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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ed: a horrific bus crash. students killed. the investigation for -- new focus tonight. harvey: why there is a bit of concern for thanks giving day. maria: holly traffic alert. what makes traveling different. the times you do not want to be on the road. it: a terrifying close call, the police cruiser nearly hitting a group of children. what set it spinning out of corol. >> with the th maria: a school bus tragedy in tennessee. you can see the bus on inside, a tree slicing through it. several kids were leaving school will never make it home. ed: there are new details about what may have led to the deadly wreck. jorge quiroga is live. jorge: police are looking at the possibility that speed was a factor. section children dead, and
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the school bus filled with children crashed, turned on its side and wrapped around a tree. >> a bus crash involving schoolchildren is every public safety professionals worst nightmare but it is the thing we all trained for. jorge: rescue crews working for more than an hour to get all the kids out. 23 cents local hospitals. >> we believe 35 children on the school bus ranging from kindergarten tgh grade. it was a single vehicle crash. jorge: five children killed and another dying at the hospital. this is a mile from the chattanooga elementary school wherein off the road before slamming into a tree. this lucky father able to carry his child from the crash. >> where asking for prayers to go out to the families for the students who have been transported to the hospital, some went -- left with their
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they're getting the best care possible. jorge: the identity -- identity of the victims withheld until all have been notified. the governor of tennessee calling the crash tragic event and pledging to assist in any way possible. the bus driver is cooperating, his being interviewed to determine went -- what went so horribly wrong. maria: allegations of lewd sex actsnv is trained to figure out what happened. shaun: the allegations were reported weeks ago but parents are fighting out thanks to a post on social media. >> it is disturbing. it really is. shaun: a single facebook post shared more than 2000 times alleging a sexual boy threatened
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the school bus. >> we are aware of the post that has been circulating regarding an alleged incident on the school bus earlier this month. >> parents learning what they heard on social media. >> i heard it on facebook, then i had a phone call from the school. i believe all children should have a bus monitor so things will not happen. >> instead of letting them get back on board the bus. >> my son gets on the school bus. because of what i heard, and clearly the school can't address it right now, i came to pick him up. because my son's 4, i don't feel he's safe on the bus right now. shaun: the school not providing details. citing privacy concerns. only saying it called police and the department of children and families. boston police got the case november 3, but will not pursue a criminal case due to the childrens' ages. >> i understand theres a confidentiality thing thats
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schools but it makes apparent think what else is going than -- on that is being kept quiet. shaun: it is in the hands of dcf which said today it is investigating and has notified the district attorney. maria texas police arresting : this man, otis mccain, for the weekend murder of a san antonio police officer. investigators say mccain ambushed officer benjamin marconi in front of police headquarters, as marconi was writing out a traffic ticket. security video showed mccain entering headquarters earlier in the day. the suspect was arrested a few hours ago on a highway outside san antonio. right now, there's a new warning to americans in europe. al qaeda and isis are hoping to pull off more attacks. the state department says there is credible information about the groups planning attacks. the risk is heightened during
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americans are urged to be extra vigilant, especially in public places in europe. president-elect donald trump taking his message right to the american people. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau reports, trump's transition is putting out a video laying out plans for his first 100 days. mr. trump: our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and effectively. ben speaking to the american : people for the first time since right after the election, president-elect donald trump put out this video about his plans in offic list of executive actions we can take on day 1 to restore our laws and bring back our jobs and it is about time. ben he says that will include : lifting restrictions on coal and filing a notice of withdrawal from the trans pacific partnership trade deal. mr. trump a potential disaster : for our country. ben in the meantime, the : president-elect met with executives and anchors from the nation's television networks whom he called dishonest during the campaign. >> from my own perspective it was great to hit the reset button.
