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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5 officer shot and killed right outside headquarters in san interview, texas. the suspect on the loose right now. mike: there's some snow falling in parts of the state right now but it's the wind and cold that we'll all have to deal with what to expect as the week begins. nichole: a fishing boat sinks off the coast. the rescue at sea to get the crew to safety. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. reid: we start with breaking
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on the street with serious injuries. police say she was found just after 11:00 last night on pawtucket boulevard and rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. they also believe she was involved in a fight outside a home on that street after being asked to leave a party. lowell police are working with the massachusetts state police and the middlesex d.a. on this investigation. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you more when we know it. nichole: also breaking, a manhunt underway in san antonio , texas tonight after a police officer was shot to death in his pulled up behind him. that driver got out of the car and shot the officer two times in the head. the officer was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. san antonio police have not yet released the name of the slain officer, but confirm he was a 20-year veteran of the force. reid: take a look at this, snow and this is in western massachusetts. this is the mass pike in blanford, sent in by a viewer
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dropped the speed limit way out near the border because of conditions out there. there are still flakes falling in parts of the state right now. nichole: and of course, cold air is arriving as this holiday week gets underway. stormteam 5's mike wankum is here with what we can expect. mike: you know, you see those pictures in the western part of the state, and use it in the eastern part of the state and you go, well, it was cool and windy, but it wasn't anything like that. to the berkshires. light stuff out near 495. pretty light stuff right now. how much additional snow were we talking about? we could pick up more toward the berkshires. but elevation is a key part. as far as our area, the eastern part of the state, a few wet snowflakes mixing in tonight. there are still winter storm warnings until 7 p.m. tomorrow
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. why? this thing just does not want to shut down. in boston we are dropping into the 30's, but that's only part of the equation. the wind is howling. wind chill tomorrow morning will be in the teens. more in a few moments. reid? reid: mike, thanks. right now, six people are recovering after they were rescued off a sinking fishing boat. the coast guard racing to save them as the boat started taking on water newscenter 5's rhonella ar rhondella: it is now a commercial salvage operation. you can see the blue lights behind me. the commercial fishermen, the captain of the scallop boat told me he went to the bathroom, put the boat on autopilot, and when he came out it had run aground. , a copter crew from coast guard
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for help from scallopers. their boat, the 72 foot capt jeff, was taking on water. >> they hit rock the ledge and must have put a hole in the boat. they were taken water. rhondella: 5 men and one woman were on board. >> when i left the bow was just about under water. rhondella: the captain says they left new bedford 4 days ago and had 5,000 pounds o paul in. >> be kept in single little bit disoriented -- she was the wet, so i do not think he was hypothermic, but he did not seem normal. >> other than minor larceration and cuts, they are stable. >> they should not have been in that area. it was a navigational error. rhondella: the flooded boat under tow struggled in choppy water and tough wind. investigators decided to beach it as clsoe to shore as possible and pump it out.
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>> that was a much talk. they wanted to get back to land. everyone was pretty somber on the boat. rhondella: the task force deemed it far too risky to take the boat through the hurricane barrier because it was still sinking. it has been a daylong struggle. it is now on the move. it appears they are trying to get in josh trying it ag -- trying it again. wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: right now, the search for two suspects accused of crashing a car into a home then running off. it happened in northborough. that's where newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live. nicole: it smashed through the wall and into this home.
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went into the house. nicole: a wild wakeup call for an elderly couple safely snuggled in their northboro home sunday morning. >> my son yelling there was a crash. >> unless you know the quarter, you are going to hit something. nicole: that something knocking down the front door, causing a lot of damage to living room. >> it was almost into the house. the entire door was taken off. they damage the mailboxes. they damage to the house there. nicole: susan cone lives on one side of the duplex. her in-laws on the other. she says they are thankful that the only damage was to property not people. , police still looking for two men who jumped out of the car and fled. seemingly one of them with hesitation. >> they were back there arguing. one of them saying they should stay, and the other one saying, no, they should run.
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they did run, and tonight, police still searching for this two men. live in northborough, nicholas tavon -- nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: a working weekend in new jersey for president-elect donald trump. he is interviewing potential new members of his cabinet. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is here to run down who's been coming and going. todd the candidates for cabinet : positions include former governor mitt romney for secretary of state, billionaire investor wilbur ross for commerce secretary, and retired secretary but the cabinet isn't he only thing trump is focusing on this weekend. >> mr. trump, are you still upset about "hamilton"? tsarnaemr. trump: they were very inappropriate. thank you. todd today, president-elect : donald trump is continuing to call on the cast of hamilton to apologize to vice president-elect mike pence, who was booed by the audience, and singled out by the cast following a performance of the broadway smash friday night.
