the driver stopped after the collision. at children's hospital, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: all right, john. thank you. chelsea police need your help to track down the driver of this white minivan who drove over an elderly woman and kept driving. it happened yesterday morning. the 72-year-old victim received cuts on her head. she was taken to mass general hospital and is expected to believe. -- survive. police say that minivan may be a dodge caravan with a missing right side hubcap. rhondella: boston police looking for the person who phoned in a hoax that caused a scare on the b.u. campus. someone called the b.u. campus and claimed he was trapped
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the person called back to say he had shot a hostage. the whole area was put on lockdown, sending students into a panic. >> right as i got to the door, i was just yelled at and told not to go inside, and i was like, what's going on? s >> this coming from the b.u. police station, it was not a robocall. it was an actual person on the line answering questions. rhondella: eventually, the threat was determined to be a hoax. police are trying to trace the call. boston police make an arrest in a roxbury murder. 24-year-old anthony toombs was shot to death as he sat in his car on nazing street earlier this month. witnesses and surveillance video helped investigators identify the suspected shooter. police arrested antoiwane davis yesterday. he pled not guilty in court. doug: a winchester man will serve life without parole for the murder of his mother. 48-year-old matthew mcaveeney pleaded guilty to the charges. prosecutors say he killed his mother, barbara, and her cats last october in their swanton
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police say she had been dead two weeks before they found her body. he was arrested in north carolina a week later. rhondella: the family who sued a prestigious boarding school is celebrating this morning. phillips exeter expelled their 15-year-old son, named john doe in a lawsuit, after a sexual encounter with a female student. the family accused the school of gender discrimination, claiming two minors had sex but only one was expelled. the jury found the school liable on three claims, including breach of contract. the judge will decid j student. doug: good news for drivers worried the mass pike roadwork might be adding to the congestion on thanksgiving eve. a big old about-face here. after saying construction crews would remain on the turnpike until noon next wednesday, the baker administration says the crews are going to stop by 5:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. nearly a million people in massachusetts are expected to hit the road to travel over thanksgiving. rhondella: that's a treat. doug: that is a good one.
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6:08 your time. one massachusetts-based sneaker company going after the other. rhondella: the way reebok is capitalizing on new balance's public relations mishap. and how reebok is responding to the banter this morning. >> we have a message for you. we hope you will hear us out. doug: this was interesting. v.p.-elect mike pence met by boos at a "hamilton" show but the performers had a different mesage for him. kelly ann? kelly ann: temperatures in the 60's are long gone. big changes this weekend and the
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doug: welcome back. it's 6:12. a sneaker company rival taking advantage of new balance's public relations misstep. reebok is responding to critical and angry tweets about new balance's support of president-elect donald trump. reebok has been reaching out to those now former new balance customers offering them some new kicks. canton-based reebok telling "the globe" it's not part of a bigger marketing campaign. it's just friendly outreach. boston-based draftkings is merging with rival daily fantasy sports company fan duel.
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deal still needs to be federally approved. experts say that might be a problem because the joint company will control nearly 90% of the market. under the new deal, the company would stay headquartered here in boston. rhondella: black friday is almost here, but many retailers have already unveiled sales and deals, and there are certain credit cards that could get you the best bang for your buck. one is citi with its price rewind program. go online and register what you buy. then for the next two months, citi will track the item. if thece request a refund of up to $500 an item. chase has the same max payout. just submit a claim with the regular receipt and the ad showing the lower price. discover and mastercard have similar programs with restrictions. so be sure to read the fine print. announcer: now your stormteam 5 forecast with meteorologist kelly ann cicalese. doug: well, the eyeopener team
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thanksgiving parade. are they going to have a good morning? kelly ann: things are looking pretty nice. we have temperatures kind of on the milder end of the scale. even though we're talking about this big winter blast tonight, tomorrow, things are holding off for this morning. temperatures right now mainly in the 40's and 50's. that's because we're still waiting for that cold front, which right now is to our west, to move through the area. this is the cold front that's going to bring that rainfall to the area. something we'll see late tonight, but mainlyhr sunday morning. so it's good news as you're heading out to plymouth today. things are going to stay nice and dry. watch some of those clouds that will be moving in before this winter blast approaches. here's what's going on overhead locally. you can see completely clear and dry throughout much of our region. we will be seeing those coastal clouds for later this morning and afternoon helping to play a bit of a part with our temperature forecast today. many coastal spots will stay just a bit cooler.
