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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: right now on the eyeopener -- breaking news in a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. the charges the driver is now facing. randy: the search for answers after a disturbing accusation on a school bus in boston. the claims against a 6-year-old. and the message from the school department this morning. emily: new trouble for the commuter rail. the concern for one particular ahead of winter. thanks for joining us on this tuesday, november 22. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. good morning, cindy. cindy: good morning. we're starting out cold once again, temperatures running in the 20's and lower 30's. the wind is still active. it is still gusting over 20 miles per hour, so it feels much colder than that. wind chill big issue as you're stepping out this morning. feels like 14 in worcester. otherwise, lots of lower 20's. so you want to bundle up. dress for winter again today.
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high pressure building in from the west. i think overall, we will see brightening skies. there are patchy clouds this morning. i think we'll get in on more sunshine today. we had a little yesterday. by lunchtime, it's right around 40 degrees. and we should sneak in at the lower 40's this afternoon. a little less cold than yesterday. less wind, more sunshine. heading in the right direction. we'll step you through your holiday forecast coming up. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. check of the zakim bridge. leverett connector southbound side heading to the bottom of the screen. there's a little overnight construction left over. 93 south by the leverett connector. south of town, so far we're in good shape. expressway, route 3, 24, no problems. and we are watching road work on 128. this project, route 9 to highland ave. so far we're expecting trains and buses to start on schedule.
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driver behind the wheel of this horrific school bus crash is now under arrest. randy: run there are a lot of questions about how it happened. erika is tracking the overnight developments for us. erika? erika: right now that bus driver faces five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, the ntsb sending a team to chattanooga this morning to investigate. the scene yesterday afternoon just horrific, heartbreaking. that school bus wrapped around that tree. the 35 children on that bus were in kindergarten through fifth grade. five of them died at that devastating scene, another at the hospital. several more in critical condition right now. the police chief spoke overnight. >> this is a tragedy to families, extended families, schools, and the entire community of chattanooga. erika: this is new video in overnight. long lines of people waiting for hours to donate blood. the governor of tennessee
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possible. investigators say excessive speed was likely a factor. emily? emily: thank you. other stories we're following right now -- a man is dead this morning, killed in a crash between a tractor-trailer and a car in danvers. it happened around 8:00 last night on route 1 at north street. danvers police tell us the driver of the car, a 50-year-old man, was killed. no charges have been filed at this time. randy: new clues in a deadly hit-and-run in chelsea. police have released this video. this shows have struck the 25-year-old victim in june. police are also trying to identify this man believed to be connected to the crime. the photos taken of him in the area of plaza mexico restaurant and bar. the car is expected to be a silver camry se. police say it could have damage to the front driver's side. emily: right now parents are demanding answers after
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the eyeopener's sera congi is live in hyde park with the new information we are learning this morning. sera? sera: emily, dcf is investigating, and it has contacted the district attorney's office. this all focuses on an alleged incident where a 7-year-old boy was allegedly sexually assaulted on a school bus by a 6-year-old classmate. this all happened allegedly on november 3, earlier this boston renaissance school officials immediately notified authorities, but parents only learned about it from a recent facebook post, and according to "the herald," there was no school monitor on the bus. >> i believe all children should have a bus monitor on their buses. so things like this will not happen. erika: the alleged victim's mother tells "the globe" she was first told of the allegations on november 3.