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american values. todd pence is addressing the : controversy himself, but not demanding an apology this morning on fox news sunday. governor pence i just want to : reassure every american that in the days ahead i am very confident that they are going to see, they are going to see president-elect trump be a president for all of the people. hamilton isn't the only show toddhamilton isn't the only show: trump is taking issue with -- the president-elect is taking to twitter today, blasting "saturday night live." @nbcsnl saturday night live last night. it is a totally one-sided, biased show. nothing funny at all. equal time for us?" trump and pence have been spending much of their time holding meetings in new jersey with potential members of the administration, including former massachusetts governor mitt romney. governor pence i can say that : governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. todd also today, trump told : reporters his wife melania and their 10-year-old son barron will stay in new york for now and move to washington after the school year ends.
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president obama spoke with vladimir putin today. it's the first meeting between the two leaders since donald trump won the presidency. both men are currently in peru for the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. the white house confirmed president obama spoke to putin for about 4 minutes and shook hands before they both took their seats at the meeting. nichole: german chancelor angela merkel says she will run for a fourth term. she made the announcement today after meeting with members of her political part to lead germany, has repeatedly been named the most powerful woman in the world by "forbes." her former mentor, helmut kohl, was the last german chancellor to serve four terms. reid: back here at home police , are investigating a crash on i-495 in mansfield that shut down a lane earlier today. massachusetts state police say the crash left pieces of the vehicle scattered across the highway. the car hit the guardrail near the off-ramp to exits 11 and 12. no one was hurt.
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east boston early this morning. it happened on bennington street at wordsworth street. one car hit several parked cars damaging them and a utility box. , no one was injured. nichole: no bail for the two teens accused in the shooting death of the grandson of a congressman from chicago. 15-year-old javon wilson is the was shot and killed on friday in chicago. police say a 16-and -17-year-old broke into his home and got into a fight with javon over basketball shoes. representative danny davis talked about losing his grandson, and taking on the issue of guns. >> guns should not have been available, and so we have to find a way to get some of the guns out of our environment. nichole: chicago has seen a dramatic rise in the number of shootings and homicides. august was the deadliest month in the city in two decades. reid: listeria concerns forcing sabra dipping company to issue a voluntary recall.
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spreads with a best before date through january 23, 2017 off the shelves. the fda says the products were manufactured before november 8 at a plant where listeria was found. symptoms can include fever, muscle aches, stiffness, and stomach pain. consumers are urged to discard the product immediately. toys r us is pulling a toy off its shelves after reports one burst into flames. a family in washington says a toy dump truck made by tonka driving home. toys r us says it appears to be an isolated incident, but that it won't sell the truck to anyone while investigates the incident. still ahead, one of the biggest nights in muse and you can see -- a music and you can see it right here on channel 5. nichole: the final preparations are underway for the american music awards in los angeles, see how the artists and the hosts are getting ready. reid: also ahead a kid devoted , to crossfit and how it's helping him help others. the difference he's trying to
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>> the risk right now is extraordinary. people are dying of this treatable disease. nichole: urgent care for drug addiction. how a local hospital is changing >> monday morning on the eyeopener, smarter toy choices for the holiday. >> the expert picks that will make the kids happy and help them to learn at the same time. >> and we are cooling way down. plus the chance for a holiday rain on monday at 4:30
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kes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. reid: the american will kick off
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in los angeles, touting itself as the biggest fan oriented show. nichole: you can see it all here on channel 5. lauren lister is on the red carpet. >> some of the biggest acts set to take the stage. >> green day. >> it is different from every other award show, because this show is by the fans. >> fans voted for the winners artist drake is leading the nominations with 13, a record. >> that is more nominations than michael jackson received for "thriller." that used to be the record. >> other artists racking up nominations -- rihanna, adele, and justin bieber.