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toward 60. right now we're seeing the opposite. coastal locations are warmer because we're seeing influence from the warm weather up into the 50's right now. 44 degrees in boston. plymouth at 49. hyannis at 50 degrees at this point. moving inland, that's where things are cooler. springfield at 29 degrees. a bit of a chilly start. but the real chilldown is as we head into tomorrow and through much of the workweek ahead. there are those temperatures for this af as you're heading out to plymouth today, it's going to feel like the lower 50's, but the winds will not be too much of a concern, something we're watching for tomorrow rather. as we head inland, we see upper 50's to near 60 heading toward pittsfield. futurecast looking dry through the forecast today, but there are those clouds creeping in off the shore. that will be affecting much of the cape and downtown boston as well. by this evening, the clouds move
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initially, these clouds bring a few spot showers, but the main rainfall is something we're tracking as we head into tomorrow morning. notice how that moves through. we do see the chance for heavier showers embedded within that rain. so that's something for early tomorrow morning. we'll be watching with that travel. notice how we move from western massachusetts and through much of new york. that's moving in with the likelihood of snow. and so that's where we see the best chance of accumulating snowfall which actually stretches through much of northern vermont as well. sunday afternoon. that's when winds pick up. we start to feel a real chilldown in our area. most of us staying dry as part of that snow chance, but as we move westward through worcester hills, we'll see a light coating starting to move through. saturday night into much of sunday. then also that 1-3-inch mark as we move too the berkshires and even areas of new hampshire as well. your seven-day forecast is looking initially nice and mild for today, but we're dropping
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that's something that's going to be a factor with that wind chill as we head into monday. wind chills down into the teens, even 12 degrees. single digit wind chills heading out toward pittsfield for monday afternoon and evening. the rest of the seven-day, things are going to cool down quickly with that thursday storm that's just in time for thanksgiving. initially this is looking like a cool rainfall. with temperatures down into the 30's o means we could wake up to a few snowflakes on thanksgiving day. rhondella: the time is now 6:17 on saturday. checking some of the other stories happening right now. doug: the man who fired at police during a standoff in norton is behind bars. heath mullet barricaded himself inside his john scott boulevard home early yesterday. a woman and a young child managed to escape from that house during the standoff. he held police at bay and did open fire, hitting the police car there. this is what the window of that
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holes. police found guns, ammunition and knives inside that home. >> i hope you will hear just a few more moments. rhondella: vice president-elect mike pence greeted with boos and applause at the hit broadway musical "hamilton." at the end of the performance, the cast said they hope the show inspired him to uphold american values and work on behalf of all of us. the musical celebrates diversity and the critical role immigrants played in the american revolution. doug: and this just happening. pope francis formally inducting 17 new cardinals from five continents. the ceremony happening. we have chicago and indianapolis archbishops and a bishop from texas among those elevated to cardinal by the pope. announcer: now here's bob halloran with sportscenter 5
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bob: the celtics were probably closer to getting kevin durant in the off-season than they were to beating him last night. celtics kept it close for a while with the western conference all-stars also known as the golden state warriors. but durant and company just too much firepower. and the celtics were without al horford and jae crowder once again. there's a look at durant doing a little bit of everything. the running, one-handed floater gave the warriors the lead. a couple of nice passes. durant with 23 points, 10 boards, and seven assists. celtic fans getting a good look at what miha and it was a bit excruciating to see just how good durant is. highlight of the night for the celtics here. terry rozier finds avery bradley with the half-court alley-oop. celtics trailed by 7 at the break. still a game, but they got blown out in the third quarter. warriors on an 18-0 run. this is durant with the finish. the warriors outscore the celtics 31-9 in the third. and that's all she wrote. coming up, zaza pachulia hits a "j" and then kind of dances a
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the celtics fought hard till the end like they do. but in the end, they fall 104-88. harvard football looks to make 10 straight wins over yale in the game today. boston college takes on u-conn. and the bruins are home against winnipeg tonight. that's sports. have a great day. doug: bob, thank you. cross-fit for kids, that's not new. but a massachusetts-born effort to bring the workout to homeless kids is. rhondella: new in 5 for good, erika tarantal tells us about the nourishing of minds and bodies of these grader has become quite the ambassador. erika: shiloh is 10. he's been doing cross-fit since he was 7. >> it makes me feel more confident, and i kind of like it. erika: he's kind of good at it too, winning competitions he can lift, but his strength of heart is most outstanding. >> great job, guys. erika: he's the number one fundraisers for kettle bells for
