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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 news at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsibor we begin with breaking news, former massachusetts senator scott brown meeting with president-elect donald trump this morning. erika: as you saw first on newscenter 5, brown got a phone call from trump telling him he is being considered for a cabinet post, secretary of veterans affairs. >> it was a great meeting with the president-elect for a we spoke about my passion and his passion, which are veterans and
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job in the cabinet is to lead the v.a. he is gone to take my application or interest under consideration. i am glad that he called. and he is obviously going to meet other folks and we should know, w think, probably after thanksgiving. erika: brown, a 35-year veteran of the army national guard, supported president-elect trump throughout the campaign. two lowell, where there are still no arrests after mother was beaten to death at an apartment complex. doug: witnesses say that her son saw that horrific attack and outraged neighbors are searching for answers. our reid lamberty is live in lowell this afternoon. reid? reid: exactly what led up to the weekend beating, who was involved -- still unknown. gloribel orengo's son, held his mother's bloodied and beaten
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lot parking lot. >> he was still caressing his mother, shielding her. it was horrific. reid: the 28-year-old has down's syndrome and witnessed several people beat his mother so viciously. the 44-year-old would later die from her injuries. >> calling out his mother's name. saying that he loved her. >> six girls hit mom, he said, and blood, all this blood. reid: orengo's other son,said his mother came to a party at a pawtucket boulevard apartment. the fight spilled out into the parking lot, where the mother of four was attacked. >> everybody knows these girls, they are a pack of wolves. reid: louis barreto says his special needs brother was also injured in the fight.
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i told him it's not your fault. >> for him to have to go through that is unbelievable. reid: several people have been interviewed, but so far no arrests have been made. live in lowell, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: attorney general mora healy says 300 calls have been made to a hotline a harassment. the hotline has been set up since the november 8 election. doug: the wind chill -- if you go out there, it feels a lot colder than it actually is, cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: it feels like winter. it feels like 15 degrees. that is it in worcester. the wind is gusting to 40 miles
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wind gusts. that cold air is wrapping around on the backside. we are looking at a lot of clouds. upper 30's boston. we may attack on another degree. some in clouds until the sun goes down. the winds ahead, coming up. erika: cindy, thank you so much. officers ambushed. a dangerous weekend for police, four separate shootings in three states. abc's elizabeth hur reports, right now a manhunt is underway in san antonio after the officer there died. elizabeth: four officers in four cities ambushed, one of the murder just outside police headquarters. >> officer down in front of
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year veteran of the san antonio police department, was riding a ticket. -- right thing ticket. he was shot twice in the head through the passenger side vehicle. >> the suspect is described as a black male in his 20's, then build, a goatee. elizabeth: the suspected killer is out there. another officer, the father of three is in critical condition after he was shot twice in the face. >> he felt the glass breaking and the shots came through and struck him in the head. elizabeth: two more shootings in florida and another in missouri as to more officers are
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traffic stops. in the wake of the shootings, we are told us in -- in san antonio and st. louis, officers will now be working in pairs until further notice. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. doug: a serious crash in lexington. this happened earlier around 2:00. we do not know how badly they were injured, and no word on the cause of the crash. a search continuing right now for the people inside a car that plowed into the front door of a northborough home. it hap an elderly couple their daughter-in-law and her son were , asleep inside. >> we were awoken, or why was, -- or i was, for my swim knowing there was a crash. we came downstairs. they came down the street with no headlights on. unless you know the corner, you are going to hit something.
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that was called off when the car left the highway. the town's building inspector says the house is structurally sound. erika: caught on camera, a sea rescue off the coast of new bedford. a fishing boat taking on water in buzzards bay. the coast guard was called in for a salvage operation that quickly turned into a rescue. the six-member crew had left new bedford days before, returning yesterday morning with 5,000 pounds of scallops. it appears they hit a rock when the captain put the boat on auto-pilot, to use the bathroom. the coast guard was called in with pumps to try and salvage the 72-foot captain jeff, with no luck. the windy conditions making it worse. >> they should not have been in that area, but it must have obviously been a navigational error. erika: nobody was seriously hurt. the boat will be repaired in new bedford, before it returns to its home in north carolina.