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while a parade of politicians ben continued coming and going : from trump tower as well including former texas governor rick perry a noted trump critic . >> trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism. ben that follows president-elect : trump's meeting with former massachusetts governor mitt romney over the weekend another critic reportedly being considered for secretary of state. former massachusetts senator scott brown met with the president-elect monday about becoming secretary of veterans affairs. >> while it has so many angels working there, it has so many great problems as well. i'm glad he called. and he's going to obviously going to meet other folks. and we should know i would think probably after thanksgiving. ben it's not clear if the : president-elect will make any cabinet announcements before he heads to palm beach, florida, his second home, where he will spend the thanksgiving holiday. ed: let's take you to japan. a tsunami scare in japan is over after a powerful earthquake rattled the northern coast. rooftop security video shows the moment the 6.9 earthquake hit. that is where you -- what you're
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immediately issued and people fled to higher ground. 10 foot waves were detected off shore but nothing that big reached the shore. the earthquake struck near fukushima where a stronger quake destroyed a nuclear power plant and killed 18,000 people 5 years ago. maria: a quick check at the great city of boston's skyline. you can feel that wind today. harvey: the invisible switch has been turned. maria: the cold switch. e current wind chills, 15 is what it feels like an worcester, 22 in boston. the wind is still up, not quite as powerful as earlier but still a significant factor. these are the actual temperatures at the freezing mark in boston. room for it to drop, another degree or two during the overnight. we still have wind gusts most 30 miles an hour in the berkshires, certified at nantucket. boston will drop a little below
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tomorrow. there is room to be warmer although it starts quite cold. you notice the wind, it will not be quite as for osha says today. a slight improvement. a good travel day, it will be dry. some snow showers reaching into the berkshires. a few flurries left by morning but not so much tomorrow. we should have increasing amounts of sunshine. i do have a little bit of a concern for part of the area for part of thinks giving day from e minutes. maria: new at a thief in 11. brockton tries to break into a local store and then just gives up. surveillance video shows the man pull up at 2 debi's convenience store on pleasant street around 5:00 yesterday morning. he throws a rock at the front door but it doesn't break. he picks it up again and he tried another time, but again, no luck. so what does he do? so the would-be crook then gets back into his van and drives off. ed new tonight, brockton's mayor
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committee he was unapologetic about spending $585 of the city's money on classes so he could learn to speak cape verdean creole. >> this class is designed to get some basic skill in a language that is spoken by more than one third of the residents of the city. i think my gaining some basic skills in cape for dn creole increases my ability city. ed the mayor also says he got : the ok from brockton's cfo and auditor before submitting the expense for the classes to the city. maria candles were lit tonight : in lowell, at the apartment complex where a woman was beaten to death this weekend. 44-year-old gloribel orengo was at a party there on saturday night. she was asked to leave after getting into a verbal altercation with others at the party which then spilled outside into the parking lot. witnesses say a group of men and women started punching and kicking orengo. her adult son who has down
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>> he does not understand. he just thinks it is his fault and it is not. >> it was very devastating. >> i do not know what i will do with myself. maria orengo's family says they : know the names of the attackers, and they're surprised an arrest has not yet been made. and: a boston police officer is heading home, more than a month after he was shot while on duty. officer matt morris thanking the staff at spaulding rehab and everyone who helped him recover as he was released today. he was shot while responding to a call in east boston in october. shot, but was released a few weeks after the incident. maria new tonight, : look at this puppy, stolen right from a local pet store. and it's what the thief probably doesn't know that could lead to bigger problems. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in portsmouth new hampshire to explain. john: he is just two pounds and he has a specialized diet. the owner here is very worried about his health.