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impressions. >> so, david chapelle is like, old on, baby. calm down, son. >> and sting is being honored with the award of merit, last given out in 2008. sting is also expected to perform a medley during the show. other acts will be ariana grande and nichole: you can watch the ama's live here on channel 5. they start at 8:00. then stay tuned for newscenter 5 at 11:00. reid: nice whether they have nla, mike. mike: what a difference. reid: today and yesterday. mike: and the wind -- a lot of
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it's straight soft the higher elevations. not much in the eastern part of the state. let me show you how much snow has fallen so far. there were impressive totals. you get the elevation out to be berkshires and we are seeing 3, 6, of few places higher than that. we can get one of those heavy snows. and as we travel to the north, we are seeing lesser amounts. you get on the other side great lakes, and you will see a total there of close to a foot of snow. what about us? are we going to see more tonight. this is lighter. then we have enough left that we get a little bit of light snow through was trail. not terribly impressive. a few flakes in the year. we are getting reports of drizzle. at i would not be
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and then running into a couple of snow showers, it's showing up on radar, but i'm not getting reports from the ground yet. a lot of this is a vat per a before it gets to the ground. there will be more additional snowfall. we could see isolated areas of two to four. it may try to sneak into northern worcester county. the cautious. if you are driving mass pike, it's going to be slow going. look at the temperatures. 30 in the middle part of the state. you're still seeing readings in the 40's. and in boston, there it is, winds out of the west-southwest. tomorrow morning, the wind chill index makes it feel like 30 degrees. tomorrow morning, it will feel like the teens and 20's.
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little bands. they are hanging out in the berkshires. just hanging out in the 20's and 30's. that's just the air temperature. not much going on in the houston part of the state. out to the west, we continue the snowmachine. eventually toward tuesday it all clears away, but the cold air goes with it. it will not be leaving for a while. lows will be 28 but there will be isolated showers. the western part of the state, do not be surprised if you see a couple flakes of snow. there is a wind advisory until seven p.m. tomorrow night. winds could gust of 250 miles per hour and you know what that will do to those temperatures.
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the gusts and a few places over 40 miles per hour. certainly we will have worst days. but this is the first time out and we will have temperatures in the 60's. what do the wind chills look like? through the day tomorrow, even when you come home from work, the wind chill still in th breezy conditions on tuesday. wednesday a big travel day. no major problems. the wind chill will not be a big factor on tuesday. it will be on the breezy side. then thursday, oh, yes, football games in the morning. could be a light mix out there. then through the afternoon, a better chance it will be in the form of rain showers. rain, but very unsettled. thursday, friday, saturday.
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mike. crossfit helping a young boy
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reid: back now with tonight's 5 for good is about nourishing the bodies and minds of kids in need. nichole: newscenter 5's erika tarantal shows us one local boy's effort to bring a popular workout to homeless children.
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ellis is he's been doing 10. crossfit since he was 7. >> it makes me feel more confident and i kind of like it. erika: he is kind of good at it, too, winning competitions. he can lift but his strength of , heart is most outstanding. he's the number 1 fundraiser for an organization called kettlebells 4 kids. >> there's a lot of non-profits out there that support shelters, food, clothing, even early education for homeless kids but there's really no non-profit that's out there that's bringing active play and fitness into shelter. erika: a huge missing piece, says founder amie owens. since 2014 her organization has been supporting shelters with play equipment and spaces. this spring they start a pilot program in the boston area bringing their own workouts into shelters. we're working with crossfit and crossfit kids to take the curriculum and then adapt it a bit to really be able to work on the emotional and social issues that homeless kids face. this is something shelters need. erika: dr. carmela decandia, the
5:25 pm
center on family homelessness, has been consulting on the program. >> four kids movement is , critical for young children in particular, when you move it's actually tied to your brain development. erika: it was a sad statistic that sparked shiloh's passion. >> the reality is the average age of a homeless person is 9-years-old in our country. erika: see he was 9 when he first met amie. >> a kind of hit me -- well why , shouhe some $20,000 for kettlebells 4 kids. talk about a champion for a cause that plans to change so many lives. >> if we support childrens' development now and help develop them for the future we are literally changing the course of -- and saving generations for years to come. erika: born in mass, kettlebells 4 kids is expanding nationally, already in about 2 dozen states. find out how to support the effort on wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: what a great kid.