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developmentally delayed and the 6-year-old threatened the victim not to talk. in a statement, a boston public school spokesman said, quote, we're working with the charter schools administration and our transportation provider to ensure that all protocols were followed properly. he added they were not told about the allegations until monday. the charter school is technically not a part of the district. but, however, boston public schools is responsible for the bus routes. the charter school says they took immediate action and they're trying to privacy of the students involved. live in hyde park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: sera, thank you. the t rail is under fire after new problems and the eyeopener's doug meehan is in worcester where riders probably know this problem all too well, doug. doug: yeah, you got that right, randy. people who ride this rail certainly familiar with delays. but this new report is so serious, the company that runs the commuter rail is launching
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exactly what's going on here. in just the last 30 days, 61% of the trains on the worcester line have run on time. and when you look at the mornings, in november, that number drops to 49%. keolis general manager david scorey told massdot yet there may be a lot of factors involved including construction along the mass pike that forced trains to with winter coming, commuter concerns are high. scorey says he hopes $2.5 million in overhauls will keep the fleet moving. state leaders called for more transparency about the delays including when keolis is fined for not meeting service expectations. >> our transition team is
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emily: president-elect donald trump is laying out his plan for his first 100 days. it's a video release. he has yet to hold a news conference in front of reporters. he wants to restore our laws and bring back jobs. he plans to lift restrictions on coal and file a notice of withdrawal from the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. he'll direct the labor department to investigate visa abuses. trump meeting with members of the media yesterday at trump tower, the group executives and onair personalities from the major networks. insiders tell the "washington post" trump was highly critical of coverage of his campaign. today trump meets with the publisher and journalists from the "new york times." randy: a massachusetts college has removed the american flag from its campus days after the election, someone burned the american flag at hampshire college in amherst. the school put up a new one and
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who see the flag as a symbol of all that is great about america. so school administrators have decided to remove it entirely. emily: holiday travel is already underway at this point, if you can believe it. the busiest times on the road today and why this year may be different. also, a puppy stolen from a pet store in new hampshire. the concerns over the dog's health and the offer from the store's owner to get it back. cindy? cindy: we've got another unseasonably cold day ahead erika? erika: we're staying on top of breaking news in tennessee. a school bus driver under arrest charged in a deadly crash. at least six children have died after the crash in chattanooga yesterday. investigators saying speed
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emily: right now a pet shop owner in new hampshire searching for a puppy stolen from the store. this tiny chihuahua was taken from the little shop of pets in portsmouth. the timeline is in question. the puppy was either taken right before the store closed or shortly after it opened yesterday. that puppy is in need of special care, and the store's owner is concerned about its health. >> w and what's happening and it could very easily crash and turn into a very sick puppy. no questions asked. we just want to get the puppy back. we're not going to prosecute. we just -- you know, please return the puppy before something drastic happens. emily: the owner says the puppy is microchipped. any trip to the vet would raise red flags. randy: settlement for the maker of the epipen. and what the company is refusing
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randy: all right. co cindy: how the bar has gone so low. randy: bracing for winter. cindy: i know, we are. it's all relative, right? the first half of the month, we were like, wow, this is great. emily: mild. cindy: 60's and 70's. things changed on sunday. we're going to trend below average the rest of the week. the month right now is still running above average by a couple of degrees. by the end of the week, we'll be closer to average. yeah, just 38 degrees yesterday.
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we'll do a little better today. lower 40's. notice across the northeast, it is going to be chilliest across northern new england where they're stuck in the 30's again today. sunshine, though, and notice we do touch 50 as you get down toward the mid-atlantic states. if you're traveling today, big holiday just a couple of days away, it's the middle of the country we'll be dealing with snow toward the great lakes. from chicago down toward the gulf coast, an area of rain, we're going to watch this system. does have a wintry side as it pulls out of the rockies with this is going to approach us during the day on thanksgiving. and as it does so, a lot of the moisture is going to dry up. so it's not going to be a big storm for us, but something we'll have to contend with as we head toward the holiday. in the meantime, still have the storm hanging around to the north. there have been lake-effect snows in new york. finally, the snow has ended out toward the berkshires and we have patchy cloud cover across the area.
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coastline. 20's back into worcester. but the wind is still active, and you can see the winds are gusting over 20 miles per hour in spots. no wind advisories up today, but you are going to notice that wind. it's giving us a wind chill this morning of just 14 in worcester and it does feel like it's in the lower 20's elsewhere, so you want to bundle up as you are heading out this morning. wind chills throughout the day are in the 20's this morning, but once we get toward the afternoon hours, wind chills are going to be in the 30's with lots of sunshine a temperatures do sneak up in the low 40's in most spots today. about 42 boston up to lawrence. 43 on the cape. i do think we'll hold in the 30's back in the higher terrain in worcester county. a lot of sunshine today. we go through the evening hours into tomorrow morning, and the skies are mainly clear. it's going to be a little colder overnight as the temperatures drop back mostly into the 20's in the suburbs, likely even going below the freezing mark in boston. your wednesday looks great across the northeast if you're traveling. high pressure in control.
