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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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maybe cold enough initially for a bit of a mix changing to rain. showers linger into friday, saturday as well. we're breaking everything down for you right now as the eyeopener continues. randy: breaking overnight, police officers ambushed, one killed. new information just in on the attacks in southern states. emily: a mother beaten to death in front of her disabled son. witnesses outraged and the party investigation. randy: a sinking ship. why the captain stepped away moments before the crash. on the eye for this monday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: also on the eye, president-elect donald trump meeting with texas governor rick perry today. randy: the other names getting attention as trump's inner circle tightens. brace yourself for this as you head out this morning.
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snow off their cars. but the cold, right, cindy? cindy: the cold and the wind. it is a weather impact day. we're looking for light snow showers and flurries around the boston area right now, this is not sticking to the roads, but some of the car tops as you saw. and some of the grassy surfaces with a little coating of snow this morning. you can see that extends from boston along the pike all the way out to marlborough. south of town to weymouth. snow showers around the worcester area as well. steadier snow across the berkshires. that's where it may accumulate over the course of the morning hours. it's all this wind spinning around our storm. we do have a wind advisory up till 10:00 for gusts to 50 miles an hour. right now, the winds are sustained. 15, 25 miles an hour, and they are gusting higher. this is what you want to dress for. the wind chill is 10 right now in worcester. it feels like 19 in boston. very wintry. actual temperatures 20's and 30's, below the freezing mark,
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into the upper 30's. clouds break for a little bit of sunshine. with that wind, wind chills getting no higher than the 20's today. so feeling like winter. let's get you out to the roads. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. li loo outside at the zakim bridge, leverett connector. you can see a little bit of that shine on the road surface. do you want to be careful. give yourself extra minutes. for the most part, we're in good shape. let's go tthe maps check the rest of your ride. heading into , no problems. south, you're doing fine. route 3, 24, light. not looking at any construction right now. the pike is quite. 15 minutes eastbound 495 to 128. heading north, you're in good shape on route 3 out of chelmsford. 93outh from methuen to the leverett connector, no problems. trains and buses starting on schedule. emily: right now, a heartbreaking story in lowell. a mother of four beaten to death. one of her sons a witness to this attack and this morning no arrests have been made. randy: but witnesses are speaking up.
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in local where they're trying to point police in the right direion. doug? doug: randy, emily, those witnesses not afraid to speak up about that attack or who they think it was. and behind it, they tell newscenter 5 it started at a party at westminster village apartments here. 44-year-old gloribel orengo w beaten to death near a dumpster. that attack happening in front of her son, who has down syndrome. family members say a group of people, mostly >> everybody knows these girls. they're a pack of wolves. and it's disgusting that they continue to be able to walk the streets and beat mothers when they took a mother away from her kids and left her right there on the street by herself with her down syndrome son. doug: witnesses say that the boy held his mother in his arms waiting for help. there are surveillance cameras
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we're live in lowell this morning, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. breaking news, police officers targeted in three states. one of those officers killed. the eyeopener's erika tarantal tracking overnight developments. era: we're talking about four incidents. in gladstone near kansas city, a police officer is recovering. a suspect is dead. details still just coming in on that. in st. louis, we just learned the suspect who ambushed a police officer in that city has been killed in the officer was shot twice in the face just sitting in his cruiser. he's expected to survive. also breaking, a suspect is in custody after a police officer is shot in sanibel, florida. stop sunday a traffic the suspect took off from that scene but was arrested a short time later. the officer there also expected to be okay. and in san antonio, the hunt continues for the man who killed detective benjamin marconi. he was shot just before noon near police headquarters,
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right here or shortly, parked behind his cruiser, got out and shot him. there's that vehicle. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays. sapd will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice. erika: investigators believe this man may know something about the shooting. they're looking for him. at this point they're looking at all possible motives. randy? randy: hpening in just a matter of hours, the lawyer for a murderer gary lee simpson will begin to present their case in the sentencing retrial. sampson was sentenced to death for a murder spree in 2001 that left three people dead in massachusetts and new hampshire. he was grant add new -- granted a new sentencing trial on appeal. new this morning, two former pharmaceutical skutives facing
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scandal. they want prosecutors to justify the attorneys for barry cadden and glenn chin are demanding prosecutors release evidence ahead of the january trial. this is according to "the herald." the men are charged in the murders of 25 people who died in that fungal meningitis outbreak. the 25 counts of second-degree murder are a part of a racketeering case against the men. emily: today president-elect trump meets with former texas governor rickerry following a weekend of talks with reveal any picks, but his session with new jersey governor chs christie just one of more than 20 in two days. now, christie is no longer in charge of the transition but hopes to stay in trump's inner circle. one of the longest meetings with general james mattis, frontrunner for secretary of defense. he also met with mitt romney. vice president-ele mike nce saying sunday romney is under active and serious considetion
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>> i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the country, make america great again. emily: between meetings, trump making his family plans clear. he says his wife, melania, and their 10-year-old son, barron, will stay in new york until the school year ends. with just a month to go in office, president obama is looking to solidify the landmark deal with iran, the obama licenistra csidering market. they're looking to lift additional u.s. sanctions. the effort to fortify that deal was underway before donald trump won the election. mr. trump and his national security pick oppose that deal. randy: new this morning, attorney general maura healey's probe into exxon mobil lands her a court-ordered deposition. healey will have to defend her probe that looks into whether the oil giant deceived consumers and investors.
