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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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xel and get up to $400 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon? >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. emily: we begin with breaking news at noon. a worcester woman is charged in connection with the beating death of this 44-year-old mother gloribel orengo over the weekend. amaryllis huertas-perez will be arraigned. witnesses say they saw group of men and women kicking and punching orengo actually left the party saturday night. huertas-perez is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury. an investigation is underway
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nashoba valley ski area. erika: doug meehan's live in westford. doug: this ski area is in prep mode for the upcoming ski season. as of this noon there is a great sense of loss and grief on the property. not a lot of information being released about what happened earlier this morning but the incident taking place further down into that property. sky 5 providing a view of the kept and maintained. in a statement from management they are confirming that westford police is on the premises investigating the death of an employee. we are being told the death was unwitnessed. the general manager saying the employees especially employee was "treasured by both his family and our staff" and that they are closely cooperating with the investigation. the name of that employee has
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at this point is not considered suspicious. emily: a tennessee community in mourning. at least five children killed in a school bus crash in chattanooga. jim: ran off the road and slammed into trees. the yellow bus on its side wrapped around a tree. >> we went outside to look and we saw it was turned over three it apparently had hit the house across the street. they were escaping through the roof hatch. jim: as emergency crews struggle to free the children come up parents were waiting to hear what happened to the kids.
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i had to come my wife down. other family members affected by this. it's something i never want to face again. jim: five children died at the scene, one boy" tro girls. several children still in the hospital. some in serious condition. residents stood in long lines to donate blood. chattanooga police say there with the speed of the factor in the crash. they have charged the driver with the taking or homicide and reckless driving. >> the investigation will let us know if there's any outside influences on his ability to drive a vehicle. jim: authorities will review blackbox data and video from the
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erika: parents are demanding answers after disturbing allegations of sexual acts on a boston school bus. sera congi is live where parents are calling for added supervision. sera: dcf is investigating in the district attorneys office is involved. the parents we talked to at the charter school say this incident highlights the need to have a monitor on every school bus. >> i was shocked. sera: parents are reeling over an alleged incident involving the boston renaissance charter school in hyde park. a six student sexually assaulted a seven-year-old classmate while on a school bus. the administration learned about it -- most parents only learned about it this weekend on facebook to. >> maybe the need bus monitors to monitor things. sera: the charter school is not part of the boston public school system. the district does
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monitors to be on every bus. only 37% of the routes in the city have monitors. >> we need the stand up for our own kids and make sure there are monitors on these buses because they are pretty much not being watched as soon as they get all that bus all the way to school. jim: putting monitors on every bus would cost $7.6 million according to boston public schools. commute he advocates are calling on city leaders to have a discussion. >> we are requesting that mayor marty walsh and superintendent chang show their true concern by attending the town hall and listening to the fear, voices of concerned citizens. sera: the charter school administration notified parents trying to assure them that they took immediate action when they found out about the incident.
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privacy of the children involved. emily: former massachusetts house speaker sal the maisie best sal dimasi is heading home from north carolina. he was granted compassionate release because of his physical condition after battling several cancers. he is served five years and eight year prison sentence for extortion and fraud. dimasi is one of just a dozen federal prisoners . it's pretty cold and we are not going to get too many degrees. cindy: maybe just a couple. doing better than yesterday. we did not get out of the 30's yesterday in boston. 41, lower 40's from plymouth to the cape and it still sitting in the 30's through the worcester hills. wind gusts today, third day in a row active wind gusting 20 and over 30 miles per hour. wind chills are still only in
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elsewhere it feels like low to mid 30's. a chilly afternoon but the sunshine will continue. the temperature drop does begin. it should stay clear up until about mid-night but gusty winds are causing some travel delays. if you have people coming into town trying to fly out for the holiday lays the airport from laguardia to new york due to stronger wind and in the middle of the country delays in denver due to snow. that storm is one we will be watching headed our way for erika: today is expected to be the biggest thanksgiving travel day. timing is everything of your driving. officials say it is most important to check real-time traffic conditions. >> we have a lot more tools the means to have about traffic conditions and real-time whether it is signs on the highway, websites, traffic cameras. if you can, find out where the congestion is it try to make
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you can work around it by changing timing or changing routes erika:. experts say the worst times to travel are today between now and 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow after 3:00. things may be smoother with open tolling in effect on the mass pike. emily: new clues in a deadly hit and run in chelsea that is still unsolved. this police releasing video of the car believed to have hit the footie five-year-old victim in hopes of making an arrest or a police are hoping to be connected to the crime. photos were taken of him in the area of the plaza mexico restaurant and bar on washington street. the car is believed to be a 2007 to 2009 silver toyota camry se.
