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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the boston pice department said itot the case november 3. due thege o those involved, says there wbe no criminal is now in theds ofs, andasotif n the disict i attorney. now,ith lack of lot of parents are calling for bus monirs to be at every bus. we're live in hyde park, shaun chaiyabhat on wcvnewsceer 5.>> r defensive tackle alan branch will miss four games after he will appealdecision, so he's expecte play sunday. he hastarted nine of the 10 games this se. he w already suspended by the patrts f a few days back in august for violating team rules. >> breakg news out of hudson. firefighters rescued a man who was trapped on a third-floor ba
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because the thick smoke. the fire broke out before 3:00 at the emerson garden ominiums >> ty tk m down the ladder, my dog, tats down the ladder. >> nobody seriously hurt, fortunately, in that fire. firefighters are now looking into the cause. the boston police officer who was shot back in october is back at home. ofcer mat morris released from spaldingehab today. boston pole saying, i'm lucky to be here and therareot ofeople to thank for kping me here. >>slip snowy roads causing crashes i new hampshire. gusty win toppling trees in ston. weston on the right part of your screen. the wds going to be a probletonigh eyall of our reporters look freezing. >>t is cold. no question. the wind advisory is in effect
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tonight. gusting almost 30 inboon. 30nis. not as windy as earlie stil a windy day tomorrow. upper 20s a low 30s now. it flsiks in the tee will stay cold ought night. as fnow flurries around the berkshires, a few more hours of that. we'll talk about thanksgiving travel and weather in a little while. >> there are norr the mother attacked from front of her disabled son. our reporter is live in lowell where the victim's family wants answers. >> expecting answers sometime and hopefully soon. about a half dozen people dropped off more candles. a coueremain at this memorial. it marks the spot where this mother was brutally beaten.
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answers for a lowell family. a mother beaten in front of her disabled son. >> she was a great mother to her kids. and, unfortunately, right now we lost a -- >> the woman was attacked by people, both men and women according to witnesses. her 28-year-old son who has down syndrome tried to protect his mother. he held her battered body after the attack. >> he held his mother, calling mommy. >> party saturday night at this apartment complex. asked to leave after exchanging words with other partygoers. it continued outside where witnesses say she was punched and kicked. there are reports a crowbar or a tire iron may have also been used. the son telling family members -- >> hit mom and blood all this blood. >> no arrests have been made yet, but the victim's family says they know who was behind the attack.
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>> very devastating. >> i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. be strong for the kids. >> lowell police, state police working with the d.a.'s office. people have been interviewed, but no arrests have been made. >> president-elect donald trump meeting with potential cabinet picks today at trump tower, including former massachusetts senator scott brown. as i reported department of veterans affairs. brown thinks it's the toughest job in the cabinet and he said that today's meeting went well. >> still high suicide, still long lines, still i think a culture of kind of putting the soldiers as a second-class person versus making it a top priority. there needs to be, with all due respect, a tremendous amount of work there. >> brown served more than 30 years in the national guard and
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after thanksgiving. >> more calls for peace on boston common following alleged hate crimes in the wake of the presidential election. nicole is live with that story. >> it was a rally to show discrimination will not be tolerated, asking victims to speak up and be heard. >> last week i was aggressively accosted by a man in a store just a few blocks from campus around the store because he thought i was a muslim. >> a firsthand experience of bias from a first-year law student. >> no one at the store says a single thing to me or the man. >> yes! >> gathered for an anti-hate rally today at the state house.
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>> local politicians like boston mayor marty walsh. >> leaders speaking out to show unity against bias. >> here's what's nonnegotiable. everyone in this country deserves dignity. everyone in this country deserves respect. >> the attorney general set up a harassment hot line where residents the report threats, harassment, violence. so far, more than 400 calls. >>eg important to stand up against hate. >> take a look at your screen. you'll see the attorney general's hot line. you can call and reporany incidents of violenc >> hitting the road f thving? well, you're sure tve plenty of company. newscenter 5'odd kazakiewich
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avel. >> tra is moving smoothly at this hour. the peak time is tomorrow. exper experts say if you leave early in the morning or in the eveng, you should avoid affic. thereuld fewer so-called choke points tha bore. >> put phone away. please always wearour seat >> iortant safet reminders on theve of the busiest d >> tuesday afternoon fro i want to say nontil 5:00,hat's when your crutch time is. lee in thening if you or leave late. >> officials hope holida travel down around the pikeo tolls coi >> some areas where we would see congestion at a choke point are those tolls at 495 a 84 and 128 as we.