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motivations in her use of power. they say they're surprised by the court order. she'll testify next month in texas along with new york's a.g. also new for this monday morning, we're now learning that former governor deval patrick's lone walk was part of a ceremony that cost thousands of dollars. it topped $300,000. though spens expenses were covered by donations, the and award ceremony for patrick staff and a portrait of him that hangs in the state house. the expenses were just revealed in public report. emily: caught on camera, a sea rescue off the coast of new bedford. a fishing boat taking on water in buzzards bay. the coast guard was called in for a salvage operation that quickly turned into a scue. that six-member crew left days before returning yesterday morning with 5,000 pounds of scallops. it appears they hit a rock when
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autopilot to use the bathroom. they tried to salvage. 72-foot captain jeff with no look and windy conditions making it worse. >> they shouldn't have been in that area, but, you know, it must have beenio navigational error. emily: nobody was seriously hurt, and that boat will be repaired in new bedford before it returns to its home in north carolina. right now, some students at the bruce school in lawrence are preparing to go back to class. a ago while class was in session. students in third to fifth grade will go back to school this morning, but kids in sixth to eighth grades will have no school again this week. investigators say the fire was likely caused by a malfunctioning power strip. randy: it's 9 minutes after 5:00 on this monday morning. tom brady comes through after a close first half in san francisco. the standout moves putting the pats on top. a major shopping day getting an early start this year.
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miss unless they act quickly. new this morning -- educational and fun, new toys that expand kids' minds. erika? erika: randy, we're tracking breaking information on several police am bushes including one in missouri. the suspect in that shooting in st. louis has been killed by police. the officer who was hurt is expected to live. another officer, though, was killed after a similar shooting in texas. right now, the search continues for that gunman. cindy? cindy: radar this morning snow showers and flurries. wind, cold, the big impacts today. how cold it will feel and the holiday travel outlook. that's ahead. first look at the radar. those are snow showers flying around boston where the temperature is just 31 degrees as you're heading out the door
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>> it's boston's favorite way to [cheers and applause] thank you to everyone in plymouth. anerng weekend. we had such a great time. emily: we did. and so many people coming out to say hi for the parade. really kicking off the thanksgiving week. and the weather cooperating better than yesterday.