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marathon survivors chronicled in a new documentary "marathon." families are still struggling with physical and emotional wounds from the attack. to your economy now -- just in time for thanksgiving, gas prices in massachusetts are down. aaa northeast reports prices have dropped four cents to an average of $2.08 a gallon. that's six cents lower than the national average. up next, lots of meetings for the president-elect filling out the ranks of his new administration. more on who he's talking to today, and the growing controversy surrounding his businesses. doug: iphones suddenly shutting down. the glitch that has apple replacing batteries on some phones. cindy? cindy: tracking a wintry week i had -- the timeline on a messy mix that could impact holiday travel. erika: up in flames. this fire, caused by a toy. the popular item now getting yanked off store shelves right
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. doug: good afternoon, doctors at brigham and women's hospital revealing a new revolutionary way to use prosthetics. emily riemer joins us with this medical breakthrough. emily? emily: doctors have unveiled what they say is the since world war ii. we cannot synthesize enough how revolutionary this is. they can customize the procedures so they are preserving nerves patients may otherwise lose. they can connect those more precisely with the brain instead of using muscle movements. doctors are naming this procedure after the first
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from a rock climb and chose to have his left foot amputated. >> there was simply too much damage to too many things in my foot for me to ever hope for a positive outcome. the opportunity to be part of such groundbreaking technology was also kind of a strong motivator for me. emily: the procedure is designed to restore as natural limb function as possible. he gets his prostatic in about six months. this is it right here, the prophetic they have been working on with m.i.t.. without it, he is walking were comfortably. he is trying rock climbing again. we will have more on this tonight on newscenter 5 at 5:00. emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: emily, that's amazing. thank you.
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forgive abortions. the holy year of mercy ended yesterday but pope francis announced today that he is extending special powers granted to priests last year. in a letter, the pope wrote, i wish to restate as firmly as i can that abortion is a grave sin . however, i can and must state that there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away. erika: back now to the president-elect's busy schedule as he continues to consider candidates to fill his cabinet. we told you earlier that he met with former senator scott brown everyone awaits more announcements. lana: the parade of possible administration candidates continues with former texas governor rick perry, believed to be a possible contender for energy secretary. over the weekend, president elect donald trump met with more than 20 people, including met romney. -- mitt romney, among the critics who are possible
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position. governor romney: we had a far-reaching conversation. lana: moore make come today -- mr. trump tweeting that james madison has been very impressive. >> he has been critical of the drawdown in afghanistan and our approach to fighting radical jihadists, but women in the military may have concern where he stands on women in combat. lana: india, raising questions about how he will separate his is this interest from his new responsibilities. >> he criticized irick went in for her foundation getting contributions from foreign -- hillary clinton for her foundation getting contributions from foreign companies. this would be som sort of special favors from the government for a business.
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a spokesperson for the trump organization said the meeting was short and congratulatory. lana zak, abc news, washington. erika: attorney general maura healey's probe into exxon mobil lands her a court-ordered deposition. healey will have to defend her investigation into whether the oil giant deceived consumers and investors. one analyst tells the herald the judge's order raises concerns about political motivations. healey's spokesperson says they're surprised by the court order. healey will testify next month in texas, along with new york's train operators around the country tested for sleep disorders after this deadly crash in hoboken, new jersey. the engineer in september's commuter train crash was later diagnosed with sleep apnea. that may have led to the crash that killed one woman on the platform. the engineer says he does not remember it. a sigh of relief for thanksgiving travelers.