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out there that support shelter, food, education, even for homeless kids. erika: a huge missing piece says founder amy owens. her organization has been supporting shelters with play spaces. this spring they start a pilot program in the boston area bringing their own workouts into shelters. >> we're working with cross-fit and cross-fit kids to take the curriculum and t bit to really be able to work on the emotional and social issues that homeless kids face. this is something shelters need. erika: the former head of the national center on family homelessness has been consulting on the program. >> for kids, movement is critical. for young children in particular, when you move, it's actually tied to your brain development. erika: it was a sad statistic that shocked shiloh's passion. >> average age of a homeless
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>> why should there be homelessness? erika: he's raised $20,000 for kettle bell for kids. talk about a champion for a cause that plans to change so many lives. >> if we support children's development now and help develop them for the future, we are literally changing the course and saving generations for years to come. erika: born in mass, kettle bells for kids is expanding nationally, already in two effort on erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: talk about raising the bar in more ways than one. doug: he wasn't breaking a sweat. he wasn't breathing heavy. i ran to the cafeteria. i thought i was going to have a heart attack. 6:22 is your time. thanksgiving is inching closer. that means turkey sales are going to be increasing. rhondella: but one turkey may just be spared.
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is paying off. doug: a beautiful morning in swampscott. enjoy it while we can. kelly ann says we have snow in
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>> we are supporting local families for 200 years. >> street we are proud to
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party and help kids stay warm. >> good morning, eyeopener. rhondella: well done. good morning to all of you. the students at the russell elementary school taking part in the coat boston kickoff. doug: did you hear that? 3,000 coats that they raised. the coat drive benefits thousands of kids throughout boston, and we're starting to get that time now. rhondella: coat season. doug: it really is. kelly ann? kelly ann: the c temperatures yesterday hit the 60's. so we're talking about coat weather. it's going to be a transition, because even today, it's slightly cooler than yesterday, but we still see most spots managing to hit the 50's, which is still relatively mild. heading out the door right now, 40's for the most part. downtown boston at 44 degrees. but check out as we move out toward the cape. hyannis is at 50 degrees right now. it is a nice mild start to our day. we are seeing some beautiful conditions out there. dry and mostly clear, but clouds
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the coastline. so that means if you're heading out to the plymouth parade, we will be seeing clouds moving in. most importantly, we will be staying dry. rhondella: good to know. thanksgiving is just days away. it appears at least one turkey is getting a free pass. meet miss toni. they tried to take her to a wildlife sanctuary but found her way she seems to like people and pets. doug: and cars. 6:27 is your time. a local mayor is fighting back. rhondella: police investigating after he was sent a threatening note and how that mayor is responding now. doug: it's not snow, it's not
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- kelly ann: cold air is heading our way. big changes for the weekend, plus some areas that could see some snow. rhondella: the president-elect's national security team taking form. trump's controversial choices and the criticism from a massachusetts senator. doug: a local mayor fighting back. the threatening note sent to him and how he's responding this morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: good morning, everybody. 39 degrees, but still beautiful
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saturday morning. take a good look at it. because things are going to be changing. rhondella: it will be icy soon as the temperature drops, snow moves in. doug: a lot of folks have outdoor activities today, including the parade in plymouth. kelly ann: good news, we're starting off just right. we're holding onto the mild air. not the 60's, but 50's. not bad for this time of year. so as we move into the weekend ahead, all eyes are on snow chance. the good news is we're holding off on that until later tonight and into your sunday. so at this point, we're dry. we're watching that winter storm watch which is in effect for vermont. we are in the lower elevations. the snow chance not a huge factor but something we'll watch moving out toward the worcester hills. so we're dry right now through much of our region.