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outside. emily: you were just talking about the wind. randy: such an abrupt change. cindy: they had snow and not just a little. close to a foot in lenox. more than aoot in southern vermont. coatings even in parts of the worceshillshere you see that light blue coloring. suddenly feeling very wintry. may pick up several inches up that way. this morning. the story tay is the wind. there is a wind advisory until 10:00 tonight. winds could gust to 50 miles an hour. you get thee trees weakened from the drought, and a wind gust over 40 miles per hour could do some damage across the area. we'll be watching for that today. wind gusting right now over 30 worcester, gusting to 45 down on nantucket. the wind is already acti. saking it feel even colder out there than it actually is. this is what you want to dress for. and this is a shock to the
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it feels like 11 in worcester, and it feels like 19 right now in boston. actual temperatures are running only in the 20's and lower 30's. most spots all below the freezing mark this morning. take it easy out there. you see these snow showers now close and tight right around the boston area and a lot of you are going to have a coating of snow on the car as you go out this morning and maybe some coatings on the grass. the roads are primarily okay. road crews have been treating the roads. you should be all right. snow flying from acton to framingham into boston, danvers, and duxbury getting a few flakes. these snow showers are going to persist rough the berkshires day.there's a lot of lake-effec snow off to the west. this storm not going away. with it sitting to our north, it's going to keep the wind acti. our high temperature will struggle through the 30's. we may briefly touch 40 over the cape. with that wind blowing all day long, notice the wind chill throughout the day holding in
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we will break into some sunshine, though. you casee by lunchtime, sun and clouds across the area with those snow showe psisting out toward the berkshires. we should stay dry overnight. can't rule out a stray flurry. it's just partly cloudy skies through the overnight hours. we're down in the 20's and 30's tonight. tomorrow is a bright sunny day as high pressure noses in. the winds relax a little bit. eyeing this storm here back toward the chicago area tomorrow. that will make a run toward us on thanksgiving day. so traveling on wednesday, of course, the big of the country is going to be the focus for some wet weather, some snow, up to the northern plain states. there will be a light mix in the morning transitioning to rain with low 40's the best we're doing on thanksgiving. that's warmer than it's going to feel today. wind chills not out of the 20's today. olessa: thank you, cindy. so far this morning, the roads quiet. a little moisture on the roadway. you don't want to be careful. a live look at the expressway, a
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the screen. let's go to the maps and check the rest of your ride. getting word of a crash this morning, a car that seems to hae pun out and hit a median on route 3 northbound in bedford by route 62. just an indication that even a tiny bit of that moisture can do damage. be careful. the pike looks good. no problems this morning. 128 as well. and if you're heading south you're fine on 93, 24 out of brockt brockton. trains and buses starting the mo randy: olessa, thank you. tom brady's homecoming ends in a win over the san francisco 49'ers. patriots quarterback started with a bang, scoring for two t.d.'s on the first two possessions. check this one out. brady on the move in the fourth quarter, finding malcolm mitchell for the t.d. that's going to win 30-17. next game sunday against the jets in new jersey. emily: your economy. cyber-monday getting an early start this year. retail giant walmart says it
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starting at 12:01 a.m. last year walmart opened cyber-monday deals on the sunday after thanksgiving. walmart stores will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving but not i massachusetts because of blue laws. chking the markets now, asian markets were mixed overnight as investors way a likely fed interest rate hike next month. right u.snow,. stock futures are mixed. and this woke is a short trading week because of the holiday with reports expected on home sales and unemployment. thanksgiving, a planned strike at one of the busiest airports in the country. airport workers at chicago's o'hare airport are eecte to announce exact plans toda the union that includes baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and other workers fighting for a pay increase. they say service will be disrupted, but the airport will not shut down. randy: ready or not, holiday shopping season is nearly upon us with black friday just four
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with new educational toys just in on the store shelves. emily: hard to believe, right? erika: the mom lovers behind big city moms just got back from a toy convention. they say these gifts are about to be hits. who better to call for toy advice than a mom expert. enon answered our call with five favorites. first, this crawl-around learning center. three levels of learning entertain baby to shapes. they can start to recognize letters, parts of thebody. erika: tegu blocks aren't new but the designs are encouraging problem-solving, a favorite of lauren's kids. >> all three of them will sit and play. can you push this button? erika: the code-a-pillar allows kids to learn sequencing. >> there's critical thinking
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what pieces do i need to put in there. erika: the wow and wonder screams fun to a budding scientist. >> there are cards that come with it. as you get older, it tells you science experiments geared toward these ages. erika: old favorites reinvented. >> this one from lamaze is mix and match caterpillars. there's a velcro. erika: always a great way to amuse the littlest on your list. that's an oldie butoo their big annl event this december 8 at the westin boston waterfront. i'll be on a parenting panel. i don't know what kind of advice i can give, but it's a lot of fun. randy: it will b great. emily? emily: thanks. one of the hardest hits at yesterday's vikings game was by accident. the hit no one saw coming in eyepoppers. new at 5:30, aearch for the people whose car plowed into a northborough home.