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lessened. >> holiday travelers who have already start their journeys agree. electronic tollingakes for a much fastertrip. >> it moves quicker. there's nothing there to sw down. >> it's much likehat we have now in seattle. m kinof used to it. i appreciateit. >> but efficient roads don't mean a thing i t cars on them is why highwayety officials ge drivers to be saf that means being sober. >> it's not justbout aohol anymore. we need to get people to unders the influence of drugsr marijuana, that is a impairment and that affects your driving. >> a in years past, massdot will shut down all scheduled wednesday or possibly rlier, . pending on the tic situatn tomorrow. reporting live, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. >> so once you get to your thanksgiving destination, you
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of you. the political divide. >> this should not be the time or the place. >> new at 6:00, five ways to avoid emotional disaster at the dinner table. plus -- >> walking barefoot anywhere was excruciating. >> that man lost part of his leg in an accident. now he has new hope thanks to a first of its kind procedure that was pioneered right here in boston. >> and snowing in parts of the northeast right now. there's a system movingoughhr rockies. i'll let you knowhat t it's monday and we're going to here from him. he explains what happened and his answer is even more
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the school bus crash killed at leas six peop. pictures show the bus on its
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that's what you -- the bus was carrying at least 35 elementary school students, are hospitalizednit. again, killed at least six people. policeav just started notiingparents. we'll stay on top of developments tonight. >> i felt like i had my life back. >> for t first time in years, is m right here, jim ewing, is no longer i pain. doctors amputatedis left foot back in ly. and that amputation was done >> what dtors described as the greatest development in limb chresearince world war ii. newscenter 5's emily riemer has the story at 6:00. >> a rock climber, jimmy kimmel was on vation in 201 wn a 50-foot fall changed his life. the man had multiple serious injuries, including a bone fracture and nerve damage in the left foot and ankle. >> made it painful even just to
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barefoot anywhere was excruciating. >> jim decided to have his foot amputated in july after connectingith a friend at mit's media lab. researchers with dr. matthew carty at brigham's university. doctors cut the limb using tools and saws. it can lead to tissue scarringan but new technique preserved th >> we create dynamicling intectioetmuscles. the samnteractions before a noal amputation. >> it is where the bionic leg makes the difference. uses sensors to pick up electronic signals from the ain t bet control the prosthetic instead of using muscles or other methods.
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>> it's an exciting development for both medicinend jim ewing, who should be walking on his new prosthetic in about six months. >> the fact that i'm going to tbe th first to tryut this new foot and try out this wouldn't want to do who >> emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. >> have youhought about it? this year is justhe pumpki pie versus the pecan pie. >> >> a lot of families are trading the political talk that will be front and center a the thanksgiving bl new at 6:00, five ways to avoid
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the extra helping o polics. >> new at 6:00, newscenter 5
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>> there about a milon le. ways it could come crashing down this thanksgiving. expertsay postelection probably chief ang thewill. lot ofeople having ruggles with . >> d lern mosey i a li psycholo medica center sugges to avoid disaster. number one, younow yamily better than anyone else. >> you're already aware of difficult to manage and to interact with. you can make alan to say, i >> two,o just at. to avoid. avoid polics ly. >> making decion to say we want a peal weeno going to disc just transpired in the tion. >> number three, have plan. >> you can have other picshat yowould rher talk about rather than getting stuck. >>hif three topic ahead ti.
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li movies, games, or>>champae. >>yes >> i thought we could celte th bubbly. >> good id. ad idea. numbour,er f lim alcohol. >> be mindful dnking too much dur tholida. you to find yourself in me oftr nally, dr. moseley says do not address the elepht in the >> looking at that >> i [laughter] i'm thinkingt t make. >>rvey i was thinking same thing. yo say champagne, get a chocolate put it in. goodth >> lovely. >> focus on the food -- >> that's it, harv. >>hihanksgiving especially. this is snow that fe. of course that's where it really feel.
