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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  November 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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know about her last hours. >> neighbors say that woman's body was found here in the visitors parking lot of this apartment complex. this is the westminster village apartment complex. the middlesex county district attorney's office now investigating a homicide. the da's statement going on to say the victim is a 44-year-old woman who was involved in a fight with a group of people after she had been asked to leave a party. neighbors say that they saw a large group of people shouting and arguing in the area around 10:30 last night. then early this morning, they saw a group of people being taken away for questioning. >> i heard what sounded like a car hitting something, but it did not hit metal. i heard somebody grown, like a guttural groan, two or three times, then the same boy started yelling, call 911. >> a cause of death has not yet been released. police are waiting to notify the
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at this hour there have been no arrests. there are cameras in this area , but it is unclear if any of these cameras caught the attack. nichole: also breaking, there's a manhunt underway in san antonio, texas tonight. a san antonio police officer was shot to death in his squad car just outside police headquarters by a driver who pulled up behind him. our todd kazakiewich is at the breaking news desk with the update we just got from police. >> this everyone's worst nightmare. the fallen officer was writing a traffic ticket for a driver when a second driver pulled up and ambushed him. san antonio police say this is the vehicle seen speeding away after an officer was shot during a traffic stop. the brazen attack happening right in front of police headquarters just before noon today. police say an unknown suspect driving this car parked behind
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detective benjamin marconi, a 20 veteran of the force, who was sitting behind the wheel of his cruiser. >> he shot the detective. the suspect reached into the open window and fired a second shot. it also struck the detective in the head. >> the suspect fled, leaving the detective shot twice , leaving the police looking for a suspect, answers, and comfort. >> the suspect will be caught and brought to justice. >> as you saw there police have , the photo of the vehicle, but a vague description of the shooter. tonight, the motive for the killing in unclear. reid. reid: tonight, police are trying to find the people who led them on a chase, and then crashed into a home in northborough. take a look. you can see the damage left behind at that house on hudson street. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live in northborough.
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this all began with a police pursuit. that pursuit was over when the car hit a brick wall before going to the front door of this home. >> i heard a loud bank, came outside, and notice the truck had gone into the house across the street. >> a wild wake-up call for a couple sunday morning. >> we were awoken from my son yelling that there was a crash. we could not get >> this is the aftermath, the driver trying to flee from police. >> they came down the street with no headlights on. unless you know the corner, you will hit something. >> that something knocking down the front door, causing damage to the living room. >> it was almost into the house. the entire door was taken off. they damage the mailboxes, the side of the house there.
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the duplex, her in-laws on the other. she says they are thankful that the only damage was to property, not people. police to looking for two men who jumped out of the car and fled, seemingly one of them with hesitation. >> one of them was saying they should stay, the other saying they should run. >> indeed, they did. police are still looking for those two men. >> people in western parts of the state. take a look. this is the mass pike in blandford just west of springfield earlier today. right now the speed limit has been reduced on the pike out near the new york border. mike, how much longer does the snow last? mike: a few flakes of snow out there, but the accumulating snow is staying in the western part of the state. we have some places that have
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snow. across the border in new york state, that's where we have been seeing quite a bit of snow. it is really confined to that area out there because of the elevation. moisture coming off the great lakes, a little bit more allowed to come into worcester hills. most of this is really light stuff, perhaps covering the grassy areas. conditions deteriorate fast. a few wet flakes, otherwise in the berkshires, an additional 2-4 before it is all over with. when is it all over with? not until tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow will be cold and windy. i will show you how chilly it will be coming up in a few moments. reid: thanks. new video just into our newsroom
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sinking in buzzards bay. the coast guard saving the six member crew. rhondella richardson is live in fairhaven, where that boat will be towed to. -- ~ next story ~ >> that's right. the boat is up right, the pumps working, and it should be at the shipyard sometime tonight. i spoke with the captain, who says he was in the bathroom so he put the boa problem. a helicopter crew came with palms after the 9:30 a.m. call for help. their boat was taking on water. >> they hit a rock, a ledge, and started taking on water. they must have put a hole in the boat. >> drifting and sinking quickly five miles off of new bedford. the priority moved from salvaged
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bow was just about underwater. >> the captain says they left new bedford five days ago. >> the captain seemed a little bit disoriented and perhaps -- he wasn't wet, so i don't think he was hypothermic, but he did not seem normal. >> other than minor lacerations and cuts, everyone is stable. >> they should not have been in that area. >> choppy water and tough wind. >> the plan is to upper right the boat and tell it in. >> the crude now at a local hotel declined comment. >> there wasn't much talk. they wanted to get back to land. everybody was pretty somber on the boat. >> the captain and crew are from
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out of north carolina. everybody is tired, once warm showers and clothing. nichole: all lanes are open again on i-495 in mansfield after a bad crash earlier today. take a look. you can see just how heavily damaged the car was. amazingly no one was hurt. the crash happened on i-495 south and left debris scattered across the highway. one lane was shut down. police are investigating what caused it. a foxboro man has been killed in a car crash in north carolina. tractor trailer that had stalled on the highway. he was killed on impact. local officials believe carmone was distracted. there was no indication that he tried to break before impact. according to the sun chronicle, carmone graduated from bishop feehan high school in 2008. reid: coming up here at 6:00 president-elect donald trump , holding more meetings today ahead of his transition to the white house. but on twitter he's still , talking about governor mike pence's trip to see hamilton on
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, mike pence himself. nichole: plus president obama , meeting with world leaders in peru. his message about the transition of power. mike: a biting wind will greet you tomorrow morning. i wish it were kind of travel you can expect as you head towards thanksgiving. >> a former patriot losing his nfl record today. we explain, coming up. announcer: a half hour news at the top of the 5 at four clock.