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>> five, six, seven, eight. ladies and gentlemen, we eciaze in tap dances, and we would like to say good morning, eyeopener. emily: thanks to our friends at the natick senior community center for that thrilling wake-up call. randy:ery nice. cindy? cindy: you might want to tap da these are the wind chills right now. it feels like 11 as you're heading out the door in worcester. and 19 in boston. it is all about the wind and the cold today. we have a wind advisory. that is up across the area till 10:00 tonight. could see gusts at 50 miles per hour. so it is windy and cold. snow showers around this morning. look at those temperatures today stggling to get close to 40 degrees. today certainly the coldest of the nexthree days. wee back in the 40's tomorrow. here's the breakdown over the
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higher than the 20's out there today. emily? emily: all right, cindy. thank you. just about 5:25. time for your monday morning eyepoppers. this one thanksgiving generosity or incentive for bad driving. olessa: i'm not sure. i'm distracted by the turkey sounds in our ears. some drivers are getting turkeys instead of tickets for minor infractions. drivers get a quick talking officers say they know people could use the food and they're creating goodwill. emily: okay. olessa: there you go. then there's this poor guy. they say timing is everything. the minnesota vikings, poor guy. as they're running out of the tunnel, watch as he tries to make a quick run, slams into a player, but even with a bloody nose, he wen back to work.
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ah. doug: ooh. olessa: i know. it's painful. our floor director is laughing. he deserves a free turkey for that. randy: shannon's so mean. singer selena gomez fot a lot of attention for her comments at the american music awards. her words of encouragement for anyone going through a personal struggle. and this crash in new jersey is leading to a new suggestion for all train conductors. the sleep universal. and we invite you to check out the new and improved the upgrade is designed to deliver breaking news and weather not only faster but using new technology to give you a better experience every time. the latest weather conditions and alerts front and center on every page. best of all,ur app and website now have the same streamlined look. if you're already using the app, no need to update.
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- emily: a mother's life tragically cut short. the brutal beating witnesses say happened right in front of her son. do: the unanswered questions this morning. randy: breaking overnight, police officers in three states ambushed. >> the new clue in the murder of one of those officers.
5:30 am
cindy: snow hits new englan but it's cold and wind that's really sticking. randy: cindy's holidk forecast on the eye. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: 5:30 monday morning. we're looking at the southeast expressway in boston. and it looks like the snow has moved away for now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm with cindy and olessa. flurriesround could be clearing, but the rest of the week, we could see more of this? sg cindy: it's going to be an unsettled week. it's about the wind and the cold today. the snow showers aren amountin to too much but making the roads slippery. this picture from salem, new hampshire, you can see snow. you may need to brush snow off the car this morning.
5:31 am
they're showing up on radar here. nothing that's coming down hard enough to really stick on the roads. but it is below freezing out there this morning, so it may be a little bit slippery. up toward billerica we have snowflakes flying, back toward 128 and weymouth as well. that snow is still flying out toward the berkshires. some lake-effect snow across new york state. storm spinning to our north. the wind around it will be with us all day long. there is a wind advisory up till could gust to 50 miles an hour. we're lking at sustained winds 15, 20. wind chills teens out there right now. actual temperatures 20's and lower 30's. temperatures are going to struggle today to get out of the mid and upper 30's. ouds will break for a little bit of sunshine. it's going to feel like winter. let's get you out to the roads. slippery in spots, olessa. olessa: a couple of incidents already to show you. a live look outside at the
5:32 am
building pretty early. you have the northbound side here. you can see some of the delays starting to pick up already. let's get over to e maps now. here's what we're watching north of town. an accident here involving a car that spun out on 495 rig over by route 3 and then another incident with the same situation on route 3 south by route 62 in bedford. just an indication even just a tiny bit of that moisture can do some damage, so please be careful. eastbound on the pike, you're fine. so far no problems. your ride on the expressway more like 15 minutes braintree into emily, randy? olessa: olessa, thank you. we're following breaking news on the eyeopener this morning. randy: erika is trackg those depments. ika: breaking news from st. louis. the suspect in the shooting of a police officer is dead. the officer was shot in an ambush-style attack last night. officers in florida and texas also targeted. it does not appear the attacks are related. still no arrests after a mother was beaten to death at an apartment complex in lowell. witnesses say the 44-year-old
5:33 am
party. they say her son witnessed that horrific attack. and today donald trump will meet with former texas governor rick perry. the meeting comes on the heels of talks for cabinet positions including mitt romney for emily: a new call for unity after dozens of reports of hate crimes in the commonwealth. randy: the eyeopener's sera congi is at the state house in boston this morning where hate will be denounced later this morning. se: r called massachusetts speaks out against hate. it is set for 11:00 here at the state hoe, and among those attending will be mayor marty walsh as well as the attorney general maura healey. healey set up a hotline for harassment and hate crime reports. she set that up one week ago. so far there have been more than 300 calls, 60 of them substantive complaints. the hoine was in response to increased reports of threatening behavior to minorities and women