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: the night at the little shop of pets. >> this is a bichon mix. but right next to this fluffy john: pup is a pen that's empty. >> as you can see he had a little dog house he hung out in when he wanted to get away from people. john but the tiny chihuahua that : used to call this pen home could not escape the grip of a greedy thief who acted very quickly. >> more than liky door, slipped in a jacket and out the door. john somehow, no one noticed. : owner paula burdick say the 900-dollar puppy must have disappeared last night before closing, or just after the store opened this morning. the biggest worry is that the little puppy isn't getting the specialized food it needs. >> we don't know what it's on, it could easily crash and turn into sick puppy. john the dog is micro chipped, : so any trip to the vet would raise red flags, but paula is most worried the thief will try to sell it online to an
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want to get the puppy back. we're not going to prosecute. please return the puppy before something drastic happens. john: tonight the owner here along with police are looking anywhere online for any sign of this b. w>> next on newscenter 5. maria: holiday traffic alert. what make traveling different and the times you do not want to be oe effect snow and timing our next system which could coincide with thanksgiving. maria: the police cruiser nearly hitting a group of children.
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caught on camera, a close call for some western pennsylvania children who were nearly hit by a skidding police car. this happened over the weekend as police chased a stolen car. a cruiser was hit broadside by another car, sending the cruiser out of control and nearly into four kids standing on the sidewalk. the police cruiser then smashed this happened over the weekend. into a parked vehicle. the kids were ok. >> i am still shaken up because you see that in the movies, not in real life. ed: they did not get touched by the cruiser. the police officer who crashed wasn't seriously hurt. the car thief got away. maria firefighters in hudson : rescuing a man trapped on his third floor balcony as fire tears through his building. you can see it way here. that is him. he had a hard time escaping because of the thick black smoke. that fire broke out just before 3:00 p.m. at the emerson garden
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right there and they helped me down the letter, took my dog down the ladder, took to catch down the ladder, they were unbelievable. maria: no one else was seriously hurt. he is doing fine. firefighters are looking into the cause. let the thanksgiving getaway begin. local roads are expected to be packed tomorrow. and if you're trying to avoid the worst of it, the timing may surprise you. ed newscenter 5's mary saladna : explains. mary: plenty of red taillights on the pike tonight, the holiday getaway is undwa >> i am heading back to connecticut. how are you finding it right now? >> a little busy. mary the peak travel day is : tomorrow, and experts say leaving early a.m. or late in the evening is your best bet. >> that is when you're real crunch time will be hit. leave in the morning if you can. or leave late. mary some encouraging news, : travel on the pike could be a little easier this year, the removal of the toll booths in
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>> travel through, keep driving, it is great. >> some of the areas where we would historically see quite a bit of congestion at a chokepoint are those tolls at 495 and 84, and at 128 as well, and those chokepoints will be lessened. mary: experts say regardless of when you make your getaway, plan to stay safe and tuned in. >> watch for distractions, you know, put the phone away. please always wear your seatbelt. mary: as in years past, massdot will be shutting down all he 5:00 a.m. on or earlier, wednesday depending on traffic tomorrow. ed: people want to know about traffic and they want to know about -- mary: the weather. that is where you come in. harvey: good news, both look like pretty good travel days across most of the northeast so
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might have seen some snow, a little bit on the road or on the grass. out on the worcester hills, an inch and a half but when you get to the berkshires, 20 inches of snow. the wind gusted over 50. fall river and sells very 40 to 50 from boston to worcester. we still have some snow showers getting into the berkshires, less so than we had earlier. we're still seeing the great lakes year and the water is warm. lake erie and ontario. coming across with moisture and you know the snow belt places like syracuse get a good dumping in a situation like this. this effect will slowly diminish over the next 12 hours. down to some flurries in berkshire. still clouds there but in eastern mass we will have a lot more sunshine tomorrow that we had today. still cold, still windy but a windy that was today.