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rainfall for late tonight into tomorrow morning but bringing that winter blast. that's the air circulating behind with snowfall that's actually causing some blizzard warnings out toward the great lakes right now. eventually bringing that snow chance into some inland new england locations for later on this weekend as well. temperatures right now are in the 40's. we're finally starting to see that sun rise. doug and rhondella, look at what's in store the rest of the day coming up. rhondella: following breaking person on quincy street in dorchester. that patient being treated for serious injuries. this happening about 11:00 last night. we're told the driver did stay on the scene. the crash is under investigation this morning. rhondella: breaking overnight in beverly, a fire at an apartment building maintenance garage under investigation. it started around 1:00 this morning. no one was injured. doug: right now, a 9-year-old from roslindale is recovering after getting struck by a car. he was getting off the school bus when he was hit, and it happened right in front of his grandmother. police and the school are trying to figure out if that crash
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rhondella: former massachusetts senator scott brown is up for a position in the trump administration. it's a story you saw first on 5, brown telling newscenter 5 he received a call from the president-elect. he is being considered for secretary of veteran affairs. doug: the president-elect has already named three key members of his national security team. and as nichole berlie explains, two of them are already coming under fire. nichole: team trump announcing alabama senator jeff general michael flynn for national security advisor and representative michael pompeo of kansas as cia director. amid the announcements, controversy. sessions was blocked from a federal judgeship in 1986 after allegations he made racial remarks, including testimony from a black u.s. attorney who says sessions called him, quote, boy. sessions denied those allegations. >> i am not a racist.
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nichole: the aclu, naacp and elizabeth warren are criticizing the selection of jeff sessions. >> i strongly urge donald trump to withdraw any consideration of senator sessions. but if donald trump fails to do that, then there will be a moral question in the united states senate. nichole: michael flynn is questioned by some for his relationship with russia and his book in whhe believe all cultures are morally equivalent. but no signs of worry from team trump. >> we've got a great number of men and women, great qualifications, come forward to serve this new administration. nichole: there are also critiques of the lack of diversity on trump's cabinet with all confirmed position announcements so far going to white men. nichole berlie, wcvb newscenter 5.