5:34 am
massachusetts, donald trump supporters who sped through the campus of wellesley colle yelling slurs the day after the election, those men were expelled from their fraternity at babson college. threatening letters were placed in a mailboxf a man in natick. those letters containing profanity and racial slurs. the man's roommate from uganda has moved to framingham fearing for her safety. healey described me troubling incidents. >> they rangfrom people haveen run off the ro a calledhe "n" word in our -- inur state, folks, okay? i just want to be reay clear. this stuff is real. erika: more than 30 groups and organitions e expected to take part in today's rally again set for 11:00. live at the state house, sa wc. emily: sera,hank you. a search for the p people insid the car that plowed into a
5:35 am
daughter-in-law and son were asleep inside. >> i was awoken from my son yelling there was a crash. he came down the stairs to see what it was. we couldn't get out the front door. they came down the street with no headlights on. unless you know the corner, you're going to hit something. emily: police say the car was involved in a chase on interstate 290 that was called off when the car left the highway. the town's building inspector new this morning -- self-driving cars wlome to boston before the year is over. cambridge-based startup nutonomy will start running the cars in south boston, announcing an agreement with the city. the cars will be tested in a small but pubc area, the raymond l. flynn marine park. they will have a driver to take over in case of emergency. nutonomy has been runningests on the vehics in singapore for months now. randy: an eded break for
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forcing college students to leave campus earl students were told to be out of the dorms boy 4:00 yesterday afternoon so that the crews could work to f the water pressure issues. the city has restricted water use throughout westfield, askin people to conserve tl the problem is fixed. two massachusetts men are safe this morning after being rescued from a cliff in new hampshire. those rock climbers became stranded on cannon mountain, franconia. william sprecher andichael franklin got lost and they could not go up or down. rescuers went to the mountain it. they descended to those men. emily: a gi fr toys 'r' us blamed for a huge fire. and samsung users have an unexpected reaction to the laxy note 7 disaster.
5:37 am
we're updating breaking news in st. louis, missouri. the suspect in an ambush on a police officer has been killed in a shootout with poce one of several such attacks on police across the country. we're still trying to learn the motive and names of the
5:38 am
5:39 am
olessa: live look outside here at the pike. a check by alston-brighton, eastbound at the top of the
5:40 am
of spinouts. precipitation doing damage. cindy: it's ver light what we have. these are light snow showers and flurries. and they are going to be winding down. however, wind and cold the big story today. it is an impact weather day for that reason. wind chills won't get out of the 20's today. breezy, not as windy. dry weather for traveling on wednesday. but thanksgiving day coming up on thursday, it looks randy? randy: this fire is believed to have been caused by an exploding toy truck a. washington family says they bought the tonka riding truck at toys 'r' us and on the way home it burst into flames. the toy store has pulled the item from its shelves and website as it investigates this claim. the flames were so intense, the fire department was called to douse the fire after a fire extinguisher just would not do
5:41 am
the flames appeared to be 15, 20 feet high. it was shocking. randy:he woman says when she went back in the pickup truck to get her purse, she heard a pop, the windows shattered. the toy didn't make it home.y emily: updates on the breaking news. new information on the attacks puttin police across the country on edge. and right now federal regulators are considering train conductors. the tests that could follow a deadlyrash in new jersey. plus, selena gomez reaches out to fans. her words of encouragement after going through her own emotional struggle. a live look from the city of worcester. good morning to all of our viewers out there. make sure you dress for winter. cindy says you will not regret
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emily: erika's following breaking news in attacks targeting police officers. randy: first, this is what many of us are waking up to this morning. snow flurries and a coating on many cars. might need to find that scraper to get rid of the snow, a bit of ice this morning. emily: it is a shock to the system. it really is. first of all, to see the first flakes of the season always is. but it has been so mild.
5:45 am
ese are light snow showers around the boston area. i want to show you how much snow fell out in the berkshires. nearly a foot out in lenox. more than that in southern vermont. parts of new england shoveling out there this morning. you see closer into boston, some lighter coatings. we have lig snow showers right now and flurries. you can see them flying acton, north reading. beverly into boston. quincy to scituate as temperatures are near below freezing. there could be a few slibry spots. keep that in mind. the bulk of the action is out to the west. a lot of this is falling apart. sitting and spinning to our north pulling down the cold. wi will be active all day long. we have a wind advisory until 10:00 tonight. could see gusts to 50 miles per hour. you can see how active the winds are all day long. they're going to keep gusting over 30 and sometimes 40, even to 50 miles per hour.