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damage erika: to the front driver side. a peabody man killed when his car collided with a tractor-trailer around 8:00 last night on route one in north street. no charges have been filed. one woman is in the hospital after house fire in new bedford. the woman was found barely conscious in the room three firefighters -- this was the scene last night on pleasant street. nearly a dozen people have been displaced because of the fire. the state fire marshal is investigating. firefighters say no alarms sounded. a sailor police officer accused of sexually assaulting an inmate has resigned. brian will are pleaded guilty to sex assault charges stemming from an incident at the police station in october here he resigned on november 10 and will not receive his pension. butler is free on bail until a december hearing. the commuter rail is under fire afternoon numbers point to serious problems with the worcester framingham line. just 61% of the trains on the worcester line have run on time. when you look at mornings in november that drops to 49%.
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factors including construction along the mass pike that forces trained to use one track and slow down. commuter concerns are high given breakdowns in recent years. the gm says he hopes to .5 million dollars in motor overhauls will help the fleet. emily: lawrence stadium getting ready for football after serious damage. this is how the popular field looked left behind by festival that bills itself as largest brazilian event in lawrence. three quarters of a million dollars in damages. this is how lawrence stadium looks today. the turf has been completely replaced along with other repairs. on wcvb's on the record, lawrence mayor dan rivera says the city is tightening up the
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we're saying is we have to give them a lifetime ban. >> stringent apologies on who can use the stadium? > who and how they can use it as well. emily: on thursday football fans will flock to lawrence stadium for the traditional lawrence high versus central catholic thanksgiving game. erika: helping hillary clinton he'll. new indications president-elect trump may not push for charges against his campaign rival. emily: what prompted a school to remove the american flag fm good if you're traveling over the next couple of days. i am tracking the storm in the middle the country. when it arrives and what it will bring. erika: a puppy stolen from a pet store in new hampshire. concerns about this little guy's health. >> a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. casey monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of the afternoon lineup.
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as he crashed while trying to avoid three animals. several other drivers sprang into action pulling the victim from the flames moment before the whole area went up. amazingly he is expected to be ok. those men are being hailed as heroes. emily: a top adviser to president elect donald trump is suggesting he will not pursue a program of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. kellyanne conway saying trump does not wish to pursue these charges. this as the president-elect continues to take meetings to fill his cabinet. there are other meetings that are raising questions on ethics, even from members of his own party. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here. lana: president-elect trump posting a video outlining his agenda once inaugurated tackling trade deals, restrictions on energy production immigration and posing a lobbying ban for workers in the executive branch. that ban is intended to separate
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in issue that poses a challenge. former bush cheney strategist matt dallas. >> you cannot benefit from a foreign state or foreign government. that's a huge problem for donald trump. lana: to have been a few meetings that seem to blur the line between business and government. first with real estate developers in india and now a rich politician who the new york times reports may have been lobbied about the trump golf course in scotland. the first house republican is breaking r trump's business entanglements. you rightly chris size hillary. if your contracts and foreign government it's a big deal too. rudy giuliani says he could see the president-elect dropping his pledge to call for an investigation into his former rival hillary clinton but he could go either way. >> there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election you sort of put things behind you.