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the president-elect now paying $25 million to settle three fraud lawsuits against his defunct trump university. the class-action lawsuit charged that trump u failed to deliver on its promise to educate people about the real estate market. the settlement means the plaintiffs will get at least half of their money back. trump's lawyer says the settlements are not an admission of guilt. trump repeatedly said in the past he would not agree to a settlement. rhondella: a cape cod stunned by the arrest of a teen, the captain of a high school stop attack on a 14-year-old girl. his team taking the field without him. newscenter 5's diane cho with the story from bourne. doug: police say the teen girl was attacked while walking to her bus stop on puritan road when suddenly, they say, she was grabbed from behind. players from the upper cape cod regional technical school take the field friday night without one of their captains. that's because 18-year-old john
6:36 am
including attempted aggravated kidnapping. >> the perpetrator in this case tackled her from behind, placed his arm around her neck while she was on the ground, applying pressure. diane: prosecutors say the victim is a 14-year-old girl. they say she was walking to her bus stop on november 10 when she was attacked. prosecutors say another teen saw what happened and screamed, causing the suspect to take off. >> the vehicle in question, according to the police report, is a very distinguishable type vehicle. diane: prosecu days prior to the attack and on the day it happened, but allen's attorney argues there are several inconsistencies not only regarding the description of the attacker but also the vehicle. >> the only eyewitness of the assailant is this young girl who was in close proximity to the victim. she was shown a photo array. the defendant's photo was in that photo array. she failed to identify anybody within that photo array. diane: the superintendent of the
6:37 am
until another court hearing take place on tuesday. in bourne, diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: an arrest warrant will be issued monday for a woman who suffered an apparent drug overdose in a lawrence dollar store. it really was heartbreaking video showing the woman's young daughter trying to wake her mother. mandy mcgowen did not show up for a court hearing charges. mcgowen's daughter is now in state custody. rhondella: police in maine investigating a deadly crash. a man and his 5-year-old were killed after their car was hit by a box truck on the maine turnpike. it happened yesterday afternoon, backing up traffic for eight miles. police say a 56-year-old driver from lowell was behind the wheel of the truck when it struck the car and landed on top of it. the driver was delivering mail from new hampshire to portland.
6:38 am
local mayor is threatened because he's gay. doug: the mayor of holyoke going one with that threat. newscenter 5's julie loncich has his response. julie: friday morning, the mayor did something he wouldn't normally do. he got personal. >> i'm not one to share these things publicly, you know, like i think i'll be fine, like i can take it. julie: but this, he says, was too mu. paused and then posted, sharing the anonymous mail on his facebook page, which reads, you are one of the most selfish people that i know due to your gay lifestyle. you are going down. hate mail, moore says, isn't uncommon, but this was something else entirely. >> i think, you know, given the postelection culture that has been, i think, magnified over the last week and a half or so, i think a lot of people have been emboldened to have more overt displays of homophobia and
6:39 am
julie: moore became the youngest mayor holyoke ever elected. in his second term now, other constituents are promising to stand by his side. >> i think it's important for me as a public official to recognize that no area of this country is immune to hatred and homophobia. i think it's important to shine a light on that. julie: as of friday evening, that facebook post had been seen nearly a thousand times and hundreds have left comments of support. julie loncich, wcvb newscenter 5. rhondella: more than 300 calls state harassment hotline. attorney general maura healey's office set it up monday to support hateful behavior following the november 8 election. >> they range from calls where people have been run off the road and called the "n" word. in our state, folks. i just want to be really clear. this stuff is real, where people
6:40 am
car keyed. trump go home. rhondella: healey says americans need to get back to an old-fashioned notion where there is right and there is wrong. doug: this morning, boston mayor walsh is holding his first community meeting on racism. the mayor is inviting neighbors to discuss his plans for a year-long project to talk about racism and help healing the city's scars. the goal is to hold talks with small groups and reach out t 6:40 on this saturday morning. everybody has a different way of cooking their thanksgiving turkey. rhondella: if you deep-fry yours, you may want to listen up. the best advice to make sure your turkey cooking is safe. doug: and it's so good. caught on camera. it looks like snow. it even looks like soap. but it's not. the foam mystery in california. kelly ann? kelly ann: i'm tracking the
6:41 am
6:42 am
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doug: welcome back. 6:43. watch this. caught on camera. hello. a car barrelling through a restaurant in oregon. it went deep into that dining room, plowing through the doors and windows. the driver says, yep, you've heard it before, accidentally hit the gas instead of the
6:44 am
luckily, nobody was inside. check this out. that is not snow you're seeing at the san jose international airport. it's foam spewing out of a large hangar, normally used to put out fires. yesterday it discharged accidentally. it started spilling out into the streets. by midday, the sea of foam was several feet deep. you can tell by that stop sign. well, one gentleman couldn't help himself. he says he couldn't even see through it as he rode through on his bike on that fluffy mess. stuff. a deadly blizzard on the move through the midwest right now. white-out conditions in minnesota causing accident after accident. more than 300 crashes reported already with ice and wind gusts reducing visibility. drivers warned to stay off the road and some big delays at denver international airport. but some say it's about time. >> it's overdue, so we were expecting it a long time ago. so we're pretty prepared for it.