5:46 am
today. this is what it feels like this morning. teens to 20's. windlls hold in the 20's all day long. clouds break for a little sunshine. 26 out the door in worcester. 31 in boston.but again, that wi it feel colder. your highs today, 30 to 40. clouds this morning and flurries ssipat lookingor a mixture of clouds and sunine today. the winds slowly settle down as we get into the day tomorrow. tomorrow is a little bit warmer as the win down, temperatures should sneak into the lower 40's with lots of sunshine. slippery out there this morning. let's get you out to the roads. olessa: a few trouble spots north of town. a live look outside. just a little shinyn that road surface. a little moisture can do damage for our rush hour that is a look at the pi by alston-brighton. let's gothe maps check the rest of your ride. an overturned car on 495 southbound by boston road. that car may have slipped on the road there. another incident similar here, a
5:47 am
watching another csh on rou 3 south by route 62. then south of there, we're in pretty good shape. the pike right now 15 minutes eastbound, 495 to 128. and if your commute takes you south, 24 building volume out of avon. the eressway almost 15 braintree into boston. trains and buses doing okay. emily: a tragic story out of lowell. a mother of four beaten to death. rand the eyeopener's doug meehan th city this morning where police are searching for the suspects. doug: good morning. yes, a arrests have been made in this beating, which was described as savage just outside of this apartment colex. here's one of the witnesses describing that scene. >> everything was going, and then i just seen a women like loop around and hit the ground. doug: 44-year-old gloribel orengo was beaten to death near a dumpster here. that attack happening in front
5:48 am
it followed some type of confrontation at a party saturday night. those at the party say they know who theom a. if you he an information about this case, you're asked to call lowell poli. live in lowell, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: breaking news, four separate police shootings in three states. in missouri, details coming in in gladstone, an officer reveng. suspect dead. an officer in st. louis is expected to recover. the suspect there was killed in a shootout with another suspected shooter arrested in florida after an officer was shot during a traffic stop in sanibel. that officer is expected to be okay. but in san antonio, the search continues for the man who killed detective benjamin marconi. investigators are looking for this car and a man they believe has information. detective was st sundayil writing a ticket. police considering all possible motives. emily: president-elect donald trump expected to meet with former texas governor rick perry
5:49 am
picks this weekend. trump says some deals were finalized over the weekend, but no job announcements were made. big names meeting with the president-elect included mitt romney and chris christie. a rally against hate is planned for the state house later this morning. mayor may walsh and attorney general maura healey are expected to attend. have been over 300 calls to a hotline against harassment that she set up one week ago. 60 of substaive complaints. since the presidential election incidents of hate and harassment have taken place in massachusetts like pro trump babson college students who sped through wellesley college yelling slurs the day aftere election. today's rally is scheduled to take place at 11:00 here at the state house. sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: president obama holding
5:50 am
the international press in peru. he says the world should brace itself for major shifts happening in american politics. mr. obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin, the first meeting since the election. murderer gary lee simpson's present a ready to sampson w sennced to death for a murder spree in 2001. it l he was granted a new sentencing trial after an appeal based on juror misconduct. federal prosecutors rested their case last week. emily: this man accused in this hit-and-run in chelsea is expected in court today. police say surveillance images captured 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn hitting a 72-year-old woman with his car friday and then taking off. investigators say aiprom a family member helped them make the arrestsaturday.
5:51 am
randy: the remaining hospitals in war-torn syrian city have stopped prg treatment now after they were badly damaged from bombs from the syrian governme. the world health organization says the hospitals in aleppo included two general treatment centers and one for children. it is unclear if they'll be able to reopen. humanitarian agencies believe the attacks were deliberate. emily: family members of those onboard the doomed malaysia airlines flight 370 will help investigators so far have identified six pieces of wreckage they believe came from the plane that disappeared in march 2014. loved ones say they'll head to madagascar to search for clues as to what happened. 239 people were onboard the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. randy: protestors faced off with police in north dakota over a pipeline project there. 400 people clashed with l enforcement late yesterday as they tried to cross a bridge on a state highway.