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crossfitter, idle think i could ever -- good for him. nichole: treating drug addiction like a disease. reid: how a local hospital is changing its strategy to save lives. nichole: smart devices for the home more convenient and affordable then ever, but also risky. ben has your back, spelling out the vulnerabilities and what to
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>> this is an editorial by wcvb channel president and general manager bill fine. mr. fine: the traditional benchmark for evaluating a new president is after their first 100 days in office. but with donald trump, we've already learned old rules don't apply. the clock is running right now on his new administration. his choices will draw extra scrutiny, with no past track record to weigh. will president-elect trump surround hlf traditional confidantes in the mold of his new chief of staff reince priebus, former rnc chief, or lean more towards political operatives like breitbart boss steve bannon, his new chief strategist? it is unclear. the transition team itself is already in transition, but we should know soon. what is clear? trump is reaffirming some of his campaign promises and already softening others. reflecting consistency with his campaign pledges he'll put
5:30 pm
while the first amendment may be jeopardy. but the wall, he says now, might actually be a fence in sections and impractical to build in others. instead of deporting all illegal immigrants, he'll target what he calls the criminal element. and block any incoming syrian refugees. he may not try to throw his defeated opponent, hillary clinton, in jail. will he drain the swamp? or simply restock it? depends on your definition and poof and instead of throwing out all of obamacare, he's opened the door to reform, rather than repeal and replace. both his supporters and detractors are not quite sure what president trump will do. rethinking and/or moderating a large number of his campaign promises, however, would be a welcome start in his first 100 days. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30.
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news we are following for you an , investigation is underway into the death of a woman found on a lowell street with serious injuries. police say she was found just after 11:00 last night on pawtucket boulevard and rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. they also believe the same woman was involved in a fight outside a home on that street after being asked to leave a party. lowell police are working with the state police and the middlesex d.a. on this investigation. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you a live report on newscenter 5 at 6:00. nichole: also breaking, a -- police have just identified the police officer killed in san antonio, texas as benjamin marconi. he was sitting in his cruiser riding a ticket when a car pulled up behind him. that driver shot him twice in the head. the suspect is on the loose, considered armed and dangerous.
5:32 pm
mike: i think that is the thing. today we got the wind and tomorrow morning, the wind chill will be in the teens. it's going to be really cold. let me show you what is happening with the snow. we have snow out in the western part of the state. this goes until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. all of that lake effect snow will be deposited here as you look at the hurt -- at the berkshires. of eight to nine inches in some spots. we may get a little bit more before the night is over with. it's not getting very far to the east. you see how it hangs here. it is more on the grassy areas than anything else. a few sprinkles here or there. do not be surprised if you see a wet snowflake. is going to be pretty light stuff. some of the grassy areas with a
5:33 pm
tonight into tomorrow morning in the western part of the state, it could be treacherous. check out the wind gusts. 37 mile an hour wind gusts in boston. we have cold temperatures out there, combining with that wind. overnight tonight in boston, you have to go back to the 30's. we will talk about the teens and any warm-up on the way. reid: the man accused in a hit and run that hurt a 72-year-old woman in chelsea will face a judge this week. police arrested 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn on saturday. they say a tip led them to the minivan involved in this hit and run on friday. and that family members identified hernandez as the driver. the woman is expected to recover. some students in lawrence are
5:34 pm
fire ripped through a second-floor classroom last week. students in grades 3-5 will return monday, while students in grades 6-8 will have no school again this week. over 500 students were evacuated from the building when flames broke out monday. no one was hurt. that is the good news. investigators say a malfunctioning power strip is likely to blame. nichole: 5 on the opioid crisis, month for people suffering from overdoses. they are often discharged without a path to treatment. but mga is trying to bridge the critical gap between critical care and recovery. >> but latoya reddick knew, she couldn't really take care of her daughter either. a former soldier in the army national guard, latoya's battle with heroin addiction had grown
5:35 pm
my daughter safe, in a place that was just unsafe and there was drugs all around, it's just stressful and it's scary. emily: using needles to inject heroin, latoya developed a serious infection. she was admitted to mass general and worried secretly about withdrawal. a nurse caught her crushing pain killers to stick in her eye the -- in her iv. >> they took my iv out. emily that kind of immediate : intervention is new. >> seeing them that day is really critical. emily dr. laura kehoe is the : medical director for the bridge clinic at mgh. their goal, stabilize patients in crisis and come up with a plan. if there are these long windows >>if there are these long windows where they have to wait and waitlists, we're going to lose them. so this is actually meeting people where they are. on-demand treatment. just like we do for any other medical emergency. emily: launched in february, the clinic already has had more than 1200 visits. patients come from the emergency room, a hospital bed or just
5:36 pm
this treatable disease. that if we have people who are coming and actually showing up and engaging, we're going to work with them. so far, the hospital reports, emily people in the bridge : clinic stay clean for 13 days or more. without it, patients relapse in just 5 days. >> the hallmark of addiction is loss of control despite negative consequences, so if we don't treat that, then we're going to continue to see the cycle with potentially lethal outcomes. residential treatment program with her daughter. she knows now what she needs. >> be clean. i feel good right now. i'm proud of myself. they make me feel proud every day. >> you did great. just but thank you. emily unlike some programs, the : bridge clinic doesn't drop patients who start using drugs again. the team believes relapsing is part of the disease, and just like diabetics who don't always take their medication, people struggling with drug addiction will have setbacks.