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had in. in i worcester county. lookat what happened o here. this is incredible. 20 inches. there are still showeoi on. the next 12 hours. iminish over we'll in theay of suhine. wind isther factor. boy, has it been a factor. fall0 woested bton 46 and 40 still windvisory until :00toght it not like the wind qs after that. it just won be quite as stro. there's another windyt isin now gusts ubout 30 milf t plymouth to hyannis to nantucket. it's cold. that's the other part of the equation. snow, cold, and windcoined. 28 in worcesteight now. 34n bost with the wind,lse is in the teens and low 20s. actual air temperature will
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tonight. tomorrow the room for us to in the afternoon and a wee bit less windy, but still a windy and cold day. there it is, tha lake efct snow that hasotten as far east as the berkshires. this disorganized area out west is a minor system. that's what we may have to dl with on thanksgiving day. not a lot of precipion. want to show y the sno area lifts noh. could haveound minnesota, couple of rain owers. southern half of the u.s. pretty mild f trave tomorrow. let's get to thanksgg day. ere's aiverf light sno or es,aybeusnoh to cause a coating or make it slippery in some spots on thanksgiving morning. mostly it should be in the
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alsoould be rain over soutastern mass. that'she deal esn't look like a big stm. but itest ta much sometimes to cause problems. check it out. overhe next seven days, about 40 degrees tomorrow afternoon on average. and wednesday a tranquil day as that's gd if you're traveling that day. thursday, thanksgiving, a little very lightnowedith rain is possible. friday iscloudy. iday rain moves back. another storm, most of it lookso impossible that could flip to ow satury night. now mike lyn with sports center 5 powered by xfinity. >> alan branch suspended for testing posite for henderson. it soon will be legal in massachusetts, but still against football policy. branch will appeal.
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that is if bill belichick has himn the roster. branch was suspended during preseason for violating team policy. ll belichick held a one of the question -- why jaid not me the trip to n francisco. >> as i alr id, we'reto makeeci fe are best for the f everweek. i doowowi could put it differently. last year, the year before that, 10 years before at, 15 years be that. i don't really understand wre the -- don't understand why that's hard to understand. >> i got it. u evyit? l righ sohey phe jets onnd. 4:25 me. rs come prey odtests.
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baor8eave a a major the tt in denver where the patriots have en problems againsthe broncos. that will ben interesti game. is the week before santa comes to town. and the patriots just announced today that their quarterback will be ic pettytaed agastrams so fitzpatrick is bac against the patriots. here are thetandings in the c conference. he the four disn ters fiheenver and ksas have great rerd but they are tied for second place behind the raiders. tonightlandnd houston are playg in mexico. celtics aren m timblves. thbruins will be at the garden torright with thelo blues.
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jurgen klinsma athe head coach f t u.s. men'soccer team. this past month, the u.s lost big cup matches to mexico and we're closingn an thuda night. the set is starting to come together. ward-winning dorothy and her artifacts on t and almost ready for i have not been givenhe green light. >> y'r building up. wanted to see it. >> not yet. the cables have been put down. >> we can see that. >> coming up at7:00 esident-elect donaldmp aboutteouse transition message th priorities that he's highlighting foris h feek oice. ol from a petstore. og
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ery. >> l.a. to >> it end well for us >> woke up with snow this rning. a little bit. >> well, you know, that's it. wasa switch. it's definitely more of a winter weathe paern. mae morning.
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energy costs go up andown. it dsn'y mea that the market price of the ey we buy f you is changing. but we're rking to increase suthe ly of clean, affordable energy aoss the region and communitieerve. and as tr wecoitto helping you managehe energy you use.
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t, breaking news. for thanks the major to travel storm rning deadly tonigh the 40-car pileup. righafr, jus in time for the holida also breaking, there word coming in right now of a horrific and deadly schoous crash. rtsfeveral elementary scho the eahquake a tsunami warning near the toquehia nuclear plant. thes ce aging in. the urgent manhunt after a veteran officer in and killed in an ambush the surveillance video released late today. another officer shot while i hi patrol car in st. louis. four officers targeted in 24 and the new message late today fromresidelect donald trum rac to fill his cabinet.


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