6:45 am
per hour in some places with temperatures plummeting into the teens. icy roads are going to be treacherous. a little weather talk? doug: is it over? kelly ann: you know what? this is just the start of it. we're seeing small signs of snow. rhondella: no warm-up time. kelly ann: it's true. we were in the 60's. now the 40's. we're talking about snowfall. mainly western new england. it's not the kind of snow just yet. doug: good. kelly ann: have to get those out of the closet at some point. here's the forecast ahead. it's mainly a rain impact as we move into the forecast tonight into tomorrow. small chance of rain for tonight. it's going to be very scattered initially which means that most of today will be dry. we have the plymouth parade. things are going to be dry but cloudy this afternoon. the main rain chance holding off until tomorrow morning. that's pushing through with some embedded heavier showers at
6:46 am
quick to move through as we head into sunday afternoon and evening. and that's when we do see that chance for a few flurries. the main snow chance looking to mainly hang out toward those higher elevations of western new england which i'll have a look at in just a bit. there's that big storm system. we were showing some of that snow through the midwest. it's still a concern that way where we have blizzard warnings through much of michigan, wisconsin, and moving really through much of the great lakes at this point. so that's pushing eastward rainfall we're tracking for tomorrow morning. that will quickly transition to a cool blast and gusty winds sunday and monday. heading out temperatures are in the 40's and really a beautiful start as we're seeing that sun starting to rise now. dew point is down to 41 degrees. so really that's not too much of a concern with light winds in place. it's a decent day for us as we see mild conditions in the 50's throughout the afternoon, a bit warmer as you move inland where
6:47 am
out. clouds will stick around the coast and keep temperatures in the low to mid 50's this afternoon. there's the reason for those clouds. we have a storm system off in the atlantic. that's turning ands starting to bring heavier clouds from the east pushing westward. so that's not something we usually see, but it's because of that meandering storm system in the atlantic. at the same time, we're watching this next system moving in from the west bringing that rainfall as we head into sunday morning and as we head into sunday afternoon, there's that cold snow that's trying to p we head into sunday as well. that's going to bring that big cooldown, some very strong gusty winds. wind gusts near 40 miles per hour for tomorrow afternoon. that's also a concern for monday, and so that's going to make those 40's that we're expecting in the afternoon to feel even colder. we're talking about wind chills down into the 30's. there's a snowfall forecast. and it's mainly out to the west. now, the worcester hills could see some of that light snow pushing through especially add we head through the day on
6:48 am
and much of vermont and northern new york as well. that's where we could see 2 to even 4 inches of snowfall. the highest amount half a foot. highs mainly in the 40's the work week ahead. that does include thanksgiving day where we see our next chance of rainfall, and with that, rhondella, we could even see a few snowflakes that morning. rhondella: okay then. some firefighters are sounding a wrong way. this is what you don't want to happen on thanksgiving day. but it's what can happen if you put a frozen turkey in hot oil. firefighters recommend setting the fire more than 10 feet away from your home. make sure the turkey is thawed and dry. and keep an eye on the oil temperature. doug: wow! transplanting italy to the prudential center. you're getting a look inside the
6:49 am
they shut down to make room for this. you'll be able to eat, shop and learn about italian cuisine. mario batali among the team. there are cooking classes on their three floors. 6:49 is your time. we're following breaking news in overnight. rhondella: a person struck on a dorchester street. and a show of support for a child battling canc. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. doug: welcome back. breaking overnight in dorchester, boston police are investigating a serious crash on quincy street. police say a car struck a person at around 11:00 last night. that patient is suffering police say the driver did stay on the scene. rhondella: breaking news in beverly. owners of an apartment on kelleher road will be surveying the damage after an overnight fire. it started in the maintenance garage after 1:00 in the morning. no one was hurt. the fire is under investigation. doug: right now, police and school officials are looking into a crash that sent that fourth-grader to the hospital. the roslindale boy was struck by a passing car after getting off his school bus. neighbors say the cars often