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hours. you can see it's going to start to move on in, and by 8:00 on thanksgiving evening, cold enough air that as this light precipitation moves in, it may be cold enough for snow, sleet or freezing rain. by noontime, a lot of that is drying up. we go into the afternoon hours and are left with a couple of showers. really not talking about a soaking wet day for thanksgiving, but we will have the clouds and a few showers in the afternoon as we come up to about 40 degrees. but it's hours and those football games, there could be a little light snow or a light mix. not going to amount to much more than a coating in any area. it will be unsettled in the morning hours. chilly thursday. friday we catch a break most of the day. late friday into saturday is when we're looking at a period of wet weather. we're going to be watching the weekend for a storm. computer models are trying to generate this storm offshore. it looks like it's going to develop too far offshore to be a
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weekend. a couple of nice days to get away. it's just getting to that dinner on thanksgiving that may be a little bit challenging. olessa: thank you, cindy. so far the ride is quiet. a look at the zakim bridge. leverett connector southbound side toward the bottom of the screen. we're not seeing any problems. let's go to the maps check the rest of your ride. there is a little bit of overnight construction left over 93 south by the leverett connector. watching what's left of that roadwork. as you head south, no problems. route 3 looks good. no issues on 24. and we're watching what's left of roadwork on 128. so issues 93 southbound from methuen to the leverett connector. trains and buses starting on schedule. this morning the thanksgiving getaway is underway. roads are expected to be packed. if you're traveling today, head out early or late. the busiest time, between noon and 5:00 p.m. but road travel may be smoother
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toll booths and electronic open road tolling. experts say that should keep traffic backups cut down. >> some of the areas where we would see quite a bit of congestion are the tolls at 495 and 84 and at 128 as well. and those choke points will be lessened. olessa: massdot plans to shut down road construction starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow or earlier depending on traffic today. randy? randy: brockton's mayor is defending about his spending. called before the city's finance committee, he was unapologetic about spending $585 on classes so he could learn to speak cape verdean creole. >> this class is just an idea of some basic skills in a language that is spoken by more than 1/3 of the residents of this city. and i think that my gaining some basic skills in cape verdean
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in this city. randy: the mayor also says he got the okay from brockton's cfo, chief financial officer, and auditor before submitting the expense for the classes to the city. emily: your economy now. asian shares rise nearly across the board overnight amid higher oil prices and a rally on wall street. stock futures here are higher. investors keeping an eye out on the monthly report on existing home sales due out today. the company that makes the epipen multi-million-dollar settlement with the u.s. government. but the company mylan and ceo have no plans to return to capitol hill for a congressional hearing next week. mylan will pay $465 million to settle allegations it overbilled medicaid. the cost of the lifesaving device has skyrocketed. randy: a national loan servicer will be paying fines after an investigation by the massachusetts attorney general's office.
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services known as a.c.s. failed to properly process applications for student loan repayment plans. the a.g.'s office began investigating in december 2015. emily: trending stories this morning. a day after canceling the remainder of his tour, rapper kanye west is hospitalized in los angeles. he suffered from exhaustion and sleep deprivation and went to the hospital voluntarily. before he canceled 21 shows on his tour, he went on a rambling rant in san francisco before walking off 30 minutes in. randy: "dancing with the stars" finale is underway. the two-night event comes to a close tonight after country music singer jana kramer was sent home last night.