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announcer: you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. nichole: it's another working weekend for president-elect donald trump. he's holding a series of meetings at his new jersey golf club with potential cabinet contenders. reid: among them new jersey governor chris christie who once led the trump transition team. abc's mary bruce reports from
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the president-elect eager for another round of meetings, but a frustrated donald trump still venting about the broadway hit show "hamilton." >> we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> trump demanding the actors and producers apologize for addressing vice president elect mike pence after friday night's show. >> they were very inappropriate. >> but pence doesn't seem to agree. >> offended by what was said. >> at trump's new jersey golf club, a parade of cabinet contenders waving to the cameras, but already trump's team forced to defend his headline text, like national security advisor lt. general michael flynn, who has called islam a cancer? >> is he in line with how president-elect trump views islam? >> well, i think so. i mean, look, phrasing can always be done differently, but clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are
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attorney general pick, senator jeff sessions, who was rejected 30 years ago for a federal judgeship. >> i am not a racist. >> still denying charges of racist behavior to this day. >> the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions, very thorough questions, and then make an opinion. >> scrutiny also falling on trump's much touted trillion dollar infrastructure plan. how will it be financed? and who pays? >> now the details seem to be more inclined towards tax cuts for private companies, tax credits for private companies. for example, if you're a private company and you're building a bridge, you might want to put a toll on that bridge in order to monetize it. that will be a key question going forward. just two months until inauguration day. mary bruce, abc news, bedminster, new jersey. nichole: president obama is in peru today for the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. while there, he met with russian president vladimir putin. it's the first meeting between the two leaders since donald trump won the presidency. mister obama also spoke to the australian prime minister about
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>> i have assured him that we would do everything we can to have a strong handoff and continuity in the new administration so that we can continue to work together to promote prosperity for our people and security for our people. >> this is the last international trip for president obama before the apec summit, he visited both greece and germany. reid: win. >> it seems like a typical sea turtle rescue, but a biologist
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nichole: some students at the bruce school in lawrence are headed back to class tomorrow. a fire damaged the school last week while class was in session. students in grades three to five will return tomorrow, while students in grades six to eight
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likely caused by a failure or overloaded power strip. and students at westfield state , university getting an extended thanksgiving break. it's because of water pressure issues in the city of westfield. the school closed today at 4:00 p.m. westfield has restricted water use throughout the city, asking people to conserve until the problem is fixed. reid: a surprise for the staff at the new england aquarium when they rescued a young sea turtle off the coast of cape cod. the reptile onas here it is right here. the green sea turtle is about to enter the c.t. scanner. rescuers say the five-pound turtle is not an adult yet, but the odds were against it living this long with just one long -- lung. the sea turtle has a good prognosis. rescuers hopeful they'll be able to release it back into the ocean. mike: they do some amazing work
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the ocean, what you noticed was just how cold it got. we had a warm temperature early this morning. right now, 39 degrees, wins out of the southwest, feeling like 29 degrees. here are the wind chills right now. it feels like 18 degrees in worcester. why? the wind gusted over 40 miles per hour just moments ago. temperatures feel like the s, tomorrow morning, everybody in the teens and 20's, and some places feel like single digits. snow setting up in these two areas with elevation. not much making it into the coastal plain, but i would not be surprised to see a flake of snow or drizzle. here is where we are seeing the steadiest on the mass pike. you will run into this area of snow, and this is the one that has all of it with it.