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this country the president does not decide who should or should not be prosecuted. that decision is intended to be made by investigators based on evidence independent of politics. erika: controversy at a local college where administrators have removed the american flag from campus. days after the election someone burned the american flag at hampshire college in amherst or the school put up a new one lowered to half staff in trump presidency. that's part of backlash from those who see the flag is a symbol for all that is great about america. the school leaders have decided to remove it entirely. breaking news. this puppy stolen from a new hampshire pet store has apparently been found. this chihuahua was taken from the little shop of pets in portsmouth and now seacoast online is reporting the two pound puppy has been found at the amesbury home of a juvenile
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boston possible love frog pond is opening for the winter season today. thousands flocked to the boston common landmark to escape. the pond is open every day starting at 10:00 in the morning. admission, free today through 4:00 p.m. this, not a sign of our times. we have a tropical storm. this is close to central america right now but pretty rare season. the season goes until the end of november. this is close to becoming a hurricane. the wind moving west toward nicaragua and costa rica with her could be mudslides. not a concern for us. what we are watching are these temperatures. the past couple of days running below average through the entire holiday week. we have readings no higher than the mid 40's to friday. average high this time of year
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temperature. our high was 38 yesterday in boston. 41 right now. lower 40's at the coast. ms. 30's through worcester county. we of sunshine working for us today. more than the past couple of days. bright sky in boston but the wind is still active at of the west northwest sustained around 20 gusting over 30 miles per hour in spots. still enough to make colder. if you're out on the wind it does feel like it's in the 20's worcester county elsewhere feels like it's in the 30's. you want to bundle up. the windchill will hold in the 30's to sunset and wants the sun goes down back down into the 20's on the windchill. clear skies as we go through the evening hours. the storm is moving away. high-pressure settling in for tonight with us through the day tomorrow. no travel problems for us in the northeast through tomorrow. as a storm system in the middle
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and this is the snow though had toward us for thanksgiving. winter weather advisory's associated all the way back into the denver area weather airport delays due to the snow falling. for us we will keep it clear this evening through the overnight hours. you wake up tomorrow morning to a right clear sky. temperatures chili down in the 20's for the suburbs likely below freezing in boston for overnight hours. another cool day but still lots of sunshine. letter the exception to that will be in higher terrain. a mainstay on wednesday. wednesday evening the clouds increase and watch as the system approaches and brings in just a little bit of moisture. it is bumping into that colder air. initially, first thing up thanksgiving morning, it looks as though there will be a touch of light snow. could mix with freezing drizzle in spots. that may persist until about
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but temperatures warm up. we could transition to the afternoon. traveling north into vermont there could be some snow into the afternoon hours. the potential is there for some wintry precipitation into the afternoon. in terms of how much locally a dusting or coding to under an inch. worcester county back into the berkshires there could be more. a couple of inches are possible. a coming for thanksgiving. maybe you're heading out to the football games, looks a little dicey in terms of the weather. not amounting to a lot but it will be around. by midday temperatures coming up to the mid-30's. during the afternoon we should top out around 40 degrees. unsettled weather is with us again as we head toward later friday and saturday. so far computer models are trying to take that offshore storm and develop it. it looks like the development
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. additional wet weather as we had in the sunday. parts of maine could be looking at additional snow through the end of the work week -- that end of the holiday weekend. emily: the company that makes at the 10 has agreed to a multimillion dollar settlement with the u.s. government. mylan and its ceo have no lands to return to capitol hill fo to settle allegations that it overbilled medicaid. a day after canceling the remainder of his tour kanye west is hospitalized in los angeles. the wrapper is suffering exhaustion and sleep deprivation and went to the hospital voluntarily. before he canceled the remaining
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erika: steph curry making headlines even when shots don't count. an impressive shot against the pacers last night. it was just after the buzzer. his feet are in the air on their way back down when he releases the ball. the warriors ended up winning 120-83. emily: the dancing with the stars finale comes to a close tonight. contestants are lord hernandez, james hinchcliffe and calvin johnson. you can see who takes on the mirror ball trophy tonight at 9:00 on channel 5. erika: marty walsh hoping to launch the toys for tots drive today. the 69th year the marine corps reserve has let the program. they can -- they collected new toys and give them to less fortunate children.
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boston city hall where donations can be dropped off. emily: bring your toys in. cindy: at least we have the sunshine the next couple of days. a little bit of light snow or mix early thursday. not a lot but if you're traveling a heads up on that.
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