5:52 am
were arrested. demonstrators have protested the dakota access pipeline for months saying that it could pollute drinking water near tribal land. emily: federal regulators want train operators around the country tested for sleep disorders after this deadly crash in new jersey. the engineer in september's commuter train crash was later diagnosed with sleep apnea, and that may have led to the crash that killedne woman othe platform. the engineer says he does not remember it. randy: samsung is still flourishing despite recalling galaxy note 7 phones which could explode. samsun smartphone users are as loyal to their brand as apple users. 91% of current users say th would buy another samsung phone. polllso found people who knew about the recall were just as interested in samsung as those who are not. >> if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. and if that's anything, whether
5:53 am
me, is i care about people, and this is for you. thank you. emily: and emotionl speech at the american music awards. selena gomez making her first public appearance after taking a break this year. she took home favorite female artistast night. randy: gomez was up for the biggest award for the tonigght,t that went to ariana grande. she took home artist o boston native donnie wahlberg and his wife, actress jenny mccartney. emily: tom brady's homecoming ends in a win over the san francisco 49'ers. the patriots' quarterback started with two t.d.'she first two possessions. brad finds malcolm mitchell for the t.d. pats go on to win it 30-17. next game against the jets in new jersey.
5:54 am
thanksgiving event in plymouth on saturday. randy and myself joined by antoinette, cindy and olessa. an annual tradion for us. of course, for thousands of otrs, a lot of volunteers working so hard to make that parade a biguccess. randy: it is such a home grown ing there. the floats are so creative. the people could not be nicer. cindy: at the end of the parade every year, there is the white confetti. emily: yes. randy: to be folwe cindy: only to be followed by the re thing, yeah. yestery, a lot of folks saw the first flakes of the season and we'r waking up to tm this evening inboon. want to share ts picture with you that sera congi sent to twitter. those are flakes flying right by the state house. not a lot of snow, but enough to coat the ground, car tops in many areas. take it easy. temperatures are running at or below the freezing mark. maybe a little slippery in spots. a lot of that snow shower activity is winding down.
5:55 am
scituate as well and a few flakes north of town on the north shore. stretching back toward acton and leominster. a lot of activity winding down across worcester county and things wil quieting down except toward the berkshires and new york state where we have lake-effect snow wrapping around the system spinning to our north. the big story today, the wind. wind advisory up until 10:00 tonit for gusts to 50 miles per hour. we're gusting to 40 right now at nantucket and over 30 in worcester. so obviously that making it feel colder. worcester into boston feeling like the teens. temperatures struggling to get out of the 30's. clouds mixed with sunshine, but that wind chill will be an issue all day long. high temperatures upper 30's to we will see the skies stay clear to partly cloudy. breezy tomorrow. not as windy. back in the lower 40's. on wednesday, doing traveling, the trouble spot is the mdle of the country.that storm is go eastward for thanksgiving day.
5:56 am
thanksgiving morning, transitioning to light rain in the afternoon with temperatures in the lower 40's, but unsettled friday into saturday. another system coming in with a few more showers, it appears, friday into saturday. so all about the wind and the cold today, but, olessa, a little slippery on the roads this morning. olessa: we're watching a few problem spots early this morning. let's start north of to. we have a crash on 495 southbound by boston road. overturned car involved in that one. a spinout reported if you're traveling line 495 southbound by route 3 in lowell. an in bedford on route 3 south by route 62. 93 southbound slow rde somerville. one lane closed near mystic ave. if you travel to lexington, another accident blocking a lane by route 128. a live look outside at the pike by alston-brighton, that's eastbound heading to the top of the screen. so far trains and buses doing okay. emily, randy? randy: thank you. staying on top of breaking news
5:57 am
separate am bushes on. emily: the routine activity making those officers vulnerable. and new toys that promise to amuse and educe. it's coming up at 6:00 a.m. this morning. a live look outside. randy: we don't see the snow twinkling there. it stopped in the city. emily: yeah. randy: a lot of us have snow on
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
randy: breaking overnight, police officers ambushed, one of them killed. new information in on the southern states. >> a mother beaten to death in front of her disabled son. the party at the from of the randy: a sinking ship rescued by the coast guard. moments before a crash on the eye monday morning. >> also donald trump meeting with rick perry today. randy: other names are getting attention as the inner circle tightens. brace yourself for this as you head out. in many commuties, drivers in south boston and other areas


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