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wednesday. clouds will be coming in quickly . here is a look at boston. 30 -- 32 degrees. 14 mile an hour wind and these are the readings, 20's and low 30's across the region. some significant wind gusts so it is getting better. the windchill in the teens and low 20's. it will feel cold tomorrow morning. these will be the actual readings starting out. he gets better in the afternoon. worcester which was running around boston which was in the 30's should edge into the low 40's before the day is out. here's the way it looks for trouble tomorrow, a few snow showers will be left in some areas of the northeast, not here locally. temperatures will be on the cold side. here is a wider view and it is ok. we have a little bit of snow across parts of minnesota but for the most part, most of the country in pretty good shape. for us it is this next little system up in here, what is left of that will try to come through
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wednesday night. you get to thanksgiving morning early, a little strip of snow trying to get into southwest new england. until about -- worcester. it's it survives a touch of rain or mix could get to boston. if it occurs earlier in the day especially in the western parts of could be a little sugar coating of snow, a coating to an inch. maybe a few showers later in the day or in the evening. close to central america. it is called auto. as it moves to the west it look like it could pass somewhere pretty close to nicaragua and costa rica or the order. here is a look at the next seven days, travel is pretty good. less wind on thursday. cloudy more than anything else on thursday. some rain is possible. we will get into some rain late friday, friday night and
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not cold enough here for snow. partial clearing likely to close out the holiday weekend on sunday. thursday morning, do not be shocked if you wake up and you see some light snow falling. it is a possibility. a major storm is not in the cards for thanksgiving. ed: that turkey makes me laugh. ed: it is all about avoiding talking politics.
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together for thanksgiving can be stressful in an ordinary year. maria: this year is not ordinary. but this year's election has brought us into a whole new world of opinion and thoughts. do you share those opinions at the thanksgiving table? micah: my mother taught me not to speak with my mouthful. maria a licensed psychologist at : boston medical center gave us a few ways to avoid disaster. know your family, who doesn't get along, who can be difficult. avoid li have a plan for other topics. and she says the most important thing is limit alcohol. >> as a family, making a decision to say you want a peaceful time and we are not going to discuss what has just transpired in the elections. and: what do you do about the patriots and what do you do about the red sox?
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>> now, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5. powered by xfinity. mike: putting away the timberwolves in minneapolis tonight, celts trail heading into the fourth quarter but they hung 31 on the board and held the wilkes to a dozen to win this game tonight.
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missed him. he has been sensational since he came back. and coming off the bench for a dozen points. eight of them during that 19-0 run. that tied it with seven minutes to go. and then with a steal and the celtics are up at 80 -- 82-81 with six minutes ago. taking a junk -- jump patriots defensive lineman alan branch has been suspended four games for testing positive for marijuana. it will soon be legal. but it is still against nfl policy. branch will appeal so the suspension won't take effect until the appeal is heard. tom brady had a adventure over the weekend. >> was it -- what was elected have so much of your family and friends and to hear all of those
11:31 pm
the visiting team? >> it was incredible. to be with my family and friends, so many people that i have known over the years that supported me to come home for the first time, i will never forget it. some special memories from the game and from the weekend, me and my mom and dad on their own home turf on a saturday. and then to have my sister at the game and all at once, all my nieces and my nephews, it was great. ke tom brady. next up, jets sunday afternoon at 4:25 p.m. ryan fitzpatrick back, and the quarterback for the jets played in the last game as they lost to the rams. u.s. soccer has fired the coach. the u.s. has lost two world cup qualifying matches.
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in 2018. our next things giving show is in tonight's, 7:30 p.m. and 1130 p.m., we have our hoodies and we are already to go. the set is been put together by dorothy will and her crew. we will give you a sneak preview maybe tomorrow night, definitely on wednesday. we look forward to our show at 7:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. in highlights on the regular newscast at 5:20 p.m. and 6:20 p.m. maria: she ed: i want to see the turkey again. maria: the movement. ed: the arms and in the backside. harvey: very animated. there could be a touch of precipitation on thanksgiving, nothing much, however. some rain friday into saturday. it is still cold. ed: thursday morning?
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tomorrow morning on the eyeopener. saving time during the holiday dinner scramble. one chef's secret to getting tasty turkey done faster. the eye starts at 4:30am. stand by ? dylan: i was un-athletic
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it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, shia la buff. anna camp. music from green day. and now, here we go again, here's jimmy kimmel! la one of labeouf. >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for braving the elements to be here tonight.


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