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hinchcliffe and calvin johnson. emily: steph curry making headlines. he knocked down this impressive shot against the pacers, but it was just after the buzzer. his feet, they're in the air and on the way back down when he releases the ball. the warriors didn't need it. they end up winning that game 120-83. sure sign of the season in boston. randy: the winter favorite opening up in the city today. that's ahead in news to go. then new on the eyeopenert holiday dinner scramble. one chef's secret to getting
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breaking news. doug: the school bus driver is now under arrest. six children were killed when the bus crashed in chattanooga yesterday. others remain in critical condition this morning. the driver, a 24-year-old man, is facing five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. police say excessive speed was likely a factor. >> do you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. emily: new, the suspect in the murder of a san antonio police officer apologizing to the officer's family. otis mckane was arrested last night, accused of ambushing officer benjamin marconi while marconi was writing a traffic ticket. mckane says he was upset at the system over a custody battle. randy: we've learned the powerful earthquake that rattled japan's northern coast was an aftershock of the deadly earthquake. cameras show the 6.9 magnitude
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japan meteorological agency reported this. japan's meteorological agency warns of another large quake in the next few days. emily: a small vigil for a lowell woman beaten to death. loved ones gathered to remember 44-year-old gloribel orengo, killed during an altercation after leaving a party saturday night. witnesses say they saw a grup of me punching her in front of the woman's son. her family says they know who is responsible, but so far no arrests. randy: salem, massachusetts, police officer accused of sexual assault on an inmate has resigned now. brian butler pleaded not guilty to sex assault charges stemming from an incident at the police station in october. he resigned on november 10 and will not receive his pension. butler is free on bail until a december hearing. emily: a boston police officer is heading home more than a
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officer matt morris thanked the staff at spaulding rehab and others who helped him recover as he was released yesterday. he was shot responding to a call in east boston in october. officer richard cintolo was also shot. he was released a few weeks after the incident. randy: a man tries to break into a brockton store and then gives up. surveillance here showing the suspect pull up at two debi's convenience store on pleasant street at 5:00 sunday morning. he throws a rock at the door, but it doesn't break. he tries again with no luck. so the would-be crook gets back into his van and drives away. emily: the celtics hit the gas late in the game against the timberwolves. isaiah thomas scoring 20 points in the second half alone. the c's were down 13 going into the fourth. al horford adding 20 points to propel the celtics. they take the lead off this steal with about six minutes to
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final. randy: boston's beloved frog pond is opening for the season. thousands come to the common to skate on the ice. the pond is open every day starting at 10:00 a.m. admission is free today through 4:00 p.m. emily: really is a sign of the season. it's cold enough. cindy: makes you think of winter, snow, and yesterday morning we were dealing with snow. we ended uth in the western part of the state, the berkshires, while we were just having coatings of snow, look at what they were dealing with. 20 inches of snow out in the berkshires. and in southern vermont, more than 2 feet of snow fell in some parts. so it's been quite a storm. that storm now moving out. the next one here coming through the middle of the country. a little bit of snow up through minnesota this morning. some snow in the rockies as well. that's the storm system we are going to be watching as we get
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some patchy clouds around this morning, it is going to be a fairly quiet day. our weather is quiet. we'll see a blend of sun and clouds. temperatures will sneak up into the lower 40's today. notice over the next 12 hours, clouds break apart. we get a lot of sunshine this afternoon. by noontime, it's right around 40 today. traveling tomorrow looks great. we've got sunshine and then as we head toward thanksgiving on thursday, there will be some showers around in the afternoon, but cold enough air in place initially that we may start out snow. the focus is in the middle of the country. that storm makes its run toward us as we get toward thanksgiving day. we could start with a light mix or snow. temperatures in the afternoon go to about 40 degrees. it's not a big storm but may snarl up traveling. friday we get a batch of rain late in the day or at night. that will last into early saturday. it looks like it's going to be moving out on sunday with partial clearing. if you're traveling home from the holiday weekend, it's looking okay.
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you, our computer models are trying to develop this storm offshore. it looks like it's going to be too far off to have any impacts on us. we'll break down the forecast for today right now as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: breaking overnight, a driver arrested after a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. what he may have done wrong and how the community is trying to save other lives. randy: the president-elect speaking directly to the people. his plan for the first and the private comments he made to some journalists. emily: a child accused of disturbing acts on a boston school bus. the supervision that bus was lacking before a facebook post went viral. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: and right now at 5:00 a.m., the state department is issuing a warning. emily: the concern they're announcing just before thanksgiving. we'll get to that.


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