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nichole: convenient, but have coupled devices. reid: what you should be aware before buying in tonight's ben has your back.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5
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nichole: these days, almost everything is wireless and smart. it's convenient but can also be risky. remember that attack on the internet last month that cut off access to sites like amazon and netflix? reid: it was carried out by hackers gaining access to thousands of connected devices, like cameras, thermostats, and printers. in tonight's ben has your back, ben simmoneau explains what you should know before buying. ? >> this is a camera. a really smart camera. ben: with devices like this, chris rosetti's job is to make the world a more connected place -- in this case, a waterproof camera for new bedford's commercial fisherman. >> they can sit in their pilot house and they can know, count species, the estimated mass of the fish before they haul. ben: every fishing boat becomes a datacenter. >> they will have data. you do not know if it will be
5:41 pm
will be 10,000 dollars a year in revenue. ben: connected devices popping up everywhere -- refrigerators, toys, tvs, cars, homes. but with so many devices gathering and sharing your data, and sharing your data, how safe are you? >> stop for a minute and ask yourself why you are going to buy this device. what is it going to do for you? is it going to make your life safer? are you going to save money? are they going to save you time? ben: smaoo you time by saving you from fishing for your keys. but they may not lock your door. >> i'm not that surprised. i'm betting a lot of these were from startups. ben: a cyber defense expert based in boston. would you use one of these door locks? >> there's too much risk and not enough reward. i will give up safety for
5:42 pm
soil sensors to see what her cameras must be secure. >> the key is that doorlock should not have radically different security than this data center. what is --ben: what is the bottom line? >> look at multifactor authentication. if it's just a password, that's not enough. ask what security is on the device. reid: reporting. when in doubt, look for a device from a trusted company that's been around for a while, or just don't buy. nichole: a windy week ahead as we look forward to thanksgiving. mike wankum has his full forecast for you. reid: and in sports a former patriot has his nfl record broken today.
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nichole: take a live look over i think the numbers fell for everyone, mike, because of the wind. mike: the wind, the cold, we just suddenly went to winter. remember a week ago monday, it was 66 degrees. here is where the snow has been falling out to the west. we are seeing some totals ranging from two inches in barrington, but a few places
5:46 pm
speaking of worcester, a few reports of light snow mixing in the air. we could see some of that accumulate on the grassy areas. the accumulating snow well -- will pass to the west. once you get beyond 495, a better opportunity we are seeing on snow and grassy areas. even toward nashua we are seeing a little mix going on, but it's what is going to happen as far as snowfall totals are concerned? this one has a very good handle. this is what it looks like. i have one computer model that was just all over the board and it is kind of showing that again, but it's more in line with the other computer models. i look at this, i say, ok, there
5:47 pm
squeeze into this area. that is where we see additional snowfall as you look all the way up into the green mountains. here is the story. the wind at the southwest at 21. the windchill index is 30 degrees. that is why there is a wind advisory all the way until 7:00 tomorrow night. we will see these westerly winds tonight, tomorrow, with occasional gusts up around 50 miles per hour. that means tomorrow mng a high-impact weather day. you'll notice the wind chill index in the morning, some places in the west will be in the single digits. as the day goes on, the windchill will improve, but not that much. this is a big change from the last few days. breezy conditions on tuesday. a big travel day. keep in mind, there may be delays in st. louis, chicago,
5:48 pm
that will try to track eastward and as it does that, it gives us the opportunity for seeing snow or mix. a slight chance of a light mix, early football games. rain showers on and off. does not look like a big system. i just want to give you a heads up. the wind will not be back on things giving day. i think saturday is the best opportunity to see some rain. eventually it does clear out board, temperatures in the 40's. say goodbye to those 50's and 60's. >> now here is mike lynch, with sportscenter 5, powered by extremity. -- xfinity. mike lynch: patriots and 49ers well underway out in santa clara without rob gronkowski who didn't make the trip. homecoming for tom brady who grew up in san mateo and it's
5:49 pm
the pre-nine in the san francisco area. even robert caskey missed his extra point of the year. taking it down into the heart of texas, the cowboys and the ravens. baltimore on the board first. 18 yards out, 7-0, ravens. all boys after that. prescott, three custom passes. ties the game at 7 tony romo and he's not giving that job back. that one put dallas up17-10. second half, prescott, dallas has won a franchise pick, 9 in a row.