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strike after the holiday. the union says they want the public support in their fight for higher wages and would not want to stall holiday plans. o'hare, of course, one of the nation's busiest airports. erika: some apple customers say they're experiencing a glitch with their phones. iphone 6s users say their phones are suddenly shutting down for no apparent reason. the company confirms a very small number of devices made between september and october 2015 are affected. while theyay issue, apple is now offering free replacement batteries to those customers. doug: h, i'm driving here. [laughter] doug: self-driving cars will come to boston before the year is over. there's only a couple weeks left. cambridge-based startup nutonomy will start running the cars in south boston, announcing an agreement with the city. the cars will be tested in a small, but public area -- the raymond l. flynn marine park. and they will have a driver to take over in case of emergency. erika: but the other drivers are
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cindy: what could possibly go wrong. doug: it's coming. whether we like it or not, it's coming. cindy: i would say it's a two hands on the wheel kind of day. the winds are strong today. we have that advisory up until 10:00 tonight. gusts up to 50 are possible. i could do damage across the area. we actually had a little dusting of snow this morning early this morning. worcester county, just over an inch and a half. just about a third of an inch of snow. haverhill, a 10th of an inch of snow. just a little bit. it did make things a little slick this morning. got up to a couple of inches imports of southern u manager. i want to draw your attention to western massachusetts.
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25 inches of snow in southern vermont. two feet. the berkshires, nine inches of snow. it is still snowing. we got a taste of it. winter he looked outgoing. and a lot of these are like a fake -- lake effect snow bands. you could even see a few flakes. this colder air. around 40 miles per hour in buster -- and worcester. that wind advisory is with us until 10:00 tonight. it feels like the teens in worcester. the windchill in boston still in the upper 20's. it has a little bit of blue sky
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temperatures only in the mid 30's. worcester is still below the freezing mark. the wind chill right now is in the upper 20's a notice through the evening hours, the wind chills are going to be holding at 26. you want to bundle up. nothing more than a stray flurry through the worcester hills. we will drop into the 20's through the coldest sub -- coldest suburbs. we should be about 50 this time of year. we will be in the mid and upper 40's back toward the worcester hills. over the course of the day, the winds will relax as high pressure settles in. if we are traveling tomorrow, it
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country. if you are traveling locally, you have sunshine, seasonably cool temperatures. it will cause problems. that will work for to us as we head toward thanksgiving day. freezing rain, a touch of snow, and temperatures warming into the 40's. it's a little unsettled on thursday. freddie mac night, we are watching a chance for another storm. we will keep you posted. doug: all right, cindy, thanks. caught on camera -- this fire allegedly caused by an exploding toy truck. a washington family says they bought the tonka riding truck at toys r us and on the way home it burst into flames. the toy store now pulling the item from its shelves and
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the flames were so intense, the fire department was called because a fire extinguisher can do the job. the family says they're lucky the toy didn't make it home because it could have been worse. erika: it's been over two months since anyone's won the powerball. wednesday could be your lucky night. the jackpot for the drawing is now up to an estimated $359 million. that's the game's highest since a $487 million ticket was sold on july 30 at a hannaford in raymond, new hampshire. doug: erika: or pie. doug: everybody is out for dessert. erika: a seattle couple celebrating a rare anniversary doug: ray and mavis both in their 90's -- what they say is the key to 73 years of wedded
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next summer. tickets for chesney's one and only stadium show go on sale to the public next friday. he's played at gillette more times than any other artist. from that hard to believe given the number of times bon jovi has been here. erika: quite the milestone for one couple in seattle. ray and mavis phaneuf celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary sunday. the 94 and 96-year-olds revisiting the restaurant where they had their very first date. ray was stationed here during world war ii and a shipmate , od >> he said, well, do you want to date mavis? it was a small ship. i said, yeah, i will have a date. [laughter] and i have been dating her ever since. erika: never lonely again. so what is the key to 73 years of wedded bliss? ray says it's just finding the right woman while mavis says , it's all about patience. cindy: it is working for them.
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doug: this weather is not working for any of us. cindy: today is the coldest day of the week. temperatures are still below average. we have that unsettled stretch into the holiday weekend. you need to check back. we will keep you updated.
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