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inches before it is over with. south shore, scattered showers changing to snow west, but it is for 95 where you are starting to see lighter snow. this here starting to show more intensity as well, so be cautious tonight. what will happen with the snow? 2:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, down to this band. sunshine. it will have no impact on the temperatures. it will be cold and windy all day tomorrow. i am saying 40 degrees for a high, but i am being optimistic. a lot of places stay in the 30's. 6:00, snow towards pittsfield, 28 degrees. the western part of the state will be the cold spot. we do warm up a little on tuesday as things settle down,
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again, a few pockets with elevation, two-four inches, and maybe 3-6 in the mountains. closer to the city, a coating on the grassy areas and a few wet snowflakes. as far as the wind is concerned, wind advisory until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, wind out of the west at 15-30. there could be gusts around 50 miles per hour. 11:00 tonightnd miles per hour in spots, and that will mean wind chills tomorrow that we have not seen for some time. tomorrow, a high impact whether day because the cold wind. here are the wind chills in the morning. look at that. a few spots in the single digits. as a day goes on, it improves, but not by much. it will feel like the 20's all day. tuesday still breezy at 42 degrees.
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weather for traveling unless you have to go to the central part of the united states, because rain and snow right now, st. louis to chicago and minneapolis. that will try to work its way eastward for thanksgiving day. there could be a light makes in the morning before light rain towards afternoon. it looks light, but may have impact on the football game. unsettled through friday and saturday with sunshine returning by sunday's forecast. that is my latest forecast. announcer: now, here is mike lynch with the news five powered by xfinity. mike: well underway in santa clara. homecoming for tom brady. he grew up in san mateo and it's the first time he's every played the 49 in the san francisco area. the patriots are holding onto a 13-10 lead, tom brady has two
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mrs. in the nfl today. heart of texas, cowboys and ravens, baltimore strikes first. 18 yards out, 7-0 ravens. from that point on, all cowboys. deck presdak prescott making a move for the m.v.p.. two or three went to does bryant. second half, prescott 14-15. tom brady like numbers. 24-10. dallas a franchise record ninth win in a row. they are on their way, nine-one, best record in the nfl. field goal attempt from 42 yards, wide right. that snaps his record, an enough
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came back in one 24-17. they are 5-5. great saturday night for the boys in michigan. bruins and jets, 4-1 final, 38 shots on net, 14 in the first woman nothing to show, but two minutes into the second, he gets his second of the year and the bruins are on top 1-0. two minutes together, he scores his si third, power play, watch this right over here at the bottom of your screen. no chance for the goalie, 3-0. third, the bruins had a 4-0 lead. bruins win it 4-1. we go to auburn hills, michigan, the celtics and the pistons.
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time in eight games. 27 minutes, nine points, four rebounds. 18 points, 11 rebounds, five assists, and three blocked shots , a great deal of life into the celtics offense. pistons come down with 23 seconds to tie the game at 92-92, but he will answer that and score with 1.3 seconds to go , and a chance to tie it. he just gets a piece of the ball, and that's the ballgame. 94-92. celtics will be in minnesota tomorrow night. coming up thursday night, our annual thanksgiving show at 7:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.. we will have all kinds of high school memorabilia behind us, highlights from games around the region, fans, you name it.
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the boston globe joins us and talks about that m.v.p. voting. we will meet the girls cross country team who ran the race of their lives for their late coach. lots to talk about. we will see you then. nichole: coming up new at 11:00, the strike threat that could cause problems for holiday travel. that is tonight at (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero.
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>> we lost a degree over the last 10 or so minutes. mike: it will keep dropping overnight. tomorrow morning, wind chills in the teens and may be 20's, so a windy day tomorrow. nichole: abc's world news is
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welcome to "world news tonight." the trump transition. president-elect donald trump's game of political apprentice. the parade of contenders hoping to hear the words, "you're hired." former rival mitt romney under serious consideration. and the two people who won't be going to washington right away. also tonight, trump's escalating twitter war against the cast of "hamilton." wi the first major snow storm of the season moving east. just as millions of americans are traveling for thanksgiving. what's happening at one of america's busiest airports that could make matters much worse. breaking news. the urgent manhunt. a traffic stop turns deadly. an officer shot and killed, within sight of police headquarters. fiery crash. new clues about what caused this air ambulance to go down. a patient and three crew members killed. and, sticker shock.


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