5:50 pm
he made 44 straight field goals. he went wide right with this 42 yarder, ending the longest streak in nfl history. that is quite the accomplishment the colts are now 5-5 on the season. the great saturday night for the boys of winter. the celtics won in michigan while the bruins pasted the jets at the garden, while the bruins on lot it -- unloaded thirtyish a they are on their way. more than enough. he wins again. third period power-play, patrice bergeron. the bruins 3-0. winnipeg would get one.
5:51 pm
pretty good idea of the value of al horford and jae crowder last night in all hills, michigan. both returned from injuries and were part of the celtics' 2- point win last night. the story was al horford, 5 assists and 3 blocked shots. he infused all a big play at the end of the game asal horford with a great, great -- horford would score and put the celtics up. what's the defensive play at the other e. he gets a piece of it, and the celticswin it 94-92.
5:52 pm
coming up in our show is coming together, 7:30 and 11:30, i will be wearing goodies from four different schools. our man cave is being worked on. but we have sportscenter ot tonight. we have patriots highlights from san francisco and locker room reaction. we have chris cap are. and high 5 -- running for themselves, but more important, their latco tonight's cutting edge improving how objects absorb impact. nichole: the local work that this year, i want the best bird for my family and my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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reid: tonight's cutting edge -- everything from sneakers to helmets and electronics contain a material that absorbs energy from an impact. nichole: and now, work by researchers at mit is changing the way that material works. it's something you really have to see to understand. mike wankum has tonight's cutting edge. mike: this is not your average researchers at mit testing visco-elastic material, material that is essentially a shock absorber, found inside all sorts of products. >> they are in your shoes. they are in protective equipment. they are in components to protect electronics, like, say, your cell phone. mike: robert maccurdy at mit's computer science and artificial
5:56 pm
printers. >> the robot on the left, when it lands, bounces much less than the robot on the right. mike: the printers allow the customizing of stiffness and elasticity on every layer, changing how impact is absorbed. here, the black robot has a special skin that prevents bounce and gives a more precise landing. >> we added liquid to it. the liquid helps absorb the energy and keep it inside. mike: researcher jeffrey lipton process is using tiny drops of liquid throughout the material. >> here is a standard material. here is our augmented material. mike: the work here in the lab is focused on robots. but the more mainstream use? maybe better protection inside helmets, stronger cell phones, and in space, mit's material could help a rover land on target, while also reducing the impact on electronics inside. >> we are still dreaming about
5:57 pm
you could drop and it will break. nichole: i love it. reid: give it to me and my kids now. mike, thank you so much. we have much more news to come, including the breaking situation that is happening. nichole: investigation into the
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on newscenter 5. nichole: breaking news, a murder investigation in lowell after a woman is found severely injured in a parking lot. >> parts of the state right now but it's the wind and cold that we'll all have to deal with what to expect as the week begins. >> a fishing boat sinks off the coast. the rescue at sea to get the crew to safety. nichole: breaking news at 6:00, the death of a woman in lowell is being investigated as a homicide. good evening. i'm nichole berlie. reid: i'm reid lamberty. the 44-year-old victim was found with serious injuries last
6:00 pm
know about her last hours. >> neighbors say that woman's body was found here in the visitors parking lot of this apartment complex. this is the westminster village apartment complex. the middlesex county district attorney's office now investigating a homicide. the da's statement going on to say the victim is a 44-year-old woman who was involved in a fight with a group of people after she had been asked to leave a party. neighbors say that they saw a large group of people shouting and arguing in the area around 10:30 last night. then early this morning, they saw a group of people being taken away for questioning. >> i heard what sounded like a car hitting something, but it did not hit metal. i heard somebody grown, like a guttural groan, two or three times, then the same boy started yelling, call 911. >> a cause of death has not yet been released. police are waiting to notify the


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