6:53 am
bit, but expected to be okay. chelsea police need your help to track down the driver of this white minivan at the bottom of your screen. they drove over an elderly woman crossing broadway and kept driving. this happened yesterday morning. the 72-year-old victim received cuts on her head. she was taken to mass general. she is expected to survive. police say the minivan may be a dodge caravan with a missing front right-side hub cab. rhondella: president-elect donald trump is considering a fali veteran affairs. scott brown says he got the call from trump. more discussion will be held before a decision on the cabinet post is expected to be made. a tip jar theft had a texas donut shop triggering an act of kindness. doug: when a young customer saw the video, she took action. her name is chloe. she's 9 years old. she put a note and her tooth fairy money into the tip jar.
6:54 am
chloe gets free donuts for as long as he owns the shop. rhondella: 3-year-old lola rose anderson of middleton is fighting a rare cancer. she got a special ride by the police chief flanked by motorcycles from across the area. cops for kids with cancer donated $5,000 to lola and her very own police car. doug: just great. here we are saturday morning, kelly ann. we have the big parade in newscenter 5 eyeopener team getting ready to kick it off soon. kelly ann: it's good news for them. it's going to stay nice and dry. we're talking about all that rain and snow moving in. it's holding off until tonight through tomorrow. so head out today. plymouth is going to be great. we have clouds moving in. we're in the 50's. tomorrow, that's when we start to cool down. we have the rain moving in initially which will bring snow to western new england. gusty winds, wind gusts up to
6:55 am
the 30's. really cool even through thanksgiving day. doug: the turkey was shivering. did you see it? rhondella: i guess we're going back. kelly ann: picking up some snowflakes too. did you see that? doug: all right, kelly ann. thank you for joining us here on a saturday morning. rhondella: "good morning america" is next. >> this is an editorial by wcvb an general manager bill fine. >> the traditional benchmark for evaluating a new president is after their first 100 days in office. but with donald trump, we've already learned old rules don't apply. the clock is running right now on his new administration. his choices will draw extra scrutiny with no past track record to weigh. will president-elect trump surround himself with more traditional confidants like reince priebus, former rnc chief, or more lean towards more
6:56 am
bannon, his new chief strategist? it's unclear. the transition team is in transition. but we should know soon. what is clear, trump is reaffirming some of his campaign promises and already softening others. reflecting consistency with his campaign pledges, he'll put pro-life judges on the supreme court. the second amendment seems safe while the first amendment may be in jeopardy. but the wall, he says, now might actually be a fence in sections and impractical in immigrants, he'll target what he calls the criminal element and block any incoming syrian refugees. he may not try to throw his defeated opponent hillary clinton in jail. will he drain the swamp or simply restock it? depends on your definition and point of view. and instead of throwing out all of obamacare, he's opened the door to reform rather than repeal and replace. both his supporters and detractors are not quite sure
6:57 am
rethinking and/or moderating a large number of his campaign promises, however, would be a welcome start in his first 100
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. new this morning, the trump transition. the president-elect inviting a fierce former critic mitt romney to a meeting at his golf course compound in new jersey. is trump teeing up romney for secretary of state? this as other new appointments come under fire over accusations of plus, what's being called trump's stunning reversal. why he is suddenly settling those trump university fraud cases. casting callout. mike pence's broadway visit to "hamilton" overnight. the vice president-elect divided welcome and the message from the cast. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new


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